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NO. 41
, A.
Published WIKKLY by
Single eoplea by nail, per year, post- ,
aire paid (2 15
S eoplet, postage paid 1 A
16 " " U
0 i 1 2j
An extra cony will be given totbe getter
upof a club of ten.
Send l'oatoffice Money Orderi or drafts
when practicable. Address.
Mr. Blair's Folly.
It appear to ot that Mr. Montgom
ery Blair ! on a wild goose chase in bin
attempt to ont Mr. Hayes from the
Presidency. Ai far a the masses of
the people are concerned they consider
the matter settled. In fact, the gnat
incentive to a submission to the decis
ion of the Electoral Commission, was
the desire of the people for a settle
ment of the question. They did not
place such a high estimate on the mer
its of either candidate as to prcler
fldence. and from the strength that h
developed a the competitor of Senator
Lamar for senatorial nonore, as wen as
from many other indications of popular
favor, it is certain, we think, that he to
the choice of a large majority of the
people for the eeat, soon to be vacated
by the expiration of the term of Sena
tor Brnce. With Lamar and George as
colleagues, than Mississippi, no State
would be more aoiy or Better repre
sented in that august body, the Senate
of the United States. Then away with
the thought, that Gen. George "will
not enter the lists for the succession in
the Senate caused by the expiration of
iiruce a term."
1 4 i sit
I Time. Tlmn Miin Mun'i tur. I
1 iur l l M l(r"ii iionfiTtTiw
I Htuarrl .... in 7 00 11 mi ll(l is go
S Huarrt .... i 00 9 nil 1, Oil Si ml 34 iiO :
I 8llirf .... i ii II (Hi tt W 31 on ii itii i
ft H-iiiim .... c :o lion Mini nnii y. ij I
S iur.... J7 lloi X00 it Oil
H L'Hlumn .... ton 17 m M on in no
M fNilmnn .... 17 no 50 on io no 7S no loo no I
Col iimn .... lion it no m on mono ito nS '
1 Column 30 00 U on so no 10 nu 1m no i
either one of them to a decision that
1 .1 k. Tin... rHM... -n.n(l I
upon ine mono in wmcn ids quei- rir,t a-d HeCoad Day' Fro
tlon should be settled, it responded to ceedlag
the wishes of the people, at least so far Correspondence of the Uerald.l
a securing some nlan that would set Jackson, Mia., April 3, 1879,
m (
.he vexed and dangerous quc.tion M ''S , '
Friday Morning;, April 3.
Tm Cincinnati Enquirer says Sher
man is wabbling on I lie finances.
The Tennessee Medical Society hit
just closed its session in Memphis.
Tut Kentucky Legislature has under
consideration another whippingpost
bill which, It is thought, will become
a law.
Tat New York Herald says an abor
tive caucus, like the oue held by the
Republican Senators on Saturday, is
only a note of despair.
Senator Eu.ti, of Louisiana, It
using great efforts to have the New
Orleans mint re-opened. He is en
deavoring to secure an approprialion
of 1100,000 lor that purpose.
At wt predicted tome time siuce it
turns out that we are no nearer a
European war, than at the time the
Russians took up positions near Con
stantinople, and the Eigiisb flset en
tered the Sea ot Marmora.
Quite an interesting pigeou-shoot-iug
match occurred recently uear EJ
wards, in Ilinds county. There were
eight contestants. The first prize wat
divided between Messrs. Barrett,
Montgomery, aud Ewlng, those gentle
men bavlug killed to equal number of
birds ; Mr. Gslbreath, of Jackson,
gained the second prizo.
Wt are torry to ice that a personal
controversy of great bitterness has
iprung up between the Brandon Re
publican and the Kemper Herald. Tbe
former jourual charged that the editor
ot the latter used to edit a Radical pa
per in Brandon. If Col. Fren'z refen
to the Eutern Argut which Mr. Seitz
ler at one time conducted, we are uu
der the Impression that be is in error.
