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NO. 19
Published WEEKLY by
Single copies by mall, per year, post-
ago paid (2 15
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20 " " 1 25
An extra copy will be given totbe getter
up of a club of ten.
Send l'odtotllee Money Orders or drafts
wnen praciirnuic. Atiurcsa.
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7 TS IS Ui U0 00 U 00 Hi 00
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'A 00 U Ml W 00 150 00 100 ml
3 HUiiril .
9 dUjll''S .
(ultima .
4 Column .
To NnbNcrlben. An "V
In blue pencil mark, on Tour iia.
pcr, is a notification tbat jour
uuscnimun win expire in two
weeks, and your paper will bo
discontinued, unless otherwise
Friday Morning:, November 2.
The Molo ticket baa become stub
born, nobody will try to ride it.
Reminder tlie grind Democratic
rally tbat will t ike place bere on Mon
day. The Jackson people are determined
to mike tho State Fair a success. I:
begins on the 12th.
Since Uraut reached Paris, bo has
become tacit urn again. Possibly it it
bcc.viso be cannot speak French.
OvEit fifty bills were Introduced lu
tho Iloii.e in one day for tho rcpei.l cf
a portion of the Resumption Act.
If Morion dies look out for a good
piece in the little piper. The old man
will let up on his history for aa hoar
or two, aul he is lightning o:i au obit-
ttai-y. j
Wm. Lloyd Garrison has just de
livered himself of a terriblo denuncia
tion of tho President. This is another
evidence that tho South ought to sus
tain hin:.
rijiu Sullivan has mistaken his
calling, lie ought to go on tho static.
Ho would make an excellent stand-off
with thoe young girls who play in
boys' attire, lor he cau surps Madame
Jarley in her sweetest parts.
The appropriation for the army tor
the present fiscal year, will be made
on a basis of 23,0K) men, for next year
for Ij.OOO nieu. This doesn't look
much liko the Democratic party in
tends increasing tho army.
A coodly number of the State pa
pers aro discussing the situation in this
county, aud some of them express some
uneasiness. For the benefit of these
papers we will state, that uincty-uiuo
one-hnndredths of the white voters and
one-half the colored voters, at !eot,
will vote tho Democratic ticket.
The Republicans are tryiug to pre
vent the confirmation of John Welch
as Minister to Euglaud. It is not
probablo that they will succeed. Mr.
Welch it very conservative in his views
and expresses satisfaction that the
President baa appointed some Demo
crats to offices.
The Jackson Times has the follow
ing kiud notice : "The Vicksburg Her
uld Company l as pure Laed an irou
li out building on Washington, betweyu
Crawford aud South ftrcetc, into which
tlic newspaper, pb office and bindery
vrii: be moved. We are gratified to
i: v.c Mich an evidence of tho prosperity
un l enterprise of our cotcinporary."
Voteks of Warren county, you can
low see tho object of the so-called Na
tioaal AJmiulslration party. Ills plain
that it is the purpose of iti leaders to
secure office, if possible, by appeals to
tho colored people. They do not seek
the support of the white people, but
cot a day passes that they do not make
long, highly painted appeals to the
colored voters. They well kuow that
their purpose is so transparent that they
cannot possibly gain any support from
Intelligent people, aud they are there
fore engaged in the very same course
that brought so much trouble on thl,
city and county years ago. We ask the
Intelligent of both races, shall these
men be successful ? Will they be al
lowed to array raco against race, Igno
rance against intelligence, poverty
gainst property, morely because they
want official positions ? Wo hope not,
and we bellevo nut, but there is danger
unless every good citizen In the county
ffoesto the Dolli on Tuesday and vnfot
or the Democratic candidates.
Mr. Catcataga aad the 3ew Or
leaaa Times.
