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Friday Bfornlng-, June 7, 1877.
Pabcaqoula Iibi been selected at (he
next place for (be meeting of the Mis
sissippi Preii Association.
. Majob E. Barkidalx, oi the Jack
ion Clarion, arrived yesterday, and
participated In the proceeding of tbe
Presi Convention.
Wi were glad to have vistt yester
day from Mr. Jn. A. Steven, of tbe
' Colombo Independent, Mr. R. A. Bon
ner, of tbe Panola Star, Mr. Daniel
Dennett, ol tbe N. 0. Picayune, Dr. J.
K,Nagle, of the N. O. Democrat, Mr.
T. E. Oury, of tbe Carrolllon Conser
vative, and several otber member, of
tba Preai Auoclation.
Without tbe interposition of some
nolooked-for event, tbe execution of
Wm. Dixon ( ( tbe murder of old nun
Bachman.will take place in tbe jail yard
to-day. Sucb iccnes are of rare occur
rence in Mississippi, and we trust tbal
if tbe dread sentence of tbe law is con
.inmmated It may prove sucb a warn
ing tbat llie crime of murder may
never again be perpetrated iu our
Tbe following are tbe oflber of tbe
Press Association for tbe ensuing-year:
J. II. Sliarpe, Columbus Independent,
G. T. Herndun, Tupelo Journal, 1st
Vice President.
Etnmett L. nisi, Canton Mai!. 2nd
Vice President.
W. II. Cochran, Starkville Times
B. Walpole, Kw.Iusko, Treasurer.
i, P. Jotiiujii, Kosclueko Star, An
nual Orator..
Geo. W. Harper, Essayist.
William Ward, Annual Poet.
. W. K. Douglas, D. D., Chaplain.
Tui following is an extract from
Mr. Lamar's great speecb in favor of
''Government aid in tbe construction of
tbe Texai Pacific Railroad. Tbe argu
ment be uses appeals not only to tbe
practical sense of tbe North, but to ill
Interest, and demonstrate! tbat tbe road
would be a benefit to tbe whole country
fact which tbe Northern people
Will not be slow to appreciate. We in
tend alluding to tbe speech at more
longth in a foture issue :
There la no doubt about tbe fact,
, Mr. President, tbat whatever may be
tu material condition of tbe people ol
thl oountry, there prevails in Amer
ioaa aoeiety mora ol discontent
and oomplaint, mqre of tendency
tosooial irregularltlee and outbreak, than
kaa ever existed at an former period of
our oountry' blatory. f Many causes have
bn assigned for this oondltion of tblnga.
I'oiltioal naladmialatration, Federal aad
Hutu, arrura in financial legislation, troee
oppression and injuilie In our system of
taxation, me incorporation into our ao
wtv ol om element, causing a tendency
Iu iateatln oommodotlona tbal have never
bMB observable In our earlier history
eaoh and all have been assigned wun
eqaal earneatneaa by tbe different advo-
oates ol ue variou remeuies iur ine ex
l.i'ni state of things.
Whatever may be, sir. tbe correctness or
Incorrectness oi these theories upon this
object, and perhaps there may be some
thing of truta and error in all o( ibetn,
there are two causea which 1 think have
bam too much overlooked. One is, tbe
, prostrated and impoverished condition ol
one section of the country, embracing
fullv one-third ol ita population, in the
South, bv the re.ulis ol the war alone, an
immense amount of productive capital
was destroyed. Then, the market value
of slaves, whatever may bavebeen the in
feriority, as aliened, of slave labor com
pared with free labor, baa also been anni
hilated. Tbe event certainly precipitated
half a million of opulent families living in
affluence and luxury into extreme poverty
and destitution. The effects, sir, of such
a calastrotibo aa tbat would shock the
prosperity oi any commercial community
holding relations of trade with tbem. Sir,
it at once destroyed tbe market for all the
luxuries and appointments of comlortable
ma which tbat condition of society In tbe
South bad created and maintained. The
demand in the South (or jewelry, costly
atnnpi. tine cd iiiiau'es, palatial lurniture,
. tbe linest cloths, silk,, alpacas and cash-
m orp a. has ceased. Tbe immense amounts
expended In travel and sojourn in the watering-places
ol tbe North, and In our
.treat chics, an mean nave uioanj-i-uii-u,
and with tbtm animtueuse source of prof-
MaMn OYf'linntfO.
Now, sir, oneor the great national wants
la tlx. rentorati n oi that market or its
equivalent. It lie, in tho restoration ol
ti,R s mib to tbe lull vigor of her capabiii.
tics. It can be secured by the retuscita
tion of ber commercial and Industrial Hie
,..i thn nnomiv of new Ileitis for emanci
pated labor, sir, tbe completion of this
road will gi tar toward that consummation.
