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Frida Morning, November 0.
Got. McClellan will be a promi
nent candidate for the Presidency.
O. P. Morton's esiatohsstiniated to
be worth only (50,000. Among ilio
Radicals he, at least, teems lo havo been
The Commercial toys the good tense
of the colored voters alone prevented
a Democratic defeat , in ibis county.
Didn't a vivid remembrance of the 7th
of Deccmbtr, 1874, have something to
do witb it also, neighbor?
Mit. Aliikiit Bitow.s can now retire
on Ms defeat nnil learn, if ho is not
too much impregnated with hiaoarn
"views," that ihe people of Mississippi
are gratclul fur the re-tilts the Demo
crats havo achieved, and do not pro
pose lo go back on lliein lo satisfy tho
whims of demagogue ofonosorl or
another. Retire. Alhert.
Bxrefcrenco to the proper column, it
will be seen that Judge Jeffords and
Mr. Mobley nave left Issaquena county,
in this State, for tho purpoMO of fight
ing a docl. Wo aro not informed of
the cause of tho difficulty. Both gen
tlemen stand well, and we hope tho
affair may yet bo adjusted without
bloods cd.
Should Eustisaud Spcfforil from
Louisiana, and Uullcr from South Car
olina, bo admitted to seats In the
United States Senate, that body would
be a tic, uot counting Scnaim Divis,
oflllinois. Tho Democrats cay they
Intend to have It this way or make it
warm for some of tho schemes of tho
Radicals. They nro perfectly satisfied
that Davis shall havo t ho ciating volo.
Tut excessive ami persistent rains in
this latitude have, without doubt, great
ly shortened the cotton crop. Pick
ing has been almost wholly sii'pcmlcd
for a mouth, tho !iut '.ai been injured,
tho bolls rotted, and much el Ilie ctop
wasted. If we havcaverago weather
during tho balance nt this month and
Decomber, what is led c.vj he gaihered,
but estimates of tho crop uiuti t. j ina-lo
far below tho yield ofl-ut yen.
mm I mm
prnclanmtluii convening thu L-giHlnl'ire
in extraordinary i-tniou, ut liii!tvillo,
on December Oil), to enter upon ilie
following legislative bti-.!:ic-s; t'irs1,
coiimJu' the rnn-mmrdatton hy Hi.
aibilrrn, at liio contereiico held i N" .v
Yolk in March, 1S77, to adjust the
Stale debt liy ; tic Seiiunce of new nix
per ''Kiit, bo iiU ut thu raio ol sixty
per :eiit. ii. tl.o total amount of the prin
cipal Mid !)' ' dun iiileresl ; second, to
levy u tax m lb .li-nt to meet the Inter
cnt un til.-: new bondn, anil to provide
nsiiihini,' lutid lor tho cx'ingnihliiiiiiiii
of the debt and a mote i flic I lit collec
tion ol the rcvcnuti; ami third, to pro
vide, by approprntu legislation. I r the
cr.pensca ol thoCeucral As-cmoly. Re
girding the action taken in culling (he
Leifi-liiture, in accordance with n ru
cent notification by tho bnmlhnldars
thi thu compromlso proposed by the
aibitors would be accented uv the L"g
islalurr, Governor Porter exprcsscM i lie
hupo tlmt an adjustment atilnciory to
all parties will Lw reacha ut the ci:cd
Fcsbiot). Under the chnrlcr n-uiiternl
in tho Secretary ol Suite's fllce, fj.dny,
incnrnnraiing him uciiiihi Aitst-itsiiitit
railroad cumjuiiiy, which bus puichaittd
the rrop't'ty t the corporation hereto
fore known as the Mlisieslppl railroad
coninany, Hiat rind is consolidated
wlih the New Orleans, St. Louis and
Chicaiio rullroiid cuinpany, tho flrst
nnincd enrnpany lo have their principal
office iu New York city. Among tho
iucorporalora aro William II. U-tioni
and Stuyvesant Fink, of Now York,
i and Benjamin F, Ayer, of Chicago.
