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T bcrlbr.-An "I"
blue pencil mark, on Tour pa
per, i a notification tbat your
ubicrlption will expir. In two
weeaa. ana Tour oarer win
discontinued, unleu otherwiie
Friday Morning, July 20.
The Cincinnati Enq-nrer tay the
St. Lonit bankt were S ormaniwd.
The Aberdeen Examiner tayt tba
cotton in tbe prairie countict It look
ing well.
A motion to allow ncgroet to vote
tit tbe Primary election In Scott county
wa voted down by a large majority,
Hon. W. H. FitGerald decline to
tie a candidate for Lieutenant-Govern"
or. He think the office ought to be
Mk. Ellin E. LIibuox baa our
itanki for two boxea ol lutciout pear
We have teen none tbi year that will
compare to them.
The Hindi county Convention meet
at Raymond next Monday. Tbe coun
Tr it pretty well divided between
Humphrey and Stone.
Cart. W. A. Montgomiby is support-1
1 1 by tbe Edwards Club for the office
of Lieutenant Governor. Capu Mont-
gomery is well and favorably known
in thit county.
The "Teachert State Convention"
will be held in Jackson on August the
8tb. This change it made to avoid
coming in conflict with tbe Democratic
State Convention.
Mr. Tilden will probably have a
nUasant Enrooean tour. He will be
lest annoyed without doabt.than Hayet
whn will be constant v vexed by the
of office. We are glad to bear
that Mr. Tilden't health It good
Gen. Humphreys formerly lived in
Hnnflnwar county beloro tbe formation
ni I(lnr. buttomebow hie old friendi
there who very highly esteem bim,
could not tee the claim for tbe guber
natorial place, loudly harped on by our
Vicktburg prett, and voted for Lowry
I Forest Register.
Don't be too fait, Mr. Register,
There are two tett of delegatei In Sun
owcr,one for Humphreys, and one for
Ltwrv. What will be done about it
remalnt to be teen.
We are pleased to lay before our
reader! to-day a letter from General
Libert Lowry. Tbe letter iaa plain,
c-ilirht.forward. raatity answer to
charge made against Gen. Lowry by
J. S. Morrie. It will convince tbe peo
s'e tbat Morris's attack wa made from
sertonal motives and that Lowry i
worthy of tfieir bighett consideration.
We are glad the explanation it made,
Or while tbe attack on Lowry bat bad
little influence on nt, there are others
whom it micht have influenced. Be
art and give the letter a careful peru
The Clarion itickt to it that tbe men
who voted for the Electoral law com
Kitted a blunder. It tayt that tbe
Electoral Commission committed a
fraud in counting in Hayes, and that
l Democrati who voted for the law
committed a blunder. We do not
tnin'. hii potltion it tound. It it cer
tainly illogical and unjust. If Brad
ley and Company bad not committed a
fraud, we would never have heard of
this charge against the Democrats. In
other words, If the law had been hon
estly administered, it would have
proved the wisdom of its supporters
in securing, what it was Intended to se
cure, a peaceful and just solutiou of
the difficulties that threatened the
Auy law ou the Statute book
may be abused, and according to the
Carton's loicio. evurv time one i
abused or corrupted, the poor fellow
who parsed It can justly be charged
with blundering.
The Republican of tbli Stat look
tod tet m if tbey bed been pal down
and tramped on by tbe boll-doztra.
They glide along, tbey dieband, they
agree to everything, tbey are cowed
and tbey dlaplay no energy Id tb
world except Id trying to oaet one
the other from a Federal petition,
principlei are dear to tbeir heart, they
l0Te,heD)tr - tD Dnt tll ,nt Ncw
York Time i exactly correct when it
ay that not a tingle Federal office bat
been vacated to enable Itt occupant to
auitaln, by active participation in Con
vention and Committee, tbe principlei
dear to hit heart A year ago tbey
would bare bowled and ripped in op
potltion to a policy like tbe Pretldcnt
it purtuing, bat now tbey meet to
gether and indorse it, and then icr i ru
ble, In the moit energetic manner, for
tbe few office, within tbe gilt ot the
Admin titration. They agree to every
thing that comet from Washington
Tbe Pretident it perfection pertonlflcd,
He it Simon, and if he tayt wiggle
waggle, the Southern Republican, wig
gle-waggle In tbe bappiett manner.
