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NO. 2 7
Pobllthtd WISELY by
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age paid $2 1-1
5 copies, postair paid 1 "S
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20 ' 1
An extra copy will be gives tollie getter
up of a club of ten.
Snail l'lmtcitfii-e Money Order or drafts
when practicable. Address.
" fi
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li. I Ml
IMI il
Friday Morning, December 28.
There It not a National Biiik lu
Mississippi, none lu Louisiana outside
of New Orleans, and only oue iu Flor
ida. Old SroDM Butlkh has begun to
through bia brlcki. Ho shied ona at
Hayes's Southern policy the other day,
aud he has a hat-lull left.
Senator Eusth, of Louisiana, says
there ia a very general disposition lu
Congreti to give the Missitsippi levee
matter a Mr hearing. To give it about
five millions lu money would be some
thing like justice to the people of the
Tub Commercial refer to Mr. W. .
Chandler aa "oue who ia truated and
honored by a whole Stale at In repre
sentative la the United Stales Senate."
Which State does Chandler repre
sent. Old Nem or mutt have stepped
out a few minutes.
Li-t Sunday night Mrs. Bowman,
wife of Mayor Bowman, of Eist St.
Louis, committed suicide by shooting
herself through the heart with a pistol.
Tbe cause of the terrible deed it shroud
ed In mytterr, though a former unhap
py marrhge, followed by a divorce. Id
thought to have bad something to do
with It Mayor Bjwiuau it wealthy,
and hit late wife wanted for nothing
money could purchase.
The Commercial says tho Herald is
enthusiastic on (he tu ij .ct of a Deer
Creek Railroad. For one?, at lcat.
the little evening paper bas spoken 'lie
truth. We are in earnest In our advo
cacy of two short, cheap tap railroads
for this rity. We believe our city cm
tecure tbora by the proper effjrle, and
we are determined that our readers
ihftll be fully informed of the necessi
ties and opportunities of the occasion.
Ia not the Commercial in favor of the
Deer Creek Railroad also?
m mm
The must valuable and usclul Christ
mat gift that we have heard of an) body
receiving, was the present of a splendid
black saddle and harness horse lo Al
derman J. F. Doll, from Ga!T& Co.,
brewers of the celebrated Aurora beer,
Aurora, Indiana. Mr. Doll, as agent
of the Aurora brewery, bat sold 30,000
ken of the beer in the last three years,
and the Company appreciate the ener
gv, vim, and success which hat marked
all hit business transactions with them.
The horse baa laken ten or twelve first
premiums under the saddle the last
one at the recent Indiana Slate Fair
and from thit It may be Inferred that
he I an animal of which Mr. Doll may
juttly be proud, without taking luto
consideration the elreumttancea of the
gift, which make him doubly valuable,
A vebt large attemblage of friends
and acquaintance! witnessed, last even
ing, the nuptials of Mr. Vincent Pi
am and Mist Katie Botto, at St. Paul's
Church. The ceremony took place at
6 o'clock, and waa Impres lvdy per
formed by Rev. Father Vitello. The
ladle of the bridal party were richly
cottumed.and the geutlemen,of course,
in full evening dress, and it waa the
general verdict tbat Mr. Piazza and his
bride formed one of the bandaomesi
couplet of the many, who have Ibis
year, taken upon themselvet the matri
monial yoke, in Vickeborg. The fol
lowing It a list of the attendants : Mr.
Jai. Bottb and Mist Kale Itodge ; Mr.
Jno. Rodge, Jr., and Mist Kate Mc
Guire; Mr. Wm. Siuarr and Miss
Mollis Bluck : Mr. Jno. Coudon and
Mitt Mary Gannon J Mr. Percy Fisher
and Miss Lizzie Spengler j Mr. Jno. C.
Kaarnnv and Mlei Loulia Geuella. Af
ter the ceremouy, a reception wai held
at the residence of Mr. Jno. Rodge, on
Adama itreet, where the happy couple
rnoolvml the congratulations of many
frieudt, and theu departed on the 8 :15
train for .New urieaus. luey nave en
tered life together under the fulrest au--plces.aud
it i our alnceru with tbat the
brightest picture! of their young love's
dreamt may be fully realized.
