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NO. 21
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J 71 11 Ol M 00 4G W CI 00
00 17 00 14 00 to 00 Ti 00
i; (! m oo 71 oo loo oo
;i oo 41 oo 71 oo ino oo lto oo
30 00 ti 00 M 00 1J0 00 Itf 00
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discontinued, unless otherwise J
Friday Morning:, November 10.
"Whom the gods wish to destroy they
first make mad'
We had beautiful weather; eslerday,
aud there are indication! that it will
last some time.
There are thirty-four Democrats in
the Un'ted States Senate, with Spof
ford, Euetis and Butler knocking at the
- - m
The Kemper Herald wants to know
whore the N. A. P. of tbia county is.
It took passage op Salt River on the
Cos sung bmgs over tho New York
election, lie mu-t draw an odious
comparison between New York and
The Russians predict that they will
capture Constantinople in ninety days.
Ninety days, ninety d .v, Lr. 1 words
t j use In prophecies.
Toe New York Time? characterizes
the recent meeting between Gen. Low
17 a id Judge Morris, at Jackson, as a
meeting of blood-thirsty Misslssip
piane. The Cincinnati Enquirer says Jipb
Iheria is prevailing to an alarming
extent in Indiana. In one town all the
schools have been closed on account of
Its ravages.
Messrs. Gokdos and Lamar have
Iwico called on the President to induce
him to nse his influence to secure the
seating of Spofford aud Bust!?. The
President declines to interfere.
The Coiutucr:lal yesterday attempt
ed to twist some'.bitiir wo said in refer
ence to Gen. Chalmers into an ill-natured
and uncalled for fling at Colonel
Hooker. We had no such Intention,
and tic seutence quoted will bc&r no
such construction. Our allusion was
to tho Radical mulatto dummy Lynch.
Tee Boston banks have petitioned
Congress net to rcmonetize silver, as to
do so, would lessen the value of the
bonds they hold. These banks have
given iae very ueti reanvu lur icuiuuc-
t.zation that could be used. Usurer
!s remonetized, there is no doubt tbat
it will increase its value and the valut
of greenbacks; iu otiier words, the
difference between coin and grecu
backs and United States bonds will
not be 60 great as it is now. These
bankers forget 10 inform tho people ol
the millions they have lost and the
bondholders gained when silver was
detnonctiz.'i!. Let our Congress re
member tti, and go ahead, regardless
of the appeals of tho Shj locks who do
man J their pound of flesh.
The Clarion thus refers to a matter
that we are all pleased is definitely
settled : ,:Capt. W. R. Spcarr, of Vicks
burg, has reconsidered bis origiual in
tcn'.ion to contest the seat of Geu. Fur-
long in the State Senate, and has set
forth his reasons Sn a card of character
istic candor and manliness. He states
that having respect for the will of the
people 'who have twice by the solem
nity of their votes declared their pref
erence for Gen. Furlong as their repre
sentative' be will bow to .it, and will
retire from the contest for Senator,
wbicb, under the first impulse, he de
bignated making. We aro sure tbat
the people of Warren, and all concern
ed, will gladly bail this termination of
what at one time foreshadowed a long
and embittered controversy."
Senatob Pattirson'i negro con
stituents have decided that he it guilty
Annnfrh 4a ha IniitMAjS lt llim O.-rk.
-wB w . v .uu.k.vu, tu lug IKUUU-
1 llcan Senators stick to him like leeches.
.Courier Journal.
Old Fosrylnns.
Vicktburg is almost surrounded by
a little river, only eighty yards wide,
bat sho has not a single bridge across
it. Even the roads to this river are
nearly impassable. What trade the
gets from across Big Black comes here
because it can get nowhere else. Just
so soon as the Natchez people extend
their railroad a little farther, this trade
will bo lost forever. At this time it
costs as much for tho plauter to brlug
a hale of cotton to this market from
beyond Big Black, as it docs to trans
port it from here to Europe.