In its issue of October 23d, the New
Orleans Times made a most uniustlfla
blo and malignant assault upon the
Hon. T. C. Catching, tho Democratic
candidate for Attorney-General of this
Slate. On account of its extreme vul
garity and disgusting coarseness, we
had determined not to notico it, but
inasmuch as it has excited some com
ment, wo have concluded to say a fow
words with reference to it. Tho at
tack of the Times was based upon an
article In the Picayune of (be 22 1 ul'.,
which is as follows :
INC.". Apropos of tho intemperato and un
justifiable assaults made by the Times
ou the people of Mississippi in a supe
rerogatory lauor oi slander, wo may
record tho substance of a statcraeut
made yesterday by Hon. T. C. Catch
Ings, tho only candidate for the Attor-noy-Uencralsbip
of the S'ale, and who
was passing through hereon a canvass
ing tour to Mississippi City, wheo the
writer met him.
Mr. Catcbings premised bis state
ment by a general allusion to the happy
effects produced by the establishment
cf the Government of the peoplo and
the overthrow of Radicalism in high
places. As with the people of Louis
iana under like rule, the great griev
ance of the so-called Republican Ad
ministration was the excess of taxation
aud ibe general embarrassments it pro
duced, botides the heavy obligations
which cacti successive year of intoler
ant extravagance imposed on the
shoulders of the ridden tex-paycrs.
immediately after the abdication of
Ames and (be assumption of Guberna
torial authority by Stone, the expenses
of the Government wore reduced to
less than one-half. For lb"6 the State
tax was reduced to G'j mills ou the
dollar ; this year it was brought down to
five miils.aud Mr. Catcbings thinks tbat
wilhiu two years it will be diminished
to tho nominal sum of two and a half
mills. All the debts contracted under
Radical rule have been faithfully met
as they matured, and, with tho excep
tion of sporadic cases of disorder,
which are just as likely to break out in
Ohio or Massachusetts at anv time, and
in tact do so, the public peace has not
for years becu so well prcservod,or
the arts of public prosperity so favora
bly improved. As the Kemper county
outrage has been so much quoted, and
Gov. Stone held up by Radical papers
like tho New Orleans Times, ou an al
leged and slandorous charge of inac
tivity in tbo matter, Mr. Catcbings
stated that Gov. Stone has done all
which the law warranted him in doiug
and the Graud Jury has found truo
bills against thirty-six residents of tho
county for supposed participation in
tbo murders. Mr. Calchlugs docs uot
attempt to apologize for the latter any
more than tbo Attorney-General of
Massachusetts sbonld be expected to
find an excuse for the atrocities of
Pomeroy, the boy murderer of Boston,
lie showed that Gov. Stone bad done
his duty in the premises, and the next
labor devolved upon the Judiciary.
Mr. Catcbings Is positive tbat no
such organization as described by the
Times exists in Pike county. lie siys
it is evident that some outrages have
been committed, which must be left to
the inevitable determination of tbe
Courts, but he docs not e in this a
fair pretext for a whole-tale denuncia
'ion of a people nine-tenths of whom
were open in their reprobation of tbe
individual acts. Even what has been
committed, be says, has been gross
ly exaggerated, and there is no
more probability of a renewal of tbe
acts than there is any portion of the
entire country. Whatever has been
done was tho offspring of momentary
passiou, lor wtiiob tbe actors alone are
responsible, It is notable (hat both
Kemper and Pike are white counties,
consequently the political cry of negro
persecution cannot bo sustained. Col.
Falconer, the Private Secretary of Gov.
Stone, and now candidate for secretary
of stale, visited rise county and re
ported that what was done was a in li
ter of immediate police aud judicial
Mr. Catchiugs was very emphatic iu
his assertions that the Government ol
Mississipppl was able to take care of
itself without auy dictation from the
Times, and offers tho record of tho Ad
ministration, with the general peace
which has prevailed since the uprootal
of carpet-bagging lawlessness aid spo
liation, In proof of tbe fact.
