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Vicksburg weekly herald. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1868-1883, December 21, 1877, Image 1

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NO. 25
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Tour buntr will bo
,1 UHVUll kill UUVI, UUIt'BI Ullll'l l ISV
nrdcro 1.
Friday Moriilnpr, December 14.
Tools will be told on the Ohio Sen
atorial race.
La bo c uumbers of Germans are set
tling lu Texas. 4
Tbe Government proposes to sell, as
fast at pricllcablc, all itt pine lands in
the South.
Tue Richmond Whig thinks the
lamet river canal was ruined beyond
repairing by tbo lale flood in that State.
m t
Tn New York Herald advise tbe
Northern Dconlo to nut their skates in
order. Tne weather feels liko May,
down hero.
Our cllir.etis w lit meet to-day at 10
o'clock, at Klein's Hall, to render re
spect to tbo memory of the lato Dr. W.
T. Bilfour.
A max killed snotber man in New
Orlcaut last Saturday, by striking blm
a blow ou the temple with bis (1st.
This it vouched for by tbe New Or
leans papers.
The Jackson Clarion gives a very
similar account of the Adams-Swot-man
shooting affair to the one wo cop
led from the Now Orleans Democrat.
Both tbcto journala assert that Swet
man fired the first shot.
Tub Forest Register thinks that tho
estimates mado of tbo cost of a Consti
tutional Convention for this Slate are
too iiigb. Tho Itcgistur forget to
tlgure on the cot of two olectlons that
would have to be held. Tbo Georgia
Convention cost over a quarter of a
V .Tteaa Blander.
Tho New York ami New EuiiUml
papers ::rc so angry because the South,
by her voles in Congress, favors a more
liberal and just policy of ilnance, that
they are stooping to mcauiics in the
discussion of the tiuancial o.'iei!ion.
Tbeyc'iirgo tha'. t!:c Southern Con
grcsinieii voied for the Repeal and
.silver ii;.N, 'jcctusi tiie Sautli is still
tinged with dl'ioyalty, and her chosen
ncpro;euiaiiTc aro anxious to .Irike a
blow at the credit of tho Nation The
New Yoik Tribune, that is sl;keii!giu
its sub-erviency to the pap-sucking-b3.
i.l-boldin;; interest, declares that as
tbe .Soulb could not destroy tho Union
tt : ':(., she is trying t destroy the
Xaiioml credit. This shows the ex
tremity to which lb? tlavc? of tho
Sbylocks re driven. They havo no
Miami ui:i;ii! to cfler agaiuet the de
..; ; ii. so'.r.i. aud West that an act
'. ' km" lujnsticc ;ihe dcmnneiizilion
it iiir.in -ha!! be undone, aud they
nil .:n;.t u servo their masters by
siand.-i iiih' the Soulb. Tho great mai-s
of the pec'liic will not '3 thus easily
dcoeiveJ, for they cannot havo so soon
fjriiottcii the patriotic course of tbe
f-9v.!h a feT unontbs ago, whon it was:
lior'.t :iiy l'.miblo lor the SoutbcrL
!.:c::ibers of Congress o i:ve prcipl
tv.cd the country into civil Wir. Iu--:eaJ
of doing this they bowed hi sub-
;.-.nj.oa to tbe reeoguiwit witU o; ai"
mnionty of tho Northern people, sudiig b,.r(.uVt.a faui,iy bavo our Vii"ore
aliowe.1 Mr. Hayes to La fraudulently j sympathy. '
cailo President. The
?otb feel that
otlior peopio as well as uativo aud for
eign bondholders and creditors, have
rights '.Lat ought to be respected". She
nsserts that H is only justice to give tho
people reasonable time to recover
from tbo terrible financial depression
ciuscd by the vicious policy of tbe
T..11..1-. am1 4f sneAsA lirt vMnrtmia
meUla to the poaiticua they occupied
1 l.li .1-1.4 If
tii U a blow at our National credit,
Vcse New York and New England
Inrntlinti may make tbe most of it.
The Silver .!
Thl question, of suob.vast Impor
tance to the country, teem to be Id bet
ter shape to-day, tbtn It ever wn t my
time tince llver wu demonetized.
When the National Democratio Con
vention met at St. Louli, It refused
""i reiu,ei
positively, even to llow the question
o be dlscmicd. Senator' Dcolittlr, of
w. , , . , , , .'
Wisconsin, tried again and again to
force the representative of the party
. , ., , . . , , ,, ,
,0 consider the question, but be failed.
The Chairman either ruled him out of
,,w v. i,.,,.i 1 .
1 v uv v w uuouvvi l j iuui u y u a
I liainoutary trick. Now the Democrats
party is the great champion of the
Imca-uiT, and to popular it it, that
k i t receives immotito support from
i portions of the Republican party also.
