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TIITT" n .1 SI 1 A -rr -rr
NO. 18
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& t-iuan i .... f n (i Ifb 3j w 1". 0i
fi l"jU4r-4 . . . . 7 Ti ir. hi 4i fti f,4 io
i 'jlurna .... 9 'XI Jfi .i 31 l-i Ml ) Tj '
I, ('.!. UiU .... 17 "j)i M i To lio ("0
Column .... 21 "i 4Wi 7Sli l'OO' 1 xi
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in blue pencil mark, on your pa
per, Is a notification tbat your
ubicription will expire in two
week, and your paper will bo
discontinued, unlet! otberwiie
Friday Morning, October 20.
Hinds Cocxtv has two Independent
ticket', both of which will lie badly
Gen. W. T. Martis spoke iu Jack
ion, (be thcr nigh', in favor of tbc
Natchez, Jackson and Co'.urubus Rail
road. Would all this oulcry have been
raised agahi6t the Doard of Registrars
il' Judge Drien had been uomiuatcd for
the Senate? Not much.
Si'OFFotiD and bis l'ricuds are making
iuch a case for him bat all the C Jii'cr-
i'&tive Republicans will hare to sup
ort it, or reptnliuti! ibc President's lo
tion toward L .'Uivi.tiiB.
All the candidates on the Democrat
ic ticket, except those for Beat office,
are requested to meet for consultation
at the law office of Messrs. Marshall
& Miller at 12 id. Saturday, 27ih.
A notice over our exchange desk
reads aa follows: "L?ave these papers
alone." A wag came in the other day
aud took all but one, and then wrote
on the bottom of the uotice. ''I'll do
There Is a probability that old Simon
Cameron will be nominated to tho
Eogliih mission. Geo. W. Curtis, ed
itor of Harper's Weekly, expected this
place, but theCamerous, of Pennsylva
nia, (ccm to have too much power for
Haves to give the place to a consistent
and able supporter of his Administra'
lion agalust thoir wishes.
We bare seen tbo time in tbla city when
(ax-navert went to the Court-bouae and
requested to look at the public records,
tbat they were, snubbed and intuited with
a rclutal. Vlcktburg iicrald.
Yes, aud by Wash. Davenport, iheu
Chancery Clerk of Warren county, now
a Democratic orator. Jackson Times.
Not much Democratic orator. Wash,
is out In (his county braying his best
for tho Mule ticket.
Mr. S. T. Fortson, an intelligent
planter of this county, has realized this
year from an acre cf sugar-cane, two
hundred dollars ; besides saving enough
molasses for his own use, and tnongli
cane to plant five acres next season
He is delighted at the success of his
. experimcut. Wo tasted tho molasses
' aud it was as flue as any that is for
.' sale in this market.
The Jackson Clarion pays iho fol
lowing well deserved compliment to
I, the Democratic candidate for tho Sen
sate !.'"in Hinds and Rankin: "At
?' Clin'on, when the bloody-handed riot
i ers were pursuing with murderous
" weapons the young men who were en
trapped in order tbat they might be
shot and butchered, Capt. Will Mont
i gomery, couuting his life as nothing
... interposed bis own person betweon the
murderers and their intended victims'
' and rolled back the tide. He is now
. toe caudidate of bis party for the State
Senate. Let him be remembered at tho
, A special to the New Orleans
Ciraat i the ateacwe.
Some of the Northern Radical papers
have already raited this cry, and there is
no disputing the fact tbat the majority
of the Stalwarts are even this early in
favor of Grant's nomination tor the
Presidency iu 1880. The oppotiiiou of
both parties in 187C lo a third term,
they argue, will cot ha felt then, as it
has been demonstrated that Grant can
step down aud out as easily as any
body else when the people desire It.
Many of the Northern Radicals think
that Grant is the only man who can
save their party from certain defeat.
So influential and widely circulated
journal as the St. Louis Globe-Dcmo
crat is now advocating this norniua
lion. That journal argues that the si
mon-pure Republican pari; has already
repudiated Hayes, ami that a bold
tru-tv leader like Grant is tho need of
the party. It freely acknowledges ihat
Grant baa committed error?, but says
that a balance sheet of his public career
will show triumphantly in his favor.