The mere perusal of the foregoing
article Is Itself a sufficient response to
the dirty slanders of the Times, for
thcro Is not a word in It, which is not
true; and what Mr. Catchiugs stated
meets with our entire approbation, and
(hat of all the people of our State. The
Times says that Mr. Catchlngs relieved
"himself of a quantity of cheap gush,"
and tbat ho came forward "voluntarily
to defend lawlessness and law-breakers."
An examination of Mr. Catch
ing' statement to the Picayune
puts tho Times in the attitude
of a low slaudercr and falsifier,
for there Is not a word in the statement
which sustains the Times in its asser
tions. On tho coutrary, his statement is
but a plain narration of facts, and he
expressly asserted that he did not
apologize for the disorder! which had
occurred in our State. Tbe trnth Is,
tbe wrath of the Times was aroused by
Mr. Catcblng's statement tbat '-the
Government of Mississippi was able to
take care of itself without any dictation
from the Times. We have only to say
that in this statement Mr. Catcbings is
niOft cordially supported by our whole
Tbe Times belongs to that class of
papers wbicb, while pretending to
represent aud advocate the interests of
the South, loses no opportunity to
slander aud defamo her people. We
have given the Times this much of our
attention, not for the purpose of vindi
cating Mr. Catchiugs, for where bo is
known as be is in this State, nothing
tho Times could say cr do could affect
him in tbe least ; but merely, that (hose
of our people who might ha seen the
Times article, without having also
read the statement in the Picayune
might the better understand its malice
aud mendacity.
Political AageU.
Col. Furlong has been greatly abused,
and charged with being a very terrible
fellow. lie is made out to be nearly
aa bad as Mr. Klein, or lb Editor of
the Herald. Some few political an
gels who roost up in tbe garret at
Peine's stable, who claim to be so pure
that they are forced by a terrible moral
power from within to make these
charges, never remember anything that
Col. Furlong ever did for tbe people
of this city and county. The political
angels who roost over Teine's stable
never think to toll the voters tbat Mr.
Furlong was the stand-by of tbe peo
plo of this county in the Senato for
years. They fail to tell tho people that
if the citizens of this cily or county!
wanted any measure put through the
Legislature, that Furlong's aid was al
ways sought. They refuse to speak of
the great service that be did tho whole
Slate iu a time of sore necessity. They
conveniently forget the Metropolitan
Police Bill. Tbey never mention bis
glorious and successful fight on Ames.
They havo a quantity to tell the
negroes about him, but It never oc
curs to them to inform them that
he U one of tho best friends tbo
liberal public school system of this
S'.ots ever had. For all tho valuable
services he has rendered tho people,
these political augels have not a single
good word, aud tbey are bothered to
death to know where be Is, and why he
doesu't come home, so that they may
abu-e him moro effectually. We do.
not know where he is, and we do not
care ; if these angels will hi a little pa
tient, they will be able to find him in
thcSouatc Chamber when tLe Ltgi-ia-ture
Oct of thirty-six of tbe ino-t impor
tant Chairmanships, the South gets
twenty-three, as follows: Elections.
Appropriations, Banking and Curren
cy, Cliinu, Commerce, Post-offices1
and Riilroads, Judicial y, Public Ex
penditure!, IViva o Liiid Claim, In
dian Atl'iirs, Naval Affairs Foreign
Affairs Territories, Railways and
Canal, II location and Labor, Rcvi
siou (! 'tc Law, Coinage Weights
and M:a?ures, Patci.ts, Public
aud D.ii litigj aud Grounds, Accounts
Expeii 'itur's in the Treasury Depart
men', .:i the War Department, War
and lV.-ducc Department, and Mis
si?sii r L( vees. The South, of course,
voted ..r;t!y for Randall's election;
but !i j j.ti..'c to its section it is to be
borne i t:ii:(l that it also has ninety
six I''.-" . ::r.tic votes in the House.
