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Tuesday Morning, July 10.
Tbb Columbu Democrt think the
Lowndei county delegation I divided
between Stone aad Humphrej t.
Thi Cincinnati Enquirer wenla
Packard tod Chamberlain to attend
the Ohio republican Couveniloo. It
think they would make thing lively.
. , . .i.itfv.t.r,.,.''orePre5ent tl-e people for the most
Thiy have bad aoo ber II oosier horror i, 1 1 '
AHiTuaTcoBu.u J Important office en the list, it ii abso-
Aaoldm.nevearyeacfgewa, (ev
horribly mordered .or hi, money. The , ?
Wbarian. up there are suggesting & w&rJ
nc or in a district would control the selec-
Montuomebt county endorsed Gen. 1 tiou of delegates to a Convention for
Walthall for Governor. Gen. Walthall j the office that excited tie greatest in
doe not waut to be Gorernor, and Lai , terest. and such a majority would prob
distinctly aaid to, aud we cau l see why ; ably misrepresent the people as to all
the county endorsed him. Walthall, i the other offices. This difficulty, it is
of course, would not refuse if : plain, is happily obviated by allowing
the nomination is forced oo him,
but what is the sense la forc
ing a miu to accept the nomination at
a great personal sacrifice? But it is
possible the kadert in Montgomery
endorsed Walthall to prevent the peo
ple endorsing either Stone or Hum
phreys. DUbaaded.
The Radical party of Mississippi has
formally disbanded. The Exccntive
Committee met in Jackson, Saturday,
and without taking any action for re
organizktlon or for putting a ticket in
the field thla year, adjourned tine die.
Sie transit gloria mundi, which means
that the Badicali of Mississippi will
eteal no more until the Democratic
party n ukes some great blunder. In
tb meantime, those of the party who
can, will live by the patronage of the
Federal Government. Let us hope
that they will be deprived of this also
before many month are patsctl.
Fllahagh Outdoae at I. ail.
It will be remembered that Fitzhugh
wrote back to Texas that be was a
"blger" man than old Grant, and slop
ped over generally about bis posi'ion
of Door-keeper of the Hou?c. lie is.
no doubt, a very big fool, but a "biger"
one has been discovered, a the follow
ing prove. Mr. Jesse Hoot Grant
write from London to a friend In thi
country :
"Of course you have seen in the pa
per tbe gratifying manner father has
been received in Eugluud. It is a
rather nice tbing to read about, but
wben you have to go every evening to
a dinner at some Duke' or Earl's aud
very afternoon at some Lord', it gets
to be what you might call a bore.
When one travejs be wants to see the
country and study the manners and
habit of tbe middle classes, and not
tbe fasionable, which i the same all
the world over. It Is rather
amusing tbe way 1 am treated here.
They consider me a prince, and at all
the dinner parties I sit ahead of the
noblemen, aud the waiters say. 'Will
hi Excelleucy have some tisb?' etc.,
and once I started to speak to some
other fellow near me, who did not bear
me, and tbe waiter gave him a punch,
interrupting blm In some conversation
and told him that 'Hi Excellency' was
apeaklng. I have bal to made several
speeches at different banquets, and
have bad, generally a miserable time."
- . .... as. saa
Texaaa wkt Wore ftse Orov at
V Icfakburg;.
In the Galveston Civilian, of the 31,
we find tbe following, wbicU will be ol
local interest to mauy of our reader
who shared tbe danger and privatiou
of tbe famous siege :
To-morrow will be a memorable occasion
ia tbe life of maor Texant, and especially
o to a number ot citizens of Ualventon.
Fourteen year, aao less than 'i'),ooO gallant
Southern soldiers half-atarved and badly
equipped, alter combating, r;pulmi( and
holding at bay over f .ur-luld tbeir number
of Federal troop for ix weeks, la'.d down
tbeir arms on the bistorio bill ol YU-k.
burg. The writer bereot si "re, as
were als manv other In our m.urt, u
whom the 4ttt of July will ever e a re
minder ot one ot the most humiliating
events io their liven. The gali.,.ur and
heroii.ni toat characterized lb-; di lender
4f the "Uiil Cut eclli'Si'U rmoai tue
alor of the Spait ms. Think tor a mo
lent ot twentv.two thousand siarvine,
t-.j'-ed uJttiei tiers bolilln ac bay lor six
, wn k the ablesi military Oeneral in the
' United -ta-es. wiib nearly one hundred
nd alxtr thousand troop at their back!
buch a circumstance It almost incredible,
but it ji iveribelctt true.
Bui time will not permit us to descant
upon this uhject, yt J ittiee demand
that we rlte mntlnn ol tcme ot these
beroe. 1 va wu lepres. r.fd in this
memorable sure by tbo second Iteiiineot
ot Texas voluoieera. commaoduU by Col.
Atul.el Smith, as well a by tho llrst and
aecond battalions of Infantry of the famous
Waul's Legloa. The otlicer and men ol
ih... nn tmnerithable bO'.iort by the
valor tbey displayed. Among the oilicert
aim' anot. are
Waul, C
jolonel B. Timmont, uieuienKiii-
Colonel Jamee VTrlgley, Malor ouvcr
Kteole, Mai .r H. B. Adamt. Major Eii','ne
8. Boiling, Captain . mci.iuiuio, s
tain O. Pampnlre, Captain L. Bradley,
Captain B. . Sterling, Canlaln M. M un.