This desire for Grant is born of a feel
lug of desperation in the Radical party
They cry out for Grant because Ihey
think be is stronger than his
party. That is so, but nearly
any dectut sort of a mail
stronger than a party thai has killed
Itself by constantly arraj iug one sec
tion of tbo Uuiou against the other.
Judge Davis, of Illinois, is much strong'
cr than the Radical party, aud there
are many other;. The troublo with the
Radical party is patent to all wbo are
not blinded by their filse notions of
the South. Tbat party has attempted
to carry too much weight down this
way, aud it will uot learn by cxperi
. . -I .....
euce. iiayes uas uiaue some lime
progress, but it is so little tbat it I
hardly perceptible. Iu his appoint'
incuts lie sticks to men who have no
Irength, and who can never have auy
in this section of the country. Look
at his Louisiana appointments. They
have weakened him and his party very
much, because the appointees are not
tho sort of men tho white people of
that State want. It is in this, that tbc
Radicals have failed aud will fail to the
end. They seek for power and iu
fluence, where there is no power and
influenco to be had. Tho day cfiiegrc,
scallawag and carpet-bag influence in
this section of tho Union has pasted.
If the Republican party ever
expects to build up power iu I he
South, it must cease its war on the
Southern people and prove that fact by
making a clean sweep of the old f ig-
ends, and by boldly bidding for support
amoug white men of standing and in
fluence. The mean refusal of the
Senate to admit the Louistaua aud
South Carolina Senators has intensified
the determination of tho Democratic
party of this sec'.lou to give blow for
blow until we have conquered a peace
We arc demanding nothing but justice,
and unless the Radical party change
its hostility toward us, Grant will be
as powerless i:i 1SS0 as any other iiiau
to save it from a crusbiug defeat. Ia a
few days three more great Slates wi 1
speak out for justice and peace, and
tbo party of bate will be stubborn In
deed if it still thinks it is men who are
working its destruction, aud not measures.
ATrae Matlmeat.
New Orleans Fictyute
The Boston Globe reports the sub
stance of an address delivered at Fan
euii Hall on the 17ih, by Gov. Steven
son, of Kentucky. The report contains
the following significant passage;
The I'.cpublcana themselves f.-el tbat the
arty bat falledio Its duty, and I bone do
one will get angry with me for saying tbat
the highest duty and the blgbctt call tbe
Democratic party nai ever been called
upon to perform and to antwer, will be to
iorm uuiwaric arounu jar. nayes 10
nrotect him from the (avelina nl hit own
party. ; A pollute. 1 pray to God tbat
you will do it like men. Never at It when
tho contlitution ia being (.rotected, and
the Government it being bom ally admin
istered, wbo It dolnc It? Heln wherever
you can and tupport any man wbo it sup-
Soteu i ue uoneti anu upright aud au
eret to the t'rlct interpretation "f tbe
The addrc-s was made to Democrats
assembled to ratify the nominations
made at the Worcester Stato Conven
tion, but many passages were as well
tinea lor intelligent Republicans as for
liberal Democrats. The passage quoted
conveys a sentiment wormy or any
occasion, anu it may be taken as repre
senting the feeling toward tbe Presl
dent which is '.entertained not only
among Kentuckians but among tbc
wiiitc people or tbo South In general
wbo l ave reflected on the subject.
Without forgetting the crooked ways
wutch resulted in tbo Installation of
Mr. Hayes, tbey find him upholdiug
tncir constitutional rights, anu tuey
will, therefore, give him their moral
support. In his recognition of the
true btale Uovcrumcnts of Louisiana
and South Carolina, and In his early
withdrawal of troops from thecapitols,
accompanied by emphatic and eloquent
declarations of pacific and frieudly
purposes for tbe future, the people of
the South recognize a broad, liberal
and truly American manliness which
merits and must continue to receive
their respect and approval..
In an article wbicb appeared in tbe
New Orleans Times, of October 11th,
headed "Affairs iu Mississippi," the
following appear, relcrring to out
rages alleged to have been committed
in I'ikc county :
'Wo have tbo authority of gentlemen
wbo were present at tbo interview, lor tbe
statement tbat (iorvrnor Mone was re
quested to nuthoriEn tho formation of a
uompauy of State militia by tbe citizens of
Otyka, uml tbat he refuted to grant the
permission. In fact, he declined to take
any a linn whatever niilii oter tht el'
We are authorized to state tint there
is not the slightest semblance of truth
in liie above extract, nor was ibere
ever the slightest foundation for the
two s'atements made, or for either of
thrm. Jackson Clarion.
