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NO. &
Fablishsd WEEKLY by
Single copies by mail, pr year, post-
age paid 2 16
6 coplei, pottage paid 1 "ft
16 1 50
0 l 25
An xtra copy win be given to tbe getter
op of a club of ten.
Send Postofflre Money Orders or drafts
wben practicable. Address.
jlMm. Tlmn I MuiT. I M nn'sjjr 'nr.
1 mura II SS""ssi i if- t It
I V-pures.... i 75 7 i li m, ' jiou
I s.u.r- .... inn i i n turn ;s v
4 fe-iiurM..,. II 2 (u ii ik) t& wt
I BtiURrM.,,. C 11 Ni ' i c-i v, r.)
Square .... ? T 11 oi j fni if. n rs t
W Column .... sun 17 Ci 11 i U t 7.V'
M column .... H Wi mm m m im m
X Cnluma .... tl (10 411X1 75 l-'l N-0 i Ivi (-0
1 Column..... 3000 U (V 00 10 im ltd kj
Friday Morning, April 10.
Mom it on his way
but to SoDlb Carolina.
not to Ey pi,
Ik few more moutbi tbe shining,
fellow gold will be io circulation.
Thi European Powers are moving
troopi and quarreling, bat we will not
believe there ii to be war antll we bear
of a few battles being fought.
Em the proceedings of tbe Trustees
of tbe Agricultural and Mechanical
College, for an early copv of which we
are Indebted to Capt. Bjrkltt, of tbe
Chickasaw Mectenger a member and
Secretary of tbe Board. The bids for
the location are lively, but we are as
sured Ibat It will not be determined
without due deliberation and examina
tion by tbe Board. Jackson Clarion.
FIT Haaslrcd I.oat ait ea
a a asaralaa; Mleasaos.
By Cable to tbe Cincinnati Enquirer.
London, April U. Lloyd' agent at
Larnlcs, Cyprus, In a letter dA'.ed March
lttth, furnl.nes full particulars of tbe
buaningof tbe Austrian Lloyd's s earner
hJpbinx, near Cape Ella, In tne early pan
of last month, by wblcb fitu Circassian
refugees lost their lives. It appears tbat
tbe sphinx was on ber way to LattachM,
from Cavalla, with about a.OOO Circassian!
oa board.
On tbs 51b of Mrch, at 7:10a. m., ibe
was doubling tbe Klilo liuci of Cape si.
Andrea, wltb a strong wind from tbe
south-east, with tbe Intention of going to
Pumaguui to wait for better weatner and
take in provisions lor ibe emigrants.
About 3 p. m. ibers was a strong gale
from tbs sou lb-en t, which shifted to toe
west, then to north, returning at last to
souib-SMt. At tbat time the ship would
no longer obey tbe ruddr, nd a heavy tea
striking the vettel, washed forty refugees
from tbs forecastle. Tbe vessel could not
put back to Aiexandrettt, as the hatches
were open, end being afraid tbat tbe sea
would till tbe bold, coupled with tbe laot
tbat the Circassians would not allow them
to be doted for fear of being suff tested.
At t:4& smoke was seen coming out of
the fore hatch, and tbe vessel wss shipping
heavy see. A little later shs grounded
en a sand-bank; one heavy sea drove ber
on tbe coast, and slie sprung a leak. There
wat no worklns tbe endues Meanwhile
tbe Are Increased, and the confusion and
oriea of tbe Circassians are tau to have
been omelhinir awful.
Seeing tbe lire oouid not be put down,
lha batches were closed with Ibe oonseoi
of tbe Ircassians. and so upward of dve
fanidrtd lives were escriuced to save tbe
rest. Luring tbe night attempt, were
made to extinguish tbe lire, but without
On the (Kb tbe surviving Immigrants
wore landed. Tbe Cuntain and crew fled
from tbs wreck, as the Circassians threat
ened to murder them. Tbe Circassians
bad fires, It Is ssid, in tbe bold to kei
themselves warm and to co-k wltb, and
it is not surprising tho tire orirln-ited from
the accident ay be u;itlllogufne f their
330 000 la Jah oa April 30ih.
