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TJX --
NO. 47
Pnbllihed WEEKLY by
Slngl copletby mall, per year, potu
age paid 'J 15
5 copies, postage paid 1 7.1
10 " " " 1 50
0 " " " 1 28
Ad extra copy will be gives to tbe getter
up of a club of ten.
Send Poitofllce Money Order, or draft,
wben practicable. Address.
I 1 . I
I TllOT. Tlnif, Mon'i I Mon'l Yftr.
1 Mqusre .... 1 1 so" 1 1 oo i lo no oo
I ftliiara.... i 71 7 00 II l HOO U 00
t tblUATM .... 9 19 30 -ii no 34 00
t niur, .... s a lioo u oo aw r, oo
t .Ure .... O 1.1 no JSKj oo a uo
i S.iir-I .... 7 71 IS ') 30 0o 4 oo i"0
k Column .... 00 17 Ou 14 tat 'fl on 7i on
M folaai .... 17 DO 30 00 :o go 11 lw 100 on
M C olumn .... UK) 4S0O 7: (Vi lr.j o Horn
1 Coluui oo u oo M in l:o ( iu oo
Saturday Morning-, May 18,1878
Gck. Stephen D. Lei is meuiioned
bi a probable candidate for Cougrcss
la bit DIttrict.
The Brookbavon Ledger is advocat
log tbe election of Gen. Roll. Lowry
to Cotgress from tbe Fiftb District.
The Republican party to love tbe
South that they propose to tend politi
cal Missionaries down here next Fall
to initruct tbe people. How do tbe
Sonthern Republican, like it ?
There I, talk in Washington among
sensible, Intelligent men of Impeaching
Judge Bradley, of the Supreme Court,
about tome crookedness conuected
with the Electoral Comminloti.
Ir Vicktburg listens to tbe gtowls
of tbe dogt iu tbe manger or the
whines of tbe penny-wise pound-fool-isb,
ber doom Is sealed. She cannot
afford to Itt the present opportunity
The report ol tbe Army Engineer
ou Eads's jetties at the mouth of tbe
Mississippi is very favorable indeed.
Tbe report claims that tbe meets is so
prououueed that It is to the bat inter
est of tbe Government to pu-li tbe
construction with tbe utmo-t vigor.
It Is very evident that tbe Kept lli
cans are very much afrail of an Inves
tigation of tho Louisiana ami Florida
iraudi. Their breaking of a quorum
day after day shows conclusively that
they are afraid to laco tbe music. Mr.
Uiarkson N. Potter, of New York, dis
tinctly stated tbat no attempt would be
made to unseat tbe President, and the
Democratic caucus so declared, but
Mr. Potter positively affirmed tbat the
evidence is overwhelming!) convinc
ing, and that Republicans in high sta
tion would be convicted.
The Cold Ssap. The spell of weath
er tbat set in Friday and continued till
vesierdav seems to havo been destruc
tive to vegetation in regions north of
this. The lowest temperature ai oi.
Louis in this time was 41 degrees,
wbicb is 9 degrees above the frost mark
though there wa, white frost to be
seen on low grounds in the country;
but in Iowa and Michigan it was much
cnlder. At Slonx CilT the snow fell
all day Saturday, the ground being
covered at suubci. mere was lbu sou
snow at intervals through the day at
Burlington, Keokuk and Muscatine;
Id tbe eastern part of Iowa also. At
many points in Michigan the weather
was clear and the cold took tbe form
of frost, the young fruit and vegetables
being killed. Tbe clouds protected the
earth in this vlciaity Sunday and Mon
day nights; but for this there would,
probably, have been a severe frost
even though cherries are ripe and the
grape-vines in bloom. At present the
cold term appears to have spent its
force, and it la not likely that we shall
h another to imoair tbe unusually
favorable prospect which tbe fruits and
grain crops present. l.uuu uci'uu
lican. m
Hugh Hastings as a Piiopuet.
