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NO. 33
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.HUri' 7 75 l:. i.i wi i.i v. in r.,ii
H Column ... s 'in n . i.i (i .vi in 7;, hi
H Culnum ... 17 i.i an i.'i jii i.i i.i l;i ...
Column .... 4.i im ;. mi imi in. le,..,
I Column 31 'Ml V. On Hi Li -li .. .yi ...
Friday Muriiln, February 8.
A Uood lllll.
Senator King-, o( Cnpl ih, has introduc
ed inlo the Senat! an Act entitled ''An
Act to secure the payment of wis
in criminal cases, Am to provide f'r
working the rusd-t, Mid (or oilier pur
posed," which so nearly ciiibjdie-t meaa
urei which the IIkh.w.d has advocated
tod urgod for thn last yenror two, thai
we give a synopsis of Its provisions.
The first section provides for tho ap
poinlnicnt of road mailers liy the Su
pervisors, ami direct hovr road hand,
(bait be enlisted. Tho second crcliurt
makes it the duty of Uoaid of Super
visors to flit) with tho C ork of the
Board epccilkitioiis of the several
roidi in the county diritric',which shull
bo divided into an many contracts a
may be decmcil ui-ccssary, and
let out to the lowest bidder
by public ou cry. The third section
relates entirely lo the dmies of
tbo ro.nl masters, in enforcing work
on tho roads by thn hands enli-tcd for
that purpose and by convicts Irom the
county j.il. The fourth fo:liun pro
vides lliat tho Slieriir shall not di
cbargo fiom bis custody any person on
whom any fine or penalty has been I in
posed by the julgnioiii of any Coiii-i.
and, who, by such judgment is directed
to stand committed until ut:h tine or
penalty shall be ptid, or who shall be
iu custody by virtu 3 of any process fr
such 11 io, or penally, uu'ess such line
or penalty be fully paid or secured, as
directed; I'l-ovidcd, up n tho certifi
cate of any practicing phyicliti and a
member of the Bjuidol Supervisor,
that a prisoner is perm inenlly disabled
by discaso or otherwise from the per
formance of mtiiual labor, then laid
prisoner m.iy b-j discharged in the
manner now pre-cribed lor the di
charge of insolvent prisoners. The
Hoard of Supervisors shall, from lim'.'
to (inn', in 1 1(3 sucli orders as they shall
deem exn lient, regulating ih? terms
and coiiilliions upon which pi i vat
poreons, may, with their consent, hire
prisoners detained in custoilytor non
payment of flues or pen-iltics, and di
recting 'lie distribution of eu.li prison
ers to the different roid contractors ol
the county, and the prices to he pud lor
the lioor of such prisoners, and the
road hands. If uch prisoner shell be
hired out wiib his coiiient to a private
parson, such private person h ill i-ecurc,
upon the terms pre ciilntil by thn Hoard
all the money lor which said prisoner
delaini'd, including j:iil feo, phy-i-cUu'ii
lee, drux blll, cli'tliiug ami
C0U n (Very kind, wlii'li nny l,uV'
accrued ag liuil him, and t-ucii pi u
to hiring tho prisoner shall li iVu n,i
right to return the prisoner' ny 1 fit
to I he cu-liidy ol the ShriifTmid pa
for the lime he Iris had him, and c m
CL'l the (lli.'ui'.)'i giv;n I ir his hire:
and the Shei iff elitili, in c.ie oi u n
prisoner who sliill n it be hired i'l.i.
live d:l Ml tkt! nil' lllple I'O del.','. I
bills ol ill Chirac uuii siid pi -liner,
ineiudinf mileiKii' li.eiiiei
twenty eeiiis per mile in the pU'v 1 1
doliveii, ftud deliver sil-'i p:i ;inC',
With bue of the iiliplir.li , lo t In- no.
tractor us r. quire. I by t(jj I I, t ik
ing his receipt f ir the u.iiiie, and tii
tho other iitiplio.n with Ihe Ch rk ol
the Hoard, and the prisoner shall 1 bo
inder Ihe coutiHctor until all cli'irgei
and all iulstqueully accruing charges
of every kind, Including clothii'g and
medical bills, shall bo fully paid at ih
rate per diciu stipulated by the Board
and Ihe contractor. The contractor
may work ach convict iu iron waist
band or to a ball and chnlu or lu a
This sec lun embraces the main fei
tire of the bill, and we cou-ider it
one of Ihe most important m asuu-
that could be brought before the Legis
lature oue that ahould be passed b)
both bouses afier mature deliberation
and full diecunsion. The remaining
icciions of the bill we give in full :
Section 5. Bo It further enacted, Thai
tbo rrn 1 master shall, on the first day
id July, October, January and pril,
report under oath and in writing to
said Board ihe con 1 Hon of the roadr
in each of sild contracts, whether the
same has becu kept in good repair
dining Ihe preceding quarter, and
whether the contractor has done the
work required of him by Ihe terms ol
iiis conirac', and performed tho duties
ri quired ol him bv law and the orders
ol said Iliard, and if the Board shall
he gatislied that said contractor ha
Inly discharge. I his c mtraei, then
wirriiiM sli ill ho issued upon the
County TrcaMirer by order of ll.e
llo'ird lor oue-lotirth "f 1 1 1 e sniouni o
-lid -mi t r.ii:!ii V b d lees ihe 'iiiioiinl uf
I lit! ! -ifi-.r of siid roll l.iiuds and eon
Vic's. Ihe ro.ul mik-ti.r shall he imi't
i'ii n' ihe enmity treasury, d d
lurs per dny for hU ferviees nol nibnr
ni l! i rovided lor in this Aei ; I'm
vi'li.'il, I.'.' -ihiill lint be paid in hiiv om
yrsr, lor j.er diem soivieei. uior thai:
d lll'ire.