Aaaaal Ezorclaea ftka Rllwla
alpal trM AMoclBtloa.
Tbe Annnal Exercises took place, ac
cording to programme, at tba Garden,
where a large audience of ladle and
gentlemen were assembled to witness
tbe novel entertainment. Tbe Associa
tion was called to order by President
Holland, who introduced Col. A. Y.
Ilarper, of tbe Okolena State, and tbe
latter gentleman delivered an eloquent
and very appropriate Introductory ad
dress, by which tbe audience were made
to feel tbey were heartily welcome. At
It close, Col. Harper introduced Mr. F.
C. McGee, of tbe Enterprise Courier,
who bad been selected to deliver tbe
Annual Oration. Mr. McGee' Oration
was well delivered, suitable to tbe oc
cailou, and did credit to his abilities as
a writer aud orator. He was beunily
applauded during it rendition. Col.
Ilarper then introduced the Eisayist,
Mr. Geo. T. lierodon, of the Tupelo
Journal, whose Essay wa a model of
diction, and in tbe delivery of which be
suited hi gesture and the modula
tion of bi voice to the word and
idea of the beautiful Essay. Hi pro
duction, and it dollvery, reflected
credit upon himaelf, and by connection
npon tbe entire Association, and with
due respect to those who preceded and
followed him, it wa generally pro
nounced the feature of tbe Exercises.
Tbe Emy wa highly complimented,
and we hope toon to see It In print.
Mr. W. S. Hoskin, of tbe Corlntb Cor
inthian, wa next introduced, and pro
ceeded to recite a Poem prepared fjr
tbe occasion, but before It completion
he wa unfortunately prostrated by a
sud 'en attack of heart disease, caused
no douM by embarmtnieut and over
excitement. Much sympathy wa
manifested for him. Col. A. Y. Har
per, by request, read Mr. W. II. Ker
nau's patriotic poem "Southland," with
an emphasis and feeling tbat elicited
encomiums and hearty applause. Mr.
Emmet L. Roa, of the Canton Mail, by
special request, rendered hi famous
poem "The little sock that baby wore."
The sentiment of tho piece and
it excellent delivery, wa a fitting
close for tbe Exercises. A
the poem wa, new to a Vicksborg
audience, and Mr. Ross's rendition
brought forth all it pathos, it met with
a favor and marked approbation tbat
must have been gratifying to the dis
tinguished author. Tbe Exercises were
enlivened by tbe excellent music of the
Garden Orchestra, and the splendid
singing of Mis Kuster and Mr. Heck
ler which were interspersed in tbe
programme. Miss Kuster' vocal
power wero highly entertaining and
greatly complimented by tbe members
of tbe Pre, and she was frequently
encored by the audience, iu answer to
one of which tbe reudered in exquisite
atyle "Vogellied" the tamous bird
ong, in a manner tbat could not be
excelled by the bird tbemselve. A
duet between iliss Kuster ana Mr.
Heckler, and a Galop by tbe Orchestra
completed tbe entertainment one of
tbe moat interesting ana pleatant we
ever attended.
The Siege f VIckebars.
Fifteen yeari ago, during tbe present
month, our city wa undergoing one of
tbe most remarkable liege in history,
trace of wblcb can yet be seen. Many
person yet live here wbo participated
In it privation and faced it danger,
and tbe following extract from a bla
tory of tbe (lege, written by Major
Edward 8. Gregory and published in
tbe Philadelphia Time, will recall old
memories and prove interesting to the
general reader :
It may well be cr dited that tbe garrison
and the populace bad not been lodiOerent
while tbeae great actlona sped. That a
crisis Impended, every man and woman
ten; anu mat tne ouii. were greany
againat us was equally evl lent, Mill the
people would not harbor the thought of do
leat. and were equally unprepared for tbe
alege. The city bad been bombarded once
before an oi deal Invoked by tbe dibant
reply of the Mayor, speaking for the citi
zens, when s. r. L.ee uemanueti weir sur
render after tbe fall of New Orleans.
When, therefore, the sudden unfolding of
a ban ot uense white smoke in tee aicy
above tbem nave algn, on tbe 1Mb, tbat the
enemy had arrived, the fact did not frigbt-
en the brave community, however much ii
may have surpriaeu them. At ursttne ue
pressing shadow of exclusion, with con
stant peril of death and the corrosion of
anxiety and of Imminent famine, was re
lieved by the excitement of battle; lor on
tbe ltilli and 201b sharp attacka were made
on tbe lines, which were repulsed with
great slaughter of the federal column.
