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NO. 22
Published WEEKLY by
Sinele crmlobv mall, tier year.
ao paid Vi IS
5 copies, postage paid 1 '
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20 " " " 1 44
An extra copy will be given lothc getter
up of a club or ten.
Send I'oHloflico Money Order or drafts
wheu practicable. Aihlrc...
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f Colston
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1 i 9 I I
Tlnif. Tlnn-B Muti's Mon'ft Ye::r.
1 1 to "4 do llo oTliiiw
i 7i ;oo not uon :i u
ft) t 00 H 10 S3 no Z't IA
1 J.'. II 01 fi 00 M li 0
I'. SO 1 1 W J 0U 31 VI !.'. U0
7 71 j 'i 30 On rl till)
oo 17 m oo to ie on
17 on m a m o 71 on loo on
Si 00 7100 I D 111 110 00
UA1 00 bO (to U.i no li.l itt
XTo Nobucrlbrrn n ""lf
in bluo pencil murk, mi ur pa- Iff
per, in a n'ltitleulion thut your Iff
subscription will oxpiru lw" A
weeks, and your paper will tn ft
discontinued, unlet otlicrwisoffl
urdora . ft
Frld y Worn In?, November 2:1.
We received the Yazoo Herald-Dem-ocrat
ol lCih, on the 22d. What
is the mvtcr with Iho mails lo Yazoo
New Orleans thlp amenta clsiin Unit
they can deliver (train in Europe from
Iho West via New Orlcaii., six cents
a bushel cheaper than it can be de
livered via New York. Important, if
- m
Til it Cincinnati paper are making
calculations for the race for President
in 18S0. The Democratic papers think
the Democrat will win with caso
while Ihu Ridicil Cincinnati Us.elto
count in the Ridicsls by ono electoral
volo majority. Wo had hoped that
wo were done with this 185 to 184 for
ill lime.
President Hayes bi one quality
that we greatly admire. He la firm in
his purposes After bo ouce makes up
his mind. Just after his inauguration
thero was a great double pressure
brought against bim by both parties in
regard to Louisiana and South Caro
lina. Tbo Radicals usod every means
In their power to prevent him from
doing his duty, while tbo Democrats
were deposed to hurry bim up
a little. Ho would not allow
himself (0 be swerved from his course
by the Radical, and bo took his own
limo and mode of relieving the two
Slates although tbo Democrats were
fretful and restless. Recently the
Radicals have renewed their pressure
(0 force him to change his Southern
policy, but ho is firm as a rock. Ho
rccontly informed a prominent gcntlo
mau that tho Senators might attend to
their own builrcss and cease their at
tempts to bulldoz him, lor their
efforts would be frullhsi. Ho was
charsod with bavina expressed an
opinion that Kellogg should bo admit
ted as a Senator Irom Louisiana. He
ctnnhalicilly denied the charge, Inking
:he occvion to remark that that was a
question for tho Senilu to decide, and
he did not Intend (0 inierfero wilh It,
as he was fully dolei mined not to rub
:nit to unwarranted Interference from
the Senate. Hayes is niakiiiK a good
President, and the South Is heartily to
joiccd at It.
Five iiu.nibeu millions ok uol
1. ai:s In a good round cum, but as t lie
Herald Is in favor of colonizing Iho
negroes of tho South in Africa, and as
'.hero arc supposed to he live millions
of them, ouo hundred dollars for each
will amount lo that precise sum.
I Evening Commercial.
Fivo hundred millions is a uood
.-cund sum, but nobody not a lunatic,
Imagine that one negro in a thousand
could ho induced to lcavo this country
on nny terms. If they all go, it would
cost heavily, but nothing liko what it
would coat (be youth of this State if
they should be forced to read the auto
biography of some old played out
blatheftkito journalist, simply becsuso
it Is called the history of Mississippi.
