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NO. 30
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Frirt'y Morning:, January 18.
Jat Gould & Co ire completely
doumbfounded at the decline in gould
in Ibe very face of silver remouoti
zation, and Ibe financial war ii thought
to be over.
Tin illver battlo ia growing fierce at
Washington. Tbe mouoy power Ii or
ganizing a powerful lobby to defeat
Bland, Bill. Tbo representatives of
tbe people must Hand firm.
The Committee on Mississippi Le
tcci will report in favor of the Gov
ernment appropriating four and a hull'
million of dollu, fur repair, surveys,
etc. There will, however, be a mi
nority report.
The Mumpbio Appeal claims that the
Democratic parly redeemed the South
from the thieves, crpol-baggcrs and
scallawag. This is certainly so, but
there ia danger that eomo of the people
will forget thlii. Thoy secui to bo able
to ren.einbcr only whilo they feci the
ft, t ,f
Till! news from Europe Is interesting
aud important. An armistice his been
virtually decided upon, aud It is fslr
to conclii-lo i lint n, soon as the Great
Towers liitvo had time In hagglo user
tho term,, peace will be if. reed upon.
Turkey mint submit, ivi l no other
Power displays any dUpo-iiou to lake
a baud. Tho war Nov. r.
On all other questions or subject,
Hayes seems to have pretty good sense,
except about tho negro. The telegraph
reports that he advicl somo gentle
African not 10 emigraic. If bo should
try to secure tho emigration of these
geutlc creatines, ho couldu't get two
doz'n to Icnvo llio South. They arc
aaiUfkd loo well here, and they livo loo
easily. They arc much belter off than
the poor white trai.li of the North.
Ok tho result of the Senatorial elec
tion in Ohio, Senator Tbtiriuvi thus
expressed himself: "I am very well
tail-lied, indeed; but 1 am not sur
p:Ucd at all. 1 have I'd 1 1 certain Irom
iho mom nt it became known Hut the
DeinociM.s had a nr'jiiliy in the !iio
Ig;!a ire, Ijiat Mr. IViiilLton would
bo the Si iiHior. Indeed. I cotild not
see how it could be oihcrwio. Mr.
rendlc'on in very popular in tho Suite,
Mid ho has done so much for the Dem
ocratic party that he las fairly earned
tho honor. Not to have given it to
him would, in my op'iuon, have been
a sort o! rebuke, and a fa.luro to recog
nlzo aud reward merit."
. m m -
B. McLix. of tho Florida
Keiuri.iug BDard, says that Mantoti
Marbie, the night before ibe voles were
counted; told him that he knew Florida
had gone I'orTildcn, and that if he, Mc
Lin, would rise above parly and de
claroiho result justly, the Democratic
party would provide lor him for life.
To this McLiu replied : "I told him
that I would not sell myself for a mil
Ion do'Urs; that I would die a poor
" Peoido who kuow the
character of Southern Radicals wll
fully appreciate and ei j y the iibove
This honcMvol' Mi Lin's is very touch
inv Indeed. The GeorifO Washington
hatchet story is surpassed.
While Iho Mississippi Senate
humming aud hawing, and backing and
Ailing about passing a simple resolu
tion to "iustrucl" or "request" our Sen
atorj to voto for silver, it gives us
treat pleasure to notice that tho Lou
iiiana Senate has passed a wise resolu
tlon In regard to President Hayes,
The resolution approves the Pres.
dent'i course of peace, conciliation and
instlce towards the Southern States,
and encourages those who think bis
tfforta ouiiht to be sustaiued by all
.:v..n.inii Miimna. This resolu
tion will reflect credit on the whole
South, and if we only bad some men In
our Legislature to advocate an epprov
.i nt thu President's constitutional
course toward! the South, we believe
It would tend to still further disconcert
our fanatical enemies.
Am ladantrloa Body.
