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NO. 23
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I Column
Friday Morning, November 30.
There will ba seven colored men in
tbe r.ort Mineissippl Legislature.
The Methodist Conference will con
vene In Jackson next Wednesday.
TriAKKioiviNo day wan moro gener
ally observed by our citizens than wc
ever remciiibor to bave seen it.
That ml!; about Congress declaring
Tililcn President, it tbe Democrats gel
full control of ihe Seuate, is o ere sound
and sensation.
Two characterless Southern Repub
licans now virtually rnlo the Senate of
tbe United Sulci. How do tbe peo
ple like the picture ?
-- . -
The New Oilcan Hanks charge 1-10
per cent, for smiling money by ex
press lo the country. Tho way New
Orleans enn iuvcut charges and steals it
a caution.
The Cincinnati Enquirer says the
bald-headed benedicts of Boston tell
their wivos they are golug around to tee
iho English caitlo show, aud then dip
in to too Ljdia Thompion'a display of
The Jackson Clarion rejoicj be
cause Mississippi it notr tbe banner
Democratic State. The editor of that
journal deserves thanks for tho work
he has done- lu making our Slato the
banner State of tho grand old party.
Senatoii Patterbox, it appear', has
turned Democratic in self-defense. lie
prefers tho Democrat!: party to a Slate
Penitentiary. It is entirely n question
of taste. Jackson Tiincr.
Tho poor devil ue-cr could reform
it hp remained in bud company.
Tub Loui-ville Courier-Journal ob
serves that the Republican paper no
longer refer :o cither Patterson or
Conovcr as 4 noMo asrl patriotic ix-
poneutt of R.'publicaii principles in the
Sontb.'' Tho fir-t tinia a "poor, peisp- j
cule.i Republican" changf s his vote, he i
become a very poor devil, indeed.
riiua tliQ Ciuriou vre lenni tint Miss ,
Lula Dickson will soon appear in Jack-:
XTo Mnbdcrlbcrn An "X"f
in blue pi'Duil mnrk, on your pa-Iff
per, la a nilillciitinn that your If
tubicriplinu will expiru in two 1
weeks, and your paper will bo 1
discontinued, unless otherwise fl
"iJero i. ft
sou, supported by her own jonipniy held ut Mont Albon, in this county. We
producing beforo tho public 'Romeo j feel very grateful indeed to tho meet
aud Juliet," 'EvnJue," "Clouds,"' "As i ing for I tie thanks tendered ourscll,
You Liko It," and lor the first time 1 but wo wish to 6ty lo all the planters
her beautiful new play entitle 1 'srci!'
liearls.' Yi:e Chicago Tribune indulges In
silver fh!m?s : -I'lic West is solid
V'.rv soiid-ou tbo siiver question; it
w;!i re;u.iio until the silver question
is ilec't li l no West desires it shall
be d'jri l-jd. Every State, every Cou
gresionai district, every county, cvtry
t3wnhip, every school district is of the
samo wa; of thinking on Ibis c;ne-tion.
Every Congressman from tho West
must support it, or prepare to reliro to
privato life. There will bo no place
for anti-silver matt in the uext Con
Kress." We have seen so much of carpet-bag
uu.l scalawag rascality in tho South,
that we begin to think that
Senator Patterson aud Conovcr
are still attempting to play tome of tbo
"old tricks." For a time Conover acted
with tho Democrats, and it looked as if
the Democrats would Boon bave undis
puted control of tbe Senate. Wednes
day, Conover flopped over to tbo Rad
icals, and we suspect ho and Patterson
have fixed up a little tchemc to balauco
tbe two parties at evenly as possible to
tbe end that they may hold the balauco
Of power. This, a far at our experi
ence goes, it tbe beigbt of a Southern
Kadlcal't ambition. If be can be In a
position to tell bit rote for a pile, be it
A Urtu lajaatlce.
A late dispatch says the Treasury
will toll million of gold lo-day. This
it part of Ibe Shameful polioy of the
Radical Administrations since the war.