As it stauds now, if we are to plic
faith iu high Democratic authority,
Tburman, of Ohio, and Hendricks, of
Indiana, are the leading candidates for
tbe Presidency. As it will stand when
the Democratic National Convention
gets fairly to work, Tbos. Bayard, of
Delaware, or Sam Randall, of Penn
sylvania, will be ahead of both.-N.
Y. Commercial Advertiser.
A Pertinent Question. One of
tbe members ol Sherman's Syndicate
recently stated there was such a de
mand for the four-and-a-half per cent.
Government bonds tbat it was difficult
keeping a supply on hand. And yet
Sherman is paying bis Syndicate a
commission for telling these very bonds,
for which there U such au immense
demand. Why did ho not oiler them
As soon as it was seen that tbe Mis
sissippi river was cutting away from
Vicksburg after tbe cut-off was made,
confidence in the future of tbe city re
ceived a very severe shock. Rents In
tbe northern part of the city declined,
and no new buildings were erected. No
change In this respect Is noticeable yet
While it is thought probable tbat the
southern part of tba city will be able
to take care of Itself, tbe future of tbe
northern portion is anything but bright
It Is true that our energetic Represen
tative has succeeded in getting a small
appropriation from Congress to pre
serve our harbor ; it Is true that we have
a right to look for aid iu ibis direction
iu tbe future ; but it is not true that this
aid will certaiuly do for Vicksburg all
that is required. She must do some
thing for herself. Cities arc not made
by non-residents. Whether cities grow
and prosper and their inhabitants be
come rich and powerful depends very
much upon Ibeir own efforts.
Chicago is very little older than
Vicksburg, but if tbe whole of
Vicksburg was sold out tbe proceeds
would hardly purchase one fiftieth por
tion of Chicago. This is not owing
wholly to the fact tbat tbe Inhabitants
of Chicago are more energetic and
pushing than our own, but 11 Is cer
tainly attributable In part to that
fact. Chicago has railroads runulng
in every direction, and she has always
favored railway enterprises. VickS'
burg baa one railrcad only, and sbe is
now presented tbe opportunity to se
cure another one, perhaps two more,
that will be operated solely in ber in
terest. Ciin sbe afford to let this op
portunity pass? A thousand times, no!
If tbe Deer Creek road is built it
will completely restore confidence fn
tbe northern part of tho city. Tbe
President of the Company, iu speaking
ou tbis subject, used tbe following lan
guage: "This road will take its chances
with Vicksburg. 1 will put the depot
in tbo northern part of tbe city, and I
do not inteud to ask the right of way
through tbo city, for tbe wbola
weight of this enterprise shall
go to anchor tbe city. I ara
not uueasy about shipping any
thing tbat it will be necessary for me
to ship, and I am satisfied tbat all
freight to go over my road will Cud Us
road to the depot in the northern part
of tbe city, Just as cheaply as if tbe de
pot should be put in tbe southern part
of the city." This is tbe right sort of
talk. Tbe railroad wlil benefit tbe
whole of the city, for the southern part
of the city will prosper just as much
as tbe northern part, when coufldenco
in the future is fully re-established.
Nothing will go farther towards fully
re-establishing confidence and reviving
trade In Vicksburg than tbe building
of the Deer Creek railroad. From the
very moment Its construction begins,
tbe good (fleet will be felt. It will
give labor to hundreds in the city now
out of employment. Tho Company
propose, if the proposition is accepted
by the cl'y and Sharkey county, to
build tbe road as rapidly at it cau be
done, so as to be able to take off
as much of the growing crop as possi
ble. They propose to put cut
three contracts at once : Oue from bere
to a point balf way to the Yszjo, one
from the Yizoo back balf way to Vicks
burg, and one from tbe Yszao to the
lower Hill plantation. This will give
every idle man in tbe city a chance to
Af:er tbe rotd is complete 1 it will
still give employment to quite a num
ber here and In Sharkey county.
