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TPh A IT" nv.
NO. 21
Published WEEKLY by
weekly clcb bates:
Single coplct by mall, per rear, putt
age paid 2 IS
6 coplci, nonage paid 1 "!J
10 - " " 1 80
JQ 128
An extra copy will be civon to tbe getter
.:p of a club of ten.
Send'oitnfflce Money Orders or drafts
when practicable. Addrca.
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i Column .
u Coltnin .
i Column .
1 Column
1 S I I I 1
Tim-. T'.mr, MoiT Mon'l Yr;-.r.
I i so lli i a bo i I isVj
in 1 00 II go u 00 ii oo
iu too iin a no Ji oo
u ii oo n ou n't o oo
tvi na ss uo rj w uw
7 :i u no oo u m s oo
100 17(0 3s Os to 00 Tt 00
17 oo u oo M oo 71 oo loo m
Uffl ISN TiOO 100 00 110 00
3000 U 00 90 00 110 00 Id) 00
To Nabucrlbcra An "X"
fin blue p'.'Dull mark, on your pa.
per, ii a nntincaiion toai your
suutcription win expire in two
week., and your paper will bo
i discontinued, unlcta olberwite
ordure U
Friday Morning, December 7
Tin Cincinnati Enquirer lays Ilayci
bat fooled bis beit friends to please
"Wall ilreet.
Tnt Jackion .Clarion ii opposed to
calling a St ato Convention to, make a
new Constitution.
Vessels carrying tho weight of 6,000
bales of cotton now pais through Etdi'
jellies without trouble
Tint Cincinnati Commerciil says
tht.t if Htyes d iesu'1 sign it, the next
President will beiomo man pledged to
sign the Oland Silver Bill.
Mr. V. K. Striitlkman, book-keeper
a: the Penitentiary, committed luicido
in Jackson la-.t Saturday. The deceased
wis a native of Germany.
A nxw journal called ' Smith' I
Weekly," has just been started at Co
lumbus, Mississippi. It bears evidence
of being conducted with energy aud
Col. F. T. CooriR, the sparkling and
energetic editor ol the Brookhaven
Comet, Is to be Deputy Auditor. We
are glad that Col. Cooper bat received
a position In which he can make a good
living, but we are sorry that he is for
the present, at leant, lost to our profo
Ion. A Complalat.
Totue Editor ol tbe llerald:
I heard a good, thrifty, old farmer
remark, yesterday, that he bad come
from home, about five miles, with four
bales of cotton to cell, he expected to
hurry through aud get back home by
noou, but upon arriving at tho Com
press he found it Simon Impossible to
get his cotton weighed, as thcro was a
perfect rush of wagon?, aud etch one
bad to (lie his way in and tako his turn,
thereby keeping the farmer over two
hours to get his certificate. I do not
ay that the weigher or any oue was to
blame, but (Ms same farmer iuforrued
me that the main cause of the delay
was that tome merchant or buyer had
rushed iii and demanded or got his cot
ton weighed. It teems that thcro
should he tome remedy for this wetri
tome delay, as we know it rauit be, to
a planter who has traveled miles to set
his cottou to market, cam n ue &r
ranged in some way to givo the farmer
a chancer a. x. c.
For I.adlea
New York ortpniu I
A new and stylish color Is toad
grceu. Tbe Breton ooatume Is no
worn j a 1 v bv vuunir girls.
Homo of the handsomest imported
drcisos are made with tho round
ws'st, which is wont with a belt.
The .ciii: u!oue i caching down to
Ihu knees with a ioko and worn with
a belt, ; ime ol' tho repulsive fash'
Unlets tho earning woman is born
with longer arm than those now in
use, ho can't wear auy more buttons
on her kid gloves than ins present iau
Ion Dcrmits.
The new material for morning
dresses very much resembles tbe old
"Dolly Varden" cloth, as it Is covered
with large designs, tuca as oirui, tow
era and Insects.
Ilandkerchleft can no more be stow
ed away in pockets, but must be car
ricd in the band or attached to the
waist, and therefore none but nice ones
can be need.
The fashionable style of wearing tbe
hair is low in tho neck. The rows of
ouffs worn outside tho front of thobon
. .it r - . L. t .
net, ana resemunng is, to worn m moi
stiff regularity, are no longer
The ! ! Ovea.