Wc pay hundred, yes tbousauds of
dollars aunuiilly, to keep people in jail,
who could make ns at least two good
roods from here to Big Black at little
or no expense. There is more money
spent in Vicksburg for whisky in one
week than it would cost to put a good
bridi: across Big Black river at Bald
win's ferry. We have never bad a rail
road projected tbat would have done
the city more good than three good dirt
roads to Big Black would do.
We have iquaudered thousands of
dollars on the Vicksburg, Ship It
laud and Pensacola Railroad, and
the Vicksburg and Memphis Railroad,
but if others have reaped the benefit,
tho city has not. The money is gone,
we have no railroad?, and our citizens
are so disheartened that they do not
even lake measures to have good dirt
roads. Twenty thousand dollars would
build two good bridges across Big
Black, and we verily bclievo tho addi
tional trade received in one year would
pay this amount. Yet nothing is done.
Our citizens seem to bo suffering from
a chronic attack of old fogyism.
It is the Fall of tie year. Our citl
zona are aware of this fact becauso tho
whiky tastes better, and the old fogict
grow! a little louder. But the things
that come to other places come cot to
us. We have no fairs, no race track,
no anything, except an over-crop of
old fogies. If you ask ono of them
why not have a fair, ha will tell you
"the people here cau't be induced to act
iu concert to do anything." Then he
belches, gulphs down his frco luucb
and takes another drink. The city is
running to seed ; we have reduced
picayunishuess to a science. Thcro
hasn't been a 11 no horso here for thirty
years, and there is little or no Cue
stock of any kind in the county. Sumo
fow of our plautcrs, be it said to their
credit, are making some efforts to raise
stock and to farm their lands ( u
sound principles ; but tho majori
ty of them are utterly careless
as to (.Torts to improve their land?, or
to increase their live stock. We have
recently seen it announced that Clai
borne county is organizing a Fair As
sociation. Ysto county has a very
sue :et-.:ii'. one, but Vicksburg seems to
caro for nothing. The old fogies aro
sitting down on her. If we had a suc
cessful Fair Association, we would al
to have a good race track. If we bad
the latter and woulJ offer good purses,
wo could every Fall hare the city filled
with reople who would come here
from cv;r direction to attend the
ra:e. There is no disputing the fict
that this would be very beneficial to
Vicksburg in a hundred different ways.
Wo merely throw out these sugges
tions because tbe people ought to know
what is injuring tbo city and county,
but we beg to inform the old fogies
that we don't think any of tbem will
bo adopted until many of tbe old
growlers have had successful funerals.
The Turks have lost by battle hm.1
disease, thus far, during the war t'w .)
200,000 men. Tho recruiting ground
cf the rorte is in Asia Minor and
Syria, but tbe soldiers from those re
gions are uudisciplintd and poor ma
terial to be placed at ouce in front of
battle. The Government Is sorely
prcstud for money, and ho army offi
cers or Government employees have
been paid for eighteen months.
Tho soldiers use counterfeit money,
manufactured in Germany and poured
like a deluge into Turkey. A corres
pondent of the Philadelphia Press at
Constantinople gives the following
good advice to persons who me
ditate joining tbe Sultan's service:
"Persons who are disposed to enter the
Turkish service at the present time had
better take intoconsideiatioii the finan
cial embarrassments of the Porto be
fore they impose on themselves the ex
pense of a voyage hither. For want of
such precaution, the foreign surgeons
In the army are in the most deplorable
condition. The Austrian and Hunga
rian surgeons are loud in their com
plaints ; tbey are not paid, no care is
taken of them, and they are often fam
ished for want of food. Tbey threaten
to resign in a body. Of Mussulman
surgeons the number it so small tbat It
is of no account. Tbe army surgeons
are almost exclusively foreigners, prin
cipally Austrians, Germans, and Jews,
with a few Armenians." Courier
Jwornal. Bunciisi for the Herald.
alow SJoasrreawatea Vet lb)
Vf aaalartoa "malaria."
Mary Clemmer in Cincinnati Commercial.
Let me whisper in your ear, Com
mercial, there Is juslst much humbug
in this universal cry of "malaria" as
there is in Civil Service reform, and
that is as much as there can possibly
be. The lloo. D. Danker comes from
a well-regulated home among the
northern hills to suffer for bis country
in Congress at $8 or thereabouts a day.
