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NO. 9
The Hr!ui.p if- rni.vTic v
ajs u.:ns it
, W K 1 H T .
M tti Hws Baikllr.f. Crswfwa Stmt.
TrESclentid: American doesn't be
.leve in Keely's motor, and ::nslden
'Sit' j one o;'the bilges; iraads of thit
Many of our State exchanges toti.e
j.e appearand of cotton worms. Tbis
.;tt:e pest may do v&e: injury :o 'be
.-rotten crop yet.
Tee Holly Springs Reporter uyi
:ccre will be an Independent tbket In
that eounty, and lb at the F.epo.-ter in
:endt to fight it.
Iez Jackton Times says is a high
compliment to A. G. Erown to say he
ssghi to hare been in -.he Rsdical
;arty two yean ago.
Teihe it a big camp-meeting at.
Crystal Spring, and Frent: and Fleet
Cooper are :n attendance. If they
;0uld be turned from their evl way,
-.bemeedng wi)'. not have been held
.cvain. I
Tss St, Louis papers are jaoiiani
:ve: the recent bank faiinres in Chi Da
go. It has been bu: a short time s'nce
rotten banking inetitutioni 01 St. Louis
:loted their doors, hen:e ths St. Louis
r&pers know bow funny it is.
Trt Democratic campaign was open
ed at "West Point, in Clay county, ast
Saturday by a grand barbe:ue and
speaking. Among :be speakers were
Governor Stone. Hon. T. C. Cachings
and Hon. W. L. tlernmingwsy. The
u&'.: was a brilliant euc.esj.
- -
Tee Brandon Republican is sorry A.
Brown did nut take bit departure to
:he "better land" before he penned that
:rcel, unjust Setter. 'Then history
would have handed his came down to
utnre generations ts a true and noble
patriot, a man 01 genius and integrity,
ted a po'.Itklau who never deserted
.Lose who honored bine with .be.'r vtes
iii confidence."
Tei Brookbaven Comet says, on .asl
Saturday night a f.endish assault was
.jLbde on the up-paesenger train two
miles below Wesson ; the assailants
tiring a shot into a passenger coach,
ted pelting the passing train with
brick-bats and stones. One or two
yassengers were struci. with ibese
xissiles, but no damage wan done.
No eflort should be spared to ferret out
:be guilty panics to this cowardly and
infamous conduct, and when caught
tiouid receive the severe', punishment
irnown to the law for such deviltry.
We were giad to see in our advertis
.ng columns, yesterday, a notice from
.be President of the Board of Super
visors in regard to the public roads.
This, to our city, is a most important
matter, and we are g'ed to see that
Judge Arthur will do bis full du:y in
the premises. We all know that the
mi.? nvArtneri cr thp nftTirhbo:'S and
riends of the members of the Grand!
Jury, and that the latter dislike to in-j
Met them for neglect of duty ; but alter
S3 fair a warning as that given by
Judge Arthur, we do trust that no neg
ligent overseer will be allowed to es
cape. ' In the Fall and Winter eaion
the public nads are ot vast benefit to
:he whole people, aad to make them
rassable they should be well worked
before the busy cotton picking season
begins, when It would be very difficult
to get the Lands out to work them.
Judge Arthur's notice is timely, and
tbe public will certainly sustain him in
bis laudable effort.
Obtaining Goods Under False
Pretenses. Some time last spring we
gave an account ot tbe swindling opera
tions of B. H. Smith, A. J. Crosby, J.
C. Dakee and C. II. Miley-all of Smith
countv. Thev had purchased on false
representations a largo quantity of
goods at Morton, Irenton, uranaon
and Jackson. After making their pur
chases they took the benefit of tbe
Bankrupt law. They vera all indicted
at the last February term of our conrt.
Tbe cases came on for hearing at this
term. B. H. Smith was tried on Thurs
day last, found guilty, and sentenced to
three yeara in the penitentiary. C. II.
