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Weekly Vicksburg 3BBebald.
NO. 7
Published WXXKLT by
Single copies by mail, per yr, pott
age paid.......
5 copies, pottage paid 1 7ft
19 1 AO
SO " " " 1 2
As extra copy will be jjiven to tbe getter
tip of a club of ten.
Send l'oatofflne Money Ordcri or draft
when practicable. Address.
I I I I I 1
Tim. Tlmri I Mon'i I Mob's Tuf.
1 1 hi i so mk mm tun
in 790 14 00 WOO IS OS
OS (00 HOC 00 JIM
SIS 1100 It 00 MOO it OS
S M U Ot MOO 00 M 00
1 n is oo so oo on is uo
5 do n oo moo u oo not
17 00 2000 MM 71 00 100 01
S5 0" 4S0O 71 00 lotto MO 00
30 00 UM MOO 120 00 UO (It
1 &)MT!...
i miurra .
1 HquATel .
4 Kqairfi .
t Bqasm .
Hqusrts .
H Column .
W Goltimn .
Column .
1 Colnna..
To abwcrlbent.-An "X"
in blue puncll nark, on your ri
per, It a notification that your
subscription will expire in two
weeks, and your paper will ke
discontinued, unlets otherwise
oraore I.
Friday Morning:, August 10.
We have no more ni . sterious binti
from tbe Jackson Tlnr -. A few days
since it indulged in men itage whis
per! ii "11 let ! bark ! I bear light ; I
tee a sound ! Republican, rest on your
arms till the time have arrovel" We
would not be surprised if the Times
has received au intimation from a cer
tain distinguished Mlssisslpplan, that
the liberties it has been taking with his
Dime, in connection wit'i an "Inde
pendent" movement, are not ver"
igeeable to him.
The new Pos'.-office buildiug is rap.
illy nenring completion, and in a few
Jays will be ready for occupation. We
understand the fixture are daily ex
peeled, and so soon as they arrive, will
be placed in portion. Mr. Hoflmau Is
sparing neither pains or expense in
fitting u; tbe e-tabllshmont, the best
painters li&vinz teen busv lor several
weeks in decorating and otherwise
beautifying the building for the use of
our paternal uuclo "bam. ' Alter com
pletion, it will bo a pride to our entire
population. We are glad to see some
evidences on the part of tbe Ucueral
Government ot their appreciation ol
the needs of our city, and can only
express the wish that tbe future may
bringout more bcneilts than the past can
boast or, obliterate all sectional aminos
itics, and make us a of yore, a nation
ol brothers, a band ot unity ami
Government of peace, concord and
I MSStt- -spwst" ' 1
We have received from the Secret
;y, F. B. Sanborn, the circular an
-ouueement of tbe American Social
t-cienco Association, which numbers
Kmong its members the most distin
guished meu ot the nation. At the
cext session to be held at Saratoga,
commencing September Ith.rrof. Stan
ley Jevons, of Manchester, England;
Carroll D. Wright, of Boston ; W. L.
Trenholm, of South Carolina; Charles
Nordhoff, Hon. Lafayette S. Foster,
President Porter, of Yale College;
ilon. Thomas F. Bayard, Lieutenant
Governor Dorsbeimer, and lion. John
7. Hoffman, of New York, and many
Ahet distinguished gentlemen well
known in science, literature, and poli
tics, will participate. The Conference
jf Charities will be bold on September
5;h and 6(1), and will comprise the
reading of a number of interesting pa
pers and reports of committees on that
special subject. It is hoped that pub
lic and private organizations will be
largely represented.
Tub St. Loui Globe-Democrat,
isper that scruples at nothing that
will furoUh a paragraphic slur on the
Ic'outh, ): "Kemper county, Mis-iis
slppi, rejoice over tbe re-nomination
c f Got. Stone, and may be expected to
cast a solid vote for him. Gov.
Stone' chief claim to a re-nomlnatlon
wai hi masterly inactivity when the
Democratic party roie at one man to
murder the only Republican who had
the courage to avow hi tentiments.
