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Vicksburg weekly herald. (Vicksburg, Miss.) 1868-1883, February 22, 1878, Image 1

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NO. 34
Futs.ishsd WEEKLY by
mile c i ! mail, i cr year. -..
li H
.l.'C Hl-.l
" c i ies. postage t ai l
1 23 ; iTesi.iciiT, :a consideration oi a: agree-
Ao ix'.ra t 'i y Kill lO.'iwo Mttti! (.'ct'.cr j u, or his irieiiils agreeing i.r hioi,
lu'i'.c M jner oner r .lraft''h S'ate of Louisiana ana Sorb
wnvii i'i;Rti-.i"io. A iiiri'n. I Car o.hia should ba released Irani rui i
;"M!i ''' "'' TUe pestioa came up
I T!u.t. I Ttn I M.'ri ' I M oii'il V.'..r.
; ,, :,t. ,7 v. 1 1 .j !""' sf. i ii j
. ,:. ... : " 7 :i . is . - l
: '..r I . 1 j Is "'' .1 ' 1
t .-,." '.I :j .J i il i
j , ... ; U .i . ' ' 1
(ur . 7 " l. j .oil is i
, r..:i;u.a ) ' IT i a ' ' 1 ' " -i
i i ..iu.ii . . 1? ' " Tj ' v.i i
t i i.i.ilm ; i il v. . ; . u i i
l Cou.t "I -'i i '' I-1 ' 1 '
' 1
1 1
i i
Friday Morning, February 15.
Little Hcck will Mardi Ora.
Maiiy Asiii:s h starring in fJ?)r-
Whak tbe Abaiemoat Ac' t
auiwer' wbar.
Me;iB9. Fl'hlosu aud Pegrim have
our thanks lor favor.
Tcxai b)!d a greenback convention
at AiHtin on the 12 b ol' Maicb.
Canada is getting her back ap and
wants to b!p England wlip Russia.
The L'-'gi.latureougbtnot "oailjoara
until it gets through with v-;ry parti
.19 o! busiae'.
The l'iue DlLtl ' Arlt.) I'fe?ays jv-jr
l.ifl fatii.li-: trota P4uyivuia will
settle iu -!is: eci cl tjuatry wi'hia
Scms of do Mailer ot new-japers
:o.ivliii) "b it 'heir favni'e jiaraaU do
uot glvi '.bem iao'U'i h;i'. Gcewhilt-
Tils Ways mid Means Cjmmittce ol j for -he South a low Mr. II ayes
he Louisisua L:gis!.vure has ref.o.-td J to 'ie thus in-'alie 1 -t not is
lavo;' !y cn the Mv.ii it-gis'er tys-i'iuifs a .1.3 -ht ietioo. We :oa
' m of "nxitiou. ! tend that s,f-r our Chairman uud the
m - York - iu l o'ber Democra ic
S ot 'ne mtm'ier- or t.e Lei-u-
-ja to har-i "11. I! ; . u'e 1 on
.. .. ' . .
htm i.. .1. t a::..s . . r . .-u----1
mr 1 ie:or;u.
Uha"7o. V. SuARtK,'3iue New ,
iuus. is on a visi- o. a .ew
. ,.. i m i
:.;,t i
' ' .
.;i ;i'y.
k (;. ,i" iul the L:g;;!!i ;:.
i.j .. : . ' (.Ji.s;nT.iuo;
!:; C':.u-tia!is. -vt-yr :.0 n
. 'o "he Ca: is; i:.1
'I'ilE "riit.n ..
1 Lt:i T'ti.-ier
-ri'e . l'.'OM. ):r-h"hy iu
on a i
;cw l.iv. u-. lie will -oo:i
1 t:.e
!rsw -
.!'.1U- '
To:k '. ;
liixid ii
, i lav- -.vay,..! I ian i i
Mississippi L?g::atu:
. ly lgaiu it woui'lii'
.. adjourn. They ail
g.oty wi'ti 'i i' !"
- '-j'-,:'l !
: 'e so ;
ova to,
ilii: ,;'!.vni p
Ki'j Mr. R-.dhead
JU jCCO'lUt o: Lis
-!-!! w!:h Lis s
a Jl1' ,I-'V 'i "rc 1
::uu. iims jj. t.