I 4 I I
Tlw. Tttii" I Mmr Mon'
I in M on" Yi niTTin v
1 TS 1 00 U ft IS On
0 t itl IS VI ii Hi
m n on it oo a ou
tvt no ? im ; oi.
7 75 is i i on c on
Oil 17 ' 31 On SO 1.1
17 00 JO l so on 7:. li
IS 00 4 00 71 Oil II Oil
30 no Si on HO " inn m
XTo stbcrlbr An 'X',,
In blue pi-ncil mark, on your ia. a
per, li niitlrlciitinn tbat Tour W
subscription will expire in 'two
weeks, and your paper will We A
discontinued, unlet otherwise II
nrdure I. It
Sir. Chautdler'a I'oaapIaWat.
One Wm. E. Chandler, ef New
Uampslilre, comes before the public
with a grievance. People who come
before (be public with political griev
ances, are generally regarded a niiis
ances, but as Mr. Chandler it a member
of the Republican National Committee,
bis gilcvtiire will receive a Utile atten
tion. He is grieved that the President
does not shake the bloody shirt. He
say I the President did shake It during
the campaign, but that he hat now
c and to (.hake I, and he, with all the
'balance of the simon-pure, I'alwari
brrc 1 of Radical-1, it greatly put out at
Hie IVe-i.lent'k cuur5. Anil (bey are
put out 1 o, because I lie President
put out stalwart in soun iii-tanc-.
and put iu Coiikervativci aud Di iiir
Now we greatly sympathiz) wit,
thit stalwart, because we feel tbat tnt-
tympaihy of a reconstructed rebei i-
gall and wormwood to oue of tlii
tribe of iuJividualt. When Mr
Chandler heard that Florid had
gone Democratic, be runhed oil
from Us business and did all he could
to pull it back the other way. It i
generally believed that he did pull the
little State through for the Republican.
aud lhat he does not now get hit re
ward it too bad, aud we paune to min
gle our teari with hit oaths. After the
United States, Europe and Africa com
bined, conquered the cotton S'.nle-,
tbey were recoustruo ed iu the most
spiteful manner, aud the fear of audi
cowards of the solid Sooth is certainly
excusable. Mr. Chandler grievance
n this respect U well-founded, for we
assure hitu tbat if the South la ever
presented the opportuuity to tenia
cores wilh tho iantern-Jiwcd, hypo
critical finatici of New Euglatid, i-lie
will do it to the last farthing. The
time ia fait approaching too, for thl
very man that he to comphina of Is a
Western man, and In a few short year
New Euidand will fiud that she can
control this great Empire no
longer by a disgusting assumption
of superiority aod goodnes. The Ws'
and the South bave about decided tha
tbeir interest it a mutual one, and it
New England doe not like it, she can
grelve a much about it, as suits her
Thtt Messrs. Lunar, Watiersou and
Others secured the disenthrallment ol
the South after tbey saw they were be
trayed by the Supreme Court, I, alike
creditable lo their ability and patriot-
i'tn, aud will only add lo Hie bitih es
teem in which they are already held It;
the Southern people. As Mr. Chand
ler complaint Uau evidence of South
ern triumph, and his grief Is over the
buried bloody shirt, iliu Southern peo
ple will regard It at pleasant and inter
esting reading for Ihe lioiidaje.
ilea. KwlaK ItUervlewed.
The other day a correspondent of the
Cincinnati Enquirer interviewed Gen
Tom Ewiug, one of the great Demo
cratic leaden of the West, on the
prominent topics of the day. We are
able to give a small portion only ol
what he said, but what we do give
will be found iuteresting lo Souiheri
readers :
"What Is the condition of the Silver
Dill passed by the Hou-e?"
'-It i in the hands of ihe benaie
Finance Committee, and will be n pori
ed to the Senate after the recent w ith
two amendments. Oue proposes to let
the Government buy silver bullion at
Ihe market price and give the Govern
meut the beutnt of the seigniorage, aud
thh otber proposes to limit the amount
of silver coined by the Government to
not more than four millions and not
less than two millions per month. The
last amendmeut will be iefeatcd iu the
matthews's resolution.
"Doesu't Matthews's concurrent res
olution come cp before the Silver
'Will it pan both houses?"
"It will.''
"What will be the effect of thit ac
tion on President Hates?"
