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NO. 43
PmblUh.4 WBXSXY by
Singlt ooplei by mall, per year, pott,
aire paid .... IB
6 eopiet, pottage paid 1 75
10 - 1 50
0 1 18
An extra copy will be given to the getter
op of a olub or ten.
Bond Poitofflco Money Ordera or drafts
whea practicable. Addresi.
I Tim.. Tlift o Tib.
1 Squr 1 1 W M OO ( I OO 1 10 on it 00
I Dqnam .... I 71 TOO 14 00 II 00 tt M
t Square .... 100 1 00 JIM BOO U M
ilkliun. .... in U M MM MM IS 00
Squire! .... I W UN M 00 MM U 00
Bqoarel.... fn HOO MOO MOO UN
k Colama .... 100 IT 00 MOO SO 00 Tt 00
K Colana .... IT 00 MM MOO TI00 100 00
Ooluna .... KOO U00 75 00 100 00 140 00
1 dam. MM IIH MOO U0 00 1M0O
Tax Summit Sentinel glrei a glow
ing account of lb cropi of (hat portion
of the Slate.
Thi Color Line ia bothering tbe
Louistini Radical party. The white
Bade want all the office.
Thi warehouse of J. F. Powell k
Co., of Tizoo City, wa destroyed by
Are oo Thursday night.
Col. Fbabti, the editor of the large
ly circulated and ably-conducted
Brandon Republican, la io the city.
The Semper Herald thinks there will
be oo strong opposition to the re-election
of the Hon. 11. D. Money to Con
greis. Thi President says tbe Radical party
of Louisiana It divided lato a half
dozen different factions, and it ia Tery
bard for him to decide whom to ap
point. The Radical party of Louisiana
are all unanimous on one point, tbey
all want offise. Tbis it what confuiee
Mr. Hayes.
A stout la related of a boy out
West who having read In a dime novel
of a man who escaped from Indiana by
jumping off a bluff two hundred feet
bigb, attempted to imitate the feat Id a
small way Ly jumping off a bluff only
forty feet bigb. He la now able to get
around on arotohes quite easily.
Mr. II. 11. Moose, Deputy Sheriff
of Warren county, deposited about ten
thousand In Treasurer Hemingway's
bank yesterday. He le one or tbe best
officers in tbe State, and carries a beavy
responsibility ou bis shoulders, but be
It able to bear it, and a man would
have difficulty in finding a flw in bit
management ot the office. Clarion.
Ircrr. Davit reviewed tbe loreromeot
troop, at the Capital ot Hexioo tbe otber
day. Tbt Uexloaa nreet, ooleoldentally,
a. it vera, lnatantlr assumed a hostile
tonatgainat tba United Utatei. Wasb-
Ingtoa Republican.
An odd coincidence, since it was
Gen. Ji ff. C. Davis, a Major General of
Volunteers in tbe United Stales Army
during tbe war, aod a Colonel in tbe
Retrular Armv. who reviewed tbe
troops at tbe Capital or Mexico. N,
0. Times.
Bhecp Ratal
Raymond Gazette.
Tbo more we heir and the more we
read about the success attendant upon
the raisins of sbeep in Ibis Stale, the
greater is our wonder tbat more of our
people uo not engage id n. it nunoi
mile or no DreDaration. no special farm
arrangements, no costly ouilsy, nor is
there an acre or land in Hindi county
outside or tbe swamps that would not
answer for sheep ranee
Wa hear of a man io Raolrin county
who started wlih a flock ore half a
dozen sheep lets (ban a half dozen years
ago. He bat been eating goo a mutton
aver since has sold sbeep bas clothed
bit family from the sale of wool anu
to-day hai over 600 iheep on bis place,
worth $2 50 a head.
And to day there it a successful farm
er within 4 miles tf Riyraond, who,
four years ago, bought two lambs, for
which bo paid j. From tbis com
mencement ho has had these results: 1.
He has bronght to bis table 11 good
mutton. 2. He but sold 9 head, for
which he received 126. 3. He sold
wool the llrst year lo the amount of 0 ;
tbe second year to the anioun of 1 13 ; the
third year to the amount of $18 ; and now
bas bis fourth year's clip, worth about
20 total for wool,$07. And 1 His flock
now numbers 38 bead ol sheep. And
It has all been done with but a trifle ol
attention and labor, aud without ex
rente. We must repeat, ium u i
. l I. 1
strange tbat
any farmer who is at all settled, can af
ford to do without a ll Jck of sbeep.
