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fiOGEBS, CR0O3i2S & CO.
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Itagt copies by BaaJI, pu jsar, post-
Jtwl. ...... $1 v
I oopiM, postage paid 1 16
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All eawe eony will be given totbt feitor
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bend PonUiflio, Money Order or draft
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Friday. Morn I nr. January 4.
y OuPji"B. Mid there would be tnow
vtalerdav. in I ha oama as near II m
1 . - -
low, Bold rein.
Tbb financial prestuie in the South
It sot Bear to great aa in tbe North.
Very few 8ouibern firm hare filled.
. Govhrob Bomb-oh ought to tell ni
all about ift-hypotbecstloo, while tell
log Be to confidently when New York
Will Bt tnroe.
A daily manifest of cotton, eto , re
ceived bj tbe Vicksburg and Deer
Creek Railroad, would be a good thing
to bare In the Cotton Exchange.
Vicksbcbo will remember 1878 es
one of tbe brlgbteet yean In her his
tory, if by bar encouragement ebe
lecuret a tap railroad up tbe valley.
A 8ood many of tbe newepapere and
tbelr correspondent affirm that Sena
- tor Lamar le oppoeed to illver remon
etlzalion. We will not believe Ibis un-
... r . . . .
ui senator uimar actually easts nit
TOte on thli important measure.
Tai Cincinnati Commercial claeeet
the Texat Pacific r.ilroad at a "big
Job." If it wai a little farther north,
juit wh?re it would ilrlke Cincinnati,
the Commercial would tblnk it mat
ter of Taet N llonal Importance.
Lotus Oorrxan offeri Inducements
to purchaser of eiddlet, barneii,and
hardware. Mr. Charlee lloffinan ie a
practical tiddler, and under hie super
vision none but tbe best work and ma
terial will be turned out. Mr. Hoff
man's stock of hardware, wagons,
plows, and agricultural Implements, U
prooabiy toe largest in me ooutn, and
as a oonseqnenoe lie csn glee bargains
in these articles, not poietbie Dy email
dealers. Mr. Hoffman is one ol Vlcks
bura's oldest and most reliable mer
chant, bis recommends' Ion of article
csn be relied on, and prices ciunot be
beat. Call st bis nrrumolb establish
Olwalwal fl.wwe.
By tbe Acts of 1870, pages 51 and 52,
It it made grand larceny to feloniously
steal any bog, pig, sboat, cow, calf,
yearling, steer, bull, sheep, lamb, goat
or kid of the value of one dollar or
more. As this Act was, evidently, in
tended to encourage stock ruining, and
is a good law, we think it should nut
bt repealed. But the Legislature dor
ing the same session so modified '2,652
. of tbe Code of 1871 at to read : "Evory
person wbo sball be couvictcd of tnking
and carrying away, feloniously, the
personal property of anoibor of the
value of fen dollar (Instead of twenty
five) or mere, shall be guilty of grand
larceny." Would it not be well to re
store 2,652?
Ma a mmj
A IIiiald reporter called upon tbe
bankt yesterday concerning the pro
prosed abridgment of tbe mall service
between Vlcktburg and Memphis. At
the Vicksburg Bank, President Butts
and Cashier Roach expressed astonish'
meat at tbe action of Postmaster
General Key, and thought tbe necessi
ties of trade required an increase, In
stead of a decrease in tbia mall service.
At the Mississippi Valley Bink, Mr.
Geo. M. Klein, the Cashier, stated "It
would greatly benefit all commercial
interests to bave tbe river mall carried
between thi ity and Memphis tri
weekly, or oftener If possible. Tbe
mesas ol making collections in the
river country are now very limited,
and it would much facilitate the move
ment of money along the line of the
river to have mall more freqaeut than
now. I consider it a matter of great im
portance that an earnest effort be made
to have, at least, a trl-weekly mail be
tween Vickaburtr and Memphis." We
hope our business men will take hold
j of this important matter at once, and
.. tea that. Vlcktburg bat that up-river
-nail service which her trado demands.