,od, ComtnUtary, Ur. ti. K.ndall. Sur
toon, Lieutenant K. K. Hlce. Lieutenant
fe. J. John. I iHtiteDaot T V. Uonlan,
Lieutenant gd. Th.ma, Lieutenant E. I .
Wonet, Lieutenant W. J. Kaliiii.
Among the gallant on w ho thed tUplr
heart' Wood upon tho.e bittortc bills
ware th following, who memory will
ever be areeo In tbe memory of their com
rade and friend: Major Allan Cameron.
Caps. Ledbetter, Capt. Carter. Lieut. Pop
nXkTueut. t'. C. William., Lieut. W.
K. Upton, Lieut. W. . lark.
Tbt ttigma that atuohe to the name o
Oeneral f'emberton for thi urrender will
adhere through hi 111, and be recalled to
mini in gcneiaUap to follow tbe pre.ent.
A rrltmrnrj Eitl.
it i of Importance for the Eeruo- j
cratlc party of thla city to decide on the
least objectlooable plan for selecting
candidate. If there wa 1 ut enc office
to be filled, the Convention cr the
Primary Election, either, would do,
tboogb 0T60 then, the pre terenee should
be for a Primary Election. But in thla
election, we are called upon to choose
one Senator,, four representative.
Sheriff, Treasurer, Assessor. Coroner
and Ranger, end fire Supervisor!.
While it is possible for a Convention
every one to vote for his '.hoice for all
the different offices. For example, by
the primary system, the voter can go
to the election and vote for Lis choice
for Senator, for Representatives, for
Sheriffifor Treasurer, and so on, but by
the Convention p'an the vo.er can only
vote for a list of delegates, aud they
may totally misrepresent him as to all
the offices, except t'e te considered
most Important.
There Is lesa chance lor liaud iu a
ITrimaryjin fact a Primary can be
made an almost perfectly fiir test.
The Commercial's idea that some of
the Judges might be bought up is too
thin. In a Primary, all the candidates
will be represented in the Judges and
Clerks, and in addition to this, the
friends c I the candidates would be ou
the watch, aud bribery would be utter
ly Impracticable. We rather expect
the Commercial is advocating a Con
vention because il,o Primary tauuot
be corrupted, when it is propn ly con
ducted. At any rate, we can't cc that
the Commercial has anything to do w;;h
tbe question, for it docs cot Calm to be
long to the Democratic ptr'y. It I,
so it claim an Independent jonrtial.
The claim, that the Conv? l'.ion's pub
licity provents fraud, is the veiiest
nonsense. Tbe vote U 1) ballot iu a
Convention as otten as any other way,
and there is absolutely no way to pre
vent corruption and wappiiig, or the
use of mouey. If the Commercial i
in favor of the rich candidates, it Is
takiug tbe right course; as for the
Herald, we want all Democratic can
didates, no matter If some of them are
poor, to have a fair chance.
The argument that tbo Primary is
the mo-t troublesome and expensive,
is not worthy of notice. It is not true
to start with, aud if it was, trouble and
expense are uot to be weighed agninst
fair plsy.
It 1 folly also to talk about the coun
ty not getting fair play. It is tbe duty
of the new Executive Committee to see
that the county does get fair play, and
that body will without doubt
perfect a plau by which two of the Rep
resentative to tbe Legislature will be
chosen from the county, aud by which
every white vote In the county will
count lor as much a a white vote In
the city. By this plan tbe city and
county will be as one, and that Is the
proper way to regard this election, and
we are astonished to sec the Commer
cial drawing a line between city and
county interest.
The Commercial asks "what is going
to be done with the tirgro?" If we are
any judge of 'be Democratic party of thi
couuly, it doesn't propose to do any
thing at all with (he negro. It it not
our business to ram politics down trie
neiro, at,d the only thing we can do
with him is to encourage him to let
politic alone. We have gotten along
several years without any political as
sociation with the negro, and it is best
for us to continue a course that i
proved to be good. '
Let u have a fair Primary E eciion so
that poor white trasb, as well as rich
intriguers, will have a fair sliow.
Nrvrlac ,Tlachlar.
Vl( KMH K(i, July II.
Editou Uekalu: I am surprised to
see lu your columus uuder the beading
'The Family Pet," the statement that
"there has never been any combina
tion among sewiug niicbtue mannfuc-
chines for tbe public, and that "good
standard mao-l.iucs are but utile clieapei
for cash Ihau they 'have b.'di fur the
past year."
This is not true. It it) pcitcctly well
kuown thattiic Ue. remarkable I'.iluc
lion iu the pric- f s wing machines Is
duo to the !n:t tbal "i ti r- great combina
tion bave at la-t bo-eu f iled in their at
tempt to oLtalu from Congress a re
newal of their patent rights. The con
sequence I that tbey immediately re
duced the price of their Wheeler and
Wilson sewing machiues from fSO to
ttO, as advertised la tbe New Orleans
Christian Advocate, and tbeir Singer
Machines from $75 to $33 aa your own
advertising columns about a mouth
ago will show. The fear cf competi-
tlon hai brought this great reduction
and the price will be u.l further re-
.1 1 . . . f s .. Ill
uuecu ; iT ii vria ui pii iu niati a
sewing nuchtue, and not mora that 13
to complete the moat Cuely finished o:
their, ail. It is a rather curious com -
,..... An ,.. ... .1..,
"iVHI"! w i v. . . Q i. v DJ eiciu U T ' Vr.LT.".' "I " . fc - - -
know that during the continuance or report compiled irem f answer re
the .ewbg machine patents, aa Ameri- : .t
canc;IU. "ould have oought any of fflBtL , J.oi a,i nn.cn more favorable
the American patent sewing Machine tn niant tuaa i.jc same time Use year.
