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Q lit yirJurjitf raid
Tuesday Morninr, June 11.
Oci exchanges are beginning to com
plain of loo much rin.
Binit 8. Footi, once Goveroor of
'tblaS'ate, though 73 jeers of age, Is
till bale end bearty.
Th'Now York Herald wtnit Tiideo
to speak out iboot the imestigatioo'
u Bendrlcks hat done.
Ozh neighbor, tbe Commercial,
makei a strong appeal for our city
school teachers. It la timely.
Tai crop piotpict in Sliai Ley coun
ty is ticellent. The vote ou tbe rail
road propotiilon by tbe Memphis aud
VIckiburg Company will take place on
Saturday, tbe 29:h qf thi month. Tbe ;
people are almost a unit for tbe sub-j
scription. I
Stanley Matthews, Iu bis letter to ' self-government, iu suy danger of mill
Ilon. Clarkson N. Potter, says be bt- Ul7 interference from tbe Natioual
betes Mr. Potter is Chairman of tbe
Investigation Committee. Can it be
possible tbat to careful a man as tbls!
provet Mr. Matthews to be, held cou-
fldenilal and intimate relations
tbat bad, bad man Anderson ?
Gem. Jouru Wueeleb, at Court
land, Lawrence county, Alabama,
wishes to know of toe wberesbouts of
Gen. Etrl Van Dorn's children. We
presume some of the citizens of Clai
borne county, In this State, csn furnish
tbe desired Information. It is said to
bt required for Ibo beoetl- of the chil
dren. I
county writes lit as follows: "Cropi
are splendid up iu this aeclou, hsveu't
bad lalrer prospects slue the war.
Negroes are working belter, and rail
ing tbe crop cheaper tbau was ever
known. Richard Griggs is out as a
candidate for Congress, and is strong
io this county. He cm beat an body :
but Chalmtn
a a.
We learn tbat tbe State, through Attorney-General
T. C. Catchings, yester
day stepped io and prevented tbe tale
of tbe Vlcksburg, Ship Island and
Pensacola Railroad. This wss done
on account of the State holding a joint
mortgage with those who attempted
to tell. According to a late Act ol the
Legislature tbe only way ts lift (bis
mortgage Is to pay it, or to build the
Railroad across Big Blsck river before
January, 1830.
We presume the com-:..
. .
pany will attempt at once to build tbe
road across Big Black.
1 1
Some time tince a tewing machine i
roller was forwarded by (be V. M. I tbat they will open the question io the
It. R. to some point on tbe Ouachita Court. It is just possible tbat the in
river. Itgotasfaras tbe Mouth of 1 vestigaiion was begun, tbercfoie. as an
Red River, but suuk with the what f- aid to tome scheme for unieatiug the
boat at that place. This sad accident I President tbat will soon be developed,
caused one of the railroad men to turn-' If ibis is tbe case, and any trouble
ble into poetry, of which the following ' should arise, it will be sure to be felt
is a sample verse : j directly by the Soutb. Tbe cry will be
"To Red Khar landing the roller aid f, raised iu tbe North, for some hold, de-
AnJ b".sTP'rs-lllowT'''l'U"t, "Itermined man, and Grant will theu be
But while waiting there a chance tor to put forward.
kin mm I
It rolled to the bottom of the great Jli
sisslp "
The author is doing as well as could j
be expected.
A Preasatare AKllatloa.
E. C. Walthall is spoken of aa tbe suc
cessor ot Bruce in the Lnited States Sen
ate. It Is too sooo to bs agitating tbia aub
Ject. At present, we favor the else Ion of
If tool BarWale or J. Z.Oeoriie, bunome
Utiog may happen between this and tbe
election to cbanxe our miod on tbe sub
Jeot. (Brandon Bepubllcan.
We are not sutborlzid to say that
Gen. Walthall will be a candidate, but
thit much we may lay, tbat if be it, tbe
man tbat beats him will be tbe Senator.