The Hon. D .Danker at home is under
tolerable severs domestic discipline.
Mrs. Danker bas a high nose, wbicb
means tbat she rules and reigns over
Mr. Danker. She sect that be Is safely
lucked away in bed every night by 10
o'clock. She sees that he has oatmeal
smother and cream for his breakfast.
Slio takes the Herald of Health, there
fore does not fry her beefsteaks, nor
goad her load to harl-karl with cakes
soaked in lard. On the whole, the life
of the Hou. D. Danker at home is that
of acivilizod man kept well in tow by
a wife with a high nose and "a mind
of her own." Woe to thr Hon. D.
Danker the day be shoots cut from
that bcneflcout apron-string to follow
bis own devices in the Capital of bis
country, lie goes on to a "committee
sits up all night ; smokes three-fourths
or the time ; lives at a hotel : eats all
torts of indigestible food, at all kinds
of unseasonable hours; breathes the
bad air of overheated and overcrowd
ed rooms; has next to no exercise;
pernaps "takes to drink:" bis eyes be
come bloodshot, bis head heavy, bis
blood thick, snd before the 4th of
March bis gorged and torpid liver
stop, and positively refuses to be
moved. Then comes tho inevitable
item in (he Star: "We regret to state
that tho Hen. D. Danker is prostrated
and confined to bis room by a severe
attsck of "malaria." In the opinion of
your scribe there is a good deal more of
tuo uon. JJ. Danker In Washington
tosn tucro is oi "malaria."
slow a Woman tUot a Corpse
inroagia iae sjaNtosn-saoaso.
Naples Cor. Philadelphia Telegraph.l
ui uio lonowing anecdote l can
vouch lor tbo truth, though what need
is mere to vouch lur tho already well'
proven eccentricity of the native Brit
isher ? And English lady and her has
osna uvea in ims couutry for many
ycarr, and she became notorious for her
original acts. These were capped when
her husband died in Rome, where they
had goueou a visit. Wishini: to bri no
bis body borne to theTuscan city where
she resided, Mrs. determined to
carry the coffin with her at part ( her
luggage Tho difficulty of the affair
lay in t tie Custom-house examination
wiiicu R! tha time some ten years
ago was exceedingly strict. This de
voted wifo bethought herself of delud
ing the official. So, arriving at the
! gates oi j;jin, her trunks wcretakon
j jow rora t(j0 carriage nothing in
their appearance betrayed tho presence
of a foreign body and the Custom
bouse officer asked the usual question,
"What docs this trunk contain ?" put
tlug his baud on the coffin. With per
fect unconcern, tho Lngh.h lady an
swered, "Koba uata,"(ohl clothes) and
the cfllci.il turned his attention to the
other travelei-9.
The Firms direr nbtirk.
Nashville American.
Tho first 5 bill Issued by the Gov
ernment, known as greenback moncv.
turned up not long since in a deposit of
tne imni national uauic oi .Nashville,
being letter A, No. 1, dated Washing
ton, Marep 10, IbC'J. Mr. J. E. Good
win, the teller, called attention to the
fact, and 'ha note was sent to tho
Treasury Department for iiU'i.tiQ
tiou as iho original $5 iuel. The
bank was answered that it w?j and the
officers and directors lmmcilia'ely de
cided to present it to the Tennessee
Historical Society. E. D. H'ck", Sec
retary of the Commercial Iusurauce
Company, bad tbe note put In an ele
gant frame, with glass on both sides,
showing tbe back at well as the face of
the note, and the bill, thus secure from
wind and weather, will be presented to
the Historical society at their meeting
mi Tuesday afternoon.
While Representative Youn?, of
n-nnctsee, it energetically engaged in
working up for successful sctlon bis
resolution for levee Improvements on
the Mississippi river, the friends of the
District of Columbia should agitate tbe
subject of improvements ol tl:e harbor
of the Fotomac river.
Tbe channel is filling "p, and the
muddy face of the cv-r increasing
swamp lands extends daj by day,
emitting bad vapors ana miasma.