A Lroakfast-blscuit or tea-roll made
with Dooley'i Yiast Powdeb is cer
utnio ihn nneen of the oven so liitbt,
nhtln and doticloui. You lift it ten-
derlv. break it oncn contly, spread it
daintily with fresh, sweet butter, wait-inn-
to bo cracious. After breakfasting
on biscuit ma Jo with DooLii'a Yeait
l'nwnxn. what man wouia contemplate
iiiiriiir.UA uiuuiuia uuwhwiv mi nv
eked manor money i
A Hw(cetloa ( tko Ltllilatars.
In a few weekt hence our Legisla
ture will meet in general session, and
from time to time between this and the
date of its convocation, we desire to
lubmit, for the consideration of Its
members, some suggestions as to cer
tain alterations and amendments which
we think desirable to be made In our
existing statutes. A the members of
the incoming Legislature have, to a
v. ry considerable extent, been chosen
Ircsh from (he great body of our peo
ple, it Is to be brped that measures of
general public interest and utility will
engago their attention, and that valua
ble time will not be frittered away iu
tho (liKiission of uiclcis legislation,
ami the lutherance of tchraes ol pii
vtc enterprise aud periuntl aggrandizement.
We dctiro in this article to consldor
the existing laws and their bearings
upou one class of our public officials
our District Attorneys and to deter
mine what change, if any, ought
to be mado In relation thereto.
It is known that under the
present tyitem these officers are
paid a staled sal ry, and allowed cer
tain pcrquistes, or fee, for each con
viction, to be paid by tbe defeudants.
In all felonlot, and for violations of the
gaming and whisky laws, a foe of 115
Is taxed for the use of tbe Dhtrlct At
torney, and in all other cases a thnilar
fee of f 10 is Imposed for his benefit as
apartot tbe ponalty Inflicted. It U
this feature ol tbe law which we think
especially objectionable and that ought
tobe wiped from our Code. The Interests
of tho public would be greatly sub
served, in our judgment, by the pay
ment to these officers of a staled salary
sufficiently remunerative to compen
sate them for the Important duties tbey
are called upon to perform, and the
uttor abolition of this false and Iniqui
tous perquisite system, in so far at least
ai it is made a source of revenue to the
ofllcors themselves. To make a good
and thoroughly efficient prosecutor,
the officer should be placed Iu a por
tion of perfect ease and Independence.
Is this the case under tbe preseut law ?
It Is well-known that the only flues
that are ever oollected, with rare ex-
ceptlonr, are those which are Imposed
for violations of tbe several gaming
and wbtsky laws for parlies charged
with felonies and tho graver crlmot, as
rule, belong to tho poorer classes ol
society, and soldom, if ever, have any
property out of which the Sheriff ctn
collect tbe Quo and costs, and it i there
fore to tho first class of cases to which
the District Attorney mutt look for bU
fees. The fines in such cases ar; re
quired to bo paid into tho Treasury far
tbebcneUt of tho ct.ool fund, aud if
these laws wero proporly enforced,
they would b .'coino tho source ot con
siderable revenue to tho State, but some
District Attorneys are no: di-pusod to
prest thee milters lr.ni','!y upon Ihu
attention of Grand Junir.',foril'thy do
tbey render ihiMii-ulvv, obnoxious to
the criticism t h it tlit y arr nut uctnited
so much by a de-ire to h.mi tho iw en
forced, as by the hop.) of rftwtrd whlh
they txpect in the way ol Ice. We
iudeed havti hoard thi vry chartfe
brought against District Attorneys in
our lime, ir tney were i'tiu
stated salary, however, and occupied
position where no inch crit
icism could reach, aud uo such coui Jr-
atlons Influence them, there would
be nothing to deter them from the thor
ough and conscientious ll-char;a P
their ofuciiil duties. These viewtuiej
intended, however, to apply !o Inn o:,
class of those officer, for tli'iio U.n:
other cliis with less del fcacy and sen
sibility than the firmer, who aro dis
posed to neglect other for moro impor
tant matter?, in order that tlicy may
gather tho emoluments to be derived
from tho prosecution and conviction ol
persons charged with these minor of
fenses. Indeed wo have heard of one
District Attorney who made it a single
term of Court in oue of the interior
counties of tbe State, more thin seven
hundred dollars. Mow, in tbe amend
ment which we suggest, we would
have this money go into the Treasury,
wbero it belongs, rather than Into the
District Attorneys' pocket. We have
no doubt that this chango in the law
would bo strenuously opposed by tome I
of these officers, becauso tney make
more money uudcr tbe fee system thau
tho salary would amount to which the
Legislature might see fit to allow, but
in our dlscusslou of the questiou wo
are not considering it so much as a
matter of pecuniary advantage to the
officer as of interest lo the pooplo at
Wo would on the one band raise
these official above all temptation to
uiethe'r office for private gain, and
on tbe other hand save them from tbe
suspicion of io doing.