Tlic Khi'ri City Times, the Chic.-.yo
Tribune, the Cincinnati Commercial, j
ami mi'. y other able l!?publlciu p.i-j
per, nre ita warm advocator. island's
Silver Bill pa? sod i ho House by a vole
of (our to one, and a measure very j
similar to this, but perhaps one :
less open to unjust criticism, bas stood
the test lu tbo Senate by voto of over
two to one. The only opposition tbo
measure ha met comes from tbe Freai
dentandbis advisers. Tba President
in bis message bitterly oppose tbe
Dland Bill or tiny similar one. Wheth
er be would or would not veto law
carrying Into effect such a bill, Is some
thing that do one at present seems to
bs able to And out. Tbe bondholder
aud capitalist think be would, while
bit personal friend contend that be
would not, on the ground that be doe
not think it bit duty to veto a moasnre
merely because be differs with Con-
I8"" - Ia bU message lie refer to his
uuiy m uiu maiier oi appointments,
and he show that he respect tbe pow
er of Congress, and intimate that bo
has no desire to encroach npon the leg
islative branch of tbo Government.
But from tbe great ttrcogtb of the sil
ver question, a shown in both bouse
of Congress, It seem to us that it will
make very little difference whotber
tbo President vetoes a bill agreed on
by both house or not. There seems
to bo plenty of power to pats such a
bill over hi veto. Tbe country is cor
taiuly to bo congratulated that thla Is
Seuator Chaffee's substitute for Sena
tor Matthews' resolution, shows bow
sound and just the posltfon of tho sil
ver advocates is. Tbe resolution Is as
"Resolved, That all tbe bonds of tbe
United Stales, issued or authorized to
bo Issued under tbe said Act of Con
gress, heretofore recited, are payable,
principal and interest, at tho option of
the Government, in colu of gold or sil
ver, of the standard value when such
bonds were issued, and to restore to
lis coiucgo such silver colu as a Irgal
tender, co-equal with cold coin, Is not
In violation of the public fnl h nor In
derogation ot the right cf the mblic
If thero is any injustice in this reso
lution we 'woui 1.1 like fur it to bo
hown. It merely wUhoi xi'ver to
'bo I'hced exactly wl.cie It was when
iho boiuH wsre Is-ued. Tboe who
juppo-c doinij thi, It is plain, are op-
posed to tho welfare of the gre! body
jot tlio people a!l over tbe count ry. It
this rcsolmioa passes, ll mean that tbo
country will be allowed to pay it
'debts in tbo money that wa recogniz
ed by the world at the time the debts
were mado ; If it fall to pass, it means
that the debt shall be exacted iu gold
alone, regardless of the right of the
people. Tbe resolution will pass, aud
tbe people may rejoice that they are
ncarlng the end of a policy that was
crushing to death tbe business inter
ests of the country.
Dti. (.has. Xyxthand, a wfll.Un ivvn
pii; ilci.in and drulst, died at bis re.i
deccc yesterday evening, about U o'clock,
ncran iilnCM of Urce daJ"- Dr- N3:'
I strand left hoa-.c early last Tuesday ui ire
j Iiil', in bis usual good health and spirits, to
gu to market, and not rotumic-for &a uu-
usually lonj time, Mrs. Nystrand went to
tbe drus-Hturu after biiu, and found him
I lyin' tonsclcst on Uiu lluor in tbo back
'room. lie remained almost oiitiroly
...A.kU,l. f HASH V. ttM. ...Ill 1 . 1 . . .
We regret to announce that Mr. Joseph
M. ll melli, an old citizen and leading
mercliaut, died last night at 10 o'clook.
His tuneral will proceed from biai-etidsnco
ti .t. Taul's C'bureU at 10 o'clock this
W are pained tJ announce tbatJudgo
Benj, 0. Springer, a pioneer citizen, who
bss led a lonir and utciul lift ia Uilt com
muuity, is coutlned to hi retidoaoe wiib
cancer in tbe mouth.
Mrs. Sherman' Objection)1 Ten
to one Mr. Sherman would net er have
pitched into round dance if William
Tccurasch hadn't liked them so. Bos
ton Post.
Frsa Omr IJw Tark Crr
BBOOKLY.f , L. 1 , Dee. 3, 18:7.'
First a church and tben a tbeator you
know Brooklyn is called tbe City of
Ur.urtbea. Br-tli-4y, who wsi it made
Mr. licecber pator of tbe Tabernaoler not
1, 1 am sui e. Tbero It but one Tabernacle
here (to-called) and tint la occupied bT
llr. UeWltt Talmave-prtttr naaa, isn't
Ity But ob! be W truly ugly. His faot
louka at me now, from tbo opposite wall
nicU a bard-rea'.ured man, but bis wbole
toul it In bit preaeblng; evtiy (satur in
bis lac astitiit bit tongut in the utteraace
of bit t bough tt; even bit bands and ket
and arms talk, ibougb their pantomlmo It
not tillu so perfect as in tbo old itoman
days, wben, ii memory crve ma or reel,
lawyers plead so eU. dually wilb panto
mini,' a in llu judges, audit was c inc
lUently fnr' liUli-n In count. Uad 1 en
tered ibu Tubernu' lo biimlful I 1 should
huvv imniiicd mytel in a Kno t old fasb
louiil .Muihi'dist csuip-metlfng: but II 1
bad Hlumk.cd into tbe place all alone, with
Hearing gone and eyes open, 1 sboulu bave
tboughl it akin totbeoircu-. Jutt Imagine
u circular building divldec. In ball ( the one
taken and tbe other left) holding over six
thousand people; tbe seal all a-rtnired
en circle and in tiers, each row one step
lower tnan tb other, until you enter tbe
parUetle for It literally 1 that tbt
allies numerous, nicely carpeted and
graded downward In asuccettion of steps,
uted at teats when tbe bouse it crowded,
and tblt it generally tbe cate. Unegall ry,
likewise arranged with teatt riling ont
above tbe otber from tbt Irunt railing, the
column supporting it painted wiib vivid
buea. Tbe coiling it aotually gaudy ia
rai'iii'jto lints, and tbe chandtlier nave
ever to many butter fty-olored pagoda
shaped rnofs Axed in tbt center f tbem.
