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Publish, WXXKLY by
Single copies by mall, per jr, post
air, paid I 1
copies, postage jaid I 7tj
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At extra cony will be glren totb, gpttcr
Bp of a club of ten.
Ssnd Postofflo, Money Order, or draft.
When practicable. Address.
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TIrm. Tlnus M Mout Yeir,
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I Colma..
Friday Morning, March in.
Tbi season opens delightfully ; plant
for 15,000,000 bales of cotton. Let us
get lb price down lo 5 cents.
Tnt Legislature uegiected to pass ft
good road law. This failure of dutj
will be severely felt for the uext two
m m
Vast quantities of whisky are niauo
factored from corn, and we hope ibt
planter! of Mississippi will cesse to
plant It.
Ir any norm gels In its work with
out having been foretold by the New
York Ilerald, It will bm to start up
very early lo the morning. Yet that
great journal could not or would not
foretell the t fleet that followed the pis
ssgoof the Silver Bill.
Oun people thould plant tin, year
for a Tery large crop of cotton, fur Ihcy
canuot reasonably expect to rcalir
more than from 5 to 8 cents a pound.
The lower the price the more tbey will
need of it. If the South will produce
and bouse say 15,000,(00 bales, we can
mansge to get along for awhile.
Tub New York Uerald ay : "Our ex
hibit at tbe Paris Exposition promises
lobe very fair. Between five and six
hundred of our leading merchants and
manufacturers have obtained spice, and
It will be seen by reference to other
columns that nearly all of our great In
dottrlee are fully and respectably rep
Thb editor of the Jackson Times
says the Democratic members of the
last LfgHlature waded through blood
to eel there. The editor doubtless
thought he saw the marks the blood
left on their lege. lie oughtn't to judge
by appearances (oo often, for the marks
on some of thtir legs were earned by
their wading out iu (he sloughs and
dirty pools after huckleberries.
The Mobile Register declares tint
the account telegraphed by one Mo
Cormlck, from Alabinp, that ho had
boon shot at and wounded in tbo cheek,
and that a second shot was stopped by
a map in bis pocket, is wholly f!e.
The Register declares that no living be
inz heard of this matter bjfjro the
spy telegraphed lo Washington. "I
each an attempt at violsnco occurred at
or near Mauvilla, this importer did
not Inform tba citizen, of Mauviila ol
the fact. No one there ever heird ol
the occurrence. No one upon tbo
train which brought McCortnick to
Mobile ever heard of the occurrence.
No one at Mobile heard of ii uutll they
saw MeCormlck's account of it in the
dispatches, and no one baa since then
beard of it from any other source. Not
a State or Federal officer in Mobile
county was Informed of it." It is high
ly probable that this tool "put op Ibe
job to luuuence puuuc sentiment ai
Tat hlirhlv Reform Democratic L?g
Islature of tbe State of Mississippi
waded Into power through tbe blood
of dying victims of party Intolerance
and party bate, and amid tbe graves of
mutilated and dying Republicane.
IJacksoa Times.
In tbe name of Cardoso, Ames, War
ner, et al., what has pot tbe old Wbeea
er la such good humor. The above re
minds ns of a whiff of Jim Redpath's
breath. Waded into power through
the blood of dying victim t Whew I
And amid the grave of mutilated and
dvina Republican! Jerusalem I So
they pot them In their little eternal
beds "mutilated and dying," did they?
Conldnt even wait for the poor ful
lows to die, but chucked them into
tbelr graves alive? . 'Orrible, 'orriblel
As this Is soothing and interesting, we
would like to bear more of it. Where
did this occur, and wheu? Can't tbe
Whetter give us a list of tbe names ef
those eentle Republicans who were
burled alive?
SJeamtor sQereea'a Boa BUI.