:::e thau -J Jim j.ier- j
..in i- r.'.,U his, and ..s S.h k
h-.';e s u j'iug iu a ir.me,
care -j;
Uri Aiv MAt.--rif.LtJ, of Djacngw
i li-- S":: by mon.iog attempted to
I,, uil.1
"' "" .. .
.-.l l ' 1 n, 111 "I T W .1 1
.-ork .:i a :ii!d uttr tow.. T:!iaii!i:
-Lot Mi.irL.vd with revolver itid'"" " ""
killed him, v.d 'l.e citizc-us justify lc
huudre 1 arcied mcu recently
attended a Ui;d tsx sale in S'cuben
;outity. Naw York, ai.d iatimidated
bote who iatende 1 to buy. Tbe Sheriff
ciegra;-h m! -he Governor, who inlorm
'he ilkf.S that he must exhaust bis Icon'eut wltu trying to secure rrcn sen
jw.t ju'Lority before cai'.ing ca hire. ! tie. I iuterfcret.ee to sv ;.is accom-
1 . . jpli a1. John Sheraiia is ena"iird u
We have heard cf mauy "ue:n' overhau.iitgJide Whitaker's record
seiec-edto represent dillerent Districts ,aXrca,urv n,!nr;mcut. au.l in a
ia Congress hut we novcr heard oi a
Uiatti.t' ociitit cut out Crrccialiy to
M '-u " ; 'L "" the NorthcMi hear', and creating a di-
oecoiue ot the o.l! to make a District Vjjf(, .jU 0, iuAliauloa ,rom tl;t
''.''".V.V0"'' U.juer.ckSM.cr.mluaU oatdal 0 lLo juag0ol the
to L'.r.j.tQ-s . 'Cmv. This serves to show bow des-
. . i ...I..... ilf: i . . i
ii'v.t Dili will oe put upou its
lissi.e ia'beUr.!'cd S'atcs Senate tola.-.
TL,: a:a-ur5r'-l tie House
icig sica oy uuicli more thau a two
birds vre. ia5 'hire in ao doubt
bout its iiti-iag tuC Sauate, but -ome
l.ttie doubt loout its passias by i two
birds vot;. It the Pre-idout docs uot
veto i', t! ere is no necessity for a two
thirds vote, but tbe friends of the bill
are by ao means satisfied that Mr.
llaye will not veto it, and beuce their
an.x'ety to pas it tbrsmgb the Senate
by a two to one vote.
a. I .ur.
So 'L.t Jrgtin wU:h ha- beeu re - ,
, lerre i u ji;ea .j .uen n j j u par- i
!-;e-, 'orris oi' to have been July a I
myth. There was no -j iraai between
Dcm yrraric leaders and Rep io ioau
eaders :b it Hayes should be installed ;
iL.I l-n'a!!, Wednesday, in Congress,
an 1 Mr. Ellis of Louisiana,
gave a stsre'.nen' it 'lie whole
tatt :'. ;'"'? ! '"
inference at 'Vo.iu !;.' II
JIU until will ;j-jr?g.r I- 1
2.il :, 'o win; reilly oj'.-urre 1. t :r b.
:j .'n:!-.nna ol 'lie l-u!:o' an -i i :iii
wi l free from tb !. 'sia "i i'i. !:!
trivkcry. A:oortiiui to .Mr. E
iiatemeu'. te Duo:rtt a' "La "Voioi
ley coui'erence merely met tbe Kepub
liotuf 'o Jiecover wbat tbe R;puUi
zia tbo'.:gbt Mr. Hayes'i policy wouiJ
be in matteri of viral interest to tbe
Sou'.b, ati'l especially t tbe State) ol
Louitiaaa and South Carolina.
