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NO. 3
Fabushtd WIIELT by
Single oopiei by wall, per year, post-
- age paid IS 15
6 ooples, postage paid 1 76
It S 1 BO
; 0 M M " ................. 1 16
' An sxtra eopy will b gireo to tbe getter
' up of club of ten.
8end Postofflo Money Order! or drafts
; whsB practloable. Addre.i.
l till)
I Tim.. Tlf Mm'i Mn.'t Vw.r.
I 8quu. .... 1 1 to MM 1100 into ill OS
I Dquue. .... in 7M 14 10 110. HDD
I Dqiun. .... oe id ii oo en u oo
4 )uut .... is n o. a aw 4100
Bqure..... ISO 13 M MOO 00 UuO
I Mum.,,. Ill 14 0. MOt MOO 1100
M Coluaa .... ISO IT 00 MOD UdO 71 00
K Col.um .... 17 M WOO WOO 7S00 1W 00
U CollMna.... MOO MOO 7101 100 00 140 00
fUtlui MOO WW W 00 ISO 00 1W00
Friday Morning, March 23.
Stabivillb, Mm., hu a Ureeoback
Toui are 1,140 convicts la the
Tennessee Penitentiary.
Tbi nie of ooa cent and three cent
colni In tbe Booth ie rapidly increasing.
There are no indications of an over
flow of the Mississippi valley tbii
year. Tbe river ie falling down to
Memphli, and it !e not tto high for
tbi season of tbe year.
A.T. Stewart & Co., of New York,
now Die gold aod tilver impartially in
making change with ail those who por
ch ie goode in tbeir etorei. They have
reiomed ipecie payment!.
Gen. Wirt Adami and Mr. J.
Sweairuenhive amicably adjoited (he
perional difficulty wbicb reiulled In
tbe ibooting of ibe latter. Tbe ouraer
ooi friend of Geo. Adirai In tbii
oommuniiy will be glad to learn of
-.- -
That fag-end ot Republicanism, tbe
Jackion Timet, ii greatly disturbed
aboot Governor Stone' course. We
will Inform the Tim that tbe bulldoz
ing lo which it allude is tbe direct ef
fect of a contempt of law ihalwa gen
erated in tbii Slate when tbe Ridi
were in power.
' - -
Charles Fbasc:s Auau9 hai bees
appointed by tbe President, Govern
ment Director of tie Union Pacific
Railroad. Tbii appointment ie excit
ing coneiderable comment in Washing
ton, and in fact all over tbe country.
It will be remembered that Mr. Adami
congratulated Mr. Tilden on bis elec
tion to the Preiideucy, and declared
tbat fraud wai IntfTaceably on llayei'i
brow. There are two myi'.eriee for
oaliidcn: why Hayes appointed
Adami, and why tbe latter a::ep'.ed.
Tail world ii full of tricki.
Tut pspen along the line of '.he Mo
bile aai Ohio Railroad are ibaing
Governor Stone terribly for rot bav
lug signed the Railroad TariflBill.
Some of them have advocated Indigna
tion meeting, tome have insinuated
that be wai bribed with free panel,
and many of them urge him to call a
epecial teiiion of tbe Legiilature. A
epecial leuion of tbe L?giilsture might
eocceed in regulating tbecbargeton
railroadi, bat we doubt it very much.
It would be almoit impossible to pan
a law that would control railway
whoie termini are beyond tbe State
Tbe law the piper oo the Mobile and
Ohio road are bowlinj for would not
benefit then one cent. Tbe road would
carry freight to tbe boundary line of
tbe State aod tben charge what it
pleated to carry it to it! destination
aod the Legislature couldn't prevent
Tbi Vicksburg Hebald continue to
urge the importance to that city of the
conitruc'ion of a narrow guage rail
road to Bayou Pierre, and another to
Deer Creek, and a turnpike roeu to Big
Black, and a bridge acroii tbat itream
' The DroDoied Improvement would un
doobtedly add much to tbe boiineu ot
Tickibarg, bat her people have been to
nnrortunate in their ranroaa enter
prlie heretofore, that It may be eome
time, pnblle-iplrited and liberal a
they are, before tbey will be willing
eain to Uke bold with enthaiiaim,
We reckon tbe Natchez and Jackion
will be through long before the dirt ii
thrown for any one oi the work in
tilted upon by the Hebald, neceuary
ae they are to the prosperity of the
Hiitoric city. iKaymona trtzette.
