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nui:o v,t;:::ly hlt.aliv idayI1 jan?
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11: Wd.
Tneadisy Moroln? J-snuary 8.
Mb, Gusvillc of lb Forest Regis
ter, U oa rttU ta th ltr.
. Tbi Liberty Uersld he t Washing'
ton correspondent who signs himself
"Virtus." II mail b loosora In
Washington. .....
Mb W. S. Adams, travellog agent
of th old reliable Nw Orleans Pica
yune,waa ii theeiff yeslerdsy. He
left for Jackson " to do" the Misslsslp-
pi Legislator for hi Journal.
Taxes seems to bo little doubt Ibet
the city of VIcksburg will agre lo the
plan proposed by the Vickburg and
Deer Creek Btllroad Company for the
building of lb road lo Rilling Fork
Thb Eraniog Commercial 1 discuss
lug lb question a, to whether or not
then la auch a place at bell. If spirits
are allowed lo return to tbi world, a
maw positively affirm, tbe editor of
tbo Commercial can return after dealb
aud tell na from atperlence exiclly
what sort of a ptiee bell I.
Tub editor of the VIcksburg IIibald
want to monopolize lb boiinei. lie
1 adviilog all lb white idiot to leave
theeoantry o that be may be "monarch
of all ba survey." Mempblt Herald.
Tbe editor o( the VIcksburg Uebald
did advise all the White IdloU lo leave
tnecountrv. out a iobst as toe mem-
pbl Ilerald pay It weekly lalarie
we know oot Idiot wbo won't go.
,:, . A Lively Week.
Th present will be a lively we?k.
Tb Misslsiippl and Louisiana Legis
lature (foovene, and a uolsy bod)
known as lb CongreMor the Uulted
Slates, re-assembles al Washington next
Thursday. The war between King
Conkllog and hia men, and (he Presi
dent will commence again, and the
Womm's Rights Association talk over
matter ol supreme Interest to the hu
man rac. Some few more firms will
come aowa to mat toiia oati neces
ary to sife busluess (according to tbe
contraction organs,) by filling to meet
tbelr obligation, and tbe E idem and
New. York gold abrlekert will pray
that tbe representatives of tbe people
may determine to do whatever tbe
bondholder desire,1 no matter If tbe
great masa of th population be (till
further ground into tb dust. Alto
gether tb Moond week or January,
1878, open In manner that will
caua ll to be remembered.
' AiltltefHaad.
IT t 1 I . J 0 ... . . I .
iiuw wuoiu it no lorme Legislature
of Mississippi, to make a note of hand,
In this State, equal to the judgment of
Court ? We have never teen tbe good
to tbe drawer or tb bolder of a note of
potting It through a Court at a great
-waste of lime and money. If there is
food in litigation, waste of time, waste
of money, and deatructlon of credit,
there I good In lb present notes of
hand. Under tb law of tbi Stale,
there Is absolutely no good plea against
note o( hand, axcept forgery, yet tbe
holder of It must go to great expense
and wait a long Urn before be can gel
Judgmeut, and In tbe meantime tbe
maker of tbt paper may hava "fixed
things" to that a judgment will be
worthless. W do. not koow asiugl
good reason wby a not of band should
not be equal lo the Judgment of a Court,
and we do know many wby It should.
8uch a law would strengthen every cit
izen's credit, aad, poor at we are now,
good credit would help us wonderful
ly. It would give oa tbe as of money
at lower rate of Interest, It would
make a note of band mean aomethlng,
and It would save hundred of thou
sands of dolUrt now squandered in
litigating notes ol band. Some may
try to argue that such a law would be
hardship on tb drawer of note.
Wo can't see It that way. No man
need glv a not unless b want to,
and If o man glv on with lb In
tention of swindling, b I th very
fallow th law odgbt to restrain. Aa
It Is now.rascal hav great advantage.
Thy ean mak note, and then litigate
thm until they hav time to dltpos ol
their property, whll th honest nan
become th sufferer. Of course, if toy
UsSalatqr offer in opposition to tbi
scrrssUon, that onr foref.-!. dlAVt
tee th necessity of it, it will b bard
, to oonvlnc him, but w nevertheless
hop that th thinking men among our
law-maker will seriously consider
llila prupwililUD.