Owp Bla Usui Sorrlew.
The IIibald, the other day, sailed
attention te tbe bet that the Pol nast
ier-General had recommended and ad
vertised for weekly mall tervlce be
tween Vicksburg and Memphis. The
matter Is of such vital interest lo our
bualneae community that we feel
caller opon to allude to tbe subjeot
again, and think onr merchanle and
the Cotton Exchange should, at once,
take tome action concerning thla arbi
trary course of Postmaster-General
Key. There are more Post-ofBoes to
be supplied between Memphis and
Vlcktburg than between Vlcktburg
and New Orleant, and on the latter
route we bave a trl-weekly mall ser
vice, and that it itntll. A weekly mall
service between Vicksburg and Mem
phi will cost Vicksburg and the Bend
people many thousands of dollars an
nually, and drive much trade from our
midst to say nothing of tbe delay and
bank protesting that eould be obviated
by that mall service demandod by tbe
requirement! of trade In ante btllum
timet the necessities o( commerce de
manded a semi-weekly mall service
between thlt place and Napoleon, and
subsequently tbls service was extended
lo Memphis and made trl-weekly, with
iucb fleet tleamert as tbe Kate Frisbee,
Kentucky, and Daniel Boone, in the
Line. Tbe war broke tbit Line up,
yet to-day the demandt of trade are
greater than then. Vicksburg must
look after thlt very important ma
terial interest, and see that the Ton-
neesee Postmttter-Ueneral does not
ose bit power to the injury of our
great alluvial section. The people of
England felt tbe Importance of mail
service wben It was introduced In
Bristol In 1781, and at evidence of the
fact, tbe tervlce became general in 1785,
and toon the cartt were supplanted by
tbe horse, with tbe boy on born bsck,
tnd then followed the mall-bag by rati
and water. As we said before, the
mill servict between Vicksburg and
Memphis is a very important oue, and
some united ttfjrt should be made to
secure a trl-weekly mall Instead of a
reduction to a weekly one. There Is
no better meant of transacting bntlness
or Informing tbe people, and for evok
ing their proper judgmeul, so efficient
as tbe press and liberal postal service
tnd both go together. To contraot
our postal service in these dtys of en
lightenment and progress, it to para!) ze
tbe avenues of commerce, and to tup-
pre'-t factt tnd opinions which may be
necessary to the correct Judgment of
the people. The to. ion of Postmaster
General Key is an attack upon tbe ma
terial luterests of that river section
tributary to Vicksburg in trade, and
atriket at tbe roat of our expected
prosperity. Lot tome action be taken
here, at New Or!eanud in St. Louie,
aud in our opinion the Anchor Lino of
steamers an institution as firm as Ibe
Islands that slumber in tbe Oveau
will give (bat aatitftctlon (bat the
wsnts of the people demand and the
Bend trarte regtiiira trl-weekly.
New llaven Hrgltter
At a nipellnir of the Roord of Henllh
hit evening, Health Officer Lind hy,
In accordance with tbe sugf-lion ol
the Board at a previous meeting, snli
milted the following paper. It will be
printed in pamphlet form for general
oirculaiion :
Diphtheria is both a contagious and
an infectious disease. It is, moreover,
pre-eminenily oue of tbe filth disease.
That ie, it occurs most frequently and
in tbe most nial gnaut and latal form
where daropneaa and dirt do most pre
vail. The means or protection, there
fore, obviously lie In avoidance of ex
posure lo its presence and In tbe most
crapulous attention to cleanlinees.
Absolute isolation of tbe sick, tbe
most rigid purity of surroundings,
tided by disinfections when required,
would probably exterminate the die
ease. Tbe veteran sanitarian, Dr. .