It means that tbe Government la still
discounting its own paper, and thus
throwing discredit on its evidences of
debt. When tbe Treasurer of the Uni
ted States enters the markets of tbo
world and attempts to get the biggest
price for a sum of gold, be is tho dis
honorable agent of a swindling Gov
ernment. Every finauclcr in (hit
country and in Europe, of any stand
ing, has denounced Ibis swindling
financial policy of tbe Radical Admin
istrations. Every such transaction is a
bid lo speculators to keep up a differ
ence between greenback and gold.
Every such transaction is a blow at the
holders of greenbacks, and an unjust
discrimination lu. favor of tbe bond
bolder', wbo always receive their gold
interest promptly.
What would be thought of a busi
ness Arm that would go in Vhauge
and discount its own paper alter it was
due ? How could such a firm keep up
its credit? Tbeio are hundreds and
thousands of Arras every day that have
paper fulling due that they are not able
to pay In full. What is douo about such
cases? If they are wise and honorable
flrius, and havo good assets, they pay
all they on, and glvo their obligations
to pay tbo balance at some timo in the
future. Tho greenbacks aro tho prom
Ues to pay of tho United States; they
aro on overdue, ut Instead of : e
Government making arrangements to
pay them at it, having vast asset, could
do, it goes weekly into the market and
dishonors its own paper. This outrage
is the more uoticeable and disgraceful
from the fact that it makes an Insidious
distinction in this business against tbe
paper that is bearing no inter
est. Tbe holders of greenback
notes aro thus Injured that the
boldors of gold Interest-bearing
bonds may be paid promptly. If
any distinction must be made it should
certainly bo made in favor of the pa
per that is bearing no interest. There ia
a still worse pbaso of this mean practice
Tbe greenback holders do not ask that
the legal tenders shall be paid to the
inconvenience and cramping of the
Government; thsy merely ask that tho
Government shall honor them by re
ceiving them for all debts, or to receive
them for bonds, if the boldor wishes it,
bearing a low rate of Interest. This, the
Government has persistently refused
to do, and t.ie Rtdical party is respon
sible for it. If a person has bonds and
wishes to pay duties with them, ho is
ablo lo do so, and get bark something
over and above iIir face of them; if a
person has greenbacks and wishes to
pay duties with thciu bo must tlrst dis
honor tho pspiv of the "Ut Gov
, orniiient
ling it
I-'... I," I..,
. ' -
Hit tirovct conclusively
that thn Kadii-d Administrations
can sol- do o'hor iiuorcst but that of the
bondholder-, and it should convince
the pc ipi.i (Lit they must havo u change
of nieti that juslico may bo donu to all.
In another column will be found the
proceeding of tbe Plan'cri' Meeting
tlm. liiiicty-nine onc-hundredtht of Ibe
citizens of Vicksburg fully Indorso the
article alluded to. We opposod unjust
charges on cotton, and the ciiizens f
Vicksbur:' iigreo with ut, because the;
do no! sanction unjust or uuwie
measures. Such measures inevitably
tend lo drive cotton away from the
city. While a very few ore interested
in theso charges, because (ho money
goes into thoir pockets (wo dr not al
lude to the Compress Company,) the
least reflecting cllizn must sco that
tuch charges arc directly injurious to
the interests of all others. Our gro
cers, dry goods merchants, hardware
merchants, and drmrgists, are nil plain
ly injured by this act of petty in
justice. Every interest in llio city
except that of tho men wbo wish to
reap theso charges on every balo of cot
ton they purchase, is injnrod by such
practices, find tho citizen of Vicksburg
are a earnest in thoir condemnation as
tho Herald. We wish our planting
friends to understand this.
We notice that tho Planters' Meeting
did not tuggest a day for tbo Plantort'
Convention that is to be held bere.
Would it not bo well to write to the
gentlemen of Washington county who
held tbe flrtt meeting, and request them
to name a day? The Herald will
gladly co-operate witb all who are in
earaett lo effort that certain! v will aid
in building op our cotton trade.
Tub New Orleans Democrat pub
lishes a report made by the Committee
on Public and Charitable Institutions
of tbe Louisiana Legislature, on Feb
ruary 14lb, 1876, that places the editor
of Ibe New Orleans Times in a very
dishonorable position. Mr. Isaao N.