' ayune says that Mr. Randall has kept
.., Lis counsel very well as to bis commit--'
tees. Prominent Congressmen wbo
'" hare bis confidenco predict the follow
. log chairmanships : Fernando Wood.of
' I'ew York, Ways and Means ; Atkins,
of. Tennessee, Appropriation!; Ban
sing, of Ohio, Military Affairs; John
r0ode, of Virginia, Naval Affairs;
- k vann, of Maryland, Foreign Affairs ;
lackner, of Missouri, Banking and
Currency; Gibson of Louisiana, for
Levees ; John H. Reagan, of Texas, lor
Commerce; and House, of Tennessee,
or Stephens, of Georgia, for tbe Pacific
The Chairman of the County Execu
live Committee this morning calls on
our candidates t ) u'.tcnd all tho meet
ing of voters ttiat will be he'd be
tween now and tbe day of the election
Wo hone tbat ad ot the nominees thai
can possibly attend, will do so. "iU-f
opposition speakers are lelying solely
on tho effect they can make on the col
ored voters, and we may be sure that
they present a very selfish, one-sided
view of the case. This can easily be
offset by our own candidates ii
they will go to work with i
will. We have a very full ticket
and those wbo are uot speakers cau
converse with the negroes and present
to them the true objects and purposes
of our party and of tho opposition. In
this way tbe candidates for Mngii
tratcs and Constables can do fully as
much scrvico as tboso for the other po
sitioui. What we want now, is a long
pull, a strong pull, and a pull allogctb
er until after tbe election is over.
The ratio of main to female popula
tion iu (lie United Slates is gradually
shifting in lavor of the latter. In ISM
there was an execs of males amount
ing to 4Xi,m; In 1800 it was 7btf,OS7,
and in 170 only 428,750. Taking the
country ever, It Is probablo that this
proportion is now much smaller, wbilo.
If the now aud pioneer Slates are left
out of the calculation, tho surplus of
females i- considerable. The total fe
male cse1'- i:i iht! AHniil'i and Gulf
Southern ." '' U lii7,2'J0, of which
abou: ;7,(eK) aiu ing ilio colored
folks. In the ' ;l A'lantlc Northern
States t!:f .'irpla-at; i 110,288, mak
ing an entire total 1'jr the coat sec
tion of o. i,400 Rhode Mind
occupies a phenomenal place in
this record. excess of female?,
which is o')). ends lo the foreign
born as Wei: :h native', (he only
tatc in ihe I'i'i where Ihis happens.
i '1 I'.iti') car: led out through a I the
Stvnt would ijiliigtne lormiuaD.e ex-
ce-- 1 1' one inUli'in and a quarter of
Kin tie?. I'erlii' the trieiitis of the
iu-o of watneu "au make a cite out
of Ui j tact thai ttio surnais n most
striking in tbe most civilizod and re
fined portions of the country, though
economically it would bo better to
have th distribution a little more
neat sm Dresw efermera.
New York FosUl
Fashion is a desDOt. but even fashion
may be made to yield to higher author
ity sometimes ; there are laws above
aespots, nere as elsewhere. In Lelpslc,
for example, fashion decrees tbe wear
ing of trained gowns in the street, bnt
the police authorities decree otherwise,
and it seems lo bo more than probable
tbat tbe police authorities will get tbe
best of the dispute.