Onr recollection is that when Mr. S.
edited the Argus it wat an outspoken
Democratic paper.
Tus Courier-Journal thus aliules to
lawlessness in Kentucky:
There is murder in the air. Two
atrocious crimes o( that character oe
- curred In Louisville and vicinity Sun
day, and yestorday Jtflersonvirc con
tributed a foul deed to t tie bloody cat
alogue. The murders in Kentucky are
becomiug fearfully numerous. List
year there were oue hundred and fifty,
and only one hanging occurred. Siuce
the first of January the average is
larger thau in any three months of last
year. There is only one way to stop
this infernal business aud that is to
make the ltw abouie!y supreme, and
tbe gibbet, with baiter attached, a very
prouiiucni object of couteinplaiion be
fore the eyes of the brutes. I
The suggestion in the last senteuce
of the above extract is as applicable to
this Staie as It is to Kentucky.
Among the appropriation! agreed
upou in ihe River and Harbor bill we
notice tbo following: Tea '.houwml
dollars for the mouih o( the Mississip
pi j ten thousand for the Ouachita river ;
twenty-five thousand ;or the Yazoo
river, Mississippi; twenty-four thou
sand for Red river raft ; ten thousand
each for Sabine and Trinity riven,
Texas; fifteen thousand for Cypress
Bayon; one hundred and twenty-five
thousand for the entrance to Galves
ton and Bay; seventy-five thousand
for the ship channel at Galveston;
thirty thousand for Sabine Pass ; twen-tv-flve
thousand for Passo Covallo In
let, Matagorda Bay; six thousand for
Brazos. Santiago, aud eight thousand
tor Nueces river, Texas.
rest. No considerable uutnber of poo
pie iu this country believed that tbe
country would be in aiiy very great
j danger under the rule of cither one of
the contestants. The majority, ot
course, wanted a fair decision, but as
I thero was room for honest differences
j of opinion, and a determination that
means should be taken to guara
attains! tbe recurrence of a limi
Isr crisis, the supreme desire
of the masses was for a decision that
would end tha controversy. Mr. Blair
rises np and attempts to prove that tbe
decision has not decided. He it en
gaged in a work that can end in no
good, but it may produce useless agile-
lion and evil. He may prove to Dcm
ocrats who are already convinced of
that fact, that Mr. Tllden wat fairly
elected President, but be can never con
vince Republicans, who do not want to
be convinced, and he can never accom
plisb the unseating of Mr. Hayes. He
pretends to believe that Uayet can be
expelled and Tllden seated within tix'y
days, and that it should ciose no more
commotion than a change in any petty
office. He talks like an impracticable
dreamer. There it nothing harder In
(hit country than to unseat a de facto
official, even where the law pointt out
a method. In tbe case of tbe President
there is uo method. Our Conttitution
and lawt are btre of provisions In this
respect, for it was never contemplated
by auv oue that a President would
be fraudulently installed. The de
cision of the Electoral Commit
sion was tbe decision of Congress,
and the inauguration was the legitimate
teauence of that decision. Mr. BUir
bat the reputation of being a shrewd
politician, and be may imagine that po
litical influences sufficiently powerful
to accorapliib bit purpose may be ex
erted. If be does think this, be is sad
ly mistaken. Tbe South will have none
of this foolishness. Lsmar, Hill,
Hooker, Gordon, and all those who
stood by the Electoral Law, will abide
by itt legitimate effect. There is a very
strong belief, fonnded on common
situs and sound judgment, th it there
are very few politicians in this country
who would not have done just as Mr
Hayes did. Tbe number of politicians
iu America, who are to pure that they
would refuse tbe Presidency if attain
able by tho decision of an E cctoral
Commission, is exceedingly small. Tbe
number is so limited that wo don'
think Mr. Montgomery Blair, or Mr.