Sloutcmeyer, tbe editor of the Timet,
Is a brother-in-law of Auditor Clinton,
of Louisiana. Tho report charges that
Mr. Stoulemcjer blackmailed tbe
Charity Hospital of New Orleaua. It
teems that warrants are issuod to run
this charitable institution, but Clinton
would tell the managers there was "no
money In tbe Treasury to cask them."
Ibis was done until Mr. Stoutomeyer
"fixed things," which he did after tbe
Hospital submitted to a shave amount
ing lo 6,500.
Plaster' .Heeling;.
Editor ol the Herald:
At a meeting of the planters in the
Ml. Albon neighborhood, beld at the
above place on the 28th Inst., for the
purpose ol appointing delegates to the
Planter' Convention to assemble In
Vicksburg, Dr. W. E. Oates was called
to the chair and II. M. Goffa elected
Oo motion of Mr. J as. A. Newman
four delegates were appointed by the
Chair, tbo Chairman being added, a
follows, viz: W. E Oates, II. M. GofTe,
Geo. M. Batchelor, E. II. Willis and Dr.
F. M. Fitzhugh.
Tbe following resolution was then
offered and unanimously passed :
Itesnlvcd, That the thanks of tbe plant
log commuuity at Urge are due and tba
mo are hereby londered tbe editor of tbe
II KHALI) lor tbu manly stand he baa taken
in our dufense, as shown in bis able edi
torial of tbo 23d Instant.
Ou motion tho above proceedings
were ordered to be published in tbe
Vicksburg Herald and Eveniug Com
mercial. The meeting then adjourned subject
tbo call of the Chairman.
By order of
W. K. OATES, Chairman.
H. 31. (ioiva, Secretary.
The Vote ost the CoaatUutloaal
Jackson Clarion.l
Tho vote upon the proposed constitu
tional amendments was at follows :
For amendment to Article IV and V
abolishing the office of Lieutenant
Oovernor 47.9S3
Must M01S
Kor amendment to Article IV Sec
tion VI for Ulcnnial Sessions S3 096
Against 4,010
Toul vote for llipresentalivsa 11,407
Avcrairo volo U0.7IS
.Necessary to adopt amendment.... 40,M0
It will bo teou by the abova that tbe
amendment abolishing the office of
Lieutenant. Govornor was lost by 18S0
votes, ami (ho amendment providing
f ir bienuUl sessions of ibe Legislature
was adopted by 6,136 majority. The
average vole Is calculated ai required
by Section IV of the Act which be
camo a law by limitation January lOtb,
187G. No returns have been received
from Bolivar county, and those from
Chickasaw, Leako and Newton coun
ties woro not properly certified to.
When these returns aro received and
properly made out, they may change
the reult as to the amendment upon
the office of Lieutenant-Governor,
thereby abolishing it, hut they will
not altor the result n:ion the other
The full returns will be received in
tin,. r, n. (.,,. ,,i .i:i
publi-h a tabular statement, by rotin
' ties, of tbo voto for Stato otlicm.
Dailowratal Rank, K. of I.
A short lime ago wo published a
bilcf notice of tho organization in this
i rity (.!' a section of tho Kiid -wtncnt
It ink, Knights ot Pythias. Any thing
I that this cseel'mt Order takes hold ol
' nntiinkAil.l. ilcnlf Ia 1 1, a nnl.ll.
ml al
ways aroii'os public lutcresf.
s wo
have heard some inquiries about this
now plan of insurance, we give some
account of it :
The Supreme Lodge Knights of Py
thin of ibe World, at its session held
nt Cleveland last August, considered
the subject ol Insurance or Mutual En
dowment, and ippolnted a Committeo
to prepare and pcomulgale a plan for
the same. Tbe Committee met at Cin-
h.imtl and completed its labors, adopt
ing a plan ol insurance which it is be
lieved is better than any now extant.
A fourth rank (or degree) was
adopted, the ritual of v.'hich whs writ
ten by tho founder of the order. J. II.