A Clood Fox Doc
Yotuc Editor Ukhald:
If fox hunting is worth anything,
regarding dogs, I will give one hun
dred dollars for any dog that can beat
my dog Spot the best two out of three
hunts. Fox Ucntir.
P. S. I will bet fifty dolars no dog
in tho State can do it. or runner in
formation call on the Herald.
A fabty of wine growers are press
ing grapes in a tab. Each one has a
newspaper wide open before bim.
"How's this?" asked a bystander of
me proprietor or the vineyard, "do you
furnish your men with newspapers ? "
"Yes, with papers of political opinions
opposite to their own. In reading them
thsy fairly stamp with rage." Paris
Scbscbibi for the Ribald.
CharKa Cotlea.
The articles which have appeared in
the UinALD within the last day or two
furnish additional reasons for holding
a Planters' Convention in Ibis city.
Our Cotton Exchango claims that it
wishes to build up a largo cotton trado
In this city for the mutual beuefit of tho
city and tho producers of cotton; the
planters want a market for their cotion
where tho charges for tho salo of it
will bo as light as they can possibly be
made ; hero is Iho basis upon which both
cin act. Let tho planters como iu largo
numbers and talk over tho matter, and
then the members of the Exchango
will ba presented an opportunity of
discussing all things of interest touch
ing this great trade. We have read the
ai ticks of both sidos with great inter
cat, and wo arc sitisficd that all differ
cimcs 'Mil be arranged when tbo parties
arc UiouKht faco lo ftcc, as would be
the case if tho planters met in Con veil
Hon here. It is plainly to tho interest
of the planter and of tho city of Vlcks
burg to have the charges on cotton
as lair and as low as I hey
can bo made. It is to the
intercut of iho city, lor the more
reasonable tho charges aro tho more
cotton she will sell and handle ; to the
planter, because bo saves money by it
Our Cotton Exchango proposes to
build up tho cotton business on this
principle, but one of tbo most iutelli
gent planters lu the county takes issue
wilh tho cily on tho twcnty-fivo cents
a bslo charge for storage on tho
sale of cotton. The Exchango replica
through its Secretary, by claiming
that tho Exchango is not rcsponsiblii
for tho charge, inasmuch as it Is mado
by tho Compress Company. This ar
gumeut is plausible, but It will uot sal
Isly the producers, for it is hardly
sound. Tbo responsibility for 0111
menial customs cannot thus bo shifted
from Iho proper shoulder?. It is H ue,
the Compress Company makes the
charge on all cotton delivered to it of
25 cents a balo for storage, aud for thi
chargo it will store tbo cottou a whole
month, or if it remains only one
day. tho chareo is the same. The
planter bring their cottou lo Vicks
burg to sell, not to store ; if they soil It
thtir responsibility, it teems to u,
should cease; if (boy store it, ihoy
should pay tho storage, and we must
ssv (hat tho Compress Company is not
to blame, for tho charge Is uot an un
reasonable one. To make this portion
plaluer, wo will present a cse that
might occur any day in tho week. Let
us supposo a planter noils a buyer 100
bales and tho buyer ships it the
samo day, would It be just tochnrgetho
planter 25 for storage? Certainly not.
Yet this is the position auiiicd by the
buyers, li a bucr purchases cotton
and wants 10 novo I', he ought lo pay
tho otoraire: if ho wants to 'hip it
without Fttmge, that is his bu-iue?'
The Cotton Exchsngo attempts tn
avoid tho question by siying (tint 1;
docs nut msko tin) charge, and 1l.1t it
i:i niailo by the Compress Company.
The Cotton Etchango was started to
in n U c eii'toms fair aud juH to both
teller mid buyer, and if it sees Ihat iho
buyer ii insisting u; 11 tomelhiug tli'.t
is iit.jiM, it ought to n'O nil
its power to stop it. The Et
chango has not done thi', and
to this extent It Is blamcable. Thi! sil
ly sophistry of some of tho buyer, thut
Vicksburg ought to do this bcc.ue
other cotton nurkc's do it, Is nlfo wor
thy of a word of correction. It V ck--burg
intends to govern herself bv t'.i
unjust mid injurious sichIs aud ch:;: -
enforced at other places the ouyht 1
stop Inviting planters to thip cotton
hero on tho pretense that she Is offer
ing superior advaulages to sellers. Let
Vicksburg, by lu-r acln, prove lo tho
world that sho will do tho fair thing in
he cotion trade, and sho will soon see
tho happy effect.