A The consolidated Hue baa purchased
one million three hundred thousands
1 Tonnnsseo bonds, and bold them In
I readiness to liquidate the Mlstisslppi
1 railroad company's debt to tho State,
f Umouuiing to tbat tnm. Memphis
I Uppoal.
The Hllvcr Bill.
Tba passage of Ibe Silver Bill yesterday
closed general surprise to supporters and
opponents. Tbo policy of the Ailm nUtra
lion is to best it In the Sc sate It Kill
be urged against il that it in a blow nt
natiunitl creilit. Ill, pss istboS rutoan
It ia now, tbo Prcsl lent will retn it. Two
aincudments will be offered, tbc li t onu
limit too legal lender power U. tun dol
lars, and not more tban one bund cd. and
wlthiir.iwlng all bjr.lt rotes oll sstbitn
Sve dollars; tbo seuond givlnx tbo nintr il
and extent orsilvcr coinage to tbo T eas
ury, Willi these amendments tho billom
pass tlie Senate, and will bo appioved by
the President. New Urkans Times.
The writer of tho above i evidently
oppo'cd to tho Silver Bill, ss it pseud
tho limine. Tho Times has always
leaned in Its tone toward the bond
holder', tuotiopolieti and blood-nuc!:-crs
of tho country. It curre-p mdent
says tho policy of Ihu Administration
is to 1.. feat thU just nicauro of n lit f.
Wo doubt this very much. Tho Prc
idont mast sco that he can very easily
wreck his Administration by opposing
a measuro (hut is jusl, and uulvertally
popular. In the Sootb we d
uot think there is a piomiuctit man
who Is uot warmly in favor of the lull
reruonetizttion of silver. No ten dol
lar limit will satisfy Ihe people. They
demand a full biiueialio currency, just
sa it was when the bond holders and
pap tuckers secured tbeir certificates
of debt against the Uui'cd States. We
trust tbo friends of Ihe nica-tire ilie
true representatives of the pcoplc-wi'l
stand firm and accept no amendment
lo Ibe Silver Bill, as it Ins already
passed (ho House. If a Republican
Senate and a Republican President
dare to defeat tho measure, the people
will bury their party out of sight us
soon as thoy have tho opportunity
Our party could uot select stronger
po-'tion lo givs tho opposition battle,
Kllsjblly ,UUtalia.
Very olien a man speaks before he
considers wnal bo is going to say, and
alter it Is said he is willing lo retract,
or will at least hold his peace. The
Vicki-burg IIeiuld was iu f ivor ol
dislranchiilng the negro soino tl.r.e
pant, but teeing tho folly of such a con
eliikion, it U now holdiug its peace.
liveuipor ncraid.
lustead of holding our peace, we in
tend to force this lime on tho people
regardless of party. The shove is fully
equal to tho arguments u.milly ui-ged
against intelligent sulTi-age, or at her in
favor of iuorint tuflragc. It ut:iutii;U
lo nut hin i;. If the Kemper IleialJ sud
oilier milk and waler journal? favor
ignorant suffrage, let them bho'V the
ground upon which Ihey build their
faith. They aro now offering a pre
mium on ignorance, ami the peoplo will
convince them of tliis firt hefuto many
jear, They know, a ivi.' m Ihcy
know that ijj'ini'iu l.uraes were on-fi'snelii-ed
!: "itl-:iu purpores, that it
wool 1 redound to tho common good to
ruin ti.u t'u.Jard of tuffrngo, but Ihey
aro sfrald to say so. In this matter no
difference tlioolj be made on account
of race, c.Vor or previous conditio i ol
it v,i- timply shameful that so many
LVn; j'.T'its in this eouuty itiyed awa
from thi polls on election day. Outot
regi to:cd vote of 2,200 whites, not
more thin 1,403 voted. But for the a'ul
wo re uived from the intelligent, thrifty
co'.otcJ people our ticket would have
lne:i hcateo, and tho apathetic white
D im icrats would bave been lo blame
for il. As it Is, oar candidate for Coun
ty Treasurer Is defeated by a mli
majoiil). Tho stay-away J.i :
nrJ i'ji.'W ch irj-th'ii wit'; ''
IIiul liu'i t'lriicd ma utl'l 'i
tiro oppi-!tio:i tickc wiu: I .;v! ..- .
so bi'liy i)'teii that ther! won; I h ivr
been no ad nii' to n viv ' vi.