R'ltlibone, Esq., which U -:ii.i to bo ex
ceedingly beautiful. The Kudowmeut
Rank is termed sections, numbering
consecutively all over tbo world. Sec
tion No. 1 will be located in Louis
ville, Ky. But one section at pn sent
will bo stationed here. Members ol
any lodge of the ordor can join after
having passed proper medical exami
nation. ,
The Supreme Chancellor has re
ceived applications for over fifiy sec
tions. This, with the splendid mem
bership of the order of over 100,000
members, start ou a sure foundation.
There aro two (2) classes, one and two
thousand dollar each. A member can
take ono or both. The nssessmcnt at
tbe death of a member It (1 25.
There is a lady In Shell Rock, Iowa,
who ia so sensitive to the odor of to
bacco or coal oil that tbe merest smoll
of either will throw her into convul
sion. This is the kind of a person on
whom a son-ia-law could get tbe dead
wood withOBt much trouble. N. O.
Ton saddest word of tongue or pea,
Are "Anna Dickinson won't have Ben."
-lLwU Courier.
mortality of the Blacks.
A correspondent of the Cincinnati
Gazette writing from Memphis, tayt,
in speaking of Ibe condition of (be col
ored peoplo of the South : When we
come to mortality ttatltllcs there it
something positively frightening in the
figures. For while this Is among the
most healthful cities ot tbe Union far
ahead of Nashville. In sixty yean tbe
city has bad but three epidemic, and
during the worst cholera visitation at
Nashville Memphis almost entirely
escaped. Immediately after tbe war,
when the frecdmen crowded tbo poor
er portions of tho city, their mortality
tood to that of the white in tbe enor
mous ratiool three to onel Thence it
declined slowly, aud for the past two
years has averaged nearly two to one.
Tho pure blacks are exempt from yol
low fever, and tho lightercolor nearly
to ; but cholera and small-pox rage fear
fully among both. For the tlx months
ending Juno 30, 1877, tho record aver
ages tuns:
Wblto Deaths per l,ft 15 4-10
Blaoks-Ueatbsper 1,000 37 4-10
Or two and a half timet a many
Nor can I tee from the burial ccrtlQ
celcttbat it is confined to any age. Old
and yonng nogroes, malo and female,
teem to die In liko proportion. The
sickly month for whites aro from June
to October inclusive, but witb the
black all the months aro sickly. De
cember Is at fatal at May, For Octo
ber Ihe death list shows sixty-four
wbilot and lorty-ono blacks, which, If
above figures as to population aro cor
rect, would show the colored mortality
to be one and a half times at great as
that of tbe whiles.
So startling did these figures teem to
me that I wanted other evldenco than
tho health reports, and so took a sort of
tocial censut or teveral blockt iu tbe
worst part of tbe city, asking some
quetiiont which might have been con
sidered Impertinent.
Ibe ttandard article ol diet Is cat
fish beads boiled into soup, and this
they use indilTerently at all teatoni of
the year. It It their staple when all
else fall. They use a good article of
corn-meal, but of bacon Ibey get none
but the very poorest, that which can be
bought for almost nothing. At to such
luxorieit fruit, milk, and eggt they
only taste them when employed in the
houset of tho wealthy whites. In tome
cabint three or four families live to
gether, and have one big meal in com
mon daily, each Individual shifting for
himself for breakfast and anpper. The
odor about tho cabin is uot attractive
to a wbito man, but I don't know a
that ha anything to do with their
health. Memphis has belter sewerage
than Nashville, and in (bis general ad
vantage tne tuacks of course sbaro.
1 bere did not eem to b m nob sick
ness on tbe row, but tbe physician say
thoir diseases are brief, tho system hav
ing les power of resistance than
a wbito man's. Very few of
them seemed to have any defined idoa
of thrift or improving their condition,
and it is noted by residents that when
ono doe acquire tuch ideas be straight
way leave tho "nigger quarters," and
goes lo the country or to live with a
a wbito family. So those I find on Ihe
row sre but tho screened out elements
about as cipabto of taking cire of
themselves as so many boys and girls
just old enough to have strong passions
and appetites, but too young to exer
clso judgment. Such is tho mental
stage of three-fourths of the negroes In
Memphis. No man of feeling can
study their condition without being
deeply depressed. Poor, hclnless,
grown-up children. What is to be
come of i hem ?