S.J. Tildeu is embraced iu it. Tbe poo
pie look at this question In this prac
tlcal sort of a way, and Mr. Blair's ef
forts are more likely to injure bit
nartv. than tbey are to overthrow a
1 oanBlIouNekeeptTx
Should not forget that the way to icacb
a husband's heart is through ins stom
ach. Use DooLEv't Yeast 1 on i.f.h in
makiug bicuit, bread, cakes, rolls,
muilbs, etc., aud tbey will be nice. Ugh',
digestible, and wholesome.
w..,r nnthlnir 1 hav teen tho time
liwouhfgW 2 llrindaharlfor
single frikshun matoh.-Jo8h Billings.
Ueaeral (Jeorge aid tho failed
Mtaiea seaatornlilp.
Holly Springs South.
A correspondent ol the Memphis
Appeal, writing from Rieuzi, makes a
statement on 'till sumect wtilcu we
cauuot allow to pats unchallenged. He
Tbe elevation o' General George t tbe
vacant supreme Juilieulp removes bl a as
an asplraut lr smut irial bonura, and be
will not enter mo nuts :or me auvveauii
in tbe Sena to caused by the expiration of
Bruie't term.
As we have understood Gen. George
was promoted to the Supreme Court
Bouch without solicitation on bit part,
and but for hit unwillingness to refuse
any service asked at bis bauds by tbo
State, would have declined tbe prof
fered honor. Under these circumstan
ce', bis not declining tbe Judgeship, is
uo reason why the next Legislature
should not elect him to the position to
which we believe the peoplo of tbo
State, with great uuanlmity, have al
ready iu their minds assigned him. At
least nutil he announces hU unwilling
neBS to accept tho Senatorship, no one
has a riiftit 10 suppose that be Is not ot
the siune mind uow that be was two
years ago, when ho was an avowed can
didate lor the place, me aoum, ami
MisBUsinDi esncc.iallv. needs her best
and ablest men In Congress at this lime,
and therefore more than ever the office
of United Statet Senator should now
seek the man, aud not the mau the of
fice. In tbe honesty, ability, tonnd
practical judgment and patriotism ot
Geo. ueorge tue peopio nave iuii con
was opened in the Representative Hall
at 12 o clock m.
The meeting was called to order by
the Prctiden', Dr. U A. Yaigban
when tbo scs-ioa wa opened with
prayer by the R-jv.V?. Il.Watklns.
Tbe roll being called, ii membcrt
answered to their names.
Ten new in e in be re were enrolled.
Dr. Craft, Chairman of the Commit
lee of arrangement, delivered an ad
addrett of welcome on tbe part of tbe
physicians suit citizens of Jackson.
The President delivered the annual
Delegates from tbe Lee Coouty and
the Copiah Uounty Medical Associa
tions were admitted to aeatt.
Tbe Secretary read lettert from
number of absent members, expressing
ineir regrett at being unaoie to attend
Tbe reoortt of tbe Ufhcert and
Standing Committees were received
aud adopted.
Keportt or special committed were
called for.
Salicjllc Acid-Dr. Wirt Jobnton
read a report.
Croupous ruenmonia ur. J. w
Holman read a report, which wat fol
lowed by an esaty on the same subject
by Dr. U. C. Myles.
April 4tb
Tbe Association met at 9 :30 o'clock,
The reporti of special committees
was resumed.
Epidemic Ccrebro-Spinal Menlngitlt
Dr. E. W. Hughes presented a report.
Dr. Hill reported a case of polsoulag
iih trseni us scid.
The Srcietarv read telegrams of
greeting from the Kentucky aud Texas
medical societies.
Dr. Halbert read a paper on Chloral
II v drat.
Dr. Parker read a paper on "Tbe
Early Management of tbe Infant."
An iuvltation was received from Dr.
Compton to visit the Lunatic Asylum.
Ur. Uralt presenieu a case oi gun-snoi
wound of the face.
Itaymond Uazute.