Held Up.
Msdlson (Wis.) Journal. I
At a qnarier past 3 o'clock a.m., A.
S. Johnson, a catile-dealpr living one
mile from ma depot at Ulaek lana
village, eighteen miles west ol tbi city,
on Iho Chicago, Milwsukee and St.
Panl railway, was robb d by two
darlnii foot pads, at bis own gate, of
$2,000 In binkbllli.
The circumstances connected with
thi bold highway robbery wcro a-
Mr. Johnson had been in Chicago
attending 10 sales of llve-itock, aud re
turned 011 Iho uiglit ps9smiirer of the
Chicsgo, Milwaukee nnd St. Paul rail
way. The (rain reached Iho depot at
Black Etrlh at 3 o'cloek this morning.
Ills (arm was distant one mile from
tho depot; uot having given previous
nolle" ol liis roturn, no one wns nn-si'iii
to drivo lit tn home ; ho had f 2,000 iu
bank bills In his wallet, but being a
stalwart man and well used lo the
road, ho feared nothing, md Itutncdl
ati'ly started homo.
inc. wlk wsa uiiRccomnaniod by
iucidcut, further than an occasional
noio something like a foot-step, the
oiuor tide of the rail fence. ISut as
slight drizzling rain was prevailing,
and the snow was moiling rapidly, he
attributed the noiso to these cau-c
particularly as ho looked over tho fence
tuoro ihsii oncn, and raw iioiblug.
Arrived at his own gate, ho put out
baud to lift tho latch; his wii-t was
grasped, as lu a vice, tbooibiT arm was
cauyhi, and two stalwart fellows, with
hats slouched and handkerchief tied
over their fices neatly to the ows. sud
denly appeared before him.
"Money or your life, d n you ! ' said
one. in a coarse, gruff voice.
Johnson refused to comply with this
demand. They sgain threatened him;
no still refused, butbeing without arms
and wholly In their power.be could
uot resist further. The spokesman ol
ho rubbers held a pistol between bin
victim' eyes, while his pal "went
through" iho "well-heeled" farmer;
not another word was pokeu; the
investlKaior readily fouud Hie wallet,
look the 12000 therefrom with slngn
ar tangfroid, as though he was used to
such imuia every day or his existence,
and restnpping the empty book, put It
back In Johnson s pocket.
Wilh both pistol drawing a bead on
(ho bead of tho astounded Johnson, the
high wa men gradually backed away
nil (heir lorms were lost in the gloom
Arousing himself from the hall trance
into winch ho hid been p ungea by
tho suddenness ol tho attack nnd the
rapidity if its consummation, (be
victimized Black Earthlau fled to the
bouse, nwakeiH'd his people, and 111
stlluled a scnrr.h.
No truces could be found olher than
loot-prints in tho mud, and they wore
soon lust. L,t tor no tciegrnpuen de
scriptions of (he bill to the Shi-riffs of
this and neighboring counties, but ttins
far withoui result.
Irad bending on the ftewnpaper
The Romo Seuiinol rises to explain,
and its lan.'iisgo is plain, and as fol
low: "There i no other business oil which
tlio public lovlcs fuc!i heavy contribu
tions as on ill- t.i'wsonpcr publUhlug
business. An u miznion U getting
up somo kind ni leMivities, lor ixatn-
pic. It pays lor '.tie une of grounds,
pays for icfresiiiniuts, get 2 worth
of tickets and M worth of bills prii.trd
either at n newspaper oflico or inw-
where tlse, and men expects nco ad
vertising from the paper lo mi extent
nc'ually worih Irom 12 or jii P $10.