M. Snow, of Provi lence, says that
whore there Is abundxnt euulighi, dry
nest, cleanliness and pure air, diph
theria cannot prevail. The same con
ditions will protect almost at effectually
from most other dangerous diseases,
Such being tbe truth, neither individu
al nor eommuoitiet ean afford to ig
nore the fact that they are in a great
dezree responsible for tbelr own health.
When a cue oeoora In any finally
the tick person should be placed iu a
room apart from tbe other inmates of
the bouse, and should De nursed at Tar
at poatible by one person only. The
tick chamber should be well warmed,
well aired and exposed to tunlight; its
furniture should be inch at can bt
cleansed without injury, and all super
fluous things, such as window and table
drapery, woolen earpeta and the like,
should be removed. Tbe family should
not mingle with other people. Yialtori
should be warned of tbe presence of a
contagious disease and children should
sot be admitted to the bouse. '
All clothing removed from the pa
tient should be at once placed in bolt
lot; water; instead of Uoukerchlaft,
soft piece of linen or cotton eloth
should be- need tad Immediately bunt
ed. Diainfaetaate should he placed in
all the vtatelt which receive the expec
toration of other discharge from too
patient, u Dltinfectantt thould also-be
freely osod in tbe tick room. Thote
wbtca destroy bad odors without earn
ing others are best; such as tolutiont of
nitrate of lead and ebloride of tine.
The tick person thould not mingle
with otbere until folly recovered, and
in case of scarlet fever until all rough
ness of the skio, due to the disease, bs
disappeared, beoauae the exfoliated
tkln I especially Infectious.
Toe ditlnleotion of tbe tick room
should be thorough. The walls should
oe arv-roDoed and the clothe used
burned without tbaklnsr: the cailina
should be scrtped and lime-wasbed.
The floor and wood work thould be
washed with totn and water. Tbe
clothing or bedding used by the pa
tient or nurse moult oe punned by
bollint for at letst one bonr, and
thould alwayt be eleaued by them
telvet, and under no elrcumttancet
should they be sent to a lsundry. In
ease of death the body should be
placed at early a praotioable in the
coffin with ditin tetania, and the coffin
lightly olosed.
Children certainly, tod In most cases
adult, thould not attend a funeral
from boute In wblch a death from
diphtheria or scarlet fever bit occurred.
But with tollable precautions It it not
aeoettary Ibat the burial should be
strictly private, provided that the
corpte be not In any way exposed.
Because children are especially liable
to take and spread tbeee disease, and
became toboole afford a free opportu
nity for thlt, every child from toy fam
ily In wblch a ease of either of tbeta
diseases bat occurred, thould be ex
cluded from tcbool, and be re-admitted
not too. tor than one month from the
beginning of the disease, except upon
the certlflcsle of some competent phy
sician that It will be aafe.
All the above precautions concern
tbe dangers of contagion. But tbe con
tinued prevalence of these disease! In
any community it probable evidence of
Insanitary surrounding and of too roes
of tlcknest, partially or wholly pre
ventable. The n.oit exemplary house
wife, whose home it tbe very model of
oe.tness and order, may bave nil ber
eoorte dereated in a eanltary tenae by
a defective tink-trtp, or a leaky drain
pipe, or an overflowing cess-pool, or
an nnaratnea cellar, or even or a neap
of decaying garbage in ber neigboor't
Therefore, look well to tbe surround
Ings. Abolish tilth, remove dtmpness,
tnd all source or foul air, especially
rrom living and sleeping rooms. Dis
infect thoroughly all suspected places
in yards and neglected corners.
The following dlslufeottnt It both
very cheap and emolent : Take of cop
pent (sulphate of iron) Ave pounds,
tnd dissolve lo three gallons or water,
IIok. C E. UooxtB was lo tbe city
yesterday, lie is lo excellent beslth,
and will return lo Washington about
the li b. lie cannot go sooner, at he
It determined to visit tbe southern part
of the State where the Immense timber
seizures bave been made, and thorough
ly Inform himself on that subjeot. lie
thlnki tbe Silver Bill will be a law
wiibin a reasonable time, notwith
standing the violent opposition to it in
interested quarter.-
o m
O.i Thursday evening, Jan. 10 b, a
new daily paper, tbe St. Louis Post, Is
to be started in St. Loult uuder the
management of John Dillon, late of
l ho S'. Louis Globe Democrat. We
tuppuse It Is to supply " a waut loug
Railroad Talk.