Kemper county is not flourishing like
a green bay tree, but the integrity ol
it Democracy U maintained." The
Globe-Democrat know that the vote
of Kemper county was cast solidly for
Gen. Lowry first, last and all the time,
:n onr lata Convention,- and knows
further, that Governor Stona bad
no more business Interfering with
Kemper county matters than the editor
of the Globe-Democrat himself. Tbe
duties of the Executive, Judicial and
Legislative Departments of onr State
Government are sharply defined in onr
organio law, and Gov. Stone could do
nothing more than he. has done in re
gard to the Kemper county murders,
without violating bis oath of office.
There are some paper, however, who
will Insist that the people are too pig'
headed to know that such is the fact.
A hr lraralarra.tlm Move-
tatemt-latlsattlaBt Oaalatr to
A very large meeting of working-
men wai new in me nan or liepre-
sentativea at tbeStste-house in Indian
apolis, Indiana, last week, for tbe pur
pose of perfecting the organisation ol
At a7f..tf I T 1 ,( A - I
ut jii....ppi imm.gr.uoa assoc.- ,erV9 ,ha state Executive Commit
tion. Mr. Thomas R. Gale was nnani-i tee of the Democraiio party, and It ii
monsly chosen President of tbe Also- j their duty, as well as pleasure, to con
elation, and Mr. L. P. McCormick was jgraiulate the friends of reform upon tbe
unanimously elected permanent Secre
tary, and they were delegated power:
of superintending the entire aCaln of
the Association. The Secretary an
nounced that the books of tbe Asso
ciation would be opened on Monday,
tbe 5th Inst., at the office of the organi
zation at No. 71 Eait Market street.
At the call of the President for those
who really intended going South to
permanently locate more than 100
beads of familie responded by rising
to their feet. It was a notable fact
that the best and most reliable labor
element was fully represented. Tbe
entire proceedings of (he meeting also
gave'evidenfe that there was a deep
seated earnestneu on the part of those
present. We are heartily glad to see
this inception of a movement which,
if it become general throughout tbe
densely populated section of the
North, will prove to be a ready aud
most satisfactory solution of tbe 'tbor j
There is no reason why this country
should contiuue to be vexed even for a
period of a few year, with the chron
ic agitation of that question, as In Eu
rope, for as we remarked tbe other
day, there is no real surplus of labor in
the United States. Vast areas of the
fairest and most fertile lands on the
globe, blest with a genial and health
ful climate, are lyiug idle in the South
awaiting only the hand of tbe indus
trious husbandmen to develop their
fruitfuluess. They aSfjr.l au outlet
by which our large cities can be
drained, and tbe drainage could be rap
idly c fleeted by a concert of action
on tho part of the North and tbe
Sou'.b. AsVicksburg has been fore
most iu tbe movement
which brought
of Mississippi
about tbe redemption
from misrule and the re-establishment of
good governme nt, we should la lad
to see ber take the first step iu & move
ment which promises so much for the
material diveloprasnt and permanent
prosperity of the Slate. Mr. McCor
mick, the Secretary of tbe Association
named above, can be addressed at 71
East Market street, Indianapolis, and
will bo glad to receive and answer
promptly ail communications ca tbe
subject of immigration to tii.s stale, in i
tbe absence of any spe:iai organizs
tion of citizens we suggest '.'..at is a
proper subject for the consideration c:
the Vicksburg Cotton Exchange. The
Exchange deserves great credit for the
lively interest It ha? always manifest
ed In public entcrpri'es and '.be
promp'ness and t rlicieucy of l:s meas
ures. We have rea-oa to believe,
therefore, that tboy will aot neglect
tbe opportunity for &;tlo:i which ii
presented in the present agitation of
tbe labor question at the North and
the restless, '-prospecting'' spirit that
has b.en aroused by tbe great strike.
If Mississippi will immediately take
advantage of the present state of affair,
she can have ber "pi:k and choice" of
the very best material from among tbe
indu-trial classes of tbe Western Slates,
and we hope Vicksburg will initiate
the enterprise. What say you, gentle
men of the Cotton Exchange?