Tim miTo atmouuci'inont ol a pp-me,
-oci ible or lesuval is a matter ol news,
but further lhau that is an advertise
ment, uu'l ought to h: paid lor.
Thi! result is tint a genciMm pi opor
liuii of 1 liu profits of nearly iU enter
tainments of this kind is money which
richtfully bolouit to ncwpiper pub
lishers. Then, after Iho ihiug is over,
t l.o managers will como In with a long
suing ol tesoluiiuus, wilh which to rob
tho publisher of more valuablo epac.
Thi truth is, that spico In a newspaper
represents money, it is worth money
tu the publisher. There is no more
i rei-on wbv he should give it away
Tfc Army Rrclaler.
New York Tribune !
Fivo years aeo the nronosltion of
Charles Sumner to remove the names
of the battles of the civil war from the
rckiimeiitsl colors of tho regular army
caused a great ccal of discussion, nnd
provnk ii much hnstilo criticism Now,
tho 8eercinry tf War orders all men
tion of tiaitics to be omitted in future
issues of Tbu Army Uegl ter, and the
rhauge, more important than tho one
Mr. Sumner proposed, excites no atten
tion, and gets only a brief mention In
the Washington dispatches. S!ncol8b2
The Hpi;ls'cr In, contained in connec
tion with iho rosier of each regiment,
a li-t of all the bailies it has taken part
in ainco lis oritanizaiion. Most of these
battlo names mid dates como from the
rebellion, but tho record of iho older
regiments opens with tlio earlier histo
ry of the country. Thus, for example,
tho First Artillery beitins its long mid
honorablo H -1 wilh tiueenstown, Fori
Ooorgn and Fort Erie, iu tlio war of
1812; lollnws with titles of many
bloody eneoiiutcra in tho Florida war,
and adds such glorions nanu s as Palo
Alto, Ucrri) f.ionlo, Cherubusco and
Ctinpultepcc, before it comes lo the
catalogue ot it Southern balllc-tii lds,
All Ihc'o brief historic of heroic
achievements arc Id appear no nioro
upon the psgc9 of Tlio Register, w both
er to simplify tho volume, or from 1
motive similar to that which impelled
the great Massachusetts Senator, wo are
not inlornieil.
. - m
Old HI an she Oreesshack Vole
As thev sat together, csliug thoir
Qrst pint of fresh cbostnuts, Out si
"Do nior 1 reads do iurder I giia 10
do notion dat dure is qucschina whar
slurbs politicks wtiss dan de nigger.
"What is hit, den ?" asked Pete.
"Well, dar' de labor performers, an
do uro'bishouites, and de Molly Mc
Uuiro's parly, an' all that. Hain't yor
bin rcsdin' de papers lately t '
"Yes, but 1 hain't scod numn in uar
dat makes me feel like ahoutln' fer mo
lecksbuns down byarl
"How 'bout dat itroenback vote dat
yer see rccnuntid bout in de news ? '
USTICE WILL NOT BE CHEATED, method which. In soma conclave some.
where, adjusts matters of this kind,
Wall.P Rll.v, IK. Mi.. .r n.1.1.. a. ? K"!'" w
, n. pody in tne nark, s a campaign in war
oiptureo. time is supposed to be adjusted witn
speer, and sconu and lacues and
telegrams 'and ciphers, and so
on. and (ben march into this arena
of sereno luetics, at it Is to of-
often called npon such questions, and
witniiietroont all drilled and tbo tuns
all loaded to take the case that happens
to be most convenient, In order lo
make votes the fastest cnt off from
consideration, and thereby acquire
strength enough by the solid methods
to prevent any otber than a similar
disDosition of another like case. with.
Tremetdout Pressure en the Senatorial out anv rcnard to the evidence. Mr.