The noveitv ot tbe situation sustained tbe
spirits of the people still longer, and their
courage wa never uimmeu. mil tuc sick
ness of hone deferred was of niailuul
growth, while the sordid conditions of lile,
mauc necessary by tbe exigencies and ex
posurea which were incident to tbe siere.
had tbeir own sad clleets of steady and
bard attrition. 11 ow and by what distinct
stages a "city full ol stirs a tumultuous
city a Joyous city," BUeh asT)rc of old,
late, on itseu tnu aspect ol a cimp or a
trench, devoid ot tbe attendants of home
and pleasure, and marked by every fea
ture of war's worst exactions and destruc
tion, nothing short of a diary of coutviupo
raneoua experience could describe. It
answers the purpose ot a picture to select
any period When the alege was well ad
vanced aad diatlnoily onareotsred when
the life of the people bad became adopted
to it, and when tba full consequences of
such abnormal Influences war developed.
1 have apoken of tbe element of danger.
Tbe Federal (ought the garrison in part,
but tba olty mainly. Even tbe fire on the
lines wa. not confined to tbem in Ita f-
leota. for bardlv anv Dart of tbe oltv waa
outside the rang of the enemy's artillery
irom any aireouon, exoepi me south.
Shot from opdo.I. Quarter might have
oolllded above the city. But tbe c.ty wa
a target In Use II, and was bit ewery time.
Justaoroa tbe Mississippi, a few days
alter tne line were closed, 7, ll and 13
inch mortar, were put in position and
trained directly on tba bnmea of the peo
ple; and if any one ol them waa silent
from tbat time till the white flag was
raised, any longer than was necessary to
cool and load, I lail to recall the oc
casion. Twenty-lour hours of each day
these preacbers'of the Union mado their
touching remarks to the town. All night
long their deadly bail of lion dropped
tbrouth roofs and tore up the deaerted
and denuded street. It was a feature of
their praotico thai early in tbe night tbeir
favors would be tddrc.sed to ono part of
the city, and allerward changed so as to
reach the case, ol persons in otber paits
who bad gone tubed In fancied security.
Tboso who cotilil lorget the deadly de.ign
and pmpertii ol these mi.alle. migbl
admire every n.xht the trial woicb they
made acro.s tin western heaven. rising
steadily and .niningly In their g e it para
bolio curve, descending with ever-in-
ereaaing swiftness, and falling with deal
eniug abriek and explosion, burling In
many a radius their pouderoue tragment..
It is be ieved by iba expert that a mortar
shell la tbe unst demoralising agency of
war. Tnrouiruout tbe war tba Confeder
ate, bad tbe same horror ol tbem which
tbe other aide lei I lor masked batteries
and black borse oavalry. For lortr days
ana nignte, without interval, tho women
and children of Vlc-ksburg took calmly and
bravely tbe iron atoroi which, in less
volume and in a few mlnutea, turned back
tbe victorious column ol Beauregard
from 1'lttaburg Landinx. They wreak
ed tbeir worat aud utmost on the low i,
brioging out tbe most vicious of all war's
api'ct. Tbat the ordinary atmosphere
ol Hie, tbe course of conversation, tbe
thread of every human existence, took In
for nearly two month, tbe momently cm
lingenny of these messenger of thunder
and murder, i. past ordinary comprehen
sion. How man ; ol ihein came anu liu.it
nobody can have tho leait Idea. An ac
count save that on June li lOi.Ooo xhclls
tell inside ol the olty; but this was proba
bly an exaggeration. Tney became at last
sucb an oriinary occurrence ol daily life
thatl have seen ladiea walk quietly along
the streets while the shells burst ah ive
them, their beads protected meanwhile by
a paraeol held between them and tbe aun:
.Nothing was spared by the shell.. The
churches fared especially severely, and
tho reverend clery had narrow eacapes
The libraries of the Itev. Dr. Lord, oi the
Kpls jopalian. and Iter. Dr. Uutborlord, of
the l'resbyt'.rian Church, were both invad
ed and ba y worded. One liapli.M hurch
bad been r .l.lered uaelea. for purpoauaof
worship by previous .boiling. But what
mattered vnurches, or any saorcd placo,
or .acred exercl.e at such a time 1 There
was notbinx more striking about tbe inte
rior ol the siego than the breaking down
oi me ordinary partition oeiween me
daya of tbe week, as well aa toe
walls wbiah make safe and saved domestic
life. During those long weeks tbere wa.
no sotinu or summon ui oeu to prajer.
Toere waa no song of praise. Too mor
tars bad uo almanac, and tbe mortals kept
at homo a perpetual service ol fast am
huml iatiun.
1 have spoken of the wretched expe
dients to which lamllica resorted in me
hope of safety. Vicksourg hang on the
side of a hill, whose name wa poell-al
the sky rarior. tin it tnousanus oi peo
pie a.semblcdto see tbe great aigbl when
ma r euerai snips went oy on me nigui "i
the lttin April; at which itineiue nouses o'
De Sulo were kindled on tbe otber side.
lending a lurl i 'laekground to tbe dark
sbadowaoflhe iata, while the fire of the
batteries mail the river a sheet of Hume!