A very common disease among them
is calhd rchi xia Africiua by tbe phy
iidnu". It begins as a galloping con
sumption, then takes effect in ihe bow
els, being, I -tippose, the African type
of iiusi iiii.iic consumption. As to tho
colored girir, die same remarks at at
Nashville will apply. They aro not as
desirable servant! as the men, and
much work that ought to bo dono hy
them is not. Ami if organized philan
thropy proposes to (ike hold of the
Solilher!i biuck in an eflcctlvo way, it
must begin with the girls, It it Idlo to
educate ihe men if the women
are to continue on their present
course. A quarter ol a million colored
glrl, between the ages of 12 and 18,
must be t'ltight modesty and industry.
It Is a big job, but it is all that will
savo the race. But the moro I see of
tbe Southern blacks as a class, the moro
am I "tir-zed at their utter helplessness
as again-i the whites. They are indeed
a fecblo folk grown up children, un
organized, improvident, cowardly,
grossly ignorant, and pliable to a de
gree that is incrodible. What can be
done for Ihcm without injury both to
n and them? Perhaps, if somebody
could find a just mean between the ex
treme Southern and tho radical North
ern Idea, ho would just hit It.
Nbarae or Mtarvatioa The Evil
or a sUosreraaaeat Bureau.
Bpeelal to tho Chicago Times. 1
Washington, Nov. 24. The follow
ing letter ha been received by a lsdv
Interested in reforming the official
abuses In tbe Departments. It it al
ready in the hand ot a House Com
mittee, with the Intention of remedying
ibo terrible abuse pictured In the
Washington, Nov". 29. Mr. :
Tbero I something I want to tell you
about, and as I do not Icnow where
you live I have determined to address
yon a note. Now you, in commou
witb others, bave beard of the immor
al conduct ander the former manage
ment of tbe Bureau of Engraving and
Printing. My dear madam, believe
me when I tell you that inch conduct
Is now being practiced In that estab
lishment by a high offlolal. I know of
several youug girl wbo entered that
establishment innocent three or four
month ago, wbo are now, alas, forever
done for. I blush to tell you that the
most disgraceful proposal bave boen
made to me, but o far I bave resisted
them. How long I can bold my piti
ful pi ce unless I yield to tbe tempter,
God In heaven only knows. With a life
of shame, without bread enough to feed
dependent ones, and tbe certainty of
discbarge awaiting one, it require no
prophet to foretell the fate of many a
poor girl. Great God I I our Govern
ment to debated at to keep a set of sen
sual men In charge ot one of it Im
portant establishments? One poor
girl, ibe sole help and support of a
widowed mother with fix littlo chil
dren, came to me with tear In'.ber eye
and aaked my advice. She bad been
threatened with discharge unlet the
would yield to bate proposal. Know
ing tne dependent position or her rami
ly, I declined to advlso her. A week
afterward the told me that she bad been
ruined, but that ber mother and little
brotbert and tittert would not tlarve. 1
had nerve, and only saved my honor by
threatening to go to Mr. Sherman If I
had such propotalt made to me any
more, but I know that In less than a
month I will be discharged for my
contumacy, as a certain official In tbe
Bureau of Engraving and Printing
calls such refusals. I am a lone woman
and can safely defy (bem, at no one do
pendt on me for bread. . Tbe vlctimt
are generally girls between 15 and 18,
principally tbo fatherless. If the Sec
rotary will put himself to a little Iroublo
he will find out that tbo Bureau of En
graving and Printing I nothing but a
pool of Iniquity, where tbe honor of
young girl I bartered for position
which pay f 1 50 per day. May heaven
bless you for the noble work you per
form in exposing this Augean stable 1
tbe with of an Employi'.
A Black Ullla Hero Whs
Coalda't Tells Lie.
Tho man who has been to tbe Black
Illllt, says the Bismarck Tribune, and
relumed, I a big gun at the village
drug tiore, ana teeis called upon to tell
tho truth when narratlog hi adven
litres, eucn a man, named cart, wtt
telling Ihe other night bow many In-
uiant no Ltd tilled during tilt three
months residence In the Uillt.