The telegraph yesterday gave as the
prominent features of a Tery impor
tant financial bill recently introduced
in the Senate by Gen. Gordon, of Geor
gia. The triumph of the South and
West on the silver question gives prom
inence to tba measure Introduced by
Ibe Senator from Georgia. If the same
sections determine that some sncb policy
shall prevalhlhey bare Ibe power to en
force their determination. New England
and Wall street have at last been made
to feel the great power of the agricul
tural! West and South. Ever siuce the
war the whole policy of Ibe Union
executive, legislative and judicial has
been shaped In lbs Interest of Ibe errd
tor clssic-s of the Government. The
treasury notes which circulate among
the grral masre of Ibe people have
been p:rsitenily dishonored, while the
bonds have been held i an red. The
bondholder has ucver bad to auk twice
for bis gold Interest, while Ibe Gov-
ernment has constantly discriminated
against its own currency. Silver was
demonetised in Ibe interest of the bond
holders and gold-bugs, and oulll now
the protests of the vsst majority were
totally unheeded. The remonetlsstion
i. f silver was the first step on a wiser
and more liberal financial path, and if
some measure like that advocated by
Uenoral Gordon be enacted, it will be
the secoud step.
The Senator's bill provides for
3 per cent, bonds of the United Slates
ranging from $20 to 11,000 and redeem
able at maturity either In legal tender
or coin. The small denominations of
the bonds will caoie them to be sought
after by those who wish lo iuvesi small
amounts whore Ihcy can remain in ab
solute safety. From the nature of the
bonds the holders can realiu on them
at any moinont. Their being payable,
either in legal tender or coin, will en
hance the value of legal tender, and re
sumption will follow without any
strain on the business iuterests of Ibe
Tbe bill 1 good one, but we tbink
it could be made better by adding the
inlcrconveniMt) feature that Is, by
making It com puUory on tbe Treasurer
to exchange the bonds at par for green
barks or vice versa, at the option of
holders. This would maintain tbe
financial equilibrium at all times not
withstanding any efforts by speculators
that might be attempted in the future.
To show bow unwise and impracti
cable some of tbe legislation that was
secured at tbe hst session is, we will
refer to the Act that attempts lo regu
late tho freight on cotton on railroads.
The Act provides that no road In tbe
State shall receive more than $1 per
bale for each bale of cotton transport
ed 100 miles, or loss ; 11 &D for each bale
ol cotton transported 150 miles or less;
$2 lor each bale of cotton transported
more Ibau 150 and lets tban 200; 12 50
for etch balo of cottou transported
more than '200 and tens than 1150 miles;
13 tor each bate of cotton tranipurted
more than 250 aud Ion than 300 uiilos ;
13 30 for each bale of cotton transport
ed more tban 303 and lets than 3j0
miles; provided, that this applies to
cottou shipped from any point within
this State, the distance from the point
of shipment to destination as express
ed and required by tho shipper.
To start on, tbe above can only apply
to one or two roads in tbe State. It
will not touch the Mobile and Ohio and
New Orleans, St. Louis and Chicago
roads, for tbey can accept tbe terms in
the State and then charge what they
please after tbey cross the State's line.
If a merchant at Brookhaven or Grenada
wants lo ship cotton to New Orleans,
the road will sign for it at tbe rate
fixed by law to Ibe State's line, and
then charge what It pleases thence to
New Orleane.
The rate fixed is not a fair one, for it
provides too much for long distances
and too little for short ones. A rail
way had nearly as soon transport cot
ton 300 miles as 100, yet this law al
lows it to charge over three times as
much to do It.
Col. 8. Basbxtt French, Secretary
of the Lee Monument Association,
says Mississippi Is the banner State out
side of Virginia, In aid of the glorious
work. Tbe Association expects to be
gin work on the statue next Fall.
Kemper county in this State, in pro
portion to her means, is probably the
banner county of the State. James II
Neville, Esq.. is the Agent for that
The Hinds County Gazette think
Cooper's Well, in that county, would
be a good locatiou for ibe State Agii
cultural College.
Blstaacraaattot'si Beitlelaaca.
Editor of she Herald: ' ' 1
In jour paper of yesterdsy, In tbe
local colomn, appears a so called cor
rection of A 's allusion lo Blannerb.es
et's residence In the neighborhood of
Port Gibson at tbe time of bis arrest,
and reference Is made lo Win's speech
describing tbe residence of ibe former
on Ibe Ohio river, with a sly bint Ibat
"all ecbool-Doys or years past recollect
the scholarly description,'' etc., of that
borne of Blaooerhassel.