Tiir hi ternrtfu, the ; n.'ui!'l oi.'ivy.
iho v.'tH'tttence, tin. i n t-ilt-r ! in;
violence 01 Scuaim' Morton, hi', vnr
hatred of thoto who wcro oppoi-cil lo i hu uX nii !coi',c s'.oiic.v r.'.ro cr:curreil
him, mark his devotion to Iho work Lc I in Iho United Sm'l1-. ul ",v!iic.li spcui
found to do, justify ihe admiration of nietH Lsvo hern ;ui!f "I'ul. Eight ol
those with whom, ami for vhom, lie j thee I'-ilU look jiU c in thu prairie re
fiMighl, hiid compel tho respect of lilOse ; ion of tho frn, exteti'ilng leoni Ohio
whom lio Im'lled n'aiiinl, to hh last i to Kin':i, Ktid li om Ketrueky hi Wis
moment, with a r.sl that never 'lack-! cousin, inclusive. Prof. J. .Smith,
died, and a heart that never : iltoimd ' of I.ouisviPc, aivei n muj) ol tlim re
toward') the Southern ieoi!e. The'iiion in tho Aiiierii-an .lotimul m"
South csnnol grieve at hisdciih: nor
will Ihe Soulli exult. Senator Morton,
was Iruo to bis cause, his creed, lna
people. As we judge othetf, tt shrill
we, in lurii, bo judgid. Fori! liould
never he for;ottou that, hard H4 it is
for a Southerner of strong feelings to
form a jimt estimate of tho conduct of
a Morton, it is equally bard for a
Northern man of pronounced views to
interpret aright iho actions of a Davi?.
Charleston News.
It may yet appear that Tlldcn 1 re
stored and reserved by dlvlno Provi
dence, as it were, for a beniflcent pur
pose in 188& There may still be great
usefulness In Tilden. Springfield Re
publican, Ind.
Dan Voohuks made the following
response to the Commission who an
nonnced to him tr at he bad been ap
pointed United States Senator by Gov
ernor Williitm, of Indiana :
Mr. Eat and (iKNTLiiitN Your
presence here at my own homo thii
('Veiling atiesls your Iriendtliip. You
iro most cnrdlally welcome. Hie com-
miiin which you tender me fnm
iov. Williams has a fir higher valm
in my caMination than as ann i e title to
offliiial position, however i-xallcd. It
ii an evidence of tho cuundenco retted
n me by a wi-e and honest man, who
one year ago was miulo Ihe Chiot ICxec
iilivuol tlit-.lliH fidli Slate of III- Union,
by a tnajitriiy iif lier ciliz-tns. 1 Ten
lure lo pernuade myself, also, that in
this net lie nil cted tho will of ibosi
who placed bun In power; il I ihoimhi
oi her wine, I would reuirn io him the
couimlsriou with which ha has so high
ly Honored inc. 1 aceent II. however.
gratrful to him. to yon, and lo the peo
ple oi mutant, lor tills mailt ol confi
dence ami respect. Willi humblo re
liauco upon Ood for Ills aid, I promise
you, and tlirouili you tho peoplo of Ihe
whnle State, that unceasinu viuilaiico.
constant Industry, and a riitid adher
ence to the interests ol tho working,
providing and business duties shall
characterize my career in Ihe Senalo of
Hie United SiaioJ. 1 shall seek to se
cure ihe prosperity of Ihe people ol
our beloved State, irrespective of party,
Deitig well assured that Ihe prosperity
of on i will be the prosperity of all.
Yu havo been pleased to refer to Ihe
late Senator Morton, whoo melancholy
and untimely death has ciused the va
cancy I am called upon to All. Ho wa
a mau of commanding ability, of 1m
nienso executive force, and rauked a
one of tho greatest party leaders iu
American history. Ills lois lo his nartv
la beyond the reach of estimate, and to
his runny and Iricnds it Is irreparable.