Sic. 0. Bo it further enacted, Thai
when any conviivml person shall have
piid liy his labor all of the fine,
forfeiture, penalty, amei cement, costs
and charges against him, either upon
hire lo a private person, or by employ
ment under a contractor, he shall be
dioRhargod from service, and the B iard
uf Supervisors ot ihe county shsll
cause lo be paid all costs duo to the
idll.:' rs, which have not already been
paid to them by tho county, and shall
have lh:it p-trt due to Ihe cbool fund,
if any, credited to tho proper account,
and where tho condition of any bond,
llio taking of which is provided for In
tliis Act, shall bo broken, the taiil
Board shall order il put in suit for tin
u-o of i he proper county.
Sec. 7. Be it further enacted, That
two or more counties, bv agreement
between their respective Boards ol Su
pervisors, may arrsnge to work a I the
prisoners and convicts of tho agreeing
counties on thu mads of any one or
more of triid c unties ill Hi" miiiurr
mil upon the terms provided lor in
t lii Ac'.
Sec. 8. Ii II further enacted, Tiiat
this Act t iKn Di et and hi; in force
from and iider the lirst day of Jtnuirv,
A. I., 187'J.
The l.ale lop VIuh X.
27ie J'ojie ii ileud ! Such was ihe
intelligeiii fl ishfil throughout Europe,
lo Asia, M. I Africa, and across the At
lantic to .V-eiici, on jestorday uf: er
noop. I; thrill through all
Chri.'tt'iido'i,. .mil Catholic and Pro
ti slant u 1 ' k . will ri cogulzu in his death
(ho lo. ol a good nun, and in many
rcspicts, one ol tho most notablo of
the nineteenth century. Tho whole
civilized woi Id will watch with tinxicl)
the cliunges and consequences of l lit
entrance of another disturbing eli'inum
inlo thn conluw-d affairs of Europ.
i ho election ( f llio I'ope's sueee-.ur.
which now devolves on tho Stiered
Colleg.i ( fCaidiuals. The death (f
du: l'pe pi s-i- - s a I. cal iulinst fot
o:ir miiueroiii- Ci'holic readers, and we
here-fore give a brief out inc. of I i
eveiilftll career :
1'iua IX ((iiotaniil Maria Ms-tsl-Ferretli)
was born on the 13 h of May,
7'J J, at Sinigaglla, in Ihe ancient
iJtichy of Urbino, and was, therefore,
in theSUih year of his age. His father,
Count Cierouiniu Mastai-Kerreili, was
(jonfalonicr of Sinigaglla, and his
mother, Ihe pious Catevina, was a de
rceiitlunt of Ihe noble lamily of Ker
letti. His claa-ical studies, which he
I.ckhii in 1803, were interrupted in
I8US by fr quent attacks o! epilepsy,
in 130y he went lo K iuie to siud)
iluology. Two of his uncle'', Hie
lli-hop of Mantua and a Canon of S1.
l'eier, were then In Koine, lie relurn
ell lo Sinigsgliii in 1S10, iu. I continued
iiia studies under the iliiectlou cf l.l
m iienul uncle. In 1812 bis name w
pl ieed by Ihe French uuthi ritics on tin
lUi of thu lluliiin guard wldcli the)
wore organizing nt Slilan, but he w
excused Imin ini itsry icivice on ic
couut of his pli-i'iil iiiflrmily. Tin--nine
ciu-e Ihwar'i d Ids wi-h to j on
ilu I'upe's "guaid ol noble.'' in lh
Au'iiiu of 1813 he aiicuded, as h
.ijmiin, I lie. hemes ol lie lti'iniii
Ac uli ley. Soon alterward, his epi
I. p ic l!'. r cin i ii g lrs In queii'ly, In
vv n -1 noon iwc I io re-iimu bit cler cm
c.is'i me, and w is sllowed to receive
mil in Older-. r H as i hnsell, ill 1818
iiy Muin-igiinio ( iib i quenll) (Judi
i .1) C il io t lilc enedii as a eniliiiiliinn
00 a mi tinioiry ixcuisiou in liu
ni lili rooud ul' Si' i.i-' in. Hi" z si
iinl liili nl io I. nehii ; 'Ik' C IiiIIWi.