No one can now doubt that our Leg
islature is, If not an extremely able
body, a vory industrious one. It has
been in session only ten days, end al
lowiugjthat it was in session six hours
a day, it has only bad sixty working
hours. Tbe amount of work that it
has done is almost incredible It ha,
organized, and it aided at the Govern
or's inauguration, and it bas generated
enough gas to last Jackson seventeen
years. Three hundred bills a day have
bocn introduced, and one whole bill, or
part of a bill, has been passed. A Slate
Couventiou has been discussed, al
though not one cillzjn of Ibe State in
five ia in favor ol a State Convention ;
the Lien Law bas been timidly touch
ed upon, and one Senator bas declared
that he doubted whether three Senators
kuew anything about the great finan
cial issue now before tbe American
people. Tbe Legislature has pltyedsbut
tleeock with the resolution to instruct
our Repretentetives as to tbe scuilme.it
of tbe State on tbe financial question,
and all in all It will take Ibe most labo
rious efforts of the people to calculate
tbe amount of work the present Legis
lature has accomplished. One whole
bill, or at least a part of a bill, has been
passed. That bill was to make an ap
propriation for the salaries of the over
worked members 1 This is good, very
good. If this body keeps on in this
industrious way, the people won't want
another Legislature to go back to Jack
son before 1885. This very industrious
body having finished all earthly busi
ness, is now pegging away at hell. Tbe
Solonsl We know what Ihey are
driving at. With all their red tape,
circumlocution, and finely drawn
phrases and leniences, they can't de
ceive us. They aro sklrmls' Inn
around to find out if there
is a hell, and If there is, they
intend to abolish it. Don't be skepti
cal on this point, reader, for we
tell you this is their purpose. They
know there is a Vicksburg, and there
is a proposition to abolish Vicksburg,
and uo sain! nun will deny their ability
to abolish I i n if thoy can rub out
Vicksburg, lor ever) body kuows (bat
the Hill City i the next thing to hell.
It may possibly be truly said that the
industrious Legislature, Mr. Shands,
Vicksburg and hell are hold in equal
esicem by the people of tbe S'alo. In
the meantime there is painful solici
tude for fear that the Legislature will
over crop I'siif. If it wi'l get through
about one bill a month, and not draw
9 Hilary more than once, the people
will be delighted. In Iho meantime, if
It wishes to indulge in a little recrea
tion, with Mr. as clown, tin peo
plo will agree lo it. We know this to
bo o, for we know there is no way, for
the present, lor the people to help
themselves. The public are universal
ly nppocd to the number putting any
xira strain on their brains, for there is
a well defined (tar that some of them
wouldn't stand it.
Moral "All work and no play makes
J ick a dull boy."
N. B. For all this work, and the
farro '.brown in, the Stato only pys
loO,CKJO. Oh hell 1
Senator Bahky made the remarka
ble statement in the Mississippi Senate,
on Wednesday, that he did not think
bote wero more than two or three
Senators tbat understood the Silver
Bill. On this matter that courtesy that
hould exist between harntd law-giv
ers ought lo have admonished Senator
Dirry to speak for himself only. Ibe
simple proposition to remonotize silver
coin may be too deep for Mr. Birry to
understand, but we think uine-teuths I
of tbo people of Mississippi, of the
South, of iho West, and of Iho whole
Union, lully understand It. The S iuih
fully understands it, brcamo sho :en
see no earthly reason for repudiating
the c';in slut served our lord ithors so
well for nearly a hundred years, and
i hat enabled Fiance to ruuio coin
pajmenia with case. Tho East under
stands it, because she believes that re
lief given iu this manner to tho. groat
mass of the people will be at lha ex
pense of her bondholders and pap
sutkers. Cotton understands it, be- j
causo it continues lo go down
down, aud the South and West,
up to this time, have cousenled lo
be the hewers of wood aud drawers
of water for the money power. In fact,
the question is so simple that all who
ifdnf to understand it, can read it as
plainly as one who has been taught by
that hard teacher experience. Let
Mr. Barry speak for himself, hereafter,
and let our Legislature, after it blows
awhile over the immense work it has
already accomplished, adopt a simple
resolution requesting our Senators
to vote for the Silver Bill.
Ssviral Dives Into National Politics, by
the Seaate Should tht National
Sinking System bs Abolished?
Spirited Discussion of tht
Eleotoral ComnJiiloa.
Tht Whols Subjsot Laid ti tht Table.
Tht House Mikes Another Datb al Rt
form Aa Immense Number ef
Bills Introduced.
Csngrctt te bt Mcmemoralized la Rela
tion te tht Vicksburg and Mem
phis Mailt.
Eltetitnt ef Superintendent of Peniten
tiary, Publlo Prlnttr and Stall
Librarian, on Next Monday.
Special to tbe tier il l
niMiMlppl I.rnrilatare-llatls
Jackson, Ttiu.-sdsy, Jn. 17, 1878.
Senate met, Llcut.-Uor. 81ms In tbe
f rarer by Htv. J. L. Tucker.