roucemen are ordered to arrest all
wearers of trains, and police magis
trates or whatever tho dispensers of
remeuiai justice Jn small quantities
may be called in Leipeic impose fines
upon tbe offenders. This is very sim
ple and direct, and it will prove to be
very euecuvo also, probably. It Is
much simpler and more direct than any
attempt at dress reform in this country
has ever been, perhaps because It is a
woman s aress rciorm conducted by
men. Tbe ladies wbo annually or ol-
toner meet in convention In this coun
try to decry the clothes tbat tbey wear,
getting themselves up, in gorgeous
array, to make speeches against gor
geous array, may perhaps eet a hint
from tho masculine dress-reformers of
Leipsic. Tbe advocates of patent hy
gienic under-clothing have done all
tbat mortal women can do to get other
women to wear sanitarily constructed
garments, and they have dono it in
vain. Dr. Mary Walker's trousers
have failed utterly as a persuasive and
contagious example of what women's
dress ought to be, as Mrs. Bloomers
rattier pretty costume did before Dr,
Alary walker was In ber teens. Per
suasion, remonstrance and lectures up
on hygiene have utterly failod to
awaken American women to a proper
sense of their right to dress themselves
unbecomingly, and failing here they
have failed also to pcrsuado women to
abandon tbe really objectionable prac
(Ice of wearine long dresses iu the
streets. In a word, women have failed
to secure anything like dress reform
and it may not be unfair to suggest to
them tbe propriety or submitting them
selves to men in tho matter, commit
ting to masculine hands the duty which
feminine hands are unaolo to sccom
It is true that men will not work any
radical reforms In such a matter, be
cause we may as well admit it men
are dreadfully afraid tbat women, if
permitted to wear masculine garments,
will absorb to themselves sll profitable
industries and set men to keeping
house. We tremble for our supremacy
but icalous as we are of our preroga
tive there are points in womon's dress
which men would gladly alter, and
chief among them is the train, so far at
least as street dresses are concerned.
Peter tbe Great, who stationed a tailor
at every city gale witb orders to cut off
every ltuttian long coat until its skirt
snouia not reaon me ground wnen its
wearer knelt, was a model masculine
dress reformer, and bis objection to
long garments was not stronger than is
tbe prevalent objection of men to wo
men's trains in public places, ii men
can be persuaded to tako tbe matter in
band, at they have done in Leipsic, dress
reform will be secured speedily, out it
will be moderate dress reform, coniincd
strictly within limits which shall still
leave men masters aud women slaves.
From tbe Washington National Colon.
won woe jr.
Wary watchers wear
Wbat weary workers won.
Everywhere and everywhere,
Under the yellow tun,
Wary watchers wear
What weary workers won.
Life comet, and life It (air;
Death comes, and lile la gone :
ETery where and eTtrjwht.ro,
Under the yellow aun,
Wary watchers wear
Wbat weary workers won. B.
Mathematics and Medicise.
Among other talk to-day, it came out
that wbale-snlps carry no doctor. Tbe
Captain adds tbe doctorsblp to bis own
duties. Ue not only gives medicines.
but sets broken limbs after notions of
bis own, or saws them off and sears the
stump wben amputation seems best.
The Cantain la nrovlded with a medl-
cine chest, witb the modiclne numbered
instead of named. A book of dire
tiona goes witb this. It describes dis
eases and symptoms, and says : "Give
teaspoontui or No. v once an hour,"
or uive ten grains of no. 12 every
nan-hour, etc. Une of our sea Cap
tains came across a skipper In the
North Pacific wbo was In a state of
great surprise and perplexity. Said
lie : '-There's something rotten about
mis medicine chest business. Una or
my men was sick nothing much the
matter, i looked in tbe book ; it said
give him a teatpoonful of No. 15.
went to tbo medicine chest, and I see I
was out of No. 15. I judged I'd got
to get up a combinatlou somehow tbat
would ail tbo bill, so 1 bove into tbe
fellow half a tcaspoonful of No. 8, and
half a teaspoonful of No. 7, and I'll be
banged it it didn't Kin him in fifteen
minutes! There's something about
this medicine chest system that's too
many for me I 'I Marie Twain in the
Atlantic Monthly for November.
A theological student, who von
lured out from an Ohio college recen'.
ly to preach in a littlo village near
Cleveland, learned while there that
countrymen are appreciative of liter
arv art. Ue preached a sermon on the
mystical importance or tbe number a
three kinds of life, miners!, vegetable
and animal; Noah bad three sons
faitb, repentance and baptism, the
three thing's necessary to salvation,
etc After tbe service, an aged
deacon approached him and said
" Really your discourse was oue of the
most ingenious i ever listened to. l
was sorry that you did not carry your
illustrations In regard to that wonder
ful number just a little further. For
instance, there are three aisles running
through this house; tbere are three
lamps iu tbo chandelier banglug von
der; three books lie upon (be pulpit
tbere aro (brce ink-spots on (bis (able
and. belter than all, I noticed three col
ored men in the ganery.-
Exlesslvs Strikes ef Mill Operative! ui
Ceil Hlien la Eaglaid.