i"iiIi lid i) i s I I'M io 1 1 Coiuiiii in'
li'"i I T in dm i:i()e Ui -nii-ili icon, l'.lir
VII. rr-ii kl i! -ve him puini-io
mii rtivt I'l li fi S Ui . r- in 181'J, hen
e w is appuin i il ilirertur of un itu-ii
tit i u c I ud l ata (liuVimiii, :or ill i d
lo H'ti n 1 1 i oi r l.oj lie w s cl ou
in .Tune, lM'.'IJ, Seeret-ry lo Mo'niyO'.M
Mn.i, tt,.o- o.ic il'leg ile to Chilli w In li
l.e inini-t n d 10 the Indiau pupula i .e
uf the int' rir. Ou his return to lioiin
ii: Jmi'.', 1825, he was made dntn iiic
pie'a'o lo Leo XII , and in Decetnbi r
he became mpoiiniendent of the liu
pital of St. Michs' I. on ihe right bank
01 the fiber, lu 1827 be was nomina
ted Archbiibop of bpoleto, and he
created, at his own expense, charitable
and industrial o-tablisbmcntslikelbost
which he had governed at Home. In
1831 he Induced a bjdy of four thou
sun 1 iu-ui goiiu to givis up their ai nii
to him, ob aiued their pardou from th
-iiilhoriili'S, ami governed lor a lime
the iirovinces ol Spoleto and I'erugi i.
In 1832 bo did much to idleviate ihe
distress occasioned by severe earth
quakes am! be was made ArchbWhop
oflmola. On the 23d of Decembir,
18311, he was created Car dins, and be
was proclaimed as such on ihe lt'h of
December, 1810. When tin-gory XVI,
died, on ihe 1st of June, 18 Hi, Cardinal
Mailai-Fcrrcill was imuiedla'i'ly desig
nated by representative men of Ihe
moderate naiioiml party, as tho most
suitable successor. On June lGlb, wb'le
Ihe Austrian Cardinal , known u be
uiifavurablo lo his noniinallon, were
iill on their way lo attend Ihe Con
clave in Kniiip, he was elected Pope.
Ono ol ihe (list acts ol Pius IX. was
to c mt-ult with Count Itnssl on the re
forms most likely to reconcilu the p i
pal sovereignly with the c hIims of Iial
1 hi pairlrni.ni. The zeal with which
His ili'liiie-.s enl( rid upon a cotir-e ol
reloiin-, l h; avowed object ol which
was to rea'iz : by Mii:cesivc steps I In
tiiobrriian ideal of a'conlederaied I's
ly, aiou-ed unlver-al i iiilin-i i-tu
The populai'lty ot li e Popenid not
bi'uiii lo di cri-a.e, ai lei. I in lurclgn
I'ouii'iie-i, unlit lS.'O ht. il aim 'si ex
pired, lu Ii-ci mln r i f iimt ear,
New loik vol d l.ioi uu address o:
graieful sj nip i in nm ( iicmiraiiemeiil.
Bui at the v r. oii.i I'm IX. had
honestly (licl.rnl llm he could yield
no part of Ids pi-iokikiivu as leiiipoiui
xovcrcign if ii would iranunel his in
(lependeut aciimi of governing the
Church. Austrian intrigti.'s, and the
excesses, In word and in deed, of the
Republican rsriy, after the French
revolution of F. bruary, 1818, and final
ly tho assassination of Kossi, on No
vember 15ih, 1818 together with th'
fact that on the in xt day the populate,
thn Civic Guard, (ho ticnsdarinci le,
troops if tbe line, and the Run in Le
gion, besieged the Q lirimtl uml forc ;d
ihe Pope, whoe Secretary, Mom-i-nore
Pjlma, was shot down by his id.-,
lo accept a radical liiiiiiiry, at length
led Pius IX. to escape from impel. on-ni-nt
in his own pi lure, and, disguised
a a simplo priest, to seek reluge at
tin-1 a. Hire liu was received will,
i! rest ho in. r, mid d( duration of attarh-ni'-iit
mid sympathy penied In upon
him from all parts ol the woi Id.
Ho iintiieiliairly lpticd a proles'
againsitlie nets of the UeVnlulionary
Uoverumeii!, and in February. 181!, he
called iipnn the C nhodu ioweis, pur-ili-ularly
Fiance, Spnln, Atisliiu ami
Nipies, lor armed amini.incc. Koine
cspuul ited to the Frini h lorcis on Ju
ly 1.1, 181'J.
Tlio Pop" re-entrri'd Rome on April
12. h, 18o0. Although he cluimul a
partiil am:: ;', his piogressivi- ten
dencics hni. naturally enough, b.-en
checked, kin :! resctionury policy of
Iho In'e Csrii.i, d Aiiiouelli, his S ere
lary for Foreign Afl'iirs, b catno dom
inant in his councils.