Tbey love to terve bitn to well that be
bat to apply tbe boot in every In.tanee
10 K ineffl 0Ul 01 0Ulce'
Letter front Uca, '-Bob" Lwrj,
In Aaawer the Ihargt made
by illorrla.
Editor Vicktburg Herald
In coniideration of it dltrcpotable
authorship, my original design wat not
to notice tbe attack of J. S. Morrit
upon me iu a recent number of the
Hebald, but in deference to the judg
ment of Irienda, who have thought it
might create a fake impression upon
the mind of come uninformed penonr,
I have modified my Intention to far at
to reply to that part of tbe publication
which rchte to an Act oi me LegUla
ture, passed in 1672. lie tayt, "but he
aUo, at the aame tessiou, conciliated all
tbe thieve, burglar, forger, embez
zlert, msn-slayer, etc., by a little
amendment wbicb abolished, by legli
latlve enactment, all bail-bonda, and
recognizance, wnica uaa oeen lanen
by the Courts in criminal case, and
Rave all the parties, principal and
lureties, a wholesale and unconditional
The Act of April 5, lb"2, amendato
ry of tbe rules, and practice and proce
dure in criminal cases in thl State,
effected a complete and radical chango
In these rules, to that the turotie on
bail bondtor recognizance! were almost
necessarily bjuud to have judgmeut
final entered against them in case of
default without opportunity to appro-
nenu tueir principal, u uoiver iuhu
op to tatiny tee enui oi justice, ine
bill wat prepared oy :iorrn nimseu,
and there wat no doubt of itt passage
with the 8th section which fixed the
limitation ol two year a to all crimi
ual offenses before that time commit
ted. The oblect and purpose of this
,ectt0 ig well-known to the public,
and wa the moat objectionable acctiou
contained in the bill. X)r can there
be any doubt that the bill itself was
intended by the author as a cunuing de
vice to shelter hlmseli from a prosecn
Hon, which in tbe nature of things
would sooner or later be csmmcuced
airainxt bira for the asissination of
Col. G. V. Moody.
The 9:h andlO:h scciious of the bill
were suggested by mt, not to relieve
criminals from punishment for offenses
committed duriui; the war, because
they had already been relieved by pre
viou legiblation, but for the benefit of
thoto who, during "lie period of
reconstruction, under a military
government and the violent dom
ination of carpct-bst'i'err, had be
come bound a -ureues upon
bonds for the appearance of parties
charged in many instc icos with crimes
unknown to the law. The parties
charged mere not rclitc , iud if guil
ty of any offense, may prosecuted
now. unless barred bv the statute of
The 'J aud 10th tedious did uot rc
lease principals at a!l, aud wus not so
intended, but only applied to surctie.
These sections also required and mulc
it tho duty of tbe Court, to order an
alia cuiiiai for tbe apprehension of
auy person, charged with an otfeno
where the sureties bad btcu relieved.
It was believed by a majority of the
Democratic members of the Legisla
ture, that ti e ball-boiulo token by ll.e
Military Authorities, and by the
Judges and the Diatiim-Attoiueyr,
"1 to official position by the carpet.
bag Government of tbe State, weri. not
ou!y iu numerous hntancos oppressive,
tyrannical, :id coui it.'itnl Uit.l ni
to be enforced asnitit ibe-Mirnter., and
section u and 1U. were ct'tisiiicred a
fair measure of relief li view of the
radical change proposed by Morris.
It will be remembered that I (imply
made tbe loggeition in the Jodiciary
Committee, and took no further action
in It. It will alto be remembered that
Morrla inilited upon tbe passage of
tbe Bill, with tbe amendment, (see
testimony of Gov. R. C. Power, Chan
cellor C. A. Sullivan, and Jodge Jobn
Wattt Home journal, 1872.) In 1873,
at a member or the Legislature, i
moved tbe appointment of a Committee
to Investigate the conduct of J. 8. Mor
rit at Attorney-General of the State.