There will have to be conductor", sta
tiou agents, cng-ncer, brakesmen, sec
tion band", e'e , etc.
Tbe only objection we havo ever
beard urged to this road Is, tbat it will
add to tbe burthens of the city. We
ask all just men, is this so? Can an in
vestment tbat will pay for itself ten
times over in one year add to the
burthens of the city? Does not the
resolution adopted by tbe Rolling Fork
meeting, to the effect that tbe road will
lessen rather tbau increase tbe burthens
of Sharkey county, apply with equil
force to Vicksburg ? It certainly does.
Let us suppose that the penny-wise,
pound-foolish aud dog in tho mauger
classes combine and vote the proposi
tion down, and thus defeat this great
What men t ntve tnosc
Saccetsful Vloksbvri Eatsrprlst A
Rivolutlsi Ii Cottoa Csaprtsslnp.
Ai Accoant by An Amateur.
New ORLtiita, May 16, 1878.
Editor Vicksburg Herald:
Tbere was exhibited, yesterday, at
tbe Mississippi Press (compres), in
Ibis city, the finally successful working
of so invention that has occupied tbe
time and study of one ol yoor citiions
for the lsst six years, and which baa
during that time enlisted tbe attention
and money or tbrce others ot your em
inent citizens, so, I am sure, you, as
well as your readers, will be Interested
in knowing something about it. Some
six year, ago, tbe Rev. F. M. Logue, of
your neighborhood, commence 1 exper
imenting upon an idea that in com
pressing cotton all the bands on a bale
could be fastened simultaneously, and
tbat tbe usti'il Slack" or expanding
of tbe bale ater compression could
be done away with. Experimenting
upon this idea he iuvented an
automatic baud puller and buckler,
by which the bands were simultaneous
ly fastened, but alter long and costly
experiments, be concluded tbe buckle
was nol what be Intended it should be.
Previous to this, however, Mr. Logue
bad enlisted in bis enterprise Mr. Jno.
A. Klein, Judge J. W. M. Harris, and
Gen. N. 11. Harris, who took a lively
Interest In tbe Important invention.
Judge Harris gave, for months, bis
whole time to tbe matter, and finally
tbe "Triumph Stra-n Cotton Band
Puller and Buckler" triumphed and
yesterday compress men, practical
workers la cotton compressing, and
many prominent people of New Or
leans, witnessed the successful working
of tbe new invention, lo make It
very plain and simple, tbe puller aud
buckler does this, as witness'
td by your correspondent, who,
by the way, hain't a dollar' worth ol
interest in tbe matter. It holds all of
the bands or ties exactly at the point at
which they are drawn there is uo
slack ; U fastens all of tho biuds at tbe
samo time, by steam ; It dispenses with
all baud-work except putting the bale
in tbo press and placing the lies iu po
sition; it waits at tbe rate of Iron)
fifty to eighty bales an hour. .The au
tomatic p;' I t anil the buckle, though
so long a i. tie was spent in tbelr In
vention, at very simple and rati be at
tached to ai.y siz:d pre. The inven
tion, it is thought by practical Com
press men, will save one-third space Iu
loading vessel, will dispense with la
bor ol several men iu compressing,
and will work more rapidly tban tbe
ordinary methods or compressing.
My ideas are probably a Utile crude,
but they are at least, 1 hop, Intelligi
ble. Chewiest.
Oar Aracaaiaus Traveler
GION. Hot SruiNoa, Ass., May 13, 1978.