But we have beard it said tbat we
cannot raise sheep and dogs too. Pos
sibly not. Then let us dispense with
tbe dogs tend they will be dispensed
with If tbe farmers of tbe country ask
it. Tbe doge Io Hinds county now
consume more than 25,000 additional
sheep would consume. Can we afford
loager to feed the doge nd do without
the sbeep? Our debating lociellce, and
we kelieve we have a remnant of them
ttill In tbe connly, (though in a Ian
gnisblng condition,) would d well to
dlscuei thli question ; ind the discus
sloo, If round Interesting, might be ad
journed from tbe debating society to
the Grange. ,
Tata RUasafcle aaa Ylckaaarft-
We in glad to be able ta Inform tbe
citizens of Vlcksburg and of Sharkey
county, that etepe have been taken
wblcb will Insure the building of a rail
road through Sharkey county from
tbie city, provided the vote isked of
the city lod county shall be favorable.
At tbe oext meeting of the Board of
Mayor and Aldermeo direct proposi
tion, we are informed, will be made,
nd the Board will be requested to take
tbe proper eteps to have this proposi
tion submitted to the voters of tbe city
it tbe ensuing election. Ae soon it
practicable i proposition will be sub
mitted to Sharkey county also. Tbe
leading features of tbe proposition tbat
the company wish submitted to tbe
voters of tbit city, we ire Informed,
are as follows : tbe city will be asked
to igree to give to tbe road on id com
pletion to Soiling Fork, in Sharkey
county, one hundred thousand dollars
ia bonds bearing 8 per centum in
terest per innum uotll paid, and to give
the road the right of way through the
city to the Comprese. On their part
the company will agree to construct
tbe road to Rolling Forkrom fAe city ;
they will agree oot to pro rate against
the city io favor of my Individual,
steamboat, railroad, or corporation In
tbe traniportation of freight md pas
sengers ; tbey will agree to locate the
depot it any suitable place they can get
in the city, aald location of tbo depot
to be at tome poiot north of Clay
street, and tbey will agree tbat tbe road
shall never be operated In any way to
militate against the interests of tbe
city. Tbe first thing in tbis proposi
tion tbat strikes tbe attention of our
readers is the absence of all risk as far
as tbe oity is concerned. If tbe com
pany fail to build tbe road, tbe city
ill have assumed no obligation
whatever. Tbe completion of tbe
road to Rolling Fork is a pre
requisite to anything asked of the
city. It seems to us that (hit en
terprise is so plain, honest and simple
tbat all can understand it, and the only
thing for the votere to decide is wheth
er or not the benefits to be derived
will be commensurate with what the
road atka of tbe city. We have often
tbown tome of the benefits tbe city
would derive from this road, but there
are others to which we have not re
ferred, and we believe there ire many
that no one can refer to, for tbey will
not be discovered until after tbe road
Is constructed. The first glorious ef
fect the road would have would be the
complete and entire restoration of con
fidence in the future of Vlcksburg.