In Europe and brought Itionie, pay
ing the cost of freight loth ways
aud the profit to the European dealer
besides, for less money than the same
machine could have been I ought for
here. And now these sewing machine
monopolists are Trying to humbug the
people Into the belief that machines are
a. low a, they will ever be, . and may
io tact advance again la price if the
price of material should advance. Cut
tbeaay . not distant wben tbey w 11
be manufactured in hundreds of work-
shops throughout this land, aud these
same machiues will suffer still turther
reduction, for they have always; been
old at five tin.es the cost of manufac- j
ture, extorting from the f cketl Of cur'
nnnhU n.M'n... f h-AdA" O Bn.lnli I- m. t
i.cvit.B UIUUVI.S vi u.viic; w (uolu tuo
n.iini.m i.-. V o mo,! tn KrJKt n n
Congressmen to graut tLem renewa
r 9
of their rateuts. l ours, etc..
A leperale ladlaa ri(ht.
Black Hill-1. :., Juee i'ti:
One ot the ii.i;t -iujlIiis;- ig'uU
with Indiau-, -o fa;- as the number ol
white men ensealed iu it Is coucerunil.
that we have any record c:, took place
on I riiiay last, near tLe fcouL tork o:
me Lin. e litscun. me tacts, as we
gleaned them from one ot the rartlci -
par.ts who reached GavvIKe lat even
ing, and is low stoppiug with his
former partner, are as lollows : About
two weeks ago a party ot niuety-elght
men and two ladies, made up of par -
.!- . T 1 .1 d- in- ' 1
. A'eauwoiu. uajvme uu
Other ad.'OiuInz camps bereabouls,
ularted for the Dig Horn country with
rid ng aud pack animals. Cue week
...d.rtu . ir:.l.i. t., ii ......
noon, when Bearing the I rakei o: the'
south Fork o: the Little Mimourl, they
discovered a large band of iudians dis
mounted, they having their ponies
l! a coup. e ot ii.iies :,'efii where they ,
were seta, ibe n.iuer-, a:.i;npat.ng
an att.irk, ituil odiatcly too.. I heir shovel-,
each man throwing up a breastwork
from wuich he could light to t etter ad
Viiit!'e. At li p.m. the Indian iu
largo number- tou.L.ciu'i cl tbe attack
by M'Vera'. leluis upon ihe miners, re
serving their main cbargo uutil aljut
o p m. Fi M'iy. By this time the miners
were tboroufch'.y organized, each one
unjiackod l is aniuiai. 'i'ba Iudiaus
charged on the miner"! c u foct, at one
time approaching within two hundred
yards ot the eutretuted u.k.ers. The
iatter poured round after rcur.d of mur
derous fire into the Indians from be
hind their breast-work. For a lime
tbe tllit was extreme. y i.et, the In
diatis uNpIaying mo;-. tiiiin ti.eir u-:.'.
daring aud discretion, but the Wwii-di-reefed
ami tii'cctlve tire tron. the
well-armed miners was Ir.cc-aut and
(leath-dcai.'ug for several :.ct:r. wi.en
tbe luiliaiis withdrew.
After the fight it was rti-ccv
fourteen of the miners were k
of them, wi'h one exception. I'
Io the heid. Ligl.tccu of the
ed that
led, a.i
animale were killed or wour.dcd
cicntly to render them useless.
,'iie liUtidrcd and sixieou Indian bodies .ay
on ihe battle-field a.- r. trophy of the
unerring marksnntiship C't tl.e miners.
Ten Indian horses that were elf from
the large herd, and closer to ti.e miucrs,
were picked e tl' bv tbe long range rifles
ot tue miuers. i ue oniy portiou o: tue
miners' bodies that were exposed were
their heads, as thev fired from behiud
thpir tpinniirtrv Virth hreatwnrl:t
their eniporars eartn Breastworks.
Ou Saturday morniug after a redistr; -
button of the packs of the animal kill-
cd. ihe partv proceeded on their lour-
ney. As ibVy are desirous of
the aflalr quiet, so as not to d.scourage
the several large parties now organiz -
Ing here for the Big Horn country, tbe
fight bat been kept from the public.
t... ,.. , ,u. .,. V.i.i
Our Informant wa three dayi making
tbe return trip toUayville.
This fight will hare the effect of de
monstrating to the Indians that while
thev may with Impunity and without
much fear attack tbe Immigrants and
United States troops, they mis their
calculation when Ihev attack a partv of
old prospectors and 'frontiersmen. It
is our candid opinion that the parties
here who are now about starting lor
the Big Horn couinrv can pursue tt.eir
journey untnole-'e '. the Indians are
(j nick to discover t::.; dltlcrem e be
tween attacking a o: of tuen who have
had experience in that kind of warfare
and those Who know nOILIng abOM
tbeir ihc'Ics and are liable to I.