Editor Vicksburg Usrald:
This town is made up principally of
hotels, stores and doctor-shops. Tbe
variety in tbe way of hotel is very
great. They ran from the Arlington,
arge establishment pretty well kept,
I etiti-nrUe.
directly o me r :o y, - . - - - howlir, ,nJ ,rowle any thing to of
the quarter of a rmllio n do. hrs i t jm , fer h) j lhat w,n neulralM 1C
minions which he pajs loi tae ,a,o i , cut-off and revive the
i50.0tO.000 of tho louMi.d-e.-Ui l":tradeofl,iec(v? If ,l,ey have, it U
cents? loledoI.cc. ! lull time (or thLm to make it public
i ... i. ; I, f a aiu nnnu nna nim mitvnnan iiimipii a
A woman in inunna - ; - ; ; , ,,
bOVS ID0 oilier iu , ". w - , -
until the day of the election, can Vickj
burst afford to lot this opportunity
it?a ltnahliV
1119 UVUi'" . . .
.i - .n.t!A aimnU forsook hn
when the president beard that such a
thing happened outside of Ohio.
Tbis great Invention ooniist, (.1 two
part,, wuicn are huiuil U be a,uluu-ly r
..ilslto to the succetsrul bantling ot cotton
by attain.
Ttio nrtt I tli" engine or machine ty
wbicb tbe ,tvaiu i, applied lor Uruwin
tbe hand, taut llie hale; tbe secoutl is
tbo buckle I. v n. ;n, ol wnlcb tbe band.
are belt! witb' .t.lip, down to tbe exact
point at whicu tbey are drawn; tnus by
both tbe engine anJ too buuklo, to what
ever aize a oule ot volton i, comori'M-il.
tbat compresiloo t, saved bj toe band, be-
tag drawn ,o a, (onmu h.
i'bl, 1, exactly wbat this engine and
buckle doe,; wbat It wa. Intended to do,
and what in (act it accomplice. it I, pre
cisely the same object and purpose fi r
whlrh a compress i, used, liut without
tbi, invention tbe compress itself loses
one-lb. rd ot it, work, (or Ibe bale expands
to Irora one-tblrd to one-uau it, compress,
id Ue. Soioal tbi, (nxmo and buckle
are eminently requisite to tbe compres,,
nrovlded it beea.T ol adjustment, ,wi(i in
It, work and econom cat in ii, use. And
tbes, tbree eisenlUi point, are oovt red by
this invention.
Tbe enginu or machine can be caul! put
up to any style or size of compres,, and at
a piles wbicb it, us, tor a very brief time
would repay: it is ,impie, piam sou win.
out in, leakt complication, so lbu tbe or
dinar; lab irer, ri(Uired lo do compress
inif can ea.ilv banule it.
ft, power i, derived from a cylinder,
supplied by steam from lite boiler, ol tbo
compress; it, piston, and levers by easy
and gracelul ui -lions, move two beam, up
and imwn. bv alternate motion; on tbe n
beam is plac- J tut band, anil the other
tbe buckle. ''Kinirern" are made and
c jnstr-jcti-'l a, to bold the buckle freely
and seen ely and with ample roi-ro lor
tbelr proper movement, ami who nuuiute
eeuiity. Ibe buckle is placed Iu poi.
lion, tbe bind p med a ound the bale,
tbrnuiMi toe b.ickle and into the iirlp at
tacSidtothe. upprr beam, steam is ap
plied, tbu beam holding end ol this baud
moves swiltly up, drawing tbe baud, laut
to tbe halo, the beam boldm; tbe buckle,
move, by equal motion down to the center
of the bale; the band at Its cod is loosened,
tbe buckle, revolve,and tue oands aro held
taut on the bale at the point o( tbo lowest
compression of the bale.
Thus this Invention is not only a " band
puller'1 but a buckler, and perform, its
work thorouRblv, turning out from tin to ;)
bales per hour, and makln-,' a perfect bale.
Tuk Bcckl. The ouckle Is simply per
fect; it I, cheap and strong, and can be
lurnished on the order of a day by the mil.
Hon. The old bands are used a, they
come oil tho bale,, and nothing I, l",t.