A to what salary should be attached
to the office, we will jot advance an
opinion, further than to say, that we
think It ought to be sufficiently remu
nerative to command the lerrlce of
experienced lawyer. This office we
regard a one of the most.lmportant In
our Stair, and to discharge Its respon
sible dalle in a meritorious and be
coming manner require Industry and
ability of no mean order. The District
Attorney has the talent and experi
ence of tbe entire Bar of his District to
combat, and Is called npn almost
dally to measure iword with tbe ablest
lawyers io tbe field of forensic dis
cnsslon, end shrewd and astute must
he be, not lo sink under the heavy
blow they are uro to Inflict and he
certain to receive.. We feel fully per
suaded that such change in the existing
laws as wa havehereiu Indicated, would
result beneficially to the State. The
whole system of allowing perquisites
to officers In criminal prosecutions, we
believe to be founded In error, to be
false In theory, and vicious in practice,
and we trust tho law-making power
will take tbe matter in band and oblit
erate the wholo fee system by appro
priate legislation. Let us pay our DIs
trlct Attorneys regular salaries for
their services, aud we will find, In tbe
end, that tbe Slate will realize a decided
benefit from ibe change, not only In a
pecuniary point of view, but in the
more thorough and complete efficiency
of her public prosecutor.
Bl latprottalow Grail
Umm lakaBlaasl.
The ReaplteeMTalter Riley.
Jaokson Clarion
Some complaints have been made
against Governor Stone for the respite
of four week of tho negro Waller
liil-y, whoe execution wa fixed for
i he Oih clay of November, and whose
life was prolonged by the arrival of tbe
re-pite an hour or two before tbe bang
ing was to have liken place. We feel
sure that those who have complained
are not aware of tbe circumstances un
der whloh the Governor acted In grant
ing the respite. On Thursday, tbe 8th of
November, one day before tbe time
fixed for the execution, Gov. Stone
received at Iuka, where he had gone to
cast Ids vote, the following telegram
transmitted to him by hi Private Bee
reiary from Jackson.
Jackson, Miss.i
Wednesday, Nov. 7, ittT7.,
Gov. J. M. stone, Iuka, Miss:
Tbo fnllowlnc dltpttea from Meridian
received Mir i 11. lo day: "Uovarnor i.
M. Stont-: W.lter Blloy. oonvloted of mur:
Uur in Komper county, it to t buo on
Friday, liiu ninlb of .November. We think
it "I ijreit imptrtance tbat be should he
retpluid tor tnirtv or sixty days. Catch-Inx-t,
Attorney (Jtneral elect, and Himt,
Lieuicnant-Uov rnor elect, approvt tbit
app.lvulion, itcasoaa urgent, and of grtal
imiiortunee. Cannot be given by tele
graph Answer at enee.
Tho. H. Woodi,
J. 1. Wai kr,
A. d. IIOHM.
(sigucd) KlKLOCII KALCUNK.i.
Signed, as tliisdispaich wa, by well
known gentlemen ol high standing, one
of whom hail only tec-nlly coated to
be District Attorney of the District in
which Kemper county Is tituatcd, the
Governor could not hesitato to act. A
delay of oulv a few hours would have
been fatal. Uo at ouce telegraphed the
respite- of four weeks, in order thai be
iiiixht have time to acquaint himself
with 'Mhn urgent reasons ol grnl im
portaucu" which cxitcd in iliecaiio. It
In had acted otherwise, bo would cer
'sinly havo rendered him-cif liablo to
tho unveil ccusure.
The (into for which the murderer was
reunited will noon expire, and then hi
criun; will bo expiated on tho gallowt.
lit tho meantime, It I hoped that tbe
prisoner will make sonm interesting
revelations touching the asHuatlon
ot ihu lamented John W. Gully.