Austria About ta Gobble Botnla.
I.OM0JN, Jti'v If. The Times, com.i
im'iiiiug on recent tenon ol move.
ineiito ol Austrian troupe, say Ihe Au.'-;
Irian csn caret ly delay much longer i
the inevitable occupation ot Bosnia.
Every one believes the Turks would
.very One believes tlie lUrkS WOUI.I. .f.tahh. at Washinn.n. t.v
wlibilraw irom tue province ratner
than drive the Court of Vienna into
tbe position of an open foe. I
A Trulhl'ul a ad Jusl Clulni. !
1,1, cialmrd.and rightly too, tUM
lUUI.Ill X LVI . U, 1,&11 1 liVt uuij n
nood bakinit powder but that il ia
vtrii mperiur one, taking the front rank
over ail other. It bas attained Ihe
1 , u . i .1. i.i.-i
ueigm ui iiri.iouuii mine iviivi.cu
T.. .7
Stanlev and ihs Whig Hex. Sian -
..n.!nM 1.. .1. I. . . .1...
lev Matthew I a man who never
iti.u ssbu
despair. lie paid
, fartlan !
the other day for an
ha el her on the Cardiff giant, and
. 1. . . i . 1 1 1 , l . 1. . ! I
wear that Im will keen hnr ihffr until
the batche out tbe old W big party If
ii lake a tlinnsaii.l oapt and k'" th
t take a tt ousaud j ear ana k...s tbe
lien. Burlington Hawkeye.
it a . it.. UBu. n laana fvokahM.
nepurc ui uc new umvi .uiiikc-
! tmn 0f the Crop in Luuhjlana,;
1 . ,
: i3iippl aid Arkansas. (
v ......v. t..r'.I,.,.i.,..- ,U.
slDoetbe'.aat rei-ort ttitre Has De.n n in-1
.r;ae or ilccrta.e In the '.uanllty oi lana ,
plantt-a ir. cof.'ir.; stands are rc-prcseul-
Jdaagood: the plant is jenerally torminif .
ZlXtlirt&zlir: in some
.tctiuns of Bapidi-a and bt. Landry par-1
ui.... catenullaralij.se I'Ut io an aa-ear-
;U.n , T'f t... ,r,m
s:.U July
Mb. The character a the ."
been generally mme IaTora..e than l ast
i very qencraiiv
,,ttvA ,.00(l. i-iants a: e forming weli,
with but few blooms tt, T..e -.wni.-ral
condition is -ocd. tuou'.'b plan are from
aayaia-.-kvard.c ,n; urcnl wita last
' 'xansas Our report is :..ade r.p from
rer!le from ;T cuotiea. Th.; weather
1. . . tA... I... f .1'ni'ii I.Ia ihnn lh. MTMI
u i.rvu .-. v
1 time last year, and much complaint
' i.,,inr.f tnri rv rain rtii hit'7 1 a';"'it lip.
enM of M fe pfr , ent la .crease a.
la.t rir,rri.! ! fitauili are. how.-ver. reiTe-
sen:ed as ;nJ, but the present condition
does not comjare tavoraoly with last'
jear. tje flam bclns; small, backward !iy i
:t oaf 3, ana v.u ueu.s i-ras.-j .
Report of th Norfolk Exchange.
Somen, .11117 ?,.-Tbe Cotton E.
reports 4." re; lies from :;t counties in Norm
taroiiu.i anu irginia, wna aerui;c uaie
.,' i.ne w'in, r eneu. ruertiuuw emner ,
more uvor.o.e than last year, 4 about me
acie. '! favoraUle: 2 reiiort im rease
in lat-ds planted. I- about sane, dc -
tofft' '"if I'J l x
s.una are
, i,:0m.
. lorniin? wen,
. n of tue ' rop
ii' t v.;:y ''iC'd, not
land nr.
I ho c nuitl
1 Is rep r-: . ." o d. but about teu day
to t
.r uau '
't t..;inrsrV,.V.I"r7L-e:
: so
! age 0 .-si
I "J
' , f
I Report
of the Savannah Exchange
fcANAXNASt. July Ueoriria-:', replies
m f counties; weather then '.'em-rally
, faVf,ra; ,e. ,ia(.e rc.port ,jf ;ait month drv
spell in May succeeded by abundan train-:
: stand rood, riant forcing well, but not
: """". y1 "'n?
versa. .y
; rted two wcc.s later .than
last year, 'i lie c ndili' n ol the crop i'nd,
t..oti;h La. Lwaicl. cll ;'.lt:vated and
pronit.ir.c: t r.e few ! t;t unlmpi rtant
complaint o: cut worr.t and lie'. The
'-rt re;. or'. are from ."outuwest be. i :n,
1 ut we consider these a center-' -nlut.ved
' y t;.r.e from the i.jir..- a&d ;-;udie s..-
tu n of thj stute.
Flo; ida 14 replies '.' uu.ti-.-s
tfcii'.isr tLen kncraliy dry ' ut lav ra' !;
-.land somevvjal irie'.ul.i:: j lar.t aim.t
two week later, but '.'.'ne.'nl onlitb r.