Tho Inventor is the Kev. V. M. Logue, of
Vicksburg. Mi,,., aided ami asslteil tbor
ounlily by Judge Harris ol tho samo city;
It Is the consummation d six yvarsnl hard
study and expense, and dining mat lime
lh whole sul J ct and every branch ol the
art In all It, details ii.ivo been ib"r jtighly
considered, tried and explore" on ,ui, in
vention, in the accoiuplisinneutol tuu ob.
k-ct. It has required treat couruno, p.i
ttence and fortitude In its ii' liiovetneuts.
Iho owners of tho Invention are K. M.
Lgue, J. W. M. Harrs. Joi.il A. Klein,
and tien S. H. Harris. Mr. Lewis John
son, ol New i. rltans, Is tue skiillul builder
of thl, machine, lo whose genius the in.
ventorand owner are justly indebted.
Saw OHLKs.My 1, W.
clear down to a smoky old tent, whose
paraphernalia seems to have been in
servine since tbe flood, If indeed It was
not a part of tbe cargo of Noah's Ark,
having come away down from Adam's
time. Tbere seem lo be no private res
idences. Nearly everywhere boarders
are taken in perhaps in more ways
tban one and the charge vary with
the character of accommodations, as
elsewhere. In most cases the figures
are high. The Arlington taxes from
75 (their lowest figure, and which
means away up under tbe roof,) np to
$135 per month. It is pretty low fare,
witb musty smelling rooms, and with
four or five persons in a room, tbat can
be bad for $30 per month. Now and
then one can secure a comfortable
room in a private house for 125 per
month, and board at a French resiau
ant or any other place be desires; in
which case be will have privacy and
quiet, though at greater cost. A hotel
bere is not like a hotel in a town or
city, where the proprietor expects, if
he properly treats bis guest, he will
put up with blm at another time. Few
people, comparatively, ever return to
this place, and tbe Idea seem to be to
make all tbat can legitimately be made
out of pe pie while tbey are bere. In
this respect, I am reminded some of
Msgara, (bough the shop-keepers are
not so persisleut and do not fall out
with you if you do not buy. Nothing
ii cheap bere, except it be tbo little
"ral" cans, resembling coffee pots, with
a tight-tilting cover and a thimble
arraiigcmcut over the spout to keep iu
tbe steam and heat. Tbis, witb a lin
eup, may be uougut anywucre tor
twenty-live cents, lry anytuing tise
and you ate suddenly awakeued lo a
sense of the necessity of having a largo
net income.
Nothing is given away. 0 ) coming
over here, oue of our parly at! ed a
gentlemen on tbe tram if any ot tbe
hotels bad tree ommbusses. lie re
plied that be bad lived here since 18b2
ami be baa never nearu or anything
being tree in ilol Springs, in Ibis re
spect one of our parly changed tbe
programme soon after arrlva'. As
Master Frauk was returning oue after
noon to tbe hotel, after a forced tramp
to the Springs for a dose of hot water,
he was approached by a lady heavily
veiled aud asked if be would not de
liver a note to a gentleman at Arlington
Hall and bring back a verbal reply of
"yes ' or "no." Master Frank being of
that age that one begins to take an in
terest in the gentler sex, readily con
sented, and on returning and deliver
log a "yes" as the answer, be was of
fered a quarter as compensation for bis
services, which, not kuowing tbe rules
of the place, he declined, lie has since
been sdvised to koep tbis a secret, lor
if the action should become generally
known the boy would be regarded at
so much a curiosity as to make it an
noying for him to appear upon tbe
1 have two or three time spoken ol
the street. Strictly speaking, tbere is
but oue street. This runs along the
valley with all the windings and sin
uosities of the creek which comes down
between tbe mountains. There is no
regular sidewalk. In front of maoy of
the stores they have built platforms
some narrow, some wide, some bigh,
some low, aud some with none which
makes locomotion uncertain, while ap
pearances are not very symmetrical.