Wbert tbe circle tndt (or tbt bulf diviv
ion 1 tpoke of,) 1 occupied by an organ
extending two-thirds across tbe piiaflel,
and bull t In tbe form ol three Gotblu arcbet,
tbt Outet reaching within a few feet ot tbo
ceiling and tuob brilliant ool,rl 1 am
almost afraid to speak of tbem, lust some
one duubt ly veracity red, blu , orange,
green, and silver an. i gold! Tbe right di
vision bas tbe 1 U 5. munoxrammed in
lb center; tbe middle arcb of flutes U sur
mounted wilb a larse star. Tbe H-rt tide
puzzled me, and I d d not nuu.e;d in quite
making out tbe monogram. Tbo organist
(Mr. M.rgan.) loimerly played fur lier
Majesty ol fciiglaud I ilmught I' bad
beard aweil muilo btforo, but Whin his
Angers -wept tut cbords lu prelude, every
earthly thought and feeling grew dim; tbt
bead invuluniarily bowed In adoration,
and It itemed aa ii Ueaven'a own harmo
ny had burat through tbe gates of tbe Mew
Jerusalem, aud wni quivering over God's
children with a beneulctlua. There le no
choir, only a i recentor, wbo, (allowing
Ur. Talmagj's example, starts lbs hymn,
beating tinu- with bit baton aud bath
bands. -ervlce invariably opens wilb
tinging ui tbo doxology. bivorvbody
tings, anu appeal to enjoy it. 1 wat
amused watchiug my friend llr. D. llli
wife always perauaUis bun to be ailent In
her narlnra. lor though be ha muili In
his soul, is will not issue lortb witu a bird'
trill, and so, ("when Caitar persuadea,
tubiniialun must be mine,"; with
a slgb he yields. Uut it ream
does me ;-jOI to teo Mm at
tbe laberiiacle tbiow b u t His great lirond
cuesianu roi. nut in ;:ec; uiu in all lm
alnable diswird, hm r.ic j lirlgUtwlth tut
inaplratlon ol bit own muilo, and tbe vol
ume ot voices to i;r,tt, w n J tbu uranlst's
skill so perfectly guiding ami making
melody, that tho most cap'leii llitener
catcbei tbe in. pimtlnn and it carried with
tbt wave.
To re U mi p.ilpit Dr. 'i'almage himself
van it a mage, n n uviwccn the orgtn
iai's manuals and tho oran, billing Ihe
pipes that run un ler and extending Ihe
full length ot tbe organ. Limn this it
placed tue plalneit ol chairs, and a small
ia Hie wim a liiuie anil uymu-book. Dr.
Talma, e reads hit t xt, elves nut tuo
number ol bvtntt, aud tu down until
after tbo tiovlug lU'iiily uniting bis own
voluowilb tbu others As he preaches be
walks from onu eul o: tbu siagj to the
otber, turns and walks back; repeating the
walk, buck and lor.b, stldnm stopping, ap
parently oblfvlous to a.l uut li.'w llutur't
luensage.wbicb U delivers with fanaticism,
using, aa 1 -eforo remarked, all munliois
of his hod taking no heed o: h s words,
iml giving his tbuugbtt just as lit'.-) form
themselves In bis mind some tlm uu tx
pieialon to brilliant escaping hit lips that
!...... III.- .1. ...I. I. .,.....! 1... I -
ii i.iiicHit iiiiu iuu auuL'ui niiui:u uuge
of u rou'li diamond, giving yui km nccl
deiital glimpte of tho oorriivcuttons ol
libt and beauty hiddon from aitriit. Aftor
sermon, Dr. Tannage requested tbu e wbo
vituuu. to remain lur coulinutu mater
These services were conducied in a very
Methodist manner, and protracted ti n or
ti teen minutes, wben tbe Invitation was
again repeated for lurtber dovotions iu a
small room adioining tbe assembly room.
Tbe Tabernacle b ia the Urgent attendanue
(especially at nlgbt), of all tbo places of
worship, i couia uoi oi myscii decide
from tbe manner of conducting services,
i in uenomination, uut have tir.-n ;uarn-
id It is longrcat.'nnllst.