Commonwealth Distribution Com
pany third drawing be in time ! On
April 30th, in the city of Lmisville,
Ky., tbe third eutccfut drawing of the
above popular company will positive! j
occur. It is now the only legilizjd
distribution In the Unlte'l States, at on
the 27th of Fubruary, 1678, the grant
under which this company acts was de
cided legal by the Cjurt of Appeal',
the highest tribunal in the S ate ot
Kentucky. Tho scheme of the April
drawing offers unparalleled advantages,
as the priz-s sre all large ones. The
drawiug itself will be subject to the
strict supervision of ex-Trcasurer of
State, It. C. Wintrmith aud o'her
promlneut clllzsns. Tickets are only
10.00, halves $500, ami quarters 2 50.
See advertisement in another column.
Send on orders at once to
Courier-Journal building, Louisville, Ky.
Yesterdat being the anniversary ol
Thomas Jefferson's blrtb, tbe House of
UcDreieD.tatlvet.on motion of iir.L-ox
passed a joint resolution appropriating
$6,000 for the erection of a simple
monument over Ibe grave of tbe third
President, at Monticello. To some peo
t,le. the small amount will seem un
' worthy the object, but tbe statesman
and nstriot whose ashes it Is designed
taasbield bad a thorough contempt for
ok&ntation of every sort, as he could
well afford to have. His memory, en
shrined in the popular heart, needs no
costly shsft to perpetuate i
Star, 14th. t m
PnAKiPiABi Is uo great shakes in
Texas. The Daily Telephone, of Waco,
sayi: "People who lavished their last
dollar and a half to see 'Romeo and
Juliet' last week, and stayed away from
tbe Opera-house last night, simply
misted It, for Frank Mayo's -Dsvy
Crocket' ie superior to 'Itomeo sua
Juliet' any day."
!( Cvaktiagr.
Tbe blaat given President Dsyes by
King Conkllng.of New York, will at
traot for a short space universal atten
tion. In the South the sympathy of tbe
great mass of tbe people is with (be
President, because they fee) that he is a
much better, and safer man than Conk
ling, and because they know he Is a
much kioder mm.
Mr. Coukiing cbirges tbat there was
bargain io the Louisiana electoral
business. We feel sure there was. We
foil satisfied there was one about
Flori la too. All well-informed peo
plo sre firmly convinced there was a
bsri(ilii betwreu the Radical leaders
and the Reluming Basrls of thoie two
States to steal '.he electoral vote far
Ilsycs. That the bargain mule
aud carried out is proved by the laot
that till ot tbe Re urning Bml ttotin
drels Lave been protected and pro
vided for. Thus far Mr. C-ikling is
correct. But be is just as much to
blame for tbe "appalling dishonor" as
Mr. Hsyei If. In point of fact be Is
more to blame, because be ie a party to
tbe frand, without tbe great interest in
it tbat tbe President bad. He allowed
the fraud to be perpetrated because be
is a violent 'partisan and doei not
scruple at the means necessary to at
tain success j Mr. Hayes allowed it to
be accomplished because be secured tbe
Presidency. Be li far more txtotable
than Coukiing. Hayes did no more
than a msjorlty of Republicans or
Democrats either, for tbat matter,
would have done ; Conkl'ng It doing
what very few on either side would do
exposing bis own rascality to attack
What Mr. Cookllng has to say about
"political corruption, bartering of of
fices, rewarding of political favorites,
and trafficking with political leaders,"
is refreshingly cool and impudent,
wben we remember that be is regarded
atone of the most finished experts in
that sort of butinest. Hit real quarrel
wltb Hayet it became of tbe Presi
dent's attempt to enforce Civil Service
Reform, and his retention of men In
bis Cabinet ol bis own selection, to the
exclusion of the old political leaden.
If the President bad requested Roicoe
to manage the New York patronage,
and consulted him about the formation
of his Cabinet, we would have heard
nothing derogatory of "tbat man
Hayes." On the contrary, Mr. Conk
ling would have found no praise too
great for rrtiidtnt Hayes.