Tbe dreariest satire on improvement
can be seen from tbe Long Bridge;
nan a dozen mud-tcows, wnn excava
tors not much larger than a coal shovel,
lazily scooping np mud, witn long in
tcrvals between each scoop. To attempt
to clear the channel in this style It
about as sensible as to essav to over
turn tho tallest ; yramul with a tooth
pick for a leve r.
The South la entitled to a large pro
portion of iuternal improvements, and
as the Southern line begins about this
neighborhood. let tbe improvements
begin here. Washington Capital
The meanest man in the United
States is employed on tho New Or
leans Times. When be clips a para
graph, be gives credit, but to the wrong
Daner. and tnis lie docs, not tnroucn
mistake, but from a malicious desire to
annoy the Times' exchanges. He
takes especial pains to credit Idiotic
paragraphs to respectable journals, and
good paragraphs to tbe idiotic press.
Tbe yellow fever doesn't half do its
work in New Orleans.
aportaat !
A. Crunlnl. Admlnlatratnr.
vs. M. S.
. ev ai. Anneal irom
Warren Chan.
eery viuri
upiniou by Chalmers, J.
It is Insisted tbat even if the princi
ples enunciated in Bank of Mississippi
vs. Duncan, 52 Mississippi, 741, and
Walker vs. The State, 53 Mississippi,
532, are correct, tbat tbey will not jus-
my tne maintenance of a separate pro
ceeding In the Chancery Court against
me sureties on a bond executed iu a suit
previouslypcnding.oran administration
already wound np in tbat Court. The
proceedings against the sureties must.it
is said, be carried along janau with
those againtt the principal obligor, and
if this Is not done the party will be re
mitted to bis common law action
against the sureties. This Idea springs
from a failure to appreciate tho full
force of the principles snnounccd In
tbe cases referred to; principles, wo
may remsrk, of the soundness of wbicb
we entertain not a doubt The spirit of
those decisions is. tbat there is nothing
In the Constitution which prohibits the
Legislature from granting to the
Chancery Court tbe power fully lo dis
pose of the subject matter of any liti
gation which may arise undor any of
tne recognized beads of its jurisdic
tion, without being compelled for sny
purpose to call In tbe aid of any otbor
If, therefore, in the progress of a suit
properly pending in tbe Chancery
Court, it becomes necessary to execute
any oond whatever, there is no consti
tutional principle which will prevent
the Legislature from conferring upon
me court wmch exacted the bond, run
authority to enforce Its obligation.
This is not conferring a new jurisdic
tion upon the Court, but only arming
it with the requisite capacity to wield
ana make euective its ancient jurisdic
tion, it is wholly immaterial whether
the sureties ou tbe bond are pursued in
tbe ssmo proceedings with tbe prlnci
pal, or in a subsequent one. The juris
diction depends not upon tbe order of
the proeeeding, but upon whether tbe
bond was legally executed in tbat
Court, In a litigation properly cogniza
ble therein. Section 976 of the Code
gives the Chancery Court full jurisdlc
lion over the obligors, both principals
ana sureties, on administration bonds.
Tbe Act Is constitutional, and it is
wholly Immaterial, whether they are
pursued Cointly or separately. Decree
Field k Leiter's Dry Goods Hosts
Chicago, snd 5ewman's Hardware Man
ufsctory of Ntw York, Burned Lots,
Chicago, Nov. 15. Field & Leiter's
dry goads house burned. Tbe building,
except tti i two lower Hoori, was com
pletely gutted and tbe stock or dry
goods destroyed. Tbe building cost
$750,000, stock sbout $1,000,000. Eight
hundred and fifty employees aro thrown
Later Fire broke out again iu the
basement where packages of goods
were stored. Only two fatalities at
the fire, others badly injured. Insur
ance nearly a million, five thousand
doll us each in State Firemen's, New
New Orleans; Homo Mutual, New
Orleans; Merchants' and Trailers', New
Orleans; New York Mutual, New
Orleans; Tcuionis, New Orleans;
Union, New Oilcans: and Virginia
State. Ten thousand dollars iu Cres
cent Mutual, New Orleans. Loss on
stock in packages eaiimated not to ex
ceed 40 per cent. Insurance thereon in
cludes Virginia and Home, of Rich
mond, $5,000 each. Loss on fixtures
35 percent, of insurance.