Tbursdty lasiwns tbe (,-re !' day In
the year with Northerners. l!i 4iu oi Julr
excepted, aud 1 tn ink it rankt pieliy near
in their esiiwatluu, even wiib that iluy it
was a drizzling, rainy niornln.', not a
streak of blue vliMe In the bcaveus above,
nor on eanu er.ucr, mr xuni matter,
smce every lace w.m rosy witb pleasure
or tho ko. n Iml. .-i-rvives wer held in
most ut tbu 1 lmri-li ?, nini' m -tiiulier
ones jiilnlngt Ibir in oi:i. Mr J.'iiicr,
it seems, b ui l.ia b-urt ov... i! m i.i- Hlu,
peace uu . .'nod-will to men, aa was ivi
doncid by Li rotuark. To (iiute Irom
uear the clue: Alter bavin; iutroduccd
the subjeci ot slavery, and tho after free
dom, wnirh lie said was an act of Justice,
bo contended lhat thoir free l"ru mad'..
tbem harmless to Ibemiulvea uud tbelr
inle mnitcis omy bcctuiu ihcirnu'.uio had
S'jod In It That "llnir n' uduct is with
cut a parallel, exerting m t ' .t tf tho
whites 'i lately tliir masters " '-Uta
bard to say on which tidn '.he wonder pi..
ponderattK. 1 i.vid tonic luuu saw I did'
not expect Hi bl-ivks ta c j3ic to lull fica
dora until f.uty years bad pnssed. Kor
that 1 wat In kiued by you end damned by
tbo Uepublloan prost at large, ion could
not lorue by edict, Vuti QoiiUI uut raise
and aduin alavet as you could blow gimp
bubbles into beauty. Men grow, and
nothing grows to 11i: as liitnhonl; thero
It in muib of it." etc. "Tbo leading toon
in the south koi.t faith. Tbcv mado a
contract and Hood to it. Ha men over
went through tuch sufferiUe-. No set of
men over carried thomielves nroro gal
lantly and nobly, and such chivalry was
an exarahle to ui, though w might regret
that It was shown in so bad a causo. Ouly
imagine the condition of tho wealthy
Southerners; poor, tllelr slaves emanci
pated and voting down over their heads,
bo long at they tampered with tbe Consti
tution, and were the enemy of tho, woik
Insman, I exeorated their principle, and
denounced tbem and their cause. Mow
teat th wbttl of Providence ia turntd,
and tlavery la swept away, sny heart
turns toward the South with a xeal never
felt before," etc. 8o nucb for Mr. Beech,
er and r 1; mouth (Jbarob.
U'.Talmage, two Sundays previous, an
nounced that on Thauksglvlnc Day, tbt
Tabernacle would be decorated so fsr a
obtalBablefwIth tbe prodnots ef tbe Nrrtb
and tbe loutb, tbe Katt and tbe Wett,
lua.vuq ongruon muni ate tomt or
tbt tblnart tbe warn to hi lhinLf.il mr.
and verily 1 think such a Thanksgiving
sight was seldom If ever witnessed In any
church before. frolU, stalks of cotton.
wheat In tbtaves, corn ia the ear, were
all arranged upon tbe platform witb order
and tatte. white at either end wat an
orange and lemon tree In fruit. An lm
meme tbeaf of wheat was placed upon (be
n 1 I trim I. II . . . . I .
I..-..", m in iivu ii id iou, ana upon it
rtttod tbe two book fur tervioe. whil
above tbe cbair wat a tlokle formed of
white flowers, some minerals were alio
on tbe stago. 'the gallery was llkewite
deoortted with grain. It all looked odd,
oik appropriate, and thoso to ino ined
might be varloutlr instructed. Tbe mutie
wis even belter than usual, owing to the
Introduction of the harp and cornet. Be
fore opening of tbe tervicot tbe Grerk
March was inlaved in Uuut harp and or
gan. The tinging combined tucb a vol.
ume el barmony as to be heard ttvcral
bloekt distant, liter 6,(M) were pres
ent, others left for want ol standing
room. Tbt aub oct of tbe ttrmnn was
"Conquests of tbe American plow, bam-
merand pen." Ho lint wished to ceie-
uraio toe viotorles, not of tbe sword, but
of tbe sickle and tna nlow. to some ot th
specimens of which be drew tbe atttntloa
oi tut assembly at tliey wsro placed be
fore tbem upon tbt platlorm. A lorward
be expatiated upon tbe conquests of the
American hammer, and tbe Immeasurable
ttriuct in tbe last few ytart ol meobanlcol
Industry. "In boat our National imius.
try It advancing, bar breath is tbe hot air
oi a minion nirnacea; nertong tbo Voloes
of uncounted factor let; her foottte t tbt
flash of wbsel-buoket and tbt tread ol
tntftand stamp of t uedries." lie tart
man lives aa much In forty year ol the
presenttime as thentedeluvlindid in bis
ulne hundred yearn. He prophesied still
greater advancement, and place the fu
ture Capital in at, Louis, wbiob be said
would be tbe center of tbls nation' wheel
of induttry, "miking tbt bub wheft It
oujbt to be, Instead of Itt present pltce,
close up to tbe lire." Ue dwelt at tome
liogth npon American literature, and
thought "man bad to us more effort to keep
out knowledge and have to let it In" with
the many advantage for bom.' enlture so
tustiy forced upon blm. lie moreover ex
praised himself at reeling American excel
lence in all things, and itemed to tblnk
amors snouiu go aoroau and returning leel
tbe tame, though, in bit opinion, traveled
iooii were tne niggett loon alter all. Dr.