To those who are bereaved and strick
en by bis dealb, tuy warmest and deep
est sympathy are extended. For the
terms in which your partial attachment
has prompted you t spcas ol me, I can
ouly renew my grateful appreciation of
vour presence hero lo-mjthl, and aeain
bid you a warm and sincere welcome."
Cattle WelBhIas ICxtraordlnmrjr
biapatt h .o Clnelnuatl Uazette.l
Washington, Nov. 4. Ouo of Hit
crooked methods of contractors for
furnishing the Indians with beof has
lately been ducovcred by Secretary
bctiuir, whlcn will convince these gen
i It men mora lliau ever that he is a the
orim, and that then) it no'.hiug piacli
cal iu him. It will be remembered
that in the It d Cloud investigation,
set on loot liy Prof, Manli, St was de
veloped thu Ihe usual method of
-' weigh'iiir" csttlu was lo guess st their
wclxli:.' This was broken up and ac
tual washing indsted upon. It now
comes out thai certain coulrsctors have
been more than equal lo this require
ment, iud that ihey not only weigh
i very hesd supplied, but that Ihcy
weigh a considKi'itble part of each drove
twice. The method is this: A large
pen ia built and divided through Ihe
middle, the fetters around it and the
division fence helm.' of close boards
and about te:i or twi Ivo feet high. At
one point .vlier th- dividing fence
meets tho out-i.l 'uv i a mailer pen.
!argoetiotiKli 1.' h i!''. .ilj'.m: a d Z'n ent
ile. Tho floor hi' thii U ihe phi form of
Ihoicaie. Tb" !. am U outside of thu
outer lencc. Th-- in;v!l pen in which
ihe weighing :- dono lia- two doors,
oue opening ;:r.M caeli ilivhijii
of thn main en mi! When i dozen
aro driven in, -iy ihii the light
hand cnclosu:e, n bo weighed,
the man on the ; titfiJc keep uo:e of
the wt ight. 'I'll'.1 1'riv; r on the in-ido,
alter these aro i -. ; r ! o 1 for .u, lo; of
n di zen. drives (... mit ,i iho left
cucloaure. fl" :Vm rcf.ll ih-i msll
pen from the ii'.' divNIo i, -iin I so on
till he auno'iiicut to tho iiiperiur out
side thai the whole drove; la weighed.
Before this 'a 'jomplotivT, however, ihe
driver m'in istea to pa4 mo-t of lliotc
weighed b u k from the ielt divi-ion to
tho right, ty 'ninll dour in the parti
lion ii-elf. A!: thtii" r&turr.cd to the
risibl ilvieivni z:x Oriven tiirouili Ihe
ri-i(hiiig pvii I '.'iin, and their weluiil
i 'v .;iM, ,,.,.0n liin; by Inc
r v. 'lie lie tin on ! -itU. liy Ihii
. :") :i nisi! dr iV'i i i in add to do
n ;! ut fi'vic.' to tho coutraotor.
And now cni-M ibis tirm tn ilieoiim
un! imH 'tice trriu'temottt,
' .uid uoiti.illy iini-i'.s iiir.t !. Ion,- -is ha i
' Secret aiy i f ilm inierior mi- i -vwaA of
l tVwf hail l wiii '. i:i' .' '.:t or.ee,
I if th" conlraeuir t ' f
WiTiif.' t!m ! v-t c:?h'-.!-!'i yc "i twelve
Sc'enee and Aft-, .ioTi;ig il.e ! cality
ol L- icli hi! :uiil Male ilia" iho nggrc
Kale (tiinaied weight of the eight was
l.OtJO kilogratniiics, erjual to nioro than
2,300 pontid". fioiny iv:U lit: ther, and
taking a period ol idxiy ycarp, Profee
or Smith udn Ilia there havo been
twenty well-noted tails in tbo United
States, ton of which wcro In iho same
region, and those ten weighed twenty
times as much ns tho ten which occur
red outfldo its limits.
An exchange) says (bat tho vilest and
most ignorant districts in France havo
the most illustrious men to represent
tbcm In their councils, in this country
thoroverso is too often true. Rich
mond Enquirer.