Centeat Butler, Frem South Csrollns.l President, If anything of that kind has
piolal to the Herald 1
fccooBA, Miss., Nov. 22. Walter
Riley, sentenced to be banged for kill
ing Dobbs, who escaped jail Monday
t At t . I
nigm, nas uecn recaptured. lie was
fouud hid in Chisholm'sgin-honsc.
and Ktllogg, From Louisiana, Likely to
bs Seated Senator Conover't Position.
Wasiiinoton. Nov. 22 The pressure
is tremendous on Iho Senatorial ques-
uon, and tlio impression prevails that
hould the quesiion bo forced early
cxt week tho result will be
the seating of Butler, of South
Carollua and Kellogg, of Louis
iana. It is known Hint Senator
Conover, of Florida, will vote through
out for seating Umler, from South Ctr
oliiin,and,as at present advised, will vote
for seating Kmlogg. Conover frlondt
say of bim that his action in those
- , -ii-i i.t. nmn nit,! I vuo irnu-uuura, tuu iua runes iu iui
cases Is entirely of his own volition,! j..fc ,..... ,- ,.t,.., .-i,n... .
i.. , .I,., u. i. ' darsx corners ; to manliest and muster a
,r.V.iK th. knot In
: . " -r . . ' . ' 1 thia . it snncara In mn. rtne not at
sl..et record, and will be firm not- KtStt SftS. rZ'XL"!
Ih.l.H.l KvAnnh, A ww... .-
w iiubihiiuiiih
bear npon
occurred, at the newspapers say that
ii nas, men u aoes not coramena useii,
tt appears to me, largely to our consid
eration, but my friend from Indiana
now tells mo that the Chairman of the
Committee on Privileges and Elections
says that the Kellogg case ought to be
Investigated. So It ought, but not less
so than those thai stand later on the
calendar of the Senate, and, as I pre
sume, on the calendar of the Committee,
and tbat ought, In all Justice and
Iru'li, be taken op in their
order and fairly considered and dis
posed or; but to Introdnce tbo tricks of
tho i beater the shifting of tho scenes
the trap-doors, and the ropes In the
can, no nas tne nonesty and courage to
do Ihat which hi own tudument die
tales is right. Lie believes itutier en
titled to his teat as duly elected, an I
will vote for him as persistently as ho
did for Mr. runhbaclc.
"Well. I don't on'crstan' datl Ef
dar's enny Itckshun Voun 'bout whar
dar's gn enback votes, I wants er 'tkur
sin n ticket ter de noils rite now."
"Ob koarse. but dat hain't bit. l
jets got de hang ob ltdls mornln'. Yer
see 1 kinder got de idee dat nit wuc ae
rckonatruckshnn ob de plan dey had
down liyar when we niggers wuz fust
In deman' on de two side ob de fence.
"Less see you means"
"1 means when do greenback vote
representid dat do man dat votes de
mo' on ouo side got de mo' sat era
faery Aggers on de shiuplarsicr dat
wuz rashloned out ter him
"Ye. I membah dat."
"Well, dl are ! de mo' dcoeevln'
diffruuee frum dtt yer cticr soed. Dl
means volo for grccuback inunney on
glnrul prinsurpuls, no matter who git
do handltn'obbii."
"An' de voter don't git nuffln?"
"Nary nickel 1"
'Den l'se 'gin do pahty !"
'We'.', I'so kinder sour'd on hit my
cf, but fer ills, dat I'so willin' ter tako
greenback when I can't git speeshy,
bu wlii-ii I do git allbcr In deio claws,
he's gwino lor do olo sock, yer beah
rue. I'se i;ini'd dU sense frccduin dal
cr man kin ;t 'long better In discouu
try widout psr'y dan he kia wldout
ni'inriey !"
This "Cenicd a saiislsciory solution
of iho "yii ieiiliack vote" maltcr, nnd
the cr.jwd di-persod.
lV;s i; all kinds ure a noosance.
Pet :i iir.il.' !'h a kluh and ho iz i a
sh'.nr, ''it pet him with oates and ho
will kick out ono end of kreasbuu.