Buvina, Miss., a j gust Sic, is".
Messrs. A. C. Hebron, Jat-o'; Adler, Pbilip
Khun, J. S. Fox and others:
Gentlemen Having ret 1 a rail on
me, to reconsider my withdrawal as a
candidate, for tbe lower branch of tbe
Legislature, in tbe V icksburg uekald,
and believing that a majority of the
county citizen, wuu that 1 thould
erve them in mat capv.ty, i teei con
drained to yield to ti.-. 'r wishes, pledg
ing uem to use an j. my aoimy in
promoting their interest. Please accept
thanks, gentlemen, for your preference.
xour uoedient bervanr.
Troubles of the IcHanct Commilttt
as oiaauw.
ScatSTOis, Aniutt 9. There was a di
abolical alttaipt latt Bliht, about
o'clock, to surrender the Mayor's latt
pottt into tut aanat or tbe mob upon a
writ of commitment. Carriages were pro
vided, and tne mob atiembled at Taylors
villa. Tba plan wat thwarted by tbt
prompt actios of the military, which took
possettioa o! thl potte, delivering them
up this morning to tbe sberiS at Wilkes
barrt. The Vigilance Committee were escorted
by two Companitt tl mi. ilia, and went to
Wilketbarrt br special train to surrender
themselves on charges of murder found
sgalntt them by Alderman Mahan't Jury,
and give bail for their appearances tvi
trial. Tbey Uke with thtm bondsmen
representing several million dollars. The
tionsuble refute to surrender their war.
rants, and with to uke the Committee oe
lort the Alderman ia theiitb Ward, wcloh
would certainly have caused a seriuut
riot. Tbt Committee nave, therefore,
gone before tbe Jv.it re at '.r,ltn.'.'arre v
avoid arret, tert.
or TUB
The undersigned were selected by
tbe Democratic Slate Convention to
tUHyiciuuBrctuuui lucir uciinciaiiuuv,
and to addreat them iu reference to tbe
political campaign upon which they are
entering. Tbe Convention was num
erously sttended. It was fresh from
the people and thoroughly representa
tive. It member were animated by
a singlenesa of purpose lo advance tbe
welfaro of the State, and in good faltb
to carry out the reforms which bad
been instituted under Democratic Ad'
minUtration, pursuant to the popular
decree proclaimed iu tbe elections of
1875 and '.6. It proceeding were
characterized by harmony throughout.
After a canvass, in which there wai
less of personal rancor displayed than
usual in such contests, selections were
made of candidates from numerous
lists of sspirants for the various State
offices. tliorotiKblv imbued with the
spirit 0 reform, and combining tbe
highest requisite for the discharge of
tbe respousiDie trust tor wnicn tney
have been desigbated.
The Platform adopted by the Con
vention, i expressive of the aim of
our party, and presents a creeii wtiicn
will defy criticism and excite the ad
miration of the advocatci of conetitu
tlonal liberty.
Tbe friend of reform who in 1S75
euii-ted in the crusade against inc ra
petency and corruption in the State
administration, have abundant cause
for thaukrgiving and congratulation.
lb us lartneir labors nave ueen reward
ed with signal success In tbe redemp
tion of the promises they have made.
Tlicv have introduced economy and
honesty in all tbe departments of the
State Government. Capacity has taken
the place of incompetency ; and tbe
standard of puhllo servi lias been
lifted high above and iievoiid the cor
rupling iufi.iei. :es by wi.ich it bad been
Taxes have been reduced one-half
in the Slate and county adininlstra
tions, aud there has been a correspond
ini; reduction in expenditure, while a
tbe same time the efficiency of every
branch of tbe public eivic lias been
improved. The Stnte lax, imludii.g
teachers' fund In lt74, was U uiillt ou
tbe dollar. In lb.j :t wa
In lsTO, the rpitytitr of I luucratK
rule, it was 0 :, an I in 1877, it i j
mill". In bis animal trportof January
1st, 1874, the Auditor of Public Ac
counts thus den i Ibed tbe condition of
the Slate tiuai. ;es un it r Republican
administration, which was then in the
full tide of operation :
Vpon the perusal c! u rej -nt, ofth's
ofike for the pant three : ..' and tbe one
nuw beioru you it will be seen that in no
siiiKlo inttanue have the receipts proper
reacbe 1 the expendlturei in any year; hut
on tbecoulrary, : ',:'.. r fa'o.f-ir .(.v.tinj
:, wn and a debt of considerable uiik-
ulludo has Ut.j Accum.ila'.in g year afitr
year, et ..