- m
Vleaaa HoIIh.
To one nuirt of flour iM two tea'
.pOOimllll Oi DoOLKY'8 Yr AkT I'owdek,
fill ihoroHKhly, hut in a little salt, and
rub a tiililcMpooiiful of lard or butter
through the tl itir: ti-e Tioiwh sweet
milk lor a so it dough, roll out and cut
with a round cuttei ; ii ! I over like a
turn-over, wetting the. Hgi' with milk
to make them adhere; wh-Ii over with
rnllk to givo them a io, place in a
pan ho thev will not touch eucli other,
and bake fif ceu or twenty uj mutes.
Thev are delicious.
Tbe Pope's Condition.
Lomdon. I)rc. 6 Tbe Timet' apeeia
trom Home itttet tbat tbe band and anna
ui tue rope are aweiiing, ana retpirkuoo
It laborlout. Hit mind, however, contin
ue clear. Itittbeopi'i nth it bit end it
rapidly approachine. very nuie concern
is tbown about the politic! cuutetiuuucet
ol hit uoatn.
Home, Deu. C-Tbo 1'i pe it better to-day,
aud bat left bit bed.
Twenty-two Foot Channel Through
the Jettltt.
I'ort Kaus, Deo. 0. A turvey of tbe
Jottv channel, made to-day. ebowa a twe
ty-two foot channel, wuh tho b ait width
of una hundr d and twenty leet, tbrouub
to deep water, w lib wcniy-two and a half
feet tbrouub the middle ol it.
Mbri Chip. A for thi man
Hayes himself, he has no Idea of the
significance or importance of events.
tie ii a mere chip floating on tbe wa
ter.! Wendell PhilllDi.
A Soccisa. In all Ita lenelh and
breadth, the "Southern policy" ha
oeen a success. What, then, do tbe or
gans mean by saying "It I a failure?"
Indianapolis New, Ind. Ilex.
Wiaxihiso. When the lunch ta
ble at the White House Is surrounded
by such scheming adventoror a Kel
logg and Packard, It look a If the
Civil Service Reform business wa
weakening. Courier-Journal.
An Explodid Perjury. We pre
sume there I not a Senator who hon
estly believes tbat Mr. Butler abetted
me Hamburg massicre. The negro
testimony to tbat effect na long been
n exposed sad exploded perjury,
lew i or ueraia.
ABSENT-MINDED. At I trial Of a
negro for barn burning in Virginia,
tbe Foreman of the Grand Jury was so
fascinated by Min Gunn, a beautiful
young lady witness, that he Indorsed
tbe indictment with Ibe words, "A true
Gonn, Thomas Todd, Foreman.
Tit fob tat. The Lowell Courier
spoaks of Mr. Voorheo a I ho Tall
Syeophant of the War-bosh. A Low
ell i Bon. Butler' borne, perhsps this
elegant expression was ineplrod by the
Cock-eyed Behemoth of the Temple
tiou Table-ware. Small Talk.
A Grim Christmas Stocking
The Chloago Times' partgraphlst I
evidently ono of thoto quiet citizens
who constitute our mobs. He savs:
"If Galesburg Justice halt not, Ride's
docking will be hung np by Christ
mas, and there II be a cold toe or two
In It."
Nothing but Evl. Tho carpet-bag
element In Southern politic, has done
ns nothing but evil. 1 bant heaven, its
days are numbered I It is well that tbe
feeble remnants or it in tbe senile
should be shown np to tbe country In
all It baseness and Ingratitude Bos
ton Advertiser, Rep.
Tnt FoioETruLNESi or Majorities,
Tbe trouble with onr Republican
friends (or, to spetk more accurately,
uemles) in tbe Senate I tbat tbey lor
got in their day of power the wise and
witty mot of M. de Uirardln : " A ma
jorltv should always remember tbat It
oas oeen a minority and may ue o
again." New xorg worm
A Tender Fate kbv Tbe latest Kn
lucky romance is thus epitomized by
the Louisville Courier-Journal : "Isaao
Dallou and wife, ef Ballard county
separated, she taking an only obild,
little girl of eight summer, and a mule,
tbeif only live stock. Lat week be
brought suit for Ihe postession of tho
child, but accepted tbe tender of tbo
mule a a compromise.