Den't be too tare of that, Mr. Ga
zette. It ii now quite probable thai
work will a00D ue commenced oo botb
the roada to which you allude.
Wi call attention of our reader t
the professional card of Doctor C.
Beard, tbe well-known New Orleans
Oiullst and Aunst. Lioc:or uesra cbj
gn excellent accommodation at tbe
Orleana Iaflrmtry, 112 Canal street ,
New Orlean. to patients rquiruig
laaderaro fall
The New York Tribune and other
leading Radical Journal of tbe North
can never deilit, Itaeemi, from slander
ing and aboil ng tbe South. Tbi lec
tion of tbe Union loit ontold amounts
by the war, it paid vast mm ai tax on
cotton, It wai swindled and robbed by
the carpet-bagger and icallawagi of
countleia million, yet the more we
luffired tbe more we are ilandered. Ii
Ii a lact thafbis often been remarked,
that tnco hate tboie tbey have injured,
a:id the course of the journal to wbicb
wo allude, eera to afford eonviuciug
proof of this strange phenomenon.
Tbe final lc4 who followed the teach
ing of tbe Tribuue, the Cincinnati Ga
ztlte, tbe Chicago luter-Ocean, and
oilier paper of tbat clan, afier approv
ing ol the luderings tbe South wai
made to endure, enjoy tbe miircpre
sontationi aud ilanderi put forth about
ui. Tbey ieem determined that we
ball never be allowed to live at peace
ae equals in ibe Union. Their hate
icemi to be (mailable.
In late liiuei tbe Tribune ha lurpiss
ed ltielf In detailing the designs of the
Southern State on the United State
Treaanry. Tbe South, according to in
accouoti, Ii a vampire, that only await
tbe opportunity to auck the life blood
of tbe Nation. To cause It reader to be
lieve these iccounteit print liitiof tbe
bill infroducea into Congren fur a
thouiind and one different purpoies.
It bitterly oppoiee the Texu and Pa
cific Railway, and all other needed
Southern enterprises, and denounce
them ae ileal. It denounce all pro
jecta for tbe improvement of the Mis
linippl river, and for the protection of
the great valley. It cbargei that all
then are Southern vampirismi, wben
it ! aa indisputable fact tbat four
fifth of all the vat river commerce i
in tbe interest of Northern men. Tbeie
thiug are charged and urged with ucb
periiitency tbat Republican at the
North must think tbe South a veritable
beggar. Yet tbe truth is, she bai
not and never will have one
half that -"e is juitly entitled to.
Million! b&v been ipent on Northern
enterprise, b id the Sonlh Ii to-day
piylug berpjriiou of tbe interest on
the debt thui crea'ed without a mur
mur. Million! aod million were
given to tbe Northern, tbe Union, and
the Central Picific railway!, and the
South is bearing her portion of tbe In
terest oo thee million!, and ibe ie only
demanding a imali mite of justice in
asking fjr aid to a great trani-cooti-oental
railway acroii Southern toil.
Ia alditioa to ibli clan of alandereri
there ii another clan at the North
equally ai unjust to the South and to
Southern people. We allude to tbe
clan (hat are continually harping ou
our lawleisues", and continually lying
about what tbey call political persecu
tion!. Those initruct the people of the
North to believe that no man can be
Republican in tbe South and
enjoy bi lull right! ai a citizen.