Contrast (Lis picture with tho follow
i. .!i;!iit '. :' '.he financial condition
ot il.vj Stati'.oii the lstol January, 1877
.ne year ai;e.' the commencement of
Democratic rule. We quote from the
: Auditor rcpo:-'. of that date :
1 A retorem'e t '.lb table of documcu:
, - a" and "B," will mow Ibat wi.ile tbo re
ceipts l'r tbo past year are inut'b k n than
. irlL year previous, tbe dltburtument
bave been c i:re.-irJDaiDL'if lets, iaxet
have been materially reduced, and re
celpit bave fallen below the year prevl
out; but notAithstandln tbit, there it a
larce eiceti in receipts over ditbune
meats. The statement thaws the fintneltl condi
tion ot too Hate t be very flattering to
the witdom displayed uj yi.ur honorable
body (the Democratic Legislature at the
latt tettion. The bondt and war
rants of tbe State are at par, with curren
cy in tbe Trettury to meet all present de
mand, our bta'.e bat entered upon a ca
reer of prosperity well calculated to cheer
the heartt of tbe despondent, encourtge
tbeuopc-s of the patriotlo, and give hetii
impetut to all her material interests.
The following exhibit, furnished by
tbe Auditor of Publio Accounts, will
show the progress that has been made
in retrenching tbe expenditure of tbe
State Governaieut :
T-jU.1 U.t .rf.ni- ntt tl, il'.'.iV. vO
From whiot deiuvt interest on
Chickasaw M'L joI t andacd
Butt bond. ... 329,412 tl
Erpenditures for ordinary p
Total diiiiurtemenu ..
Dtduot interest on
Funds, etc
...$l,tAl2 93
345,310 4C
Expenditure tor ordinary pur
poses $1,04,82 46
1870. ( Democratic Rule.)
Expenditures for ordinary pur
poses ot BUU Oovtrnment.. t4C4,ttfi ii
It wat in vitw of tbt check upon ex
travtgance aid the salutatory reforms'
which had been inaugurated, that the
head of the Financial Department of
our State Government presented the
cheering report embodied in the ex
tracts above qnoted.
In other respects, there is abundant
reason for rejoicing in the establish
ment of Democratic ascendency In our
State Government. Obedience to law
Is tbe rule, and crime the exception.
There is no rebellion against constitu
ted authority. Capital and labor each
feels Its dependence upon the other,
aud inspired by tbe conviction that oue
cami v tuflVruu injury which will not
rect upon the other, they bave culti
va'ed relations of mutual confidence
g oou
While communities '.r.
other portions of tbe Union which
bave uninterruptedly enjoyed tbe bless
ed privilege of being governed by
agents of their own choice, bave been
torn Dy dissensions between classes,
and their conflicts have been marked
by the lorid flames of property devo
ted to destruction the shedding of
blood, in which the innocent and
guilty have been, alike, tbe sufferers
the tuspension of business dethrone
ment of law and all tbe ills that
attend the rule of the mob the people
ol Mississippi have punned the even
tenor of their way, contented In tbe
enjoyment of a State Government of
Ibeir own choice, fully able to preservo
the peace and execute the law. Tbey
are conscious that as long as tbey are
permitted to enjoy tbe right of sell-
government the State will not preient
tbe humiliating spectacle of a common
wealth appealing to the United State
Government to perform police urvice
itnin ber borders. Tbe contrait pre
ented by the peaceful attitude of
Mississippi with the violent disorders
prevtleut in other State which have
boasted their reverence for law and
order, cannot fail to attract to ber bor
ders laboring people who desire to
better tbeir condition, and capitalist
In search of opportunities for safe re
moneratlve Investment. To all, equal
protection and tbe benefit of just
law, executed with impartial band,
are assured.