With this valuable road in operation,
tbe depot located In tbe northern part
or tbe city, and i good portion of the
rich valley trade secured, there would
be such i revival of energy md confi
dence as was never wltneised in this
city before. Tbe building ot tbe
Natchez road by that city, through I
comparatively poor section of count ry(
bas given new life to her, and the
threatens to outstrip Vlcksburg in the
race for prosperity. Tbe building or
tbe Deer Creek road would, we feel
satisfied, enhance the value or real
estate in thia city at least one million
dollars; it would increase business in
all lines of trade fully oue-lhird; it
would tie to us forever the richest long
staple cotton-producing country on the
face of tbe globe. To gaiu all thee
immense benefits, what is Vlcksburg
asked to do? She is not asked to risk
ono dollar. She Is only atked to aid,
to a very small extent, alter
it is in successful operation, an
enterprise worth to ber eveiy
year at tbe very lowest calculation ten
fold what she is asked to give it. She
will not have to provide one dollar io
carry out ber agreement uutil one your
after the trains are running to Rolling
Fork, as it will be that long belore tho
Crat year's interest on tho bonds fall
due, and thereafter she will only have
to provide eight thousand dollars a
year, we nave ncard tne oest mer
chants iu tbe place declare tbat the city
will reap more benefit from the road iu
out ctik iu the butiuois season than
tbe amount the is asked to pay for one
Some, in discussing tbis question,
have asserted that Vlcksburg would be
more benefited than New Orleans
or St. Louis. No one well acquainted
with tbe nature of the country through
which tbe road will run, can be im
pressed with this idea, Deer Creek,
near which stream the road will run, is
situated between tbe Mississippi and
Sunflower rivers, md cotton, freight
and passengera must it present go by
ono or the other of these streams. Ia
tbe Fill the plintert haul to tbe Missis
sippi ind ship by thi Bends packets to
New Orleane, and Vlcksburg bae no
chance at the cotton, becaose these boats
wljl tike cotton as cheaply to New Or
leans it they will to Vlcksburg. Liter
in the season the water rises, the cotton
le shipped by tbe Sou flower, bat the
most of It goes to New Orleane, be
cause the business arrangement! ire
made with New Orleant. If the rail
road wu built, ill this would be
cbinged, became Vlcksburg would
have thru Immense advantages. Her
customeri would have no river or
fire insurance to pay, no landing
or forwarding charges, and no haul
log across bad ewamp roads. She
would have every advantage with the
local trade, because persons desiring to
trade here could oomeand return in the
time day, at trifling expense com
pared lo what tbey would have to pay
to visit other cities. Tbe Deer Creek
merchants would soon find it to their
advantage to sell and buy here, and In
few years the city would Inevitably
secure tbe bulk of tbe trsde of valley
from which she now receives very,
trifling amount
The Tawat ef Bel tea,
BOLTON, Miss., April S9, 1878.
Editor of the Herald:
Located upon tbe Vloksburgand Merid
ian Railroad twenty-aeven miles from
V loktburg and eighteen mites from Jaok
ton, and a little nortb of tbt center of
Hinds oouaty, la to be found tbt Hourlth
log village of Bolton, a Tillage ol 500 In
habitants, ol fourteen stores, two saloons
and one bakery, aod which hie boea built
up almoat entirely tlnct tbe war, tbt
wrtck and dtsola.lon of tbat terrible oon.
filet having left only two ttore-boueea and
a few dwelling! standing; In tbe piace at
itt elose. A unpretending at Button ap
pears from tbe railroad depot tbe tblpt
between H.IWO and 1(1,000 bile. cotton annu.
ally, and does an Immenee builneie wltb
tbt surrounding country; ber merchant!
are mostly thoroughgoing young men,
and hYt excellent credit; it is a noticea
ble lact tbat only one failure bat taken
place In Bolton In twoyoart. Bolton hat a
rt lined and Intelligent population, and tbe
elegant modern reeidenoes of ber clllsent,
and tbelr beautifu dower eardens apeak
voiumet for tbt lint taste of tbe ladlet of
tbie deliiihtful little hamlet, or ' yuu hot"
their wishes were coo-ul ted In tbe erec
tion ol tbe tasty retldcncee in tbe town,
and, at for tbe garden!, tbey luuervlaed
then tbem'clvee. A rlJe of ball a mile
from Myric-.'e corner up tbrougb tbe prin
cipal ttrtet if Bolton, will botb please and
astonish an atranger to tbe plaoe.
Bolton bat a line school, too, though not
larga, preaided over by tbe accomplished
Miaa Capere, lormerly of i'ort Qtbaon ; tbt
hu alia flourlehine' eburouee of tbe
Methodist and Episcopal denomination.
Aa to morale, tbe olaoa ranke blub, ao
drankennett, no fighting being seen upon
her ttrt.ts; and ia tbt two dais that I bavt
tptnt here recently, I have beard no
swearing in me streete, nor nav. i neo
any loalera lounging at street corners.
Mar Bolton ooiuinut blliafully ignorant
ol tbe dliguitlng profanation beard upon
toe etreete or larger towne.
Tbe oolored element hereabout teens
to be doing well, have totally abandoned
politics, art upon tne ruomamiuaui. nrai
with tba wbltei, and no talk it beard
among tbem of emigrating to Kanaae,
Colorado or Liberia, or auy otber far-oft
country, beoaueeol tbe opprculon ( I) the
enemlvt of tbt Bnuth tell tbem tbey tuffer.