Mr. llayefc'a friend believed that be
woui.l pursue a certaia line of policy1
wbicb tbe Democrat! were exceedingly
anxious tLould bd carried out, tbe
count was aibwed to proceed, and
Mr. Miyea wa iottalled. Mr. Z'AU
ta-iy In prfec:ly ;l-li-.'d rbat ibi wa
l no btrifaio, (or be put it there wa
n0 ;ou:riciio on either iJe. Mevor-
ibe!e it was an auderstandiug ol
bonor among politician', and ibero is
no oiie of ordinary intelligence who
wi:i :U!m that it bad no eflect ou some
of the Diujoci vs. 5) while Mr. E lis
has sv.if fled 5U p&ry and tbe coun'ry
there wis no oa.-galn, he has revealed
to lih tha there wis an uader'taud
ing that 'ed -o Mr. Hayes wrongiul
iasta.:v:o:i i l'.es'.'ient oi tue Lureu
States. Uu: as to whether It was policy
'jjj.jn - ka:,v.. -vhi'e tost her, there I
..". ..,.!.. . , ...... .....; I
"'' - ' '
gourli. iur t" avert civil waraudiccure
the b-:8' terms she coui l. Ta?se were
'in lervandiug st Worn,.
:-' :"' a vnw-x -...
by a ;j.r-.,u, e -:iOu..i uo u.;.-. .j.
Would 3 --111 -leu.- o i.l-s ' )
ol unc the Uis .'l j'ir:ir-y. Ai'
tcr Mr. ilewi't's virnriic- wis ::i .de
Pub.;;, '.here wis . way the couth
to save M
WtiS I W I
Ti; leu s o:li e. tLd i 'ncre j
- teLeve two S'ate frots I
... !
tai.i'.ary tyrant!
WO "Lili:: tLO-0 Who
aidtd to accompiiih I', are to be praise
. , ,, I
ra'.ner i&au oiameu. i.'.esouia wasiu
this conditiou : She was allowed to en-
1 -or lino 'ilttor noli'hsi- contest. I it i'
wo.iid Lave b;cu fatal to her to have
even sUjcted a decision by lore;.
A Wa-Uinoion special to the aw
Orleans Democrat, is to this ctl.''.t : "I'
ii imnsaitiln fn ni-.lict Wliat will ha-
Mot v UarsalB. bat
;r U'. u.v, is',,.,, .. ri,...t i: riTTj ini 'n'rwn
"-i- - - i
:.is iears tor -he saiaty oi his own
.eaur(J lmj ,eiri! ,0 ;i
(.,,,,. .... .),.,.! t. i,
p John
11 11. i 13Vi.'J ill!'., ..11. lV .11
ra.'i.ts wojid oe fju-.d against Sher-
iiuui, S'OtigLt .!, Ma" thews, (j.itieid,
ict al , I am satisuVI
i Wells would be left to
Anderson and
their fate. L'ut
!' VVKVIiwarii In nkfl ;l."h i-rinr.n
" " . ,' i
ovtr the North and West would oe
'.i-appoiutel and llsgustcd bcyon'.
jtutastire. There is no doubt ;:i any
jijuarte: aera is to Jj.'.u aher-
iraas juiit, and Joht.'s iVen
?.ied etlor's iu behal! of the
Doard is accepted as a full confession
of his comt licit y iu their c: hue'. N t
day or two will denounce him as a de-
iiul'cr. t'c, tor the purpose ot t:::i,k;
pet ate John has become, and how close
-he inngcr must oe ou tne trail. .N.ch
oil will have need of ail his fl.-mncs
a the cest few days."
Tut Uaivoi's ..ist Ministers, since the
li eti sion about tell has been going
ju, lave beg tin to -.ay we 'told you
-o. ' Some of 'hern i: g oe that t:.c old
uuteri ilistic h i! X the Ulus Law
Christ! uis'' of New Eig'and is burned
ju', ad 'he i;eil of res-ca and of a
mercitul G od has ttikvii its pUce iu the
belief ot nearly a, I tie 'houhtful
- ,,,, Moffe Re)!l,er Bil, G, 0vr An.
other Oiy DUcussion on the Re
duction of County Judiciary
Exptntti In the
Cutting Down Pay of Juror and Allow
ance for Feeding Prltoner.
House Proceeding Agricultural College
Bill Passed Cr. Compton Exiner
ated Lownde County Setk'ug
Indrpendence Railroad
- pi .ul j ia: ilfrM ;
Tllllppl l.rBllnlareTblrly
Flral Day.
jACKtos, ItesiUy, Ft"). I., li's.