But tbe Sky Tartar wa reserved for other
uses. it. .o.i wa, light anu iriauie, anu
yet euuicveniiy sun to answer the pur
pose of exeavatlon. Wherever tbe pa,
sage of a street left tbe face of tbe bill ex
posed. Into It and under It the people our
rowed, making long raage and ayatems
of chamber and arches, within which
the women and young took shelter.
In them all tba offices of Hie bad to
be dl.cbargod, exc.pt tbat generally tb
cooklng-slove stood near tb entrance, op
portunity to perform upon It being seized
and improved during the shells' diversion.
In other quarter.. Sometime tb caves
wara atranirlhaned bv nlllara and wooden
iolat. and bed. and lurniture ware crowd
ed in mem. wnen iney were raany mee
tly aa againat tbe largest sheila dropped
directly above. I cannot tu. stories war
told, more than once during tbe siere, of
people who bad bean burled alive by Ue
collapse ol oaves: but tb.y probably war
not true. Tbey made good abetter against
the flying fragment ol ibe bosbs, and this
waa no email matter. It wa rather a
point of honor among men not to bide in
these placea, which were reaarved for tbe
women and children. Under all oiroum.
atancea of difficulty, the modesty of these
was supported In the balf-exj o.ed life of
tbe oavea wun a pamoa waion auecieu me
more deeply than any other clroumaiance
ol the siea-e. Anotner reiuge oi a le
vounir ladiea In tba neighborhood ol Uen
eral Bmiln'e beaduuarier'a, which bad
been a bank, was a vault In tbe cellar
One night, when more than a dozen ol
them were huddled in it, a .bell .truck tbe
brick arch squarely and burst tbe same
moment. Moue oi mo pieces pono
trated: but would it have eone
Ibrougur waa tbe question. And supple
it had, and bad then bur.tr I believe the
vault waa never again occupied by the
ladiea. Considering- tbe constant danger
and tbe many narrow escapes, It la a great
wonder that the casualties among lbe non
combatanta were so few. 1 know of but
one. and tbat was not fatul: tbe loss of an
arm bv Mis. Jlnjor ltcid, while bringing
her childron under shelter from a sudden
storm of shells. There were doubtless
others, but 1 bave sought in vain to obtain
the tiguro-i. Inside and outside the lines
there were many exaggerated atorlea in
this connection. One of Ibe mortalities
published was that of Mrs. duneral rem
berton, who was al Oaiucsville, Ala., tbe
ilow these peni-le sulmMcd wa, anntbe
wonder. Tbe strait, to which tbe garrl
aon wero i educed are known, id laot
'After tho tenth dav ot tho siege," sayi
the report ot General Stephen D.Lee, "the
men lived on abo il ball ration,, aud less
than tbat toward tbe cl' so." l bo ration
has been described to consist of one-
quarter pound of iiacon, one-hail pound or
beol, fivo-elghts quart ot n.etl, beside an
allowance of pea., lice, tu,'ar and mo
lames. Of this, anon. Tbe citizen, must
have bad lesa ; and w here they got that from
waa a mystery. Buaiues,, ol course, was
suspended. Th:re were some store, tbat
had supplies, aud al these i rlec, cl mbed
steadily in a manner uggetlv of tbe
prophecy ol Jerusalem's undoing. A bar
rel of flour at laat earn to sell for $100 an
Immense figure then; but wore than tb
figure were the two later facta tbat
nobody had tb money aad then nobody
bad tha flour. Home people eked out their
supplies by oooklng the tender sprout of
tbe eomm-ia oane, of which there waa an
immsns "brake" lust below Vicksburg.
I hav raon to believe tbsl few applica
tions, aad thoae only by the poorest people,
were made to the military powera for help
throughout all tbla trial, Sympathy and
patrloti.m must have Improvlaed a practi
cal eommum.ra. The cruls, and barrel
had a little dust and unctiun to the laat.
Ilow about I he mule meat? everybody
win imiuira wun rauooa are oemg treat
ed. Both horse and mui meat were ex
tensively aampled during tbe siege, though
not In the way tbat by many may be imag
ined. On account of tbe want of
provender, nearly all tne horses of tbe
garrison were turned out ol tbe line.,
and as tbe other side could not
safely take them unleaa tbey stray
ed within reach, many of them
were killed by tbe cross-fire. Kariy In the
siege, when some of tbe men complained
of the scanty ration, General Smith, 1 be
lieve, wbo oad seen the thing done on tbe
plains, la.ued a circular to bla brlgadee,
reoommendl.g tbat the experiment ol
bor.e meat be tried to piece It out. I waa
on band that very evening when aome
body, waiting till dark, slid over the works
and cut a ateak out of a bora that bad
been abot that day beneath them. It wa
cooked at Uene'ral Vaugbn'a fire and
everybody taated a little; but tbe flesh
waa coarse, and nobody hungered for any
more. Some of tbe soldiers did Ilk It
and eat it not to apeak of rate and other
small deer which the Loulalaniana, being
Frenchmen, were said to prepare in many
elegant atylua for the table. When Fern
berloa wa thinking about cutting hi
way out, b had half a dozen fellows men
who looked like Mexican or Indian
cutting mule neat, at tbe old depot of tbe
Southern Kallroad, and jerking it over
slow fire, to make it bandy and lasting.