Tbey are lalLfled with Mieelieippt and no
speoloue eophii v will entice tbem away.
Crops are rip aed as well advanced in
this section, i inters and freodmen all
working bant to pay tbemaelvee nut f
debt. Tbe uv.rrbnuti say tbey never saw.
people buy eo lime, either lor cub or on
credit. They anticipate a glorious trade
next Fall by rcaion of tbis.
Bolton bas but one mechanical industry
and tbat is tbt steam gin and grist mill ot
Mr.C. C. Harris.
By tbe war ot amusement and rocrea
Hon tbe ladies of the Kplecopal Church
will give a strawberry supper here to-morrow
night in aid of their oburcb, and In
view ol tbe superior advanlagea of tue
locality and witU an eye t business
tbik Summer, Messrs. Walton A
Black have leased tba beautiful
"Damerou drove," dlrectlj in front of
ih r..i li.nn. of Mrs. Martha Dameron. in
Bolton, and under tbe grand old oake of
tbo Grove, lorre of them beautifully drap
ed wltb hanging mom, have erected a nice
dancing platform where int iov re oi in.
dance can "trio tbo liubt fantastic." Tbey
have orectcd a muaio stand, too, lor tbe
band. are. tbe band! for Holloa, besines
hiDiilnif so much cotton, has a Brats
Band. In view ot these reoommenda.
tlone, its bealtbfulneas and good water,
and nlentv of it. 1 think Bolton the plaoe
ol all others best sailed forplcnioe and ex
cursion. I know of no place in tba stale
its equal, Willi, perhaps, only one excep
tinn.nnilthali.Mauao.il. Mill. Mr pa
per isaoi ut full, but, in conclusion, 1 mut
savone more woru. ai tuu -- vm-a nounc
you will not find "lancv dolngi,"' bill
plt-niV 01 lUOHlUUlltll. K'fuu tuiu "u
coffee, and if ou will give Jim Murray,
liio polite cook, a witk. and tell what )ou
want, lie will gel V )ti a good iqiuru ineiil
lire The house l In churgc of Jlr. It. A.
Moore, a ve J acuoimiumallng gontieiuau.
Your, etc uhau.jui.
The Washington correspondent of
the New Orleaus Times credits tbe
Prokidcut with some remarkable ut
torances. ile ny Mr. Hayes bas a
coruprchf uftive plan for the improve
meutof the Misii8ippi river, which, be
il.inks. nuirht to be pu: In operation at
once. "Tbe Republic!) members of
Congress from the Wcit," said the
President, "will help carry it through.
Evorybody I know, excopt the eastern
Democrats, ia in favor of the improve
ment of the Mississippi, and I can't see
why thus bills have not been patsed."
Then the correspondent adds: ''Re
fnrrinir to the flirht papers like the
New York Tribune are making against
Southern improvement!, tbe l'resident
umiled and said, "I believe tbe people of
tbe country ire for all tbese things, l
think the necestttv for tbem la self-
evident." If this report be true, there
can be no further reason to wonder
tbat tbe South to pertistently declares
tbat Hayes is i better friend to it than
Ttldeo would nave ueen.
Pretwaitauua of tfca Baaaar
ka Ola sBaarsl-aaJar H. B.
WklUtoM'a AsltlMaa, Baaalvia
It a BekaUJ af the Ceaeaay,
Msjor D. W. Flowerree, Introducing
tbe speaker, laid : "The Banner will be
received by one who hai served,'