Ttlmnge tpoke ot tbe nretant dtv't
schools, academies and colleges, drawing
some amusing comparison between now
and when be was a boy, forcing many a
ball smothered bearty laugh trom bis
listeaen with the fumy anecdote here-
imeu. ui oourte he ended hi Thanksgiv
ing by a few Doliticti remarks. nnh
"1 arouse your thanksgiving to-day by our
uupruvcu .uiiuqii oouuiuon; me wa nt
land I at peare, and the North and tbe
oouin nave ooine to a cellar understand
ing iban at anytime within my memory.
and 1 toink than within the memory of
mo uiuett perion in tait noute. rvbalever
may be tbe opinion of tbe people in rezard
to Mr. Hayes'eeleoilon to the 1'retiileney,
I tbink that ail lair-minded men ol oil par
tlet nre wlllli g to give blm a fair ehaoo
for tbe carrying ont ol bit Souioer policy.
Let there be no obstruction to th magnlrl
cent attempt for beallns old Natiohal
tores. U. we have bad battle enough, Jod
knowt. Let Mr. Ulittnt) and Mr. Conkling
and Mr. tatneroa and ail toe otber candi
date fur tho 1'reai .enoy ia l)W. know that
they cannot reach upremaoy uy keeping
the grudge together between tbe North
and the boutb."
After teverely condemning tbo extrava.
ganceof tbe lale society queens in Wash
ington, upon whose tbouldert ha lavs tbe
frauds rommltted by their husbands ( po ir
womant), bo paid a graceful "imp Intent
to tbo simple, wi msnly watt of tbo present
mistress of tho NVhito Uuuse. During bis
variuu remarks he eutbutcd bis audience
into several times applauding lilm.
1 wished ti wrltj of the linndMiineu
Church I bsveje: ttended-the Church
of tbe Holy Triuity and of I lie lovolty 1
met witu there, l'urbapslrusy d to in
tbo lutiic, wh.n Uio glowing anlhracito,
the soft fonM'."nl, and the lazy restful easv
chair are lea inviting than at tbe present
moment. Iokb.
Juuicial EccENTRiciTir.. Tbo statu
of tbo weather has probab'y had much
to d;t with legal decisious. An euii
uent Jude lielnu tol l that onu of his
brethren had given, what appeared to
biiu, a very strange decUion, express
ed much surprUe when the Clerk whis
pered from bis seat beneath the judi
cial bench, "It waa very hut day, my
lord." A famous old Judge going cir
cuit lu terribly hot weather made tho
following charge to the Grand Jury:
"(Jenilemui, the weather Is extremely
hot; I am very old ; yon are very well
acquainted with vour duty practice
it. N. Y. World.
Wives know that (he brow of care is
oiteu sooilied hy a delicious supper, to
which perfect hrca.l, roils, biscuit, etc.,
aro so imimiiuiit. To bave these deli
cate proilucis of baking always relia
ble, the u-r ot Duoi.Ev't Yeast l'ow
DLit it vci i in pun a nt. This article U
tiinotiji the in -it valuable of 1'ie day iu
its bearing on hoallli. It is put up in
cans always lull in weight. .
A CoiNuriEXCB. Tbo Democratic
M ajority iu Mew Jersey in the voto for
rreeldciit in 1S7G was ju.t 11,1 U ; in
tho vote lor lutvaraor last montb tho
Democratio majority, was aain just
10 71'! I. ! ..... All... il.t.
A,lo. ninswiuiits lUllli lUlf CVIU -
cultuct happum, or Iburt.two parlies in
but are abiu io prostyve. lUeir relH-
ttU0ther.tiN. O. Uemoorat.
, i,-!' ,. - ,
Lj. , AcUvlty ot the Iiitke,
l.i(in(iN-. Doe. 13 The Turks aceu o
havo renewed offensive operation In tbo day adopted lriw Vettry to the ongro
neighborhood f TtiistcTiuck. ... sati r. -n tuauay tiejet. : i
A renott nrcvalled' au C'onstahUennlo
last night that a great battle bad been
fought between Metobakua and Buetcbuk,
tbo result of which ia uuknowa thus far.
However, official rep ns from tho Turkish
hcadquartor4 onlv t:ir.'lon an affitr with
Itusslan battalion.
Defunct Fli Inauiant Company.