C'-lcpa.-" favorabij with !n'. ..-ar at US -t.:.i.
! r.ie f"w r- j.crtt of ap; ear.ir. f
i l':7 i.'.a.s. ' '.t a-, jet ne d:il.l.i.- '.
a::. ..
Pob'tions and Movements of the Armies
of the Danube and Asia-Slow Progress
of the Russians Turkish Advantaaea
Scarcity of Provisions.
'.SP 'N. .t-.ly t'fm-::.;s. u :: a
tii n on tl.e Uan.'.be. wo li.n? informa
tion from any ';uart'-r except denials' ot tu,.
! rt hasty repor'.iot tl.e rapid advan"e t
t..e I'.iissia:.. Tutnova i not iu t:;ir
band, nor likely to l-e imu-diatet.-. .
t3o 1-:ik probably mean to hold tio:
line of Va tra l! tbey cur., and Turnova :t
ery favorably situated lor a strvi.t- ,...
fens... It stands or. tbe pre i) it l.'ank
o the Y;iulra. Tiie Ljusc-, in many
cas-'S, arc bunt n t je ni"s ot iii.uie.i
arc rrounded by a .. ,oi 'el.
t ne ancient I'.ttlarUb Kinv.
uiil all aroi'.B'., an.; w .ttiui
of tue riser on wsics t:oii.'
eartUw.-rk have '-n cor.,
which certain!; v. .;; ... .
out a atru-.'gle.
Tie followir.,- ;.. ;;,.. ;
rr.sp"it.ve foroi. in Asia as
t:. (.'list'.'- .
".'.j :,i.-:.er
the winding
r,-".v . ar.o
ti .1. and
1 i . . n s t ' u.
r.ea; !'' as i
be ascertained le K; -iur. b it wit,
alter adanclr.; t I'vll! aba. has ;.
turned back on its line of adsunee and :
niarcalu'. on x.a;a.'U, w..ico is ttiii ir.
vetted by irregulars from U.m. If w;:;
probably' '.e aide to defeat these. s.e
yazid, and reestablish coramuni. 4ti,.n
wit0 trivD- A detached column ct tae
centre, under i.er Hevmaun, aiwr ein
1 ,utett-.i at Zewin with terio...
ha fallen back to tie m .h-inorh" ' :
Kara, but tbe legeof Kart i.a not beer,
1,,,u, ,.,, him',M .trot-.-.- enoui:i to
: undertake it relief. Tie latest advice
' repretent that he hat advanced to wltain
I f.utB .P"1" 01 tBe K- inytr.tin
' lines, laere hat een nothing dennite
, trom Batoum, s.n.t the . apture i v the
Turks of tbe Kutsian position ot: "'air.ba
and Ki.tzu' an li i.-ti t. Both Rustlan
and Turkish reinforcements are aaid to
be hastei.ing forward. The out-tu n o:
provitioninu tue armies it sa.d to le
grow in? serious P r both tides.
A u,patca trom St. reiertot.r, deciet
tiat tie Russian were repu
uisi i: ;,t i:ie:a.
in jn -sessi r.
A dispatch to Ket. tor's Tele.'ra:.. t n;.
pany dali-a trer,.um, JMly . th, say t-.-Kutalant
fell l t k In an orderly manic:
Irom l'tch Kllissa to t'pek, fol'lcw-d ly
ueTurkUa rii;h:. There were fre ;t:en't
cavalry aklimishet. A regular enirae.
ment commenced at diybreakon the 4th
and lasted until 2 ovioc, in the afternoon.
-ecomel lDe "i;-,'ttn maintained their position at warmly ap; roves the PreMonf order :!n " ,, J1 1 , ,u PrOv'S'ons to iu
raelpek. The llusslant have recommenced ! ,0 officebo' ler andavt- "Plain Ceo- n- , 6 ,niora,'cl' of the Board of
the sleic and are contlnuln. tue bombard. ( . .T ... uJ 1-!L ii . Tra.le to change tbe rula in r.f...-..
'"e aaovo coo. crDing u is mat
ment of Kart. Dervit'u Pasha tele-itaph
Irom Ratotim that a regiment of Russian
cavalry, tu molted bv inUntry. attacked
berbaii on Wednesduv, and wi.. uef'-a'.t.l
with i;... ;.. oi 5v ki'iK...
1 i, . ,.-
my is nnncAtuvn bi (lit nonnern
State of Mexico No Praintrt .f W
State of Mexico-No Prjpct of Sue-
; c..mp"e
i I lorder I
d.'prcdatlon claims, moving uUtort.
a , aim auvcii' urcra treneruiij . n
in ail : an
: "'the Union, it still at work hej.- e
"I'" 10 manufacture tentioie.it n,
f auoexation scbemet, and to e
m favor
' -v.iwu ...uviuv., anu 4l I'lMUUJIfc
, ,bt Government tu tome warlike police ,
which shall demand ol Meaico mdemnitv
I for the patt and tecurity lor the future.