Tbe Committee, though compoted of a
majority of Republicans, made a re
port by unanimout content, convicting
him of bribe-taking, of telling bit off!
cial opinions to lobby lata to lnflueuce
legislation, appropriating money out
of tbe Treasury, and of levying black
mall upon partlet who could not draw
tbeir duei from tbe Treasury without
ble official sanction.
The report waa agreed to by a body,
compoted of a large majority of the
party to which be belonged; and it
wat followed np by hit defeat in tbe
Republican State Convention for a re-
nomination for tbe office he bad pros
tituted. Attributing bit disgrace to (bit ex
poture, be baa nursed hla revenge, and
with tbe instinct ol a true coward and
aasataiu of character, he has availed
me with vituperation and falsehood on
the eve of toe Democratic convention
when he supposed be could take me at
a disadvantage, and infl.ct tbe deepest
in ury.
I am not prepared to believe th t the
Democratic party ot Mississippi I win
ing to leud Itself to tbe purpose of
gratifying tbe revenge ot a disraced
criminal, whose conduct I was driveu
to the uecesslty of exposing in the un
charge of a public duty a a reprcseut'
ative ot tt.e people.
Col. .HcCallam.
Corropocdtnce o( the Herald. 1
Yazoo City. July IS. lfcT7.
You are doubtless aware tbat "Old
Yazoo" ha entered her man in the
Fall race, for a State position I And
good, true, reliable "man" be it, too
A man who, by virtue of two decades
of faithful servi.-e to the state aud peo
pie, at editor of leading journals, hat
achieved an honorable and enviable
name a name tbat bat been long
and intimately blended with every
struggle aud every contest that have
been made iu tbe interest of the State'
houor. and the i eople' freedom and
prosDeritv. Of lull ami commandin
figure, with proportioned build, even,
regular features, full of tho token of
strength of character aud tenacity of
purpose, black nair, clean lace, cave
heavy dark, brown moustache, a large,
massivo forehead, easy, winning ad
dress, cordial manner aud ielf-po-sesed
deportment. Such I a crude
outline ot Col. J. L. McCulIum senior
editor ot the Yazoo Herald-Democrat,
ami Democratic candidate for
Secretary of State. Yazoo it a
unit for her man and will work
for him, too. Colonel McCullum
i un teif-appointed caudidate. He hat
como out iu response io tne can oi
many of hit brother editor', aud of
many of the best aud most influential
meu in tbe State. For twenty-five
years be bai bad hit names on, and
in a profession that made him pecul
iarly a servant of the people. Iu peace,
in war, in heated political couteitt, at
all timet he hat been a constant, faith
ful, laborious worker, asking no other
reward than the encomiuma of good
men, and the approval of bis con
science. He ha labored in tbe vine
yard faithfully, without bunting orao
llclting political preferment, tbe usual
reward lor services such as those be
has performed. No one can make a
better Secretary of State than be, tnd
now, after tweuty-flve years ot hard ser
vice, after ten years of devoted, zealous
labors iu behalf of hi State against the
robbers that were let loose upon us, al
ter a long nud usrl'ul life in the cauie of
Mississippi and M.'ssissippianf,hecmes
representing iu hi person, on tbeone
hand, the claiii.t ot the Mississippi Dem
ocratic 1V-, and on the other the
claims of 'Oid Yazo'-," the banner
county iu the memorable campaign of
What say the people? Shall he have
bis reward, or be ignored in the inter
est of some one who possesses not a
to.it h of the claimt tbat are povessed
by J. L. McCullum.
Again we ask, what say the people?
C. K.vUtK.
A oood illustration of the equalpower
U two votes it given io a story, which
eouit to be common property, ol Judge
Story, which be wne very fsud of
telling. One cold and Mormy duct ion
dy he foil It bis duty, a usuri, to go
to the poll He ordered his tarriage
for this purpose, but just n ho wa
irrttinv in a sudden thought struck
him. Turning to his colored! driver,
Iu bind: "Have you voted je: r ' 2io,
Ma Story, 1 w u wailing to drive
you first." "Well," replied tie J dge,
"nod wtio do yon lutitwi to nie torr
"I Khali voto for A," t.uswurcd tie
driver. "Well," continued lie judge,
niii:iiiiig ' I diould vote fir U: to
foil may put i-ntlit carriage Again, nd
v u jj; lm:liuv nt tunic hm p;r jjtr
',ur vote.'! Tut- couohmau w id"
.'on tl niiror'nti'M at me tialloi-l x wlm
the learned judge.