tried soldier, i true citizen, wbo hai
lately nrade hit borne among ot. Io
behalf of onr citizens I welcome him
and bid him God speed ! I have the
pleasure of Introducing Major Henry
B. Whitfield." .
Fellow-coarades of tbe Old Guard, Ladiea
and Qentlemea: i
Littening to tbe stirring etralna of
tbis martial music, ind in tbe presence
of this large audience of beauty aud
minbood, it bad almoat escaped me to
ny that I bad been called unexpected
ly and on short notice, to act tor my
comrades ot the"Uld Uuard" In accept
ing this beautiful Banner. I have no
apologiei to make, howtver, after tbe
routine manner of tome public speak
ers, but shall, as true soldier, step lo
tbe front in tbe discbirge of i pleasant
First of all, oo behalf of onr organi
zation, with feelings such ll Old sol
diers know bow to eberlsb for each
other, we tender onr grateful apprecia
tion ind sincere thsoks to oar gallant
comrade lad commander for hie gener
ous liberality. We also desire to think
oor honored friend, tbe worthy gentle
man wbo bu tendered ot tbie Banner,
for tbe eloautnt words and compliment
ary manner lo which he baa presented
It. Wltb a brilliant record 11 in
officer In time of wir, ind a character
worthy of Imitation In the pursuits of
peace, we feel I just pride lo accepting
tbis evidence of the confidence, the es
teem, ind kindly appreciation of Major
Flowerree. While we admire the cost
ly material, tbe taste of workmanship,
and tbe beauty of design, we yet re
gard In i bigber sense tbe motive tbat
prompted the girt ; and beg to give the
assurance mat wnaiever lortune may
betide ua in tbe future, each Individual
of tbis command pledges blmstlf to
see that tbla emblem of our UDlon and
standard of our organization, shall ever
remain in worthy bands.
Allusion has been made, in terms
of eulogy, to tbe chieftaiu of onr South
em hosts, General Robert E. Lee, A
name dear to every patriot's heart ! A
man or exalted patriotism ; i General
riUtitiKuitbed beyond any of bia age la
ibe art of war; an exemplar or all that
is noble and worthy of imitation as
citizen In time of peace; and as the
climax of all, an humble toldier of th
CroHl Grand old Virginia, "ibe
mother of States and statesmen," upon
whose soil the chief of the first revolu
tion tor independence waa born, the
immortal Washington, whose maulle
fell oo ao worthy son of the ssme
noble mother, the loved chieftain of
tbe boats wbo fought in tbe second
revolution for independence in Slate
sovereignty, equality of constitutional
rights, tbe liberty of self-government-Robert
E, Lee. A name tbat aball live
so long aa i Southern mother remaina
to teach the memory of great deeds to
generationi yet unborn ; so long is the
grand old mountains ot bia native
State shall lift tbelr heads to kiss tbe
passing clouds; and while every
Southern river traces Its coarse to tbe
Time would fall me, even if the oc
casion justified, te tell somotbing of the
history of Albert Sidney Johnston, the
renowned Jackson, and tcoree of otber
great names smong the dead, as well
as the living, wbote deeds are fresh in
But. I must crave tbe lime to speak
briefly of the history or the true hero
ot tbe second war or independence. A
man wbo bad but little of earthly
goods to be saved or lost, but was risb
in the love ef bis family, ana the quiet
of bis bumble home; i man wbe step
ped boldly to tbe front at tbe call of his
country, when tbe llrst tocsin or war
was sounded ; a man wbo endured the
weary march, though hungry and
thirsty, aod olten fainting by Ibe way ;
a man wboae bod was most frequently
the bard, tbe wet.ortbe frozen ground,
aud whose only watchers while be slept
were tbe si an ol Heaven ; i man wuo
was always In tho frout of the battle,
and the thickest of tbe fight, where
danger and Uottb were scorned, snd
glory was to be won ; I mm who
made Generals, and gave loera name
aud fame ; a man whose noble deeds
are writtcti iu lines of blood, aud to
whose memory the muso of history. aud
poetry, an J song will yet do Justice; a
mun who is the representative of
thousands, and tens of thousands,
ami hundreds of thousands, who
lie buried iu unmarked graves, from
iho beiguts of Gettysburg, through
every Siato, to the bauks of the Rio
Grande ; from the Missouri river in.tbe
Xortb-wet, over prairies, and hil!s, iu
valleys, aud by the river side, to tbe
horesortho Gulf. You will recog
nize this hero aa the private soldier
or the Confederate army I
01 such are many of the "Old G uard,"
and numbers of others here present
to-night. Of those who sleep in death,
Theodore O'llara, is with the pen of
Inspiration, bas written :
"The muffled drum's sad roll bas beat
Tbe soldli r's list tattoo;
No more on lire's parade shall meet
Tbat brave and lallen few.
On Kerne's eternal camping ground
Their tilent tenia are ip.ead,
And Ulory guardi with solemn round,
Tbe blvouao ot tbt dead."
"Rest on embalmed and tainted dead,
Dear as the blood yt gave:
So Impious luotstepi bert shall tread
The herbage of your grave.