1M Jus J.ro full ov llces, and pet moil
kokaro t ill ov tlio devil. All pet
children ".re tinauts, and opinyuns,
tlko secoml-liaiul clothing, are worth
Just what ju kau git fur Uem. A pot
liorn Iciins lo bo frisky, and a pet ser
vant bek'itus cunning at Die expense- of
hla honesty. Pet Irlends aro Iho hard
est lo keep, tut! whon yu do lo thcin
the) turn trotti huuny lo gaul, and pets
ov all kiiuls arc laUidious. A pot crow
can t tell whit his next mis met will
hBi ..TImu i-nnhii Privileges and Elections thinks tbat we
KTV."'.?" "fS?-!1" ought not to discharge the Committee
from the consideration of Kellogg
when my friend and all bit associates
say that we must discbarge tbem from
consideration of a case that they have
net been able to reach because, as it it
said, It Is a littlo more convenient
to gel a certain person admitted to a
seat In this body by tbat method for
T .I.t. L... i ! -l I .. wliUl mmm-
llQpnte. 1 -vinu su cuj Btriuiij wuum sua i,v-
I nrlatln. nf Ihl. mn..lnnthan hv fhn
Washinotos, Nov. 22. The Senate nthnr. Knnwlnor hoar n.trlnllp. and
occupied the morning hour in discuss- unparli,an ray friend and bis associates
ing the motion ot iiiurman to amend arei i sppeai t0 tbem e, ui d,chargo
the journal of yesterday's proceedings, ,he Committco from Kellogg and dis-
so tbat It should not show that the pend- pogo 0f his and Mr. Spofford's case. If
Ing question was the motion of Mr. tt u rgni t0 discharge the Commlttoo
Hoar to lay on tne tao e, a resoint on before luqnlry and report where the 8en
to discharge the Committee on Prlvl- thave already determined the subject
lenct and Elections from further cons d- in lheir own mlnd, by their own votes,
eratlon of the Butler credentials. He ui n do it In th flrat ease first. Then
argued that Hoar had withdrawn that x lhlnk my friena, M voting to do that,
ii ... st m m.ipn ,hl CtlriMlfl re I VTA i
.,.. ,u, ...v. .,. i.. ,, . .,! all nets none are moro nastv
i a ay His goon., ran o mo space oi v." " .;. ,
....... I. .1,1 Ir, 1,11. .,,..! IM.Ml f(l . llll -Iv "
advertising purposes; tho
tho town of Auburu, Oregon,
gold diggings have been found uuder
peculiar circumstances. A boy bad
Leon fitted onl by bis father with tho
Implements of mining, and set to work
near the roadside, merely for amuse
ment, aud to give Iho youngster some
thing to keep bim out of mischief.
Tbo ground was staked out formally
iu mining style, aud some waste water
was turuod into sluices, so as to wash
lb i dirt. The boy worked for a few
days faithfully, and, to everybody's
surprise, he at last panned out a small
quantity of gold dust. Laborers were
then employed, and the work was
deepened and extended, gold continu
ing to be found, at last accounts, in
profitable quantities.
An Invalid Frenchman who hired a
horse every evening from a livery
stable, particularly doslred the hostler
to see that bis horse bad nothing to eat
for dinner. "Because," be remarked.
"Monsieur le doctenr be say 1 mut
rest ol tho
sparo is ch voted to liiter. s'.iiig reading
matter. On Ihu last the publisher do-1
peuds for the attrse'lon, which shell
sell his ppcr. Either spn'-e represents
cash to him. Yet tho business man
who buys sp ce to tho amount of $2,
often buys a gratuity of local spaco to
the amount ot f I or $2, or even more.