A Promising Investment. Presi
dent Hayes has bought, lor 113,000, ten
acres of land In Bergen eouuty, near
the Hudson, where also ex-Governor
Tllden has been purchasing. Bergen
county, N. J., la composed of a thin
rim of olegant psliiades, backed by
mile of fever and ague, in which the
inhabitant ire said lo ho lill shaking
with Andrew Jaokson. N. Y. Herald
P. I. Msu.
The Fourth Victim Thero is no
denying the turtt that the Republican
party la alino.t ick unto ileal h in ar
ticuto mortit, as iho lawyers would
ay aud were a coroner' jury to ail
upon the moribund body ami silt the
evidesco, nromeiliiitc I tuiclde might
bo the verdict. It is tho fourth gron
party that baa srrajed itself against the
Democratic parly within tho past
gtity years, only to he overcome and
destroyed. Memphis Appeal.
Inpantrv Parade. Jennie June
writes of the New York baby-show:
"Some of tho children aro remarkably
pretty, but ihu mothers are usually ex
actly oupoMte. uno lusty DaUy, Willi
great black eyes, is the son of a China-
uiau and an Irish mother. Many
clatnos arc represented, hut the parents
are usually poor. Iho Variety Is cuor
iuou', hut it is curious tbat all tbe fat
babies have thin mothers, and all tbe
large, fat women, small, puny infants."
The Wane or Shoddt Influence
TIib i U'.ci ol .Mrs. Bolknap'a reign aud
ii'llui lice on so' ii ty has been aalulary,
audit lelt in ucli a degree that mer
chants coinplxin that thiir nlcs in Ian-
cy dret gocd ra not so largo as he-
fo'e tbo HetKusp ttUiir. socio y re
ceived a 'buck I'ioiii wiiich it will lako
ycart to recover, aud It is to-day quite
at much out ol tnstu for a ladv to boat
of her Parisian drets as it was an fait
to do so two years ago. rittsbuigh
Dispatch Letter.
A Redeimed State. No unpreju
diced person csn read Governor Hamp
ton' Message to the South Carolina
Legislature without being Impressed
by tbe evidence It gives of tbe improved
condition of Ihe State under the' rule
of its own legally elected citizens.
There is no longer any embittered feel
lug betweou tho races; the sting has
been extracted from political difltr
ences, and revived confidence brings
forth its fruits in improved business,
iucreased enterprise .and plentiful em
ployment. N. Y. liorald.
Hayes Between Two Fires. The
contest in the Senate is union tin ate for 1
the Administration because tbe ap
parent iion-exNonce ol a lympatholic
corrence of Sootbern member of Ibe Tko
Uommlltee In Mr. Conkllnr treatment
of the New York appointment-fN. From Conway'e London Letter to tbe Cla-
x . j. i met, iiiepuo.j i
a . rr-...n t Now Ibat General Grant I no longer
Five cirpet-bigge.. now adorn the h 2L"ft..f. J
Senate. Foorofthem will dluppear - a. -1 .
on the the itb of March, 1879, and it n 'T.1'!"!0.? " biM. mid.,.,n7
h. ..m a -...,.'"...: I graduallv find IU way into print A
can, tbat Eello will eel have . ?f blm appear in an editorial In the
brief career alter the majority paste
Time of yesterday, tbe article being a .
it uiiici . . -
r,m n. .i.u ih. ..kZ. UJ eriiioiam on ueoerai jNoyer speecn at
h.., i.b..r. . i .!h;V' I the Grand Hotel (American) banquet,
chanci. from thi. timiTnw.rd" The ' PTbTim" "ertl
saiutly Har an sat two year in tbe . ,uyi,I,uu; w7i"
Senate, and wa. then voted onton he 5 of "proTldenlial men"
(which it intimate wa toomncnm
tbe vein of tome perllou Frenon in
Senate, and wa then voted out on the
ground of an illegal election. Thlt
precedent will not be forgotten. N.
x. oun, uayei-oater,
uemocrsi me utter win nave a ma- niim.ni rnnohiv h.n h. .fflrma that
Josity. The reaton why the Eustls case General G rant' olac lo hltor- as a
was reported 10 speedily to the Senate i.n m.i..i. ui h. .mn.s ih.