For Ibe Information of your cor
respondent, I beg to etate tbat there Is
noeiror In Ibe alluilon of "A." to the
act Ibat Blannerhasset's residence be
ing lu "tbe Mississippi Territory," and
reler blin to page 375 of Monetle's
Valley of Ihe Mississippi, and be will
read a full account of ibe surrender of
Aaron Burr at tbe moulh of Bayou
Pierre, when he was tsken to Natchet
before Judge Roduev, of Ihe Superior
Court, and having entere I In'o recogni
zee with bis sureties in $10,000,(wbich
he forfeited,) was discharged from
custody. The icoont goes on to state :
"About this tlin. Herman Biannerbas
set and Comfort t'yler, two prominent
adherents of Bjir, arrived at Natcbei,
and commenced ihelr residence In the
Mississippi termor-, tome week after
the arrival of Mr Blannerhaitet"
Tbe italics ere mine, to show tbat the
resideuce of Itlannerhasset was in tbe
neighborhood .peuflsd by ma He
was not arretted at ibe same time with
Burr, but at a subs, quent dtie. In
conclusion, It Is not necessary ibat be
(Blannerbaase!) sbou:d always have re
sided at tbe Island so beautifully de
scribed, and, If 1 mistske not, Wirt
speaks of tbat borne as being mined, elo.
The CarUae Facta Afcaat Gat.
Mew Tom evening Post.
Whether or not Ihe use of nlefltnt
gas as an Illuminating agent lends di
rectly to superlnducb a state of monlal
imbecility we are not prepared lo say,
wiib a tolerable measure ol confidence.
Granting ibat it will not do to assume
tbat one ibiug is tbe eanse of another
because the two are frequently found
iu company, we nevertheless uole the
well nlgb universal juxtaposition ol
any two things as tending at least to
suggest the re'atlon of causa and effect.
Meaning lo assert no more ihan this,
we wonder Ibat nocurlons inveatlga'or
of meutal phenomena has thought of
collecting ihe facts about iss, which
would make a very curious chapter if
set in order srray. 11 is point or de
part u re, of c lurse, would be the mani
festly inssne tendency of sll human
beings who oso gas lo reduce tbelr sup
ply of light In the bope of thereby re
ducing tbe cost of tbelr light. We call
this a manifestly Insane tendency, be
cause it is a direct attempt lo subvert i
law known lo be as perals'ent as ibe
law of gravitation itself. Every per
son who ever tad gas Iu pay for knows
experimentally thai Ihe less gas be
burns the more gas be must pay lor. Ii
is not easy to explain this, but expe
rience teacbes it not Ihe experience ot
one man, but the uniform and uni
versal experience of householders.
Yet iu praotlco we fly In the
lace of this law constantly. When
a gas bill which wae expected to be for
four dolWrs appears in tbe bouse
through the apertnre under ihe base
ment door, and ihn. gold housewife
Amis that it amounts to seven dollars,
she straightway institutes a system of
supervision wti!:h shall diminish tbe
consumption of gas In the house one
half. She reduces the number of burn
ers employed, and forbids tho full use
of any one of them. Bbe follows tbe
careless members of the family about
the house, turning down every burner
not immediately uccdud, uulil it fhows
o4ily a blue point of fluue, insufficient
to light her feet out of the room. She
compels tho numbers ol the household
to feel their way about the houe, a
ferryboats do iu a fog, and gives them
a chance to study the nature of the
sense of feeling by means of experi
mental investigation with their shins.
It is certain that she thus reduces tho
amount of gas consumed to one-hall
the amouut used tne month before ; and
it is equally certain that the bid at tbe
end of ibe month will be incre.ed in a
similar proportion.