avnwn. Wh turn .LVf laeQ, Wat
tht strike la Bolton cotton mills has tar
minatea, is incorreot. tbo men decline
to resume unless tbe employer guarantee
to revite tbe standard list and xehang
baals of readjustment before February 1st
next. The employer will oontlder this
condition at their meeting to-day. A
strong effort will be mad oat behalf of em
ployer to Induoe tht plnnr meeting
uetuay nunt to aeeept reduoUoa un
litlonallv. but an amendment to that
effect wat rejected by an overwhelming
sunoruthire comer are now voting
whether they will aeoept tbe reduction in
filled npon by th proprietor. A tar a
returna ar known, a large majority are
againtt acceptance, five thousand col
lier ar now iuio, ana two tnoutana
more may go out on Saturday, Thi re
mit ol tbe voting will be announced today.
The ttrlke on Irlth railroad 1 ended.
Probability ana FoMlblUUee In Re
gard to tbe Louisiana Benatore.
Washington, Oot. 2ft Tbe Impression
beoomini onnrettive tbat the Benat
will not seat either Bpofford or Kutti.
Some Republicans, not wishing to bave
Kellogg and JPinohback tbruit down their
threats, favor allowing Louisiana to have
ner toner tecona inougnt. it it not ot
yond possibility that th question will be
faotlponed till the peopl lot a new Leg-
itiaiur. it is anorwu, who om potu
tlvenett, that the majority report of th
commute win follow what Morton had
outline, whlob, if adopted, seat Kellogg,
Th temptation to make th wore appear
lb better reason, is to teour atoenaancy
In tbe Benat for at leatt Urea yeari.
Etxpuliloo of Noted Jeanlt
London, Oct. 13 Several dispatches
'ai oi i
from Horn aaeert tbat the Genera
Tm present season has been a very
bad one on cotton planters. In tbe
bill lands, by this date, the larger por
tion of tbe cotton should bave been
picked, but instead of this being the
case, only a very small portion bas been
housed, and yet tbe bad weather con
tinues. What will be tbe result no one
can say. Nothing bnt tbe most favora
ble weather for the balance of the Fall
can prevent the crop from falling far
below an average one.
Ir 1- a tad and weary life that C. K.
Rs U leading in search of his lost
nild. il.e history of mankind shows
oihiug "hat will comparo with the
tin liai'l'-y condition oi mis iau auair.
I ime comes and goes, but iu the ever-
n"' iiinif title of lime no traco oi tbe
i bjy is visible. Now and then ru
mors ol a discovery oi tue wnore-
bouts of Charley reach the lather's
ears, and with never-tailing uevouon
to bis chilil he hurriedly socKsmo place
only to meet with griff aud disap
pointment. At one time a voice comes
from the East telling him tbat his uoy
is found, but investigation fails to iden
tify him. Then a report will come
frsrr. the West that his boy is saved,
and ho repairs thither only to find the
storv a mvtb. Thus from month to
month ho meets with disappointment,
but it never dampens his ardor in the
search. lie has spent ww, nis en
tire fortune, aud is now a traveling
salesman for au eastern bouse, lie bas
mado three hundred journeys in
search of bis lost boy, and says he
shall persevere until tbo child is found
or ho dies himself.
There was not a policy slip or lot
tery ticket to be bought In this city on
Saturday. The pool sellers, banished
from New York to ilobokcu, siept in
thalallof tbat suburb on Saturday.
Eighty-seven of tbe lowest class of
gamblers in tbe city occupied tbe cells
of one of tbe station bouses on Satur
day niirht. and it was not a very good
day for gamblers either I Newspaper
exposure Hems to be a more effective
preventive of gambling than tbe au
thorities have yet devised.-N. Y.