They scruple at uo means to acconiplUh
tbi end, and they are blind and deaf to
all tbe effort! we are miking to have
the lawi enforced. They actually en
courage tbe people of tbe South to fos
ter bitter leciional ipirit and a feeling
of hatred to Republican!, for tbey give
all Southern men a bad name regard
lenof truth. We have the written
evidence before ne of an Instance of
this kind that is actually disheartening
Tbe Washington correspondent oi the
Cincinnati Gazette thus telegraphed to
it on March 14 h :
'Mrs.C'bisolm, widow of Judge Cbiiolm
murdered at 0K. lb, Kiss., last year, La.
returned, to ber position ai Clerk in tbe
T.eaiury Department, from tbi trial of
tbe murderer! of ber husband. She pro-
BO'JBcei tbe trial a mockery of juitice. Ta
priioneri weron tbe mnit Intlmau termi
witb tba Court officials. Mrs. Cbisolm
wai permitted to answer a few queitlom,
and tboie immaterial. Judge Ireland,
Mm. Cbiiolm taji, declared tbat ibe bad
failed to prove tbat ber buiband was a
voter or citizen of the Unit! J Statei, and
tbat, accordingly, be must initruct tbe
Jury to rinder a verdiot."
In point of fact Mm. Cbiiolna never
left Washington; tba priioners, al
though ready for trial, were not tried,
because the State was not ready. Mrs.
Cbiiolm never answered any questions.
became she waa not present. Judge
Ireland never inatructed the jury to
render a verdict, because he had noth
ing to do with it. Judge Uamm pre
ided and the trial wai postponed.
mSB - !W
Mrs. Compton, wile of Dr. W. M
Compton, died in Jackson Wednesday
morning. The Docor has our earnem
sympathy In his great bereavement,
Paris, March 21. Lnev, daughter ot
tne me rrevost faraloi, ctiU in
Tk state tVaismdiaar."
Jaciioa Clarloa.l
The following paragraph from Mijor
Harper, of tbe llindi County Gazette,
is ai full of common leoie u an egg is
of meai. We Indorse it with tbe pro
viso tbat penooi whose lands bave
been forfeited for non-payment of taxes
irom oo lauit or tbeir own, but from
erroneous assessment, or other delin
quencies on tbe part of others, should
oe exempted from tbe item exactions
of tbe law aa expounded by tbe Su
preme Court :
"Some complaint ii made tbat tbe State,
tbrouub It proper nmceri, is pn ceeulug
io fui m. ocoupann oi lanus mat na.
paid bo laxee fur year past. We oaneot
c lb t any man wbo dm bren lo the bab-
ii or piying bis taxes, ana wno bbs re
garded It aa bis duty to atii.t Id Ibe hid
port of thi (internment under wbicb be
uvea, snouia complain In tbis regard.
Wben it Ii considered tbat tbe Mate now
bold! about one-balf tbe lands, and tbat
tba otber ball Ii paying tbe taxes tbat
should b paid by all, ibe illua'lon la very
plaio-and itaeems to u (as a tax-payer)
tbat there is no great hardship about It.
ii i simpiy requiring aeunqusnu to come
lorward and do whai tbe taz-DiTirs bave
all along done, ind at tbe same Urn ena-
oung ins mate tn unload, and unless as
negini to unin a ibe will soon carry ail
tba lands, wbicb would be too much
weight, as all niu.t admit."
Iked I Death.
Cincinnati Kn ilrer 1
Coroner S ich held an li ouest yester
day on ibe body of a six months old
child named Joseph Schoerman, whose
psrenis reside at No 551 Rtce it reel.
The child, according to tbe statement
of the parents, bad never been healthy,
and was nursed on a bottle, tbe mother
having do milk for It. Just previous
to his death, which occurred yesterdsy
morning, no physlolin was in attend
ance, bence tbe necessity for a Coro
ner's jury.