Seuite aiet ; '.i I'eiri it-Oovernor
Sim in tLe eh r. P.:r by Rev.
Dr. Waikin.
Rolled called ; le-cut 30, absent 1.
the Livi' K hvti.
"Act regulating the a!e cf vioou,
pirituous and malt li'juor, prescrib
ing a uniform license therefor, and im
posing a county privilege tax thereou,
and for other pui potes,' was taken up.
Mr. Pratt offered ao amendment by
way of an additional section, which
was adopted.
Mr. FirUb ni ivcd :be previous -jf
Mr. Griffin mala the point that tbe
bill !s not engrossed, which wr.s us
aloed, aa l 'lie bill goes overauotber
Tbe Senate resumed consideration of
'au Act to re bee tbe expen-es of the
Judiciary depsrttueut iu the -everal
counties in this S'a'e.''
Mr. Lil: opposed the reduction con-
ctnla'Oil i-.- :he bill. lI- on tLe
pianorm of re-reucbuieut and reform,
ttut Unl not 'Iiwik that p.atiorm ci;eu
for such a sweeping reduction iu this
respect, lie thojg:;t the tigure ail jw
d by the ameudiuout oi' M;. Fri-ii,
xalesutlicient redmtiou.
Mr. Pratt ssi I the people wo.il 1 no'
thiuk very w- il ot tbe Legi-iature if it
passed tbi- .(r'renebmeut measure
.ihVcting tLe . tnd poclsete I the lib
eral siiary : 'tti each f.'rourowu
service at tbi- v-iion. It would be a
great bard-hip mako a maa come 10
or lo mile fruai he country, serve ou
. i.. .,..1 .l.n ft,,lv Jioo .1,.!
a jury, and tbeu only give him a dollar
a day not enough to t'-.e I bis horse
and bay "iirub" fjr bimsslf. It was not
I right to take money out ot tne pockets
; i one class of p?owie. aud put it iu tbe
pick-ts oi an o'her in 1 in his opinion,
:his !ii l would lo '.his. It won, d force
; men to servo ti) wi:u'ses and
! j i.-j"--, .m l mil;-! tii'tii pay ;or t:io
! jirivi ce. Th s sort cf co :o.ny was
runuiuit rcutiicl.iii'.in -i.e gr uu-!,
. 4n.t ;. .' v-rv .'ir H:-s n.'o.i e v i,! 1
u0, saii;.pj j,,
ilr. M:Caskii s.il . jii' iirrc l
. ..i w. . ..
Wli.l views cj;ii c : i u .utesi-.
1 1 !,;;. a:i i rrat". , 'ie wju.ii vote ui iuv
amctuliceut, ftu : 'ii vo e against tt,e
wij0;e t,jo . iJ4 I; , , j, fe u.-t:oi at
;i .tould ba n.
Mr. Barry -. Jta'e l the bi.l. ile
sai..l -'il we p iii ir our popularity
iu:;'ht uot be increased, but that should
no: li-ilaence us '' Tue peoplo com
i piaiaed of high taxes; every senator
i knew the grea'est burden upon the
people was tue e.peuse ol tr.e JuUi
clary in the siverai couuties. Tiie e.
;icue ot Warrcu coun'y for this de
imr'.men auiouute I to l'.l,0," Ijt one
year, aud oig it'.tus iu that sum were
he amou::'-. pail gr'.nd and petit ju-;o.-:
; the cxpeme ot Lowudc county
smoim'eit to rro''J; Monroe cjhu'.v
.'ij)), and o'Ler coun ies iu propor
'ion. Jurors aud wi'nesses geuernhy
so d th.ir -rtilica'cs tor about one-halt
their lace v-iue; il this blli became a
law, and they received the full amounts
ol their certificates (and this should be
paid) they would realize a much as
under the old system. Further, one
d'ilarba as grea' purchasing power
now, as one d .liar and a half did sev
eral years ao, when the latter sum
was es-ablished as the lee lor jurors
nd witnesses. Kitreticbment bid bi-en
ij p'.ied to the salaries ol Jtldts and
Ctiaaceliors, aud ne thought it should
iljo be aiitilied to other expenses ol
hi' departiueut; in fact, he thought il
iun.r we:-e worth one '.oiiarp'.T day,
k J:i 'bt", in prop. T'K-n -o the -frvices
rendered, was worth -:x or -evon
h jus.'.nd do.lars year out tteir a.