"It will pull bit teeth and leave no
reason for him to veto the Silver Bill
In bia message, Hayes's argument
against the remonotizatlon of sliver
wat tnat it woum be wronging the
bond-holders who had bought bonds
on a gold basis. The adoption ol
Matthews's concurrent resolution in
the two houaes is a notice to Ihe world
by the representatives of the American
people that all bouds bought In future
are purchased on a silver basis. I hi
forces Sbermau's funding operations
down to a silver foundation. This re
moves Uayes'i principal objection to
the restoration or the silver dollar.
"Will Hayea veto the Sliver Bill ?"
"I think not, and If be doei, it will
be passed by both bouset over hi
Wc call attention of our read or s to
the profestional card of Doctor C,
Beard, the well-known New Orleat
O.'ulist and Aurist. Doctor Beard can
give excellent accommo latlons at Ihe
Orleans Iu Urinary, 112 Canal street
New Orleaui, to patients requiring
operation!. JOdeodImw4t
On account of the great wisdom
with which the Ridicalt manage the
finances of the Nation, there are not
more than three or four big failures
every day. In New York, on Wed
netdai , there was a failure rather pe
culiar in Its character. Some brokers
bad gill-edged securities, but tbey
failed, the Government's wise policy
noi withstanding. If Uucle Sam is al
lowed full sway on this line all Sum
mer, Iboi-e failures will cease without
any tort of doubt. The husines firm )
will cei.o trying to do anything, and
people who are not making an effort
cau't fail. It is the great superabund
ance of money that is stirring up all
the troubles. But what do wc care
about It ? Tho S cretary of the Treas
ury says this is the most prosperous
country on earth, aud that silver ia not
Kood enough for the bond-holders, who
(ought bond forty per cent, below
par. If that Is the casr, we know 11 It
II right. But just a a sntislactlou to
those who elected them, wo advise all
the Southern members of Congre t lo
ho sure aid fiud out II what Mr, Sher
man says Is so.
Here is what a o irretpoudcnt says
about the if cent smw norm in Turkey :
It la impossible to And out any thing
concerning the couditionof the Turk
ish prisoners en route from Plevna, or
the Russian troops caught on the march
by the snow-storm. The cold weather
aud driving snow produced a terrible
effect upou the transport train, which
halted near Colracenl, a suburb of Bu-
hareat, to await the cessation of the
storm on Sunday. The wagout and
horses were entirely burled in the snow,
aud working parlies wore ex dealing
the train. Forty bones and Iwenty
ulne men bad beeu found dead. The
men had sought shelter lu ihe wagons,
and were frocu within half a mile of
The CUanil Court of Hinds county
s now in session.
The local editor of the Friar's Point
Coabomiau Ihluka thai the building of
a Court-house in that towu "would
have a refilling iufluence on the popu
Natchci Democrat: Before Justico
Parsons, yesterday, Alf. Weidcy waa
put under 11,000 bond lor the killing ol
Waib Curtis, and Uen. 1 ucker under
4200 boud aa accoaorv,boih to answer
al Ihe next Circuit Court.
We heard yesterday lhat while Cole s
Circus was iu Biyou Sara, on tho 19th
nst., young Vreslnsk), lonnerly of
Natchez, killed a colored boy, aged 20
years. We could uot hear the partic-
Mayeisvllle Leader: We learn that
Mr. L. Mayer baa leased Ihe well
kuowu plantation just south of town
lioin the owner, (Jul. Pretlon, lor the
term ( f five years, at aremal of $2,500
per annum- Col. Pro. to i baa been iu
feeble health for some lime, aud conse
quently unable lo manage or sep lo bis
Uniting interests. Col. 1'restou is, we
learn, ouo of the oldest citizens of Issa-
qik'iM, having lived here lor about
thirty-five years. We understand the
Colouel intend lo spend moat of his
nine in Wn-consin.
Friar's Point Coahomian : Molly
Jackiway, well-known iu this place as
a reckless aud desperate undress, who
was always leaily lor a tw tit, and could
use ihe razor with deadly effect ou the
lightest provocation, last Sunday
morning, got into a flvbl with her mau
at Beleu, in which she used the rasor
so effectually as to lei. out In bowels,
wheu at tbe same moment another ne
gro in the row drew bis pistol and shot
Molly through the heart Killing her in
stantly. Jackson, the colored man
whom Molly butchered up to In thit
place laat Wiuter, died on Wednctday
A Homicide is the County List
Saturday alternoon, a colored man,
Darned James Hamilton, was killed on
the Bannockburn plantation by Cel. D.