One morning, fur trial, 1 bought a pound
ol mule meat at tbia market and bad it
served al breakfast f ir the mess. There
waa no need to try again. On the day of
the surrender, and only then, a ration of
mule meat was actually l.aued; but no
body need eat it, as General Grant Issued
abundant supplies of tbe best tbal bis
army had.
Anotber expedient, amiably intended
by G.n. l'emberton to reinforce his torn
niieaaiiat. became, unhappily, famous at
the lime by the name oi pea nreau. it has
been mentioned that part ol tbe siege ra
tion waa tbe common stock pea. it oc
curred to tbe General, or to some proiound
Commiasary, that this could ba ground up
and mixed with meal, ana la.ueu a. the
tail ol life." But the scheme did not
succeed, lor tbe best ol reasons, to-wit:
that tbe meal part was cookcu an hour or
o before tbe pea part got well warmed.
The effects on the human system of a ba.b
composed ol com bread and rare pea bread
combined may probably be Imagined with
out any Inquiry of tbe doctors. Krm tbat
lime thesouiers nau meir peas anu meal
served tbem at separate course..
One great trouble In tbe trenches, not so
f;roat in tbe town, wa, tbe scarcity and
iad quality of the water. Th;i uae ol the
cisterns, on Which the pvipie in mai coun
try bave to rely, waa oondaed to lb oiti.
znna neee.aarnv. anu ma urinK ui mo aoi.
diers had to be hauled in barrel, from the
river. It waa muddy and warm, and not
wholesome lor many reason., anu caused
many of tbe disorders wblcb prevailed
with effect, eo fatal. Aa to spirituous
drinks, I believe tbe city was as bare of
tbem a. Murphy bimselicoHld wi.b. Kven
Loui.iaoa rum, the poison that bad once
been a abundant, withdrew ita con.ola
Hon. from lbe beleaguered city.
A state of siege fulfills. In more war
than would be imagined by tbe uninitiated.
all tbat is involved In tbe su.p. n.ion of
civilization, it inliuencet survive: its
appliances vanish, 'lbe broader lines of
the picture bave been drawn tbe instant
danger, the hovering death, the troglodyte
existence, tbe discomfort, hunger, expo
sure the.e are things which affect tbe
needs ol lile; but to these men become
more easily habituated than to ths absence
of many really dl.pen.ibie comfort, and
Slca.ures. 1 have aald all partition, were
roken down as completely aa in tbat
Valley residence of a Revolutionary Gen
eral of Virginia, In which the apartment
aailgned to hie guest were indicated by
chalk linea upon tb floor. Home waa a
den ahared with othera, perhaps witb
strangera. All of tb Invasion into nor
mal restraint and.anotities tbat ibis im
plies ware anown, pernapa, only to those
who could not undres to rest, or
ohange their clothing except by
arragamcnt. That peopl had to wait
on ihemselvea wa a matter of course.
and by comparison a minor bardablp. It
baa been aald there waa bo business, no
open stores, no hotel or place of eongre-
gallon and discourse : no paaaag of ve
Ida, no social pastimes, no new.papera,
no voice ol the Habbata bell. When tbe
weight ol anxiety that reeled on tbe heart,
of the people la duly reckoned, aad witb
It tbe total lack ol all means by which an.
xlety is usually diverted and tb tension
of thouitbt relieved, it ia a great wonder
that many did not become inaane. That
they did hot, give another proof of me
heroic texture of the beletguered popula
tion. It I not quit true tbat tbere were no
papers. Copies of tbe Kvenlng oitiaen
were published during the aiege by Mr.
Jamea V. Swords, ia after yeara pro
prietor of tbe Vicksburg Herald. be
Whig cilice was burned Just belore tbe
siege, and tbe Citizen's quarter, were
truck by the shells time and attain, its
ype scattered, ita floors Hindered; but tbe
semi-occasional issue was continued to tbe
last. It waa printed on the back of wall
paper, nd Ita circulation wae limited.