Holi oalled, and erery senator present.
Journal of yesterday read and approve i.
A message was received from tbe House
announcing paange ol isvcral bills.
Mr. A. it. ca ter presented tbe petition
ola rjumb.T ol cilia ns of Jaipur and
C'lai a, cnuulies. asking an amundmcnlnl
ibe Isw prohibiting luu 'o ol oorn, seed
cotton mid lint oollon in lea uuanlllto,
than a bale, be ween Ibu hours uf aunaut
and aiinriso, etc., wbicti waa read and re
ferred lo Committee on Agriculturv.
The Judiciary i oromiuee rev oriel a
utiitiluic lor Act to around Code relating
lo return ol in .iutmcuts luio Court, and
recommended adoptl ,n uf ibo substitute.
Cominilteu on CI imt reported consider
ation ol Act to provide lor ibo payment of
a judgment roeeiv-u a. nisi me stum uy
kli Whitney, and rtc iuim .nded In pa-
Committee on Chancery court, report' a
consideration l '.ouournnl Iteaoiutioo
appointing a J Int Co nmi tee to consider
ibo adviaaliiiity ol rc-diaincting tbe
chancery lln. ids, and rednelng mem to
Ion, and recniuiuenueu mi it uu iioi pas.
Mr. Went off ired the following J ilnl
H.i lved, by tbo Legislature of the Statu
of Ml, Usippi, Toat lha present National
Banking ,) ,lem should ue ab dulled, and
legal teudur note, tubstituted aa lbs papur
cuirenu) of tbe Nation, and cmtinud un
til the exiallnst National debt aba 1 be
paid; and then, note, to be mad, a egal
lender lor all d bta, publlo and i nvato, ex
cent in oa,e, oltiorwiae provided lor by
contract and in ei convertible with bonda
of the United Stale, bearing Interest not
exceeding three and a half per cut. per an
nil in
Referred to Committee on Kcdtral Hel.i-
lly Mr. Cowan: In reference to the Ml,
,iippl Valley and Ship island Kailruad
tympany. lUferrtd lo Cummilleo on
By Mr. Fewcli: To a'llliorlzj and cm
poor thu Alabima Central llailroad Com
pany,, corporation ol the Mate ol Alabama
to locate, construct, own and operate a
railroad In this Stale. Referred.
1)t Mr. Cowan: To amend section 1141 of
Ibo Revised CuCe uf ibil, and seel Inn -J.'i ol
an Act to amend cbipter U ut ItevLed
Code, in relation lo the jurisdiction, pl-ad
niKS and practice of I tie Chancery t utirl,
and to repeal an Act to amend aeciiuu
HIS Revised O'lK U-.-ferreil.
lly .Mr. Fewcli: To iiraend lection 2? s
ol n.c Co lo In relation to the contracts of
inUnl,. Ilelerr'd.
By lr. A. It. Carter: To insorp rai, inc
Mill an Ui in owner,, Co-opor alivi; A-so-
ciiilluii.aiid (oro herpiirpo-cs. Referred.
By Mr. Hooker: Auliioiuing ino nov-
I'lii ir lo appoint an ildi lointi jns'.iee ni
Hie i'eiic; and Cutisiauie lor uuinies teun
ty. Itelerred.
By Mr. Terry: T.i drllno and lei'Ulato
thedUUi, ol the Commissioner ol liurnl
graliou ai.d Arieuiiure, and lor olher
ptirpotes. Referred.
By Mr. Montgomery: To autliori9 the
Ai.dlioro: l'ubllc Ac rounts to Issue war
ranis ui ndcmpti uol certain SUlo war
ranis. Itelerred.
By Mr. Kiswcll: To exempt Compress
Companb irom tbe pajoieul uf p.liilfg
laxei. Relerred.
By Mr Jackson: To encoii'a.'O labor
and prevent lawlessness In certain e iuu
ties. Itelerred.
House Concurrent Resolution, providing
(or e eclion of uperintendcnl ol the I'oni
tcnllary, on the Juih ol Jauuary, was
Mr. MoCnsklll moved Ihnttbe resol.itlon
he indehnitelv poiip ntd, as the law al
retdy provldi d a day lor tho eli cti in, vi:
the second Monday uf the se'tion.
The resolution wits Indefinitely put
pon;d, and the els elion ol .-up'.rin'.eBdeiit
.v II Like place mxt Monday.