' I'atsksoM, N. J., Dee. ID An inventory
of the defunol, l'alcrson Firo Insurance
Company shows tbo liabilities to be 1 1"'0,
otfl. ftcludlng I20O.TOO capital; assets i.V.
000. " "
Doatlt f Dr. W. T. BoJfttar
neetlaa; t Pkyslclaitss-MasMM
Isttltisis) f BetinMicE, r
At a mettine of nhvtlaiani of vik.
burg, Mlts .held December 12tb. 1877, on
motion Dr. T. i. Harper wa called to the
Cbair. and Dr. B. O'Learr wa rtqaesud
to act at Secretary. Dr. Henry made re
marks relative to th character and emt-
?i i, ' 01 r "ec frltnd, DR.
I m. t uLmuH.
Dr. Ulcst moved that the BiMllntl nra.
Ictsion attend the luneroi of Dr. VV. T.
Daiiuur mn a uoay.
Dr. Woodruff movtd that a ooramltt nt
live be appointed by Ue Cbair to dratt ap-
Ibe following committee wa an.
ur. fi.T. uenry. cnairman; o. J. Stltcb
II. X. T. Wo idruff, John 11. kicks. M. A.
ihe committee presented thefollowlDC
Again we are made to realize that the
halt of death ba extinguished another
blight light in our profuitioc a light that
nas uurneu ongatiy m our city lor years,
in dords of charily and all good works.
Wbilo the sound ol the luuu'nl 'iclls bid
ding lareweil on earth to Legrand ti. Ca
pers yet eohoes in tur ears, we are shock
ed by tbe announcement that Wm.T, Bal-
lour is no more, For forty y ars, Dr. Hal
four bas labored In sunshine and In storm
attending to tbe duties luoident to hi
most aruuous profession.
Should tbe dark cloud of pestilence
again enwrap our elty, hundreds of fam I-
uet win icei tue absence of that kind
friend and scientlflo nbvaiolan. wIioh
cheering voice boa mad tbem hope, lo
many a gloomy hour; and the member ol
our profession will miss that nobis ex
ampler of cool oourage and great n sources
w ben every breath of air teeat laden with
Obierrlnr bit ftarlettneaa of dancer.
be mutt have read and appreciated Uitse
ueauuiui woiut of tbt I'taimlit:
"lie tbali cover tbe with, hi feather.
and under bit wing abalt tboa trust. Tbou
thalt not be afraid for tbe terror by nlgbt
nor lor id arrow mis nieta ny oay, nor
for tbe pestilence tbat walketb In dtrkness,
nor lor the destruction tbat wastetb at
utntnof ue may rise to eminence, but
none dare hope lo stand blgher in this
O'immunily than onr lamtnted Balfour.
Farewell, old friend. "Aa hone la lost
in fruition, and faith In tight," may that
'charity which reacbee beyond tbe
grave," crown you with Immortal bill.
we sympatoixe wun the family of our
friend and associate. In tbi hour of their
affliction, and tender to tbem all Ibe conso
lation which genuine friendship can i.ffer
on griePs sacred altar.
Ktspectfutiy submitted by lbs Ci remit
Kesolved. Tbat the Seoretarv spread
tbie report upon bin minute, aud present
n copy oi toe proceedings to tne ismiiy ol
tbe doceased, and to tne elty paper lor
DR. T. i. HAEflR,
Dr. it. O'Liary, Chairman.
1st "lensorlaus.
At a meeting of th Vettry of Christ
Cburob, Vicktbuig. held in tbe Vcttrv lm.
mediately alter tbe tuneral of Dr. William
T. Balfour, sr., late Junior Warden, on tbe
ia. n any or December, 1V77, tbe following
wum iiuoiiivu :
Tbe last solemn words havo been spoken
"Sank to rkf.HWt 4ut to
dust." Tbe list tad tile have been per
formed, and wo have consigned the body
of our departed friend and brother, Dr.
William T. Bauour, to the tomb, there
to rest, awaiting the last trump, when
tbe dead shall rise again, wben this aortal
tbtll put on im iortallly, .
Tbe Vestry of Christ Cburcb have as
sembled in their accustomed plao of meet
ing witb sad hearts, to pay a more fitting
tribute, and put in a more endearing form
tbe expression of tbtir admiration and
love for him wbo ha gone from amongst
us. The cbair be occupie' I at our deliber
ation Is vacant; tbe vo.'P? which tittered
words of wlsdna In our council, ts bush
ed in death. And while we bow In tama
ble tubmission to tbe will of our Heavenly
Father; and while we kn-iw that our loss
it bis gain, and realize tbo blessed truth
that the mire In heart shall oo Uod, yet
w fed that onr bereavement i -grievous
to bear our loss iiruparablo.
r or more man u year ur. wiiuaci ..
Balfour lus been an active and efficient
Vestryman ol Christ Church, and for tbe
ruostot thatpsrlod bat been tbo Junior
Warden. Iiurlnj all ibat time hohadap-
pnuii uimicu wun earnest zeal anu sin
cere devotion to the interest of tbe church
he loved i well. Nor did ho confine his
etlons to ibis cburcb alono, but with hi
broad, catbolia view hii'eflorts bave been
unremit'.lng In behalf of tbe wbolo Dio
cese. 1'ossesscd of sound practical judg
ment, Indomitable will and great energy,
to him Is due, more than to any one lay.
man ia the Dioocsp, its present prosperity.