, . , i vt v in uiRBiasi at wail 'W buiwh- aanw
on oaiuraay wa Decanseii was part oi foremo.t" Flatterle indeed will now
o corapromitB arrangement oetweee pM Dy hlm wHh00t inlurf, and hi
m ireiiuiiiu. auu iroiuvui.,. uw MnrnMI HIMU UI llnl IM fl HnrD.
some report should be immediately by ,he deinslve belief tbat hi civil
mnde.-Clnclnnali Gazette (Rep.) polioy wm alway wle and JoL" "It
The Chinese Quottlou In California,
hAN FhanCISCO, Deo, O-Tbo mestage
of Uov. Irwin rulura to tbe uaineaa nuei
tlon. Tbe pretence of Chinese here bat
Initiated an Irrcpretilble eunflloi. If tbe
noht nrnnlimited lmmlitratinn Uconvtded
to ihe blnete, there I no danger of tbtlr
civuizauoa overriaing our own.
perttltlons) I "incongruon when
Hnb.. n t l.nAH nHM. IS .llM.
?m! yiii'j 0" t"t soldierly virtue are -dogged courage,
invincible perseverance, Indifference to
criticism, tbe capacity of supporting
reverse without nincblng, tbe deter
mination toshrlnk from no sacrifice In
order to reach the end aet before blm,"
but it dome Grant any inch "genlua"
or "brilliancy" aa would place him be-
slie the great commander. General
Noyes "(train tbe language of com-
Eustla i admitted, a seem certain,
tnd Judge Davis votes with tbe Demo
cratt, of which there Is little doubt, and
8haron ever return, Ihe Sonate will
ttand thirty-nine Republicans aud thlr
ty-seven Democrats. This will make
It possible at any time for one man In
either party to tie a vote; and when
ever two Republicans vote with tbe
I notorlou that General Grant left tbe
largest and mod vital of tbe problem
which nernlexed bltcountrv unsettled :
Tbe Ssiate Mikta the Silver Bill thai that hi failure to settle them brought
Special Ordir by a Two-Thlrti Vte- Government Into dlicredlt, ena al-
mutt uetiroyou uh vmtxj. auu
Stanliy Matthew Offer a Resolution
Declaring all Beads, Principal tnd la
terett, Payable la Silver.
Wsshisoton. Deo 6 -Tbe Senate ell
ver bill wat made the aneelal order lor
Tuesday noit, alter tbo mornlnx hour, and
Prcsldcut Hayee ia now laboring to re
pair tbe error and tho tborteoiuingt of
the preceding Administration on two
of the most important of those ques
tionsthe pacification of Ibe Booth
and the reiorm or me civil service.-
to be ci tinned until dim ted of. The The troth I, the more this Deoble saw
vote iood, ya , nay 18-two-third of Grant the lei they liked blm; tbey
voting aye. Tbit threaten defeat ol tbe , .. . f h, ' . h .-, f
cto abould tbe fretldnt adhere to hi ?1 Ter llrea, ,r Wm, tne P" 01
mcttace. I u uiuvcuituit iu uio ir auc.uk. uu
Mr. Mtttbewt offered a concurrent rose shrank until tbey became small para-
lutton wnion, aner reierring to me virions arapht.
toit of tbt Uovtrament oeclare ail nomi - a" i - iv.
. .u tti..j c... , , BHik..i.j I aur l w WU1.IMUUU vnu unu vu
Ul lU.UUIl..,..,,., , ll...il .. . , th.
w u. iiiumi, i o ii.y.uiv, iiiiuwi.i ."Ml ; t . , . .
interett. at tat option of tbo uoveroment Iqoestion, and some complain tbat be
01 in unitea etaiet, id uiver aonar 01 seemed to come from a country, wnicu
tbt roiaage ol th. United State., contain- ,.ka ndJ. DM 0 ncn ord
K grain, won 01 .i.nu.ru ...v.r, ,, nA Bftrrnntlon,
, mat ia BSBairirBt ia lint wm i era Biinn 111. iwi b mw - -
veroointata legal tender In payment of of General Graat'a administration were
said bond, prinolp.l ana mterett, it not 1 politely kept OUtOI algnl WUUB ne III
. . - mere tout 01 retDcei to tne imencau
uon 01 tn. p quo or.ouor.. .... over. Ston. who wera luppoMd to baTO
Senate Commttteee. I put mm lor wara a a tet or interna
W..airtv.w n. A Th. fMlftvtlna I tlonal courtesy but there la left an un
in th. nrinoin'ai chanire. iu tb H.nata easy feeling that General Grant bu
t ommifees, a announced by tbe V Ice-1 gone off with a belief that England
rratibtut w-oay. iamuur.w u.,u i admirea bl f residential carter, uoo
S?"K!aS "ii"' l" oral Grant, on tbe strength of bl. own
Senator Voorbees; Military Affair., But- qailitle or Presidential reputation,
Itr; Haval Ataioad. UkMHmk!