Yssoo City tenttnel. j
We desire to awaken in the minds of
Ibe people of Ynzoo,an interest In an
enierprUe which in its beariugon the
development of itt retources, is of tbe
very highest Importance at tbls junc
ture. We refer to the Railroad now
being built from Greenville on tbe
Mississippi River, to Rolliug Fork on
the Sunflower. The charter and orl
g'nat projection of thlt rosd designed
thai it should extend Irom Greenville to
Columbus, by way of Greenwood, but
the company now controlling its ifflrs,
propose that if tbe citizens of Yaro.o,
will extend tiilTlcient encouragement
and aid, Ibey will build it from Green
ville by Rolling Fork and Yazoo City
to Vaugban, by way or Yatoo City.
It it not neoeesary for os lo enu
merate tbe advanlagea wbicb would
accrue to thii city aud county, by tbt
building of this road. All business
men, and otbert accuttomed to reflect
on matter! ol this cbaracter,wlll at ouoa
appreciate the advantage! which would
follow lte eompietlon. We do not
intend to attempt to present itt peculiar
elaimi; they do not require any argu
ment to demonstrate them. We desire
more eepeoially to call tbe attention of
our people to tbe enterprise, and Im
press upon tbe public mind, the neces
sity for immediate and effective aotlon
relative to the matter. Other points
are already exerting tbelr utmost en
ergies to Induce the divergence of this
road from lit. originally projected
route, and Induce it to pour li im
mense prospective trade Into their Up.
Vicksburg already consider! the affair
as fixed and settled, and It counting tbe
Increase In trade to be reaped from It,
The people t)f - tblt city and ooanty
should at once act In tbe matter, tb
more especially at Huntington, tbe
President of the company, ba made a
proposal lo bring tbe road tbia way, il
tncoursctd to do to. - . ; .
ODDS Km B808.- .
Good Lobd. Syracuse bat a irl
with two tongoet. What t temple of
mother-in-law It In ator for tome
Wf. . .: ,
' Eab Mum. Kangaroo hide are
largely Imported from Australia. Chi
cago edltort use them whole for ear
muffs. ...
Iti no use. Tbeoa Texan cut-throat
will never be nut down till the Penm
tylvanla militia it put on a war foot
ing. uaiveston Mewe.
What Ha To Do With Irfnann
having gone out of fashion, heaven
win proDsoiy oe provided with upright
pianot Brookbaven Ledger.
A Bia Load Lrrrcn. Th Inait nf
bond lifted off Lowndet county by the
late decision of Judge Hill It over
inree nunared thousand dollars. Me
ridian Mercury.
A Nbw Kihd or Hash. A Waco
hotel man It going to publish a list of
hit delinquent boarder. There will
be a new kind of bash at that boarding-
uouao ii ne is noi careiut.
Waited A Cabxow. It la said
that B airl In Eonland wai recentlt
struck dumb by the firing of a cannon.
omce men a numoer or married men
bave Invited the artillery to come and
discharge tbelr plecet In their vicinity.
lueiia sentinel.
As Evas Huhdbbd. John Sber
man't policy tcorcd an even hundred
prominent business firms in New York
city in December. Tbia, we may remark,
is a score mat ntt never been eooaied.
but we will wall and see what John does
In January. Cincinnati Enquirer.
A Wall Flowbb.
Oohl dear Mistress Shearman, I'm orr
u ar na-am,
Thai d anal os don't ntaxa t at all
Whin too bt and surli praooes, on the
nurt in ruuou aaooes.