trie cad been cut dowu to about yl,
:'.. Mr. Terry thought a reduction ot ex
peases in the Judiciary department was
' ecded, and would be ol Mr moie bene
fit to the people than reducing salaries
.1 S;ntn otlic'.is. ile thought a b;fer
lia f;r making the reduction would be
o reduce tecs a certain percent say 2."
per cent lest than at present paid.
Mr. (Jibb- said it was seldom hocou
urred iu anything fiotu Republican
-0'irces, but he was compelled to agree
vita the views of the Se::.vor from the
I2'h Distric', Mr. lhatt. Ile thought
j iroi aud witnesses -hould receive
mough to pay their acual expenses.
I'r.e certiticitos i-sued to jurors and
vitnCs-fs were genera. ly at a discount,
tnd wheti th'tir pots-o:s s.ild them,
hey o.reiy rfcived moigb to pay
heir board. The sentiment for re
rcutiitnent aud retorm did not de
nsnd that we shall go into tue pocket
f'he people aud make them pay a
lortbin of 'he expeuscs of the (i vern
.nent. It wa aid tha' it the n.Ui;e
of Judges were cut down, tbe pay of
juror and witne:eea -hould aUo be cu'
down, but be wa opposed to reducing
the salaries ol Jjdger. It will not du
to fix tbe price so low tLat we cannot
iuteliiifcn! j'irie he hoped Mi--is-'ippi
would i:o' be cursed attain by it
inerant and corrupt jarie aud the re-
Iduction proposed bv tLe bil! might
i have that elTec. However, be had
heard no demand from tbe people for
retrenchment in respect to pay of
Judge, wnues-eo, or jurors. The ex
pense of Yszoo county, for the Judici
ary Department, tbi vear would not
exceed 7,0jQ, nd the fact that War-
ru county' expenses exceeded $19,000
was no argument tor reducing the pit
tance that iuror and witnesses now re
ceived. That county was a separate
District ; salaries of Judge and District
A'torney bad to hit ptid; a large city
was iu it contlues aud probably a
great deal of crime was committed. He
was iu favor of retrenching by dispens
ing with.the number of jurors as tar as
practicable; but not by cutting do wu
their already small pay.
Mr. Reyuold favored tbe bill ; it was
reform iu a proper direction. The
heaviest burdeu now borne by the peo
ple, is tbe Judiciary expense of tbe
several counties and the feeding of
prisoners, aud pay of iuror and wit
nesses. wer
ere the; large item in
this expense. Tbe total cost of tbe
Judiciary iu tbe variou counties of tbe
S-a e I about 350,000 annually. No
cne could controvert tbi fact; and if
retrenchment is desired, tbi 1 the
poiut at which to benin Tbi bill re.
duces tbe pay for leediug prisoner,
from 40 to ii cent per day, and even
at 23 cent a day tbe Sberill can make
14 cent a day profit on each prisoner,
and give them plenty ot goo.i, tub
tautial fool, whenever expense
have been te.iuced, tbe value of cert in
cate received lor service have been
increased. As an illustration : When
teachers rec-f.ved 7o per mouth tbelr
warr.aii' w:r tuMct to a heavy dls
conn: ; wbeu their pay was reduced to
.'f 10 per mouth, their warrant com
manded Uce value and tbey received
nearly 11 not ouite as much cash for
their services uow, as tbey did when
the piy waa nearly double. Aud il
this oiii became a law, juror would
actually receive a niuc'a a under tbe
old system. He was iu favor oi estab
lishing a jury fund in each county, so
tbat juror and o'bers couid have tuelr
certitlcate cashed as soon a tney re
ceivc I thorn. In hi coun'y, and prob
tbly iu every county in the a ate,
speculator stool at the door of tbe
Court-bou-c. aud was itrowloK rich by
purchaslug certificates ol jurors and
witnessea at a discount. It Lis plan
was inaugurated, this business would
be stopped, and jurors would get ful'y
as much under this bill a uudur tbe
old law. Tuoio jurors living in or
near town wcro subject to less c.xpeusc
than those coming lioni the country,
and this was a gooH reason for the dif
ference ia t:.e pay allowed by tbe bill.