TIclubBrtj'a Watcfrmt Can It
a Pr))rr?
ro thx ooNnmminoN or the board
or matob and aloebmem or viou-
The lata tonndlngt at compared with
tbote of June lotb, tbow a fill in
thirty-three day of 8 feet 10 Incbet
extreme tonndingi, but probably tbe
oa ieet cait oppotite nortn end of
wnarrboaL waa on toe tmall rock ledge
known to be there, and tbe fair catting
wat mat ot 37 reel o mono, mow nar a
1111 or depodt of about 6 feet in thirty-
tnret day, but toll le lufflclent to sat if
fy our City Fathert that ten to flfteea
tnoutand dollar! would be thrown
away la a wharf at that point, and that
should tba wbarfboat remain at itt
pretent nation nntll low water.lt would
rest on a plateau of mad lolltary and
lone, and iatlfy a certain party, that
if tbe Aldermanic meat-house would
retain It proximity to tbe landing,
it must migrate with tba wharfboai,
wnicn win be compelled to teec deep
er water era tb river reachea lta loweat
ttage. These sounding! force home
the painful convictioa to tbe mlndt of
those a ho have been lncrtdulont ot iblt
tata of thing, aa well at to confirm
tne expressed opinion of tba writer,
wen aa many other tbinkera of
our city, tbat at low water Vtcki-
burg will have no wattr-froni
scarcely a tkiff landing. Tba coal
fleet, coal office, ferry landing,
wbarfboat and flatboatt all mutt seek
deeper water. But thit it not tbe wont
feature. Tbe foot nf tbe lake ibut np,
and we have In front of onr city a fear
ful breeder of disease, every breeze
from tbe surface of which will bear tbe
seedt of disease and death broadcast
through our city, worse than the river
of death, and our city become a very
churnel house, and the terrible fltbry
smell mentioned a lew dayt since in
(be IIikald, become a conitaut and
almost unendurable pretence, from
wblcu alt would desire to flee.
And thus our city loiet Itt wbarttge
revenue, wbicb, had it been judiciously
applied at tbe proper time, woald have
paid the Interest on a turn sufficient to
have prevented the eut-ofl, and have
crested a nuking fund tbat would have
paid tbe debt principal and interest.
dut tbe golden moment wat let pas.
hence our present condition. It it gen
erally very nngenerout to tty abl ha,
told you io. But in tbe pretent in
stance, tbe arrogance oi tne oppoteri
to every remedial effort looking to a
prevention of the pretent ttate of tblugs,
and tbe heed given to them, make it
proper aud necessary that tbe power
(bat be may reflect upon, and at least
give some consideration to the opinions
of practical thinkers which foretold this
tate of things a truly a If they bad
already trantpired.
Bo! it th re a remedy, it there a pos
sibility of reitorlug, In any degree, a
water-front to Vickiburg. and retain
ing It there? Tbe papert lay that this
It the object of I ha vary abl. United
Siatet Commission now in our city.
But carpeting tbe Louisiana tbore at a
coat of $50,(XX) to $75,000, or at any
cost, will not accomplitb tbe oblect, nor
benefit Vicktburg one dime in the way
of a water-front; it will not
advance the water one inch
toward Vickeburg. It mat
ter not to Yicksburg whether tbe
wharf-boat It at the Fair Groundt or
at the base of the bills near tbe Gibbs
place; it will cost our merchant, or
rather our citizen, (for they must pay
it in tbe end,) no more to get tbeir
gooda from tbe last, than the first
named place. Major Itawortn tavi he
ran just flop hi track over and bring
tbe neignt io tne levator or Lepot,so
tbey are paid for tbe transportation ; so
tbat Vicksburg Mat no otber interest In
tbe protection of tbe Delta Point than
tbat or social bunia&ity resulting irom
a community of iutereat and whatever
cf railroad connection may be affected
thereby. Delta hastened tbe cut-ofl
probably at leaat two yean, if not In
definitely, aud ibe come with a very
bad grace, tbiougb wa. oreeu and bis
employees, to ask Vlchsbmg Iu ber
pretent fluancial prottratlo to permit
herself to be made tbe cu ' paw with
wbicb to pull her cbetnu out of tbe
fire, for Jhi seems to tn.ve been, and
still to be, the moving puer that bat
thus lar manipulated alt notion bad in
the premise. How our cittzeus could
have been niede such dupes of, paste
Bui to tbe remedy. First the Chicka
saw bayou route lor the Yzoo river,
ia out of the question ; $300,000 would
be the loweti cost (et could be ex
amined). The next route to be consid
ered, nd probably tbe only remaining
oue aud tne most practicable, is that
by way of a caual from the wrong end
ot Old River to the Bend In tbe lake
above tbe United State Cemetery, at a
cost of fifty to sixty thousand dollar.