Somct mes papers were handed acrois the
lines and sent to headquartora, and after
ward, by regular grade, through tbe circle
of headquarter attaches. Every one wa
worn to a Irazzlc, though tbe ne ws It con
tained was not generally of a kind to en
courage perusal. In tbia atate of sua-
fended animation it ia really wonder
ui how peoplo continued to drar
out their endurance from one
hopeless day to anotber. Perhaps the
very vigilance tbey bad to excrciso against
the shells and tne act.vity necessary to
avoid tbem, kept tbe besieged alive.
ILvery day, loo, somebody would start or
speed a new story of deliverance from
without, that stirred up, altbouvh for
titful season only, tbo heart bowed down
by deep despair. Now it waa . Klrby
Smith, and now Joe Johnston, who was at
tbe L'a'cs. Tho failb tbat something would
and imi-t be done to save the city was des
perately ciung to to tho last, it probably
never hau ueep rooia in me reason oi me
Generals, tbe men In tbe lines, oi the peo
ple But at tiieh limes men do not reason
The band of Kato teems to rest upon them.
Towerless to resist tho tide of events,
their only reluue is in the indulgence ol a
desperate hope, whoto alternative 1 de
pair aril Badness.
miaalsDlppl Pre AMclatUai.
Convention met at 9 :60.
Prayer by Rev. Dr. W. K. Donglaa.
On motion of Col. Harper, tbe real
log of the proceeding of yetterday
were dispensed witb.
On motion of Col. McCardle, Gen.
J. H. Bbarpe, of ibe Colombo Inde
pendent, wa elected a member of the
Col. McCardle read tbe following
resolutions, wbicb were unanimously
adopted :
Wbbrba, We bave for some month
been cognizant of tbe efforts of tbe Ma
rooner Club of Vlckaburg to etooR tbe
rlvera of Mississippi with fine fish; and
whereas, we are Informed that about one
million of young abad have already been
depoalted In the streams of our Slate;
and whereas, it ba come to our knowledge
that the membera of tbe Marooner Club
are now endeavoring to rai.e a fund for
erecting a Matching Uou for Salmon
egg, which tbe United Slates Commie-
siuuer for Flsb and Fisheries baa promised
to lurniah; and wbereaa, tbe membera of
tbla Press Association are. now, aa al
waya, ready to a.al.t in every movement
that ba lot it object tbe advancement ol
tbe material intervale olour beloved State,
and feeling that tb gentlemen compo.lng
tbe Marooner Club are boneetly laboring
for tb general eood: tharafora. ba It
Keaolved, Tbat w reoommend the Ma
rooner Clun to tb Deoola of tba etata aa
eompoaed of gentleman eminently deserv
ing oi trust, ana ue oojeot tney nave in
view ae one worthy ot the attention and
upport ol every lover of hi rao.
Keaolved, Tbat we oommend their enter-
price to tne ouizena of the Bute a on
tbat will aaalst In alvlnc food food to
tbe poor, and placing upon tb table of
an a muon vaiuea luxury, oesiae lurol.h
ing tbe follower ol I.aao Walton with
exciting .port.
Tbe Committee appointed on (be d-
aress oi toe rresiaeot, made the follow
ing report through It Chairman Col.
rower :
Your Commute to whom waa referred
for apportionment, tbe very able and prac
tical address ol the President, at tbe open
of the present session, big leave to reoom
mend : 1st. Th,t ao much thereof a refer
to decreased patronage of tb local pres.,
oe reierreu to a commute, oi tnrea ( oi. L..
Boss, U. 1'. Johnson, 1'. K. Mayers. )
'id. That so much a refer to advertis
ing agoncloa and patent aides, be referred
to a committee of three, (ti. r. Herndon,
A. J.Frantz, S. U. Barr.)
3d. So much aa refers to tbe eetabllsb
meat ot equitable rate for legal advertis
ing, lo a oommittee of three, (F.W.Mer
rln, J. U. Bbarpe, G. W, Kogera.)
4th. So much aa refers to the formation
ol a National Free Association, to a com
mittee of three, (J. L. McCullum, J. V.
Parker. K. W. Peabody.)
Oth. So much a refer, to the death of A.
G. Kllie, toaapecial committee of three,
(W. M. Seitgler, J. J. Shannon, A. Y.
ith. So much a relera to a Southern paoll-
ic Hallway, Improvement ol water cour.e..
immigration and otber material lntereata
of our Stale and .eotion, to a commute ol
nve, ( w. m. nocaruie, u. w. ilarper. w,
K. Douglas, J. J. Hayale, T. V. Campbell,
Kespectfully submitted,
J. L. Power,
G. W.HAiti'iR,
The following report from the Treat
ured was read and received :
R. Walpole, Treaairer, in account wilb
Mississippi Press Association:
June ti Caen on hand per report. ...fo9 74
June 0 A'ml ree'd from member. . . 2i 00
June 5 " " "
... 39 00
$126 74
lr-77. CR.