Was hen taken Up and ad.)pte I, (This
memorial hi, already been ,ubliahed iu
lUe llKllAI.O )
House missoue announcing roj ction of
Coniurreni Rule- prohibiting Introduction
I bills euilllK Iho lust IDiceuuja ui lue
se-sion. was ta;n up, n '" e'
unanimuusly iu.iUd upen us amcnu-
l'A BED.
Ad Act to chsnge time of holding Chan
cery Court in Ukiihiieaa cnuniy, under
fuspenslon ol the rul:s, was taken up and
Mr. King's resolution on this subject,
reported from tbe committee on Koueral
Relation, came up for action.
Mr. Koote said he orp sed ibe resulut on
luenmmitf e, and could see no good that
would result in It, adoption lha it mi. lit
re-awaken prejudice, against tbe Southern
D oiilo. That be Indorsed the prinolplet
enunciated In It, aud would vote for It, but
thuuebt the bast policy at ibis late day
would be to let the matter rest.
r. Allen doubted the propriety of the
L'linaiure expressing a judlclsl opinion
on tbe constitutionality of the Electoral
Commisaion that some of the beat law
yer, lo th land tbouttbt it was oonstliu
tiooal, and II it wa, nt Mr. Tllden should
have pressed bis claima to the I'.esldeney
before the Court.
Mr. Cowan wanted the resolution refer
red to Committee on K deral Relatluns.or
madeipecial order for an early day
Mr. King (poke In favor ol tbo adoption
of tbe resolution, not that it would undo
tbe work of tbe CommlMion, but that be
wanted to condemn it a a precedent.
Mr. Griffin thought the poop e ol Missis
sippi bad already done enough for Mr
Mr, Allen moved to strike out the word
Mr. fratt ihouiht tbe resolution should
I be adopted a reported Irom committee.
unless it could be maue a ntiio stronger
Ue was In favor ol aasumlng full responsi
bility In condemning tbe Kliclorai Iraud.
Mr. Cowan aald he would aupporl the
motion to strike out tbe word unoonstlta.
lional but wanted tbe reiolutton adopted
a, an expression of tbo people ol ibe
Mr. Allen, tld he moved to strike out
"unoonslilulionar" beoiitsae be did not
wish to reflect upon Ike Democrstlv House
ol Representatives, wbo adopted tbe Elec
toral Commission measure.
Mr. Morgan thought itunwlae to adopt
theretolu'ion. Tbe Eleoto al Commissi n
had received tbe aanotlon of tbe Demo
cratic members ol Congrosa, and because
lb C' mraissliin did not deolde to tult u,
we should not tot now eondemn.
Mr. Terry oalled attention to the laot
tbat the resolution denominated tbe Kleo
loral Cumm. salon a a "partisan Commit
Ion." Mr. West taid It was a "partisan Con
mission," a, it wa, oompostd of an equal
num'ior ol Ucmocral, and Republican,,
with tbe Judicial element thrown in, and
the selection of the odd man waa deoided
by loi, and tbat thl, man really decided
question, before tbe CominUsion. He
thought the measure an unconatltutlonal
one, tbe deoiaton of tbe majority a Iraud,
and he wa, in lavor of speaking out aod
condemning It.
Th" hour for consideration of special or
der having arrived, .lopped discussion on
ibe resolution.
The special order was tbe report ol tie
Joint Comm liee adviiini plan lor re-
co il't Inn the law,.
Mr. J ' artemubmlited a minority re
port, ree onoie din that the (J ivernor a li
no ml a C'linioioion tocodily the law,
and -iik''ti. g u it the Supreme Court
Jurltre. in gul pcrlorm lue worn.
On moilon tbe whole mailer wa, indetl
nltely pn tponed.
Mr Barrv offered as a substitute tor Mr.
king', Presidential E tenon riiolulion,
the I illowlne:
-It solved, That R. B. II ryes Is alr.ud,
and aem'l J. Tiidcn a lailoio."
Mr. King agtin spoke in favor of tbe
adnntlon of hi, resolu lion.
Mr. KeAoil opuoaed ii for tno reason.
that it would do no good, that our rcpre
(cntative. In Congres, were reap msibie
for it. and that it was not a part ol the
power, and duty ol tho LeyUlalnre to
pa ,ucb resolution,.
Mr. Cowao anatn spok. In lavor ol the
pssiiee of Mr. King', ic nlutlon.