Uw to Reach the Pole-A Ual
! Team.
Done at Ian I D,me bv a St. Louis-
Ian on pap, r. The St. Louia Repub
lican, or ha'urday, had the following
lgenlou scheme, an invention of one
ol i' correspondents:
"Wi" rations of no sr exned ilioii-
-how dial the hliips go as lar nonh at
sood eainanhip and good fortune
permit. Then dog-sleds aro used to
tdV'iicn on iho ico to a point where
ice-fields become iinnsssablp. and the
dvoiuurers return. It la at thU im-
passablo point where I think tho bal
loon may be oed for further advance,
at lea serous Ihe Ice mountains, in the
inaniic. slated below. A depot ol sup-plio-i
being eklabll-hcd at Ihe northern
terminus of the don-sled road, (on bal
loons should bo built at such depot.
Eicli hhould havo Iho capacity lo carry
one-mile length ol quarter-inch
a eel wlro cabin and one man. At n
time when thu wind blew Ironi due
south, at Iho geullo rate of ten mile
pel hour, iho Ion balloons, each carry
ing one mile of cable, should bo per
mitted lo drift due north, paying out
ihecible In succession from the rear
balloon first. As each balloon has
pnld out its mile of cable, it should
dampou Are, descend lo the ice, and
anchor ihe cable to the ice by moans
of a piece of cable ten loet long. At
me ena oi an uour or two alter the
start, Ihe whole ten miles will be paid
out and ibe balloons will start in line
at wldo intervals. Each balloon re
taining its bold on the cable by means
of snap-hooks or open books, may
then be worked by hand back to ibe
depot In a calm, or even against a mod
erate wind; or awaiting a favorable
wind, may drill bo;k; reload with ca
ble, and In liko mauner lay another
ten miles; establish suitable depots
and telegraph facilities through ihe ca
ble; and thus on until Ibe Ice-Held is
pasaed or the pole or open sea is
reached. A crank pulley, lour feet iu
diameter, fixed in each balloon-ear,
over which puuey me cable should
lake ono tnm, woul l enable tbo oper
ators to make fair speed in keeping up
communication octween uog-sucd de
pot and tho advancing expsilitlon."
Oliver P. Mohton was buriod yos
terday, with great pomp and circi a
stance, and in (he same grave, with t
same pomp ana circumstance, w as
burled tbo political party which Oliver
P. Morion led. So Is it always. The
Whig party died and was burled wilb
llenry uiay and Daniel Webster
The Republican party which Jef
ferson led died and waa buried
with ita leader. The Democratic party
expired with Silas Wright and William
L. Marcy. 1 lie pro-slavery party kick
ed the bucket witb Brrckiuridge and
uuciianan. i lie Kepublican party went
out ol exUteuco with Llncolu and Se
ward ; the reconstruction party with
Tb id Stevens and E. M. Slantou. The
party of Iho bloody shirt gave up Ibe
ghost with its most conspicuous and
potent leader, 0. P. Mortou.
Party names aud organizations may
survive uot ouly the leaders but all the
man whom Ihcy Indicated; but namos
are mero breath, and organization is
nothing but a form or modo ol aciiou.
Not a mini now lives who compoicd
part of what, in Jacki-ou's lime, re
ceived (lie mime of democratic party.
The initio is still Iu vogue; but Ihe
party expired with the men whose
combination received that' name, and
whose I Ira upon questions then un
settled, but long siuco disposed of, (he
natuo thou imported. The real parlios
wero men who gave direction and
force to certain phases ol public opin
ion who created and commanded a
lolUwing by Ihe forco of their own
character icting tipou tho circum
: iiner- of toe limo. They disappeared
w'nli iho. liitappeariico ol tho lorcis
which eav : Ilium life and coherency.
They dial with Clay, with Marcy,
with l!u 'Jiiuii, with Lincoln, with
Mortor. Thi; party of Hayes ia no more
the party of Mort i than ilm party ol
Grant wa lha ,at y of II. (Jreelcy, r
llinu ilm party o Sam Raidali is Ihe
party of Sila -Vriuht. The party ol
Moilvit: ii 1 i. The places which
knew il uiil c io7 it no more forever,
(.'hU.ii: i lines.