T:.:: ' .'. b seen that notwithstand
ing . j: outing of certain bobtail
Indcj.w.i'.iir; papers in Memphis,
Vicksburg and New Orlcaus, Mr. Ran
dall is proving biuiEclf again the trust
ed friend of the South. We have often
sr.id that Sam would do to tie to.
Day ami night the Mule ticket can
didates are having their meetings ami
pow-wows all over the county. Dem
ocrats of both races, wak-'u these efforts
aud defeat them, for tho success of the
Mulo ticket will be Injurious to nil.
i m .aa i -- -
Wrangling in the Committee over Ewlng's
Bitl The Best Feature in the Bill
Meets with Opposition.
Wasuixgton.Nov. l.Tue 'tar says tbo
Banklnir and Currency Cminiilti-e this
nmrniiiK did not au'rei.- up n tue silvur
Hill, as was expected. Tbero was so
nnic-1) wrangling in tbe Committee over
tbe repeal of tbo Hesumptlon 11111, tbat tbo
entire two bours wero cousumod in thu
discussion of tbat subject. .Sumo o! the
Wcstcrn.merabers wbo buve been anxious
tor tbe repeal, have discovered tbat Kw
Ing's repeal Mil absolutely aliolislirs free
banking. Tbis is really tbo purpojo of
Ewing, wbo wishes to substitute green
backs lor National Bank notes ut most
oi tbe Western Republican Inltationists
are friends of tbe Nation ul banking sys
tem. It seems possible at tbe very outset,
tbat tbe Inflationists are liable to bo split
into separate factions upon '.bis issue.
A Letter from the Spirit World.
Mr. Edeter uv the herald:
My spirritt haz bin brot up bi a
meediura tn tel aul be noes aboute tbee
lectshun. Yew no bepbore 1 dlde, lik
a dang phule, i wus mitle strong for
blllie speers an aul them fellers on to
bis tiklt. Butt cince 1 have Bin doun
hear ml ize hav Bin opunned. Now i
no aul thee Uvin pcpull think an sea
aul tba doo, an uv corse sea that i was
rong. Yew remembur that jolllo ole
uuiiimer, ooo ournce,(iie a near) writ:
"01 wood sum powur had tbee glf
tu glv us tu sea ourselvs az uthers seas
us ; it, it wood from menny a blundor
phree us, an, keep us frum makin dang
plulcs uv ourselvs sumtlms lik wee
doo." Now if billie speers au torn bed
lurd an aul them uther fellers on hlz
tikit cood onlie tean thaselves az aul
tbee spirritti, an mos aul thee Uvin
fokes, tba woodn't never bad ir went
intu that knew departshure an darke
lauturn biznis. Know sir.
tbarewusnot munnyenoffln warren
county Two hav maid blllie Speers
sllpp off the kara sauter sneekln lik lalt
laessatday nite affler bee bad got such
a goin ovur bl billie Peegrum at bow
vint, an go tu tbat sekret nigger mcaten
hear in town, got up bl Tom budford
without lettin Peegrum no whair it
wuz, tow as tu keap him from skinnin
him agen. iff bee cood nohow hlzac
sbuns looks tu evry boddie els. Tbee
only wa tn acconte fer biz coarse is
them bibull words "that god firs
niaks fules uv tboze hee (god) iotens to
noe the atuffin out ov."
Then tgen to jus think uv him
cbargen furlong with orginizin tbe ig
nerant nippers Intu sol-rat mantliiaa
an dooln ann untole amount uv devil
ment tu tbe whit fokes an cusses him
sounly for it. An now be Iz trien hiz
levll bes tu doo the tefsame thine
i am onest now billie an i tell you lis
a entyre phalur, the niggers wood sea
you an ever boddie els dammed be
pbore tha wood be led intu such did-
------ B ,. V....V, .V nU .