The luformstion given about tbe
West having been io earnest about seat
ing Mr. Tllden, and about the East
fesriog tbe West, it very encoursging
to tbe South. Wben tbe South aids to
elect another President, she will want
to see him inaugurated, and as
she will almost certainly go solid
for a Western man, she it de
lighted to leara that the West will
be io no humor to be cheated aslo.
We are glad to know tbat Mr. Couk
iing baa at last discovered tbat tbe
rapidly growing power of tbe West Is
to be respected, for the South Is ready
to join bands with tbe West. If Mr.
tls)cs continues to treat the south as
fairly as be has done up to this time, be
need not fer the ConkUngs aud the
IIowe, and if be will s:ek pjwer In
the Ssuto by bunting for it wherr it
can be found, Instead of wasting his ef
forts on the old woruout bulks ot
Southern Rulictllsm, there is no tci-
sou why his Administration ehould not
prove more successful lu the future
tbtii it has up to ibis time.
llalaace ol llie lllaot.
cnator Cockling then goes on tn re
view at lenuth the history of the El-c
(oral Committion. He says the cotintry
was in actual dinger, "it; I mean the
dnnuer was rest ami imminent. The
point ol peril was no, in (lie South, on
in the Wet. It was understood tbe
Republican lesders hud determine! to
have Vice Pieiiideut Ferry count the
votes at all hazards, and Hayes elected,
and tbe West wat determined on re
sistance. It was no child's play lu that
section, beneral Steedmau bad seven
ty thousand men enrolled and assigned
to refitments, for tbe purpose of seating
Tilden in office In esse Vic -Presldeui
Ferrv carried out bis proposition. You
may look astonished, but these things
are true, i resilient urani was at ins
wit's end, and he confessed to me that
he did not know what to do.
He wat gathering some troops at or
near Washington, out be did not know
how far he could depend upon ihetn
General Sherman told blm tbat in case
of trouble tbe sympathies of a large
msjorlty of the oiHcers and soldiers of
the regular armv woum oe witn limen
aud tbat tbe armv must not oe laxen
Into consideration as a dependence in
any such a crisis. From these facts, and
from wbat was threatened ana propne
sled publicly In those days, you can
imagine bow gloomy the outlook was
at tbe Republican counsels. Tbe Presi
dent asked my advice, and I frankly
told him that I did not believe tbat the
Vice-President bad any power to declare
tbe vote, bnt conid merely act in a
clerical capacity, to open the envelopes
and lay tbe votet or tbe Electoral col
lege before a convention of tbe two
houtet for their decision, and, by tbe
way, I may as well ttate here that wben
a certain Senator came to me and said it
was proposed to make me President of
the Senate in Senator Ferry's place, to
that the thing should not miss Are, I
frankly told him tbat I could not ac
cept tbe position, and that; by my in
terpretation of the constitution,! shonld
be compelled to rule exactly opposite (
to the wishes of hlm'elf and oi bit
friends. That will perhaps explain ot 9
story whl-h Is told about me, and while
we are on the subject, let me say tbat I
siigeMetl 9tibst(iuetitly ibat there was
no constitutional rcsson why Grant
should uot be elected President of tbe
Scnatf, if tu-;y wanted a strong msu
theiv, though 1 saw uo necessity for
any such change of course. I knew
there was no likelihood of such a choice
and that Gram simply desired to see
his successor ie4':viiuly lusugurated,
aud to enjoy x ioiik vacation afterward.
ConkiiDg -sts that be then suggested
to President Graut tbe Idea of a com
mission, and tbat tbe Utter embraced
it heartily. He gives accounts o( va
rious Interviews wltb tbe President
and General Sherman. Tbe difficulties
tbe advocates of tbe plan met with;
then, In psrticular detail, why be was
convinced that Hayes, ibsn In Ohio,
was intriguing with the Sonthero mem
bers of Congress. Speaking from
notes, he says : " I am Irank to tay I
tbongbt then there waa tomeihlog not
exactly straight about tbat Louisiana
business, but now 1 believe tbat when
the whole truth it known, it will sink
tbe Administration. President and all,
to tbe lowest depths of Infamy.