On Srpiemhir24 h, 18G0, P us IX.,
by a letter apostolie, reniond ihe Cath
olic hierarchy In Engl ind, making, in
iccnrdanre with the lesiuvaiion of the
Catholic emancipation hill, no Seo at
any city where there wus a B shop of
the E-liihlUhod Chriich.
In 1851, he invitid the Li-Imps from
all arts of Christendom to meet at
K.'ini', and, wiili their cnnicnl, he loriii
slly d lined the dcc'ihic ot ihe liu
maculate Conciplion to be a dm mi of
ihe Catholic fti'h. The ceremony look
place at St. Petti's, December 8 h,
1851. Other importiiiit acts of bis
pun 1 1 Ileal e h-ivo been Ihe conclusion ol
concordats with Soain, 1851; Iliden.
1851, and Ausl' . 1855; all of which
h ive sinco hi"": I'V- keil or aiinullnl;
Iho fouudaii. v al Komo of Engll-h
and American colleges lor Iheolugical
students ; a hull of i x communication,
M uch 2fith, 18110, mid piVdl-hcd with
tho u-ual foriuaiitles on March 29 h,
ii'.iiiiM all persons concern) d in the in
v:tion find di-inembi rmetil of his do
minions ; his reform of the great relig
ious bodies, bi'inin by Ihe encyclical
letter of June 17, 1817, and ai urn con
summaied, so as lo inske Ihe p'-riod of
probation more proiriic'cd, and to lai'c
tho siand'ird ol di-ciplino and inlil
lectual Ir.iiiiiiitf ; H e ptiblicalion, lie
cen, her 8, 18'il, of tho rnejcliesl
Quanta L'ura, and tho arcompanying
HyltnLus, or catalogue ol proposliion.
coiiiluiiini d by Mm nl diff-rcut limts ;
the coh hi at ion, in 1809-7U, of thn flti
.ession ol Ihe Ciiuc:l ol 'ho Vi'lcsn,
w l.ich i nili d with decrt eieg nnd pro
iihiIl''1 ii-g ihe tlouma oi Poniitiesl I -I
illibilily ; the creation in ihu L'niieil
S Hies of n viisi Ci'holic hieriuch),
crowned in Miu:li, 18 5, by eleViiiioi
lo the ciitliiialnle Arohbi-hop Me
( lo-kiy, o! New York; the c I Hid
wi'h tbe K'i-.inii 1 iiivi ri.ni o.t, unci
18'i3. in di I- nt Ihe i'i.1 Mi C . 'lo ins
; ai.d 'I ' ei. i fl c H i i b took I n-e
Within tin (i rili-oi Kill: 'I'-' M .1 'In l
pub ie m S.vi z i I'li.-I - f e : I ', '..e-n
ol ii . V i i.-iiii ; aod, i:i 1 S7 7 c '. r
i'Iioi I - i.o r .lel.y ;.. i.- .1 .1, i h
ihe to I .n.C ii.l ol lh: Ivi-; i-,. (i .v. ru
in '".
Pin- IX. h is i'0'iferii'd 'le honor r,
i-iiii-ii'zi ion tipoii more p li-oi.s ilian
1 1 1 V olio ol his predeei .oi -. lie Com
p.eieil i,e l wi ii'i tifih yi ar oi hi . pon
lleu e in Jui.e, Ii71, i tid by reigning
Inuyer tiiau any pruhc'-s nr, be lm
e -niindic'rd lie Iriililioiiil word-:
A'oi tiiltbii unnut 1'clii toe 1 al hi.
Tut Kinb or Eawls Messrs. Levi
Evans and Charles Buret), of budge
county. Cia., killed, on the lS'h lut., lu
lurnpiko Swamp, an eagle whose
wings measured uine feet Irom lip lo
tip. One of ihe feel of tbe eagle
measure. 1 eight aud iliree qusrier
inches when uUced In a tritidlog atii-tude.-l-iv
umali News.
It is said tbal Japanese women dcn'l
know thu use uf pins. And it J p-uie-e
ehuul boys doti'l know tbe use 1" Uf nt
pin-, it must be admitted that they are
giowing up iu fearful luorui.to
Tat Home Esgsged le Dlscuislog the
Agricultural Lite Liw-Piuage ef
ii Aot le Ri I at lee to Canted
id Eleeliesi.
Th! Seniti Waiting Tiaii and Indulg
ln ii a Grsat Deal (f Nonieiii
la thi Diieuatioi ef t Relief
Several Constitutional Amcndmeati
The Excnptioe Liwi Amended.
Sl'i ekil lu Ibu llerukl
Vlimimtlppl I.Blolalssre Twca.
lysixlh 1uj.
.'ack.sox, Vt cUnesday. Kcb. ?,
i"nato met ai 4 o'ch.ek.
'I hi t- nslileratinn nl th" bill i.i estab Isk
mess e.ittuges at Uxlnrl University was
ri-siiot-il. nr. lie. ask ill moved to table
tbe notion to InduSnilely postpone. Car
nsd i a vote ol lft io 15, tuo Lieutenant
(iovemor voting yea.