S. Pattison. He was a tenant on Col,
Paltisoo's place, aud bad been to town,
and ou bis return drove up to the real
dence of the Colouel to deliver tome
buudlet. While there Col. Pattison
addressed him, as we are Informed, in
a pleasant aud familiar way, to which
tbe colored man, who was drinking,
responded with insolence, and in tbe
course of the conversation his language
grew more offensive, nulil Col. Patu
son ordered him to leave tne yard, or
be more respectful. Tbe man replied
be would uot leave the yard, and be
(Col. r.) couldu't make him, and put
bis band in his pocket and tbrew him
self back in an attitude of defUuce,
adding otber words of insolence,
whereupon Col. Patlison seized his
gun and shot him, kill ng him instant
ly. These are briefly tbe facta aa elici
ted before tbe examining Justice, who,
after a thorough Investigation, placed
Col. 1'atttson under bouds in itbe sum
of ,1,000 for his sppearance at Court.
From what we learn It is evident that
C il. Pattiaon in addressing the man
Hamilton, was giving him tome good
advice in a friendly spirit, as Hamil
ton was one of hit best tenants, but it
was not so received, and words grew
to defiance, and the offensive langHage
and the threatening attitude provoked
tbe fatal shot Port Gibson Reveille.
ITaflasi laanatcravtloB.
We mentioned some time ago, that a
projet is on foot to send Gen. J. B.
Gordon, of Georgia, to Europe on tbe
close of ihe regular session ot Congress,
next Spring, for the purpose of repre
senting to European capitalist, who
are at a lost to Dud a safe and profitable
method lo Invest hoarded capital, the
advaniages of t'evelnping the agricul
tural and manufacturing opportunities
Of the South and lo show Ihe advan
tages of Immigration. Gen. Gordon
has viowed this proposition with favor,
and will accede, should the rrquisile
authority bo vested in him by the va
rious corporations and municipalities
within tbe 8ouh. .li is well known
that European capitalists have grown
weary of railroad aud mining swin
dles which the North and West bave
been leading them with for yeara, aud
would like to find safer aud more repu
table investments. For some lime tbey
have boen looking towards Ihe
South as olleriug a fair field,
but no advance having been made by
our section, no enterprise was ad
ventured. Gen. Gordon was thought of
as one of tbe most suitable representa
tives to proceed to Europe wilh tbe
purpose of inviting capital ami immi
gration. Ho is capable aud sincere,
and would undoubtedly command
earnest audiences wherever he went.
It would be well, therefore, to en
oourage (bis movement iu 'a material
manner. All seclious of tho South are
Interested in its success, aud would
benefit by ihe consummation. The at
tention of the boards ol trade, cham
bers of commerce aud cotton ex
changes of the South has boen oiled to
it, and all will contribute liberally to
tbe defrayal ol Geu. G onion's expenses.
Municipal governments are also ex
pected to interest themselves, aud lo
not only furnish authority of renrueeut
ation,hut to pay a quota of the expense,;
Our Cotton Exuhauge, of course, will
take up the subj ct at tbe prope t me,
or we are mucU mistaken iu the dogrec
of public spirit which animates lit
m mm
Sueridan thinks the border troubles
cau aud ought to be amicably adjusted,
Thit news will delight tbe New Or-
leaut Journals.
DrllclotsN Cookerjr-
The most delicious, light, white and
boleaome biscuits, roll;, muffins, waf-
fl ja, coru-bread, cake, etc., aro possible
lo every table by ulng tho celebrated
Dooley' Yea-t Powder. It la abso
lutely puro, aud will go much further
iu use ibau other kinds of baking pow
der. It is impossible to fail with It In
bakluic. Ask vour urocer for it, aud
do uot be put c tl with any otber.
Trouble Among tbs Savings Banks.
New Yohk. Doc. 27 A Receiver
baa been appointed to wind up Ihe af
fairs of the rcopiu's Savings Uank ol
ibis city.