Correspondent You think, then,
Senator, tbat tbe President la wholly In
tbe bands of the Southern Democrats?
Cookling 1 am sure of iL
Senator Cookling said tbat tbere
bad been do reform under Haye, not
even in the civil eeivlce, and said tbat
bis list of sppointmentt wat tbe worst
ever made. If President Hayes should
send in a messsge on civil service re
form, a iist of some of these appoint
ment! will be published, and it will
make sucb an astounding commen'ary
upon the President's words as would
discoLcert a more philosophical Cabi
net than bat which Evartt and Scburz
argue at r- t'ortnert.
Fartbei 'm in tbe interview tbe cor
responded a-ks: Do you see io bope
of bringing the President In sccord
with tbe Republican leaders?" Sena
tor Cookling replied : ' I must con
fess tbat 1 bave ceased to bave any ex
pectation of it; no opportunity for
harmonizing m tiers it given by tbe
The Fttars of Coltoa.
We are indebted to a friend for the
ose of the fol'owing privaie letter,
which folly explains itteif:
Saw URLtAMS, April 18, ltC8.
I can tcarcely find wordt to express my
disgust at tne diegrscef.il termination
which bas came to tbe mucb-taiked-of
"bull movement." Tbat tbere were some
lospcctsof success towards the olose ol
asl week, cannot be denied; and bad not
a sudden '. tun In tbs character of politi
cal advices In in burope taken puce, 1
bave no duu t net tbe ring wou d bave
forced price, ;i to of a cent lartbsr,
Tbat tbey w .id nave been able to do tbis,
you will r r. doubt wbsn )OU know
wbo tbe parties to tbe clique are. Kjmr
avs that Iomto. Swan m Co were tbe
leader, aud tbat Lehman, Woodward and
French were among the prominent mem
be re ol tbe com'unatliin. It bas lesked
out tun' tbse parties bave been out inn
Mars in order to force the Ureeks, who
are known to tie bevi!y .sort to cover,
and at tbe same time selling Julys and
Aug'Jats asa nedife, isitbtUe intention of
teodiring beavl jr wben those isuiilb
came around.
With these facts before me, and consid
ering toe negative aspect ol Eaalern af-
luirs, l lo..'i;raiDeu you, mat i m.'Ugui it
proOAble tbe market would advance. But
aiaa, lor buniaii expectations, only one
day of grace was allowed, la wblcb to
iil.imo uittelf on the accuracy of mf
judgment. A slight advance wat lorotd
on aaiti'uy, who view 01 recovennic
Liverpool n Monday. Monday csuie, but
Liverpool did not dance to tbe music set
lor ber. '.'oLbnls weru 1'ivver; war teemed
more imminent, ami instead oi iru.
irg .if. cut hi tiuk the dutvn track,
an J n '.ild the present o ndili"U
oi all urt last. Is l.kelfto continue to de
cline for some time to come. 1 be combin
ation i. stroug nowever, and a ever, op
for'.'ini'.y preatnls itself, llivy will nu
doubt renew tboir exertions, but I predict
a frfi.'.iro, disastrous in tbe extr in;, t all
sucb Httemits, Tue p union "I trade at
borne and noroad is sucn thai an mivances
r-niii i:b-vnl ii ices will iirovc abnormal,
and a ill oi f dlowed by a diiliue to U,'-
ure tieluw eacb tuccestivu sur Inn puiiit.
I i I'l 'hat lUtt Ukiiald will call
tlu-ee "id ion tieiiisb." mom " Ur 'iili ,"
il ii -i. ile, U.m tae euiolem ol tne iiu'
dominions, but I bilieveiuc-m io o- loan a.
id a imlisnutable (acts, and will enter
tain them until such time ss it siall be
proveu tbat my po-itiou is untenable
Yours, etc.