Gih. Nelson- A. Miles, wbo ha
won o much distinction In tb late In
diaa campaign, waa at th outbreak of
the rebellion selling dry goods over
tbo counter of Boston etore. Be
bad a few months' experience In tb
country militia. II soon received a
Lieutenant' commission in a volun
teer regiment, was wounded al Fair
Oaks, Fredericksburg, and Chancellors
viiie, and at tbe close of the war bad
the rank of Major-General.
V. U4 milt- :,4l.
Th Natchix, Jai:kua and Columbui
Railroad brought Into NbE, on
Thursday, 10 bale of cotton, 5CJ0 sacks
seed and thirty passengers a very
proiLaU irisw-Xavchs DemoatAl..
i Tb. road spoken ol above, It only
completed about twaaly mile, yet we
see that it i already carrying valu
able trade, to Na'chtx, It passes
tbrongb a country that will compare In
value to Deer Creek land about as on
to fire. Yet wo see that vn ihls short
road through a vary poor oouotry, is
carry log to Natch z a trade worth
much more to her than the wbole
amount VIcksburg will be asked to
five tb Deer Creek road on Its com
pletion to Boiling fork. During the
cotton season, It Is no exaggeration to
My that (be Daer Creek road would
bring lo tbs city 400 bales of cotton I
dally, and cotton aeed, sundries, and
passengers In proportion. If VIcksburg
allows 1873 to pass without doing all 1
ber power to secure Ibis road, she will
grieve over a lost opportunity, and
sink lo tbe level of ordinary reiail
It TIsao to Lsss
Tbe Greenville Railroad will be fin
isbed to Stoneville, on Deer Creek, in
about sixty days, and wa are reliably
informed that one of Ibe leading and
most influential citizens of Sharkey
county says If VIcksburg doe not, al
once, lake active steps to aecura rail
connection with Rolling Fork, Sharkey
county will vote her fifty thousand dol
lars In bonds to the Greenville road.
The people of that county are deter
mined lo bare anouilel to tbe river by
rail, and while they prefer VIcksburg
as a terminus, yet, if we fill to do our
part io tbe matter, they will accept
Greenville aa a dernier resorl. After
all we bave said, it seems only neces
sary to add that there u no time toloie
T ht Dy befsrs In Heeling tf th Legisls
lur A Ltrgs Number sf Mem
ber la Tsws, aad a Quorum
Certaia Tomorrow.
Caadlditet for Legislative Offices.
Th City Election The Mayoralty att
Walk-evtr-A Lively Day.
Bpecial to the Herald.1,
Jackson, Miss., Jan. 7, ibTti.
Tbe city prseuls a lively appearance
'o dsy. A number of members of the
Legislature bave arrived, the munici
pal election Is progressing, and aa It is
bright, anusblny weatber, tbe streets
are thronged with people. According
to law, tbe bsr-rooms are closed, and
this, tbe Times says, prevent legisla
tive and local candidate presenting
their claim In an effective manner.
There la no doubt ol a quorum being
present to-morrow, and the candidates
are electioneering lively to-day. Tber:
are plenty of predictions as to who
will be tbe successful meo, but aa every
one should have a fair sbowiog, I will
only give a list of Ibem as far as beard
from :
For Speaker or the Bouse Gen Tucker,
CM. TWon, Capt. Bpelght, tie. Gbolson,
Mr. Koane.
for Clerk Major Gea. M. Govan, ex
Clerk; J. M. Uenson. erMember from
Leaks oouoti; Sam Matthews, ol Tat
co nty ; and 0. A. Brougber, (an old time
Cierk) of Ulnda
For Bemant-at-Arma Mr. Durham, ex
Pergeant; .1. J. Uenson, of Lawrence; Mr.
Bell, ol Vaiuo, and W. T. Holland, f
For Doorkeeper Mannery, or Rankin,
f x-Uoorkeeper; Jaokeon, of Lincoln; Bell,
if Hinds; Vaugban, ex-Memoer of tbe
House from Panola, and Jaoob W ndors,
ol Hinda. Tbe candidatea for Doorkeeper
are all colored, and all Demojrata.
For Secretary of tbe Senate, ex-Secretary
D. P. Porter, and for Bergeant-at-Arms,
ex-Sergeant W. T. Langley,
are Ibe only candidates I have heard
of, though undoubtedly others will be
For Doorkeeper of tbe Sena'e Tay
lor, ex-Doorkeeper, aod Allen Walker,
both colored.