Il the '.Tipcuse of the Judiciary depart
ment was reduced one-third, tfliUMiO
would oe S'iVud acmuiiiy to 'be peopie
I . f liu S ate, aud there was no question
as to the peop.a deir.ng a reduction ol
this heavy uurdeu.
Mr. McCaskii! s.iid the Warren couu-
I ty estimate was intended to bolster u
'he oid, tind suoind uot influence any
vote in :av..r of it. A great many
items were upon :t, thai did not prop
erly belong to tt.e Judiciary expense.
The proper way to retrench wa lor
the iioards o! supervisors to exorcise
care aud watchfulness, an 1 uot makt'i
improper a.lowances.
Mr. Cowan said th it when tt.e ;ee
of l.-VJ rer day for
tiesses were lixod,
jurors and
worth v Ica-t oO percent more than I
now boar i was higher, and every
thing el-e in propor'ioa. It was im
poisib'c to make the pay equal iu
every part of 'he S-af, owing to the
dilierencs in co-t of living. He thought
ihe idea of Senaror Terry for reduciug
the fees a certain p"r cent, was prob
ably a good one. There wis a great
necessity for reducing j til fees it did
uot cost more tliau 10 or 12 cents a day
;o f .ed prisoner, and a handsome prof
it c .mid be male il I') ceuts per day
was paid. Everything else had been
reduced salaries of Judges, legisla
tors, etc., aud tbe purchasing power ol
money was enhanced. If we could re
duce the e'peuse of tbe Judiciary De
partment 25 per ceut or 33; 3 per cent,
it would bo a great saving to the Sia'e ;
the expenses ol the couuties wou.d be
less aud there would always be money
iu ihecouiry tousu ies to cash certifi
cates. Mr. Far!-:.'- va-vid'uout was then
Taero was soma discussion oa the
section Cxiug the allowance to Sberill
lor feeding prisoners. Tae section pro
vides for 2j ceuts per day for each
Mr. Barry said as the Sheriff per
formed other dir ies lor which he re
ceived little or uo compensation, be
would be willing to increase this com
p.:Usatiou to liu cents, so that bis profit
from this source would compensate
bim for the services for which bs was
uot paid.
Mr. Oihbs coucurred iu this ides, and
thought Jo cents per day tor seeding!
prisoue.-s rco'iH be a proper allow
ance. Mr. F irloni moved to amend the
-oo1 i on by striking out 20 cents and in
erling Jo ceurs. Tabled.
Mr. "Morgan said the proper way to
settle this quesii ou would be to ascer
tain what sum was necessary to feed
nrlsoners properly, aud allow it. If
Sheriffs did uot receive sufficient com
pensation for cer'ain services, it wa
uot right tbat tbey should be reim-
buried from the profit on feedioa-
prisoner. From a calculation made
by a competent and well-informed oar-
son, it wa demonatrated, that at pres
ent price for supplies, prisouer could
us leu lor aoout li cent per day each,
lie would offer an amendment provid
ing tbat tbe aliowauce should not be
lest than 20 nor more than 30 cent per
day, te be determined by the Board of
Supervisor. Where there wcr onlv
a few prisoner In jail it would proba-
my cost more tnau il cent a day to
feed each one, hence hi amendment.
Mr. Cowan said he wt surprised at
the sympathy manifested by tome Sen
ator for Sheriffs In hi opinion thev
were the best paid officer in tbe State,
and tbe office wa more sought after
than any other. Tbe Sberill' of War
ren county received a salary twice a
large at tbat of any State officer. He
thought 2.) cents a day each for feeding
prisouer wa a liberal sum. and band-
some profit could be made where there
were over live or ten prisoners to be
Mr. Griffin favored tbe amendment
proposed by Mr. Morgan.
Mr. Ltnneau favored the amend'
ment, and also tbe bill. He was triad
the Legislature had at last arrived at
the proper point for retrenchment the
expense of the counties. The State
tax u not very beavv. bnt tbe countv
ii, and be would cheerfully co-operate
in reuucing n.