doo. you ar gone upp fur goodo tn
von ma aav It'.' nln lilmslipnl a aihnt
a Lei uv a tummel I maid when 1 pbel
irom mo oneru pertisbuu l hcl az a
memtor of tbe demcrkratic panic, lutu
tbe hous uv a dozen er so uv the worse
men uv tbe defunc radicle partie.
then lhairs pore torn bsdford, he didn't
Iibw fur In fill anil Itrnnf tnLA muni.
diffrenc withe him. ole blowhard saiz,
an bs'l bo a rito smart feller when hee
dise. tbat tnm won't run Ilia rra lluanr
that he iz a tratcr tu hiz partie. tho ole
Feller wus sauter rite au aautor rong.
torn didn't Intnn tn run ihrniv si tra
butt he wll now. He's like tbat minny
ticket teller spok uviu tbe bibull. He's
bin waid au fouu wan tin a tltowsan or
2 dollurs tu keap him frum ronin
aginsi ninngin iur tneru, out lie wont
. n i n i. . i. i
g?i m tcu, kjs ou oouuio noil i j.oar a
nickle whether ha runs er knot. Eaven
a ft nigger can undcrstan torn, an
that is cnuf tu seltlo biz hash.
Then jes look at thee wrest uv them
fellors on the likit. ibe gewhillikins
what a sett, thairs ederds, tomas,
mackgregor, an lass an less fur tbee
legasiaiturc.tom nolan, with bill hone
ly fur thee talc uv tho kunccrj.
Now enny boddie cood tel bl what
billie sed a bout Gorge Cline, the horde
uv registers, cierka and (ugise, bribery,
r2 2oU stutlln uv ballet boxier, ett seter
cr, tbat god had specbetly marked him
fur biz otic. Iba Had awl better di likl
did au kura down bear, whair tha can
no sumtbin. its a mill nice plac tu sta
In, if it wus knot sow hot and drl. 1
wish you wood tel awl them meedi
urns i want 'em tu let mee alon. 1
dout want tu tawk pollylics uo mo.
A Warning to Base Ball Catch
ers. On Monday, Judge Mattice, of
Greene county, signed tbo necessary
papers for the admission of Samuel
Llndsey, of Greene couuty, to the
Poughkeepsie Hospital for tbo Insane.
Mr. Llndsey 's iusauily is the result of
an injury received in a game of bate
ball at Oak Hill, early in September.
Layman, of the Lone Stars of Catsklll,
pitched for tho Cairo club on that occa
sion, and Llndsey was catcher. Tbe
striker struck at tbe ball, tipping it
just enough to throw it out
of tho straight course, and tbo bard
ball struck Lindsay ou 'the fere
bead. Ho was iusensible for several
days, but after a fortnight's illness at
tempted to return to work. Last week,
however, symptoms of insanity were
observed, and he began to have violeut
spcll, manifesting a disposition to In
jure or kill somebody, so that it be
came necessary to Keep Uim manacled
and strapped. The physicians think
the concussion aud shock havo caused
au effusion of blood on the brain. Time
aud rest may possibly bring about a
recovery, but thecnauces are not favor
able. Lindsey wa received at the hos
pital on Thursday last. Rondout (N.
Y.) Freeman, Ostober23.
Kkom Mississippi cites tbe pleasant,
but rather doulitiul report, tbat tbe State
debt will bo paid etV in three years. St
Louis liepulilicau.
Not at all doubtful, unless the people
permit the Black-lluera and their allies,
tho Independents, to get control of tbe
State at the election, of which there is
not tbe remotest possibility. Clarion.
Insanity from Political Excitement.
Paris, Nov. 1-M. Uujjot Mont 1'araux,
editor of tbo Courier u France, has be
come insane iu coui(ij :etee of political
Gin Grant at tbe Opera In Paris.
Pahis.Xov. 1 (,en. Uraut attended tbe
Opera where bo whs well received by tbe
audience, and treated wltb great ceremony
by the officials.