It appears from tbe mother's state
ment to tbe jury tbat she had, during
tbe pait two months, given tbe child
from a half to tbree-quarteri of a tea-
spoonful of the sirup every evening.
Dr. T. M. Witikanip, wbo was called
as an expert at to tbe properiies con
tained In the sirup, testified that
"Winslow's Soothing Sirup contain!
trora one-hair to one grain or morpbla
loan ounce of Ibe ilrup; and, from
what I can eee, thle child has been tak
ing about two ouucea of tbis sirup
from time to time, which would pro
duce itupi ll y and brain trouble, and
in a great t' .ny caiei produces deatb.
In my opln on. (be child died from the
effect of the -irup."
Afteratew minutes deliberation the
jury returned with a verdict that death
reiuitea "irom aisease oi ine orain
caused by a too free use of opium ad
ministered by Its parent!, ine laid
opinm was contained n a decociioo
known as 'Mrs. Winslow's Soothing
Sirup, snd the jury re of the opinion
thst parents should lie very cireiui in
the use of laid preparation."
"Mpcclal" "bootlac.
Mempbil Avalanche.
Another case of reddest shooting
occurred yciterday. Again in it tbe
Special Conitatile comes to the front in
his usual dUreiri able way, and eivn
another text for ermou against tbe
repeated viola'' ol law lu (he em
ployment of t!ie fellowe by the Mig
iatratoiol Memphli.
E. B. Uritt, special coostauir, accom
panied by Posey Cleere, Special Con
stable, boarded the steamer "llliuoi."
jreiterdsy afternoon, as sbe was push
ing ou', and arretted a negro, Hob
Johnson, wbo bad jumped his bond
ror petit larceny at uaruett, recently.
Tbe Captain of the "Illinois'' puihed
his steamer's bow against tbe stern of
the "Cons Millar" to put off tbe two
epecials and their captive. The levee
wai crowded with people, all or whom
witneued tbe outrageous attempt at
murder wbicb followed. Ai tbe three
men paiied into the engine-room of
tbe "Cons Millar," a shot was heard.
Immediately afterward the negro
iprsng through the engine room door
and ran along the guard toward tbe
tage-plaok. Britt followed ten feet
behind, and leveling nil putoi loi a
verv large size) full at he negro, fired.
The ihot bad no effect, and tbe ucgro
ruibed over tbe stage-plank, Uritt close
behind. Again tbe great pinol wan
"Don't iboot," yelled a score of
Tbe sharp report of tbe pistol wai
the only reply. Thli report wai lol
luwud close by two others, emptying
tbe special's rcvolvei. Cleere seeing
hie chance for pistol practice mapped
down bis hammer three times, but his
anticipations of bringing down human
game were disappointed by a failure
of the cartridges to explode. The ne
gro ran on up tbe levee and was caught
by an employ of Brown 4 Jones.
Tbe fact waa tbat escape was impossi
ble and the efforts of those two speclala
lo kill tbat negro ere be got ten feet
away fail little ahort of attempt! at
DmIst'i Yeast Pw4er.
There Is probably no other baking
powder manufactured that has become
so much oi nouienom wora ae uoo
lei's Ybait Powder. For twenty
yean it baa stood before the public, and
the innumerable testimonials that bave
been called forth voluntarily, testify
fully to Us merits.
Gov. Hollidat, of Virginia, has an
Droved the salary reduction bill, which
is very sweeping in I's cheracr, and
flcts a saving of shout tl50'JO() a
Cbslmers, of Mississippi, Introduced
a bill providing for tbe organizsllou ol
the Mississippi Improvement Commis
sion. Referred.
Tbe avy Appropriation Bill, nearly
(15,000,000, passed.