To the llflili- ol Dltwa at Braalnn'a ball
But here's all tbe fair ens, aa aay that
the 'quar ooo,
Will eomt wbio tliiy bloom Ilk yerself
on mo wait.
-Botoa Bulletin
Sligbtly Opposed to Mob Law.
We are opposed to mob law in any
thtpe, and believe all law-abiding cili-
eut are, out ir me oivu law it not en-
lorced, by tome meant cllltena mutt
protect tbelr lives, their famillee and
tbelr property. Hence the retort to
mob law In to many inttancei about
wblch we read lu our Slate exchangee.
-inemper ueratu.
Bwbbt Kitty.
We wer pap log corn,
Mweot Kitty and 1;
It danceu about,
And daneed up blgh.
Tbe ember were hot
In tbotr fiery ligbt,
Aod it wont up binwn,
And it cams down wblto
While and oeautllul,
Crimped and ourled,
Tbs proitiost fulry ease la tbe world.
Abl many a tlmear the embor bt.
Aid tbe human spirit eia b ook It not;
Tot rsdlaat lortb from tb fiery liirut,
Cometh transformed and enrolled lo wblto
181 Louis UloUu-Dtmocrat.
SKiftNixe Thkib Criditohi. After
Tennessee and Virginia shall have got
ten through with skinning their cred
itors In the Interests of public morality,
It will be in order lor tbem to propose
an amendment to the Constitution
which shall prevent the disgrace of re
pudiation by prohibiting any rJtate
from going Into debl beyond lie means,
and from subsfquently repudiating It
obligations. The S'atr right people
would naturally Indulge in some very
tall swearing over ar innovation which
had no other plea than honcpty to tup
port it, but If the guardianship t the
financial honor and credit of the coun
try I not tale In the band' of the
8iate it should at once be put in hand
where it will lie safe, all theories lo the
contrary notwithstanding. St. Louio
Globe Democrat.
Aovick to Mr. Blaine Tbe New
York Uorald is aiwnys furniuhing im
portant Information to the oonntry. Its
Wasbiu;ton correopoudence contains a
statement that sfier tbe holidays ' the
Republican party will tclidlfy on tbe
Southern question," Mr. Blaine pro
poses by resolution to Inquire what
has become of the Southern Republi
can party. By the time the resolution
U offered il will be easy to answer as
regards Bourn uaroiina: most or tbe
party In that.Siate will be in tbe peniten
tiary. But if Mr. Blaine really wants
to be interesting he had better inquire
wbat has become of tbe party In the
North. Particularly would thlt ques
tion be pertinent as to Indiana, Ohio,
Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Cer
tainly Mr. Blaine ought to move his
resolution. New Orleana TImee.
Itt a Sacred Cause. Every school
boy wbo bat an, earnest desire to im
prove himself in base-ball and fishing
bankers for holiday. Tbe narrow
minded policy of school-teachers, Who
preler that boyt thould watte tbelr
time in reading, writing, and arithme
tic it bitterly opposed to holidays. Tbus
there is a constant strife between tbe
boye aud tbe teachers, tbe former striv
ing to add to the number of tbelr holi
day! aod tbe latter resisting with un
wavering conservatism. There ere
various methods , in use among
enterprising boye to teenre on
usual holidays. No man can fail
to admire the nobility at well at
Ibe Ingenuity of the three small boys
ot Rev. Mr. Ruler't school, who being
eleoted by lot to sacrifice themselves
fur Ibe good of tbelr lellowl,dk'liber
aiely contracted scarlet fver early list
May, and thus Insured the Immediate
doting of the school.- Oue of these
herolo boyt died of tbe dlnea.e, and his
l ist, wonlt were, "I die in tbe eacred
caute of base-ball." New York
Elver HiMMtara Bartay I iff.
The following llt of river '.. t
daring the year 1ST?, In1 Bu-iiaJJbrs s
with wbicb we art fad tr down til
wayr " :? ur . . i
Jan. 9L Steamer . roil fiL Loni.
wnk by Ice at Mnd'a landing, In the
otiMuwippi, oeiow ou utmt. liaised.