The bou-es are rode and rough, aud all
frame. 1 thluk there is not a brick
structure of any kind In the place ex
cept the chimneys. Tbe fire played
havoc, aud completely swept tbe .valley
for over a quarter of a mile. Tbe burnt
district is being rapidly rebuilt. Houses
are in almost every state of construction
all over this territory. I never In my
life saw so much hammorlog, sawing,
planing and painting. The street is
crowded with lumber and material for
building, and oue has to walk over
plank piles and rubbish as be passes
alnn. Tba buildings are occODled long
before tbey arc finished ; and the doctor
will feel your pulse or thump your
chet in the bick room while the car
neuter Is nailing on the wainscoting in
tbe front room. But the buildings are
rude and rough, and very flimsy. In
only a few of them has dressed plank
been used to enclose them. I have not
seen a neat piece of mechanism in
wood work iu the place, either iu the
old or tbe new. Ore is reminded of
tbe hurry to build tbat is seen in min
ing towns the first year or so after be
ing started.
Just now, in some place, the street
resembles tbe main approaches to sonic
great fair where are erected all kinds
of booth", tents aud shanties. On the
side of the street next to tbo creek are
found vendors of divers commodi
ties, such as candy, pop-corn, cider,
down to tbe dopot which Is located foil
half a mile off and beyond a ridge.
This road doe s good business and is
one of the paying institutions of the
" Eelley Town " is tbo born of the
very poor, and is situated In a little
vslley east of tbe creek. It consists of
uncouth hot and shanties such as were
erected by the soldiers in Winter time
when camped for a period at on posL
Tbi town was formerly erected around
what is called the " ral hole, just back
of tbe Arlington, but on account of Its
unsightly appearance and too close
proximity to the best and most thickly
settled part of tbe town, was removed
to us present location, i Dave a pic
ture of it In my collection of stereo
scopic views, taken in Winter time,
when tbere was a deep snow oo tbe
ground, aud it looks doleful enough, to
be sure. Tbe sights seen in Eelley
Towu are not picturesque or aucb as to
Impress one very strongly with the
beauties of life. No pleasing features
greet the eye or the ear. Here one's
mind involuntarily reverts to tbe ob
ject of disease and deformity in Con
stantinople as pictured oy -uarg l wain
in bi "Innocent Abroad." Having
visited Eelley Town once, a perton ol
any sensltiventss does not desire to go
tbere again. I beard of no dootor,
however, la Eelley Town, or that any
of tbem ever seut a drummer (here.
Bleased, (ben, in on respeot, Is poor
Eelley Town.
The place is full of dogs. But tbey
are not tba mangy, ball-starved cars
which history places as nearly overrun
nlng Constantinople, nor art they the
mongrel army that Infests your own
city and nearly run light sleepers crazy
of night; they are, la most cases, fat
and sleek and as jolly a set a you ever
saw. They vary In size from the Mule
wee fellow not as large a a fat sun
flower squirrel, and tbat you eould
easily carry lo your coat pocket, to Ibe
immense brown colored Newfoundland
across tbe street that looks as though
he could give a buffalo a pretty rough
wrestle. They are a friendly set, espe
cially the Urge black fellows, witb
their lutelliit'ul look, and you may
safoly pat them on the betid without
tbe tear or a growl iu return, now it
happened so many of tbem located
bere, and, being bere, succseded in
keeping so fat, is one of tbe tbiugs I
have not yet learned. Its Importance
may induce me to push my researches
till enabled to eulighten you on tbe
But, as I write, Master Frank sug
gests be bas not seen a single cat.
That' a fact. Cat and rat do not
abound here. It may be that tbe dog
worried the eat, that caught tbe rats
till tbe latter two cut out for psrta uo
known, and have not been able lo Mud
their way back. I do not wonder that
tbe poor cats, once away from bere,
could not return. 1 wonder, tome
times, the little locomotive on the rail
road from Malvern does not stray off
into the woods and lose Itself. This Is
such an out-oMhe-way place. It shows
a most remarkable instiuot that the
cows can find tbelr way home bere
at milking time. One might well sup
pose, from the scarcity of milk, that
many of tbem nover do. If nature,
herself, did not carry tbe little streams
out into open day and tbe broad sun
shine, tbere is some reason for the be
Hot that tbey would become confused
and wander about iu tbat bewildered
state till time should be no more.