-June e By caib, per telegram
. S 00
-1124 7
Balance on hand
Col. Geo. W. Harper oflered tbe fol
lowing resolution, which wa adopted
Keeolved, That the President of tbe As
sociation appoint a committee of three
membera to report at tbe next meeting ot
tbe Ataociation upon tb practicability
and necessity of tb erection of a paper
mill In th State of Mlaalaalppl, by oo-op-erailon
among tb newepaper men of the
Committee G. W. Harper, C. K. Wright
anu r. a. lyier.
Geo. Jo. R. Davit, of tb Sea Shore
Gazette, wa elected a member of the
Association, on motion of Col Uo
Cardie, and L. W. Magrnder, Eiq.,
wa received aa proxy for the Gazette.
ilbction or orricuu
for tbe ensuing Conventional Yeartbea
took place, witb tbe following result :
J H Sharp. Columbus Independent,
President: u T Herndon, Tupelo Journal,
1st Vloe-Presldvnt: KnmelL Ro.s, Can
ton Mall, 2d Vice-Preaieent; W H Coch
ran, Starkavllle Time, Secretary; R
Walpole, Kosciusko, Treasurer; i P
Jobnion, Kosciusko Star, Annual Orator:
Geo W Harper, Kesaylet; William Ward,
Annual Poet; W K Douglas, DD, Chap
The President was authorized to se
lect ladle to read poem at tbe next
Annual meeting.
Tbe Convention then visited the
Mtln Street High School.
Convention met at 2:30 p.m. On
motion of Mr. Cochran, the member of
tbe Association who arrived tbia morn
ing were requested to enroll their
name. Tbe following name were en
rolled: Kdwards Citizen E H Barri.
Crystal Spring Monitor--3 U Slack
houie. Aberdeen Weekly K P Thompson.
Jackson Clarion E Barksdale.
Corinth Sub-Soiler and Democrat D W
Mr. Jayno moved that Mis E. An
thony be requested to read a poem at
the next annual mcmlne. and Col. Geo.
W. Ilarper moved to add the name of
Mis Allio t. Davis, which was carried,
and tbe above ladies are invited to
read poem at the next meeting.
Tbe Convention then proceeded to
elect a place for the next annual meet
ing. Paecagoula and West Point were
put in nomination. Tbe vote being
taken, resulted in the selection or tbe
former l la.ee.
By B. D. Hamer: Ttesolved. Thai tb
thank of tb Convention be tendered tb
citizen of Holly Bprtng, Aberdeen and
We.t Point, and th Board oi Trad of tb ,
latter place, for tb cordial Invitation x
tanded u to mt at aald piaoea axl
By P K Myr: That Mr. Barak
Dorsey, of Beauvolr, Barriaoa eounty, be
requested to read aa eeeay at tb axt
annual meeting. .
By Mr Herndon: Tbatth mask or tne
Association be especially tendered th
Vickeburf Pre. for kladnts nowa th
By Mr Adam: Tbat tb thank or tne
Asaootatlon be tendered Measra. Ba.de
a Bowland for aa Invitation to vlalt their
hotel at Mississippi City.
Th following Committee on resolution
of thanks for hospitalities ahowa th Con
vention, wa announoeo: rzt Mayer, a
W Thompson, J A Stephens, B Walpole, J
By Mr Holland, (Colonel Go Harper In
Wbbbba. Th Mlssltsippl Press Asso
ciation, having reoeivd Irom Mr E J
Holbrook, chief proprietor, th accomplish
ed edttree of th New Orleana Ploayun.
who Is bitter know to tb world a Pearl
Klvers, tb lute-voioed poet of th
booth, congratulation npon thl th 13th
reourrenoe of our annual Convention,
therefor b It
"Kesoived, Tbat tbe Pre Association
of Miaaiaalppl, truly appreciate thl
thoughtful oourtesy upon tb part of tb
dltrese of the Ploayun, paper favored
In every part ol our But and tbat Mr.
Holbrook be mad a member of tbla Asso
ciation. By Col. Franti: That Mr. Holbrook
i Pearl BI vera) be requested to read am
:aay on "Cruelty to Animal," at the
next annual meeting.
By Geo. W. Harptr: BoIvd. That
uoh of th commute oa tb Preeld.nf a
Addre.i aa may not be able to oomplet
their report during th present Meaioa of
th Association, be and are hereby ln
itrnoUd to forward tbslr report. wha
ready, to the President of th Assoolatlon,
who snail certily to and publish the tarn
tor general Information.
By Mr. Jayne: An Invitation from tba
oltlzens of Hswlon for the Asaoolatloa to
visit that place. Referred to tb Committee
on thank. .
Cenvention then adjourned till 9 a.m.
W.J. L. HOLLAND, Pres't.