After he bad talked half an hour, one
or tne listener, wno naa Kept track of
tne number killed, exhibited tbe fig
ures. ' I find be exclaimed, "that you killed
1,500 stvigot In three month."
"Is thit all ?" exclaimed the unabash
ed Black littler. "Why I believe vou
bave left out a week' work thoro some
where." . .
"If you bid tuch good lock kl'llng
Indian, why didn't yon stay there?"
demanded another suspicious listener.
"Well, the truth it, gentlemen, I wss
afraid ol ruining my left eve. I lauint-
ed along my gun-barrel so much that
my lice was being drawn out of shape,
ana tne signi was so lar gone that I bad
to Do leu about by a dog."
"Aud you killed Indian while in
that condition?"
is W -111 i 1- . ...
"i uui, inougii i vo always roit a
littlo mean about 11. I couldn't see to
shoot and so I run 'em down and
licked 'em to death. It wasn't manly
iu me, and I want to ask tbo forgive
uciiofyou gentlemen, right here and
There was a loug spell of appalling
silence, and then tome one laid that
Epb. Francis had bought a new oon
A Curious Will A curiout will
has just been tettlodiii Berlin, contain
ing a moral worth a wider circulation
than a miser's last testament often ob
tain'. Tho poor man died, when to
general turprlse it was fouud he left
lliirly-four thousand mark'. Tbe thirty
thousand in a package, signed and
scaled, was to bo given to hit native
town in Bavaria ; one thousand each to
three brothers, and one thousand to a
fr.cnd with whom he bad quarreled.
It was stipulated that none of tbe four
should follow the body to tbo gravo,
which suggestion (he Ihrco brother!
gladly accepted, bnt tho quarreler
walked alone aud forfeited hit thou
sand markt, for Ibe sake of paying a
ast mitigating honor. When tbe pack
ago was opened for (he town it disclos
ed another will, giving tho thirty thou
sand to any of tho four who should
disregard (be stipulation. Boston
Two VVatorbury (Conn.) teamsters
wero so mad because ono wouldn't
turn out of a narrow courtway for tho
othor (bat tbey sat on (holr wagons
facing each other all day, and unhitch
ed the horse after dark, leaving the
wagon still there. But about daylight
next mornitit! each stole around and
took his cart out of the way.
The latest wrinkle in fashion 1 the
ending off of card proclaiming tho
birth of a daughter or ton. You may
got them up a elegantly and expen
sively a you please ; you will hardly
ever bo called upon to tend thorn out
ottencr than two or three time a year,
Andrew Bazar.
Bloux Indiana on the Wat Path.
WasmxaTON, Nov. S3, iDlormation
reaohed tbe authorities that while tbe
sluux Indian were being removed from
ited Cloud Agency to tbe Missouri river,
1,700 broke away, and are bow oa the war
pain. Terry Issued order to tbe troop to
prepare for a Winter campaign. Those
who deserted are operatlni In the Dead
wood country and bar already attacked
train and canted great tsar.
Aaothar tttPM Daaclac
tin, Merstaaua.