New York, Nov. 15 Newman's
bard ware manufactory burned this
forenoon. Tbe building wss tlx stories
bigb, and occupied by A.G. Newmsn
ss a bardwaro manufactory. Tbe
flames extended to Nos. lo9 and 161.
The stock aud building burued with
gieat rapidity. The losses on stock Id
buildings Not. 157, 159 and 1G1, is $55,
000; on the building $10,000; insur
ance unknown. Tbe individual loss of
A. G. Newman, by damage to stock,
is $20,000, and ou the building $40,000.
A. G. Rogensburg, needle manufactory,
loss $5,000; Geo. Tlnkemaner, paints,
$10,000; Caswell & Uszzard, druggists,
$5,000; John Neigh, New York Snap
Wire Co., w.uuu.
What Uncle Sam has In his Cash Boxss
Washington, Nov. 15. There is in
tho United States Treasury, Sub-Treas
uries and Mints of the United States
$101,500,000 gold coin, also gold bars
$3,500,000, gold bullion $3,750,000, sil
ver bullion $0,000,000, coin $2,500,000;
total of precious motals in Uncle Sam's
ca6b boxes a iraction over one bun
dred and seventeen millions. He
has collaterals of gold value which
swell the coutcntsol his chests to $101,
000.000. Tho actual amount subject to
draft is $166,267,303.95 coin and bul
lion. There aro outstanding claims
against this sum of $503,437,77.29,
leaving $65,353,777.79 actually in his
boxes, of which only eight million is
Tiik uew Grecian Theater, in Lon
don, bas been constructed to accommo
date 5,000 persons. There will be fif
teen exits, and all the staircases are
wide, stone, fire-proof, and outside the
walls of the Theator, while the en
trances to tho boxes, stalls, and private
boxes are entirely distinct from the
rest of the establishment, and are ap
proached direct from tbe street. Tbe
stage is one of the largest in Londou,
titled with every modern mecnsnicai
appliance, and capable of the most ex
tensive scenic effects.
Sapretno t'oart-I
Bella Itla Aoali Walk! off with the
Stake. Bestlsi Verdlnrls iitf
Oily Gsmoi.
Special to the Herald.l
Jacksom, ltiss., Nov. 13.
Tbe weather cleared np beautifully
this morning, though the rain left the
race track somewhat heavy. This
morning there was an exhibition of
stallions, brood mares, colls, matched
horses, etc, for which premiums were
duly awarded.
Tho first race, two mile dash Belle
Isle, Verdigris, and Oily Gammon, was
won by Belle Isle in 3:42. Oily
Gammon was half a neck behind, and
Verdigris far in tbe rear. Bella Isle
has won every raco here in which she
has been entered.
Ia the second race, mile heats,
Ualdes, Blue Gown, Jim Hinton, and
Docility, starters, Blue Gown won tho
first heat in 1:4CJ ; Docility won tbe
next two beats in exactly the same
time, being pressed by Blue Gowu. Do
cility has alto been a tuccetsful borse
at this meeting.
The trotting race was not interesting,
poor time being made.
Tbe Jackson Band furnish excellent
mnsic every day. hcutter has a fine
displsy of pictures. There is a good
exhibition of vegetables, poultry, car
riages, wsgons and plows. There are
alto creditable display t of cakes, bread,
jellies, home-made wines, etc., a num
ber of specimens of needle-work, snd
otbor things of intcrett to sight-seers.
The following are the races for to
morrow : First race, mile beats, bett
three In five Mainsail, Blue Gown
Jim Hinton.
Second race, two miles Port Leon
ard, Lenbay, Belle Isle.
Third race, three ml let Garry Owen
and Verdigris. C.
The Celebrated Yleaaa Rolls.