How be would lare in a caucus of plot
ting politicians, we cannot or will not
conjecture; but if tbe race wat before
the people, be would come out a full
lengtb ahead ot any competitor, for bl
EH nSS r.nnr-nnri . ka!'"''" concertedly make known to
high qualifications woold make tbe n..j n...- -ui... ...a .ta..
race a ooe-sidd affair. Sucb, at least,
are our boue.t convictlout. Greuada
It it too toon, as Ibe Brandon Re
publican says, to commence tbe agita
tion of a qufs'ion to be decided by the
Legislature in January, 1SS0. Tbe
three candidates mentioned are all
worthy, capable gentlemen, and tbe
Press of the State can rest in ease, with
the Droirect of tecurlni anv one ol
them for L S. 'Senator. Hon. O. R.
Rlncrlatnn. Ihe nn sent alila Tt
tive of the Fourth Dittrlct in the Lower
House, it alio t caudldate, and he de
serves to rank In tbe esteem of tutpeo-
pie with the other aspirants.
Closing of tbe Bt. Louts Racss.
St. Louis, Mo., June 9. Yesterday
closed ibe first regular meeting of tbe
St. Louis Jockey Club. It was success
ful beyond tbe expectations of tbe
most sanguine. One mile, two year
olds Latuoah won, Good Night
second, Voturna third. Three mile
bean, all ages first near, wmaper
won, Rowell second ; time 5 :39 : second
beat. Whisper won by a neck; time
65X,6ai.'i. One mile Bass won,
Rice second, Bell tbtrd; time 2:12.
Three extra races Monday.
Which la Ihe flatXaar.t?
The Soutb, after lonif Tubule, is
irtt. Eco State manage i- om lo
cal aflair, end tbe comr.-i bttwesn tbe
preient time aud a fsw yean ago It
marked Meed. So grievous wer our
burdens tod io tryiog our troubles un
der tbe rule of tbe Southern Republi
fan -larlv lkt tka aramt miMltnni Ikat '
" " ! .
excited luteresl at tbe Aorta were
hardly mentioned in the Soutb. A
Mississippi Senator truly remarked
tbat very few U tbls State bad given
the money question any thought or at
tention. The whole aim o( tbe Demo
cratic pa ty for the last tew years was
to secure local government lor tbe
Southern S ates. Ail our pla forms
show tbii, and our leading statesmen
iu Congress bave acted always wi'h
Ibis end in view. Ilaviug gaiued our
aim at lat.1, our next duty, as a party, Is
In m.rlr . nnr. lUl will .arum .
,0 u foreVur( if thul be possible, tbe '
fYuitt of our vic'ory. If tbe South is
,n . ,i.,,r of In-Imr l.icsl
a a uwkHvwoB-v ..... .-. . i
Uos-ernuieut iu tbe lutore, tbat danger
cu oe increased or removed by the
South. If the South aJoptt a broad,
national, conservative course, s'aods by
the Constitution and all tbe amend
ments, attends to her own affairs, and
avoids all Irritation with (be Natioual
Government, we may rest assured tbat
we will never again be disturbed by
Natiouai troops. On the other band,
if tbe Soutb attemplt to disregard tbe
amendments adopted sluce the war,
aud continually accepts the wager of
sectional strife offered by Northern ex
tremists, there is danger aud very great
danger tbat Grant will be elected Pres
ident in 1580, aud danger tbat he will
not rrgard any of tbe rights of tbe
Southern States. If Graut is re-elecud,
be and hit friends will regard it as an
invitation for him to do pretty much
as be piess?, and it ple&ees bim very
much Indeed to use bayouM wtieu-
ever be has (be least excuse to Jj so
For this reason we do not think !
Southern Congressmen cau act too pru- or ". w" !"' a c'ed " freu
j .i . ; r i .u . iug to death. Ill ca-e has been exaui
dently at tbts lime. Du.ing tbe count inJd bv kil;fu, )hy.lclll0i an ,f
of tbe Electoral votes they acted witb we uuderstaud, has puzzled them all.
good judgment, and they received the ! He was continually using all tbe
pra'seof tbe whole couutry for their
prompt submission to the flat of the
Electoral Commission. Io allowing the
investigation business to be sprung, we
hink the Southern Congressmen made
a great mistake. It won t do any good, .
and if it ever causes any great excite
ment or any confusion or strife, the ef-
fuM Bill ka fnrakta In Ika T' ,.l,la
, . .. , w ,. . , ..
It is true Ibat Mr. Potter declares Ibere
s no Intention of disturbing Mr.