Tha Hirald. in an article on tbe fu
ture of Vickaburg, and the difficulties
which now oeset tier, nat mis to say
about tbe cut-off:
Wo refer to the cUUoff. and tbe conse
quent destruction nf tbe river front bar
bur Day by Ujv be little spit of land on
the Louiataoa kiiltt is oavlne off: eacb I ot
( its caving ut takes from Vicksburg
lartberand la'tber, tne cuannei oi ins
river. If tomuibing is not done, and done
at once, the waters oi me river m reccue
beyond her reacb, and tbon it will only be
loo lute, ut impossible to cause attain
tbe fljw ol these waters at lbs loot ol ber
To off-set tbe cut-off, tbe Herald
proposes to build a railroad to Port
Gibson, and another to Deer Creek
and Memphis, f or $iuu,uw in me
city bonds, tho latter road can be built ;
aud by a compromise recently etlected,
tbo first is oertain on tbe signing and
delivery of, we believe, $73,000 iu new
county boudt.
Wu sincerely hope both roads may be
buili at an early day ; and besides, tbat
a brinch ot tbe Southern Pacific may
cross the MUfissippi at Yickhburg, aud
(bus make Vicksburg and our State a
hiirhwav between the Atlantic aud the
Pacific. Not only so, but we trust Mr.
Chalmers and his colleagues will yet
secure Government aid, and to such an
extent that tbe old Mississippi can be
forced to behave herself and continue
to wash tbe base of the Walnut Uills,
affording an ample harbor for all tbe
largest Soutnern steamers.
Tat) WtflaalBC PM( Bill la la
Keatackjr LeaTlalataro.
Correspondence ol Courier-Journal.!
Fa a a ito rt, Kt, April 1. Tbe
matter of most Importance in the
Honse this mornlne. waa tbe passage
of Mr. Owen's Whipping-post biil. It
was sngbtiy cnanged rrom tne provis
ions of tbe bill as given In my letter of
Saturdsy, and, at passed, provides for
tne infliction upon tbe Dare mce, and
well laid on, of not more than thirty
nine lathes, upon male persons con
victed of stealing lets than to the value
of $3, or imprisonment, as " at
present provided, at tbe option of the
jury, nt further providet that re-
males convicted of stealing lest than
the value of 10 shall be Imprisoned in
the county fail not exceeding tixty
days. Where whipping it administer
ed to males it is required that tbe eher-
U doit, anu tbat be uoitin ids lull,
or private jail-yard, and shall not be
witnessed by any one except tne in-
matet of the Jail, tbe county officials
lata Pretest Agalaet tat War Psllcy A
NtvtMatUKsep Ike ttovaraaaat frta
lag TrajBBtlid Taa Uafea Tims ,
Explalia tha Sitaatiaa
London. April L Despite lb
heart that I write to tell yon of my I ENGLISH PAKTIE5.
mtslortuue. I lost all I had (1951 on I
Toeaday evening, and I eonld not have A Dapatatlea at Natleaal Uairal Fiiartl
me neart to ten you toat DignL for
give me, darling, If yon ean, and be
nappy, out remember, darling wile,
that my love was trna for yon till
death. Don't grieve for me. darling.
for I am not worth a tear from those
two eyes. Good-bv. mv darllntr wife.
farewell. By tbe time tbat this reaohea speeches of Lords Granville ana llav
yo j I will be no more. tington to a deputation of National Lib-
inewne ana sister are almost fran-1 eral Federalists, at Westminister nact)
no will) gner. ad lnaoett failed to I Hotel, yetterdey. it It not Deiievea me
disclose any further particular!, and a opposition wilt take an v ttrong lint
veraict or tuicme waa returned. eirainst tbe uovernment't policy. Mr.