Miley was to be tried on Friday, but
when called into court, be took the
i other end or tbe roaa ana maue ms
escape. Crosby got a continuance on
account of the illness of bis witnesses,
and Dnkes on account of bis own ill
nest. (Brandon Republican.
I Tec "Jewish Messenger" contains a
eoding article headed "Our Anomalous
Condition." The Jewa. atnresent.it
say, are without rule or order ; their
.onirreaations legislate for tbeir own
small communities, while lhecol'ect:ve
body it permitted to run wild.
Keep CoI.
Wnen '.here were soro? wLo advo
cated a Convention tor tbe nomination
Of our candidates in this county, we j
opposed :bi" plan because we wished
every man who can arid any strength
to our party to Lavo the right to vote
for his :hoico lor every oiuce. Our ad
vice was a::opteJ, and on Tuesday our
party wi.l mai:c!'s nominations by a
Primary Ele:tion. We hope '.ba. tbis
eie:tion will be so :onda:ted that the
defeated as well as the su::essfal will
know thai i: was a fair test of public
sentiment. This sentiment, we all
know, is no; perfe:!, but it is as near
perfection si a po.ititsl party an
All will sec tie ne.eislty, ttcreiore,
of the utmost freedom of salon. Let
every man, no matter how strong or
how weak, have the right to go to the
polls and vote ''or hi: choice without
annoyance or hindrance. Let noth
ing resembling force, iraud, bom
merism., or pressure of any kind,
be tolerated. We have warned oar
city authorities that the excitement
will be very great, and we beg their
leave to renew the warning again.
They bad better have jifty special po
licemen, '.ban that one mac should be
hurt or imposed upon by over-zealous
partisans. .Let our city government
show that 1; :an prcservo order and
keep :be peace even in times ot tbe
greatest excitement, and it will receive
the just thanks ot all good citizens.
To our party we have but few words
lo say, for from the nature of the elec
tion tbe Herald cannot take sides. All
the candidates beforo the people have
pledged themselves to abide by the re
sult of tbe election, and this is all that
can be exacted of them so far as party
discipline is concerned. But our party
will remain powerful and useful, or
become weak and uieless,in proportion
to tbe wisdom or unwisdom of its
acts. If it selects good, competent,
bouest and firm men who will execute
the law and economize the public funds,
Its days of power and usetulness will
be many in this county, but if it selects
incompetent and corrupt men, its days
are numbered. We need men who are
firm, for lawlessness runs riot. We
want true men, for there is a spirit of
bummerism rampant, that bodes no
good to any community. Gentlemen
of tbe Dsmooratlc party, if you do your
duty Tuesday with tbe silent but pow
erful ballot, we will have all these
things. If y ou wish to correct public
evils, '.be ballot is tho means to use,
and we hope and believe that our
party will use it wisely and effectively.
Letter Irom Mr. Cfelaalni.
M'.ridlan Home'totd.;
We have a note from Mrs. W. W.
Cbisolm, in which she denies positively
having written anything that would
reflect on the management of her hus
band's estate by the Chancery Court of
Kemper county. She authorizes us to
state that she " has written no letter to
a friend or foe in regard to the aotion
or non-action ot the Chancery Court.
Mr. llusb is the rare exception to tbe
Democratic rule a gentleman." Mr.
At. Kusb, the Chancery Clerk, alto
writes us that Judge Cbisolm left no
will, but that on tbe Oth of July, 1577,
Mrs. Cbisolm applied for letters of ad
ministration on tbe estate of ber bus-
band, and executed the proper bond,
which was approved. After which a
warran: of appraisement was Issued
and that she has made no further ap
plication In reference to the estate, bo
It will be teen tbe publication in tbe
New York Times which we copied
last week ii an unmitigated falsehood
without tbe least shadow of founda
tion. New England baa increased in pop
ulation only 11 per cent, in ten years.
in iboo tne six states, .Maine, .Mew
Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts,
Rhode Island and Connecticut, bad a
population of 3,lo5,12;i : in 1S70 their
aggregate population was 3,487,924.