For Superintendent of the Peniten
tiaryAlthough tba election of this
offl :er will probably not take place for
a couple of weeks, there are a host of
candidate already out among tbcm
Marlon Smith, of Hinds, tbe present
efficient Superintend, nl ;Mesr. O'Far
rrll, of Clark ; Cole, and Pearson, of
Rankin; Chichester, Addktnson, aod
Dr. Mitchell, of Hind.
Warren county bides It light under
a bushel; so farther Is not a candi
date from IL The county certainly de
serves well of the Democracy, and if
there are pairiotlo gentlemen wbo are
ambitious for any of tbe legislative of
fice, bailing from Old Warren, will
certainly do them no barm.
So treat Intareat waa takaa In th laa.
Uoa uatlt witbla tb laat few days, aa II
waa thought Mayor John Mollill would be
-irciea 10 tus intra term witbout 01
sitloa. Bat there must be sometl
thing una verms so wnten toe treat
Atnarloaa people object, for tbe talk oa
tha atracta tt-aay la that Col. W. H. Tay
K (wbo aanounoed himself ontr a ooopla
SliV,,")'w"1 hol Mayor MoGiila
preitr good race. He earns out rather
late, however, and MoUill will probabir
! "7"oUd' M h aW to haT bea a
good omoer.
Aldermaa and Sohool Trustees are also
to be eleoted. TLer are ao party or looal
queslloa at issue; tha oandldaua are run
nine of tbelr owa volition, and upon their
menu, and there will be oloss races slso
between some of them.
to mo Rao w
The Legislature will organise, tbe Gov
ernors messagesaid to bs a lanvth ana
able dooumaat will be read, aad tba "as
sembled wisdom" ol the Bute will settls
sows vo Business. y.
Columbus Democrat : Tbe ralnt last
week put tbe smaller streams varv hioh
and obstructed travel. Big bee a welled
to Ui oveiaawing pointed la likely to
remain for some tioi In good boating
order. Several steamboats hav been
at our wharf.
Tupelo Journal; The railroad ex
citement I becoming aroused again.
There la a gentleman here from Chi
cago now, on that business, aod every
one Is confident that tbe road will be
built. If it Is, it will improve this
place greatly.
Water Valley Central : A coal mine
baa been discovered on the farm of
Mr. C M. Gordon, tlx mile tooth of
Water Valley, two mile and one-ball
east or tbe railroad. It wa found
sixty feet under tb ground, in digging
a well. It I pronounced of axcaiiant
Canton Cltlz-u: The Illinois Central
assumed full control of the New Or
leans, 8t Louis & Chicago Railroad on
tbe 1st Inst. We understand the new
owners bave purchased 20,000 loot of
steel raila to be laid down between
New Orleans and Jacks in and on Ibe
northern end of the road.
Natchez Democrat: The
for Mayor, in Fayette, look place last
Mon-dlind reVult-ed ! Infection of
Mr. J J, Gordon. Mr. Francla Man.
chalk withdrew from tbe contest be
cause of a question as to whether his
residence wa in ibe corporate limits
of the town.
Water Valley Ceutral: A colored
boy living near DeKalb, Mississippi,
while showing bi playmate bow
Walter Riley would ba hanvit. aim.
ceeded in hanninsr himself tha other
day. lie lied on and of tbe rope
around a limb and Ibe other around
bia neck. lie then lumoed off the hoi
on which be wa standing. The rone
being slack the drop broke bis neck.
Canton Ci(iz?n: Wa learn lUi
Leonard Lea. tbe VOU0ST while man
wbo waa found truiltv of nienalanohier
In nni. rir.M.1, ! ana sun exists lur iue l. nlted
in our circuit court, two m uisi.i r.. . i. n i. . ..
sua sentenced to the penitentiary lor
ten yeart. recently made hla arani
It seems that Le was on l.oarrf a
alPampr In nnmn.n. .i.k
i . L "'i'-" " uiuii tun -
vims, woo
were 001111: conveyed lo
piatitaiion on (tie Jimistlppl
pi river,
?nier noil
is escspe
wnen oe leaped into I lie w
swam aihore, making good b
undercover ot claikness.