Mr. Morgan's amendment wa adopt
line other tecuout of the bill were
read, and it goe over for engrossment.
"An Act ratifying tbe organization
of the Mississippi Central Railroad
Company, and It consolidation with
the -New Orleans, Jackson and North'
em Railroad Company, into the Cbl
cago, at. Loui and ew Urleant Kail
road Company, and Incorporating said
last named company, and lor other pur
poses," came up a special order.
Mr. Barry offered ao amendment to
an amendment proposed by him on
a former day.
Mr. Reynold made an elaborate ar
gumeot lu support ot tbe bill.
Mr. Barry made a forcible speech in
sunnort ot ma amendment.
M r. West argued In favor of tbe bill
Mr. Barry' amendment was tabled
by a vote ol 20 to 11.
Mr. Bi'ls offered tbe following
amendment, which was lost by a vote
ot is to to:
"Provided Taat tbe lights, privileges
and immuritles herein granted shall
not run tor a longer time than forty
Mr. Cowan c flared the following
amendment: "1'iovidcd luriber, -ibat
noihlukT In this Act contained shall
prevent the Legislature of this State
irom passing laws to probiblt extortion
iu charges by said Jlailroad Company."
Laid on table by a vote of 20 to 11
Mr. Morgan olTered tbe following
amendment, which was adopted by a
vote of 34 to IU :
'Provided, That tho provisions of
this Act shall be sut ject to alteration,
amcudinent or repeal after Ilf y years.
uu' nj alteration, amendment or repeal
shall have the effect to lesson'or impair
the rights of stockholders to the power,
ngu's aud irauchises whica beforo the
passage of this Ac! belonged to tbe
purchasers ol tho same under the de
crees of the United States Courts and
tbi sale made thereunder.''
Pending further consideration of the
bill, 'he a mate adjourned.
Hjiise ni 't : Speaker Percy iu the
i cnnr.
Prayer by D. Hunter.
Roll called ; present p.o, abscut 1".
LEOE. The House took up "an Act to or
ganize tbe Agricultural aud Mechani
cal College ot Misii"lpoi, and to regu
late tbe govcrnmeut of the same."
Some aineudmeui were adopted.
The bid reached tbe stage ol third read
ing, and went over for engrossment.
Five Incorporation Acts indefinitely
Act to authorize the cons' ruction and
ue of Street RailroaJ ia Vicksburg.
Oa motion of Mr. Pegram, re-committed.
The Committee on Engrossed Bills
reported the correct engrossment ol
this bi t.
Mr. Tucker moved that tbe bill be
read third time aud pa-sod ; which mo
den prevailed by a vto ol 03 to 21),
ib-ent 23
The committee to investigate charges
asjainst Dr. W. M. Coinptou, Superln
icndcut of Lunatic Asylum, made a
repor', which was adopted and ordered
spread upon the minutes, and tho evi
dence accompanying the report was
ordered to be tiled in the Secretary of
Stato's office. The report exonerates
Dr. Compton.
House agreed to Senate's request for
a Committee of Conference, and the
Speaker appointed ou part of the
lljuse, Messrs. Spight, Tucker, and
Act to incorporate the Sunflower
and Cassidy Bayou Improvement and
Navigation Company. Amendment
adopted, and bill passed.
Act to amend an Act to incorporate
tbe Arkansas City and Grenada Rail
road Company. Lies ova.
cn just railroad discrimination.
Tbe Committee oo Railroad report
ed consideration of House Bill No. 113,
"an Act to prevent unjust discrimina
tion and extortion In the rate to be
charged by the different Railroad In
this Stale for the transportation of
freight on laid road." "Your Commit
tee report that tbey favor the object
ana purpose or tbe bill, out recom
mend tbat it be referred to tbe Com
mittee on Judiciary " Tbe bill was
so referred.
"Act to amend an Act to authorize
purchaser of Railroad nnder fore
cloiure of mortgage te organise a in
corporated Companie. approved Feb.
l, i5i . Mane special order tor Wed
nesday, Feb .13.
Mr. Tison gave notice that he would
to-morrow introduce a resolution to
change th Rule so at to provide only
one session per day.