Paterson, N. J., Dec. 27. There
was a alight ruu nu both local Savings
Banks to-day, The depositors were
promp'le paid.
Ni w York, Doc. 27. The officers ot
the Boston Swings II ink Availed them
selves of iliu provision requiring no
tice from depo-itors, Pa menu lo de
positor during the present mouth
amount to nenrly flOOtW. I bouil'
mate to'veticy of the Bsuk depend
upou tbe value of the real estate
owucd by it.
Boutb American Rebellion.
New York, Dec. 27. Advices from
Valparaiso to November 20 h, state
lhat a rebellion was organized in I'uula
Ames for the purpo-e i f exterminat
ing Capi. Gu'zilde, Chief of the garri
son. The Governor waa at first en
tirely unable to quell the rebel, Ion
The rebels, after cruelly assaulting the
Captain, set fire to buildings, including
the hospital, with all ihe patients in It
The church, aud house of the priests,
etcag ed injury. Tbe rebels stole 47.0UO
from tbe treasury and robbed all bouses
of commerce. In the confusion they
were killing each other. Of the houses
composing Ihe colony, half remain
standing. Total number ot killed, 40
wounded, 14.
m m
Tennessee's Debt Adjournment of tbe
Legislature without a Settlement.
Nashville, Dee. 27. The Leniala
tore having reached no result in the
settlemeut of the State debt, passed a
resolution to adjourn slue die at noon
to-morrow. The Senate bill to com
promise tbe State debt at fifty cents on
tbe dollar, with graded interest, or at
forty-five and six per cent., was de
feated in the House, after an amend
ment to make the Interest four per
cent, for the nrst fifteen, and six per
cent, for tbe next uiieen years. High
tax men voted agalust it, because it was
not in compliance with the proposi
tion of the bond-holders, which was
fifty cents at six per cent, interest.
The Turkish War Patty In the As
cendant. London, Die. 27. A Times' corres
pondent at Vienua, says that .intelli
gence from Couatautluople leaves but
little doubt that the rejection of the
Turkish note by tbe Powers has caused
tbe war party to recover full sway, and
above all the reaction produced in the
feelings of tbe Sultan by tbe humiliat
ing rejectiou of his note, is deemed
Am WJairatllaiaT Krldestce fCleod
The Judicious use of some delicate
perfume Is au nnfailing evidence ol
good tiiste. Tbe most polished of all
lands class tweet sceuti among their
most Important luxuries. Dr. Price's
Unique Perfumei Aliita Bouquet, Pet
Rote, etc., are the geini ol all odori.
Sttscwall Black Buried-Suppeied Inoen-
dUritBj-Loii About f 12,000.
Sp eial to lb Uerilo.
Meridian, Miss Dec 27. The
Stonewall block, consisting of four
teeu two-story bilck houses, on the
west tide of Lee street, was burned
ast night. No iusurance on buildings,
and very little oo contents. Supposed
to have been fired by an Incendiary.
O d Meridian Lodge No. 18G, Masons,
ost all tbe lodge furulture; only the
dinner aud seal were saved. A
negro Masonic Lodge alto lott their
room and property. Many roomt In
the block were unoccupied, and most
of the personal property wai taved.
The block Wat unproductive property,
aud valued low. Total lots ten or twelve
thoucaud dollars. II.
Report of Assistant Intpietorof Lift Siv
Ing Stations A Heartless Fliheman
Robbery of tbi Dead Bodies by Inhibit
anti of the Coatt The Lift Saving St a
tion Exonerated.
Washington, Dec. 26 The Secretary
of the lreasury bas received tbe report
of Walter Walton, Assistant Secretary
of the Lite Saving Service, wbo was
ordered to Investigate tbe circum
stances connected with tbe recent
wreck of lbs Huron, with especial
force to Life Saving Station No. 7.
The report contains testimony mostly
of those who witnessed the wreck
from the shore. It is particularly se
vere on a fisherman of Nag's Head,
named vau U aeai, who wat tbe nrst
to see tbe wreck. Al 1 :30 o'clock a.m..
he was ont bunting wild fowl, and saw
the vessel before she struck ; saw ber
strand, and heard tbe screams of those
on board, and yet neglected to give
warning to the Lifo Saving Station.