An enort to take up tbe Mexican
pension bill, was defeated by a vot of
7 to 118. The motion was mad by
.... .... .
uewitt, or Alabama, and was to aet
aside tbe regular order. Tbe vote waa
no Indication of tbe atrength of the
Waddoll, of North Carolina, Chair
man of the Committee on Poit-olficci
and Poit Roadi, reported a bill to es
tablish a Postal Savings Depository, ai
a branch of ibe Poat -office Department,
and lo aid in refunding tbe iniereet
bearing indebtedness of tbe United
States. Ordered printed aud recom
mitted. It authorizea tbe establish
ment at Washington of a chief office,
to be called tbe Central Depository,
aod the opening at suitable Money
Order Post-offices of sub-Depositories,
for the receipt and withdrawal of de
posits : Interest lo be allowed at 3 per
cent ; the deposits are to be psid Into
the treasury, and Interest credited (o
tbe Poital Savlnga Depository account
at (be rate of per cent. Depositors
to tbe amount of over $50 may bave 4
per cent, bonde Issued to them, re
deemable after fifty years, and only
transferable by authorization of Ibe
Secretary of tbe Treasury. The Bill
also provides for certificates of deposit
of denominations of 110. 125. '50 and
$100, bearing interest at 3 per cent., for
one year only, and to be convertible In
to per cent, bonds.
Washington, March 21 Conkling
presented petitions from citizens ol
New York City, asking an appropria
tion to complete tbe catalogue of the
Nallonnl Medical Library. Referred
to Committee on Printing.
Sargent, of California, read a com
munication irom f. w. Houghton,
Secretary of tbe New York Maritime
Association, referring to tbe memorial
of tbat Aisociation in regard to change
ol control or tbe Lire-saving btation
recently presented in tbe (senate, and
said it bad been erroneously itated that
tbe memorial favored (he transfer of
control of tbat Service from tbe Treas
ury to the Navy Department, whereas
it protested agsinst the change. He
(Sargent) supposed the mlitike occur
red in listing the purport of tbe memo
rial In the Senate.
Washington, March 21. Hereford
of West Vlrgiuia, offered a preamble
and resolution directing the r insnce
Committee to report the House bill re
pealing resumption, In one week, and
a ken immediate action, umectloo
was made by Mr. Morrill, and tbe mm
ter weut over under tbe rules.
Doney, of Arkausss, arose to a per
eonal explanation, and called attention
to a publication wbicb appeared in a
New York paper or yeaterday, regard
ing bli amendment to the bill pasted
lest week to extend Ihe time of the
Hot Springe Commission. He said he
had long i-iuce determined not to re-
pood to oewipsper publication In
itigaied by persons engaged In
defsmlug tbe character ol those
ou the floor, but In regard to
tbii matter he desired to isy tbe amend
ment I'ltimiited by him limply author
ized the Superintendent of H it Spring
Reiervation to lease ground for the
erection of luitable bath houiei for the
accommodation of the public, and to
distribute water to tbe people of the
place. It granted no otber privilege.
There were two or three individuals
banging around tbe Capitol, who bad
tbe intereiu of tbe people of Hot
Spring! io much it heart, tbat tbey tel
egraphed there tbat a great fraud bad
been perpetrated by bim tar. Doner ),
and that the Water Company was to
have possesion ot all tbe Springe,
The amendment be proposed waa an
absolute necessity to enable tboie vis
Hint the Springs to enjoy tbe advan
tsgeiof tbe watere aud bath. All tbe
bath-houses out seven were destroyed
by tbe recent fire, lie had received
many tetters urging tbe psssage of
sucb an amendmeut aa ttia submitted,
and he submitted It because be thought
It wsi tbe right thing to be done. The
only thing the Water Company asked,
and all ibe bill granted, was tbe right
to build a reservoir on tbe mountain
for cold water lo supply the city, and
end bath bouses. It did not give tbe
Company a right to the Hot Springs;
if it did, he (Mr. Dorsey) would be as
quick to protest against it as any one.