Thit would certainly result in bringing
the Yazoo river into the lake at the
head ot the Beud, past the U. 6. Ceme
tery, aud post our city aud lauding,
and insure ua an open channel at all
timet for boats of the capacity of the
Parisot Liue, keeping the foot
of our lake open, a Old
River 1 uow kept open, and probably
to a greater depth, Insomuch a the
cuirunt would bu inureaaud by throw
ing a current of ID mile iYoiu the
mouth of the Yuzjo to Vioksburg into
ti or 7 mile b the proposed route, s
ilotud by Mint Spriug aud Glass
bayou, audit i nut impossible that
an additional expenditure of (50,000
would plYBCM sue inducement a will
win the old Fattier ol Waters himself
liack to In- Oid lmuiitii and fileud who
-o mourn In- dclictmn aiul diptrture.
L;,' ih.it liuiu wfl ditiunuiue, lliu di
version ol (he Yaz u livvr to Uii pro
puttd channel I a certainty if proper
ly and timely carried out; and It it
hoped that onr City Government will af
ford every facility to tba U. S. Comml.
ion now with a, to make inch exam
ination or an pointa in connection with
tba tobjeet at will enable them to re
port nndentandingly and to compre
hensively to tbe Secretary of War. aa
will enable blrn to to Drew toeb resort
on ijoogreei aa win reiuit in sucb ma
terial aid at our necettitiei demand In
onr pretent emergency.
July 19tb, 1677.
I. 0. 0. F.
Braid Ltdgt a' Etcanpntat Electioa
and littallatlio if Ofiteira List
Day'i Proctidlagt.
Lodge met at 9 o'clock with R. L
Saunders. M. W. G. M., in the Chair.
Prayer by A. Beeicman, Rev. brand
After the reading and dDpotai of
aeveral reporta from the various com
mltteet, the Lodge proceeded to tbe
election of a place for holding tnelr
next annual meeting, which resulted In
the (election of Jackson.
There being nothing farther before
tbe Grand Lodge, tbe M. W. Grand
Muter declared tbe Lodge ready for
election of Grand officer, which result
ed at follows:
A B Winner. M W Grand Matter.
J U McKenzie, K W Deputy Grand
Joseph Hlrocb. R W Grand Warden
Jame T atcCown, ft W Grand Bee re
J L Power, R Xf Grand Treasurer.
E McNair, Kev Grand Cbaplaia.
U.N Barrow, it W Grand lteoreaenta-
After the installation of tbe elective
Grand officer, the M. W. Grand Mat
ter read tbe following namet of tbe
appoluted officer for the ensuing term,
woo were duly Installed in tbeir re
pectlve positions:
T J Hants, Vlck.burg, W. Grand Mar
U C Camj bell, Canton, W. Grand Con
ductor; hamuel French. Jackson, W. Grand
Guard! n:
K D Ho w,Vicksburg,W. Grand Herald
Credential Commute, D W Rice, C
Lincoln. John A W,bb.
Fiscal Committee W H Gibbs, Clem
Davit, W (j Lowd.
Judicial Committee-L K Barber, C
Patton. I D Ulumentbal.
LeiislatiT, Committee D 3 Barrow
Supervisory Commttt, W J Bradtbow,
4 w worreii, Hainan uoiotiein,
1st Z M Steven, New Albany, No. 73,
2J I 0 Btumentbal. Okolona. No. 37,
3J-W U Kogers, Water Valley, So. oi.
iiu j d comae, saran, no u.
i:h-D A Bardwell, RidfrUy, So. 23.
lit b 1 W Ric, Ml. Sail, No. 42.