An enormous eagle, measuring seven
fert from tip to tip ot tbe wings, was
captured near Atlanta, Oa., ou wed
nesday last. An old negro was carry
ing a baby lu bit arm', and bis wife
was walking close behlud bim, wben
the bird suddenly descended aud made
a twoop for the child. The father
warded off the assault by a well-direct
ed blow, but Hie eagle returned to the
attack with renewed viitor. The ue
grokickedaud fought witballhis might
wbllo clinging desperately to the child,
and his face was scratched by the claws
of the bird. His wife screamed for
help, and a farmer who was chopping
wood close by ran forward, and with
a stroke of hit axe laid the bird eeuct-
lets on Ibe ground. The eagle was
stunned but not killed oy t lie bio
and tbe farmer now bas him under
bonds. Mobile Register.
akoat tk
Meat Pral4eacy.
Sp.clal Correspondence Philadelphia
5iw Toa, April 11
The two itemt of Interett I learned
at tfie launch latl Saturday were from
Secretary Scburz, laying it wat a for
tunate thing for public moralt that old
Granny Howe bad undertaken tbe
role of Balaam; and from Speaker
Cooper, expressing tbe belief tbat Don
Cameron's re-election wat certain, un
less tbe Deraocntt got tbe Legislature.
The powers of good and evil are yet
in their first fresh contention, Hayes
gaining In steadiness and anti-Hayes
dropping off very little in ensteduess.
The latter now base all their hopes on
running Grant in 1S80, but while the)
coalesce on that hope the multitude It
antsgoolzlng on Grant. Dull as the
times are, people feel that they medi
ciue us aud behold lu Grant's return to
power tbe circling vultures flying low
er. Every day, while the politicians
resolve ou Grant, tbe people, eveu those
wbo apologized lor Mm, grow cooler.
It it uot Grant but Grantism wblcb
repels; not the wooden Trojsn horse
but tbe thieves in bit belly. While
Hayes stiffly tesistt the Grant puddle
at Washington, there it no great inter
tit about bit successor. Everybody
sees tbat he it ttarvlng the politicians
out, and tbat is why tbe more hnngry
band, led by Cookling and bit pals,
support Huntington and Gonld. A.
few Southern Democrat!, equally in
need of ready relief, vote tbe lame
By present Indications Tbomss A.
Hendrickt will be nominated on tbe
first ballot in 1880, unless the party
organt and leaden tell out for cash In
band and Tllden wlnt again. Tllden
and Hendrlcki may extinguish each
other and Judge Thurman incceed.
The Vice President will be almost cer
tain to be a Southerner, Tom Bayard
having a chance, Gordon or Rausom
tbe probability. In ton city tlenancks
it the fsvorite of tbe Kelly wing, to
wblcb belongs Lieutenant Governor
Dorsbeimer, and Bayard continues to
be tbe pet of tbe Belmont wing; tbe
lal ei aceountt for Belmont personally
arraigning Hendrlcki on tbe money
question. Tbere is no Eastern candi
date but McClellan and bit possibili
ties are not above the Vice Pretldency.
The certainty of Democratic success
will make tbe next nomination bard to
purchase. It wat told to Tilden be
fore became it wat not tbongbt to be
wortb mucb. Tbe residency at
tnre thing It not prlceabie; In a lot
tery it can be oonipoted. There are
1220.000,000 to be spent by tbe Prssi
dent and party every year, ot wblob
one-half It In their abtoloto control
Mr. Tllden would probably be at ob
noxloot to tbe cormorantt of bis parly
at Hayes bas been to tbe Jtepu oilcans.
Tilden, besides, baa shown an apparent
disposition to treat with tbe uneasy and
spleen-tortured Cookling, so tbat many
think tbat Tilden would be a part of
Tbe business men, whose interests
elect Presidents, observe one simple
fact tbat will turn them against tbe
Republican candidate in 1830; that is a
Democratic Senate and Congress. Tbey
are too mucb in favor ot short Con
gresses and governmental concord to
elect a President wbo would bave con
stant opposition. Besides, tbere is not
a single repectab!e reason any longer
against a Democratic national victory.