Greenville Times: The lion and
t.rlalforlhe railroad from Green llle
ner8!, "a "7 "ft" ,8Had?d
here by tbe Aucbor Line boals,:
the first installments bavins' been nut!
off hv tha r:r.nil Tn..i. u. 1 q.i...J. !
niihi Tk k... i.. i
been ..wed here, and we are ftWRS ffSK
tbat track-laying will be commenced ol tbe samt; and in fur, her rec gnuiono
at once, and tbat it is Ihe Intention ! tbelr services.
of the company to finish Ihe first sec- . Be ' 'ur"er reiolycd, Tiat a commit
linn to Deer Treelr In almni alviv H.,.. ,ee of ,hree be sppolnled to solicit sun
Tht. KLtZ 5 1? 1 ? ,bou,,"x,f d,?,,i ,0"P,""1,t0 purchase for Col. shelter and
This point reached, Ibe construction fori Lieut Bullisa sword aa a teatlmmlal of
sixty miles down tbe Creek, will be ' our sppreciatlon ot tbelr services upon the
Utile more than tbe cost of tbe Iron
and lies.
Yszoo Seullnel : On the 3 h ulL a
negro prescher on V. M. Canon's plan
lation.walked into anofber's hoose snd
picking uparevoiver,coramenccd oper
ation s by frightening ibe children with
It. Tbe mother of the latter bearing
ineir screams rusnen mio Ibe bouse,
wheu tha nulnli nfftVlal nnlnitnv ih.
weanon at hr l.nmm tnM hv i a..l,lly. ,n order t0 P'oteot Immlgranla and
weapon at ner bosom, loia her to ssy Mlller, Md targe for Bf iuSclent
ber prsyers, adding: "I'm a dead shot," strength Is not kept upon ths border to
whereupon Ibe mother put in ber ob-1 afford the pro eotlun, th border question
HCtlon. wben Ibe aab la d v na tnrnail I
be muzz! on a brother churchman
standing In tbe doorway, and pulled
down on bim. Tbe ball entered the
middle of tbe right thigh, grazing the
forward arterv. and Imhadud lianir In
ik. n,.,..) ri. .. .Tj i. j. - 1
tb muscles. Tb wound is dangerous,
Water Valley Central: About one!
0 clock on Saturday evening, Decern-
ber 221, tbe boiler of Ihe enaine
.hat pro ellod th. m.ch ner of Doug!
lass s mill, situated on Calhoun street
in this place, exploded, with dreadful 1
effect. The building coverine Ihe en-i
.;. ... mu.7. j.mi7.i.a.iii
jv " vvuipiiBij ucsis i isssieiu-It
wss literally blown to aloms. not
gle piece of timber was left stand
the boiler anil enolnn aiaa Inrn I
thousand pieces, and fragment, of UM
wc.Buiug . luuuaauu ur uiure pouous
were thrown several hundred feet, secure them the blessing ol peace, and
both north and soulh from tba mill. 1 promote a commerce tht will bring
Th force of the explosion Beomed to ' ;'"h '? " t'rw'ndu!ltr'e1,B.'i def,'"p
..ni.j t..if ...ifc . .i. , 'h country, wbl :h needs on v these hies
have vented Itself south, as a grealor ,, t0 Mnk among-flrst nations
portion of ibe engine was throwu in of the world,
that direction. But ihe most melancholy i Gko I'sschsl.
reaiure connectea with Ibe accident
was ibe doalh of Johnnie, a bright, In-
telligeut little sou of Mr. W. E. Doug-
las, soma five years old, and John 1
wsuon, colored, fireman, wbo were
both Instantly killed by ihe explosion.
Tbe body of little Johnnie was found
In the doorway of Ihe engine room
ccvered over by the debris. Tbat of
tbe tlrerusn waa tbrowu some lorty
feet from the moutb or the furnace.
Tbcy were both badlj mutilated. Their
remains were interred on Sunday even
ing. Mr. Dooglasa and bis family bave
tb tympethy of tbe entire eommunity
in this their tad and beart-rendlng
bereavemeut. Mr. Douglass waa in
tbe mill at Ihe Urn of th explosion
standing bnt afew feet from the end of
Ibe boiler, with only a tbln weather,
ooaramg partition between blm and the
boiler. The entire end of tbe mill
house wss blown in by tbe explosion ;
Mr. Douglass wa knocked down by
some of the limber, which fell all
around and over biro; he was severely
stnnneil, but not seriously Injured ; his
escape from death was most miracu
lous. As an Instance of the dreadful
force of tha explolon, a yoke of oxen
bltcbed lo a wagon were standing near
by With their faces towards the explo
sion. They were lifted with tbe wagon
entirely off the ground and thrown
with their beads in a contrary direction.