Mr. l'ratt said ii w a, out ol tbe province
of tbe Leitisraiure to legislate on sueb
questions, but if Ibe !cnat Insisted upon
giving expression lo i s condemnation ol
the klectoral Commission fraud, b bad a
resolution to ooVr, a, a substitute, that
would go to the bottom uf the matter. Tbe
following I, me resolution:
"Resolved. That Hie election of Judge
David Davis to the United Mate, Sen rile,
at a time when hi, serWecs wero nt eiPd
aa a member of Ibe Klectoral Commission
lor tbe purpose uf the election ol S. J.
Tlldeu and Tho,. A. lleudrick,, waa a
fraud upon the people ol lb': Culled Males
by the Radicals ol tbe State uf Illinois."
IMr. Kin,aud other Senators, bad al
luded to tbo tact that when tho Klectoral
Commi-aion was loriued, it wa, thought
Judge Diivi, would be a member of it,
whleo would probably have altered ihe
remit, but his clcelioii as Senator Iruiu
Illinois let him out of the CoininUHwn )
Mr. West t ok the Hour anil mtdu a
speech advocating the adoption "I Ibe res
olution. II- had lavuied its ree iininill il.
Out a, ill jt bad been n til cd .y me Hti
ato, he now luvored giving decide'.! ex-prc-si
n on toe tub. vet.
Mr. Mm asklil moved ti l.iy the whole
subj cl iniitlcr on Ibe table, wui :i was
eairied by the following vole:
Ves--Mesrs. Allen, Ciillieotl. Krtri b,
Kewell, hiU luruld, V oto, K r I n.
linylea ijibba, tirllliu, Lnnneao, l.otvr.inee',
Mccaskul, Mnigau, X'rall, Ten), iboi.ip
lon, Vano-lt.
Nays M.ssrs. Barry, Bills, Urlilgcs,
l arlur, 1st District. Cuwan,Currie,l)owd,
(ilbert, Hooker, Jackson, King, Montgom
ery, Oldham. 1'ccry, Rogers, West lo.
Act to enable litigant, to dispenae with
services ol prolvstionai jurors. Judiciary
Committee amendment adopted, and bill
Act to autuorlie Board of Supervisors
ol Yalubusb, lo euipiuy a Surveyor to
make a re-survey, elc. 1'ansed.
Act to reneal section of Code in relation
to ibe noiir ol Incorporated cities and
towns. Amend d by Commlttse on cor
nnrations. and ntsned.
Act to cbantce tl . e of holding Circuit
Court, 1st District ol iilnus county
Act to repeal Sections I, 2, 4, R, 0. i, s, 9,
10, II, 11 and i:i,ol an Act lo proviso mr
agricultural liens, and for otb' r pu potes.
Cummiuee on Agriculture reoummunded
that ltd ) not ps.
Pending a motion to indednltcly post.
p mc th.s bill, th senuto Hdj lurnvn.
II 'iiso m t. Speaker in th'j '.hair
Primer !j- Rev. Dr. Hunter
Roll called, l'restnt, 111, absnl, (.
Leave o; absence was giuntcd Mr. Mar.
shall, ol Car roll.
ilo.sime icceived Irom Soi:ate annouc
inir nastnu'e of lull extending lime for glv
Iiil' iiibeiui bondf In tbe counties of Marlon,
I'earl, Hancock, Uan ison, Jsckson, Greene
I erry, wavne, joni, sumu, vuviugiuu,
and Lawrence.
Reading ol Journal dispensed with.
Cimiuiiiteo on Railroa.i reported con
siderailon ol itn nut for Ibe protection ol
Railroad Companies and owner, ol Stock,
and recomuicueu us passage who amcnu'
Tbe hill a, uuiemled was pas ed.
Mr Mi, urn ureaonte I a netlLion from citi
zens o( Valouuiba count, against allerlnt
the Auricultural Lien Laws. Referred to
Select Committee of Eleven on Agricultur
al Inn.
Mr. Perkins offered tie following, which
m,am a.l.,nt.-il -
nn...uo.l That the Committee appointed
to investigate all tbe aUalr, of tbe Levee
Board District no. i aoumaatja run re
be and the are hereby au
tuorlzed to employ a olerk to be paid not
en eedlng four dollar, per day.