He had a good boL the wud was In
his favor, aud the water to Roanoke
Island wat comparatively smooth, aud
be could bave given information in
tweuty minutes, at tht distauce was
only two miles and a half away. He,
howevor, went home and ate bis break
fast, and did not return lo tbe wreck
until 7 o'clock. Lieutenant Walton
thinks that had tbe Life Saving Sta
tion been In' operation, or bad the
keeper of tbe Station received timely
warning, nearly, If n6t all, on board
the Huron could bave been taved
The bodiet of those that perished were
robbed as tbey were washed ashore.
and out of ninety-one bodies, twelve
or which were officers, not
single trinket such as would be
treasured as a rrlio by tboir
relatives, remained. Watches, money,
and even riuus, wore stripped by those
wbo first found the bodies. Licuteuant
Walton says that such actions as these,
together with tbe inhuman couducl ot
Evan O'Neal, liavo caat a stigma aud
reproach upon the iuhabilautt residing
ou Ihe beach along the coast, from Cape
Henry to Cape Uatlerat. The report
relieves Ihe members tbe Life Saving
Steamer from auy blame.
Tbe Nelter & Company Failure-Excitement
Subsided Prciptcta of
New Yohk, Dec. 27. The Post's
tin unci al article lays Ihe excitement of
yestoi d.iy caused by the suspension of
Netter & Company, owing to tbe feat
that collaterals lioiw Ibem were not
sale,hat parsed away, Since it bas been
ai-cjrlaintd that collaterals could be
obtained by taken up loaus made to
Netter & Company nearly all these
collatcriils have been covered. The
amount of loans to which Netter &
Company were a parly, wat three mil
lion dollars ; aa we learn at tbeir office
the collaterals on these will all bave
been obtained at a cost to tbe owners
of collatcrali of 1150,000 to $200,000,
for which Netter & Comptuy will be
retponiible. The firm have wealthy
connections, and it it not improbable
(hat this amount will be forthcoming.
More About tbe Contemplated Coup
Paris, Dee. 27. A correspondent of
the Timet announce! that elghty-tix
appointments oi tue new rrefectoral
Secretaries will be gazolled. Tbe Re
publican papers continue to assert that
acoup d'etat was preparing during the
recent ministerial crisis. Tbe Bien
Publie sayi: "B?napartiat General
Doucl, a few dayt before the termina
tion of the crisis, conferred with seve
ral Geuerala on such an event." Tbe
France declares tbat troops at Ver
sailles and elsewhere near Paris, were
provided with cartridges, and that
many officers drew up their resigna
tions on receiving orders to bo In readi
ness to march.
Timber Depredatlooe In Florida and
Wafuinoton, Dec. 27. E. A. Pro
toil left this evening for Jacksonville,
Florida, under luttructlont from Com
missioner of Geueral Land Office, to
aid In Ihe prosecution of limber dep
redator, l'rotois is expected to ex
ercise good sense in seizures, which it
seems tbe regular agents have sadly
lacked. Advices from Southern Mis
sissippi to the Commissioner of tbe
General Laud Office, bring Intelligence
of the discovery, by Government
Agents there, of further aod considera
ble timber depredations, aud still fur
in r seizure of them iu that leotion of
Don Carlo.
London, Dee. 27. Tbe French Got
eminent bas requested Don Carlo to
leave France. Ho started for tbe fron
tier to-day.
The British nest
London, Deo. 27. A dispatch from
Constantinople saya tbe British fleet
left uosioa Bay for tho Gulf of Vaxle,
oear Smyrna.
Boow in tbe Not thwoat.
Chicago, Dee. 27. Heavy mow
storm at Cheyenne, coming eastward.
Weather throughout tbe Northwest
cooler, with threatening mow.
Merited PnnUhmsnt.
Philadelphia, Deo. 27. Martin
Pester was seutenced to a flue of 1500
and costs, and fifteen years imprison
ment, for felouous aetault on a little
Railroad Accident.
Cueyenne, Dec. 27. An expresi and
freight train collided n a fog. Tbe en
gineer and fireman of the freight train
were killed ; the otbera Jumped. Tbe
responsibility rests with tbe dispatcher.