Curiously enougb, noooay teams ay
experience of this sort. Month sfter
month tbe lessons ol experience sre do
lled. Everybody kffows thai the rule
is a fixed one 'be less gas burned, the
ireaier the cost will be and yet ev
erybody persists in trying lo reduce
gas bills by sparing the gas. Ligicatly
the right course would be to light all
ibe burners iu one's house and keep
them burning as nearly all the time as
Tbe late Bishop Whilehouse, of Il
linois, made some curious experiments
on tbls subject several years sgo. uav
log discovered tbe fact referred lo,
tbat tbe less gas he burned, tbe more
be was required to pay for it, he deter
mined to subiect the law which ap
peared to govern the phenomena of
gas consnmpuon to a severe seienuuc
test. He carefully shot tbe gas off tbe
meter In bia house, had a earpenter se
curely fasten all tbe doors ana win
dows, and went to England to attend
the Pan Anglioan Council. When he
returned, tbe official reader of meters
visited him and inspected tne oiais in
his cellar. Then csme the bill, and
the law was firmly established, for tbe
sood Bisbon was charged lor a taira
more gas a month during the lime of
bis absence tban be uaa ever oeen
aeked to pay for before.
Ii is a curious net of phenomena
which here Invite investigation, and
we thus briefly refer to them in the
hope tbat we may stimulate some scl
entitle inquirer to explain them.
fite Law at ike Batfkewae.
New Tort Heraid.J
uow man reallv sen oeoDle are
eonfnej in lunatic asylums In ibis
S'ale Is not easily to be get at Miss
Dickie wss undoubtedly one, and an
Inquiry, elsewhere recorded by a
Herald reporter In the Imane Asylum
on Black well's Msnd, undoubtedly
reveals two more. Under tbo law as
It stands there is every opportunity fur
the evil disposed to secure the com
mittal of relatives or friends who are
"In Ibe way." lo the private asylum
the Illegally detained have not verv
much chance to get our, If their rela
tives are only tealous In reiterating Ibe
patients' lusanlty and rich enougb to
pay their board, lo the public asy
lums Ihe patient has a better cbanoe ol
getting out when cured or when be has
remained long enougb to establish that
be never was Insane, became he Is keot
at tbe publlo expense, and the publio
le inteiosted In lessening Us isxes.
Tbe great evil exists In tbewautof
safeguards against the committal of
tbose wbo are not Insane. When we
reflect on tbe terrible ibiug It must be
for a sane person to And himself forced
into living with lunatic, and bow great
tbo chances are tbat such a person
ould go mad in earnest, we think
Ibat something should be done to mske
such committals Impossible. The bill
introduced Into (be Assembly by Mr.
Tbilr, which is appended to onr re
porter's story, eontalns some exoellent
provisions, chief among which Is a reg
ular trial, of whlob the alleged Innaue
will have due notice, and at which ex
cept In elearly defined eases, he or she
will be preseut. Tbe bill msv be sus
ceptible ot judicious amendment, and
it should receive ru'l discussion, but the
Lftv:islatora should eerUlnlv maka an
end this session of a system which can
be, and has been, used lo deprive sans
persons of tbelr liberty. The changed
law should apply to all iussne lus'ltu
lion, public and private.
In tim s of great excitement even tbe
prayers of ibe period are apt to show
evidences of Ibe prevailing feeling,
and many very strange petitions to tbe
throue of grace nave been ollured up
uut surely there can be no more curi
ous tban ibe lollowiog, which hae lust
been discovered, or rediscovered, and
published. It Is the prayer of a pious
but bellleerent old Scotchman, made
about 1804, wben Ureal Britain was
threatened with invasion by Napoleon
It rune Ibus: "God bless Ibis bouse
and all within twa miles Ilka side this
bouse. O bless tbe cow, and
Ihe meal and kailyard, and tbe
muekle town of Dumbarton. ()
God bless tbe Scotch Greys that' are
lylu' In Hamilton Btrracka. They are
brave ohlrls I hey are no like tbo for
elgu whalps ihatdasb their foot agaiuat
a atone as if a stone bail a soul to be
saved. O. put a s'rong dyko between
ua aud Ihe niuokle Frei.ch. O Lord,
preseve us frae a' witches aud warlock-,
aud a' laog nebbet beasles that gang
through the heather. O Lirrt, put a
pair o' brauks about the King o'
France' neck gie me the baiter in my
aln band, tbat I may lead blm about
wben l like ; for 1 by aske. Amen."