Cargo of 600 tone lost ' Total amount
of lost $35,000, ' ' .
s ft L steamer Chat. Mot in and
Aggie collided, near Osceola below
Memphis. Two lives reported, lost.
Damage, lo boate alight. ' .
Feb, 14 Steamer Vlcksborv sunk In
Sunflower river by a log; SO bales eot
ton lost. Value of boat, 13,000 partly
insured. , ... ,
Feb. 16. On or abont thla date the
(turner Jobn-F. Tolle'blew out th
cylinder heads of engine. - Steamer It.
E. Lee, below Vicksburg, blew out
cylinder need or engine, -several ne
groes Injured, two probably fatally,
mi-en i. steamer Florence Meyer,
with cargo of cotton, took In tbe Ar-
kansat, seventy, miles above Little
Rock. Raised. Boat wat intured.
March 15. Steamer Gov. Allen tu
In tbe Missouri, two miles thrive Miami.
Total loat ; vtlne 18.000. Cargo lost,
U000. Bieamer Garland burned at
Red Fork In tbe Arkansas. Six hun
dred and fifty bales of cotton burned.
Una lira lost. Boat new ; cost 125,000
Insured for 115,000. Lost of boat an
cargo 165,000.
March 28. Steamer Utah burned im
tbe Mississippi at Vlcktburg Intured
tor touuuoaa valuation or fiu.wa
April 11. Steamer Fannie Moore.
bound lo New Orleans, sunk by a tntg
and lost at Baragoeaa, In the Arkanat,
60 mllet below Tine Bluff; value 120,'
000 ; intured for $15,000. Cargo nearly
all tsved.
May 7. Steamer Waloon exploded
9 mllet below New Orleana. Engineer
and fireman killed, two men wounded
aod tlx others reported drowned.
May 11. Steamer Emma tunk in 25
feet of water 23 mllet below New Or
letn. Csplaln thought tbe boat had
struck b tntg. Four live lost and tbe
host's two Clerks reported mUsinr.
May 19 Steamer C P. Huntington
burned with cargo In tbe Yazoo at
Honey Lake. Total lose. Boat valued
at $7,000.
JnnotV Steamer City of Augusta
tunk In ihsArkaotat tt Rob Roy. Car
go or ixouu value lost. Boat raised.
June 22. Bblp Gov. Morton left
New Orleant to-day ; took fire, wst
scuttled, and eunk In twenty feet of
water In Southwest Pt; vessel raited t
osrgo valued at $500,0)0; two-thirds
saved In a damaged condition.
July 21 Steamer Golden Role. Cin
olnnail to New Orleant. tunk by anag
or log in tbe Lower Mississippi, at
umega, thirty milei above Vicksburg.
Cargo of 1,200 tone merchandise
damaged or lost. Boat eoel $30,000; In-
August 21. Stesmer PhIl..AIlln
broke b ttfely vtlve at Memphis. Sev
eral persons Injured. . Steamer Grand
Lake No. 3, from St. Louis to New
Orleans, ran one of her barge over an
obstruoilon at Thompson's, above
Cairo. Btrgebad'y damaged. Cargo
transferred to aootuer barge, and por
tion damaged.
Sept. 19 Steamer Grand Republic
burned at St. Louis, at 11 p.m. Sup
posed to be (lie work of an luoendiarv.
Largest and finest steamer on Ameri
can rivers ; capacity, 4,000 font ; val
ued at floOOoa Inmired in B large
number of ofiicea for $S0,250. She coot
1203000. and wat owned by W. II
Thorwegan, of 8t. Loult. Iron hull
s'eararr, Ctrondelel, burned at eame
lime and pieoo as Uepubllo, from
which the fl lines communicated. Val
ue. (30,000; iusurauee, $17,500.
Got. 2. S'eamer Comfort exploded
on tbe Ohio, four miles below Mounds
vllle. Twenty passenger! on board,
several of whom were missing. Six
lives loat tnd tevertt penont Injured.