Ilayes, but at tbe same lime we kuow
that Mi. Tilden and bis friends claim
Meetlag- af Levee Board.
The Board of Mississippi Levee
Commissioners meet on Monday, the
12th of July, when it will receive the
Engineer's annual report, aud deter
mine tbe location aud amount of work
for tbe present year, and levy tbe cur
rent tax.
We republish the Act of the last ses
sion of tbe Legislature, authorizing tbe
Board to redace tbe cotton tax for the
liquidation of Ibe bonded indebted
ness, and to extend, If it deems it
tdvisable, tbe tubjectt of taxation for
construction purposes, by levying an
ad valorem tax on all real and person
al property, aud to proportionately re
duce the tax on cotton.
We republish this Act in connection
with a tuggetlion, which we here sub
mit to the tax-payers of this Levee
District, that it would bj well for
the Board their wishes and views on
tbe policy of such reduction and
change of existing basis of construc
tion tax, upon which questions we in
vile, and will be glad to publish, com
munications from representative tax
payers. weespecialiy urge hit matter
UIJUI1 lliu.o luicivsicii, aa it i a lunuiii
upon which we are aware tbere is con
siderable diffurcuce of opinion. And
tbat it iuvolves a responsibility tbat
tbe Levee Commissioner nisv well
deiir ,0 diTide vltb or devolve upon
their constituents. Greeuvllle Times.
If we understand tbe Times, it meaus
!!hauhe BoarJ;)r """'"e mem
hers, bave au Idea of reduclug the tax
on cottou, but propose to make it up
by a direct ad valorem tsx on proper
ty, real and personal. Iu our opluiou
tbls would ouly be changing Ibe bur
den from one shoulder to tbe other.
Tbe people expect the tax for levee pur
poses to be reduced. They hope to see
it reduced on cotton to one-half what
It is now. Then it would be large
enough, Heaven knows.
Btewait'e Hotel Thrown Opto, to tbe
Niw Yobs, June 9 Stewart's Ho-
tel, exclusively for women, bas been
wrown open to tbe general public
isatob Des Hill La siprtssed
hi views kljou' the investigation busi
ness : ...
Us dor aot live that it it possi
ble tocenmct Hayes witb any of the
alleged traud-. Hit confidence iu Lilu
it ttill untbtlien. As to tbe charge
that tbe Southern members cootetn-
plated unseating Hayes, it It utler'y
and wickedly false, Hayes is legally
I . t...M '.11 ka .n.l.tn.l k.
IIIV A t lllUllilf aMW Will WW H'IHU U J
every Southern man ontil the end of
bis term. All talk about revolution is
pure gammon. 1 be only way to oust
ilayes Is by Impeachment. To bring
articles of impeachment would require
tbe clearest proof that be bad guilty
knowledge of the frauds; that tbe
frauds, io fact, elected him, and that he
rewarded tbe offenders after be became
President, with full knowledge of their
guilt. No sucb proof has beeu yel ad
duced, and the Senator believes it will
; not be
In regard lo the cry of revolution, It
i a witter of fan that more It publi-;
"". V". .
a is m in IhA I Wt Itranrhna of I .imtrpaft
cvnii n rm trtstri in ioa ittvss r 1 1 . t f 1 1 nn
matter how, Ibsn Democrat?. A to
the wild propositioa that when the
Setiate becomes Democratic the two
nouses sdouiu retake io
Ilayes, be does uot believe there are to
exceed twelve D.nncraU in both
branches who would favor Ibis.
As for Senator Matthews, In bit un
fortunate predicament, be has tbe es
teem, respect and sympathy of every
I oenaior. iuc) tiu uui uciiou uiui
guilty of iotcniional wroug. Tbe
trouble will be to mike tbe country
understand Matthews as those do who
i kuow him. As tbe csss stands now,
I he thinks Matthews is the most hurt
man that tbe inveilivation has touched.
Sens or 11 ill thinks tbat before tbe
atiair is over, tbe Southern members
will give the couulry another example
of (heir wl'Uoin, n oderation aud pa
triotism. Aid aud comfort for revolu
tion aud Mexicaniza:ion will never be
bad from tbe South. "We caunot tell
what a few Northern Democrats and
sore-beaded Republicans might try to
do, but they will get uo comfort from
toe Southern Representatives."