Tbe axle of tbe wagon, which waa Iron,
was snapped In two like a pipe atem,
and tbe wagon mad a complete wreck,
and strsnge to say, the oxen were not
badly injured. Mr. Douglas, will sutler
a pecuniary loss of about fl'tren hun
dred dollar.
'. r rests Base. Hie f . niri
tub raorLB assemble i mass mketino
HEBETO ANSEXEti. .' " -"Si'
apaclal Ttlsjram to Ibt S. 0. Times
Saw A.RTOMO, Jan. 6, IHT8.
A mate meeting baa Just beee btld
at tbe Court-bouse for tbe purpose of
passing resolutions touchlotr tbe Mexi
can trouble. Gen. W. 1L Young was
called to the ebalr, In Becoming which
he ld: Aa bo understood, tbe pur
pose of calling the meeting had result
ed from tbe fact that, inasmuch aa that
Sbafterand Bull!, famous a Indian
lighters, art now In Washington to tes
tily on th border trouble, aod that as
torn effort would ba mad lo neu
tralize tbelr tMtlmoty, be didn't be
lieve It necessary for the meeting lo ad
vocate war, but tb condition of ffsirt
on lb bordir I tuch at lo mak it not
! nnlff exnedient. hnt ahaolumlv India.
i . - j .
pentable for the Federal force to cross
into Mexican territory.
Speaking of territory, be aald we bad
a plroty of it, and we needed none of
theirs, but il we bad war it would fol
low thai we would get it. lie believed
tbat at uo very distant day the prom
inent, wealthy and Influential citizens
would detlre the annexation of Mexico
to Ibe Lulled States, as a means of
! ?:h.,?a.! ?
The force on tb Rio Grand la not
sufficient at present to insure security
lo tbe United Stales agalnat tbelr raids,
and Ibey should be lucreased until we
needed no further protection, until the
frontier sections of ours shall become
so densely populated as to prevent tbe
recurrence of the periodical Incursion
so prevalent.
Wbbrbis, It has been ttatd in some of
tha publlo prims of tha oouotry tbat tbe t
exists ao cauat why the forces ol the
United States should bare cruased tb
Bio Uraede river in pursuit ot the Mexi
cans; and
Whereas, By virtue of auch statements
a wrong impression may gain oredenca as
io iiiv irua siaie oi stuns exiat ng n tbe
i x.'?;nbIdur-..,!,,d ,lhe necea.ity wbich
: from Mei'co: thsrerore. ba it
1 Hesolvod, Tbat we fully recoL'r.Ize tbe
r"1 u" ex sud at .latere t
'" " '"'' I niteu Mates
1 cru.scii the border In
............ !.
s less and, and in rtcumizai ra ,r ihu
fill .11 L ui autru II. w.
' necessity we beartiir sustain tim A.dmm.
; Vi? V7iil"-irtl!"li"r",f. tllt P"Sf"
, ?be uitd sutea. ' U9 ",rctl
Heaoltprl. Thit ara Art ha. rill. n,n...
ras-,'herp'mptaoiionoi ibetommandinirGeo.1
eral f ,u JJepartmunt, It. o. c. Ord, in .
l&?&r& . 11
rurt er ' 1
Rwilv-d. Tbat wo do heartiu ir.it. ,i-.
aimrora and au.ti.ln tha antinn ni i'ni i
sualter and Lieutenant Bu Ha in their an
f ontior.
Be il (under resolved, That we depre
oae any m strro likelj to bring a war be
tween lbs Uolted itlates an I Mexlov; that
wa consider It to tbe intereata or tbe two
repub les to pursue reolproca,!ly sit bands
oluutlawa on tbe territory of el' ber nation
until t ley are overtaken, and the property
stolen la reoover d.