London, Deo. 27. The German ablp
Pauliue, late Ihe American ihip Kate
Prince, from New York, Oct. 28th, for
Bremen, wai wrecked near Harlingen,
on tbe 27th of Nov. The crew were
Portland, Me., Dec. 27. George A.
Bailey, late publisher of ihe Congres
sional Globe, I dead ; aged 57.
CHICAGO, LCC. 27. VY. W. MeatOI,
Chief Justice of the Appellate Court,
It dead.
Japan's Custom Duties.
London, Dec. 27. Tbe Ptrlt Monl-
teur say Japan has denounced all
commercial treaties snd resumed Iti
right to revise the enstom dniiesat
pleasure. Note Tbie requires conur
matton. An Abacondar Heard From.
New York, Deo. 27. Owen Mur
phy, tbe abacondlng Excise Commis
sioner, is reported at. the Clifion House,
Cauada. He was expelled from the
Board of Commissioners yesterday.
Mooteosgrln Snoceis
Rauusa, Dec. 27. Montenegrins yes
terday defeated a bedy f Turks occu
pying entrenched position, between lbs
river Bora aud town of Ducigno. The
Turki lost many prltonert, three flags,
aud a quantity of provisions.
A Georgia Duel Nobody Bait.
Columbus, Ga., Dec. 27. A dnel
wai (ought this morning opposite tbit
place, between G. W. Uutiin and W.
11. Dessau, two young lawyers of
Macon, Geotgia, After exchanging
iwo shots with pistols, the affUir was
amicably arranged. Neither were
Libel Bait.
New York, Dec, 27. In tho suit of
Aloi.xi Boll, Assistant Secretary of Ihe
luterior versus tbe New York Sun, for
oue hundred thousand dollars damages,
a verdict wsi given for the defendant.
Tbe libel was that Bell entered bis
wifo under ber maiden name as clerk
iu the Department.
On to Constantinople
St. Peter-buho, Deo. 27. Tbe
Age nee Russe observes that Ihe Eng
lish Cabinet, in encouraging the Porte
to further resistance by convoking tbe
British Parliament earlier than usual,
will compel the Ruasiaus to march on
Constantinople, causing the precise re
sult which it seeks to avert.
Ewint'o Speech at Ioolvills.
LouibVtLLE, Dec. 27. Gen. Thomas
Ewing mado a speech to a large assem
blage last evening, on the occasion of a
sereuade, In which he denounced tbe
Eastern press wilh the bitterest empha
sis, and spoke of hit perfect faith lu the
passage of ibe Specie Resumption Re
peal bill, by the Senate, aud its approv
al by the President.
Constantinople Items.
London, Dec. 27. A Constantinople
dispatch sayt Mahmoud Dumad Pasha
hai returned from a tour of inspection
in ihe Baikant.
The Serviaut have cannonaded Novi
Bazar and Pi rot, but were repulsed. It
ia believed tbey intend to return to
Novi Bazar and advance to tbeBalkapi
via Nutrovltza and Pruishtl.
Alabama Settling Interest on Bonds.
Montgomery, Dec. 27. Gov. Hous
ton forwarded to tbe National Bank of
the Stale of New York, in New York
city, money to pay intereit on State
bondi due January 1st. The Mayor of
thii city baa also forwarded to New
York, money to meet interest on Janu
ary 1st, on city bonds issued under the
late adjustment of tbe city debt.
Senator Butler Likely to be Investi
gated. Washington, Deo. 27. The Star
says: "The pending resolution, of
fered by Senator Butler, to investigate
tbe charge that he entered Into au un
holy alliance with Senators Conover
and Patterson, will nndoubtedly be
adopted. Senator Edmund?, of Ver
mout, however, will offer a substitute
tbat the investigation be conducted by
a Special Committee, which substitute
Senator Butler may accept."
A Famous California Boras Coming
Bast to Teat tho Flyers.
Louisville, Dee. 27. A dispatch
says tbe Louisville Jockey Club bave
received a letter from Theodore Win
ter, owner of Moiiie McCartney, of tbe
California turf, laying that he had de
cided to bring that famous race horse
across tho Rocky Mountains, and run
a sorlei of races against Ten Broeck,
Parole and Tom Ochiltree. The Jock,
ey Club bave decided to oflor a purse
of $5,000 for an open race, free to all
ages, two miles and a balf, to bo ran
here next May.

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