i oluujbia, turrit, tturotiut na... oean
tranaiorr.d from the Commute oa Com
marcs to tbe Commutes on l'o.t-effice
and 1'ott-rotrtt, and Senator Jonet, of Ne
vada, bat taken bit place on th Uomntt
tee. Senator Kerry be. been relieved
from ihe chatrmantbip of the Committee
on i.ulot, and Sentt.r Blain ba taken
tho Chalimanthlp tnu made vacant. Sen
ator Teller tuptrte et 8e utor Blain a
Cbalnnanof the Committee on Civil Ber
vl e aid Ketrenohinent. Kenalor Kellog?
ha been placed on tbe Committee on
Territories Hnllromls. Mistittippl Levee,
and tbe Hpsoial Committee to Inii.ilre inio
tbo tubject oi th. election of President
and Vice-l'rotldeot 01 lb. United Htttet.
Butler Uta been placed on the Sonata
1 ooimittco on Trantpnrtatlon Boutet to
the teaioard.
New Trltl Or.ut.d to Sawyer, Ealaaa
ana juiookb.
Wahuinc.ton. Dec. . A U3W trial
ha been g anted In the .ate ol eawyer,
lato Aatiotant tteerctvry of tho Treatury;
liainet, late Colkotor ol Cuttomt, and
Uruiikt. Tbe motion for a new trial Id thi.
ease waa granted to-day by Judce Do-
Arthur, of tbo Criminal ourt of the Dis
trict ol Coli'mbia. In tbe oourse of hit re,
marks, the Judije ttld: -'It wat apparent
at tbe uial, and It la ma .more to by
what baa taken place .inc., tbat defoct of
the trial to which defendants wero tub
iected It perhtnt mora palpable than In
any cava tbat bat ever been pretented for
my uoutideiatlon. From torn, eaut or
other, pi-rbtpt it i eiclutively owing to
itielr own neglect me atiouoanit nave
not ha 1 Ihe arivantigo of a full detent.;
ihe want of preparation wa evident;
from ti e tint ra"mni tbe trial began, tb,
parties appeared to be walcblnir aod leal
I ci f tbeir war. 1 am Inclined to think, upon
tbe boe, that it would be exero ting a
totinil disu-etion on the part ol tbo Court,
under tb cireu itincet, to give tbete
lai tiea one morn obaace. 1 ne oruer men
may be made granting a new trial."
Hitlonnl Board of Steam Navigation.
WaauiNoroN. Deo 0 -Tbo Executive
Committea of the Nat'nnal B ard ol 8leam
Naviiratlnn of tbe Untied Bute., held a
meeting at the Kbbitt House tbit morning,
In uka meaturot to' pres. tb. Buamboat
nil now ending 01 1 ire i.nnrreei. wn.oo
it about tb. same bill aa that p tied In tbe
tioute last ti-ssloB and tailed in tb. Ben,
ate. capt. Tboa. Sberlock, of ClBOlnnatl
1 ant. tori., ol l'oriiand. Sit : Cant. Mar
bal lark, of Nnrlolk; Capt. Copelaid,
ol -New xori, and John .1 Honngtr, 01 si
Loult, conttltuie tb. oommltie..
Th New D.mooratlo Paper Don't Butt
souin.ro B.u.toi.
Wamunoton, Dee S-Tbe new Demo-
crallii oaner. ' he Pott," appeared thlt
morning. One of ill ariiolet trout, d great
Indignation among the ftoutbern Demn-
oratlo eanatora. wbo regard It a an at
tempt to cuerc them into the support ol
onit ins and bl brancn 01 me itpub.i.
can p .rty. Tbey tay that they utterly re
pudiate tne paper, ana ueny in rigni to
peak far tne party or lor eoutnern iemo.
emtio senator.