: They make no perceptible nroirett, but
, continue their etlortt in the ho that tome
v. r.."v " ir." ". . .t
' R' urje7n.l tiSt war
i ?lJt
I nited State and the ninz Government, in
.... I .... . i rim. .... : I
I which sate the lillll,nter ioinine with
Le,r ,0 mifut ?a,e l'bant:? ,0 ol tfr? nd
bold Poeiou ol the Nortnern Statet
, wiln . vil,B. l0 U,lmate annevti , t0 thit
I country. This tciieine. however, ias sl s'it
r as I'. is bated o;
able as- .rai'tion tliat
uin-a'. wl court
fie ,
;.ie 1
...... rrVv
;", '-'
Diaz will ue .
chance tor hi re.
.. '. OatttBi
. W't !!.inf' rim u !.
' i- t it is' te bit
:t the t ailed
Bj.-r..- iikf.y mat
I ru in., :o c. t T.eratu
I tUl.' U 1IA It i'i Usvwl ' lt
' lot .i,..,.1.t nrl
ni1 vuiv,i uu in aj bu'i.. i
:s,a:7 Wi.-o-atje Bi" .r--:c.
. . ....
Killed Precartoua Bttuat'.oa CI
PoRiLasi, Orki-.x, Ju.v - l.-.-
Ja IU Walli to-day: A cur.
tf" to!, herry.ee M "-n;'J;
tack train and escort of-1 a.'
'' ttsai tt was attacked on tue -"i.
i "a soldier, and two citlier..
j J. ."J
puleedthe Indian.. Tbe Indians are ir
i m(.e ar,,..ntl Col 1errv ana Capt w-hp.
I pie, w ho Uave only force for defca,
, l'be route it uosale to Cottonwood. It is
' a Mild strode (or.ToseH aiu! bis band, ami
it la reported to be a aiscnul to the Indiana
north and east, and wit! atir them up to .
.U. -AT........ LA.I- ...... Ik. 1
kant country report that all settler ex-
cont ;i.e men
en leiween spatane lower
relousee landinx, have left
Lrid:e tind
thpir bi'Cies and t.eci to " ana nana, ine
is1, .,. ,,.., a.
their homes and t'.ed to Walla Walla.
have c..str : yed s'tne iielrts
Ex-Mirahal Pitkin Intervlswed.
Washington, Julv '.,-&. reporter in.
terviewed ex-Marshal Tltkln, ot Leuisl-
ana, and furnishes the lollowins;
I'itWlc Well, neither l'ackard nor zr -
If is bent on any deep seated ve.
! .. f.. . . .. ,rird ih Rconbiirkn
rarty ie.-itimate redress we won't hositate
io iio it.
i:enorter:-I It true you two cenf.emen
bave brou.'hiajf.ut the indictment against
! ,.i,.r. M.-min Bn.r.r. "
; sitita lta an atrocious falsehood. Wo
, have had nothin? whatever to do with it.
TbT3 'fT ?fiDcm.f?u;
an(1 ti,s .iudie (Wbuiaker) is a violent
Lemocrat. 1 am sati.ded that the whole
mUvfmer.t was instliated from New York
in tie Tilden interest. Moreover, I am led
' to believe that I'm orl.inal returns of the
' . Vtf ,1CA,0A 5ri frmuli!?i; ia favor
j Orangemen
Parade at M0atrea;
Threatened Bloodahed.
to tae. Journal' tav there it everv':ro..
; ect : sr. exciting tintff there Thursday,
when t.) Oran.i-men have their ct's-
totnury annual paiade. e.'ran.eiaen arc
to eome ilowa 'roni Cat-.a-la W'tst in lare
number.?, tc take place in tbe recession
wLleh t-e M r.treal C'ran.'emen have de
cided cr. haviir,' at all !.-,.;urds. Si.Lliy
drills are .'lin,- on, ar.d Uave been lor
wet-ks ; ast tn diflerent parts ot the city,
an ! dre-ai nis rre I-eiui put in order by tue
.lpo.it. ;aity. In.timitl'T.s are tb'at a
a..stile nteetir.i wi:'. occur between tie
tw Miiio-., and bloilsbed. B"fA ithtand
ir.; a lr.o ui'.. u and advce -.:ve iv f . ; u
'! ' : ' :- auta-.r:tie ad fie:-.;-.
Turkish Successes
..x-ia.N-tsw'ip. ' -ly '
l':is..a tele'.-ra;!i, undi r dii'te f Kr . roum,
.luly wl. The l.lackiu! divijii u, utter a
desperate cii.a'.-ci..i i.t. pursued a lt;.-slan
!er e an! c r.ip.lied it ti .,utt the (.'tto.
;ja:i terrlt-.ry r.-ar M-(onai;uedi ', s bicb
place w:.. 0' e . pled by the 1 urks. t iiae
summoned ti.v K .ssia'r. in the citad. 1 at
Uava. id to ..i ituiat or. honoran.e '.er;n..
,1 .
.urid.ent tiu-y will com; ly.
Cause of '.he Rusrtan Retreat In Atta.
!. SDi'S, .tu'y '-.A It.'Uter f.ispa: b
fr m St. r.teisl.ur, iyt accordin; to re.
poftsrc .ediere. tie U .tsian retr at
in As a is n.t attrib-.te.i to Cau-k,iar.
riit!?.w.:i. n virtually I. suppress-'!, but
to tue ::'. that the Kutsiaut wire too
' to oveniine fie Turkisa ' ;...s
w..; sf. D.tiad : een uuder-. i'
Plaafd RUln los a
A gri.i ,-r d. ir.g ':;-: :,
(iranii '.venue, was i.kei
colored ri.au . .U' ': ;. :
trawler: lc.
t. it. t ,1., :.,
"I'll 7ay :sc::ey
to trt:t a
';'...; of
r fv;. ." :.e
aMre eight1
oe.oc.u de unwiiftig, e-arties'.y re
sponded ihe i ulcred ti .an.