In Maine and New Hampshire there
wis a decrease. Now, in New York,
New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsyl
vania, mere wat an aggregate popui
tlon in 1800 of 7.571,201, and in 1870,
8 935.821. In Ohio, Indiana and Mich
igan tbere was in 1 MX) a population of
4,439,002, and in 1870, 5,529,9.". In
Illinois. Iowa and Wisconsin, the pop
ulation in 1800 was 3,102,715 : in 1870,
5,888.581. In Minnesota, Nebraska
and Kansas, in ISOOtbe population was
308,070; in 1870 it had increased to
927,111. In Colorado, New Mexico
and Texas, in 1800 the population was
732,000; in 1870 it waa 951,422. Tbe
greatest increase of population is in the
West and Southwest. Texas, which in
I860 had 604,215, bu now, In 1877, a
population of 2,000,000, and in 1880,
when the next National census will be
taken, tbe population of Texas will be
qus) to that of all the New England
States. Westward the star of empire.
-IMemp&is Avalancbe.
The Rhode Island workingmen will
bold a State Convention early in Sep
tember. Tbere ie no election to be held
in that State rtntll text Eerier, bow-ever.
Ex-President Grant Enjoying the Hos
pitalities of Edinburg.
Renewed Activity of the Turks and
Russians A Great Battle ;
Reported Progressing. j
Particulars of a Hard-Contested Fight j
Foreign and Miscella
neous Menu.
Gro. rottstt Improving.
MtM'Bi August 31. Gen. Forrest's
condition has improved considerably.
Ills triends are now sanguine of bis re
covery. Bcnoonei Capalzal.
llALiSAx, August Jl. Tbe fishing
schooner George Peibody capsized.
The Captain and ve men were
New Cotton at Little Rock.
Little Ro.e, August 31. The first
bale of new cotton was received here
to-day. It wat raised near tbit city,
and bought at auction for 20' centt
per pound.
Tbe Extra Bettlon a Certainty.
Washington, August 31. Repre
sentative Ellis, of Louisiana, with a
view of governing his personal move
ments, secured a positive assurance
from the President yesterday that tbe
extra sosslon would be held.
Eaillin Cotton Bpinnara.
London, August 31. The cottou
spinners ol Lehigh, Tyldesly and
Otherton, though in Bolton District,
have not yet given notice of a reduc
tion, but will reduce wages 5 per cent,
if tbe pending strike is unsuccessful.
Storm in Illinois.
Cincinnati, August 31. A special
dispatch states that a storm passed over
Gilman, 111., yesterday, prostrating a
number of bousef. Tbe flouring mills
of John B.Grayson & Son were com
pletely destroyed, and one man killed,
A Trench Communlit Sentenced to
Fabis, August 31. A military tri
bunal passed sentence of death upon
M. Liaz, who acted deputy Mayor of
tbe 12th Arrondissement during tbe
Commune, for encouraging incendiar
ism and ordering Iliecai arrests.
Weatber Indications.
Washinoton, August 31. For the
Soutb Atlantic and Gulf States Sta
tionary, followed by rising barometer,
warmer, south wiuds on tbe Coast, but
in tbe intorlor shifting to cooler north
wind?, clear or partly cloudy weather
and light local rains.
La whence, lis., August 31. llx-Gov.
Wilson Shannon is dtad.
Jacksonville, August 31. Dr. II.
Jacques, late editor of tbe Rural Caro
linian, and author ot several works on
agriculture, died at his roildence near
Fernandina, Tuesday.
Strikers Sentenced to Tine and Im
prisonment. Washington, August 31. lu half a
dozen instances, where persons have
been brought before the U. 3. Courts
for contempt in tho matter of interfer
ing with roads under protection of tho
Courts, the prisoners have been sen
tenced to fine and imprisonment.