Nor thall your glory ba forgot
While fame her record keepa,
Or honor pointe thi hallowed toot
Wbtre valor proudly sleeps."
"Toe taerbte mlaitral't voleelete none
Ia death I tM tetg aball tell,
Whea many vaalabed ag kaih Iowa,
The story low It fell;
Hor wreck, aor cbaagt, aor Winter's
Nor Time's reaorielesi dooo,
Shall dim one ray ef a ly light
That gill 'a your glorious tomb."
A few words lo regard to the em
blem of oor banner. The coat of
arms of Mississippi on the ground of
port white, It embtamilio of the
record of oar proud State n ider what
ever flag her eone have fooght.
Whether we recall tbe aamee of Clai
borne, Coffee, McClunsr, Quitman, and
Davis, or omers wno aball live lo his
tory ; or apeak of New Orleans, Ban
Jacinto, Monterey, Buena Vista, Cerro
Hor do, or tbe gates or tbe eapltol of
Mexico ; or tne great namoeror Ditiie-
flelde of tbe late war, tbe memory of
wb.l:b le fresh in onr minds; oo tbese
noble tone, it well as on these ensan
guined fields, the star of Mississippi!
glory baa risen, and stands onoDicnrea
by i single ciood.
On tbe reverse side, yoa see thi blue
ground, with tbe beautiful gold-leaved
circle enclosing tbe date of organic
tloo of the "Old Guard," "May 1877.
aod tbe motto, "wi haveieeved." Tbie
ll the climax of expression. Whit
volumes ot thought ind memory
ire contained In those three words
W ha vt tervedr Wbat nam as come
onbldden to oor minds 1 Manassas,
Yorktown, Frederlckaborg,Rlohmond,
Seven Fines, Malvern Hill. Chancellor
vllle, Sharpsborf, Gettysburg, Tbi
Wilderness, Petersburg, Appomattox j
uooeiaon, BhiioD, uortnib, Morireee
boro, Mlealonary Ridfre, Cblckamiaga,
Atlanta, Franklin; Lexington, Elk
born, Oak Ridge; Port Hudson, Cblok-
aiaw Bayou, Vioubdro noble, endur
ing, hlstono Vlck.Durg, tneijueeo mty
of tbe Inland sea The very ground oo
which we tread, tbese now ailent walls.
If tbese could speak, tbey would
alike attest. " we have served." Tbe
namee ind memory of hundredi of
faces dear and familiar lo us ill,
but loved md lost, ind who we
sball never meet again ouloss 11 be In
(he beautiful land beyond tbe river ; the
living witnesses here present ; ill tbese
attest when, and how md where "we
have served I"
Fellow-comrades of tbo Old Guard
While we gszt upon this beautiful flag
aa tbe standard of oor organization, we
cannot help recalling tender memories
of the Banner under which wo onoe
marched, even though we moat say of
it lo the tweet, touching language of
"Furl that Banne-l for 'Ua weary, .
Rou.d Ua ttaff 'tit drooping dreary,
Ifurl It, lold Is It la beat.
"Tak, that Banner down. 'tis Uttered,
Broken it lit ttaff and .nattered,
And tba valiant boeta art Mattered
Over whom it floated bigb.
Furl tbat Banner I true, 'tit cory,
Yet 'tit wreathed around will glory,
And 'twill live In soog and story,
Though Its folds art la tbe dust;
For lit fame oa brightest pages,
Penned by poets and by aages,
Shall go aoundlng down through aget;
Furl itt lolda, though now we mutt.
"Furl that Banner, aoftly, alowly I
Treat It gtntly, It it holy,
For it droops above tbe dead!"
And yet again, turning lo our new
stindird, we can exclaim In tbe lan
guage of the poet-priest :
"Lift it up! wart it bigb 'tit aa bright aa
of old i
Not a stain on itt white, not a blot on tbt
Tbo' tbe wott and wron0-i of many long
Hart dreaobed tbt South'! tunburit with
blood and wltb toart.
Look aloft I look aloft: lo! the cloud's
drifting by I
There's a gleam through tbs gloom thero's
a light In tbs sky !
'Til tbt sunburst rosplendent far, flash
ing on high!
Tbt Souih's dark night is waning, her diy
dawn is aigb."