"Perhaps jcu tf.iifht. out I du-j'; lc
Here it. It you hare no n.one' :.ow.
how wi
you Lare an'- then ':"
"1o!i'; vk me bcs i'i! hav-
cash sua... ;:t perspiring to Jt
tor '!e w if.t ft .faw berries "
"L'tfc- it .:? ' yot. ':" fi.t
"No. sab.
"Then hew do jot. ev ea to .e; a::v
"Ob, de j ay will le all right."
' I guess r.ot. Ycu'l. !.:,ve to trv
some one el
Dos, you hezpifiied me right down
to CO
Id la .ts. c.iel the custo mer.
sstrawlerries. ati' dey hcz got
wants st
dey nez got to
come, an', derefore let nte a. dat I
wai:'t going out to-night to steal r!:kk
ens an' -ell 'em to git money."
"Ah I ou wasn't V
"No. sah. 'rau-e I dm; i u. '-.il Vtji In
last night, a:,' des ''. be n ': f ". 1 ' '
er dis evetih I ts de -' Id ta--t, mis.
ter.ai.'t'ow wrap up den. straw her-rie-
an" ioau' abuse my contidei.ee."
Tai I'i;.-a N. Y. Iiertid 11
pie are wear o: having Federal office-
holders dictate the action of conrtn-
IMC sale WOni V. UBvl.lK 17 CUDrl UlUl'l"
tion. and protest against tbe habit t
;ne uauit ot
traveling the State to manufacture del-
egatlons and put up and rut down
nomination.. The 'common right ol
ciiien.Mp' doe not Include tbe re-
celpt of salaries from the Public Treas-
ury for promoting tl.e ambition o: Iu-
1 " l II . ...
uisiuua.s suu uve-rriuinir piiiiu.ur sen-
' t5ment- When inch salaric are paid.
tbeobI!l1,ion 0;-4ervIce ,0 ,he Vt0?u.
nitnl U ataV.IKal A n,l l ,s ......
' vttl tinalk'n tha Pr-wlnn In rw . n ! ... '.
orliceholdcrs to earn their salaries bv
periuuuiuji tuKir vmtiai uuties. aim
nui iu ruun.UK auu ewuiiiie -;ne ma-
- 1 i - -
,. ,
' "it I TfiE Old Has a CllANe E. It
I U said Professor Tice predicted the
storms we have bad latch . but didn't
te)l wnere thev would'strike Th
'en wnere tcey wouia strike. The
! ProfcHor must draw . finer bead upon
f, d give n. chance
! to do a little dodgitiff. It doe a man
I .. .. ?. a 'flu
no good to tell bim a month in ad
vanco he 1 going to got shot without
knowing which way the bullet I com
bg. lirttsiot; Ag.
4 HearTaclcr f liable.
Conway's Letter to Cincinnati Cc,.
SC. I',
A verv interesting, and at the same
' time unol truslve work, baa been going
'on In Lomlon through the devotion of
. tru; Dpb:e" ladv the Countess
, T.7 . .T
.f i.rlni, ll.n !. . I ilfAn A hA
"su."' " '"'.V
:l:c met
i with the statement that iu L. ..un 1 two
htinilrcd thousand children c.e ti.ni'.'-
1 uuuer lue wi uo, ouul, u..--
three per centum u;e of prevent' i-
cwidh h-iC
i :. to
l,eDCV.; .
morta.ity is
o wrote io me liegxra.--
ask if this rate of in'- '.
reallv true, a:nl rcolv
ccr.f.rwiiicn o:'it. Then sho let hi
h'I."o the task of going around a :
v'..;;'.::i' the por and conversing v
!::r'.:..i-. i'j ic found these poor moi .
hcptlrssiy iguorant of the l
rrin.j: v Uws of hcalth.or if they V ..ew
then so entirely unable (.from drudgery
and poverty ' :o practise them, that
she '.the tounloss gradually ftit cer
. way to some k.uu of practical metuoa.
In ,Lo int . Ucc gho inMitutcd week-
. . . , . , . .
. I tA,1 Arl Ytmm t smA a svAra KIa af
whirh she cave them Instruction! in
economizing tbeir poor mean, and la
tbe kind ol food most nourishing, and
answered from the best authorities the
1 on-n .nc1 their chlMren'a &ilmeutfi The
uiuiuvia iucuuiia a, iu iiciiu( iuc.i
' Countess la highly educated and quite
, able to impart Information. A an
lllnstratlnn of how minute! v sl.pstndiei
thesltuation of these mothers, I may
mention that she found that, in their
, desire to make their little means go aa
fur aa nnaaihtf. thpr wprr rrntlr ffftn.
desire to make their little means go aa
, far as possible, they were pretty gen-
1 f ylng a salt
i .," u ,, r. . u
M"! ng for breakfasi. because it can be
' bought tor a penny. But the herring
makes tue uusbauu or sou tbirsty. and
he goes aud spend, two-pence
after it ;e goes aud spend- two-ponci
for beer. Io she persuaded the mothe
, tuai tut nernug is a ue:usive economy.
and the instruction Las been justified
The countess next drew upon her own
means and those of her friends to
. provide .Ma.tcd rood hxtract and
similar things for ailing rl.ildrcn. and,
bv (pending about . er ia '.' !
way. saved uiany .ive.