7tn A Beekman, Washington, No. 2.
Bto 0 B Col, lola, No. 81.
Utb-J H McKentie, Bummit, No. 93.
iota w a cibiw, piMi. No. u.
liib-itA Ely, Quitman, Ho. 8U.
The Graud Lodge then having com
pleted It butineti, wat declared ad
journed tiue die.
tiraad Eacinpmeal.
After the adjournment of the Grand
Lodge the Grand Encampment met
and proceeded to tbe election of Jamet
T. McCown, of Vicktburg, Grand
Scribe, and J. L. Power, o Jtckion,
Grand Treiiurer.
Patriarch Samuel French, of Jack
ton, wa appoluted Graud Sentinel.
Patriarch Wm. M. Chamberlain,
wa appointed Grand Manbal.
Un Ac:uunt Jotepb Ulrtcb, J A
Webb. Juo W Woireil.
vu Grievances I) N Barrow, J B
lio jibe, C C Camijbell.
conttrence II S Van Eaton, C L Lin
coln, D 11 Hautell.
Supervision W M Chamberlain, 11 Hit
man, 1 li Ulumentbal.
21-1 D Blumenthal, Ukolona.
3il-W H Roger, Water Valley.
4U--J B Booth,, Sardi.
Mb U I, Lincoln, Columbu:.
Utn T J Uanet, Vlckaburf.
lib at lman, Fayette.
Mb A B Wairner, Meridian.
lOlh-W H Gibb. Jacktoo.
llta-)oterb Hirsch, Vaidcn.
Alter intiailation of Grand officer, there
being no lui tlier iuio before the Grand
Knvaoipmtni, it was declared adjourned
tne die. t m
A Bi-LLDoo' Victory over as Al
ligator Due day last week an alli
gator was seen swimming In Sampit
River, near tbe wharf. Captlan David
Steele' bulldog wa on brought for
ward, and upon viewing the enemy,
plunged off (be wharf to meet it. Tbe
alligator taw what wat up, and made
for the dog. While they approached
each other not a tound could be beard
from the tpectator, who were expect
ing, the momeut they met, to tee the
dog submerged, never to rise again ;
but (he dog got the first bold, plunged
his ugly teeth into the beat! of tbe
ferocious moiiiter, and caused It to sink.
It soon reappeared, looking as fierce
a ever. The dog and alligator were
mouth and mouth, nip and tnck, until
It was thought that the dog bad con
quered, the nil gator disappearing Tbe
dog, being exhausted, wa then icked
up by a host. The alligator, however,
oou appeared and made for tbe op
posite diore. Several penout got lu
:tu an, I pn: sued him until be passed
under the n.'iirf. It was nip and tuck
iguin lor a wliile but the dog, soon
gaining tl.e advantage, brought ont
hi toe dead. The reptile measured
livo feet and several indies. George
tow u'.Fia ) Comet.
Victory oft Irish Rifle Team.
WiMiiiLDuN, July 19. The Klcho
Sliiw i wi.o won by Ireland, England
scoring -eond.
Tki "Bat"
Rtpllaa Sharply U 6M it
Mil Aeeiltra.
New Yobx. July 19. William M.
Tweed pobllhe a loBg statement com-
menoing, - io ine rubiicv-My attea
tion na been called to a tenet or teii
ten published ia tbe. daily papen in
tma city or tbe ma ana mn, aignea
by Caralan O, Bryant. Bryant, a man
who, for yean patv so editor woul J
oeitava, ana wnote wbol un dm been
one or Mvea-dropplng and deceit
one whote word would not be
believed even under . oath, if
malic or greed eonld mora rally bo
gratinea by ftutebood. i Deg leave,
therefore, In answer to tar that all
tbeaa letten are romance, and th conj
venatlont he reporta aa having had
witn ma are laiaely, stated, and u.a
conclnalont he pnrpbrta to have reached
are wholly anwarranted by the facta."
w-lifla(M 1 '
Stcttd Dty't 8tulea Btperta ef Ct
ttteta-ReioitiitBT Atfeptel
Jnly 19. The Convention met this
morning, maiden maipa, preaidiDgv
Reporta from Jommittece on informa
tion and Statlatlca, and on Cropt, re
ported. The latt mentiooed report
recommend! the adoption of a resolu
tion letting forth tba desirability o
telling cotton la tbia aoo n try at lta not
weight, aud fixing a Lima aiier wnicn
it thall be lubject to a tara of blank
per cent, on gros weight A minority
report on tbe tame anbject wu admit
ted. A spirited dlecuatlon eniued,
which resulted In tba appointment of
commute of ona from each
Exchange to report If there ia a practi
cable method by which the retolutlone
in tne majority report may De carrtea
into effect, If adopted.