Among tbe numerous articles Doo
let's Yeast Powder is used for, are
the celebrated Vienna rolls, which are
so delicious, palatable and healthy. If
yon have not the recipe, send tbtee
cent stamp to Doolet & Brother. Now
York, and you will get it, together with
many other valuable cooking recipes,
oy return man.
Report! froa North Carolina, South Car
olina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mis
slttlppl, Loulaisns, Texas, Arkansas,
and Tensettee The Returns Indicate
Reduction of Four Per Cent.
Washington, Nov. 15. Tbe cotton
returns of tbe Department of Agri
culture, made during tbe first week of
November, compares tbe product in
bales to that of 1876. Tho absence of
killing frosts is noted in all tbe States.
Slight frosts In tbe more northern
districts have been favorable to an In
crease of yield by hastening tbe ripen
ing oi iate oous. uains in October
have been unusually heavy, interfering
with picking, and causing staining and
loss of fibre. Tbe losses from tbe prev
alence of the caterpillars were heaviest
in Texas, were somewhat serious in
Louisiana, and to a less extent in Mis
sissippi and Florida. The following is
the comparison by States with tbe crop
ot last year. Texas bas tbe lowest per
centage, and would be still lower out
for tbe 15 per centum incresse of area.
Arkansas and Tennessee stand high
not only by reason of a good crop, but
because tbolr yields were relatively
low last year, snd Alabama is above
100 only because her last crop was -a
very poor one. The figures are as fol
lows : North Csrolina, 91 ; South Car
otins, 90; Georgia, 92; Florida, 97;
Alabama, 105 ; Mississippi, 92 ; Louis
iana, 97 ; Texas, S2 ; Arkansaa, 110 ;
Tennessee, 115. This Indicates about
4 per cont. reduction of the aggregate
of last year, even If tbo future of the
picking season should be as favorable
as tbst ot 1376. There are also reports
of a low yield of lint to teed which
may lurlber affect the returns.
Resolution of the New York Boaid of
New York, Nov. 15. The Directors
of (be New York Board of Trade and
Transportation, to-day considered the
qnettion of. tariff for wett bound
freight, and adopted the following ret
olutioo :
Kcsnlvcd, That a further advance at a
time when tha i.ibblnn trade or tbli citv it
only barely maintaining itself against tbo
competition of interior diatributing points,
would be unwise and inexpedient, and
would greatly tend to the advantage ol In
terior jobbers, who lay to large stocksof
the principal staples prior to the close of
navigation, and aiterwards use this as an
argument to prevent smaller dealers from
seding their usual orders to New York
jobbing houses.
Kicking About the President's Ap
pointment. Washington, Nov. 15. The Caucus
Committee, consisting of Edmunds,
Cameron, Cbristiancy, Bruce, Hamlin
aud Howe, are said to have exacted a
promise from President Hayes tbat he
would not nominate Democrats here
after if suitable Republicans coold be
Rye Beach Cable Repaired
New York. Nov. 15. Tbe officers
and directors of the Cable Company
announce tbeir Rye Beach cable repair
ed and working through as osna).
Will Vote Bacond Dissolution.
London, Not. 15. The Manchester
Guardian's special correspondent at
Paris, believes the Senate will certainly
vote a second dissolution, which tbe ..
Cbsmber of Deputies will resist.
Seaman Lost la BqnalL
New Orleans. Not. 13. Cant.
Wood, of tbe ship Saranak, from
Revel, reports, Not. 14th, in squall
lost overboard seaman William Tack,
who fell from tbe loretop gallant yard.
Gladstone Sleeted Lord Rector of
Glasgow Unlvsrslty.
London. Not. 15. In tbe polling for
Lord Rectorship of Glasgow Unfver
sity, the RL Bon. W. E. Gladstone re
ceived 1,153 votes, and sir Btanora
Northcote.Chancellor of tbe Exchequer,
Aa Earthquake.
Omaha, Not. 15. Three distlnot
earthanakes felt here, rinsing tho
cborch hells and making tall buildings
totter. Similar reports come from the
surrounding country. No damage re
Death Warrant Signed.