Since President Lincoln's call for
Iroop,ili2 National Excoutivo has never
m-itlo urgent nil appeal for support
as it iioiv niake-i in behalf of n rclorm
policy standing lucj lo f '.co with de
feat. That l!i: appeal is unspoken
maltcs it the more imperative that wo
rtcngnizoniid answer it. Boston Ad-voni-cr,
"Tiu Lion-Killer" is tho tillo of one
of thu storkM promised for tho cominii
Cbrinima number of Si. Nicholas. 1
describes w "ingle combat whlcU took
place in I ho gardens of tho palaco at
Tunis, Algicr, between a huge lion
and a Didii ucmod with a heavy club.
Such o iiai.-itivii otiglit io interest the
boys ci-penicily when illustrated with
a line picture of thu light I lie If.
Wivbs know that the brow of caro is
often soo'iln-d hy a delicious tuppor, to
which pet feet broad, rolls, bhcutt, elc.,
aro so impni'Hnt. To havo Ihcso deli
calo prodiie!i of baking always relia
ble, Iho use of Doolkt's Ykast Pow
deb is very important. This article i
among the most valuable of Ihe day iu
its bearing on health. If it put up in
cans, always full in weight.
Wc shall not bi) safe until a Demo
crat is Installed iu the Chief MsgiMrn-
cy at Washington, and the Constitu
tion Is recognized as supreme, and uot
tbe "higher law." ( Charleston Journal
or Commerce.
Judge Jtfftrda aid Mr. Madly Yiara for
Each Other's 6t re.
Mayirsvillb, Miss., Not. 8. Judge
Jeffords aud Mr. Mobly bave left for
tbe purpose of dueling. Leadib.
Philadelphia, Nor. 8. Latest ad
vices indicate 8,000 Democratic major
ity in tbo State.
New Youk, Nov. 8. Tbe Times will
publish to-morrow morning a list of
members elected to Ihe Legislature,
which makes It stand a follows: Sen
ale, 20 Republicans, 12 Democrats; As
sembly 08 Republicans, 59 Democrats.
I Labor Rolormcr; Republican majori
ty on joint oauoi io. Tbe sun saya
ihe Republicans will bave a majority
In the Seuate. In Ibe Assembly Ihe
Indications are tbat the Democrats will
have a slim majority. Tbe Republicans
claim It will require tbe complete
count in soma closa rural districts to
decide. The majority for Beach In the
State will bo about 15000, though i
may fall below that. Beacb runs teT-
eral thousand behind his ticket.
The World makes the Slate Senate
stand probably Republican by two
majority; Assembly in doubt, but
counting tbe one Greenback man from
i hemuutf as a Democrat, It Is probably
68 Demerats lo 60 Republicans.
ihe Ueraid tin u res as follows: Sen
ate, Republicans 19, Democrats 13 : As-
enibly 0 Democrats, W Kepubllcaus,
Lsboi and Ureenback 1.
The Tribune says ibe Sonate is safe
ly Bepubiican, aud Ibe Assembly Is In
doubt. Its flxures are : Senate. Reoub
llcana 18, Democrats 13, Independent
1 ; Assembly, Democrats 63, Republi
cans 64, Ureenback Democrat 1. John
Morrissey Is tbe Independent.
Wasuinotow, Nov. 8. Maxey'a rca
olulion, calling for Information regard
it.sx the jail delivery at Rio Grande
City, by Mexicans, passed.
The Vice-President, by resolution
wss authorized to fill tbe vacancies In
Committees occasioned by Morton's
ihe Finance Committee will con
slder the Silver Bill, which baa passed
ine uouse, on oiouday.
Tbe Committee on Foreign Relations
has reported favorably on Welsh as
Minister to St. James.
axuiw or a savinos association.