Mr. beabrook offered tbe lollowlng,
Which wa, adopted:
Halved, Tbat the Committee on Re
trenebment and Reform hava twft tn
send for person, and papers to enable
aid oomruillee to aaoertain the amount of
ice, anu perquisite, received during the
past year by toe Auditor, Treasurer and
Sioretary of State, in eompllance with a
resolutioD adopted by tbe House.
Br Mr. Uabnev: To nrevent unluatdla.
crimination and extortions in the rates
to ue charged by tbe different railroads In
this etate forth, tiai.sDortatlon of freient
on such road. Kolerred.
By Mr. LusktTo ineornorate Zealv'a
Seminary for Vounr Ladle. In the eitv of
Jackson, Hindi eounty. Faxed.
uy Air. jooinon: to exempt dlaabled
persona from poll-tax. Referred.
uj Air. Miner, oi Copiah: to deOne eer
lain offensea again, t tbe criminal laws.
and for tbe punishment of tbe same to es-
laousn the whipping post, Heterred.
By Mr. Hurt: To amend an Act entitled
an Act to amend section Sol an Act estab
lishing tbo lees of certain officer, ao far
a the lime relate to printers and pub
lishers, anu lor otner purposes, ueiorrea
to Cummittee on I'rintlnit.
By Mr. Hatch: To amend tbe exemption
laws oi toe staij. tteierrea.
By Mr. Wilson: Also, to amend tbe ex
em nllon law, ol the State. Referred.
nr. Koan, onerou a jeiov Kesoiuuon
proposing an Amendment to tbe Constitu
tion In relation to tbe election of Circuit
judge. Referred.
nysir. uoruon: joint Kesoiuuon maainc
an appropriation to defray expenses of
oommitte, to tnvettigate alleged lawleas-
neas in ouiu-wesiern oountie,. tteierrea.
Mr. Martlnoffjred tbe lollowlng:
11 Kesolved. Tbat so much of tbs resolu
tion appointing a committee of live to vlait
and Inquire luto tbe alleged state of law
lessness ia ths souib-western counties ol
this Stale, etc, as requires aald committee
to visit said counties, be and tbe ame Is
noreny reaeinaeu."
Mr. Fintsrd offered a a substitute:
" Resolved. Tbat ibe resolution adopted
on a lormer day. for a o immltlee of live to
Investigate tbe allege u lawiessne in tbe
oulb-western counties of lb State, be
ana ine same is nereny reaoinueu."
Tbe substitute was tabled
And th resolution o .ered by Mr. Martin
was auopieu.
Br Mr. uabnev: Forth, relief of 8. B,
Tnomas, Sheriff. BUI, wltb accompanying
nelitlon. wa referred.
lly Mr. Oihson: Joint Rcolullon to pro
vide by lontlltutlonal Amendment for
bier.nlal election. Rtferrod,
A meisage from tbe Senate announced
tbat Ibe senate ic, luted on It, amend
ment to tbe Jo.nt Rule,-
By Mr. Moore: To require tiro Treasurer
ol i aluhuaha eounty to collert certain
Cbiukasaw School Fund, belonging lo (aid
county, and for other purposes. Passed.
Uy Mr. I'arkor: To require tbe County
Treasurer ol rumner county lo set apart
li e Cblek.-saw School runu received uy
him from the Slate Treasurer, for Ibe ex.
oluiivo benefit of tbat portion of Sumner
county lying anu tieinc witoin tne cnicaa-
saw colo r, u lerrcn.
Rr Mr. Tucker: To amend n Aot to
cicate a State Board of Health for tbe pro
tection ol ll:e and health, and to preveEt
the spread I dl,ca,e in the tlalo ol Mis
sissippi, and lor other purpotes. ueier
By Mr. Bhandc To amend sootlon 180J
Rovlscd Code In I elation to baslai dy. lie.
By Mr. Oallacher: To amend section
2131 Revised Code, ia relatlou to exemp
tion or personal properly under execution
on attachment. Referred.
By Mr. Carter: To enable th State Rev
enue Agent to Compromise certain case.
It -icrren.
Br Mr. Slower: To Incorporate tbe
Lnlayette County Co-operative Associa
tion No. 108 ol ibe Order of l'atron ol
lliisb.indry.ol Mlaslsalppl. Referred.
By Mr. (iwin: lo rrgulatn certain con
trants tn regard to labor. Referred.
Br Mr. Wbilakor: To amend section 1
ol sn Act In relation to Public Reveuue,
and for other purpose. Relerred.
uy air. Montgomery, oi ouuoucba: to
amend tho law in regard to severances tn
criminal cises. Referred
liv Mr. Huvlo: To amend the exemption
l.iws of this state. Relerred.