Mr. outKimury moved to re-commit.
L'st. Mr Allen moved to strike out 110,-
iw and ln-ert $3oun. Mr. MoCaskill
mnvt-j to talils subject to call. Lost.
Mr. Thompson moved to re-cominlt the
lid as l amiudmenti.
A me-ssiii from Ihe Governor stated bis
approval ulreveral Suuutu bills.
House met at "U o'clock, l'riiseiit H.
ai-.c-ul 31.
The Itou-s resoini'tl u-mslduratinn of the
special Older, the reorlol the Spcvial
e omiDilu e on Ak leultural Liens.
llr. Ubolnon moved lliul vote he taken
on the ml p'ion nl tbe minority report,
( nr. ili.in-1 ' i uiiHlltu'.e r.ir tuo Cumuli
ten hill i mi Friday i-ve-uiiiit next at 'J
Mr. .Msriliuit, of Wsrien moved to strlko
iUl n'el ies," anil Inseit "iniinedialuly
:t r til : eli'Se-ol the ili.eu.sion." Adopt
eij. A n i Mr (ijolson's motion as amended,
whsi-b lied.
Mr. . pmbt offered sniendio nts to the
su'mlll le nl the nnno.lii.
Thu till s an : amundun-n s were iliscusi
ed stleiiK'li antimburol ahtcand lin-tuiui
ulile .pi-iieU-. siiuiiK made, as Hell as onu
or two Hinuulni; ones.
At '."i o'elnek, tbo Uouse ad 'timed.
Twenly-Nr veath lr
Jackson, Tbursdiiy, Feb 1 1SS.
Senate met; LI ul-U iv. Sinai In Hie
Tiajcrby llov. Dr Zeily,
Itoll culled. A'ibmih : Messrs. Uoivd and
Journal of i ealcrdny read 'Ud approved.
Un motion of Mr furlong, the privileges
i f th-i neiiKto nere extend d In Hon. Alex.
II. Arthur, of Vies-lmrif. a furun-r meu
biTol the Henale fr -in Wurren u nint;,
A mess aire (r.-m lh House announced
action on several Ini.s.
A mes.Hg-: Irom ihu (iovernor staled his
app-oval ni "J u Aee lor tbe b-nttii ol
emiiin n sehoon in the city uf llully
A seslid comnunica'.ion was receive,!
from lUe (ioveruur.
Act to repeal s etion :V)I of rode, in re.
laiioutu e oit-sled uleetions, ami sutxti.
lute a seed m lu ileu 1 1,0 re .1, w:iu amend
ments, was lasen uu.
Mr. Lee expUi: ed t.ie gcocral ol.Jucts ol
I m i HI.
Mr. liibbs oppos i f-c bill and amend
ments: ui Ihoiijjnl ih.To v:is no psrtu uUr
ui ee.mty fur a enangu III tbe p esent luiv.
ir. ilarry, suibo- of ibu nlil. nol led
out tho def o i in the Isw, iho merit ami
iwirkiiigol each uiuiidiueui, and the ne-
ceily or them.
l im iiiii, at amended, was passed.
Act t p uvltlo lor assessing lands la
i auderd iie '-jjuly. Lsld ou lablu sub
ject l-JC.-.l.
A'-t In repeal lb ! proviso in soo, 1 of an
S et lo r. itu .u i 1'ie lax on privileges and
o pi..vlile a uuil irm lieense system, ap.
pr.ve-d Jl.irch i. In re-UUon lo ped
dlers audi r olhi-r purpu-es, Ami-nduii-ul
ad p'e.l, and lull p tved.
set lor Ibu relief of Mrs. Carolina
Mr U vi Ids said Ihis b.ll hud been be.
I- re the Kin nice i.nmiultlee, uml utter ex.
Jiuii.uiii.n the I'ommiileo tboUg'bl liu- re
n ( naked f -r s i nlil b irr.inlcd. I'be case
iud i nli-te-l hi m.'iiiliy, mid Iron the
(.lets pre enie I t i Ihu Coniiu lieu, lie
t.pi.u.ed Mis. Hes's-r's ouiin, and h i,e.-d
i la- M-n.r.- vm.uI I p .s the bill,
Mr (1. illiti npi " d the bill. The sunie
hill had Ik-uii ieU-rrdt i t ,u Cominiit.-e
ui - litiim. viiiie.ii repnited ndvors y, ui.d
also Inid h.-ci In tor the Le sl.iluru lor
ihj I .1 I-tu nr i lu- .ii ses. toils, e .ell nl
a iit.-b i :nl il ' iiii.- 1 :o i;ivo Ihv rulh f a.k
I :er. -i '. i : ; :io:ds had advoo i id
i in-1 oil. p ob . I. I i "i .) nip itliy lor Mrs.