The Democratic party stands pledged
to continue tbe reforms so suspicions'
ly begun. To this end, it must preserve
its organization. The disci) line neces
sary to concerted action, in the choice
ol public agent, must be enforced. Tbe
Keiublican party ba disbanded, osten'
sibly : but its leaders have made no se
cret of their hope that tbe Democratic
party will destroy Itself by it own di
seneus: and thus pave the way for
tbe re-establisbment of Republican
rule, with its attendant horrors, in tbi
State. Tbev are Inviting so-called "Iu
dependent" movements, aud holding
out tempting offer of support to the
disappointed and disanectcd. "inae
nendeuce" of tbe Democratic oreanizv
tio i, is Republicanism in disguise. It
is in attempt to strike down the party
winch bear the standard of reform
and to restore, under a pecloo garb,
the ru.e ol the party for tbe overthrow
of which tbe eood men of the State
united in tbe exciting contest of tbe
last two year, llie motives wnicu
bave hitherto impelled tbe union of tbe
latter still exist, and we address tbit
appeal to tbe people of the State lu the
couQdence that they will respond with
their votes approximating uuauimity
for tbe Democratic ticket at tbe coming
E. BARKIDAl.K, Ch n,
j. j. rBEwrrr.
V. A. FKHtiV,
T. W. JHAKN13,
l. i. Mcdowell,
A.M. WKoT.
A.tt. ELLIH,
A. J. BAKU It,
K. F. e.l'.lKKN,
flM K. COOl'KIt,
li. M. KLEIN,
.t AtJL-O.N, August 7, 1ST7.
The Democratic newspapcis ot the
State are respectfully requested to pub
lish the foregoing address.
Transfer of I.matulus.
Arrangements have been made by
Cap:. Flanagan, tbe Sheriff of this
county, for the transfer of tho caecs of
lunacy no w under his charge to the In
sane Asylum at Jackson. The 3
o'clock train, yesterday eteniny, car
ried out "Uig 'Mack," to be followed
in a few days by Mrs. Pugh, both of
them going directly under the charge
of Dr. W. M. Compton, who is to
widely and favorably known for bis
so per b management ami skill in the
discharge of the laborious duties lu
the State Asylum. The three remain
ing cases, oue woman and two men,
ail colored, will be exchanged in a
short time for other wtw are consid
ered harmless, the law- of tbe State
making it obligatory on the counties
lo keep a'.l such cae a: their own ex
pense. These, we urn!' -stand, will be
of such a nature (hat i! ir transfer to
the county Poor-bouse will be so easy
ma'ter, is tbey are peilectly docile, re
duire no wa'cnnig, ana are ported ly
harmless. Capt Flanagan, by hi
anietiv ridding tbi community of
these ceres, which have exercised our
citizens so long : deserves the thanks
of all, and by placing them under the
mrnaeement of to eminent a pnytician
a Dr. Compton ha proven himself to
be. has probably been tbe indirect
means of restoring tbe poor sufferers to
the greatest of all God's gifts, that of
reasoning human oeings.
Quite a large crowd assembled on Jack
son street yeeterdsy evening, to wit
ness a race between Mr. John Dent snd
If r. John Grammer. The eontettants
were on tbe ground punctually, and
shortlv after 6 o'clock, a distance of 150
yards wss stepped off, the racer placed
in position, and lUned. They kept
close together for about 75 or 100
yard, wben Grammer took tbe load
and kept it to tbe close, beating bit op
ponent several feet. We are glad lo
tee to much interest manifested in
athletic tnort, and if all contest were
conducted in tbe manner of tbe one
yesterday, tbey wonld be beneficial to
the community. The crowd was very
orderly and ' good-natured, and tbo
vouug men who ran the race did them
selue credit by tbe gentlemanly man
ner m tliicli the one bore lucccst, and
tbt oi;r acknowledged defeat.