A (SSraage Death
M'Ti'lun liercury, 5th !
Mr. Jatues Knox, a young mau of
tbe enotero part oftbi county, has beeu
strangely ttMi:ied tor about a year. Hot
aevicet io warm mruse i mat a man
n.irtkl akA fri awl haan ok ,1 Imi K .
might who bad been chilled by exyo
ure to extreme cold, sitting around
routing Area enveloped iu blankets
aud the home closely shut up, and this
though the wtather was at Summer
. . . . ,,.?,
and almost rosst It In be effort to
" . w saw.. - MV W..H
warm. It is a fact tbat be put cloths
on his head to protect the scalp from
actual buruljg when doiug thus, aud
tbe cloths bave actually been set on fire
by the heal be subjected tbem to in
endeavoring to warm bis head. Some
lime ago be made a visit to Livingiton
in the hope of being bene. tied by tbe
artesian water, wheu Dr. Webb of that
towu saw bit case. Lately be bad de
termined to return to Liviugstou aud
try again the waters, and again con
sulted Dr. Webb, going to bis office to
tbat purpose lie seemed as one eu
feriug with extreme cold, and asked j
Dr. Webb if be bad any tire in bis of-
uce. lie tola bim be did not, and that
it w is too bot to bave fire and be com
fortable. He said be could not staud
it aud ran out of the office into Hit
street for tbe beuctlt of tbe sunshine to
warm l.iniMlf. Tha nfTtd.r Dr. I
w.i.i. !.) Mm in hi.nipao.ii, in
make a more critical examination of
bis case, aud bad bim a rousiug fire.
lie cirtiuiiy tesica wito a thermometer
tbe dcgiee of animal beat he carried
and found It near normal. With all of
this trouble be lost little flesh and kept
a good appetite for food and preserved
raiber a bealtbiul look. (Jo rrlday, be
started home again in a wagon witb a
Mr. Meadows driving it. Ho bad not
got far out of Liviogtton before be
wanted to return, oomplaloing tbat he
was. (reezlng to death, and wanted to
gel somewhere to warm. Meadows
insisted on continuing ibe journey on
home and drove forward. Knox jump
ed out of the wagon and run off into
tbe woods. Meadows pursued bim
aud compelled bim to return and get
into tbe wsgou agaiu, aud drove on.
He got as for a Mrs. Pe'eet's
Green Grant's old place. with
him. Mrs. Peteet bad observed
Meadows driving slowly along
the road, and knowing be bad
gone to fetch Ibe sick man borne, weut
out to tbe gate to make inquiry. When,
HI. .l. .1 ..! 1 I..,.,
. . ,in ,nI
- ,;.. ii. i... ,.i
was ay in, lie was lying stretched
helpless in tbe bottom of tbe wagou,
aud alter it bad stopped only gasped a
few limes aud died, apparently treez
ing to death, last Friday, witb tbe ther
mometer at near Do.
I A Brace of Defaultsit
Niw Yore, June 9. Wtu. A. Bush-
nell, book-keeper aud confidential man
of Duller, Stileman & Hubbard, well
1 known lawyers, is a detaulter for ti fly
thousand dollars. A portion of tbe
money was used in stock speculations,
in which Bushuell ventured ex -
It is stated
that John H. White, a
ftltP AF I It I at Mil WB II
prominent lawyer of this city, who
died io February, 1877, waa a delaulter,
baving taken from two estates, of
which he was trustee, amounts esti
mated at from 145,000 to over $02,000.
With reference to one of these estates
little bas been made public. Tbls
estate was for tbe benefit of some of
Mrs. White's .sisters, and $15,000 be
longing to them, it is stated, bas been
taken and misappropriated by White.
Tislimony of Mclln Before the Potter
Sub-Csmsjittes la
Governor Noyti the
i""" " "1
i Hayes Some Interesting Facts
nected with the Brest Theft.