Bv Mr. Miller, of Copiah: to repeal and
amend c rtuin Sections uf the criminal
l iws, and ti red ice the expense of tho
Judiclsry. Relerred.
n nr. Derm: I o auicnu an Ac. to resu
lut a t tx on privileges, and provide a tiui
rot m lice ss system. Relerred.
Mr. (iilxon moved to suspoi.d rules and
ti.c up Sena'o message on Joint ltu'.es,
wui h motion wa, lost.
By Mr. Marsha'l, of warren: To repeal
utlon t,f an Act to regulate tno tux on
privllegis, and to provide a unll rm li
cense s .torn, approved March 1, lbi so
tar aa the sun" nip'li's to the oorpoiutlon
ol the city of Vicksburg. iteforred.
Uy Mr. Ford: To prevent thu burning
ol Court-houses in Ibis State. Referred.
Mr. Hall odeted the following, which
was adopted:
"Resolved. That the Levee Committee
be requested to report to this House, by
bill ur otherwise, whether It be expedient
t i Incorporate th Yaxoo Delta Into one
common Levee District; and also lo re
port wbeib.T it be Icaalble to as-i.n tbe
convict labor from toe countiea embraced
in tbe Yazoo Helta and the Hixm con
grcsaional District, to permanent duty
upon lbs levees In lb s State."
Hv Mr. Uamn'on: To amend 8no. i.i'H
of Code, relative to Ihe prohibition ol lot
teries, gift enterprises, eto. Kolerred.
By Mr. Mckenzie: io repeal an aci en
titled an Aot to repeal an Aot to regulate
triuls by ju y In civil suits. Referred.
liy Mr. Uordon : To amend Sec 'J,(i'i2 of
Coili), in reirard to teachers of l ublic
Schools. IWerred.
lly Mr. Bean: Kor the protection of do.
mi'ftlc animals, aud for other purposes.
Hv Mr. Tlso-:: To atithor'z? tho Board
of Supervisor ol Lee and Bolivar counties
Id have lucir proceeiuns'S puuiuueu.
lly .Mr. Tucker: To regulate tbe com
pensation ol District Attorneys. Kefer
red. By Mr. Bailey: Tn amend an Act enti
tled an Act to provide for agricultural
liens, and for other purposes. Kelorred to
Special Committee.
By Mr. Whrtaker: To incorporate the
Merldinn Rifle. Referred.
Bv Mr. Kev: To regulate report of
Overseers of publlo Dignways or roaas.
Bv Mr. Krvln: To reduce the number of
justices in ueal -to. t, i i.ownues ouun
tv. Paaaed.
By Mr. Henry: To amend section S,o'J8,
srtlole 19. chapter OS of Code, In relation
to eamins;. Referred.
By Mr. Auzustus: To authorize tbe Sec
retary of Slate to furnish Mississippi Re
port and Ueorge's Digest to Circuit Clerk
of Nnxiibe, countv. l'aased.
Br Mr. Wood: To autboriae Board of
Supervisor ol Jackaon county to publish
their nroceadlnei.
Mr. seal moved to amend by Inserting
Ilancock county, which was adopted, and
tbe bin passea.
Bv Mr. Hamnton: A Concurrent Beaolu-
lion memorializing Congress la relation to
mall facilities betweea Memphis and
Vicksburg. along the Mississippi river.
i oe resolution wa adopted.
Message from the sanat annonnoed the
ppolni mentof Msswr. Vanoe, Lowranoe,
nd albert, on the Committee on f Broiled
On motion ol Mr. Btrset. Ue Bouse took
up tbespeolal order of ihe day, vis: the
report ol tbe Joint Beleot Committee to
consider advisability of re-eodlfylng the
law, mo.
Mr. Shands presented a minority report
irom the onmm ttee, and offered a Conour
real Resolution providing Reappointment,
t in, uovarnor, oi a commiion su son
ille the law.
Mr. Miller, of Conlab. moved to Indefl-
nltely postpone the reports and resolu
tion. Mr. Beabrook moved to table the motion
to postpone, which was oarrled.
rending consideration of tbe resolution,
tbs House adjourned.