Both parties bave the same general
views aud diflereuces. Republican
defeat would mean a final farewell to
the evils of civil war and all its camp-
follower-. It is the ouly path to politi
cal reorganization. Probably in four
years we should see an tne spoilsmen
and impracticibles In both parties act
ing together, Democratic succst
mean- progress, because a change. Re
publican success meaus no change,
therefore no extrication.
Gen. James Shields, wbo bas been
the subject of so much turmoil in Con
gress, was born in lyrone, ireiann, n
1810; came to this country In 18JG ;
settled lu Illinois; studied law; was a
legislator aud Judge; was made by
folk Commissioner oi tue uenerai
Laud Office; was made Brigadier-Gen
eral for the Mexican war; was shot
through tbe lungs, but recovered
fought at Chepultepec bareheaded and
in bis sbirt-sieeves, witnont a norse;
was again wounded ; rescued from out
rage a lady and her daughter io the
night time by a secret and disobedient
it v: became senator irom Illinois
was afterwards beaten by Lyman
Trumbull; went to Minnesota;
tti, as a farmer, elected there
from to the Senate of the
United States at a Democrat ; becsme
a Brigadier General in the Union army ;
succeeded Lander; urove out stone
wall Jackson.wbile Fremont was pur
suing Jackson through tbe Shenando
ab, both Federal Generals being vie
tluis of a War Department; was nom
inated for Msior-General, but was not
confirmed, and removed to a farm in
Missouri, where he bat since lived on a
pension raised from $JL to 150 a month
lie is five leet eight inches tall, bat i
swarthy face and dark hair, speaks flu
ently, and is a little visionary, enthusi
astic and adveuturous.
A Triumph or Fish Culture. The
Smithsonian Institution bas just re
ceived a salmon weighing 23 pounds,
caugbt on biturday last In tbe ueia
ware river, at Trenton. Tbit it believed
to have been derived from a stock of
salmon eggs presented by the German
Government in 1873 to tbe United
States fish commistion, of which about
5,000 were successfully batched out and
placed in tbe Delaware river.
The) Groat
Mtssrs. Polk Brother, real estate
agentt in this el ty, have prepared a cir
cular to tend to all who desire inform
atlon about tbe Sooth, and It it to well
gotten np and calculated to do thli sec
tion of tbe Union to mach good, that
it givea nt pleasure to refer to IL It Ii
tbe testimony ot ihrewd, capable, suc
cessful Northern men abont tbe Sontb.
It ii tbe testimony of men who speak
from experience and close observation
about a large portion of the Union that
is inevitably destined to be thick
ly settled by white people from
tbe North and the Old World.
With fair and good Government
in the "great South," settlers will toon
flock here. In fact, the tide It rapidly
turning tbit way already. Many thrifty
immigrantt came to (hit State within
the last year, and otben are preparing
to come. Peop'e prefer a rich toll and
a delightful climate to the oold and
bleak Nurth-west, and an everlasting
dread of grasshoppers. In theMtssrt.
Polk'i circular a very fair showing la
made of tbe climate, toil, productions,
society and transportation facllitlei of
tbit section. It furnishes, la fact, the
tort of Information tbat Northern
people want, because it tones
from Northern men. who know
wbat the Northern people with to be
Informed abont. We would advise all
Northern people who want a very
readable and succinct paper on tbit
subject to addresi a note to the Polk
Brothers and get tbit circular.
To give onr readert tome idea of the
valuable nature of the circular, and to
secure ai large a circulation ol It at
possible, we print a few thort extract!
from it :
Tbere it now a home market for
every article raised by farmer, and at
remunerative prices- Cotton It the
lowest on tbt list. Tbe cultivation of
tbit article has so grown, to tbe exolu
sion of others, that ita production ii
perbapa in excess or tbe demand
tboogh It it Hill remunerative lo tboae
wbo raite something else ana ao not
buy abroad all they consume. On onr
own farm, twelve miles from tbe city,
we bave bad a demand, at tbe crib, lor
every ear ot corn we could tpare, at
pricet ranging Irom 65 csuts to tl per
bushel. Fat cattle, theep and bogs
command a ready sale, at good pricet.