Every day I feel apprehensive tbat
something might come along and break
tbe iron bands thst bind ns to tbe out
er world and shut us up in bere for
good and for all.
Tbe other day I wrote a verse on
Hot Springs doctors. At the time, I
thought perhaps I might be hasty, and
I held the letter a day or so to let her
cool off. Since then I have pushed my
Inquiries and I have found Dr. PHI
crammer, who Is just a shade, only,
worse tban many others.
He is In with a bath-house ; in witb a
druggist (who gives blm 30 per cent, of
tbe sum charged for each prescription ;)
In with a clothing-house tbat gives him
a retnrn commission ; in witb a stink
ing boardlng-bouso tbat would disgust
a well-bred Spauiel ; and be sells bis
own dirty soap, through a druggist,
upon his very formal prescriptions.
And to make It doubly sure that
you go to his druggist, he refers,
in bis prescriptions to patients, to a
certain formula only on file tbere, io
that other druggist cannot touch it.
Thl Is gospel truth. Ob, ye poor
wretches in Kelloy Town I if you but
knew bow many Dr. Pillcrammers
there are hovering around the healing
waters that come steaming up not far
away, you would no longer grieve that
your purses contained no loadstone for
With this I pass tba doctor by, and
close my labors with tbem.
In my next I will speak of the great
Springs, whose healing properties are
known nearly all over this continent,
and of a few minor matters, and then
close the chapter for tbe present.
B. II. P.
geological specimens, tarantulas, centi
pede, and whetstones, perched in little
"cuddy holes' of every conceivable
s!.' and shape, even to tho common A
tent, wherein, in addition to tbo stock
iu tnde, are erected two bunks for the
proprietors. Along this street pass the
street car, between tho extremities of
the town. One branch of tbe road
crosses the creek to the east and goes
The National Windmill. Where
is Dr. Sturgeon? Is he In Columbus,
or is bo yet electrifying Philadelphia?
Wo need tbo Doctor In Columbus. The
workingmen of Toledo aro interested
In a score or more measures ponding,
and there is pressing need for all the
statcsmcu wo bavo lying around loose
It is cruel to leave tbo hard work of
tho session to his colleague. Mr. Kel
logg, who ia no statesman. There is
plenty of time for the Doctor to air bis
voice after tbe adjournment. Just now
wo waut blm In Columbus. lToledo
--- EMsWawsBaa
, saatt. - i
Washington. May 17. Davis, of Il
linois, from tho Committee oa Judi
ciary, reported with amendment, Eon
ate bill to provide for tho appointment
of an additional Circuit Jadgs) la the
Second Judicial Circuit comprising
New Tori, Vermont and other Eastern
States. Placed oa the calendar.
Ferry, of Mlcblian. from tho Com
mittee oa Post-office and Post Roads,
reported the post routo bill with
numerous amendments. Placed oa too
calendar. f ,
MoMillan. of Minnesota, from tho
Committee oa Claim, reported with
amendment, House bill making appro
priation lor tbo payment of claim al
lowed by the Southern Claims Com
mission. Placed oa the ealendar.
Davis, of Illinois, from tho Commit
tee on Judiciary, reported a bill to pro
vide for tho appointment of an addi
tional Circuit Judge in the Seventh Ju
dicial Dlalrlot, compriaing tho States
of Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.
Placed on tbe ealendar. I u.'i
n)su. - i. . ;.
The long-protracted struggle, la tba
Uouse over Potter's resolution for a
8elect Committee of eterea to Investi
gate alleged Presidential election frauds
In Florida and Louisiana, resulted to
day In a vlotory of tho Democratvand
ia tho adoption of the resolution.