Ths eleotlon of Buoerlnteadent of Pen
itentiary, Publlo Printer, and Bute Libra
rian, win laae piaos next ztoaaay, tin
saoond Monday of tbe session,) aooordlng
to existing law. Caps. John B, Dun lap,
ol Kemper eounty, announoe himself a
a candidate for Superintendent of the Peni
tentiary, ti lo.t hi right leg at in uat
tle ol Gettysburg, and reeelved aumerous
wounds In the Confederate aervloe.
Ofrourcltr. was In town this moraine.
Bs was interviewlne members of tbe Leg
islature, and Is a popular eandldate for
making fine suits of clothss for tbsm. Be
returns to Vloksburg this evening with
numerous oraers. u.
tarmmt mmel Bt'tCIellmm.
MOND. General Bicbard Taylor In Sortb Amerl-
ean ueviow.
After tbe battle of Chlcamauea. In
1803, General Grant was promoted to
the command of the armies ot tbe
United States and called to Washing
ton. In a conference at the War office
between blra, President Llncolo and
Secretary Stanton, the approaching
campaign iu Virginia wat discussed.
Grant said Ibe advance on Richmond
should be made by the Jiroes river. It
was replied that the Government requir
ed tbe interposition ol an atmy between
Lee and Washington, and would
not consent at tbat la'e day to
(be adoption of a plan that
would bs taken by tbe publlo as a con
fession of previous error. Grant ob
served he was indifferent as to routes,
but if the Government preferred its
own so often tried to the one ne
suggestod, It must be prepared for the
additional loss of one hundred tnou
snd men. Tho men were promised.
Graut accepted the Governmental plan
of campaign, and was supported to the
end. The above came to me well au
thenticated, and I have no doubt of Ita
correctness. During bis operation! In
tbe Peninsula and near Richmond,
Gen. McClellaii complained much of
Ibe want of support. I think the con
stancy with which President Lincoln
adhered lo him was, under the circum
stances, surprising. He had drifted
away Irom the dominant Washington
sentiment and alienated tbe sympathies
of his Government. Hit fall waa in
evitable ; tho affections of the army but
hastened It. Even victory could not
save him. He fell Into tbe habit of
saying, "My army," "My soldiers."
Such phraseology may be used by a
Fi'cduiick or a Napoleon sovereigns
as well at Generals but officers com
mand the armies of their Governments.
Gcu. McClollsn is an upright, patrlotio
man, iucapablo of wrong-doing. Ue
has a high standard of morality and
lives closer to It than most men
dn a lower one; but it it
io be remembered that the
example of ihe good are temptations
and opportunities to the unscrupulous
Tho habit of thought underlying such
laiigu ge, or toon engendered by Its
use, hat undo Mexico and the South
American K'publics ibe wonder aud
corn of civilization. Tbe foregoing ac
count of McC'lellan'e fall, aud the cause
thereof, is deemed portiuout because
be was the central figure in Ihe North
ern field and laid tbe foundation of
Nortliorn success. Above all, he, and
a gallant band of offlcort supporting
bim. Impressed a generous, chivalrio
spirit on ihe conduct of the war; which
soon faded away after hit downfall ;
and Ibe future historian in recounting
some later operations will doubt if be
is dealing with eampalgut of General!
or expedition! of brigandt.
The tneea of the Uvem.
A breakfast-biscuit or tea-roll made
wiih Doc ley's Yeast Powder is cer
tainly the queen of ihe oven so light,
white and delicious. You lift It ten
derly, break It open gcutly, spread it
daintily with fresh, swcot butter, wait
ing to be gracious. After breakfasting
on biscuits mado with Dooley's Yeast
Powdeb, what man would contemplate
suicide, or grumble because bis wi e
asked him for money ?
The Worklngmen of New York and
the Sliver B1U.
New York, Jan. 17. A meeting
was hcldto-nlgbt under tbe auspices of
the Industrial Union Club, to take ac
tion on tbe silver question. The fol
lowing trades' unlout were represent
ed: Brick Layers, Machinist! and
Blacksmiths, Palnten, Tailors, Cris
pins, and Cigar Makers. Resolution!
were adopted letting fortb tbat the
present hard timet are the retnlt of
contraction of currency, and tbat the
land It filled with fraud, embezzlement,
bankruptcy, crime, suffering and ttar
vailon ; that Cong rest thoold al once
abolish National Banks, and past the
Bland Silver Bill without amendment,
alto Ihe Retumptlon Repeal Bill.
Dire disaster it predicted In tbe reso
lutions If these thlngt are not accomplished.

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