Tbo managers of festivals, picnics, or
other homo ouicrtainmeots may not buy
ono cent's worth of space, but all the
samo expect the free gift of several dol
lara' worth of space. The minister,
who ucver advertises, msy want space
to tho amount of a dollar or two week
ly, lor the advertisement ot coming
sermons. The politician, oven though
bo forgets to keep bis subscription paid
up, demands column after column of
valuable spice freo, and rarely so much
as says thauk you (or it For all this
the uewspsper man, taxed beyond any
oilier business man, enjoys the high dis
tinction of belne resarded as a dead
head by two-thirds of bis neighbors."
It It estimated that one hundred and
twntv thousaud children have beeu
made orphans by the famine In India,
aud the British Wesley an Society are
trvlnar to raise a lend for tba support
of three or four bnndred of them, at
tak' a gentle exercise on xe empty
pet parrot. Nothing
in this world was mado to bo potted,
for noiliini; was tnado lo require it
Pet hobbys aie plenty and oasy to
mount, but hard to Hick to, and tho
ditches all along life s turnpike aro fill
cd with ridel". A pet Ism alwuss
makes a ktos ram, and what has been
once netted csn never be happy agin
without it. Live pels of all kinds are
sure to bo luy, and from being lazy to
belim sassy is uui a snort step, and is
sure to be taken. 100 mucn brings
luxuriance fust, and thun ruin. I have
seen gardiu as netted so much that It
all ran to top and to viues. Pet kats
aro, lust, an insult to tho kat, aud next
an insult to tho party mat pots tnem ;
and there Is no more excuse for board
ing a pel poodle and logging them
around than there is for boarding and
lotelng a bedbug. Josh Billings.
Ota, Willi' Have Vow Heakti-
St. Louis Ulobo-Democrat.j
Blckbam, of the Dayton Journal,
seems to have lost tome of the pristine
vigor with which he started in a tew
months ago, to got a second term for
Hayes. Mr. Hayes may tbank his
stars tbat he is uot obliged to put hi
claims to a first ter rn to another lest.
He would not get V) per cent or the
the rata of twenty-five dollars a year rotes of a Republican Convention It
for each oat. lone were to be Mio to-morrow
motion bv unanimous consent.
In the test vote this rooming. Cono
ver and Patterson voted with tbe Dom
After some discussion, Tburman
withdrew bis motion to amend tbe
Mr. Windotn, from tbe Committee
on Appropriations, reported, with an
amendment, lbs Houaajalnl resolution
In relation to the farls exhibition.
Placed on the calendar.
Edmunds's motion to insert the
nsme of Kellogg instead of Butler lo
the pending reso.mion to discharge tbe
Committee on Privileges and Elections
from further consideration of tbe case,
was defeated, yeas 30, nays 31.
Conkllng then submitted an amend
ment that tho Committee on Privileges
and Elections be directed to report in
the matter of Kellogg and Spofford,
and In the mcauiimo the South Caro
lina case be postponed; rejected, 30 to
Edtnuuds then submitted a motion
to discbarge tho Committee from tbe
consideration of the Kellogg and Spof
ford c mo ; rejected, 30 to 32.
Edmunds then moved that further
consideration be postponed to Monday;
rejected, 30 to SI.
Cunkllug said regarding his call lor
Ibc ayes and nays on Hoar's motion to
tablo Tbtirmau' motion to diicharge
the Committee from luriher considera
tion of tbo South Carolina case, that
hi purpose iu calling for tho yeas And
nays on tho motion to lay on ihe tablo
was to put it beyond tho reach of call
or power of withdrawal by anyb.dy.
He had no hotitalinu in avowing his
reason for this. Thero hail beeu tu
mors and whispers of new and strange
alliance'. It was to bo hoped they
wern holy alliances. There had been
whispers of alliances pending some
time, and which wero yesterday sus
pected to havo ripened into certainty
alliances relied upon to transfer the
malority from one sldo to the other
aide of the Senate. 1I3 felt it his
right 13 ascertain, by tho earliest
method, who were the allies,
Iho reserves, recruits, and how
many tbcro were. It se racd that
a motion to lay on the table not being
debatable, would produce a very early
revelation of tbe coalition, and show
how it was tbat iho control of the Sen
alo was to pass away from tbo malority
as berotofore constituted, and like tbe
star of Empire wostward tako lis way.