Oct. 10. Tow boat Atlantlo left St.
Lau't for New Orleant, 15ih; tank
thit morning by uuknown obstruction
opposite Platin Rock. Total loss.
Wrecked ; loss, lay, 130,000.
Oct. 29 Steamer Gleocoe, St. Louie
Iq New Orleans, alruok a hiddeo ob
struction three mllet below Vicksburg,
tnd tank In ten feet of water. Total
lost. B it valued at $37,500; intured
for $25,000. Heavy cargo ; nearly all
lost, and Insured.
Nov. 10. Sieimrr Tom Morgan, a
200 ton boat, wrecked by explosion In
the lower Mississippi, near Greenville.
Dr. Powoll, master of tbe boat, and the
engineer, lost tbelr Uvea. -
Nov. 11. Steamer John F. Tolle at
1 a.ji., bound from St, Loult to New
Orletn, burned and tunk at Grand
Uulf. Boat valued at $30,000; Insured
for one-sixteenth. Cargo nearly a to
tal lost, valued Bt $80000; lntored.
Nov. IS. Steamer Pokagama burned
in the Upper Mississippi, at Aiken,
Mlnneaoii. Lost $12,000 ; no insurance.
Nov. 25, Steamer Bee, en .route
from St. Louie to New Orleans, lost
barge No. 33 while load! 2 at Island
95 above Vioesborf. Value $5,000.
Carto valued at $60,000. Including 2L-
000 buabel bulk corn for Europe, most
ly lost; cargo intured. fcteamer 111!
noli tank In Lower Mlttisaippl, near
Oldtown, below Helena, by etrikine; a
bidden obstruction. Damage af,uuu;
raised and repaired.
Deo. 1. Steamer Lotut No. 2 burn
ed on tbe Mississippi at Waterloo;
scuttled and tunk. Cargo 1,700 balet
ootton, all or nearly all lost. Boat
new, and value $22,000; intured for
112,000. Total amoout of lot $107,-
000. Fifteen livet lost by tblt dltatter.
steamer Baitrop took fire In the Ouach
ita. Boat laved, but portion of cargo
Dec. A Barge Jim Goode, in tow of
r if n j r
iW Orlrnui,
b i .'. e i
. C-: I 7
ttrurk b r k
' cr t
? -p .,1 c
. W.i tc,i)t li
l'lv Uivl.
-,ie Tlor t
ot Bt tW r-
V-n. . - '
or Qu.er or!-..
dean, f'he w.- ?
leant to Ei. L - '.
deep water, ..; '
insured in tjlnc . .
Dec 13. arr,- r 1
ploded hr d-"' r
lean, tour lie . i
Injured. Boat I. -
t; lev en perKM
f wrecked.
f IH of TesM
..In White rlvor.
r fti.h tbe gutrlt,
Doc, .10. St5 s-
"dropped beeg-.-r
Uotlon rell Into rtv.
but waa recover? I.
Extraeta frta Ctvtrtir r.lct'i Ktaatge
What he Tbicki la r.. isti ! flsaactt.
$e1ttrt) ftllcy, r 1 C'vll Itrvlc.
Boston. Jan. S. I retard to ta
pa mint of the d:.l exited to ave
he Nation when it roiled amid the
eonfliott of w, :,netta dmirea
tbattbo promUt-t . b bave formed
Ibebatitof tb pnl- i rredJt ibnil be
honeitly and onilr f;!y fol tiled.