Dedication of a Jewiih Bynttoju: at
Washington, August 31. The Syna
gogue of the Washington Hebrew con
gregation, recently bulit, was dedica
ted tlm evenlrg with appropriate
Jewish services. Hayes tout bis re
grets that official business prevented
bis presence. Tho dedication sermon
was preached by Rabbi B. Syold, of
Additional Indictments in Soutb
Colvmgia, August 31. Four addi
tional indictments were fouud to-day-three
agaiust L. C. Carpenter, late
Collector of Internal Revenue iu this
State, for forgery, and one against
Woodruff and Joucs, Clerks of the
Senate and House, aud tbe principal
of tbe Republican Printing Company,
for fraudulently raising a bill for print
ing by which thev obtained over $20,
000. The Court adjourned.
Remonatiance of Railroad Employees.
Cikcinnati, August 31. A commit
tee of employees of the Cincinnati,
Hamilton and Daytou Railroad, walled
upon President Shoemaker this morn
ing, and presented a remonstrance
against tbe order lengthening the trip
time of freight bands, which was or
dereJ.to go into cnect to-morrow.
Shoemaker said he would investigate
the matter, and see if the order could
be modified. Tbe men declare tbere
will be a general strike if the order Is
not rescinded.
Cabinet Talk-BlttioBull and Cornell
Washington, August 31. The Cab
inet bad an hour and a half session,
discussing Sitting Cull. Tho Secreta
ries of War and Interior will have an
other consultation with Terry retard
ing the Commission, as tho reports of
Sitting Buns return to tne united
States are discredited, and a further
effort will bo made to secure a civilian
to act with Terry without compensa
tion. The Cabinet discussed, but took
no action, in the case of O. B. Cornell,
who persists In being the Naval Officer
of New York, and Chairman of the
Republican Executive Committee.
There will be some further expostula
tion, after which the President will be
Brave, let Uassuccettful Attaekt tf the
Russian ipti a Turklth Redoubt-Par-
ticalars tf tht Encounter.
London, August 31. The Daily
News's correspondent from Schipka,
gives an account of the Russian at
tempt to capture a redoubt which tbe
Turks constructed so at to sweep the
road In the Russian rear, savs : " This
redoubt It stilt nntaken and constitutes
a great danger to tbe Russians, as it
Eives the Turks possession of a rldire
running parallel to that on which the
road runs. Tbe Russian position it
most critical, in spite of reinforcements.
Gen. Radeliky, indeed, informed the
commandant of Gabrova, the day after
bis arrival, that he bad better warn the
inhabitants to be ready to fly at a mo
ment's notice.
The Russians advanced under cover
of trees, too imalljto afford shelter ; In a
short time Ibey reached within fifty
yards of the redoubt. Here they found
tbe Tnrkt had cut down trees around
tbe redoubt making an abattis, over
which it was almost impossible to pass.
Thev gathered around to tbe edge and
suddenly made a rush for It, but were
driven back with fearful loss. The
soldiers became entangled in brush
wood and trunks and limbs of trees,
over which they were obliged to
scramble, while the Tnrkt poured in a
terrible lire upon them, at thit short
distance it mowed them down like
grass. Of the first assault against the
redoubt, in which one company was
engaged, very few got back. Gen.
Radelzky sent reinforcements, and
tbe attack began again, bat tbe die-
positions were to place a large
force In position where it could
pour a heavy fire into tbe redoubt to
cover the assault until the assailants
were almost up to tbe parapet. Thit
attack seemed almost on the point of
success, tor tne toionei in command
taid it the reserves were given
to him he conld take tbe redoubt. The
officer In command of tho reservea let
thsm go, but they were nevertheless
repulsed. Tbe next assault wat made
under the eye of Radelzky, and of part
of bit ttaff. General Dlmtroffsky,
inier ot sitn, piacea nimseir at tbe
bead of tbe storming- battalion, al
though he bad to be tnpported by two
men, at be bad been atunned by earth
tnrown by ue explosion of a sbell.
The Russsians rushed over or through
the abattis. They even got into tbe
redoubt, and actually held It for a lew
seconds, but were driven out.