Another Bl Day Asttig the Firemen
Their Rectptlos asd Estertalssient
Touts, Sentiment and Mitlo.
Tbe revolutions of the wheels of time
at latt brought the long expected ninth
or August. Active preparations bad
been going on for some time by our
firemen, to prepare suitable hospital!
ties to to some visiting brethren from
the Crescent City, and to map out il
possible a line of entertainments that
would not ran to please tbote who
composed tbe party.
Tho Mechanics No. b, one of tbe old'
est and best fire companies of New Or'
lean, notiuod tbe officers ot onr De
partment of their intention to make
an excursion to Vicksburg to-dsy, and
everything bas been made ready to
give tbcui a welcome whlcb would
serve a a further token of the pro
verbial hospitality of our citizens.
Early yesterday morning, the Commit
tee of reception appointed by tbe va
rious companies ot this city, assembled
at the depot of the Vicksburg and Me
ridian Railroad, where a ipecial train
bad been placed at their disposal by Jol.
Geo. D. Lawrence, Ibe clever Assistant
Superintendent of tbe road, for tbe
purpose of meeting tbe excursionists
and escorting them lo tbe Heroic UUy
A number ol invited guest, omcen ol
our city government, representatives of
the press, liremen's silver Cornet
Band, aud the artillery Diece "Jones S.
Uamiltou," wore soon aboard tbe train,
aud stopped only at bmitb's Station,
where they were to meet the regular
passenger train containing the party,
As tbe train approached, Jones n.mll'
ton welcomed them with a loud voice,
tbe band performed one of their finest
pieces, while tbe delegation from our
city waved their hats, and bid their
now torc&ed triend welcome to tbe
city which has undertone to many
vicisitudc In the past, and bat yet to
many trial to surmount in the future.
Ibe car were toon twitched so as
lo throw the excursionists Into the
special train, and amid tbe booming
ol tbecauuon and music of the bands,
rapidly approached our city, where
they arrived at 10 o'clock. The Fire
Department was out in full force to
receive them. Col. Win. Freucb, Chief
Engineer, on behalf of Mayor O Leary
and tbe citizens generslly, extended
the hosuitalltiea of the nlace. In a neat
and tasteful address. Mr. Dalsbelmer,
speaking for tbe Mechanics, replied In
grateful term, taking occasion to re
mark Ibat the reception to far bad ex
ceeded their expectation, and they feit
satlsued was an earnest ot a hearty teei
log of Irlendsbip, from tbe representa
tive firemen of ojo city for tbote of
Tbe procession was then formed
and marched down to tbe Cotton Ex
cbant;,where the Merchants Exchange
saiooo, unuer tne temporary manage
ment or tut. Wilson, bad prepared a
number of bowls of magnificent punch.
Here tbe drinking and t anting com
menced, acquaintances formed, and all
parsed as merry as the most exuberent
could bave desired. After a failure in
tbe attempt toexhaust the punch, whiob
tut. Wilson bad so uouuiiiully supplied,
ibe procession was attain formed
and the strangers escorted down Wash
ington street to tbo Washington
Hotel, where rooms were soon secured,
and the travel-worn visitors were al
lowed to seek that repose the trip
from their homes bad made necessary.
At 2 o'clock a fine dinner was set for,
and enjoyed by them. At 6 o'clock In
the evening, the Flremon's Silver Cor
net Band spread a collation to the
numbers ot the Louisiana Artillery
Bind, at tho Hall of the Constitution
Fire Company. Mr. Hcman Dcnlo,
on behalf of tho Vicksburg Band, In
vited tbe guests lo partake of the good
things there abundaut,tnd right merri
ly did the hours pas. Piece after piece
of (elected music was heard from the
proficient musician- composing the
visiting band, and a strong iffort had
to be used by our reporter lodraw him
self away from luch molody. At 8
o'clock in the evening the Department
wai formed in front of the Washington
Eugine House, wben It marched to
the hotel and escorted the visitors to
Klein's Hall where the Washington
No. 3 bad prepared fur their reception.