Jacksonville, June 10. Tbe In
vestigating Committee resumed tbls
morning, h will clote its labors to
night, leaviug for Washington to-morrow
afternoon, and errlvlag there Fri
day. Tbe testimony of McLin was
concluded. The wltncsi detailed bis
appointment as Associate Justice of
the Supreme Court of New Mexico,
lor which bis letter to Novel, put in
evidence on Saturday, bad been writ
ten. Previous to bis appointment be
bad been informed, at tbe instance ol
tbe President, by Cowgill, of tbe lie
turning Board, that be would be ap
pointed. His reircl!on by the Senate
ie ettribu'e 1 the personal ill-will
'"" - ' ': vwuw.Hucu.
s" C....s.i 1 1 an a i
tailure to get a vacant Justiceship In
New Mix co, promised him by the
President, was due to the lukewarm
uess of Cuuover. Tbe President would
bave made tbe appointment if Conover
bad beeu iu earnest ; tbe President
baving told Cowgill tbat be was under
both political aud personal obligations
to Cowgill and witness. Witne was
appointed to an agency in tbe Treaa
ury, but dccilued lo take it, and was ,
then promised an Auditorship io the
Treasury. Among tbe prominent ac
ton In the Florida election of 1376, tbe
following bad been provided for, as
stated: Governor Steams, appoiuted
on tbe Hot Springs Commis
sion; J. W. Uowlll, wbo got
up Duggci's returns iu Biker coun
ty, It now Collector of Customs at Fer
nandlna, Florida; Jo. Powers, Elec
tion Inspiclor, charged witb manipu
lating ballots iu Leon county, is In tbe
Treasury Department at Washington;
Win. II. Vance, Clerk at Archer pre
ciuct Nu. i, baa a Federal position at
Washington; R. L. Black, Inspector at
tbe tame precinct, bat a Federal cleik-
.llill IU 1 llliauciputB , ftU.Hl1.1UI UI
Jeffer-on county, bad received a Fed
i eral appointment, but waa since re
iMtioY, ' moved ; Georgi H. Leon, Inspector iu
i L.'on couutj , in a clerk in the Treasury
, at Washington ; Dennis, of Lacbua
county, hd recently been appointed to
a position iu (he Treasury; Mo-esJ.
Taylor, nue of (be Returning Board of
Jeffersou, is iu ibe Land Otlice at Wash
ington. Pending the close of tbe labors'
ol tbe State Canvassing B ard, Gen.
Stiarns said lo witue-a he thought It of
importance Ibat the drt rea ling before
the B ard of tbe face of tbe returns
should show that Hayes was elected.
Siearu resd tbe returns as they w rc
received by bim, aud itid the result
would be very close. The Dugger't
return from Baker connty being tbe
most favorable of any returns from
that county, Stearns ditird witness to
read ibat to tbe Board in preference to
others, as It was really tbe only proper
ly made iclurn. When the visiting
statesmen were at Tallahassee, witness
wat lotd by Chandler, Gen. Wallace,
probably Gov. Stearns, and others, that
Mr. Noyes represented Gov. Hayes.
Noyet assured witness that LouUhua
would be all right for tbe Republicans,
and talked of everything hanging on
Florida for Ilayes. Noyes came direct
from Louisana a few days before tbe
State canvass was made. He told wit
ness Hayes and be were bosom friends,
and be came at tbe opeciil rni'jelof
lur"' Wi!"eM, diJ ,uo1 "member
iuai .lujti uirecuy uiuuo proimaei w
anything further lliau tbat the mem
bers of ibo Csnvassiug Board would
be provided lor. This wa both bclore
and after the cava. From all he
beard, and all tbat took tilacj, witness
I looked upon Noyet as the special rep-1
loolteu upon royct as tbe spechii rep
iresentative of Hayes, expressiun his
views regarding everything, aud filt
satisfied tbat If ibe State weut for Ih) cs
tbe leading Rvnublicans of the cam
paign would" be provided for.
General Lew Wallace, who was
very active In getting op tes
leslimouy before tbe Board, getting io
returns and evidence In contested pre
cinct ; said be bad been telegraphed to
by Hayes, requesting bim to come to
Florida, and said before aud alter ihe
canvast be wat satisfied tbat Hayes, if
be became President, would take pleas
ure In providing for tbe Republicans
of Florida. Witness said his party
feeling had more lo do witb hit courts
in the Board than and other ctuse, and
did not know that be was directly In
fluenced by promises of offl:, though
lbee were not without efleci. He felt
assured, so fsr as pecuniary profit wen',
he could gain ss much by casting bi
vote one way as the other.