Tbey surrounded tbe place on all
sides, pouring Into it t terrible fire,
nut, were again uriven osct. in tbe
meantime, the Turks, to support the
defense, began in their turn to attack
the Russians In tbe past from the front
and rear. The Russian losses must be
vary heavy, for tbe fight continued till
late at nlgbt, and tbe wounded
coming back steadily all tbe lime. To
sum up, tbe attack has been unsuccess
ful. Reinforcementi are arriving, and
tbe fight will probably be continued
to-morrow (Sunday).
Washington Notes.
Washington, August 31. General
Gibbon, telegraphing from Helena,
Mont., does not believe tbat Sitting
Bull ii south of Canada.
EvarU will return next week.
The Cabinet gave tho Alabama ap
pointment! no consideration to-day.
There is a strong Pennsylvania in
fluence for the present incumbents.
Tbe outs are said to be playing at
Tbere is little doubt that Cornell,
naval officer at New York, will be sus
pended. This Is tbe Rubicon. It will
bring the President's policy of divorc
ing tho civil and political services
siuarely before the Senate.
Baltimore and Ohio Rallioad Loan,
London, August 31. Messrs. Drex
el, Morgan & Co., announces tbat tbe
Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Com
pany has sold to J. S. Morgan & Ce.,
of London, their entire loan of 000,.
000 authorized January lost. Thit loan
it in tbe shape of 5 per cent, sterling
bonds of the company, secured by first
and only mortgage upon the entire
property of itt Chicago division of 263
miles, lne procesus are immediately
available to tbe company for tbe liqui
dation of the floating debt, which will
thus be withdrawn from tbe market.
Quiet In tbe Pennsylvania Mining
Pottsville, August 31. Dispatches
from Mahoney city, Shenandoah, and
other prominent miuing centers, state
tbere is no prospect 01 a strike in tbe
Schuykill region. Wilbia tbe last ten
days numbers of leaders of (he miners
organization! from other regions have
been working to induce the Schuykill
minen to join in a striae tbe first or
Sopt., with a view of making it general,
without success. During tbe put
week shipments 01 coal over bianco
roads have been universally large.
Oambetta'e Defence.
Padis, August 31. Gatnbetla ap
peared before tbe Judge D 'Instruction.
The Judge read several passages from
hia Lille speech, which be said consti
tuted an offense against the President
and an Insult to the Ministers. II.
Gambett'a replied that be went to Lille
with the fixed intention to deliver a
political speech the situation rendered
necessary, bat protested strongly that
he desired to slander or insult no one.
An orator declaring that Fortune
knocked at every man s door once, an
old Irishman said, "When ahe knocked
at mine I most have been oat"
Ht Receives the Freedom ef ths Cltv ef
EiJInburj, and Makes a Hudttmi Re
tpoiise. Edinclru. Auautt 31. Grant, on
receiving the freedom of tbe city, said :
"I am so filled with emotion that I
scarcely know bow to thank you for
the honor conferred by making me a
burgess of this ancient city of Edin
burgh. I feel that it is a great compli
ment to me and to my country. Bad
tne proper eloquence I might dwell
somewhat on the history of great men
you have produced; of the numerous
citizens of thit city and Scotland tbat
nave gone to America, and the record
tbey have made. We are proud of
Scotsmen as citizens of America: thev
make good citizent of our country, and
toey una it promaoie to tnemieives. 1
again thank you for the honor you
have conferred upon me."Thrte cheers
were then given for tbe youngest bur
Constantinople. August 3L Redix
rasna, navmg refused to attend a mill
tary council for trial, it has been de
cided to bring him before the council
oy rorce. it it reported tbat Safvet
Pasha refused to accept tbe Ministry
A Ortat Battle la Frogrete.
Manchester, August 3L The Guar
dian received a telegram this n.m
stating that tbe expected battle along
me line or ine L,om. from Agabasia to
Torlak. commenced vesterdav and
continued all day. Jienemet All Pasha
commanded the Turks in person and
attacked tbe Russians at three points.
80 far the Turkt are tuccessful.
Turkleb Operations.