TitEEirl of Shaftsbury bas Just been
making, in a speech addressed to a
Young Men's Christian Association In
Glasgow, some curious revelations of
an autobiographical character. "In
early life," be said, "I was passionately
devoted to science so much so, that I
was almost disposed to pursue science
to tbe exclusion of everything else. It
passed away, and I betook myseu to
literature, hoping that I should not
only equal, but rival, many In accom
plishment. Other things wero before
me, and other things passed away,
because, do what I would, I was
called to another career. And
now I find myself; at tbe end
of a long life, not a philosopher, not an
author, but simply an old man wbo
has endeavored to do bis duly in that
state of life to which It bas pleased
God to call bim." "Uut for certain
circumstances." says tbe London Ex
aminer, "Lord ahaftsbury might nave
delivered rrot. iyuuairs late auurete
st B rin neham. Or even bave writton
Ecco Homo,' which he once described
as in effect the worst book ever 'belch
ed from ibe mouth of bell.' In tbat
caso where would tho world, Exeter
Hall. Evangelical religion, and Chris
tian young men all over tho world
bave been?
Any foreigner or American who
wishes to study the physical and social
growth of this country, will And a
curious series of stereoscoplo views to
aid him, in Mrs. Fremont's papers,
now being puousnea in narpers
Monthly. Here we bave tbe streets of
St. Lonir, "filled with tbe French in
their bright-colored poasant dresses,
long files or inuians, nunters, and trap
pore." Kansas, "an untracked prairie
with Indians and wolves for figures."
The calm repose of tbe feudal life in
tbe great Virginia houses, aud the first
emigration to Calffornia. The slow
poling of the passengers In dug-outs
up the Cbagrcs River, when to sleep on
shore a single nlgbt wae to forfeit life
insurance; tbe climbing over tbe moun
tains on moles; the life in Panama,
with its walls and old Cathedral, tbe
roof inlaid witb mother-of-pearl, Its
processions of priests, and veiled Span
ish women looking; down from bal
conies. And all this only thirty years
asm I The change of Philemon's old
but into a temple wae not more swift
or magical than tbe transmigration
through which thie country bas passed
in that time.
Virginia invites Immigration and is
seeking to encourage it. A committee
of tbe Virginia Improvement and Emi
gration Society, beaded by U. S. Sena
tor Johnstone, bave been addressing
meetings throughout Pennsylvania
wilb the object of inducing emigration
to the Old Dominion. Tbe committee
intend to come to tbc city and bold a
meeting for the same purpose. As
proof ol (be rapid growth of the State
they cite tho fact that Danville ten
years ago had a population of only 2,
000 whilo now it bat 12,000; and Rich
mond bas Increased from 37,000 inhab
itants In 18(10 to 75,000 this year.
Land is declared to bo cheap and the
profits crops large, owintt to the State
lying upon tho seaboard. The rate of
taxation Is also lower man in northern
General Cassius M. Clay bas a
pretty little estate of 2,200 acres In
Kentucky, in the centre of wbicb stands
a stately mansion. Me bas a splendid
library and many excellent paintings.
In this home, General Cloy is spend
ing his old age with his adopted son,
an intelligent young Russian, for his
companion. This old Abolitionist now
holds the most gloomy opinions as to
tbo condition and tbo prospects of tbe
colored race, lio says tbat of those
freed by him many years ago noue
turned out well. He adds tbat tbe
colored people aro rapidly decreasing
in number, and must finally become
It is duo to tbo retiring Postmaster
at this place, Mr. E. D. Fisher, to say
that be has made a most competent
and faithful officer, to whom we will
take this occasion to tonderour grateful
acknowledgment for numerous cour
tesies. For tbe young gentlemen,
Messrs. Wm. S. and Emmett Parker,
natives of our town, who bave been
employed and trained by him in the
duties of tbe office, and who bave been
unexceptlonably attentive and polite,
tbere is but one feeling of good will
and sympathy in the community and
ol a desire that their sorvlces may be
retalued. Jackson Clarion.
Jesuit, by the Pop' order, ba expelled
from th Society, Father Cruoit, Editor of
tbe Civitta Catholic, and both a sa
cred orator and writer heretofore regarded
a one of lb brightest ornament oi in
Jetuit Order ana of the Roman Church.