Strength of Regiment Ordered to
Washington, Doo. u--.'nator Maxcy
. . ,. t..,,i.n ..Ii,, .,,) nts mo uiiiuwing iniuruiiu'in irom aujii-
ci-iiuu "i" i'"' - " i-tmit Uoneral rnwnaead: Six companlca ol
Kuur'.a cavalry, s:j men; lour com.
tbe unchallenged kuprciuscy of wloit
may, in tho main, be described us ire
anti-Adniiui-tiaiion elements, aro cir
cumstances that will govern ihe con
duct of many Democrats. We see one
sign of this remit in the reported con
.....I.. 1. 1 lin la,iin,l ApIiHm. l-.f. inn
IUIC- V. -MU - . - U I. A.V...V.J, IW WVU,
tno Twentieth Itenime t of liilnntry, 177
1 en. are now under ordei. lor the Teiat
bo der. Becrult. will be tent aa aoon aa
availab. to fill up companies. Col. 11 c
Keszle will b in charge of tb cavalry
ooid Ji.ve reotlved comparatively
little attention in tbl. country,
and no homage at all. I may add
that It ha not been looked upon
here nor in Pari is 10 admira
ble tableau In which tbe late President
of the Uulted Stale wa teen hob
nobbing with tbe would-be assassin of
be French Republic There b been
already loo much of tbat kind of thing
among prominent- American in Paxil
durlug tbe lite Empire. It would hive
redounded more to General Grant
credit among the European who main
tain bis country principle! ir, after
those principles bad boen intuited in
bis person by tbe demand that be
should keep away from France lest bis
presence might disparage anti-Republican
Intrigues, he bad refused to go
when the bar was taken down; or if
bis desire to lionize in Paria was too
strong for that, bad be preserved a dig
nified coolness toward tbe Insultors
both of himself and Republicanism.
General Grant may, perhaps, realize
the truth of tbete ibiog If, a 1 ru
mored, be meane to come back and
take a bouso in London.
Negotiation fir a Parllimeitary Cabinet
-Pribible Mlnlitirt.
London, Deo 0 A Reuler diipatcu
from Fa la tay It I ttatod th.t neeotla
tlontbitween freiident Maoalabon and
M. Dufaure weio returned In ooniequenee
of ttep. taken by Senator Batbie.
I Note-it. Batbi I probab y acting for
Orleanitt Senator) Th Boilel aiatet
tbat M.Dufa.ire ia willing to oonduot neg.
tintlon to th. point ol forming a ninl.try,
but It unwilling to accept office bimaelt.
Tbe Figaro name. a. among probable
Mlnitor. U Batbla, it Hinliter of Jut
lie; It. Wadding on, Minltter of Interior;
M. Leon Bay, Minltter of Finance, and M.
Lbrlttople, Minltter of Publlo Worka.
I'aiih, D.o. 6. Dufaure I. bow endeav
oring to form a Parliamentary cabinet. It
I. tbouKhl likely be will tuooeed. Humor
mention. U. Waddingtun a. probable For
eign Minltter, and M. Maroere, M nlttor
oi th. Interior, with M. Batbie, of Bor
deaux; Teiaa area., of Debort,and Leon
Bay, a. colleagues. Nothing potliive,
however, it known.
Versailles, Dec. 6. There wa aa ex
cited debate ia tbe Chamber of Deputies
to-day oa tbe quettlcn of proceeding with
tbe discussion of the Bndget Nothing oc
curred, and tb titling wa unimportant.
BlacUahon Xgnoree Petittonere.
Mancdebtir, Deo. 0 The Guardian'
Parli dltpatob ttatet that a delegatloaof
Hlbeut manulaolurtrt called at th Ely.ee
Wednetday, to preteot e petition to ihe
President, but failed to ... even a Secre
tary. Tbey war receivod and bowed out
by an utber, and returned to Elbeuf with
tbeir memorial.
Senalble Striker The Clger-makere
will Start Factorlee of tbelt Own.
Saw Yonn, Dec. e-The itriking cigar
maker, tn-day tiart a faotory lor them
solvet; 200 html, aro going to work, and
tb.numbor v. Ill bo inc eased to 600 in a
week. Three other lactone., oa the tame
plan, will ba at work In a week. The
tinker, cla m to bav. $6,000,000 capital at
tbeir btok. To-day tbey hid a procettioB.
with fully 7,000 in Una.

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