912 Garrisow Avmui. St. Louis.
Oct. 19, 1877. Mr. Bufultoa : Dear
Sir I owe you an apology for my
long tilence. I am very much obliged
for tba two books received. lam deep
ly interested In the remit of your book ;
tne more so as i near tbe wail that
goe op from tbe wounded and the
guilty ; but as you strike to heal, tbe
wan inspires neither awe nor ympa
tby. So many are Implicated In this
evil cnttoro, either personally or in
their daughters, titters, or near rela
tive, that there are very few wbo ean
form an impartial Judgment Many
editors are afraid to praise your book,
sua stationers to Keep it; ana even
many clergymen shrink from e public
denunciation of tbe dance, be
cause their direct personal appeals
have been ineffectual to prevent
their own relatives, or tho children of
prominent parishioners, from joining
In it. A verdict can not be procured
sgalnst polys; my in a community of
polygamltla. Tbe anger and mortifica
tion of our friend la natural, and not
unexpected, but they bave betrayed
moro malice than they were supposed
to possess, sinoe their only aerenae of
their pet amusement ia indiridnal
abuse. True, tbe dance admits of no
rational defense, bnt tbey could person
ally plead "not guilty" to pernicious
streets, ana eacu leave tbe verdict to
time and a quiet examination of con
science. Tbe Church has always con
demned this kind of dance. Tbe mildest
of ber ssints (SC. Frauds de Bale)
warn against tuch txeeises, and Bish
ops of tbe United Slates, In council
long tlnce, earnestly exhorted Catholics
to refrain from it. Parents are respon
sible for the defiance of all this author
ity ; it is they who assume Ihe risk for
their children and tbemielvea. . It is
not to be expected that young girls,
wbo are uncontcloui of evil In (he be
ginning, tbould reflect long enough to
summon tbo moral courage to realtt the
allurement of the dance, unleaa with
encouragement and support of tbeir
parent, to tne donor of pnre maid
enhood be It ald, however, that there
are young gtrla wbo decline, from In
dlnctive delioacy, even when tbeir
parents would bave them join the
throng wbo dance down the broad
road of worldly plosmre.
I take with a train of allowance what
I bear of a Grand Jury indicting you
on account of your book, for even an
ger aud revenge could not render men
o unreasonable at to admit a prosecu
tion tor tne description, wnue tne dance
1 Hill permitted.
Your opportunities for seeing and
bearing the fatal result of this custom
bave been greater than mine. I have
looked on (when compelled to see in
with abborrenoe, but I bave not cared
to reflect what its precise resulte might
be, nor to Jodge Its effocts beyond tbe
utior physical prostration It produces,
In it most Innocent votaries, acd the
vitiation of their lasles for any whole
some amusement. To that I ean testi
fy. Tho very sight of it. when danced
Iu tho least harmful manner, forces
upon the mind tbe eonviotlonol all yon
state regarding it often sorious results ;
uui miner man aoanaon wnat an tbe
Cburcbe condemn, tbey slander and
persecute tbo ono wbo dares to raise a
volco against it. But, a I said before,
tbeir side of the case admits of no
other delcuse.
It was not from any unwillingness to
bear abuse that I hesitated lo enter tho
line against the daooe. Yon know
my reason. Now (bat my name tas
appeared, I would earnestly repel any
suspicion of having ever participated,
and gnard tbe memory of my parents
from the aspersion of bavine- ever
countenanced IL This wa mv sole.
motive lu requesting the name of the
lady who gavo her experience. Person
Who read the book bafora nsrilnr mo
letter, supposed you referred to me,
without reflecting that your compli
mentary description did not antwerfor
mo. How can thota who claim In ha
Innocent lay that none are guilty. If
any are goilly (and who doubt lt?v
aro not even tbe most innocent acces
sory to their sin ? I hope you will send
me whatever appears on ibis snbiect.
pro aud con. I leave you lo make
whatever nso of this letter you please.
There is no doubt but you have done
a brave act, and. that it will result in
great good. I am, wllh sincere regard,
very truly yours.
At a matrimonial bnreau lately
opened iu Vionna, the ladles pav a fee,
and are required to attend for two
hours dally. Men call and are Intro
duced. Women wbo possess accom
plishments are requested to play tbe
piano, and are examined with regard
to their seutiments and acqultiiions.
One visit sometimes settles the cate,
but more are ofton paid. The ladies
have tho privilege of rejecting candi
dal et without being subjected to an
additional fee during the period for
which they have paid.
A singular question of Inter-profes-shnal
courtesy came np before the
Vevay (Ind.) Court a few days ago, A
physician sued bis minister for medical
attendance, and the defenoe brought
forward the plea that it was customary
for physicians to attend minister
famliio without compensation, and
that in thi instance tbe doctor prom
ised to make no charge. Tbe latter
point wa established by evidence, and
In alio appeared that the dootor sent In
his bill for 95 out of revenge because
the minister's daughter wouldn't mar
ry him. The clergyman got bis case.
Haw York, Kr. 18-Itss A Co iron
manulaoturere at Montreal, are la dim.
eulty. LiabUltie 10,000..

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