Father trucia' offente wa maintaining
that temporal power ia not necettary to
tho well-being of the Churoh. It 1 said
be lutenda to publlth an account of his
difficulty with the Vatican, dating from
The Way Blmon Cameron Cam to be
Put Foiward for the Bogliah Mil
lion. Washington, Oot. S3. It appear that
Evartt aald to Don Cameron, the Ensttlih
minion ihould go to Penniylvani, and
naked bim to nam th man, tbe lobem
be ne tbat he ihould nam MoveigB. uoa
Cameron, having hi father la view, refer-
reu lb matter lo me renntjuaui uoio-
gallon, and tbey eelecleo Blmon. to te
leotlon don not appear to he agreeable to
Mr. Hayes.
Senator Morton'a Condition Change
of Medical Treatment.
Cincinnati, Oct. 15 A speelal from la.
dianapolii layi: "Dr. Blitt, wbo ii at
tending Senator Morton, doe not teem,
very hopeful of hi Immediate improve
ment, lie bai eaten little or nothing for
nearly a month, and it I feared he will
literallT ttarve to death. A obang in
treatment baa been deoldtd on. and medi
cal treatmeat will now b dlreoted to in-
luting nourithment into tbe tyitem.
A Peculiar Caae,
Niw YOHK.OoU 23-The Sheriff of Ful
ton county, Ua.. wa arretted in thl city,
upon a reiultltlon from th Governor of
that Bute, Mr. J. 11. Jaokeon, of th well
known Jickion A Bbarpe car work,
charging bim with taking several thou
land dollara from a Legttiatlvs Commit
tee of Oeorgla in lkVi3 by falte pretente,
and by making false eiidavit.
Tbe Caar Determined to Continue the
llaRLlN, Oot. S3 A oorretpondent of the
Timet iayi It ii anerted tbat Prince
OorttehakotT, in a eommunioatlon to the
Kuitlan Ambanador here, ha empha
ilzed tbe determination of the Csar to
continue the war until the condition ol the
Christian of Bosnia, Hertegovlna and
nuigarta, it ttnaliy and dclinltely Im
proved. Going Into tbe Mrlt of the Lonlalana
Washington, Oct. 26 Th Committee
ol Privilege and Kleotlon have decided
to go into the merit of Bpofford againtt
Kellogg. Tbla involve, it it understood,
a lull rehearing of th dreary dory.
Minuter Grant.
Washington, Oct, 25-Ondlt: Grant 1
to be Minister to Bt. James.
Tiia Bankrupt Law Illubthatid.
Tbo Albany Law Journal gives tbe
following illustration oi me woraing
oi tbe bankrupt law . a juaon cuiei,
Karaltlana Takamoana. was good
enough, some years ago, to expound
the principle of bankruptcy. Said he,
'1 go to a storekeeper ana uuy uto
pounds' worth of things and don't pay.
Home time after I so to ft lodge and
say," I owe tbls man nve ponnas ana
only got oue." Then he says to me,
"you give bim the pound f and he says
to the storekeeper, M Yon give back a
receipt for live ponnde. Then the
judge says to me, AU right ; now yon
go and do It again.'"
The breech-loading gun aud earth
works bave ouly been appreciated at
their true value in warfare, during the
present war between Turkey and Rus
sia. General Skobeleff made the fol
lowing good comment npon them in
conversation witb some English officers
recently : "England win reason trom
tbe emergencies before Plevna to a
most important conclusion, namely:
That on tbe basis of redoubts and
field-works, liko those around Plevna,
she will be able, witb her militia, lo
wage war against tbe great Continental
It is related tbat when tbe Emperor
of Germany was staying at Gastein, he
was asked by the milk-maid, Liese, to
write his name in an album she bad
bought for the purpose. He compiled
graciously, and then said: "Now,
Liese, mind yon never lot an English
man get hold of this book. If yon do.
bo will be sure to tear tne nrst teai
with my autograph out of it." This Is
a tale much too biting to be true.
Mb. J. G. WHiTTiaa has just been
the means of proving that politicians
know something of poetry. He walked
into the Republican Senatorial Con
vention, at Newburyport, the other
day, and was instantly and vociferous
ly applauded.
Ex-SxcRETART Chahdlib's Michi
gan farm eonslste of 3,160 acres. It
Eas cost bim about 1100,000, and Is Just
beginning to pay expenses. A large
number of prominent sgrlculturlste
visited the farm last week, and were)
addressed by Mr. Chandler.

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