Gladstone and hie followers may en-
Brltlah PatlUmaat-audstona. Pro- Ideavor to force Ihe party leaden Into
pounds Bom Questions. active antagonism ; and Independent
i.nvnnv AnriU-in th iimi. nf I members niav Introduce resolutions
Commons this afternoon, Mr. oied- MPHvlog calling out ine reeervea.
stone asked firstly, if It was Ibe inten-put there will be strong counter in-
tlon of the Government. In recent com- nuences wblcn tne party leaders are)
mniiiiiinm 1-oir.rHin.T ih i!nnr not iikbiv to aisregara. a. move-
to reserve to ittolf liberty to withdraw meni nas aireaay received, tpe aano-
frnm lha fVnirrpia nn a nrnnnul In Slon Of Sixty Or seventy LIO-
aud such other persons as the Sheriff j,cuii anr matter, the discussion of er' members, which bat for Ita ob
may direct
Tbe bill was opposed on tbe floor by
Messrs. Sanders, Ditto and Wllsou.and
was ably advocated by Messrs. Owens
and Jobn A. Thomas. Mr. Wilton
taid Ibe Senate had twice defeated a
huh ii a;a m im.,1, ..in.u.iKu . ...ii leot 10 prevent tne party irom iram
secondly, why England refused a pre- moling tne governments ioreign
limmary conference.' I f""- . , ... ,
Sir Stafford Jiorthcote, Chancellor of . aiuiw.iu ic.u.u, -
Exchequer, replied: Flretly, all that t cie, strongly condemns ut onjeci oi
irni..?.i .n(..t . r.... ... tha denuUtlon. and sbarplr erltloltea
similar bill, and there was no reason to the discussion of every article of tbe tbe peechei of Granville and Hart In g-
k .It- I 1 . 1 . ! It I . ' 1 1 1, u.. , MiPk. .HHlBllltll lit AVrt
neneve iuis wouiu noi uieei lunar treaty ; and secondly, that Lord Der- ,uu- iuiuiramiimiu-
fate. Mr. Owens responded tbat he by't dispatch gave reason for declining selves are boond to admit tbay did bo!
had every assurance from some or tbe the preliminary Conference. ia " MM represent majorlUea la
Senate opponents of tbe formei bill Mr. Gladstone thereupon save no- lneir constituencies, aud thero are no
tice that he would raise a discussion to- Knowing pow lar inetr con-
morrow because of Sir Stafford North- ttlluenoies share tha lentlmenU ax.
cote's unsatisfactory reply. fVT 1 1. Xa . . ww"7
lion to endeavor to restrain tha Gov
ernment and enlighten the country; If
that tbey would support tblt oue, now
tbat every other meatore for reniten-
llarv relief bad appareuiiy failed. Un
lets there is some serious constitutional
objection to the b'.ll, aa suggested by
Mr Ftlsnd, ll is morn than probable
that tbe Senate will pass tbe bill.
The Cast Determined to Postaaa, Bsee-
rami. I
London, April 4.-M. Cogalnlceen, ? "ucn PP " ?? f ? '
Ihe Russian Minister of Foreign At- oniy ia eonciuoea was wt ae
ii.. to ik. nA..m.ni.n a ni liberate ludement of (he oonntrr la ia
at Vienna, March lth, Ibat p,inCe r of Ue general poliey of tba Gov
GorUchakoff haa declared to Prince arnment. Lord Granville la hardlf
Vkal la Heldana See a- a Irlaa
A n Irish Munchausen has turned ud
at a Boston restaurant In the bumble Gheka, Roumanian Agent al St. Peters- therefore, In assigning to the Goy-
r.n.i-iiv ni a trailer, a infat who hail hi,r ik. nmiit..an(..n nn.i.miF. I eminent undivided responsibility, in
k..n. .! iih ft maii inhier "Do i... n....t.'. ,..u n... I such a crisis It cannot be too often re-
wvv si v ...... wm - - --- - i i ii a. a siune t utviviuu a oioiuiiib v i ... a .
you call that a lobsier, Mike r ' Falx, arbla wat irrevocable. Russia would eraea mat we oniy as a aqhu 10
1 1. invAiiiev ilniiA Pkliiii' ihlm lob-1 K.tn. .....iinn K.rn tt Into tbe Copgresa without reserve.
stershere, sur. We call 'em crabs at the Congress nor consent to another ?d " before i ihe asks any final de-
.i in . s i tt 1 ... I aI.Iah Ia takai AthA TAaairA mam tieavai
home. ' "uur sain me nmer, -you Power do ng so. as it wou d M in ot- w,,v"i ,u , 'r".'