Of a kindly nature, a genial disposition,
winning grace and gentle manner, he woo
the licaiU ot thote with wbjm be came In
conLact. Lofty In aantlmcnt and true in
all Oil in tincts. inflexible in purpose and
stem in bit integrity, be hound to blm by
Indissoluble ties uf dntiilenco and affec
tion thoso who knew blm well, for all rec
ognized in him the highest typo of the
Christian cbaraotcr.
Resolved, Tbat this tribute by the Ves.
try to the memory ol Dr. Win. T, Balfour,
late Juuior Warden of C&rlst Ci.urch, be
spread upon and made part of the minutes
or tbe Vettry. Tbat our beloved Hector be
requested to transmit a copy ol tbe same
tn ihu bereaved ftmllv of nnr rlpcp.ikf.il
friend and 'irolbor. and to convet tn iin.. I
tbe expression of our pnTjuo t urii f a', .lis
death, and our deep sympathy n:th t!itr.
In their great aClictlon.
1U.NKY HANSOM, Kectjir,
N. 0. BnvoN, Senior Wai lau.
K. l. Kakiiau,
toil?; D Woolpole,
T. U, Daiinrv. .
i. K.IlAL'.M,
, estrywce
sefui!.i: v.
Ortfcred. Tlmi thi 'foreff'ilntr'' mcmerlal
, Ii5 ad'Mlll
lis aU:'i'tfd. l.-n'i"v :bs .Vestry, spread
1 tron ' i.ii'nv. "uhitthej in the cMii.-'-ii
r'i, l1"!"'". turmsuni
uionriiiui; ua il and durin tbe niay be-
fore Canstmaa, as a fnrtlicr tribute of
i respect to Dr. jiji!or, and that the Rccor
P'e req'iestod t. renfl the memorial tni
ua.NliV BA.M'lil. ilcjlor.
K. Uai-m, ieorctry.
Haye and Evart Dlagatted.
WASBixr.Tov, He". 1 t'oMticel circles
have not reeovered from :!io shack of yes
tci 'ay's lotlle. The I'reni lent and bis
citaiy of state are reputed as uttcrli
indignant, but their luturo .' , T it has not
yet l.cco Indicated,
New Yoek, Dec. 13. James Leahry,
dealer la foretga and domestic dry goods,
failed; liabilities 1120,000; asset ,
Exoltiatit la Newark, Niw Jirf $
nl Baiki Affscttft '
Vewabe, N. J, Dto. u-The excite
meet to-dy extended to alt Bavlnre
Bank. Th Newark Savings Bank paid
all applicants 18 per eeet. Tt amount
drawn wa IID.OCO. awl 121,000 were aewlv
depodted. , Tbe Manager expret contf.
denoe that depositor will ultimately loe
nothing. ' . .. i i
Th Howard Institution paid depositors
In full as last a they appeared, and or
usiuruiDcu m continue paying a soon a
clerical force will allow.
Dims Bav-
IngiBantc checked a run by requiring UO
onya nonce, ineoerman nana, a email
Institution, Is aifeoted, but will adopt tbe
three months' notlee rule if pressed.
Action of the Senate) Eoutfv Bt
alon on Nomination.
WAsniMOTON. Dee. IS A considerable
portion of tbo Exeoulive stssloa of tba
donate to-day, wa devoted to tbe discus,
slon of tbe nomination of (Jen. James D.
Brady, a Collector cf Internal Bevenu
lor the Petersburg. (V ) District, In
place of (ieo. 8. ttiohsrdt, wbo wa tut
ponded under tbe tenure-of-orSoe Act latt
summer, and recently retaliated bv rea
eon of the failure of tbe tjenate to take ac
tion upon hie ease at tha last session. bt
Ilnance committee, yesterday, submitted
a unanimous report recommending that
Brady' nomination be oontirmtd. olthoueh
as last made it explicitly Involved the re
moval oi muoarus, regnxuieae oi so inct
that no charges were presented agalait
tha latter, and that he wa eonoedsd to
bav been a laltbful officer. Blcbard, after
noiuing tne omee eight year, aaev entered
upon atbird termr andee appointment
of l'realdtnt Grant, wben.be was sus
pended hy Tresldent tlaye It) order to
give the position to Gen. Brady, IE puN
susac of hi aonouneed polloy of fllilna
Federal offloe in tba Boutbern 8ttee by
native-born resident. Brady wa native
ot Virginia, a Kepnbllewn ia polltios, and
a volunteer ofBoer la the army during lb
war of tbt rebellion. Hie appointment was
strongly recommended by tbe Virginia
aenaiors ana oiasr promintas vmoratt
and kit eonrmation ha been etrnsttly
oppoted by many Kepublloanl, who Era
pertonal and political Irienda ol Bloaerde,
The CommltUe'a favorablt report, and tbe
diieuition wbloh tntued to-day, retnlttd
In Brady' confirmation by a vlve voe
vote, wltb only tlx or vi Baator In
th negative, .
i n nomination oi jonn Baxter, or Ten
nessee, tab Circuit Judge for the Fifth
Circuit, wa reported from tbe Judiciary
Commmltte with favorabl recommenda
tion, discussed at considerable lanitu. and
comfirmed without roll call.