An Iowa deaf mute has Invented a
novel fire-escape. Il Is acap or turban
to be placed on ibe bead and fastened
securely under Ihe chin. It contains
enough material lo form a small bal
loon, and when iii listed looks like oie
It is so arranged that, wheu placed on
the bend In its collapsed condition, Ihe
air can enter it from underneath aud
rxpand it. In case of danger, it Is
adjusud urinly oo the bead, aud the
wearer '.hen jumps boldly Iroin tho
window of ibe burning building; the
air iustautly rushes into the turban,
swells it into a balloon, and, buoyed
by it, ihe wearer comesdown so gon.ly
as to strike tho ground with little force.
Tbe inventor aeser's Ibat with it one
can jump safely from a fourth-story
window ; but to make certain of it aud
to impart confiJuncj lo the jumper,
(iere Is a pair of huge padded shoes to
he fastened on tbe leet so as lo ease the
. av
Owino lo a financial muddle in
Chicago whatever city indebtedness Is
contracted will for some time be p id
in non-lnierest-bearlng warrants, paya
ble out of the tax levy of this year
when collected. To Insure payment
in full it will bs necessary that their
sum total shall be kept from fifteen to
twenty per ceutum inside the amount
levied, Inasmuch as Ihe collections are
sore to fall short by about this percent
age. Tbe Cuicago Times says tbat
"these warrants will have to be elven
to all the city employees in lieu of cash,
and nearly all of them will of course
be thrown upon Ibe market by ibe
holders, who are for the most part de
pendent upon their salaries for their
daily bread. Tbe result cannot be
other tban a heavy depreciation vari
ously estimated at from fifteen to fifty
per centum."
Mb. 8itxlb, of the Kemper Herald,
called I, to us a few day, ago, and en-
mrtmlned us with a Dleaaant chat oonoara'
tng tb, nswspsptr business. Ills Idea of
"oash In hand" for subscriptions and lor-
lorn advartlMtnent, I, lb, onlv sal. Plan
and ought to b, adopted by ,v,ry paper la
tbe Hut. I Homestead.
Yon are exactly right, friend, and if
tbey will let us have a voloe In tbe next
meeting .of the Press Association, we
tbink we will earry along a few figures
to show bow we, as a fraternity, have
injured ourselves financially, have
weakened our iufluence, and how we
have done injustice to our home
patrons. We tbiuk the State papers
have done enough of free advertising,
sod hare printed enough papers for
free distribution, to call a halt. Kem
per Ilerald.
Tna Vlcksborg Hi taxn bee belittled
tbe Legislature from tbe beginning lo
tbe close of lis session, aad now says U
"will compare favorably with any sim
ilar body la Ihe country." What does
tbls mesn? Has that paper changed
editors? Or have Its its editors changed
their minds? Holly Springs Sonib.
It means that there Is room for Im
provement In all tbe Legislatures we
have read of lately. We are beginning
lo believe Ibat "similar bodies" resem
ble each other.
m a
Agricultural aud Mxchahcial
CoLLioa The trnsteee oftbe"Agri
culsnral and Mecbanclal College of the
State of Mississippi," were appointed
of tne governor on inn insu as fol
lows; Slate at Large A. M. West.
Holly Springs; Frank Burkltt,
Okoiona; Cbas. L. Gilmer, Sharon,
Alailison county. Conareuwnau JJit-
trtcu lii. W. is Montgomery, stark
ville ; 21. Thos. C Dockery, Love's
Station ; 3d. Wm. B Augustus, Macon ;
4tn. U IS. Brown, enterprise; 6tb. J.
M. Causer, McComb City ; 6th. D. L.
Pbares, Woodville. Jackson Clarion.
Ma. Moodt, in one of hit closing
services at Springfield, Mass., last
week, advised young eonverts to es
chew Freemasonry, Odd Fellowship,
theaters, card-playing, horse racing,
novel reading and business partner
ships and marriage with unbelievers.
lie wm particularly strenuous on this
last point, hoping Ibat the time will
come wben ministers will preacn
against such marriages, and refuse to
perform the ceremonies, as Mr. spur-
geon already does, lie also queried
wbelber Deacons and otbers In tbe
Connecticut Valley wbo raise tobacco
do it for the glory of God.
Sbmatob Dawks, of Massachusetts,
bas written a letter to tbe itev. U. r.