Mr. Spencer, of Alabama. Introduced
a bill for the relief of Ihe Deposit Sav
ings Association of Mobile. Referred
to ilie tominilteo on Claims. It re
lieves that Institution of all liability
from tho tax of ten per cent, on the
amount of its own notes used for cir
culation aud paid out by it previous to
aiarcn m, mil), it also authorizes the
Secretary ol the Treasury to pay to said
Institution $739,473, tho amount of such
lax collected by the Uulted States.
The bill (o repeal Ihe Resumption
Act gavo placo to day in iho House
to tho Appropriation Bill for tbe sup
port or tho Army tor Ibe current year,
and this bill gave rise to quito an ani
mated discussion. Tho bill appropri
ates on the basis of 22,000 men lor four
months of tbo year, and of 20,000 men
lor tho hfit eight months, and it pro
vides that no recruiting shall lake
place to iucreaso tho army bevond its
preBontstrengih. Opinions differ as lo
what its present strength is, the Adju-lant-Uciieral
placing it at 23,000, Gen
eral Sherman at 20,( 00, aud other mili
tary auilioritlci as low as 18,000. The
provMnns of Iho bill Were vigorously
defended by Iho Chairman of tho Ap
propriation Committee, Atkins, of
Tennessee, and by his colleagues of the
Committee, Dlouiit, of ijenrxia, Singte
ton, of Mississippi, and others
They wcro no less assailed on
tho Democratic sldo of (he
Hon-o hy all Ihe Texas members, and
on the Republican side by Foster, ot
Ohio, Cunuer, of Michigan, Culkint, ol
Indiana. The Texas members opposed
iho culling down of tbe army on ac
count ol tho conodition ol affairs on Ihe
Itlo Grande front er, while on Iho Re
publican tido Iho labor riots of last
Summer were used as an argument in
ravor cf a strong standing army.
Blackburn, of Kentucky, declared such
an idea mon.-troua and anli-Amcr-lean,
and moved to. reduce Ibe army
to lti.UOO men. Banks, of Massachu
setts, opposed Iho Idea of increasing
Iho army in order to repress labor dis
inibinrc, l.ni favored an effective
military establishment, as truo econo
my and wite h-iiitiUiion, In tho pres
ent dangerous situation of tho Moxl-
can frontier he would havo 10,000 or
lW'OO in Texas, on couditlon that thev
should not cross tbo border, but pro
tect lifo and property In Ihe Stair. No
vnto had been taken when tho Ilonae
The Bonapaitlata and Monarchists
Will Realgn in a Body.
Paris, Nov. 8. A rrportwoa current
lis! night that tho Itonapartlsti and
Monarchist have resolved, in case their
elections aro invalidated by wholesalo,
to resign in a body and furnish a pro
text for anothor dissolution.
m a m
ScascBUE for the Uebald.
Dresden. Nov. 8.--Amel!a. tbe
dowage Queen of Saxony, ia dead.
Died In tbe Penitentiary.
Tbinton. N. J., Nov. 8 Weeden.
prize flghier, who killed Walker In a
prize flgbr, aentenced fo ten years In
the btaio prison, ia dead.
Waaklngton Notes
Washington, Nov. 8. Tbe habeaa
corpns caae ot Patterson waa called to
day and continued to November Slat.
Nominal Ions 8anford. of Florida.
Minister to Belgium : Bnrwell. Regiater
of Ihe Laud Office. New 0 leant:
Smith, Postmaster at Baton Rouge;
North, Poatmaster at Brunawlck, Go.
Cigar Manufacturers Employing Chi
New Yobk. Nov. 8 The striking-
cigar makers are greatly excited by the
repon mat meir lurmer employers are
about to employ Chinese. Oue Arm
hsa already sent to San Franciaco for
300 Chinamen. Tbe new policy of tbe
enanufacturere baa caused much alarm
aud tomo wavering among the strikers.
A Defaulter.
TuiNToy. N J , Nov. 8 A defalca
tion of from 116,000 to 120,000 hat been
discovert d in tbe account ot Walter F.