S. D. Harper, a. B. Hurt, Seot'y.
Uoard f wapervlasre.
A meeting of the Board of Super-
visor wa held at tbe Court-bouse yet
terdty. Present, A. U. Arthur, G. A.
Gould, W. J. Cowan, S. U. Kemper
and J. Fossett.
The proceeding of Us', meeting were
read and aproved. -
Tbe petition of Jamee Deleney, with
signature of citizen of tba district,
asking ibe privilege to retail liquor at
hi nore on Fort Hill, wa granted. '
Wm French, Corner and jury, on body
of Caatello, ttf; N J Hall, Coroner and
jury on body ot a Barnee, ; J Hall,
Coroner and jury, on body ot aa unknown
man, 123; H fa Goff, Justice of Peace, and
jury, on body ol K-bt ward, Ait
rieroe, lor work on uea non road, aa per
contract. $795; A L Pleree, for work on
Hall Ferry Road '.6.W; a L Pierce,
for ditching on Hall' Ferry and
Bed Bone roada, $80: A L Pleroe,
lor bnlldl k wlnit to bridge on Vloktbura
and Kid Bone road, (39 HO; Chaa MoDer
mott, furnishing lumber for building
bridge near Adams' gin, on tb Yaxoo
valley roai. 1700: Harrison w nfleld.
Clear Creek brldg and nail, $108 60;
Harrison Vt infield, repairing and filling
cave near Slater' Hill, (SO; Frank Cuneo,
outting and widening Yaxoo Valley road,
near Bpout Spring, $9i); Frank Cunee,
bridge and culvert near J Crockett'
place, lift; D A Cameron, building bridge
across Muddy Creek, C0; Tho Conroy,
keeper Court-bouse, salary for April and
May. 1 120: John K Wooda. lall euard.tBl
M; Perry Uarrlson. jail guard, $81 60; 1 P
oruoer, lau guaru, ivi ou; jonn omitn,
an guaru, iui oo; j w Bourne, Clerk, ;
etIm a j'a . .... w am. ur u iu i
w vwm inviii, u ITIIUU-
rufl.lU; L Hoffman, nails, acythea, $8 60;.
Louis Hoffman. handcuff $1(60;
Vicksburg Uaa Company, for April 34.93;.
Vicksburg Gaa Company, for May 44.70;
Vlokaburg Commercial $26; Vlokaburg
Express (1 89: Dr W T Balfour 115: Dr J R
Barottl (16; b Kennedy, work oa eounty
roada and bridge $208; Char lea Culkla $2; .
ATrescotttl: M Minor, rapalrln Court
house roof $60: W 0 Worrell. Urn $5.23;
uiraa rrenob a Co., lumber 138.66; Ulrana
Frtaoa A Co. $12 80: A i Flanaca. lall
account lor April aad May $3&8.B0.
The following account ware allow
edby the late term of tbe Criminal
Court, and endoraed by the Board :
C Pervaeiher. meal, for lur. tl ROi R
Denlo. Clerk Circuit Court. IIM): H Denlo.
zx daya attendance at Court, (44; H Denlo
i.auing (tbdu jury eerunoaie. iibi a 4
r i ..... . ak.a auu. T- u V, l.
- .-.-.-a-", ...in, a Huiii.i n vuva,
bailiff $12; W U Hossley, bailiff, $44: W A
Jolly, bailiff. $40; P T Btrotber, bailiff. $40;
P Sharp, bailiff, $44; W J W II eon. bailiff,
$41, W T Kmmeraon, bailiff, $41; Curphy
Co. Inr renairlna-1 haanarf i:li-lta nMn
$108 60. '
Peter Crosby made affidavit before
the Clerk that be bad lost school war
rant No. 23(3, for April, and t du
plicate was ordered to be Issued.
& li. Kemper, member from tha
Second District paid $4 ti tha Treas
urer for old lumber old.
The petition of D. Cameron. Jr. wa
received and referred to A. II. Aothnr
lor examination and report.
ur. onannon petition was granted.
The Board then adionrned until thl
morning at 10 o'clock.
Gladstone I deficient in Hi a nail.
tie in which Beacontfield f strong
tact, coolnea and elf-oontrol. But it
i tbe beet head and Heart of England
tbat listen and respond when Glad
atone ipeak. Beacontfield ie, after
an, out tbe cievereit or charlatan.
Gladstone I a statesman, of it lower
order, indeed, than Bismarck and
Cavonr and Lincoln in shrewdness and
practical force ; an orator and scholar,
rather than a man ot affair ; bat sec
ond to none in the purity of his aim
and the generotily of hi sympathies."
Still Another Smith who Beekoth
Alter Office.
Detroit, June 6. The National
Greenbacken met in State Convention
to-day and nominated a full State tick
et, beaded by V. 8. 8mith for Gov-1

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