The Wettera Cesaaaaae
Special to the New Orleans Picayune.)
Cincinnati, April 30. The Enquirer
to-morrow will publish details of the
movements and plana of an armed force
or Communists In tbie city. Cincinnati
bas or late become tbe headquarter! ol
tbe so-callod Socialistic Labor party,
the secretary or the national organiza
tion having come here some lime since,
and bas been recently followed by tbe
treasurer, and now preparations ire
making for tbo publication of i national
organ bcrc, under the management of
pincers or the national association.
The Enquirer reporter has been quietly
at work lor some time ferreting out the
Intentions and iccre movements of tbis
psrty, and to-morrow will publish facts.
He finds tbat the cartv baa three thon.
sand men enrolled here, and that large
numbers or tnera ire already organized
Into military companies, which meet
secretly and drill, and are is rapidly is
possible being furulihed with arms. Itj
is said there are several thousand ateailj'
oi arms in tie city, woicu u it supposed.
ire being remodeled ind made Into!
breech-loaders. I
They have, it Is now learned, rt cully
made several Ineffectual attempts to get
possession of the Galling goo par Sated
Jbr tbe police last summer. Tne history
of the movement la that lo i meeting ol
Socialists recently a motion was made
tbat at tbey could not effect their pur
pose by ballot that they irm themselves!
Tbie failed to carry, but the mover, lo
lowed by manv adherents, proceedel
with tbe formation of companies, wblcLj
are growiog rapidly. 0. P. A. j
New York, May 2. Tbe syndicate
sold I1.C00.000 ii per cent, bouds yes .
terday, leaving lese than 11,000,000 of
amount of tne recent recall uusoia.
smaaeerT Cewr. . , .
BODBBB, OJtaX. , . I4
Tbe following U a llat ol eaeei on tbt "
Cbanoery docket.
lSaa-Joni Canto ye A and Istae Bra-
bam. .. . .
UiaWaate Mastitis vt Dame v ana ,
Tbonat M Bolaad.
1844-C H Cog burn vt margaret Hunt. -UMWullet
B aid Job! Aala vt A J
Flaaagmn, Sheriff. i
ista-Marr 8 Blake vi Alsxaadtr Ho-
Insula! Saba vi David Wallace
i860 laaotl Frltdlandtr vi laiae
1861-Q W Bentell ACOVt Joll W Ming
and John 0 Flaherty,
la&S-B F 'jameron ve Tnomaa ja. uua
1353-James Fossett ve Jwbsrt Beooiu
it al. . ''
i864-Q:orit w Alexander vt jueaara
Grant tt ale,
isoo Joha Ktiiy vt Joaaaaa atojtiatara
IWO-AUea Qrtmei ve John A aiein, x-
esutor of Wa Grtmet, dtstated. I
lssa-J a madias et it vi Wa A Fair
child et al. "
1339 i H d Bowaaerei al vt laratr J
Miller, Extr, . . - ,,.,,,.
litso tana AOier vt Bane xinaiey .
1334-Jaati eallagber et al V at Meyart
al. . . '., ... - . . . r
list Mary roller tt ai ve earsa m
Ktane. Adnvx. ' ... .
wm Belie worthy vi Konen any sau
IftMBiiUe B Willie ve Virginia I'boaaa
tel. .. . ; . " "' '
182T Murrav w emit! ve m wascsau.
liao James ua Mite Motto ve l'b.
Loewenburg etal ' vu,i;.i
una ema uveMtrettvoxtiae a tvr'-e,
ir28-Charlaa Oreta ve John W tiuuz
eta!. ' '
mi Andrew Jtaatttal vt Hesse!;!,
aid Vlckiburg Railroad Co it al.
18W o w Hutoaesoaa ve ve jrereet t
Fitspeirlek et ei, .,.'. : ,
i8i wm a cnamotrun, Atugnot, va
W H Woodruff etaL... ..'
1818- Virginia Thawte. Adm'X ills
Bedford etal.
1817 Krnetttae Bali nil llama
etal. ......
1816 Geo M KItli vt Eugene Marti a. -I8i
J A J Uretewell et al va Bugenl
1818-Marla Srjeraaia nn et 11 VI Al
exander Bronint et al. -
1307-Itbata BobaAerva Fn Gilbert and
L H Loewenberg.