Iti Condition In Georgia, Florida, South
Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi and
Savannah, Ju;,e ! R port of Cot
ton Exchange lor May : Georgia 117
replies from CI counties : area of latin
planted in cotton this season slightly ir
increase over last year nay two "ee
ceut ; weather has beeu uuusua ly lint
and lavorable lor the plant ;-iaii(W geii8
erally very good ; crop ten day to two
weeks al.eidol last year; labor ubou -
sine as liit year, both as to number!
and efficiency; where tertillzT are
generally used the iucrea-ebas been ten
to nitceu per ceut. over lmt season
; preeul condition of tbe crop good;
, Spriug was early ; preparation of land
i for planting better than tibUiil ; (be
fields are clear of grass, and the plant!
. ia -il -a. l . 1 a 1
; it growing off' rapidly.
Florida 32 replies Iroru 13 counties:
area planted In cotton about same as
last year; Spring was cool aud damp,
but on tbe whole the weather baa been
more favorable than last year ; crop In
a more forward state tban last season,
probably as much as ten days ; labor
good about same in numbers as last
year ; little or no fertilizers ever used
In this State ; present condition of crop
moat pronimng; first bloom iu tbe;
S'aie wss May 25t L last year June'
1.) h ; condition of Sea Iiland crop uot
... as g' oi as usuil ; less lanu was planted
JiCkionvilie tx-1 nij pant ju appearance ten days ba
Cn.xi.i Anni af bind this date last year.
i t.in J,..in.
1 U3 U UUC 1U A. full i'i 1UO
Charleston Exchange based on 37 re-,
plies from 23 counties in Soutb Caro
lina : Acreage planted bat an average
iucrease over last year of i per cent. ;
the weather, witb few exceptions, has
been more favorable ; plant much more
forward, estimates varying from 5 to;
30 days, averaging 10 days earlier ; la
bor abuudant, and more efficient; use
of commercial fertilizers varies cousld
erably, several counties reporting an
increase, others a decrease; tbe aver
age shows G per cent, increase; where
commercial fertilizers have decreased
a large Increase in those of home man
ufacture is reported; eleven couutiet
report considerable damage from cut
worm, making replanting necessary ;
upon the whole, the report! are very
favorable for a good crop.
Louisiaua From 27 parisbet we
have 8
replies, average date May lilt ;
area of laud planted compared with
last year la reported by i correspouu-;
ents to hs the same, while 11 estimate (;UUjre8l
on Increase of about four per cent., and Tlie Xime,.t correspondent at Buch
lJadccrea.eo! lo per ceut ; average i declares there is nothing In tbe
weather bas been more favorable thin
last year, and the stands of cotton
good, and from ten days to two weeks
earlier than same time last year; while
some few report labor leas in number,
a majority state it is about tbe same
aud much more efficient than for many
years; tbe use of fertilizers has been
very limited ; such as bave been used
consisted principally of barn-yard
of crop it
aud cotton seed; condition
generally good, with some
of grass owing to too much
M "-y ""' " i
MPOro!'.flrln'tJj IT1!?' dsled '""
May 2bthto Junc 4 h;0G answers slate,
the acreage to be tbe same as last year ;
22 report an increase of from 3 to 10
I'd I.SII1 eaiiu aa IIVIU a IV V I'd VC1U
whilst 10 report decrease of from 2 to
10 per cent., aud 9 ot from lo to 30 per
cent., the acreage being barely one per ,
cent. Increase ; the weather has b;cn
very favorable according to most re
plivs received ; in some counties, bow
ever, heavy rains early iu the seaaou ;
caused planting to bo delayed, wbiNt
in others tbe weather in lbs fore part
of (be Spring was very good, and a
lavorable for planting this year as laat ;
since then there his been two much
rain aud uufavorble weather for culti- j
vation ; the stand are generally good, ,
and where complaints are made the
cause are either lha' tbe seed was de- j
fective or that tbe weather had retard-,
ed growth ; witb but a few exceptions
cotton is reported to be about 2 weeks ,
earlier than last year; labor has been
good and efficient ; commercial feriili-
w 1
zero bave not been used ; present con
dition of crop is very encouraging;
plant looks healthy, aud Is growing rap
idly. Arkansas We bve 51 replies from
25 counties, of average dale 3lit ulti
mo; six report an increase of acreage
of five per, two cf eiicbt per ceut, seven
of ten per ceut. aud 30 of same acreage ;
one reports a decrease of five per cent,
and four ten per cent ; the average ol
the whole being one per cent iucrease;
weather np to 10: li of May was very
unfavorable; crop being affected by
heavy rains and badly in tbe gras;
since then, however, tbe weather bas
been dry aud favorable; tbe plants are
good, and crop is about five to ten
days earlier than last season; labor Is
universally reported as good and effi
cient ; present propecl compared with
last year is very good ; no commercial
torlilizrs bave been used.