Gilford, of Plttsfleld, saying that tbe
latter was mistaken In a recent temper
ance address, wben be spoke of sixteen
Senators as drunk on tbe night tbe bit
ver Bill wss passed, and tbat in all his
twenty years In fjongress be never
knew of a more quiet time. A good
many newspaper correspondents wbo
were present at the nigbl eestlon seem
to have shared in tbe clergyman's mis
take. Pennsylvania Opo,d to a Change of
Haiiibobo, March 14 The Senate
by an almost unanlmoua vote, adopted
tbe following : " Resolved, That we
hereby respectfully but most earnestly
urge upon our Senators and Represen
tatives in Congress tbe Importance of
unied aetlon oa tbelr pari in opposing
any change of tbe present tariff system
as far aa tbe same sffdcts tbe material
loteieatsof this State"
Qalck Work.
Nbw Bbundwick, N. J., March 14.
I be new wooden bridge across ths Karl
tan river, at ibis point, was completed
by Ibe Pennsylvania Railroad Company
late last ulght, and the first through
train since Saturday's fire psssed over
the river this morning. The new
structure is 000 fed long, cost 120,000,
ana was put up oy n ve buudred men In
little over four days.
The Ohio Senate for Tre Trade.
Columbus, O, March 14. la Ibe
Senate tbe Senate Joint Resolution ask
ing Cougress to mske no change In Ihe
tariff laws which protect American in
dustries, was reported bsck by Ibe
Committee on Federal Relations with a
substitute declaring for free trade. Tbe
substitute was agreed to; yeas 11, nays
A Ksgro Lynched for Committing a
Boriibl, Cilme.
Pknniacua, Fla, March 11. A
negro raped a five year old child here
reoently, and tbe child subsequently
died. The negro was lynched by a
mob Ia9t night, tbe Sheriff and posse
dred on Ihe mob, killing one aud
wounding five dangerously.
An Old War Vessel.
London, March 14 The Dally News
bas a special from Plymouth, tbat the
Wevern turret ship, built for tbe South
ern Confedersey, but detsined by tbe
Government, aud ever since moored in
the harbor, has now bsen brought to
tbe Davenport dockyard to be pre
pared lor commission.
Nsw Stiver Dollars.
New York, March 14. The first of
Ibe new silver dollars made tbelr ap
pearance on wail street tbls morning.
There being a limited amount the sop
ply was soon exnausied; ibe desire to
obtain tnem as toiens oemg general,
and buyers paying a fraction above par
In gold.
Storm u Ohio.
Cihcinmati, March 14-A storm for
tbe past two days bat been very de
structive In tbe Interior, especially to
railroad property. A large portion of
Mansfield, Ohio, was covered to a
depth of three feet Street ear stables
at Zanesville were demolished.
Grain Elevators In Batata.
St. Pbtbbsbubo, March 14. The
Emperor has signed a charter author
izing L.B. Shaw, E. G. Burgeee, T. B.
Lane, and other New York capitalists,
to erect and operate grain elevators
throughout the Empire.
A Reliable Article.
It is a pleasure to commend an arti
cle of a thoroughly reliable character,
and we do not hesitate to do so In
speaking of Doolbt's Ybast Powdbb,
which an experience of over ten yean
convinces us is the best and mott relia
ble baking powder iu tbe market.
firtat DiBialforHmraneat Ssstsi
firewlai Distrat! af gavfage task. ;, t
Miw Yomt March 14 It le ststed
that tba demand for Government bonda
from leading ollies, is steadily increas
ing. Since Monday, orders have been
received from Cincinnati amounting to
1250.000, and sqially large tales bare
been made to financial Institutions la
Cleveland, Chios fro and Et. Lou I a.