B It further reaolved, That we oonalder
tha preaenoe of a military force along the
oune mo uranae an absolute neoes
"' "aeii.
oe 11 lurmer resoivea, That while ws
appreciate the necessity which esisted.
and atill exists, to protect our people and
property irum m aavagea ana outlaws
Sh0 lofe,t the unexplored mountains of
Mex ? Ba postsol the border, to tb
real uetriment or bonest industrits and
oommerr In this cmnt-y, we recognize
the laot tbat the Intelligent and conserv.
auve peopie 01 uexioi are waking up to,
bt (tr"1 nP'?""tnc pi summary aoiion
J ,
being a great barrier to tin peace and
Prospect of tbs border states, and we
ProR0,." rn" o-operaie with
. ibemlniheireffurtstolns iretulsend. ;
a7" ! B It furtber resolved, Tnat we reel the
a sin- keenest interest ia the welfare of Mexico,
idiug.lwiiu whose intern t we are ao oloaeiy
In Identified, and that we win do all we oan,
loemtn ineir enurts to ms ire this end
Government or their own choice th t will
J TruLi??'
b. i mourmann,
Cbas. saaaotoa.
It w as rosol ved to send copies of I hese
resolutions to the Congressional Rep
resentatives,!! Committee on Foreign
Affairs, st Wsshlngton, aod to Geo.
Ord, Col. Shafter, and Lieut Bullis.
ftlassderlBsr. l'emr Aelckberai.
Tbe cbicf claim for support and pat
ronage by some of tbe manufacturers
of Baking Powder In tbia country,
teems to be based on Ihe Idea of al
ways vilifying and traducing Ihe char
acter and quality of the goods of other
manufacturer. "Our goods, or none,"
Is their motto. The manufaotuera of
Doolet's Yeast Powoeb set up 00
sucb arbitrary claim ; bu: tbey do claim
to produce an absolutely pure, whole
some, and, in every way, perfect
Baking Powder. Beside wbicb, it Is
strictly full weight.
A bill bss been introduced Into the
California Legislature allowing wo
men to practice as attorneys. It elim
inates from the Stale atalulea the
words "while male citizens, residents
of this State," and substitnles "any
citizen," thereby admitting- both wo
men and negroea to the praotio of law
In the Stale.
A bew form of Telephone hu been
Invented. It consists of two mem
brane of different metal with water
between Ibem. Tbe action of the
water makea current enough-end there
1 no need of magnet or battery.
RsSill Re-elected Isytr-Tk Beard f
' Alftrmsa Whit) with Obi
Special to the Herald. t
Jacxsobt, Jan. 7. McGill waa re
elected Mayor; William and Lowd,
Aldermen In the South Ward; Hamil
ton and Spaogler, In lb North Ward,
and Harrington and Anderson, colored,
io tbe West Ward. C.
Cold Weather In Mempnle.
MiMPHis, Jan. 7. To-day ba been
tbe coldest of the season. Thermome
ter 14. degrees el 6 o'clock thia morn
ing. The New Orleans Chamber of Com
New Orliass, Jsn. 7 A full meet
ing of the Chamber of Commerce re
elected Gen. Cyrus Bussey President,
and pasaed resolutions protesting
against tbe passsge of Bland's Silver
mil. the Chamber of Commerce and
Cotton Exchange seud delegates lo
Washington in response to the Pitts
burg resolution.
Alarmsd at th Condition of King Vic
tor Emanual.
London, Jan. 8 A special from
Rome says: "Prof. Baccoll, of Rome,
and Dr. Bruner, from Turin, have been
summoned for consultation In regard
to tbe condition or the King.
Rovr, Jan. 7. Noon. Klug Victor
Emanuel passed a comparatively quiet
night, but the lever continues to in
crease with a further extension of
United States Supremo Court Decis
ions. WAtuiKUTON, Jan. 7. Tbe Supreme
Court commenced with a full bench.
Tbe Mctiorrahan claim for tbe New
Idria quickollver mines, was decided
I Adversely to McGorraban, on account
vi a defect in the record. Io the case
1 ui mo vmcago, hock isiana anil 1'a
1 "i. ibiuruau va. uuusion. txenuror.
ciuc Ktiiroad
. ' .1
'he Court declared that where nariles 1
I lake unnecessary rUks In crossing rail-
I rondo before advauclng trains, Ihcv
1 0luul recover. '
i . L
A Mlaalng Dredge Boat. ,
Aew Osleans. Jan. 7.-Tha Uulted
Sf i
a ,on l1ue.-rr, s bIn,9 1 i '
heavily laden with coal, drawing '
I Went v feel. . The low boat Wan) led
Pnr v.. ,h. 01. k 11.. u.i.i. i
a. wa AW SW VU SUw aV 1 U IUI IUO kJIftUI U V
Pass. Finding ibe McAllister had not
srrived, she went lu search of ber. The!