ber in tbe city. And yet tbe butchert
art constantly nsving mesa tbippea to
them from polutt up the river, Saint
Louis, Louuviiie, etc. mere is no bet
ter country In tbe world for raising all
klndt of stock. Csttle will stay out in
tbe "range" all Winter and turn op in
tbe Spring in "good order." One-
fonrtb of the food osed in the North
would keep slock seal fat here, many of
the Winters being so mild tbat grass Is
luxuriant tbe year ronnd. The tame
may be said of mulee and horses. Just
now these are porch tsed nearly alto
gether in tbe North. They can be
more cheaply raised here, besides giv
ing those who raise them tbe benefit of
tbe ooit and dangers of transportation
from tbe point or purchase op tbe
river. Perhaps of tbe thousands of
mule's sold in tbit city during tbe year
not one in a hundred it raised In Louis
iana or Mississippi, tbe only reason for
this betng Ibat people have been
wedded to cotton alone and bave pret
ty much neglected everything else.
One ot ibe reasons why tbe people oi
the North know so little of Ibe correct
status here, and are unacquainted wltb
the advautaget ot tbit clime, it in part,
because so lit'le nss been done by tbe
authorities of the State in tbe way of
advertising. It Is unfortnnately one of
the character!. ties of tbit people to wait
for the opportuuity rather than push
ahead ana make i'. Tbe Legislature of
tbe State bas paid but little attention to
this subject, making niggardly appro
priations therefor, while, as a rule, the
appointees to fill the office of Commis
sioner of Immigration have unfortun
ately been incapable, and in one or two
Instances, ulteily worthless. Generally,
they get their appoiutmenti, get away
with tho appropriation, draw their sal
ary, aud leave no other mark of their
existence, thus cheating the State out
of the advantage! of judlciout adver
tising, and depriving thote leeking
Kood hornet oi useful information.
the present Commissioner, however,
is doing all tbe liuitied means at bis
command will allow.
Perhaps there Is no country In tbe
world, outside of Californi a, which is
superior to tbii for raiaingfrnit, and we
know of no country where less atten
tion ii paid to It. We doubt if Call for-
nil, even, can beat It for peaches. Tbe
largest and most luscious peaches grow
in this latitude. Tbey are as far supe
rior in size and flavor to those of tbe
North at one can well conceive, and of
ten sell In tbit market, in the midst of
the season, for five cents apiece at re
tall. The crop seldom falls, Thore baa
been but one failure sluce wo came, ten
yean ago. Tbt fruit ripent to mucb
earlier thau that of the north tbat it it
quite profitable to tbip, and the few
who bave made shipment! have bad
handsome returns. A gentleman liv
ing wltbin tbe city llmita realized last
year nearly 11,000 out of tbe fruit
trees which grew upon hit lot. Tbit
it a buiinesi which could not well be
overdone, as Chicago alone would
probably take, at paying pricet, all tbe
early peart, peachet and applet tbat
might be tent Irom thie State in tbe
next ten yean. Tbe tame may be said
of water melons and antelopes, Ind
all vesretablea. esneclallv tomaloee and
roasting tan. The flavor of the mtlone
of tbit country It unexcelled, and with
the proper effort tbey can do put
In fbe market! of the North to early at
to bring big prlota. Snob thing a
these nave not oeea looaea aster oy
these people because tbey bave known
only cotton. But the day will corns
wben tbe rallroaai . ana ue rapia
steamboats will carry goodly freight!
from here in the 8prlng, at least, in
tbe shape of frulti, meloni and pro
duct! of tbe garden. We do not Know
of a tlnirl establishment within the
State for preserving or canning fruits,
and nearly til inch article! come here
rrom tbe more uncongenial climate oi
the North.
Vicksburg bai a inperior geograph
ical location, being tbe only city of any
iza betwetn Mempbii and atw Or
leans, except Natchez, wbioh It not
large. She li la tbe heart of the "cot
ton belt," and ie surrounded by at tnt
agricultural lands as tbere are In tho
Union. She commands the trade of a
vsst and rich territory through the.