Bartlelt, Recorder oi Tsxea. Bartlett
ia also proprietor of the American Ho
tel, lie was arrested privately last
evening, bnd after a fruitless effort to
obtain security, be was committed to
Hew Oi leant Cigar Makers on
New Obleams, Nov. 8. The cigar
makers on a strike, numbering 900.
held a meeting last nigbt and passed
resolutions demanding an Incrette
from 2 to 4 dollars per thousand. They
alao appointed a committee of fifty to
organize and Induce other working-
men to join tbe atrike.
Bx-Preeldent Oraat In Patla.
Pabis, Nov. 8 The facade of the
Italian Opeia-bouse waa decorated tbia
evening with Americas flags, and tbe
stair-case and vestibule were decorated
lib plants. When Gen. Grant and
party appeared, the orchestra played
Hail Columbia. Ihe bouse was full.
Many Americans were present. Be
tween the acta of tbe play, II Trovalere
and varlona American alra were played,
which were much applauded and en
cored. Gen. Grant attentively iiatencd
to tbo whole performance. Upon leav
ing, the orcheatrt repeated Hail Colum
bia. The orowd waited lor Gen. Grant
at tbe aoor, and respectfully saluted
him. The General bowed and ap
peared pleated.
Stan' ay Maltha we Thlnka the Presi
dent will Appiove the BUver Bill.
Washington, Nov. 8 Senator Stan
ley Mattliewa saya he bat made no as
sertion that the President will sign tbe
Silver Bill. He baa merclv exnreaaed
bla individual opinion that in tbe event
of iho bill'a passage by ibe Senate, tbe
President will approve it, and he adds
tbat this expression of opinion was
made by him without any Information
derived from the Presidont at to hit in
tentions on tbit subject.and neither pro
fessed to be, nor was it in fact a state
ment based on the President's authori
ty. It was based on the tstnmption
that tho bill would pass by so large a
majority that the President would con
sider it such an expression of tbo pub
lic will as be could not properly disre
gard. Bom Heavy rallares.
Springfield, Nov. 8. Corrldoti
Weed, of Bloomington, has filed vol
untary petition In bankruptcy, with lia
bilities or $1 800 000, and -scarcely sny
assets. Mr. Weed has been loaning
money for other parties In Illinois,
morigsgcs gusranteolng the Interest
and principal of the loans, tho seenri
lies having been snnk lo nothing, he It
left between tho real creditors and In
solvent debtors. Among his creditors
arotlieEina Firo Insurance Company
of Hartford, $270,000; T. Atlluger. of
Waterloo, N. Y., $190000; Hiram
Sibley, of Rochester, $2b8 OUO ; Hy Jnd
on, of New York Citv, $58,000; J. B
Johnson, e f Seneca Falls, N. Y., $51.
00;); W. It. Rail, of .New York City,
liiS.OOO, and others for smaller
Montreal, Nov. 8-Tho hardware
houso of Daker & Mulholland hat
gone inlol'qiiidntion; liabilities f-100,-OjO;
nets larger.
A Vote of Confidence.
Losuo.v, Nov. 8 Tho Paris corres
pondent ot tbo Times telegraphs this
item: "It la believed this mpruing that
Iho Miuisiry Intended lo obtain tbo
pass igo of an order of thoday.cxprcss
lug confideiica iu MacMahon, but after
wards' it became known that Duko
DandillVel Pmqiier, President of the
Sonato, had told Duko Da Broglie, that
ho would not permit a discusslou of an
uuconslituiioual order ot the day which
would put forward tba Marshal as a
shield for Mlnitera and euaulo the
Chamber of Deputies to retaliate by an
order of tho day directly aimedagaintt
tho Marshal. The Cabinet did not obioin
a volo of confidence for ltsolf from the
Sonate, as it know that tbo attempt
would bo hopeless in tbo Chamber.
The Deputies must verify the election
of a sufficient uumber of mcmbert to
form a quorum before it can proceed
to busiuesa. Tbia preliminary work
will not becomplcted until Monday.
Paris, Nov. 8. Tbe Solid and other
Conservative journals discountenance
tbo project of demanding a vote of
confldonco for the Ministry of tbe Sen
ate. A Committee of Deputies of the
Right has boen appointed to consider
whether the minority shall withdraw
in a body whenever tho majority shall
invalidate an official candidates election.

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