Democratic members who had been ab
sent or paired on Monday last, when
the resolution wa offered, had been
sines tben recalled to the city or had
given notice of the termination of their
pairs, and to-day tbsro were present In
tbe House, free from entangling al
liances, 118 Democratio member. In
cluding the Speaker. After varloos pre
liminary movements, oomprlslng a call
of tho House, closing of tba doors, the
Issuing of warrants for absentees, none
of whom were In the elty, etc., a final
rota was taken on tba adoption of tho
preamble and resolution, and not a sin
gle Republican member had bis vote
recorded, ana out two Democratic
members (Mills, of Texas, and Morse,
of Massachusetts,) voted in tbo nega
tive. Tha affirmative Tola waa
and the preamble and reaolutioa were
declared adopted. Tbera was a good
deal of confusion, uproar and excite
ment throughout the ootiy, out no
demonstrations attended tba announce
ment of tha result. Stevsna
did not vote, he waa
paired. An incident occurred over
this question of pairs, which at one
time threatened to be serious. Goode,
of Virginia, had been paired witb Lor
lug, of Mass., who was in tbe city alck,
and when Uoode stated the fact that ha
had given notice to Mr. Lorlog of tha
termination of tba pair, and that nnder
the circumslanoes he felt it his duty to
vote, a sneering remark that it waa
simply a question of honor wat made
by Conger, of Michigan. Goode re
torted with a strong feeling of Indig
nation tbat he would taka care' of bis
own honor, and if Conger assailed it
he (Goode) would hold blm to a per
sonal responsibility. Tbe response
wa loudly applauded on the Demo
cratic side, and was received withjeera
and eontemptnoa laughter ok the Re
publican aide, Conger remarking sar
lisiically, tbat Goode' threat was mak
ing blm tremble in his boots. Goode'a
remark was objeoted to by Hale, of
Maine, a being unparliamentary, but
the Speaker deolded that tba first of
fence had been aiven br Conger, and
that it would be a reasonable to expect
a child not to hollow when struck as to
expect a man not to resent aa Insult.
Tbe Speaket's role gave intense satis
faction to the Democratio tide, and cor
responding displeasure to the Republican.
Mr. Potter, of New York, will ba
Chairman of tbe select committee, It
is understood that aa soon a possible
alter it organization sab-committees
win be appointed, and will proceed to
Florida and Louisiana. It la expected
that Springer, of Illinois, wilt.be a
member ot the Committee, and proba
bly Chairman of tbe Florida sub-committee.
It Is very probable tba Repub
licans will to-morrow offer a resolution
to extend tba Investigation to Oregon,
Mississippi, South Carolina, and, other
The Rev. Dona Wong, a native
Chinaman, who was recently ordained
to labor among his almond-eyed breth
ren on tbe Paclflo coast, prosecutes his
wort uneier tiieaavantagee. Tha
Chinese have been so roughly treated
by a great many people who call them
selves Christians that tbey bate Chris
tianity, and do not want Its doctrine
promulgated among tbem. In Oregon,
where Dong Wong is trying to con
vest bis countrymen, this leelinir t.
particularly atrong. Dong has two biz
revolver, and everywhere that Dong
goes tbe revolvers are sure to go. tie
as not M yet shot any of bi bearers,
bnt declares that he means bnaineaa.
and will shoot somebody If It shall, in
his best judgment, seem necessary to
do so. If it comes to a choice between
being shot and being converted, Dong
will probably have tome converts to
Win Vessels Must Comb IIosie.
Witb Russia purchasing vessel both on
our Atlantic and our Pacific Coast, and
England forewarned of her design, it
is tbe clear duty of our Government to
call home that part of our Navy which
ia cruising in distant seas for the en
forcement of our neutral rl4htv Witb
a possible crisis approaching, tha Gov
ernment will be luexcusable if it keeps
several pleasure yachts in the Mediter
ranean when tbey may soon be needed
at homo aa a National police for'onr
ooasts and harbort.-N. Y. Uerald.

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