Lie had letters now from ex-Senator
Cragen and others, approving tbe
amendment. For more than a year he
(Mr. Doraey) had apent much time and
money in anting tnese not springs on
Acuities, and finally the bill wai passed
which organized the Commission, and
the adjustment of difficult questions
involved wu now progressing to the
satisfaction of every one, and justice
waa being done to all. lie must ex
press tbe opinion that when the people
of Hot Springs understood bis amend
ment they would not condemn iu Tbis
story, like the others, was not worthy
of his atteution.
The Pacific Railroad Sinking Fund
Bill was tben laid aside witk tbe un
demanding it ebould not lose its place
as the unfinished bosinoss, and the sen
ate resumed conilderation of ihe bill
authorizing the Secretary of the Treat
ory to employ temporary Clarke, and
making an appropriation for lama:
alio making appropriation for deter
ring trespass on public lands, and for
bringing into market publie lande In
certain States, aud for other purpose,
tbe pending question being on the
amendment of Mr. Beek lo tbat of tbe
Committee on Approprlatione prohib
iting tbe as of money lo collect any
eharge for wood or timber cut on pub
lie lauds In tbe Territories of tbe United
Statei for the me of eettleri In Terrlio
rlet and not for export; lo provide
tbat tbe timber ihali not be exported
from ibe territory wbere it grew ; and
provided further, in the event It shall
be exported from lb territory, It shall
be liable to seizure by United State
authorities wherever found.
jonoi, of Florida, quoted the aecond
section of the bill, which appropriate
$20,000 for diagram, furniture and re
paire In tbe General Land Office, actual
expeniei of elerke detailed to Investi
gate fraudulent land entries, trespasses
on publie lands, etc., and said he would
never vote for tbat appropriation, as
the Secretary could Die tba whole of it
to annoy and harass the people. What
authority existed under tbe laws
of the United Statee as they bow stood
ror in action or the eeoretary of the
Interior in regard to timber landi?
The Senate had been told there bad
been no change in tbe policy of tb In
terlor Department; tbat the present
Secretary wae following In Ihe itepaof
his predecessors. He (Mr. Jones con
tradicted that nosltlon : he denied that
it wu true. The preient Secretary bad
loitiiuisd a new policy, and on not
supported by law ; a policy whloh had
a detrimental effect on a large part of
tbe people of this country, lie argued
mat m an cases or umosr prosecutions
which bad taken place in the Southern
States, tbe Secretary of the Interior bad
gone Into Federal Courts nnder State
laws, wbicb b bad no right to do, and
without anything, be believed, in tbe
statutes of tbe United Slatos to ins
tain blm In his proceedings. Up to tbe
time when tbe preient Secretary of tbe
interior eame Into office, sucb a thing
was never beard ol a a selzsre of tim
ber in tbe banda of any man wbo had
purchased loge in open market. He
quoted from tbe section of the Revised
Statutes regarding timber lands, and
argued that it wu never tbe Intention
of the Government to permit tbe Sec
retary of the Interior to barrels and per
secute a large uumber of tbe people of
tbe country by suite not authorized by
law. In reading over tbe correspond
ence between toe secretary oi tb in
terior and his agente, he found
that charcoal most bs seized,
Nearly every men knew that char
coal was manutsetored by poor
men ana not oy rica corporations.
Where ibe Secretary of ibe Interior got
hi. authority to selz charcoal, was be
youd bis comprehension. Whatever
authority wis conferred by tbe Revised
Statutes to pouiib timber depredations
wss not given to tbe Secretary of tbe
Interior, hut to tbe Secretary of tbe
Navy, lie was tbe only officer to carry
out sections 2401, 2462 and 2463 of Ibe
Revised Statutes. Tbe policy of the
Secretsry of theluterlor was not right,
not wise, not generous, ine states ot
Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisi
ana and Arkansas, bad large districts
of public Isnds which were of no use
whatever for agricultural purposes,
dui uy a mutagen poucy mey itad been
reierved ror eaie, and citizens were not
allowed to boy a tingle acre, no matter
bow mach they might ueed tbe landi
for tbeir convenience.