1808-Pbtiin chapman ind Hsnry rtrne
vt Philip U Gilbert.
130 Joieph Hatty vt Calvin ciavn, 1
18J0 Thomas i Martin va BUta V Bask
1287 Horace Wither vt Annie vri.aer. '
Um Maria Bptraaaa Ptra VI A BrttiUtl
l2i-State or Hiaiutti dl Maria apeiu
anza Peravs Britain! at ai. ,
121 1 John Fieckanittli ve 4 V Lauder
lio Julia Goodwin vi Ardsi M Aauo-
ny etal.
Ilti-j a avieie w arm wiwm si wu
17 I Blordta va J a Gunnel? et at. ,
11T7-J H 0 Bow mar at al vi B f Mont
gomery ,t al. .. . . .. . ...v.
w-Johi L Bebroa ve X Q filgaaU
et al.
II :s-Thei J King it al va W T Waits
erly etal. . . k
l.HU-Leura V Flood at a! vs Jno "VV Flood
U44 Thot A Marshall. Ada'r, etc, V!
Owen MoGarr, Adm'r, eto.
1260 Frank Henaertou et it ve Billie V
Bendeiaoo et al.
1X49-H o Downing tt il ve Thomas B
Mount, tt al. i
124-Thomea J Hants ve tfantera Cot
ton I'reie, eto.
1247 Joieph Gentile vi Kllingtabtrg A
Leonard tt al.
1245 Timothy Criminous ve Mary Crus-
mona, :
ia)-warren cowan et al va X B Aiioo-
it al.
1180 Joseph Gent 11a vi Klitigeaberg
Leonard tt al.
129 Joseph Genella vt Dodge, Cam.
meyer A Co. .
118-A LBurllmae ve A 0 Hurlimaa.
12248 A Banderlle vt all ptraoat.
i:i7-Davld Wallace et al ve atalaebi
Du Boat.
1211-W W Dedrlok it alviH C Clarke
et al.
1210- Eugene Clark it al va H O Clarke
1208-Vlcksburg and Meridian Bailroafl.
va M N Martin,
luo; John A Klein. Bxioutoreto. ve Al
len M Grlmct el al.
150.1 pj b Ltnler ve A A Whitley et al.
1202-Heltv Wrlaht va iiaaUltoa Wfiakt
1200-A C Waddall va Cbaa Talbott tt at.
lltM-A I Motaman et al vt Catberiae
Hallet al.
1183-Btnnlt J Wathta va Marr Glaaa
tt. al.
11H2-K L Malthewa va JaeL Gee.
UHi-Mary A Finaay va Uaioa Mutual
Life Inturanot Company.
1177- Julius Coleman v! Geo Jt Budtv
lietb et al.
11:0' Catherine Bugget al ve Thomas
Fox et al.
1175-Wm M Uarrls et U ve William
11,3-Illen K Vandenburgetal ve Gee
J Uradbeldet al.
1171 Kmer.a Brewiter vt Laura It
Watbon et al.
I HW Tiirord I'egram tt al vt Peter Crot
by et al.
1 lot Thomas N Jones it ll VI Joaeph
1152 Charlea K Hooker tt al yi 1 H
l'llv-8tto of Mlsslsilppl vs J W Bag
l ab etal. ,
1148 Thos J Sumner va V A M BB.
1128Thos L PorteiSeld vs Margaret
Hayes etal.
llit Louisa Smith vt Alexander Smith.
1112 W H Woodruff ve SuperOore of
Warns county et al.
iioewm r Henry ve Wm T Fleming,
lll'3-John W Vlck va Christopher A
Manlove and wile.
1 1" Mary A.Adams vi An ZTiogbtaa
" al.
tne Pennsylvania House of Ktpre
aenutlvee ravoia the Tezei and
Southern FaolBo Koada.
IIabrkbcbo, May 1 .Thi House of
Representatives this morning adopted
a resolution calling on Senator and
Representative In Congress to deviee
meane of aiding md enooaracina tba
immediate building of the Texaai acif
lo ind Southern Paolfle Railroads in
order that a portion of surplus labor
of the country may be employed. 1
Collector at BTew Orleeoa.
WAtHWGTOir, Mat 1 Geo. L. Ftiilth
hai been confirmed Collector of the
port of New Orleans.
i -

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