A report providing tbat new type
of cotton be made np by expert to a
aimilate exactly with tbe preaent Liv
erpool standard, wu debated at length
and pottponedtsil to-morrow.
Resolution were adopted memo
rial ulogCongre to increaae the appro
priation tor signal service Bureau for
the eitablitbment of other etatlont In
the Cotton States, to at to obtain more,
accurate information of rain-fall an
A resolution, waa adopted providing :
that arbitration oo deliveries of cotton
told on batit of classification be upon
a elan only of fair average ttaple. and
tbat valuation ehould afterward be
fixed according to official quotatloni of
tbe day of delivery. Alao providing
for appointment of an Inspector to ex
amine tbe condition of cotton at the
time of delivery. ' '
Tka State OaTcatlaat Trauta
partsktlota Ai-rauBareaaeata. '
' Tbe State Executive Committee ap
pointed Hen. if. IT. Street a commit
tee to correspond with the several rail
road! with a view to securing reduced
rates of fare to tbe State Convention.
Marlon Smith, Esq., Secretary of tbe
Committee, alto interested hlmteUtoi
tbat behalf, aud tbe following 1 the
retail of the arrangeraentt they have
been able to effect :
Vicktburg and Meridian Railroad1
Will lnue round trip ticked at one
Mobile and Ohio Railroad Will toll
round trip tickett on 30th and Slit intt,,
at three centt per mile -each way pro
vided tbat not leta than ten tickets are
purcbaaed at any one station.
Mississippi Central Railroad Will
ell round trip ticked at 1 1-5 fare
from Grand Junction, Oxford, Water
Valley, Grenada, Winona, Durant and
Vaugbua. Ticket will be aold July
30th and 31st. Good till August 5th.
New Orletnt, Jackson and Great
Northern Railroad Will aell roundtrlp
ticket at 1 1-5 fare from liosclosko, at
all nation between Canton and Otyka, .
and at New Orleans for parties front'
the eoast.
MUsiiilppi and Teunettee Railroad
If five or more will take train at any
one nation between Memphis and
Grenada, ibey .will be furnished txi
curtlon ticket! to Grenada at 1 1-5 far
for round trip.
Ship I"lnd, Ripley and Kentucky
Railroad Will peat delegatea front
Ripley to Middleton at oue fare for the
round trip.
Mempbia and Charleston Railroad t
Agents will tell round trip ticket! to I
Grand Junction at excursion ratet,
Stoke wall Jacxson slept a great
deal, though tbe men of bis command
beiltvcd that be never took reposei
Whenever be bad nothing else to do
he slept, especially In church, lie
could eleep anywhere and in any posi
tion, on a chair, under Ire or on horse
back. During a march towards Rich
mond, after tbe battles with McClellan,
writes Colonel Kyd Douglass, in the
Pennsylvania Timet, "be waa riding
along with hit drowsy ttaff, nodding
and sleeping as be went. We passed
by groups or men sitting along,
tbe roadside, and engaged In roasting
new corn by firet made of fence-rails.
Oue group took ui for cavalrymen,
with an in ebriated captain, and one of
tbe party, delighted at the tight of a
man who bad found whisky enough to
be drunk, tpraug up from (be fire and,
brandishing a roasting oar in bit band,
leaped down into tbe road and, telzlng
the General's horse, cried out, 'I tay,
old fellow, where the devil did you gelt
your liquor?' In an Intttnt, a th
General aw kc, tbe fellow taw bit mis
take ; and then bounding from the
road be took the fence at a tingle leap,
exclaiming, 'Good Good, l(' old Jack I'
and disappeared In the darkness. M .

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