Mr. Field offered the following.
which wa alopted :
Resolved, That tbe petition for
severance for Lowndes county from
Clay and Oktibbeha, to forma (ope
rate Senatorial District, be referred to a
special committee conditio: ox tbe
ix representative from the Eighteenth
senatorial District, and upon tbe
part of the Senate, with Instructions lo
report the advisability of the measure
proposed lo the petition."
Mr. Street moved to lnrtroct tbe
Committee on Constitutional Amend
ment to return all Joint Resolution
on that (object to tbe Hons to-morrow
morning, which waa adopted.
me uouse tuiourned nntn 7 o'clock
to-night, when the Lien Law will again
be discussed. C.
Beyond a Question.
Dr. Price's Cream Baking Powder is
free from all adulterant, hence the
purest and most economical. It i be
yond all question tbe best and most
perfect, of anything in tbe market. Dr.
Price'' Cream Baking Powder i not
sold In bulk ; it I put op in can, e
ourely labeled.
Currant Wot.
London, Fab. 16. Tbe Time' lead
ing editorial to-day i very pacific in
tone, and sa-ys : "It will be dne to the
same gratuitous mismanagement If the
relative position of England and Rus
tle near Constantinople lead to ny
serious misunderstanding. Our gov
ernment may be trusted to act with
combined moderation and firmness if
tbe Russians are reasonably prudent.
There is no reason why the Power
should not enter peacefully In the Con
ference." Mr. Gladstone vetferdav received a
deputation from tbe Workmen's Neu
trality committee and consented to
address a public meeting of the work
men of London on the Eastern ques
tion. Tbe object of the meeting is
stated to be to hold the government to
a policy of neutrality and secure the
thorough Independence of tbe prov
inces which have been freod from
Turkish oppression. The meotlng will
probably be held on the 25th of Feb
ruary, in Agricultural Hall, Islington.
Sir Wilfred Lawsoo, Messrs. John
Bright, James Stanfeld, Anthony J.
Muudelli and other members of Par
liament are expected to participate in
the meeting. A workmen's mass meet
ing, with tbe same object, is also called
for tho 21-h, In Hyde Park.
The Haulers have received Ihe fol
lowing dispatch, dated Constantinople,
Friday uight: "Namejik Pasha has
gone to Russian headquarter, charged
with au endeavor to dissuade the
Grand Duke Nicholas from occupying
Constantinople. The Russian, on Fri
day morning, occupied Tamidie re
doubt, which is a part of tbe Constan
tinople line of defense.
Although Austria has remonstrated
against tbe occupation of Constantino
ple, she will not abandon her present
attitude if tbe occupat'on la accom-
pusued ptaceiuiiy aad with tbe consent
of Turkey.
Russia has notified the Porte that chu
has prevailed upon Greece to adopt a
peaceful attitude.
Berlin. Fab. 10. The North Ger-
man Gazotte say a request wa re
ceived from St. Petersburg, yeterday,
iubi i ne uciiiriu muueuco wouiu maue
Itself felt. Tbat iuiiueuce cannot but
be peaceful ia ipite of all assertion to
the contrary: relation between the
three Imperial Courts not only place all
idea of auy coolness arising' between
them entirely out of tbe Question, hot
also offer a sure guarantee for tbe maiu
tenance of general peace.
Vienna, Fob. 1C It is reported that
the Austrian Minister of Finance will
proceed to London on a special mission.
London. Feb. 1C A special to thn
Times from Berlin says not only is it
uuiueiy mat Germany win undertake
tbe part of arbiter, by declaring against
any power attempting to interfere with
with Russia, but indications are that
Russian is regarded here as at variance
with tae programme understood, viz:
tbe liberation of the Christians, and
notuing more.
Interpolation on the Eastorn Question
comes on In the Reichstag Tuesday.
Athens, Feb. 10. Tbe Official Ga
zette announces that a strong body of
insurgents 1 beseiging Platan, in
Tbessaly. A body of Turkish reinforce
ment trom Armervour ropu ted 700
Greek volunteer woo crossed the fron
tier yesterday.
A considerable number left reraeus
lat evening for Lamia.

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