Their Movement! In Idaho Four Citizens
Killed In Ouybee County-Gen. Howard
Moving Toward Boltt City.
San Fbanc tc ), June 9.-A Boise
Ciiy dispatch says tbe Iodiaus have
gathered iu strong force at Juniper
mountain. Col. Bercbard is watching
ibera with bit command. Noibing it
known of tbe conditiou of affairs at
tbe Lava beds. Captain Harper, who
went out from Silver City yesterday
with twenty men to attack tbe Ban
nocks, reported at Soutb mountain,
bat tent back for reinforcementt.
About seventeen men who went by
way of Flint district, to join Captaiu
Harper's company, came upon a body '
cf Indians, estimated at 100, four milos '
ess' of South Mountain, on Rail Creek,
and had a fight. Tbe volunteers lost!
one killed, two wounded, six missing, j
and were forced to flee. L is lo the
Indians unknown. Great excitement ;
prevail ia i.ver City. General
bo baa been daily exoected
i with a column from Oregon, I report-
cd tu be at luker (-"5' "0 ui es from
nere. 101. summer, oi the bis; cav
alry, wi:h three compsnica ot inl'autry
truui Angel hiaud, and tbe troop
statioued at Benccia, bave gone for
ward to reiuf jrce the troop iu Idaho.
Sax FitANf.i-i o, June 10. In an
affair uour South Mouiitaiu, Uuybee
nc wounded and one DjisslitL' Tbe
,1(or U believed to have been killed,
1 IMuforccuie-uts were sent to Ibe scene
cemui) , mano, lour cil;. jns were killed.
ot ao ion. Another fight was expected
yes'ctday, A considerable body of
Imliaus was seen lait niitbt near Cold
Spring Station, Co miles from Boise
'city. A
diam an
accounts agree tbat the Iu-
e coutiuually pas-lug across
the stage road and across Snake river,
aud beiwceu Big Cauuon Prairie aud
. - ....
the sceue of hostilities, in Uuvbec
county. Geu. Howard is expected at
Boise City Tuesday, aud a column of
troops from Westville will arrive a
day later. The Indians will probably
make their first stand in the Juniper
mountain region, but It is evident that
only a portion of their fighting force is
there. They will alto remain in tbe
lava beds till dislodged or forced to surrender.
Current Notsa.
St. l'lTEte-BCRu, June 10. Prince
G jrtscbskolf tailed for Birlin to-day.
Rome, June 10. Count Cortl, Italian
Plenipotentiary to the Congress, tailed
lor Berlin to-day.
Lomdok, June 10 The Daily News's
Madrid special tayt In consequence of
favorable news from Cuba, tbe Span
ish Government bat granted amnesty
to all press offenders, and ordered the
liberation of Creoles Imprisoned for re
bellion. A Natiooal reward will be
voted to Captain-General Jovellar and
General Martinez Campos.
A dispatch from St. Petersburg tayi
it is believed Russia will set more im
portance on guarantees for tbe state of
things to be established by tbe Con
gress, than on tbe question of frontier!.
Correspondents of the Timet at St.
Petersburg and Vienna both report
that a very sanguine feeling prevails In
those Capitals as to a peaceful result
. of tbe Congress.
Tbe Diily Telegraph's dUpatch from
Pera eays it is stated a receut council
of Ministers decided not to surrender
forties Dendinir debate la the
movements of tbe Russian troopt in
Roumaula to give ground for appre
hension of a conflict.