General James R. Chalmers Thit
gentleman it making an enviable rec
ord a a member of Congress from
Miaaissint) . In speaking ol bis recent
speech in reply to Garfield aud Hale, a
correspondent of the Ripley (Miss.)
Advertiser savs: "Aits siyie ui inui
mlog these gentlemen was most lenci
tous.and be have fait happy in witness
ing the withering and even chilling ef
fect of hie speech, especially upon tbe
gentleman from the old urauite state,
cold at tbe aimospnere is iu wmcu ue
la accustomed. But- this ls .notning
stranue to those who are acquainted
with 'Bun.' for it ia characteristic of
him 'to be ready for any emergency,
bodv. however, feels like con
aratulatinir him for his achievements
thus far, duriug tbo brief time he has
been in congress. 11 win ue remein
bercd this Judicial District once hon
otedlUeifby honoring General Chal
mnrs with tho office ot Dibtrict-Attor
ncy, which position ho tilled with
universal satisfaction ; aud now, when
he speaks in vindication of our section,
iu reply to asperaiouists and slanderers,
such aa those above named, I lcol tbat
he Is entitled to the lasting gratitude
aud thankt of onr whole people."
Memphis Appeal.
have lobttert in Ireland?" "It it lob
ttert? Begorra, the creek it full of 'em.
Manv a lime l ve teen em wnen 1
leDned over the tthramea." "How long
do lobttert grow In Irelaud ?" "Well,"
taid Mike, thoughtfully, "to tpbake
wldln bounds, tur. I'd tay a matter of
five or six feet." "Whatl Five or tix
feel? How do Ibey get around in these
creeks?" "Bedad, aur, tbe creekt in
Ireland are fifty or sixty feet wide,'
aald ihe imperturbable Mike. "But,1
asked Ibe guest, "you aald you bad seen
Ibem when you were leaping over me
streams, and lobttert here live in tbe
tea." "Sure, 1 did, tor: were power
ful Irpper in Ireland. At tor ibe tay,
tur. I've teeu It red with 'em." "but
look here, my fine fellow," said tbe
guest, thinking be bad cornered Mike
at last, "lobttert are not red until they
are boiled." 'Don't I know Ibai ?"
taid Mike: "but ihere are bilin' springs
In ibe ould coumbry, and they ihwim
through 'em, and come out all ready
tor ye to crack open ana ate cm.
Slraaste aa Sad-
Special to the Mew York Sun.
Baltimore, March 20. A secret
wedding, followed by the suicide of
tbe bridegroom of a mouth, produced
a tentaiiou iu tne neignuoruuou oi
Harlem Prk, a fashionable cectiou of
Ibis city, to-day. Tbe bride and widow
at Min Mary tmerain, an estima
ble and beautiful young woman, and
the bridegroom, Charles L. Smith, n
young man of twenty-two. Ho hud
been a visitor at MUt Elderkiu's resi
dence for several months, but it was
not known that they were engaged, or
tbat their iuiimacy was of such
a character as 10 lead to the
belief that tbey contemplated
matrimony. It teems, however,
tbat on tbe evening of February 6th
they called privately at tne iriuity
Enisconal Church, aud, with only the
sexton as a witness, were married by
the rector, the Rev. U- A. Ulazeorook.