The Cattata TraaaiMrtaiUa
laeaiIoB-.1t from Mcsar. E.
C. Carroll aad Geo. D. Law
reace. Editor of tbe Herald:
Several statements that have recently
appeared in tbe Herald, wonld natu
rally lead tbe public to believe tbat the
arbitrary (so-called) rates exacted by
the transportation companies centering
here, wao the main cause of the buyers'
inability to fill their orders at compet
ing prices. We have been to no little
trouble and some expense to obtain
prices for carrying cotton from other
cities in tho West and South, and bv
the statement given below, we think
the rates from this city will compare
favorably with those In fores at toe
points named:
St. Louis. VicksburtT.
To Boston s per ICO 02U per 100
-ew iora oijf
Philadelphia. ..77 " SJJ "
Providence S4 ' 9iU '
Lawrence SI " 97U "
Kail Kiver " 07U "
Lowell $4 " 97U "
Memphis. Vlckibur?
To Boston W per 100 92Wperl00
i roTiuence ....uu vi'i "
Lawrenco 90 " "
Lowell 93 97U "
Fall Klver 94 97Ji "
MoDlle. Vlnkahurir.
To Boston S5 per 10J am per 100
iroYiaence aa vi'.
Lowell to " !I7
Kail Klver 9J " 97
Xew York SO " HVA
Sbreveport. Vicksburz
To New York
via Ht. Louis 1.15 per 100 &7U oer 100
.tew iora via
- ... .. .... -
Galveston ...l.fS " SJJi
Tbe above Include'compressing.
We do not include rates from New
Orleans in the tables, as from that city
mere is an au-water route owned bv
and under one management, and when
in quest oi lreigbt, rates are a second
ary consideration, and under such
circumstances, there are times we can
not compete with the Crescent City.
This state of affairs exists at present.
The tables presented are by "rail and
water." The rates furnished from St.
Louis are by C. A. Lawton, Agent
Erie and North Shoro Dispatch. From
Memphis by T. S. Davant, Freight
Agent Memphis and Charleston Rail
road. From Mobile by Chat. L. Fitch,
Freight Agent Mobile and Ohio Rail
road. They can bo reliod upon as cor
rect. In this connsction we append
the charges made by the compresses at
New Orleans. From tbis it appears
mat buyers mere are subjected to sev
eral charges tbat are not paid here.
For foreign ports, direct or coast
wise, whether by steam, sail or
railroad, per bale "5 cents
r or coastwise ports, steam, sail.
or rsilroad, per bale C) cents
Drayage to ship, per bale 25 cents
L.aoor on cottons, nauieu ny Ship
pers, parable on deliverr. per
' ,-vi ..... 10 otnts
vuverinu sampio noies witn suip-
pers's patches free
Extra bands, each TUcents
On cotton sbipmarked, not order-
cu iqo uay it is weighed, storage
and labor, per bale, with the
privilege oi remaining three
days io cents
Alter throe days, storigo for Brit
month, including the tureodays,30 centi
On small numbers tbo charges for
moor anu storage lor any period
to tiltt of Auzust. ms. nerbalo. .30 cents
va an usti or parts or lists of cot
ton received and weighed, for
hauling it transfer to another
press, but not baulcd the same
day it is weighed, a charge will
be mado of. per bale SO cents
Extra drnyago on cotton returned
irom snip, steamer, or railroad,
each way, twelve and a naif
csnts, to be paid by shipper, to.
eethcr. ner bale 25 cents
For torwarding cotton, labor, per
bale to centi
On all cotton sbipmarked or small-
numbered, removed Irom one
press to another, lor the purpose
of storage or compressing, or
shipped without being com-
Pressed, per bale 23 cents
'o be nald br the purchaser unon de.
livery of the cotton.
Cotton taken by original planters' mark
will, if removed upon tbe day It is re
ceived and weighed, be delivered free of
charge. Kcapectfully,
For Anchor Lino.