Notopbletry in r. -, r, and no cas
uistry in moralis ! ( i le allows l to
obscure tb pli,io d ' .-iJ of ho next
dealing with the pn... ".eslsiort, tt;h-
er at to time or rlmi r of parnivot
of tbelr dues. J.'..t c . t sbouid ts
pubile debts be tit,. ?. p i currtney re
stored to He nort.-l tndard accord
ing to i romlse m-.. "t -it every bonH
effort made to reire the peace of tr.o
oountry at tue t way ot re
viving lte pro , et. r- id tecorlng the
bappine or lit p-.' a. ' Ibe war bat
settled tbe cause if difference, end
tbey cannot be reneweJ, It any taction
wert ditpoeed. 'zm country bit a-
olared, with great unanimity, for lLa
relnrn ot peace, and tbe restorauaa or
Intercourse and good foeling between
the aeetlont - that., were aiina'ad by
slavery and tbe war. It la the duly of
tbe north to adhere to a pacific pnlicy
on the bttlt of the (joniitutltl
ameodmenia, aud tbt great body of
people in ibe ooutn usve mantrmi
tbe purpose to BMapt tbeee ht. 1-
mente as onal'ersi.-a e'rnditlon. It
mut needt be, eerhRBt, that oeelonal
eoefliote will . arks out of po
litical ambition and partisan l,
bnt If tbey do tbey umal be det.it w'-h
by Ingeuiont m
eulliee Inseparable frotu free govern
ment, txtsndlDg ovur aoontiueat&i :o
analn, there mutt be steadfast adDer
ence to sound prtnclplea cf govern
ment, with greet tolerance at to cli'ee
of methods of admlDlstratlon. The r: U
of local self-government In Ihe biama
respectively, in form le practically un
disputed. .The lttr eaunot be si! to
be granted wfaiii a State is menaced by
military force lo Us own borders, and
not under Its own authority; and peace
aod fellowship einnot be said to be ac
complished without those tlgna of rf
ogniilon which demonitrsle tbat the
ptoliottioa U genuioe, and worthy to
be trusted. If auy taction of
tbe country it in faot false
to lit prefcuiont on thlt tubjeot, the
sooner tbat laut it made manifett the
less daugeroua will be l't power for
yil, and tbe easier will be the remedy
for tbe mischief it may have already
accompllabed. Massscbusettt will alto
heartily tunport all practicable and
Just meant to correct any evilt In the
uivu service or the country, and it in
(nil iccord with the honett purpose of
the President to render practical what
hat been to eloquently declared In con
vention by speech end resolution. Pub
lic! sentiment In tbit oountry will tut
tsln be appointment of competent and
trus'worthy persons to the Civil Ser
vice, and the removal of those wbo are
not, or wbo abuse their placet for un
justifiable ends. r
Carl ef CarBcvara'e Speech EnaltBd'i
Right te Participate In Final Sittltmat
if tbe Eastern Qttttlta Maintain.
Londom. Jan. 3. Though Erl of
Carnovaro, Secretary of State for Col
onial Department, mide b conciliatory
speech yesterday to a deputation of
Boutn Atriotn merchants, and it one of
tbe peace party in the Cabinet, bit
statement! will be generally accept t
at determining in the affirmative tho
only Importaut quettion hitherto in
set tied, namely, whether England w!".t
consent to the principle of separate l
gotiationt between Russia and Turkey.
All the other signatories of the Trestv
of Parle took advantage of tbe oppor
tunity afforded by the Turkish circu
lar note, to announce tbelr determina
tion on tblt head. Tbey admitted the
claim of Russia to beglu and carry on
separate negotiations, but reserved
Uieir rub!, ae co-tlnnitoriei or that
Treaty, &ad for the protection cf their
own loteretli, to participate In the final
tettlement, Tbe following language of
the Earl of Caraovarn't speech I lus
eeptible of the tame interpretation : "I
hope sincerely tbe Russian Govern
ment ' and people will remember
tbat many of tbe questions arising at
this moment are questions not for set
tiementby tbe -two belligerents aloue
they Involve European luterests, and
we, at b member of the European fam
ily bave not only the right to be beard
upon them, but it ii very important we
should have a distinct voice in tbe final
decision of tbem. I do not feel any
difficulty In reconciling these two
vlewe, provided only there ta reason
able management Bud moderation on
each tide. -: r -

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