Constantinople, August 31. A tel.
egramfrom Shumla, dated yesterday,
announces that the column of Sallm
Pasha hat advanced from Eskldjurna
ana crotseu tne river Lorn, near Agasn
lor, driving back tbe Russians, who, af
ter a short resistance, retreated from
the river. Nedjeb Pasba hoi advanced
from Prag Praagrad toward Torlak, re
pulsing the Russians and capturing
two guns. A great battle it believed
to be imminent The Turkt are as
suming the offensive along tbe whole
Charged With llaU Robbery.
Little Rock, August 31. R. A
Ginnoch, of tblt city, lately employed
as mail agent on tbe Iron Mountain
road, who roported about 10 days ago
mat bit car waa entered by bignway-
men at ropiar xsiug, and robbed bim
01 a bair a dozen registered letters,
several dollars, and a gold watch, was
arretted here to-day on the complaints
of a special agent of tbe Department
chargod with committing tbe robbery,
ue was released on bail, uinnocn it
one of the Aldermen of (he ctty.
Hertfoid Haoee
Hartford, August 3L Free for all
-Rams, 1,2, 3; Hopeful, 2, 1, 4, 3;
Nattio,4, 3, 3, 2; Great Eastern, 3, 4, 2,
4 ; time lu, z.vj, z.iva ,
Comvlctrd of Blffsusss-.
Cincinnati, O., August 28. Sarah
A. Davis, who bad procured a Utah
divorce from ber first hatband and mar
ried a second time wat, to-day, found
guilty of bigamy in the Circuit Court
of (Jamnbell conntv. Kantur.lrv. and
sentenced to three years in tbe Peni
Photography it the art of producing
picturei of object! by the action of
light, on chemically prepared surfaces,
as of silver, glass, paper, etc, or the art
01 receiving on aucn surfaces tbe im
ages formed by the camera. A love
for the beautiful in nature and art is
inherent in our nature and belongs to
one of the moit gentle and refined of
our Instincts. The great tide of clvill
zation aud Improvement, tbat elevates
man from a state of knowledge and re
finement, bears witb it on its on
ward heaving wave, thit instinct, pure
and exalted as it advances; and so, in
all ages of the world, the line arts have
been most highly appreciated and hon
ored among tbe most enlightened and
intelligent Nations. From this it Is
easy and only jutt to infer that when
ever a love for the beautiful it found to
exist among a people, there will be
found education and refinement in a
corresponding degree. Artt may be
divided: First Into the useful and
mechanical: Second Into the polite,
liberal and fine. The subject of which
we are now treating may be considered
as a growth or offspring belonging to
painting, which is regarded at hold
ing the noxt rank to music and poetry
among the fine artt. These reflections
forced themeel vet on our mind, while
making a personal inspection of the
elegant Photograph and Art Gallery
of A. L. Blanks, on Clay ttreet In bit
art Mr. Blanei hat achieved a aplen
did repntation, and Is noted for hit
faithful pictures. The especial charac
teristic 1 of hit ttyle ore marvelous
freedom and boldness of touch, a won
derful freshness and fullness of color,
and a truth of character, which bean
the moat striking individuality and
fidelity to nature.
New York, according to tbe Tri
bune, "it encompassed oa all sides by
stenches, and gradually abutting her
self ont from til the rett of tbe world
by a line of garbage-heaps. It is im
possible to approach the city Irom any
quarter without encountering these of
fensive aerenset ; 11 win soon oe im
possible to find a tpot within two
court' jonmey of the metropolis where
oce can draw a breath of pare air."
COTTON factors.
By referring to another column of
tbe Ueralo. the card of tbe above
gentleman can be found. IT colli on
tbe planter! to read and save commis
sions, and assures mem toai oy making
ibeir purchases or mm, iney win get tbe
advertised artlciei at factory prices,
freight only added. lie bu been many
yeart in the cotton and machinery busi
ness, and he fully guarantee! every
piece of maohlnery told by him.
Captain Manlove it agent for Pratt'a
gin, with or without revolving head.
Simmons' Presses, Coleman'e Mills,
several klndt of horse power, Circular
Saw Mills, and tbe complete Cotton
Cleaner. Nothing that we can write
would add to the character of him who
baa been for many yeara one of our
leading merchants, and whose reputa
tion for Integrity has never been ques
tioned. Feed! Fee4t Feetr
I have in store a large stock of Hay, .