Tbe il!-:- elt. ii'sr-bletu.'i Itiicrs c:
gratliudi' showered upon !.er by grate
tu'. tiinthers a:e preserved by her as
proudly a a:y waarior preserves the
medals that reward successfu.
daughters. No cry ol mother orchild
l.as ever been unheeded, (l.-adually
she Las extended her pi!'- io include
a children retreat In the c tin try fo;
babies wboe lives depend in a change
of air. and a day pnrn'ry. w::ero wo
men may leave their ci.i.dion ingooe'.
care while they are at work. i.. now ar
ranged in dl-tricts smid ti.e pnores;
paitse;' London, and si.o d:!ribt'.!es
srn.e uine thousand pounds cf lily
food per annum. Instruction as '.l
htiaith is given iu lour tliflcrei.t ceu
tres. A great many lenilcts lo r-.iuirv.
simp e oani'.ary aititructiot'.s
distributed. The cruaiie e ;
tie Countcs aj;in-t Hercd. ii
has attracted no attention i
4 ?et'.
:,h i'
circles here, seeir.e to have been Lean'.
o: elsewhere, and the Knpressof Russia
last yenr sent the Couutc a donation,
for her wo:k am! a warm letter o '
'jmpHti.y. v. (irsnd
iM'ches o"
the sum.'.
.'ide:. Las this v car done
A::ie.,.pe. to the Pics; une. ailudiug
to the dull coadition ol the New York
Slock Exchange and the general!
stagnated stuto of business jn that citv,
a; s:''lt : diflerent cn tl.e Cotlc'u
Exchange to-day. for there all is ex
citement, and a eeneral fettln- r.e
"-u i;l '.ul! 'or iour stay suspea-
siouof business that will begin at I!
p.fit. to-morrow, So long an intermis
sion has rarely leeo known in Ihe cot
ton trade of this city, and there is a
pretty general disposiiiou to have as
few contracts out durina the nautn si
possible; for wbocan teil the develop
mctits in other markets in these four
uays. ami their possible bearing upon
our own ? As a rule, however, it Is
the bear who arc the most uueasv, and
:t looks as I; they wouid cover ur
pretty thoroughly before to-morrow's
sun goes down. Augusta this forenoon
made another jump to Pi V,. a further
r:eo; points (luce Saiurdiv't do.
i"?-d 10 point since tbe 2Sh nil
"I J" l,1B iloor c" n:t " n.anipuia
to:,;on !,"leaga:nst Liverpool becausi
sue siuii . a :v ir.i c, OUI t
e maturity re.
gard if s. i ., :,a
advaure, with U
- i. uo ic'vciii'U. uw
crop HH...I! , are slow to move in svru
rat by w ui. tt.tf Summer mouth. 'am!
Uus fact is pointed at to picve t'"M tn a.
nipuiaiion is at work.''
The Chicago Commercial-Lin t-t i
Jfi uarv 30,b, says : "An effort i, be"
inff rr.iln K,-ni,n . i
r.'iiT. ..... ... .... .. .t s m..
. ; unc a iiuinoer ot par
. . .
f.i .. . 'vVi.r
.. "rcu a. Pro-Iuct-mak-
Htt... " . .'".' " 'ureue-
e uii lunirac s lor rutiiFA H..
V.-p 0D n9' PW-
?' '? ',.bf fjrecton ot the Board ot
, ,Z - t V -,. ro errea 10 a C 0"-
.", " , ;, . h 1,0 d?,b' present a
f0J ,bo epnsideralion of the
" ,. "t , ,fe?,lle ,mI"riaht changes
Mtliuuil OS mails lit- ar . nl. c.
,,ri.,.,i ' , :'. ouiu-
' i" ;C"rf? P'ot,uc,,wl" u plad ou
hI ootlng with that of Winter
maiiulaettire. Some nanln t .
vor ot !,o rbange taking effect on Seo-
' 111' e- 1,', while Other arn ii, f.,D. I.-
.'. while others arc iu favop i-
m g '.I until the opeiiintr of lh
I'gU.Ul packilltf ll'tuin'n. 1 ...
i . i. . " ..uscuiuer
1"' . " '""cnange l not made on Sen.
echanun la nm c
..-,.. . . i, i , n 1 1 1 II o U 0 11 1 If I.Am.,1...
t, It will no doubt be made ou
it 1 at f
November 1st ''
, , r
PrtTY FHirn. c.
' .... ... i . m ? swindles. Be
0n . T. wae.rs Wul' n
im ib.,ei -.i!.,. - - . ,ui
' who Tw nil J..? knowlwl? k ? weX
will not te1$'JMB&
baking powder. Doolit'i Yeist
Powder ba. a world-wide reputation
for perfect purity and alway. be ng
full weight. It bear, every test foV .n
perior excellence.

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