Morgan, of Alabama, alio opposed
the iccond section of tbe bill, and said
tbe Secretary of tbe Interior bad relied
on men not worthy of trust, and re
fused io bear men wbo were worthy of
trust In regard to these timber depre
dations. The conduct of tbe Secretary
of the laierlor as to public limber
lands hsd been evsiive and not candid,
lie elarted out lor (he purpose of exer
cising a jurisdiction which the law
never conferred upon bim, and when
b wu advised tbat ble agents exceed
ed tbeir authority, h abut bis eyee to
all review of tbeir condue. The
Secretary of the Interior had been
informed by those wbo knew, tbat lose
tbsa eight sper cent, of land within
wsgon haul of tbe place wbere seizures
in the South bave been made, wu nub
ile land ; the balance was tbe private
land. An issue had been made here In
Senate between tbe Secretary of tbe
Interior on one part and tbe people on
tbe other part tbe Seoretary being
characterized ae an eminent patriot and
the people u a pack of thieves. A
msn in bis State, one Ileister, wae
now preparing an additional raid on
tbe people of Florida. He (Mr.
Morgan) knew instance ia Ibe
8outh, where men owning saw-mills bad
beed mined by timber seizare, and
hundred of thousands of dollar loet.
Tb Senate could not vote on thle ques
tion now without seeing plainly the
issue presented. He tben read an order
or tne secretary ot ue rreuury, to
nr. tiunt. Collector of uoetome at
Vlcksborg, Miss., directing him to re
fuse clearance to vessels having on
board turpentine inspected of hav
ing been taken from tree on the
public lande, and, reinming hit
remark!, laid, these induitrlee in
the 8ontb were lo be broken up
by Menrt. Bartley and Garter, agents
or tne interior uepartment aent
there. Tbe Secretary of tbeTreunry
had laid an embargo opon a port In the
Instance of these men. Tbe Govern
ment could rely oo tbe eupport ol the
people in tbe varioue localities to en
force lew better tbat it could on hired
pimps and spies sent from tbis city
Thousands ol cattle were now putur
ing oa publio land. Pan thia bill,
andthengpua od o seize ail ?
found puturlng on publie lands, lie
gave notice that at the proper lima he
wonld move to strike out the second
Section of Ihe Bill.
Matthews, of Ohio, esid whatever
die might result from thlsdsbate, some
good would follow. It wonld demon
strate tbe necessity for wise and ayste-
matio leglilailon covering this entire
subject. Ue would endesvor to express
bis vlewe on Ibis matter divested of
any personal feeling, lie had bo feeling '
other than that of protection of poblio
interests, lie bad looked with appre
hension on ibe wssteful destruction of
our foresfa, and there wae a
growing public sentiment for their
preservation. He argoed that tbe
Gouernment owned tbe land, together
with tbe limber thereon, and rot per
son engued in cutting timber thereon
became a tresapauer. The real gist of '
the accusations againel the Secretary of ,
tbe Interior wae not Ibat usually heard
about negligence of publie officer, but
according to hie ienu of duty be wta
enforcing tbe law. became el which be
waa arraigned ae aa oppressor to In
dividuals, m being nn-American. II
(Mr. Matthews) Ihoogbt It wss on of
tbe cherished mixima and principles
lhat the beet wiy tcriecore the repeal
of obnoxioua law wai ' to trig
idly enforce them. - An execu
tive officer of tbe . Government ,, had
no dlicretlon ; he most enforce the lew.