Corn, Oatt, Bran, and Shlpttuff. I am
receiving fresh tuppllet every week,
and will tell for a very small profit for
cash. 1-ltl . W. 0. Worrell.
a. 11. woolfolk, l. cmoore.
Ctttt Factor amd CmaaLnIM
The senior partner of this firm, IAr.
Woolfolk, luu been engaged in tho
cotton business in thisclty for the past
ten years, and is very lustly entitled
to the reputation of being one of tho
best of our cotton salesmen, being a
planter of long experience, he knows
exactly how thestople should be exhib
ited bo as to give most satisfaction to
the planters a well as the purchasers,
his tmles for the past year averaging
those of the New Orleans market.
His principal receipts have been from
Silver Creek, Deer Creek, Sunflower
and Yazoo river. It la from this sec
tion that the fine, long staple cot
ton I received, which has added so
much to the high character of the
Vicksburg cotton'', and to no one to
this maruet more indebted for ship
ments from this section than to Mr.
Woolfolk. Ills business has yearly
been extending and increasing.
Capt. L. C. JIooee, the Junior part
ner of this Ann, has long been favora
bly known and identified with the
commercial Interests of this elty, was
for a number of years engaged In the
cotton factorage Business, and for the
part ten years has been chief book-keeper
of the Vicksburg; Bank, a sufficient
guarantee that all accounts will be
correctly kept.
futures, but attends entirely to the
interests of theireonstituents. those that
ship to them 1 Each bale of cotton re
ceived is carefully handled, sampled
and stored, and when sold, weighed
under the personal supervision of com
petent and careful employees.
The services of Mr. MeQuaitle has
been retained: he is one of the most
expert of book-keepers and account
ants in our city, was in the employ of
Hazelett 4 Woolfolk during" the part
ncrsh In of that firm, and recently with
Mr. Woolfolk. His duties with the
present firm will be attending; to tho
ont-door buslnesf , and the rendering
of accounts sales, for raDlditv1 and
correctness nf which he is unsurpasswl.
J, A. Schaffer & Bro.
Iu IStJj tho senior member, J. A.
Schaffer, commenced business on
Leveo street, as a manufacturer of
guns, pistols and such other basinee
as mtoht be brought to him. By close
attention to the wants of his custom
ers, the turning out of the best of
work and continued diligence In his
business affairs, the trade enjoyed by
him increased so rapidly that the pur
chasing of large stocks aud the branch
ing out of his business became a ne
cessity. The Junior member of the
nnn. Mr. Jacob Schaffer otnrtinir a
gunsmith shop, with a neat stock of
goods at No. 3)7 Washington street,
enjoys for himself an equal reputa
tion lor fair work as his brother, who
continues at the old stand on Levee
The wants of their friends trrew on
apace, and more commodious quar
ters were deemed essential for the fii
ture. The present location was se
cured and the Brothers, un to this
time being separate in their business
affliirs, combined their trade into one
Arm, and purchasing a large and well
selected stock of all kinds of mnzzle
and breech-loading shotguns, rifles,
pistols of the latest improvements,
nuiuuK'T.. vun, wwuer turn
shot, in fact, all the paraphernalia of
me sporoman, while those who devote
their time to fishing can secure every
thing needed, as all kinds of fishing
tackle are to be found In their stores.
Hardware, plows aud cutlery can be
found in either store. Special atten
tion given to repairing gunsand pistols
of every style, in the best manner.
As locksmiths, they are prepared to
fit keys to all kinds of locks. Thev
are the solo agents of the "Miami
Powder Company," and they guaran
tee this powder equal to If not better
than any in the market.
These gentlemen have been raised
in this city, and by their own unaided
efforts have established a business
which is steadily increasing. Remem
ber J. A. A Jacob gchafier when yon
wish to make purchases. Thev axe
as equally prepared to furnish goods
to tho trade is they are to givetho

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