Here (peaking and good fellowship
reigned supreme, umil Isle in the
night. The following are the officers
snd members of tbe Mechanic No. 6,
now in our city:
W Johnson, Foreman.
Leon Lamnthe, President.
F J Sullivan, Secretary.
lUbert Barry, Treasurer.
f Gallager, 1st AssisUnt.
J J Sullivan, Id AstltUnt
K J Shearman, M Blanque,
George Hamilton, Joseph Voegtle,
una. j , v v muiiu,,
JT Condon, John Fogerty.
Eugene Weill, George w Doll,
jsbn O'Neill, Andrew Dunne,
ltd ward Bennett, M MoLaugblin,
J J Lynch. Alex. Dalsheimer,
D 0 Moite, John Leonard,
J T Donah os.
Henry Andre, l'tlioan, No. 4.
J Hlekey, l'erstverance, Mo. 10.
JC J Lalmant. Philadelphia, No. 14.
1 U.vr. t ' is..H.k
'Turn About, Fair Plty"-A TurkUh
London, August9 Various specials
state that ou August 6th five thonsand
Turkish Cavalry atUcked tbo Russian
between Lazar, a village near.Plavna,
and tbe river Ruega. The Russian
who occupied a fortified line, and who
uow outnumber tbe Turk, repulied
them wlili difficulty, but made no at
tempt to follow, a the Grand Duke
Xlcbolis don't wish to waste the ener
gy of l;i- troops in partial fights.
Report tf the New Oritsts Csttti Cs
ebaags Favsrahle Rtttrts frtsi Leeis
Itna, Mlululppl asd Arkaetaa.
B aw Oa.ua us, August Lobltlana
We have received M antwtrt from i8 par
ishes, ol dates ranging from July SHta to
Anguat 3d. Tbe woatler during lbs tarty
pari of July was dry, towards tho latter
portion rainy, and it generally reported
favorable, and up to this period decidedly
more favorable Una last year; tUadt sue
univtrtaily good, and oompartd with last
Jear, much bettor; Us plant It forming,
looming and boiling wtIL, and IU present
condition Is as satUfaotory aaoould be de
sired, and much better t&aa It wat at this
tima last year. Many of our oorrospoad
tnu mention tbt appearance ol worm,
but to far report no damage. Tbt plant.
aitnuugh a utut law, it citsa ana won-
worked, and tbt proa pec ts for a good ylold
trtvtry promising.
at IttlttlppU-We bave reoetved 88 reporu
from 83 oouotlet dated rrum July Iblh to
August sin lot weatntrtinot Juiy it.
bat been favorable, and la many oouotlet
mora to than latt ytar, with tbt exception,
of Vtzoo tnd Yallabneha, the oountiet
whence complaints of too much rain are
made; tUods trt good oxotpt la Yatlsv
busha county; tho plant Is forming, bloom
log and boiling well; condition ot Uo orop
Is good, and fully aa good at latt ytar, at
tnougn tue piant a tmau ana ntcawnra in
mtny teotioni; worms havt appeared ia
Adams, Grenada, Issaquena and Simpson
counties, but thty havt doat no damage
so itr.
Arkansas Forty-four replies from IS
oountiet, dated from July twth to Au
gust 8d,report the weather la tbt fort part
of July, drrandoool, tinee whiob there
bat been too much rain, Tbt weather, ta
comparison with last ytar, hat been
about equally at favorable, and tunds
good tt muob so as latt ytar; ths plant it
blooming, forming and bulling wall. The
S resent condition of the orop It tt lavo ra
le aa last year, with the txoeptloa of it
being tea days latt. ttomt eomplaJat of
shedding, rust and grass worms art re
ported in ono county, but no damage aa
Report of the Galvtston Exchange.