Miss Mary returned to the home of her
mother and Mr. Smith to his boarding
bouse, in tbe tame neighborhood,
where her sister and only near relative
also lived. About week ago a broth
er of the bride discovered her secret,
and, call'ng upon Smith for an explan
ation, the latter acknowledged the mar
riage. He taid he had secured a tuite
of rooms and wat about furuisbing
them. Previout to thit, while spend
init the evening with a friend in tbe
comnanv of Miss Elderkin, they ac
knowledged tbat tbey had been secret
ly married a few weeks before.
Last night, a few minutes before
midnight, Mr. Merchant, ion of tbe
lady with whom Smith boarded, and
who occupied the tame room with
him, upon entering hit apartment was
startled at finding Smith'! dead body
on tbe floor, covered with blood. A
anven- barreled revolver, with one
chamber discharged, wai found along
side tbe corpse. A bullot-holo in
Smith't bead and a pool of blood on
the floor told the atory ot the suicide.
Two letters were found on the body.
One was addressed to Mrs. Merchant,
requeuing her to give it to "Mamie,"
fense to tbe Emperor. If the coold not
make ot give It, the would take Beit-
arable by force, and armed resistance!
would be fatal for Uoumania.
Tbe dispatch concludes, "notwith
standing these threats, we persist in
our refusal to yield'
to eay respecting tbe preliminary treaty
the baa mada with Turkey. A mora
moderate r quest could hardly oa
made, and to dealgnate It, as waa don
yesterday by tha deputation, aa a war
like policy, la unjust and misleading. .
Failure of a Vickaburg Cotton Flint,
New Orleans, April 4. A special
from Vicksburg, Mlat., to tbe Timet,
anndunces tbe fillure ol Moss & Mar
tin, cotton borers. Liabilities, $100,
000 ; no assets. The failure wat caused
by ihe suspension of the St. Louis
branch of Ibe houe.
f Note. It Is Irue that the firm of
Moss ft Martin baa suspended, and tbat
the suspension waa caused by the fall
ure of their house in St. Louis, but
whoever tenl the special from Vicks
burg to tbe Timet, teut It without any
kuowledge whatsoever of Ibe aflairi ol
the bouse. We understand tbe liabili
liet of the firm here are comparatively
small, but that tbey are heavily in
volved outside through their St. Louis
house. Citt Ed
Effect of Loid BaUsbuiy'a Circular-
It Exactly Bolta Aoatila.
Athens, April Salisbury's circu
lar has aroused enthusiasm here.
Lokdor, April 4. The foil text of
Lor Salisbury's circular had not
reached St. Petersburg or Vienna yea
terday evening, bnt judgments on tel
egrapble tummariee thereof ibow that
ha tenor ie very well understood. At
Si. Petersburg it le regarded as proof
thai the Congress could not have suc
ceeded If It bad met In tha spirit of tbia
circular. At Vienna tha effect la ao
satisfactory as to almost compensate
for Ibe failure of tha Congress negoti
ation!. Thle effect Is said to ba
heightened by tbe fact that the public
mind waa wholly unprepared for inch,
broad viewe on tbe part of England.
Though the Cabinets may have under-
ttood eacb otber, the Austrian peoplt)
The Bteamer Dawn Burned-Wo Lives betlawsad Ibat England would only ob-
New Orleans, April 4. The tteam
er Dawn, from Shreveport, burned at 7
a.m. at Whitehead plantation, ii miles
above this cir. Tbo boat and cargo a
total loss. No loss of life reported.
The passengers lost everything but
what tbey-had on. Tbe cargo consisted
of 500 bales of cotton, 100 head ot cat
tle, HIX) sheep, and 40 bogs. Tbe boat
was valued at $20000: insured In Cln-
clnuati for $12,000. The fire was caused
by a spaik from tbe furnace door. A
hi ink wiud prevailed-
Sherman's Faith In the Resumption
Washington, ApriU Sherman wai
three boors before Committee on Bank
iug and Currency ibis morning. He
ttnutly resisted all efforts to weaken
bit faiih in the power of the Treasury
to carry out tbe Resumption law, snd
reasserted his conviction both of Ibe
ability to do It, and the good policy of
the Act.