II -l r. toil e ( Hitli..) ui.derstn.iil that
luel.nl) W I w.d i.v, anil llieielore
i.s r) iiipsl e- ii-iv ii"l loiielii-d :m Cully
n. ii . .ni vi e e. At iiny t iii i since this
u mill lies hull emit f (three or fdir
veui s) , oi himhiiiid could bitvu gone be fori!
the b und fiupeuisois nud had the us
sessmeul en reed d II relief in ihli ci-e
us cr.inii-il. hucdrotls ol similar ones
suii a be pieseiilel to tne Li g .lature,
11 w.n in eni.tliel itli the Unaiieiul puliuv
I Ihe .t'l'i. and lie would nppi su thu bill
Mr. it irteau nllen d Ihel lhiwinsmi nd
muni. Ahieh vas ruled out of order as uot
being ger nsiu lo the subjoet:
A end by adding: ' Uu it lurthnr en-
ed, Tual a vote ol thanks he, anil tho
saim Is herd 1, leiulertd ihe whole Uestir
amily, a token of admirstinn on tbe
part of tbe Li-xlslature, el their unoeaslng
periinveranee. '
Ur. MontK- merv aald th recards wool
show ihsllLu luuds whlob hat been im
properly assessed, really belonged to sirs.
Heeler, and thai her buskand was hardly
eomoetent lo alltud to her business. Ilow-
vur, Mr Hester had gone befors lbs Board
- I aupo visurs ui iimui eoumy in to. anu
"n.le-avorad to have the taxes reduced
l'.)"r lands, uul worth VU per acre, bad
been assessed at 113 pel acre, snd the Rad
ical supervisoia, anxious for large reve
nues had deuimed to make a reduotiou uu
HI 1971, wbeu Iubv rsduced th valu iilou
to flu pr sere. The present Sheriff of ihe
jeuul, , aid Dibtr ri sponsible and Impir-
tial persons, wsre united In tbe opinion
that the lands bad been exorbitantly as
se.sid. He hoped tbe Henale would pass
iho bill. r
Mr. Kiynolds again spoke In favor ef
the bd'.
Mr. Prat-, sal I this seemed to be a meri
torious ease. As a representative ol tbi
Uepubllean party, he desired to mak
amends for their past misdeeds, and as
they ( tbe Hadloala ) bad evidently assessed
the properly Uio high, a ourreotlon should
be mada. Tbsre bad been a disposition
to treat this natter llxhtly, and "laugh Ii
out of Court;" for inaianoe one of his
noiKhbors hud written an amendment
which he would road, as follows:
"It will n it do for ui to pester
Tbe property of old Mrs. ileater."
He thought tbe matter should not he
treated lightly, but thu II the claim waaa
Just one, aud It seemed lo be, It should be
Mr. Uibba said be based bis support ol
the bill upon different grounds Irom that
enunciated bv oilier Senators, and usve
his reason, viz: That It was a notorious
faol lb.it it bad been as ditll ull to gel a
luvorauiu report on a claim from our Fl
nanoe Coiumitliea it was to gel a furlough
irom nen. nraK tiunnt me war, anu as
that ( omoiliio- bad made a favnrub e ro
port upon thi. clsiin, be thought iho Senate
snouiu auopi ii without division.
Mr. MuCsskill favor- d the bill.
Mr. Allen tbongbt the olalm was a just
one-and Kbelhor the party asking rolioi
was a man. woman or widow, should make
no difference with ibe Senate last justice
should be given to every eilisen ol the
State, li was woll-known that be bad
never favored olslms indiscriminately, but
he thought ibis one meritorious, and that
11 should be allowed.
A motion to read the bill a third time
Mr. Morgan moved IhH the bill be re
committed; there were about two hundred
and d ty people In bis Dlstriot that would
also need re'lef I' this bill passed, and be
ill I not want them to bu writing lo aim
that be was negleoling their interests.
A motion was then made to pass the
Mr. Morgan made tbe point of order
that the bin bad not been engrossed.
Toe Chulr ruled ibe point not well
Mr. Morgan appealed 'Mm lbs decl-lon
of tbo e balr. noma discussion ensued,
and Ibe ruling of tbe Chair was sustained
Mr. K.ynnlds in veil tbe previous iiies
tioii on tue pissae uf ibu bill, which was
Tho bill thou pasicd; yeas 2.1, nays 9.
Mr. Morg.in said the nenale bid pussed
this bill on ex pur e statements, aud tbal,
as tbo Seuat .r IroLi the Seventeenth bad
said, thoru were tho .sands ol peoplo In
the ftale who were entl led U tbe same
relict Uicy bad also paid 'be high taxes
under Ksdieal rule. If this bill weie
ru.hed through and beoamo a law, appli
cations for rudef would O iW lu Irom now
until (labrlel tdowed bis horn, lie had
changed bis Vole for tbe purpose of mov
ing a iccon- Ideratlon of Ibe vote whereby
the bill passed, and to give Boosters lime
to ri 0. et.
Mr. Foote said, in explaining bis vote,
that every allien nl tbe mate was entitled
to relief if ibu I. resent atinlie nt was.