(Ieo. D. Lawrkkck.
For V icktburg and Meridian it. It
V icatnuRO, Nov. 1 ix't".
The late Cardinal Riario Sforzi was
an exceedingly brave and charitable
man. When, In 1851, the cholera was
killing thousands in Naples, aud those
wbo were well were flying tbe city, he
was one of the few wbo remained and
confronted tbe peril. Every day he
went about tbe squalid Neapolitan
purlieus, distributing fresh linen, med
icines, and dietetic comforts among the
wretcnea patients, ana administering
with his own bands the sacraments
wheo hope of earthly salvation there
was none. When his money was ex
hausted, ho sold his jowelry, and then
his plate, till tbat resource also failed
bim, and he applied, in his extremity,
to a millionaire of his own flock. To
bis request for a loan he received a flat
refusal. So he smiled with a certain
bland bitterness, and said. "Well, 1
shall borrow from a Jew." He went to
Rothschild, but tbe Baron had left
Naples. The agent, however, dispatch
ed a courier to his superior's villeggla
tura, and back came an authorization
to let tli" Cardinal have as much as be
liked, a- whatever time he liked, "sans
conditions de rcmboursoment."
. m
Aa Inquiry About Federal Courta tn
Wafiiingion, Nov. 1. In consequence
ofsei i: complaint tbat the United States
Circuit. Judse does not bold his Court in
MifiUsIppi, Gen. Chalmers has Intro
duusd in the Bouse ol Representatives a
f anlutlou of inquiry to know from the
Attarncy-Qcnerat tbe cause of this (allure.
TU Loidoi Tlatet'iSiBjairy s)f tbi "Aft
ual Review if tka Ctttti Trtdt"
Peer EneoarageDt far Cottoa Mm
Aa "Unsttlsfaolory" Report
Loudon, Nov. 1 Tbe Times, In Its city
article has summarlzsd the "Annual
Review of the Cottoa Trade," just Issued,
and sayi u Is fall of evidence that the
trade has bun dull and dragging, and tha
immediate prospect Is far from bright.
During the first three monies ol last Ma
son there waa signs of ooming activity,
but these were ail swept away by the out
break of the war In the East; production
has therefore kept abiad of consumption,
and tbe result has been that alter sndur
log much lots through selling atunrtmun
rativi prices manufacturers were driven
to work on short time daring the third
Suarter of this year. Latterly, through r
notion of stocks which tbis has In
dueed, and beoause of tbe strike at Bol
ton, tbe trade has bean placed
on a Utile better footing, and lull time has
In many Instances been resumed, but bus
Inesi is still far from satisfactory. The re
port furnishes abundant evidence that tbe
state ol trade Is the same almost every
where. Ellison a Co., who compiled tie
Review, have sent qnorles to all seats of
tbe ootton trade la Europe, and almost
without exception the replies may be
summed up la tbe word unsatisfactory.
Rt-sppetrtnot of the tx-Mutr if Nits
York-He hat bin Taklag Beat
Will Resist Attetiptt ta Ftitia Ring
Swladlet Upon Him.
Haw York, Nov. 1. Ao evening paper
says one of Its reporters, chanclnc to be
on bis way down town about 8 o'clock thla
morning, encountered A. Oakey Ball leis
urely strolling along with a traveling
wrap on bis arm and looking exesedingly
well, lie said, all there can be said
about tbe mode of my leaving Is that oo
person whatever knew about it, dlreotly or
Indirectly. With the strange absence,
ring irouoie naa noimng proximately to
do; of course there bad been a great
strata upoa my brain and will power dur
ing the six years in which tbese troubles
have been uppermost in the publlo mind.