By its strict enforcement it odlona
features would be brought out, aud In
mat way poonc opinion aroused to ns
correction. ' - -
The London Tims oa the risberie
London, March 21. -The Times' ed ,
itorlal on the Flsherle Award aave It
is unfortunate for tbe good ram or tne
United States tbat at a moment when
the financial policy of Congress hu
awakened grave suspicions and anxie
ties In Europe, some American poll
tlclans of eonsiderable Importanoe and
notoriety display another phase of re
pudiation spirit by opposing tbe pay
ment of tbe award. Tbe reckless lan
guage of Blaine and Butler la not only
throwing discredit on tbe country, but
damaging to tbe system of settling in
ternational dispute by arbitration.
No country henceforward will be will
ing to refer elalms lo arbitration, if the
decision of arbitrator is to be chal
lenged by tb unsuccessful party. Tb
article continues: "Tbe attempt at
Washington to attack tb Impartiality
of Mr. Delfosse are Id keeping with
the spirit of chicanery which forced a .
commutation of the onanlmona award.
We hope and believe Mr. Blaine will '
not be able te get tbe Congress of hie
conntry to support blm in refusal to
pay the award, and atemp American
poilcy with the double discredit of
meanuesi and trlckinesa.
English Holders Selling O. . Bonds;
Americans Buying tbsaa In.
London, March 20. The Times'
financial article saya United State
bonds continue lo be bought for Amer
ican account, and their prioe 1 main
tained, but aales by Eogllih holders,
corporate and Individual, continue and
are somellmee of very large amount.
Fear of tbe silver bill has died away,
but people now begin to dread ' what
may follow It, and there ia strong aod
widespread feeling tbat if the Amerl
flana ara In Irv nnarlminla tk.l
w ' ... wmtiHvui. vu i.Bii .
credit tbey had much better do ao with
debt held at home than In English
hands. Tbe people eell, therefore, end
are likely lo continue to do so while
io much that ie daogeroui seems to
surround United States National
Dreadful Work of Diphtheria.
Providence. TL I.. tiaraS 91 A
family named Murrv. In Naaiutrt lu
four children lying dead from diphthe
ria, ana two omere are not expected to
live throuffh tha da. Tka ffh. I.
almoit loiane, and bat threatened to
shoot the undertaker. A police officer
Is compelled to be in attendance.
The Leelilatura adionrn-rt
We do not oronoia In erlUM. lia
ord nutll we have had fuller time to
review aud mveitigate it. There 1 no
doubt tbat It has falied to accomplish
nearly, if not all, the sweeping reform
which were anticipated by the people,
an 4 tbat there Is a wide and very deep
feeling of disappointment at tbe meagre
results, of so many pledges. Upon the
otber baud, tbe very exhaustive speech,
reviewing the legislation of the put
two sessions, made in Ihe Senate by
Mr. White on Monday, a Tory full
SVnODSlS Of Which nrlnlait l-a tk-
Democrat yesterday, showa ' beyond
dispute that much more hu been done
than wu generally known, in the way
of retrenchment On the whole, the
results cannot be eatlafactory, but it
moat be borne ia mind that the Demo
cratic majority wu very small that
many of lte menbere ware inexper-
Muuou, wu uust ma raionn movement
were ambarraaMd at mrnm TaTte-a Kw tkaa
powerful Radical minority and e few
wwuvraw, wuosHj Bnuoni must remain
nnaeeonntahla nnan u t.A. .1
creditable to them. However, In a dsv
... III I L ... . . f
" iwi w win Dsotwcr auie to form a
usi wiimai 01 tne vaiu th session
IBS ben to th Stata. and tit IK.
time we wish onr country friends
epeedy voyage homeward to their fam
Hies. New Orleana Democrat, 20th. '
aatcat Test Cake.
Two quarts of flour, sift throogh it
four teupoonfuls Doolit's Yeast
POWDER, two. tahlaannnnfnl.
or lard, one pound and a quarter of an-
a HMeu in two ana a bail cup of
fW!.1inilk-,J8pic 10 t".ndbake
in email moulds. , .

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