Orders fiom tbe West are generally
divided into small amounts, and It Is
believed ebieSy for Investment by per
sons wbo have formerly deposited la
savings banks, lieavy dealers la Uov
ernment securities state tbat within the
last two or three days over f 1 000,003
of bonds have been seut to Boston, and
that correspondents write tbat draft
upon savings banks In tbat etty, during
the last week for reinvestment la Gov
ernment bonds, are heavy. Some sav
ings banks of tbls eity are disposing of
part of their mortgages to eeoure moifl
available assets. Two of these Institu
tions invested yesterdsy $250,000 each
In Government securities at a single
bank. This dealer stated that over
110,000,000 Government bonds changed
bands isst weex in idis city aJone.aa
amount unprecedented la any single
week sloes tbe umt or me placing or
tbe Hi per cents. - A letter received
yesterday from a prominent St. Loots
banker, elated thai thore-uwee a grow
ing distrust of savings banks, and of
real estate security In tbe West, aud on
usually low prices ef United Statet
principally among small investors. .,
Snppoasd Seoret Agram,nt Between; '
Soaala and Tuikajr.
Lohdoii, March 14 A special from
Berlin fo tbo Times saya tba Anglo
Auitrlan demand Ibat Ihe whole of
the Russo-Turklsb agreement shall be
submitted to the Congress, arises from
tbe belief that special and secret ar
rangements bave oeen enterea into in
dependent of Ibe principal treaty. It
would be clearly useless lo examioe
the latter unless Russia guarantees that
It contains sll that has been done. -;
Tbe Journal De St. Petersburg's inti
mation that Russia will refuss to sub
mit all points of tbe treaty to the Con
gress, and Hi statement tbat if Ihe mis
sion or Ibe Congress is to result la
pesce, subjscts not of European char
acter and which might lead to excited
and resullless discussion, most beset
aside, has strengthened tbe current he
ller in a secret treaty.
11 1 SIS i ii'
Italian Interference with tbe Vatican.
London, March 14. Tbe Timet hat
the following : "Rome, March 11 The
Government's action touching the
Bishopric of Salerno mast lead to a
conflict with ibe Vatican. The Royal
procuration maintains that teven Arch
bishoprics sod seventeen Bishoprics In
the former Kingdom of K-ples, are
nnder Crown patronage by virtue of a
concession of Clomeat 11V. to the Em
peror Charles V. ,
The Rome correspondent of the
Times states tbat Ibe Italian authorities
notified tbe Bishop of Salerno that hie
appointment is void, at the patronage
of that See is vetted In the, King end
not in tbe Pope.
England to Participate la tbe Con
' great.
London, March 11 The Chancellor
said la the Uooee of Commons that
England bad agreed to go into the
Congress. Tbe Chancellor alto said ha
could not euter Into details, but be
migni say mat in tne Uongrest each
Power would retain liberty of action.
It is not intended tbat tho malorliv
should be in tbe minorilr. Enzland
will maintain her views In tbe Con
gress, and will require, before entering
ii, mat every article or tne treaty or
peace shall be placed before tbe Con
gress in such manner that Ihe Congress
can judge whether the articles are to be
accepted or not.
A Sad Death.
Baltimore. March U. Charles Ssm.
uel Hoffman wae locked no last alpha
at the Middle Police District 8tatlon,
and when the turn-kev made his
rounds this morning, Hoffman wat
fonnd dead in bit cell. He wae a Gar-
man, about s 5 years of age, a harness
maker by trade, and is said to have
been a sojourner In nearly every part of
the United 8 tales. At tbe break out of
the late war, be enlisted in Company
Un Flret Georgia Regiment, and was
severely wounded In one of the battles
In Virginia. He wat discharged, bnt
oa recovering again entered the Con
federate service, and served daring tbe
The Day for Beating of the Enropeaa
London, March 14. A special from
Vlsnna to the Daily Telegraph says
that Russia hat Intimated her desire
that Congress meet on the 30th of
March, which It the 2Sd anniversary of
the signature of tbe treaty of PjrU,
The Austrian Government firmly an
tlcipates that the Congress will assem
ble on tbat day, but it seems hardly
possible everything can be ready to
Severe Storm la West Virginia.
Wheblibo, W. Va, March 14.
Tbe heaviest storm ever experienced la
West Virginia, pasted ovar JfOntsmi,
county Monday night. A number of
nooses were unroofed. II all stones
larger than eggs fell for an bonr, break-
The heavy rain which followed wash
ed out the growing wheal, Inflicting
1 UUH. BUU !' 1 1 .
neary ioir. me aamege is estimated
at from 1050,000 to 1100,000,000.

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