I have now bad a sis months rest, aad
Faallv tti Mrat Hii-Imi. t u-an t w ..... nl
continuous professional and political eon-
nicts. a nave pernaps no ngns to aispute
wltb old constituents whether 1
am cccontrio or not, aad was
aa indifferent or careless official
or not, but so long as my brain aad
will holds out I shall resist every attempt
to make it appear that a former Mayor ot
this great city deliberated aad planned
and carefully executed and profited pecu
niarily by a criminal conspiracy,
Washington. Nov. 1 During the morn
ing hour the Vice-President appointed
Senator Withers, of Virginia, a member of
the Board of Regents of the bmitbsonlan
Institute, la place ot Mr. Stephenion, ot
Kentucky, whose term of service expired
on the 4th of it arch last.
A cumber of bills were introduced aad
referred to Committees. The Senate theu,
on motion of Mr. Sargent, went into ex
ecutive session. When tbe doors were
opad, the Senate adjourned.
In Executive Session Stanley Matthews
Wished tn Itnnur wh 1 1, a M.- ii.u.-- ....
New York Customhouse nominations
were held in (be Committee. Mr. Conk-
linir said tlm .(Talra nt Ik. V. v.l.
tnm-house were in the bands of capable
tuvii, uu mere naa do urgency. The
scene was quite vigorous aad resulted la
uio uoieai, u is saiu, oi Matthews, whose
movements, it is said, amounted to ado-
.aim vi luiiuvuiaio consiuerauoo 01 the
nominations- Tha vaault k. il.
Committee will aot confirm tbe nomina
tions until next week,
Leduc, Commissioner of Agriculture.
Postmasters- Logan, OrlfBn.Oa.; Archer.
Gainesville, Ga; Shaw. Tarboro, N. C.
Wallace, Yorkvllle, S. C. '
This but came up before tbe House on
E wing's motion to reconsider tbe vote of
yesterday recommitting. Tbe vote waa
reconsideied, but no further progress
made tbe morning hour, to which the
consideration of the bill was restricted,
having been used up to voting by yeas
and nays, the opposition having resorted
to taotlcs of delay. There is no possibility,
under the rules of the Ilouse, of having
nnal action oo tbe bill. It can only be
considered with tbe morning hour, and
tae morning hour can alwaya be uaed up
by dilatory motioos. The only alterna
tives are to report tbe bill again, aod have
it referred to the Committee ot the Whole
oo tbe state of tbe Union, which would
sub)cct it to interminable debate and
amendment, or to pass It under a suspen
sion of the rules, and this would require a
majority o f Iwo-th irds.
1 he Uouse adjourned until to-morrow,
with tbe understanding that it then ad
journ to Tuesday, and then without busi
ness adjourn to Thursday.
Scbelecher, ol Toxas, offered a resolu
tion calling upon the Presldeot for all in
formation relating to tbe condition of the
Xexlcan border in Texas, and to any re
cent violation of tbe territory of the United
States by Inoursions from Mexico.
Goodc, of Virginia, asked leave to offer
a resolution declaring tbat to the Judg
ment of the Bouse tbe aoUon of the Presl
deot la withdrawing tbe Federal troops
Irom the States of South Carollua and
Louisiana was wise, Just aod oon
stltutional; that it has contributed
In a large degree to the resto
ration of peace and narmouy through
out the country, and is entitled to
receive the cordial support of all men who
realize that (while there Is a North aod
Bouth, and an East aod West, there is but
one country .one Constitution, and one des
tiny. Phillips, of Kansas, objected;
Butler, of Massachusetts, suggested
that It should be referred to the Commit
tee on Education and Labor, aad the mat
ter be dropped.
Tha Army BUI.
Washington, Nov. 1. The Secretary
of War, Geo. (Sherman, Adjt. Gen. Town
send, Quarter Master General Meigs, Com
missary Geo. MoFeely and Chief of Ordi
nance Gen. Benet, were before the Appro
priation Committee of tbe Bouse, ad vis
log agalost reduction of tbe army. The
bill will probably provide for 13,009 men.
Wltb some reductioo ol sun" officers.
:i 1

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