Tbe nomination of I. A. Hovt t be Com
mlsslonor of Indian Affair, waa also
suujectoi aomeueoate, Dutwaeeonnrmea
without much opposition. Indian Affaire
Committee were unanlmou In repoiting
it favorably. T
RoMtnn AcoOunt af tna Fight at
Losdom, Deo. 13 The llusilan offloial
acoount of th capture of Plevna eenfirmt
the detalla already telegraphed. It taye
the Turk fought lit Hons: aeven Pba
were captured. Tbe oounllngof prisoner
Anrl trntihlA la nnt Al Anmnl.lui
The Huttlana had information 'three
day in advance of Oiman Paba' Inten
tion to mi tie. At 7 o'clock In tbe morning
Osman crossed tbe Vid by two bridges and
attacked (be Uusslan positions with tuck
fury that they captured eight cannon, and
In a few minutes almost annihilated tbe
Hlberikl Grenadier regiment. Th Turk
then found themselves under the lire of a
hundred cannon ef the Kusian' sscond
line, aud were oUackedJby th Grenadier,
wbo revolved to recapture th gun. The
Turk were drives back after 15 minutes'
bayonet flgbu bat continued to are front
the shelter of tbe baaxa of the Vid, until
13:25, when the 11 ring ceased on both sides,
aid a quarter of an boar afterward Da
man Patba tent tn envoy to treat for aur.
render. Osman't wound Is In the leg, and
not serious. ,.. . h . ' ...
BlacMabon' Declaration) to a Delo
gation-Republtcan MeeUng. .
rABl8,Dcc. 11 Itcplrlng' to a delega.
tion of Senators and i'eputlcs from the
Departmtnts of Voegce and the city of
Nancy, who represented the doprosilon of
trade, ftnil wllh an nntrAat tint .a n...
Ident place himself in direct eommunlca
tioa witb th modorat Kepublioans, Mac
Mabon, much moved, sold he bad no per
snnal ambltlnn, and wa indifferent alike
In regard to the Committee, Det'bambard,
the Count De Pnrisr and the Prince
Imperial, and would maintain Kepubll
can Institutions null lttfv. He assured
the deputation that bo wa actuated by the
beit. intentione, and would do nothing
that was not directed by hie consoleuce
and the interest of th country.
The uncertainty, ai to the formation ot
th Cabinet continue. A meeting of the
It;nubllian fTnlnn tn1av m.rn...i .k-
' . .".iu tun
retolvs not to vol any portion ot the bud-
k iunii b .lauonai wituet are not
completely satisfied.
Bow tha Turk Bear Rvrs.
London. Dca. is -A Per iH.n.ioh Hut.
ed yesterday, says tbe fall of Plevna la
ati 11 unknown to tbt Turks, generally, ao
it la lmpoislrlo to estimate it effect upon
the population, which, however, will
probably maintain it usual calm,
Cosstastikoi'LB, Dec. IS Tb new of
tbe tall ol Plevna ws received herewith
calmness mid loititudv. The Journal
ur,'0 resistance to tbe lat.
'l be Tuikish Parliament wee opened to-
(luvbvti:a HulLfcn. All TnrltUh Hlniilt.
rles and fireign Ambassador wero pref
ect. The speech from tbo throne was re
served In tone, and allados neither to
peace nor mediation. '
Mr. Money' Southern Pacific Railroad
Bill. ..
WAtiujiiiTOS, Doe. 13 Tho bill intro
duced by Air. Money.of Mississippi, and
referred to tho i'acliio llallroad Commit
tee, allows tbe Southern Paoltio Compaay
to cuatiutto its road from fort Yem
along tbe routo selected tot the Tcxaa
I'aclfi? l'.allrHiid, nntil Its traok tnteta
liint of uu latter road. The bill grant
laud bef ore allotlcd to the Texas Paclfio,
Wiilcb that! '.'ompany'lsaa forftlied by not
ooniilylng wtib the law reiulrlng Uie
buiuiliigui tue road yf Ulan a pertain time.
A SuggeetlonTo Make Conatantloople
a Free City.
' KiuNDi'Ron, , Do. 13. The SeoUman'e
London oorresnendent telegraphs a fol
low i " From tie mott Influential quarter
tbe suggestion baa been laid before th
iiritliu Cabinet that Constantinople be
made a free city, under the guarantee of
the European power." r
Th London Silver Market.
London, Dtu. .13. The India Council
yctterday told two million pound bills at
is 8 9-10d per rupee. Tbii it lower than
waa anticipated, and completely demon!
iMd tbe silver market.

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