Galvbston, August 8. Bopllet reeeiv
ed Irom 77 oountiet, report weather favor
able In 4V countlet, very dry In II, and too
muob rain la 10; weather at compared
with last year, more lavorable in 8tt ooun
tiet, lets favorabla In 23, and tht stmt in
10; stand art reported good in oil and poor.
in it couutiet; as comparea.wiin last year,
report tamo sUnds, 17 aot to good and
23 much butter: the plant it forming,
blooming tnd bulling well in 60 counties,
but not forming well la 11; tbt present
condlton of the orop Is good In S3 oountiet.
very poor in 11 counties, ana ooati ooun
tiet reported not worth picking. As com
pared with list year, 40 oountiet report the
tame condition, 18 countlet 8 wtekt later.
itt counties tl weoks later, ana s oountiet
tbe crops destroyed. Wormt havt appear
ed in 47 counlles,sligbt damage ia3&, dam
age or & per cent, in 9 and oi op entirely
destroyed In 3 oouotlet. in the Northern
portion of the sum 13 oountiet report
damage from drought.
Bonner Nominated for Governor Resolu
tions Denouncing Confederates, tad
Sympathizing with tbi Colored Voten if
tht Stela Rtsemptlia if 8pscls Pay
ment Favored, and Hayii sot Endorsed'
Augusta, Me., August 9. Blaine
called the Convention to order amid
great applause, Judge Drummond
temporary Chairman. Tie adminls
trationists have a majority on tbe
Resolution Committee.
A cud ST a. Ma., August 9. Seldon Bon.
nor was nominated lor Uovernor by accla
mation. Tbe resolutions do not tssill the Admin,
titration. The fourth is as follows:
Fourth Most kindly and fraternal rein
tiont thould be entertained between all
tectlont of our common country, and
peace, good-will, quiet and harmony havt
always been most cordially desired and
labored for by the Republicans ol Maine.
Tboy believe these great ends can be se
cured only by tba freest exerolseol politi
cal opinion and most unrestrained liber
ty of party organisation. They view,
therefore, with solioitude and alarm, tht
complete consolidation of all political
power in tbe sixteen Southern Statei in
tbe bandi of tbote who precipitated tbt
rebellion, w bile Union men tre pertecu
ted Into silence or banishment, tht tntlrt
colored race to praottcally disfranchised
by force tnd fear that In Congressional
Dlslricu wbort they havt mort tbatv
two-lhirdt of tbevotere tbey are unable to
elect ont of tbeir own race or a white man
In sympathy with tbetr interest!. Thirty,
live Itepretenutivet in Congress and thir
ty Ivs Kluutoral votes apportioned to tht
Southern states by reason of their colored
population, art thus Inverted to tbe tolt
iKgrandixement of Confederate power la
the National ijovernment, and lau rebel
soldiers in Georgia, South Carolina, Mis
sissippi and Louisiana, art thut tntbled
to exert in tbe idmlnlstratlon of the Gov
ernment more than double tbe pnlltioal
power of tbe Union toldien in any North,
ern Slate.
Sound ourrency bated on cola and re
deemable In eoio it ttteotlal to tht pros
perity of tht people. Iu attainment
would Impart eonttdenoo to capital,
seourt remuneration, employment to
to labor, deoreass the expense of living,
remove tUgnatlon from tradt and greatly
promote tbt development of eommerot la
which Maine it it deeply InUresUd. Wa
therefore demand tbt rttnmptloa of tht
specie payment promise of tht national
Uovtmmtnt bt kept in tn bonest, ttraight
forward manner, and Uat no backward ar
tideway step bt Uken.
Aa amendment to tht resolution! re
tffirming eonaueaot la tht Integrity patri
otlim and tUtoimaainlp oi Buthtrford B.
Utyet was notadopud.
The most economical article Ii that
which maket tbt other components go
farthett, while lessor Itself Is required.
This Is the ease with Doolet's Yeast
PowdebIu its relation to milk, eggs,
and shortening. . The cake, bread, or
pastry emerges from the oven a triumph
of delicate tweet nets, and the It a re
duction on tbe grocer's bill.
A auttment That Will be Looked tor
Wita IaUreat
London Aogost 9. Lord Beacont
field, betore Parliament separate, will
makt a statement of tbe position and
poliny of the Government on the Salt
ern question.

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