I Here lie looked to the west or Demo-
ciaiic side or tbe Chamber. Bearing
on tlio quesiion, Mr. Edmunds said:
"I havo read the record with consider
tble caro, and I dud tbat tbe Chairman
of the Committee on Privileges and
Elections did attempt to Dorsnade mv
honorable friend from Indiana, and
others of that Ilk, tbat it was un
gracious. unjust, unfair, and
unprecedented. Let mo tell
my honorable friend that be
aud others should not undertake to
trln ud tbe heels of a committee of this
body before they had an opportunity
in Investigate a matter tbat it bad been
ihouiiht worthy to send to tbem for In
vesication, and particularly by tbat
sort of a (It it parliamentary to say
contrivance, Mr. President?) By that
tort of a method I believe that it a
parliamentary word by tbat tort of a
will nnlte with tbem in carrying ont
their own principles and practice. We
will vote to discharge the Committee
In the South Carolina case and will
spend a week or two in finding ont
what we can do oorselres. Very well,
let the Senators vote with
me to discharge the . Committee
In tbe first ease. They tay the
Committee ought to be discharged
from tbem all. If that le tbe order of
the Senate, I submit to the will of tbo
majority, and wben we have disposed
of the first, I shall be very seriously
locuneo to relieve tnem from tbe con
sideration of the Corbin and Bailor
case, while, as I say, we can tako np
the papers and tho evidence, we are au-
loomed . to summon witnesset our
selves, aud they can be heard at tbo
bar of (he Senate, and thut we shall
thon have (be pageaott tbat have been
rarely witnessed In bistorv. that will
be to honorable to the principles of my
good friends on tbe otber side, to satis-
lactory to tne sense or justice of tho
American people. Go on with tho
investigation iu that way. Let nt have
peace, Mr. Prrsldont, and conciliation.
iUlmunds moved that the Senate ad.
Journ to Monday. The voto was 31 to
ii, (jouover in (bis Instance voting
will) tbo Republicans, aud the Senate
adjourned lo Monday by Ihe vote of
vice-rrctiucui wnoeicr.
Tho motion to reconsider tbe vole of
yestorday defeating the amondment of
waddell. or North Carolina, to appro
priate $700,000 for mail routes other
tban on railway and steamship lines,
was defeated, and the deficiency bill
passed without that provision.
A bill was introduced by Uunton, of
Virginia, for tbe payment of Ihe value
of cottou sol-zed by Treasury officials
after May, 1805, and one by Vance, of
North Carolina, for fast mail service
between Washington aud several
Southern citlce.
Tho debato on the bill to repeal tho
Resumption Act was closed by a strong
speech in its favor by Ewing, of Ohio.
ihe House adjourned withont final
action on the bill.
Lumber Belanre.
Mobile, Nov. 22. A larse nronor-
Hon of the property formerly seized by
Special Agent Carter, of tho United
Slates Government, at Pascagouls, and
released by Judge Hill, is now seized
by Mississippi and Alabama under
writs from the Btato Court of Missis
sippi, and bold by tho Sheriff. Tbe
Marshal it attempting tosolzeihe bal
ance Secretary Sherman bas laid a
practical embargo on tbo whole coast
of Mississippi by refusing to clear any
and all lumber vessels, foreign and
What tba President Will Do.
Wasbinotom, Nov. 22. The Pott't
tpeoltl saya the President, In conversa
tion wlih a prominent officer In tbe last
forty-eight boor, deolared tbat be
would veto any Sliver Bill which does
not expressly except the pnbllo debt
from itt operations. He will not ap
prove any measure which hat the
slightest tendency to Impair the Na
tional credit or lo cause holders of
National securities to think tbat they
will be paid la currency of leu value
tban gold. ' -

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