Ward arrived at Galveston to-day and
reports her failure to find anything of
the wUslug boat. The Ward will
again proceed in search of the Mc
Allister, and a boat will also be sent
from tbe South-west Pass. Owing lo
the recent heavy weather, much anx
iety prevails for the safely of tbe Mc
Allister. Women's Bight Convention.
Wasuinoton, Jan 7. Th Woman's
Convention in search of the ballot is in
progress here. Mrs. S. J. Spencer, of
this city, prettdes, with tbe appellation
or w Mrs. President." According to
Star reporter, Mrs. II ooker suggested
tbst the Convention adjourn Wednes
dsy to meet in tha ladles' reception
room of tba Senate, and then ask God
to direct them what next to do. She
said she wanted It understood Ibe
ladles intended to take possession ol
tbe Capitol, Thursday.
Rasala Wlsbae to Dlscaaa ttta Condi
tlona of Peace with Turkey Alone.
St. PsTiBfBcso, Jsn 7. The Jour
nal D St. Petersburg says Russia, alter
her immense sacrifices, demsuds tbe
right to discuss conditions of pesce
with hcreuemy alone. Russls, how
ever, recognizes the right of Europe to I
make known lis appreolatlon Of the
rieace conlillons settled between lha
,,,' 'J'T. t'?
belligerents. It Is ueverlbeless Impor-
ever, recognizes lb right of Europe to
tant not 0 autuit pretensions which
might mislead the vnnq'ilshed concern-
Incr il.olr nmlilnn .nn-n..l.it
concerning the rilstlous between Ibe
General Rodeaky'a Movsmenta.
London, Jan. 7.-A speclsl from
Buchsre-t to the Daily News says
General lioJeeky, who has crossed the
Balkans through Scblpka Pass, will
probably not move beyond Keseanlik,
where he can secure comfortable quar
ters. Interruption of communication
across Ibe Danube would arrest bis
onward march. Nothing Is known at
tbe headquarters of tbe Cztrowitcb
sboot General Rodesky's movements,
which would confirm Ihs Impression
that he will not go beyond Kesesulik
for th present.
Tbe Daily News's Bucharest corre
spondent says an officer from tbe Czaro
wltcb'e headquarter states that Gen
eral Rodesky bas crossed tbe Balkana
through Schipka Pus, tba Turks hav
ing abandoned tbelr positions pre
viously, because of Ibe sever cold.
Tbe Times correspondent al Bucharest
makes a similar report.
I'apIesuMt BssielL
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an unpleasant smell. To avoid this,
use Dr. Price's Unique Perfumes,
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Tub Parla Exhibition will open on
tbe let of May, 1878. Several hundred
application hav already been receiv
ed by the United State Commissioner,
Mr. McCormlck, wbo saya tbey come
from ail parts of tbe country, and relate
to a grimt variety of goods. None can
be considered which are received be
fore the 10th of January.
I Wilt Wot Estutn to Bulgaria.
Loscow, Jan. 7. The Czir, for tha
present, bas abandoned hi intention of
returning to Bulgaria.
Judge of the Court of ClabajM
WAtatsoToir. j,0, 7Baocroft Da
vit was qualified aa Judge of th Court'
of Claim, vieo Lorlng relieved.
Tfc PotomaoFroaaav - '
Wajhhotost, Janr 8 The Potomac
Is frozen some distance below Alexaa
dria. Boats bave ceased rneniog.
Lumber Merohaata Quit LmmbtrlBg.
Lost dost, Jan. 7.-Pierce, Dai Is 4c
Co timber merchants of Liverpool,
failed ; liabilities estimated at $75,000..
S. P. Steele Pardoned. . -'
Wasbibgtov, Jan. 7. Tbe President
bs pardoned S. P. Steele, sentenced
from Mississippi, for robblug lha mail.
Ho Females Weed Apply.
Washington, Jan. 7. The District
Court refused lo annolnt a arnman fnn.
stable, on tb ground tbat it is unfit for
women to engage In sucb business.
Organisation ol the Raw York, Board
of Aider men.
New Yobk, Jan. 7. The Board of
Aldermen organized to-day by tbe
election of ex Congressman Wm, R.
Roberts. ". ,
B Id for Conoealtng Bankrupt Good.
juihidbn, conk., Jsn. 7. A. P.