Londox, June 10. Tbe Standard's
Berlin diipatcb says IMobellng'i state
ment at the judicial Investigation be
fore be became Insane, tbowt that be
bimself undertook the task, which be
discussed witb several persons.
Pressing demands reach Constanti
nople from Powat Camp, in the
Rhodopc mountains, for aid in behalf
of over 100,000 refugees, who fled
thither from Russian and Bulgarian
leaders of tbe insurrection.
Thaw a.lr
(bat persons be tent to adminltter re-
lief to the sick and atarviug, aud also
t0,ce tD4t the count ,, , im
ln,t bu onl dcfondBg
jtlf , ?vn violcnce. Tbe- u
whether or uot it is possible for Eng
land to do something to stop the out
rave. The MiuUter of Foreign Affairs tele
graphed yeterJay to tbe Turkish Am
bkador at London, positively declar
ing apochrypbal the statement tbat tbe
Porte bad issued a memorandum rela
tive to the pressure exercised by the
Ruiiati Plenipotentiary during nego
tiation ol tbe treaty ol Sin Stefano.
He Base.
Washington, June 10. Senator Dor
sey, of Ark insaa, from the Conference
Committee on 'be bill for a permanent
form of government for tbe District of
Columbia, called up the report tub-
i milteed Saturday, which was coucurred
i ! !., . 1 : : . 1.11.
in without discussion. Tbe bill now
goes to tbe President tor signature.
Davit, of Illinois ; White, of Indj
ana, and Jones, of Florida, were, at
their own request, excused from ser
vice on Ihe Mattbewt Investigation
Committee, appointed Saturday.
Spencer, of Alabama, moved to take
up ibe resolution submitted by him on
Saturday, authorizing the appointment
of a Special Committee to Iuquire Into
alleged frauds iu connection witb the
receut Presidential election, aud began
lo read an argument iu lavor of tbe
passage of the reioluion, slating that
the Republican party would bave sub
mitted to tbe admiuistrationof Presi
dent ilayes for the brief period of four
year, but (be investigation had been
reopened by the Democrats.
Morrill, of Vermont, made Ihe point
ol order as to whether the Senator bad
a right to discuss tbe merits of tbe
question on a motion to lake It up, aud
said two or three mornings bad beeu
frittered away, when they should have
been devoted to tbe consideration of
bills on the cslendar.
Spencer said be only desired five
Morrill withdrew tbe polot of order.
Tbe motion to take up tbe resolution
was sgreed to.
Sargeant submitted an amendment to
bave Ibe investigation made by the
Matthews Committee, appointed Sat
urday, instead of a Special Committee.
The resolution and amendment were
referred to tbe Committee on Priv
ileges and Elections.
Tbe River aud Harbor bill came up.
tvinunam spose at length on improve
ment of ibe Mississippi river.
Mr. Sargeant called for tbe yeat and
nays on tbe amendment Increasing tbe
appropriation lor improving tbe harbor
of Cbarieatou, S. 0., from $5,000 to
t2Q0!j0, and it was agreed to.
The motion by which certain Sena
tors were excused from serving on Ibo
Matthews Committee was reconsidered
and the original order stands.
Sargeant, of California, inquired of
(be Cuairuun of the Committee ou
Privileges aud Elections, Wadleigh, if
it was tbe iutentiou of the Committee
to submit a report on the ltitb amend
ment to the Consii'uiion of ibe United
States, conferring su 11 rage ou women,
at (bis sesiioii? Wadleigh replied it
was tbe iu'eutlon of thj Committee to
do so.
Amotig tbe bi.ls introduced was one
levjing 4 per cent, ad valorem tax ou
grape sugar.
The House is now in Committee of
tue uoie ou the sundry civil anoro.
( priatioo bi.i.
ibe following are among tbe bills
introduced aud referred: By Butler. of
Mtssacbusetts, for tbe reliol of the in
dustrial classes; for prompt settlement
of public lands ; and for the protection
of tbe frontier from Iudlan depreda
tions. Senate amendments to the army ap
propriation bill non-concurred In.
Conference Committee report on
Military Academy bill agreed to.
.uTLIIoB8e went Int0 Committee of
the Whole on Civil Sundry Approprla
lion bill. Amount for public buildings
ftt Atlanta Increased to $60,000,

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