Cbalmera'a Beat no Longer Disputed
Washinctox, April 4. The Election
Committee of tbe House dismissed tbe
contest of Lynch vs. Chalmers, by
unanimous vote.
hit wife, and the other was addressed
to his sister. Iu the latter be saiu tnai
he had applied to bit grandfather for
aid, and waa refused, and being with
out money or trlcnda he thought it
heat to die. He beaded ber to forgive
him. and ilaued it "Charley." The
letter to bis wife bore no addrett, ex
eunt the number of ber dwnjllng. It
Deab Wife : It is with a breaking
Senator Voorhees made a political
speech at Terre Uau'e, Ind., last Friday
evening, tie tcoutea tne iaea oi any
seriout differences In tbe Democratic
party. He reviewed the Indiana Dem
ocratic platform, saying tbat It was a
platforn aronnd which a score of States
would rally. The Democratic House
of Representatives had done and waa
doing all in its power to oppose eon
traction and resumption, lie told the
"Nationals" that the Democrats had a
better right to invite them than had the
Nationals to ask tho Democrats to
come with them.
U. S. Sexator. It la early to talk
about It, but tbe people will talk, and
we do not know but tney nave a per
fect right to do to, and they suggest
Hon. C. E. Hooker and Judge 11. F.
Simrail for the United States Sonate,
to bupdIv the place now occupied by
Bruce one a son of the noble old State
of Kentucky, and the otber of tho no
lees noble State of Sonth Carolina
and both long identified with Missis
sippi, and among its most prominent,
learned and patriotic citizens. uay
moud Gazette.
ject to such speoifio articles of tha
treaty at tiieded me lnteretti the re
served at the outlet, leaving Auttrla
to take oare of ber own. Lord Salle
bury't objtctlona to the treaty fully em
brace those of Austria. They establish
a community ot interest wblcn haa
long been felt to exist, but which is
only now brought clearly before tha
public. Aosti la now awaits tbe effect
ol tbe English and her own communi
cations at St. Petersburg.
Plain Talk to Roamaola Tbe Ciar
Threatens Dlsatmamsnt and Military
London, April 4. The Roumanian
Agent at Vienna, communicatee to Sir
N. G. Elliot, a dispatch from the Agent
at St. Petersburg, recounting a conver
sation with Prince GorUchakoff, who
taid, "If It It true yonr Government la
tendi to proteat against the article of
the treaty which provides for comma
nicatlon of tbe army in Bulgaria,
through Ron man la, the Emperor haa
ordered me to Inform yon, if yon have
such an Intention, be will order tha
occupation of Roumania, and tha dis
armament of the Roumanian army. Tha
Agent replied that Russia should have
treated with Roomanla, not Turkey,
concerning Ihe passage ol the army.
Prince Gortacbakoff rejoined, "We did
not choose to have anything mora to
uo wun yon on account or your con
duct. It is Important that you should
know wa Insist on a free passage
through yonr country, and yon abouid
inform yonr Government of tho Em
peror'e declaration. Yonr Government
must plainly atate their decision."
Meeting of tha Republican Efatloaal
end Congraaatonal Commtttsas net
ting Ready for tho Fall Election,
WAsnuioTOir, April 4. A private
meeting of the Republican National
Committee and tha old Congressional
Committee, waa held bore to-night at
the rooms of Col. Gorham, Secretary
of the Sonate. John A. Logan pre
sidod. Among those present were
Zcb. Chandlor, W. E. Chandler, N. H.
Chase, Foster, West of Louisiana, and
several others. The object of tbe meet
ing was to consult Informally concern
ing tbe organization of the party for
the approaching Fall campaign. It waa
decided to ask the Repabl leant In Con
gress to reorganize the Congrsasional
Committee for an earnett fight, and en
deavor to carry the next Congresa.

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