Fropeitv was worth moie several years
since than It la now. and assessments
were rlghilully higher. However, If tbe
Ligl.lature undeilonk to correet tbe
wrongs of Radlual ru e. and reimburse
those who had paid exmbitant taxes, II
wooiu oansrupi lue state.
Mr. Monuu moved lo reoonsid. r tbe
Voto whereby tha bill passed, and have
lue moiion emcreu on toe journal,
Mr Allen moved to table the moll a to
rceoi:slder, which prevailed.
( And Ibis -elllcs II beyond resurroetlon )
the oxivrd UNivtutrrr.
Mr. MoCaskill offered the lollowlng,
which was adop ed :
'-Ucsolved by the Sen te (ibe House
concurring), That tho Jolu: sundlng
Committee ou Ui iver.ltlei proceed as soon
practicable to llio Slate University at Ox
ford, and mko a thorough inspection ol
ice iiiiildings, to asecrtaiu what repairs
are ubmiuu-ly necessary to ihe same, and
to Inquire generally Into tbe present con
dition uf Ibu University, ibe numbor of
students in atle-adanou, from what States
they come; tbi nmuoer of law students,
i nd tin. amount of money employed to
mslnialn that department j aud to leporl
the remit of their Investigation to the
A messago Irom tho Unusj t-tated thst
that body i euedes from It second amend
inent to "an Act to nuihorlze ihe Aluhsms
Central Itu it onl Company lo lo atu and
consiruoia Ituttr iau in ibis Slate," elo
DlePlinlTION l-r BILLS.
Aet to a in ii ml an Aot lo amend tbo char
ter ol Minsis Ippl College. Teased.
Act lo auihnrizo Supervisor, of Leflore
oounly ti uslaiiiish free ferries on tbe
Yaasoo river. I'.i.sed.
Act to au'.lioiixu Supervisors of Law
rence county to eoiii: romise a eerluln
Jtldgmiut. lndi ft itely postponed
Aultochmgo the bountlar llu.si.f Lau
ren, u snd Lineolu counties, I'aseetl,
Aet to pievi nt the eariying ol cuctitlid
weii ons, and for other puri oes. deleft
Conn I tee reported a substitute. Tabled
am jeel to cal .
Am t p event unlawful carrying ol
mm.. Tahled iu'jet'1 toe-all.
Ael tosmiiid e-biii'ter ol Holly Springs
,cl for relief or Miss Snllie K. Buyakin.
iin n -r. I up llinlei) ptn.lp.oiet!.
Ael to provide f ir ades under Jtldg
mints on mcbunl's lien.. Coin mi l lie
umeiniiu .oils stl u K tl, ai.il hill pa. led.
Ael to roud . int Hpp.omiiKiil nf Tax
Asse.sor for t opiab e-uuiiiy. Ud- Uuilely
posti. lied.
Aot to amt n I tectum I of an Act toreg-ul-in-
in on privileges l,: , s i far as Hi-
nine i.)ilics lo V:c:. b-irg. .a il.d su .
J u l In i-all.
Act to o -impel B un di nf -iipervisors to
o mply wi'h si uu oi t f ot in r luilon
to o niniy U'l.iiiec. I i.i duliely post
iioneil. Aet to r: q.lro Treasurer of Sumter
eouniy t set apart Hid i.hiekas tw Sho- I
Kurd reeilied by him trim the Hthle
r.easuri-r, for the ex -lusive beuellt of that
poillouof sumeer oounly I) lug aud being
wltb-n 'be i hickasaw o salon. Tabled
subject to call.
Aet for tbe relief of Mrs. H, K. Moire
an l her minor children.
feuding o mLlerailon et whlob, the
Senate ai'Journsd.
Rouse met; Speaker Peroy In the ehalr
Prayer by Kev. W. U. Watktne.
Hull oalled, present 101, ahsent II.
Un motion ol Mr. Pegrau, lb prlvlh gia
of :be House were ex.enaeil to Hew. A. II.
Artbur, ul Yloksburg.
By Mr. Street: Joint Itasalution propot.
In an amendment to the Constitution In
reUtiun io sp uial taxes lor Court-housss.
jii, sud b lilges
A Iso, aa Ausadoieat la relailoa to sab-
orlptlon or loan by counties, oltles and
.owns io corporations.
Both referred to Joint Committee on
Constitutional Amendmsuts.
A meisag e from tbe Geveraor stated hie
approval of a number of bills.
Mr. Hpight gave notloe thtt to-morrow
be would move to change the Bute ot tbe
House so as to fix tbe limeol meeting at
V'i o'clock a.m.
Mr. Moody presented a memorial rela
ting to division of Panola oouuiy into two
Judicial districts.
The House took up the special order,
"an Aot to amend tbe exemption laws of
this Slate."
Mr. Street's amendment (published
Thursday ) waa adopted by a vote ot il to
41. ahsent Si.
Mr. Love moved to anvnd by striking
out Ola section. Adopted by voto ol 02 to
Mr. Melts moved to amend by Inserting
ad' ltlnnal section, as follows:
" Bs It liirlber enacted, That all proper,
ly exempt by this Ael from levy aud sale,
and all property heretofore exempt, shall
become liable to seizure and salo when
ever tbo owner is removing or about to re
move lr. m tbe State."