Mississippi river, and tbe streams
whose moutbi art almost at her door.'
What sbe want to-day to make hep
one ol the first oilies of the land, I et
immigration or ua laaustrious, frugal
people of tho North and North-west,
to come in and occupy the floe landa
which are tributary to her, and, for .
capitalists and mechanic to atari man
ractonei aaa wora-sbopc upon ust
ttreeta, , , ., .. , . ,
The demand for money, at high rales.
of interest, with pretty safe security, Is"
active, and we believe we could, with
out tut, loan money at over twtlv
per cent and guarantee the owner
againtt tbe Ion of a dime. Tbere It no
time tbat a man of ordinary butinest
eapaolty eannot reallcs handsomely by
loaning nu money, u Doing one ot Ue
great needt of the place. .'. inU
Being Northern men ounelvee, wt,
ondentand the feelings andsentlmontt
of Northern people reaionably well,
ana we wouia do now in being instru
mental la locating one where we had
the leail donbt of bli doing well an j
being latisnea. we wouia not orgs
tbit country upon any one at having
all the good and none of the bad. Our
relations with southern people aoT
Southern business, have been varied.
aud we have met with "downs"
well at "upi ;" but taking tbis country
at a whole, we ooold not be Induced to,
return to onr native State, Indiasa.
Thlt tame feeling prevail! ' amosff
Northern men wbo havo settled bar
within tbe laat few yean almost unl-j
versally, and we find that tbere It quite,
an Increasing desire to emigrate to the
8autb. Esptolally I tbit the east si see
the political tronblee have almost
wholly ceased, and Southern men
themselves so much desire a Northern
Immigration. We wonld tay, then, la
all candor, to a man wbo wantt or ln
tendt to make a change in hit home or
business, and Ie willing to tackle a
reasonable amount of diffioolty, that
we believe thia to be a desirable coun
try to settle in ; and that In tbe end, ho
will like it and could not be persuaded)
to return North.
Tbe circular closes by a very troper
reference to many distinguished gentle
men North aad South, wbo will vouch,
for tbe standing ot ita writer.
Tun ' Matrimonial Lottirt. A
young stranger called on Dr. M'C ana
evening while be wae pastor In New
x org city, to engage hit services In tho
performance of a nuptial ceremony;
" I wish to make a bargain with yon,
doctor," said ibe young man. "I think
tho girl I am lo marry will make
first-rate wife. If you will wait for
your fee, and the turnt out as I think
she will, I'll then give yon fifty dol
lars." They agreed, the young connla vara
married, and the lucideut fasted from
the doctor's mind. At tha.mi r tt
year, at the same time In tbe evening,
tbe youug man called again. The doc
tor did not recognize him at lint.
uo you not remember the bargain
we made wben you married na a vaar
" Oh, yes," replied Ibe doctor.
"Well," said tbe voune man. "aha I.
twice ai good as I thought the wat.
There's one hundred do'lars for yon."
exactly toe opposite or tbit it the
A clergyman in one of tbt Hudson
river lowus united a German couple In
marriage. Wben the knot wat tied,
tbe bridegroom laid i
"Domlule, I've got no monlsb, but
I'll tend you von little pig."
It wat done and tbe circumstance
wat forgotten by tbe clergyman. Two
yean atterward he met tbe German In
another town for the first time since
the marriage ceremony wat performed.
"Dominie," laid tbe German, "yon
remember yon married me, and I gave
you von leetle pig?"
"Veil, If yon nnmarry me I will giro
yon two leetle pigs." Harper's Mag
Lsrn.a Casks).
One cupful of butter, three cupful
sugar, Ave eggs, beaten separately, ono
lemon juice, and rind grated, added
the latt thing ; four cupful flour lifted
light, three teaspoonfult DooLir'e
Yeast Powder, one cup ot milk.
A Nevada politician wti elected oi
the merits of one tingle speech. All
be taid wat: "Fellow countrymen, fol
low me to yonder laloon."
The Chinese hay notion that tho
sonl of a poet passes Into a grasshop
per, because It einga till It itaryei.

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