New Yore, Not. 15. Tbe Governor
of Maryland yesterday signed tbe
death warrant of Henry Norfolk, and
he will be hanged at Annapolis Decem
ber 21st.
Want the President to Explain.
Washington. Not. 15. Tbe Com
mittee on Commerce of the Senate re-
solved to address a communication to
tbe President, asking hii reasons for
removals In New York and elsewhere.
Tbls creates a leusatlon.
Cotton Shlpmente from Not folk.
Norfolk, Va., Not. 15. Three of
the largest merchant salllngships which
have visited this port since tbe war, are
now here, loading witn cotton ror Liv
erpool. They are the Kate O'Brien,
Baring Brothers, and Alexander Gib
Liability of Bank Stockholders.
Chicago, Not. 15. Judge Moore, in
the cate of an Individual stockholder
against the stockholders of tbe Fidelity
Savings Bank, decided to-day tbat the
stockholders are liable, and most pay
tboir indebtedness to tbe bank credit
or! at a whole.
BpoSord and Kelloig.
Washington, Not. 15. Kellogg bas
concluded his answer to Spofford, and
will submit it Saturday , night. In the
meantime be will give Spofford a copy
to prepare hit answer, by which means
both cases will go before tbe sub-Committee
New York Cigar Makers Going to
Ban Franolsoo.
San Francisco, Not. 15. Tbe com
mittee of cigar makers here have noti
fied the committee In New York of
tbe intention lo discharge several
tboutsnd Chinamen and bring whites
from New York to fill their pieces. It
is now reported one order for five hun
dred bas been sent.
The Fate of Striking Eogtnsers.
Boston, Not. 15. Some eleven
striking engineers on tbe Boston and
Maine Railroad were convioted to-day
in the United States Court for obstruct
ing mails. A motion wss made for ar
rest of judgment. The Court has dis
cretion in regard to penalty, varying
from $1 to $10,000 fine, and from one
day to two years imprisonment.
Tbe rirst Indictment Afatnst Gen.
Eacobsdo Quashed.
Brownsville, Texas, Not. 15 The
first indictment in tbe case of General
Escobedo, for a violation of tbe neu
trality laws, having been quashed on
account of its vagueness, another in
dictment waa found, and Escobedo,
with several of bis companions, waa
pnt on (rial in the United States Court
to-day. The cue will occupy several
Fighting Over Nominations.
Washington, Not. 15. The nomin
ations of Thomas as Collector and
Cochran as NaTal Officer at Baltimore
have been referred to a committee,
where, it Is said, they will be held to
make weight for or against the con
firmation of the New York nomina
tion! Tor like places. The nomination
of Lawrence lor tbe New Orleans Cut-tom-house,
took the tame course, and
will probably remain in the committee
until ihe New York nomination! are
confirmed or rejected.
Chief of the New Catbollo Blerarcby
of Scotland.
Edinburo, Not. 15 The Scotsman's
London correspondent says: "The
Chief of the new Catholic Hierarchy of
Scotland, will be styled the Archbishop
of St. Andrews, snd will reside In Ed
Inburg. There will also be Blthops of
Glasgow. Sycamore, Aberdeen, Wit
horn and Dnnkeld. At a Consistory,
to be held in December, the following
will be created Cardinals. The Papal
Nuncias at Vienna and Paris, and the
Archbishops of Venice and Palermo."
Fast Mall Train for the South.
Washington, Not. 15. The fast
mail train Just pnt on the Virginia
Midland route, is tbe fastost schedule
ever made for the South and South
west. Leaving New York at 8 :30 p.m.,
Philadelphia 9 :30 p.m.,'BaJtimore 12 M
a.m., Washington 2:55 e.m, it arrives
in Lynchburg at 10:35 a.m., Atlanta
9 :15 a.m.,by the Kennetsaw route and
9:35 s.m., by the Atlanta Air Line.
New Orleans at 8 :35 a.m., Chattanooga
at 4:35 p.m., Memphis 5:54 p.m., the
schedule lands northward bound trav
elers in Washington an honr earlier
than heretofore.
Suucubi for the Herald.

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