Delshemler.of tbe firm of John Gland -ft
Co., bankrupts, held for swindling
and concealing goods. . "
A Minister rails Dsal In the Street,
Memphis, Jan. 7 -Rev. 8. B, Gaston,
a well-known Presbyterian minister of
ibis city, dropped dead in the street at
lielens, Ark., to-day, of heart dlseue.
Th Weather la New England.
Boston, Jan. 7. Account from va
rious pointa in New England, abow in-'
tensely cold weatber. At Nassan, 23
degrees bolow zero ; at St. Jobnsbury.
Vermont, 36. '
Ban. Butlsr want to know It elL
Washington, Jan. 7. Representa
tive Springer is authority tbat Ben.
Butler will introduce a resolution to
Inquire Into matters partially ventila
ted by Chandler.
A Damaged Steamship '
Lond )N, Jtu. 7. The steamship
. . . ... . . . .
Alice, wnicn reachetl Livercooi vesler
j day from
'her rigging
by colllaio.
ai vneans, lost some of
g, snd was sllk-hilv damased
collision with another veasel.
HSWYotk BtOrlz Uiikal
x-. Y ,
0peus at (he Slock ExohanVe on a
for speculative shares, prices being)'
, ,rai .hi,,. k.i,h..v-i.i n
wonuimauon or tuenopa.
S a. ,
,,Qnc.Y' Jan. 7 -Tbe Siandiog
J'oinn,ltM ' the Diocese of Qulucy
have c inaenled lo the confirmation of
Dr. D. F. Seymoor Bishop of Spring
field, and J. H. Ecclesion Bisbop of
West Virginia.
Death of a Chief Juatlo.
New Y bk. Jan. 7. A special from
Raleigh, N. C, says lion. Richmond
Mumford Pearson, Chief Justice of tbe
Supreme Court of North Carolina, died
I oaiuroay ntgnt, in tbe town ol Win
j ston, aged 73 years.
Indicted Insurance Officer.
Qabtfobd, Ct., Jan. 7. In Ihe Su
preme Court this morning Messrs.
Wslkelv, Furber and Wiggins, In.
indicted ex-officer of th Charter Oak
Life Iusursnc Company.sppeared and
gave bonds In five tboussnd dollars
each fur trial at tbe March criminal
The Question of Opeolng the Dar
danelles. London, Jsn 7 A correspondant
of tbe Times at St. Petersburg says it
II rumored that Austiia aod Germany
have reloed the Idea of opening the
Dardenelle to Russian vessels only.
Rustia has couiequ-nily determined not
to raise the questlou at all.
Reported Resignation of tbe Sail of
London, Jan. 7 The Manchealap
Guardian this mornina- nnhlLh.a A.
.1 ""O'f ,PmiMM (III-
from I London correspondent,
stating (hat It s reported that th Earl
of Carnavon, 8ecrelary of State for
the Colonies In the British Mlnlstrv.faas
, resigned.
How the Expulaion of tb Baltimore
Guano Company I Received In
Wasuinoton, Jan. 7. Tbe expulslou
of the Baltimore Guano Com nan v.
from the Mordaut Keys by a British .
man-or-war, caused threatening com
ment. Large iuterest in the Keys is '
held bere.
Election for Member of th Cngllsh
LivEhTO L,Jsn. 7. Th Post's Lon
don correspondent telegrapha tbat tbe -opinion
Is gaining ground Ibat a gen
eral election for membera to Par Ha- '
ment la near, and Conservative Man
agers are already preparing therefor. :
Tbe Secretaries of tbe different Con- j
servative Associations, have been in 1
town during the laat week, consulting :
with various member ot the Govern- '
ment. Tbey report et;ongly in favor
of dissolution.
Col. Shatter aad Lieut. Bullle to Ta '
tlfy Regatdlog tb Bio Grand '.
Washington, Jan. 7. Col. Shatter -and
Lieutenant Bulllsjwlll appear be-
for tbe House Military Committee to
dsy to testify relative to affair on th
Rio Grande. ?
Wahinotoii, Jan. 7. Col. Shafter, I
from tbe Texas border, before sub-
Military Committee, laid, in addition
to what is alresdv known, tbat there
ha been mnch less nailing during tbe
past tban prtvloua yeara.
1 1 1 11 -sBaWassa ajwJ--a--faiawa-- .?
BVewaes) amsl Or nag.
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nlta Thou okn l.k .... lra VREtf
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