Mr. Tlson mived to amend tbe amend
ment by inserting after "Is" iu aoeond
line from last, the words "disposing of or
about to dispose of tbe same for money
with a view of leaving the Slate.''
The amendment as amended wae adopt
ed. The bill tben passed by a vote of 61 to 46.
A motion to reconsider and table, waa
carried by a vote of il to 4ft.
Mr. Marshall, of Warren, moved to
ameud tbe title so as to rsad " an Aot to
dostroy the oredlt of tbe poor man and to
give him in lieu thereof tue delusive bope
of having a oross-roads store and a farm."
Act amendatory of an Aot amendatory
of and supplemental to an Aot fixing the
umo anu numoer oi aare lor noiuing me
various Circuit and Cbaneety Courts.
r as sea.
Actio au'borlze Supervisors of Clarke
county to register outstanding warrants.
Bv Mr. l.ova: Proposing an Amendment
in rotation to tbe term of ufUoe ol members
of Ibe Legisturo.
Also proposing an Amendment In rela
tion to the termol office of oounly ufflocr
Both roloiredto tbe proper Commit toe.
govkrnoh's MK'SAOE.
A message f'om tbe Governor waa re
ceived, and referred to Committee ob Mil
itary A ffalre.
Mr. McSwine presented a petition ot
citizens ol Montgomery and Carroll coun
ties In relation to sale of seed oolton.eto.
Act lo provide reasonable compensation
for Circuit Clerks In criminal oaaes.
Mr. street moved lo table the bill. Lost.
Mr. spight moved to amend by striking
out 1 .Oil and Inserting tauu.
Mr. Cook moved to amend tbe amend
ment by striking out I'JUO and Inserting
Pending consideration ol wblcb, tbe
House adjourned until to-morrow morn
ing al lDn'uloek. 0.
The Anderson Trial Wells' Bond
Tbe Verdict.
Niw Orleans, Feb. 7. Ia the An
derson trial, Judge Whitaker opened
Court this morning aud took a recess
lo prepare bis charge to Ihe jury.
Ileiore recess the Court referred lo an
article iu i morning paper which slated
thai Wells bad said he could give any
amount of bail, but had nut made op
his mind yet. The Court sta'eJ If this
was truo it would raise Ihe bond op lo
$20000 again. The Sherifl waa In-
etruclod lo see Mr. Wells about Ihe re
marks said lo have been iudulued in bv
him. Weill explains as follows:
"Hivi Orleans parish Prio. Feb.
7. Mr. II. C. Castellanos., Dear Sir:
1 have just learned wltb lurprlse that I
am reported as saying 1 could give bail
iu the sum originally fjxsd.bui that my
object in not doing so is for the pur
pose of lorcing the Slate lo trial dur
ing ihis month. This is not Iruo, and 1
am not accountable fur au unau
thorized publication I bavo intrusted
my csi-e with you and associates, and I
have been guided only by your ail vice.
As my health Is Impaired, 1 bope you
will continue your efforts lo release me
from further iuipiiaonnient. With
high regard, your obedient servant,
(Signed.) J. MADISON WELLS."
Ail):2(J p.m., Judge Whittaker fin
ished the reading ot his cliartre fo the
Jury and Ihev retired. The Court-
loom waa i Liared, and even Ibe attor
neys for ibo defense had Ml, nobody
expecting a verdict, almost everybody
believing thn result would bo mis
trial. At 10:10 p.m., a loud knock
c .me fi mil ihe Jury to tn, which wai
prompt1)- answered by a I) puly Sher
iff, who went at oner to the Jury room
and lemming qtiicklv, ttirilcd tbe
Judge, who, with some gentlemen and
ilin reporters, was in Ins private office,
with ll.e news llmt ll.e Jury had
agreed upon a v rdle', The counul
Were suit for and Judge Cul'oin, of
i he delniiso, having arrived, Court was
opiuel again at 10:10 and the jury
orougiu uowu anu called. About tony
persons were present. Judge W Id ta
ker asked tbe foreman the usual ques
tions, when the verdict was given to
tbe Clerk. Gen. Anderson was death
ly pale, twisting nervously ihe bead of
his cane between his Augers. Their
verdict was as follows:
New ORLBAita, Veto. 7, 1BTI-WS lad
Thomas C. Andersen guilty, and recess
mend hits to lbs zssrey of the Court.
(Signed) W. P. Convene,
Voremaa ot tbe Jury.
The defense asked for the polling of
the jury. Each Juror, after bis name
was called, was tsked: "Is this your
verdict, 'guilty and recommended la
tbe mercy of Ihe Court' " nil an
swered lu tbe affirmative. Tbe Jury
was Ihnu discharged, and the prisoner
remanded to await the sentence of the
law. A few of Anderson's friends at
once surrounded him and taw him eft
to jail.

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