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The Constitutional Union.
Fokt Smith.—Arrives here Mondays andThurs
jjjj.-s at - P. M. Leaves Tuesdays and Saturdays
at. 10 R. M.
Kastkbv M ut..—Arrives by river Tuesdays ami
Fridays at A. M. Leaves Mondays and Thurs
days at 0 A. M.
SrMicv.—Arrives Tuesdays at 0 I’. M. Leaves
Mondays at 7 -V. M.
I?p.o« Nsvii.i *. Arrives Saturdays at C P. M.
Leaves Fridays at 7 A.. M.
Cotton Plant.—Arrive Sat unlays at 11 A. M.
Leaves same days at 1 P. M.
The good humored countenance of a member of
tlie “peculiar institution" which caused so much
excitement through the land during the last can
vass for President, ami since, appeared in our
sanctum yesterday, on a mission, which is ever
welcome, from Dr. N. B. Tucker ami his accom
plished lady. A basket was placed upon our
table which contained some of the “firstlings of
the marriage fea-t." and whose destruction occa
sioned immense delight. Be return thanks for
the kindly remembrance, and wish the young
couple a journey through life unclouded by
Jack Mathews Again.
Were we asked, as our opinion, (bared on the
sense of taste) where one could get the finest fla
vored cigar and a cock-tail made u hi St. Charles,
together with the oldest amt best brands of wine,
we should without hesitation say, go to Jack
Mathk vs’. Jack has always on hand a supply
of the best, and, though we have travel' I “ some,"
we must say that for good-nature, attention to his
patrons, and a knowledge of all tbeliule miuuthc
of his profession. Jack has the palm.
The Gold Mine Again.
In the ‘wo previous issues of our paper we
stated the reported dlscovi ry of Hold by the
workmen ei. -tg< 1 at the Arte .dan Well. Since
then we learn that the in -rcdulous have pro
nounced it a lc ax, and the pa} rs abroad that it
was the intention of those here to speculate on
the credulous. Now all we, have to say about this
matter is this—As » ufsi rs . it • n it been in
jured in anyway by the report, they can have
m> reason toeomjd ft : and as for our townsmen,
)V. 1
\Vi merely .“ra!“-l that several of our must relia
ble citizens had found gold there, an l as we have
no rea-gin to doubt their word, ::- the existence
of Gold there has not been proved a myth, we arc
yet in doubt.
Ticket—QrtsF.MJEtt'tv.—At the residence of
the bride's father, on Wed no hiv evening. •' h
ins;., ny Rev. Mr. Lee, 1'r. N. 15. Tucker to Miss
].. G. Qi;;s 'liberty, both of this place.
Si ■ tt—r.'.iNr,.—On the -l:li inst., by llcv. G.
IV. Thump! n. Mr. John S- to Miss Mary
l’a■.ne, both of Caroline town hip.
Tt xe—Si i.tt.—At the same time atnl place, by
tin -■ into, Mr. T. Tune to Miss Maria Scott, both
of ('arcline township.
G:t.v;i;s—Smith.—On the il’th ult., by Elder
William Lewis, Mr. Meredith G. Graggs to Miss
M. M. S.i'itb. till • l’rairli- <■• • v.y.
I.r-i.ir—At \rkapola, on the loth Scpter;’.-r
las;. Martha, consol: of G. T. Leslie, in the 556t.li
year of h- r age.
Summary of New* by Tt’k'-irapft.
New Albany. Indiana. Nov. •" b
One of ill? hi rest t: i etiug- 'vii- t • r been
i it ! 'i : - t ' 11 I. T. It
was i •-solved that the pcopl-* of Indiana d -'red *o
live in go • 1 J'-ilow-hlp with the S' ;;■ h : that the
p-. vish -• f tile t :t - tion must ’ o enforced ;
that the S' nil) has ca !-• 1 r m <plaint o:i to- •oimt
• f !■' pa--; re of personal liberty bills: that the
Northern St.it> - be called uj>on to repeal these
jaw-. Tin* hasty action of it: • Si.: a was d* pre
cat' d. The resolutions set forth, that in ea-cof
ci* 1 war. Indiana sb, j p. rent h'*r .11 fi ■ n
> ■ ;;>: lb" ti.o«Gr of bb < dv stl ii'". except ill
defense of her own rights and honor.
N t:w Yarx, N-'v. 0t>.
A h i •received fr.-nj l’aris by the sto-i>;.-liip
Arabia says; •• Kvvt.t* tr it i.or > . Syr'-i are
.*■■> threatening that Abdel Rader has ndvi.- I the
( lir.-' i■. .s **>. t.i o,i- . :*i:I
\m •' -r 1* tter .-'-ty s ; *‘ Advices re • ivi d fr..m
St. i'etersbu •* indicate that I ailed A; .te- Mi.As
ter ,\t ;ie’. - a has ..1 >;-i‘11• 1 tin* ] ay ' t of t
■ celt-brated Perkins claim agtiin t the -is
g . aliment, amor .ting t > iJHi. :
I’lW -.Tt. NoV.
A t ■ 1 - _r r * i A ■ ", - ;T • - ‘ ■ 1) ■ -: 11 V. . : i to
the Cotntneri -A say : •• To • Prt ddeat .i - ■ -
: ‘-at the i -.d law . mn-t !;■• ■ b or.ed. and 11. ■■ ■
i.c will n ib.t'.in G ’a at all hazard*; t 1 -
I'oi'y ; , the country f- • M i ■ ii •• i 1. a *.f Id* p iinit
ting the sc A hist - to tak • j . on of the
IbM-.A ;■ rts I.r i I v. i -i hold loo fcd-t.'.l revenue.
The' I’rcsi l ilt anti ’nates ;Tt-.- dang r of a <•«.!
Sr. Jos EMI. Mb “oan. Nov, 30.
Tl:i- Cu'ied S*a'es a.i-1 i .^n -.droll I» • !i
>. % •;• t 'ty a.:...-; i .-•! .y i ’!» b to the 27lb
It is re] >rtc-l that win.!.; ban-ls of Arrapaboc,
( I'l ventie, and Sioux, numbering frpm ten to fif
teen I Lou- ii.d, are i-nn up, d at < ■ .imi"-"d
4 Sirius-. They are a great a anoyance to I rtiv
■ s, and are committing many robberies. A
gcmral Indian war i- ieare-l.
Mij.i.i:ugi. n.u:. Ga.. Nov. 30
A bill lias been introduced in the House of
Kri t-e-ntaliv. s prohibiting tin; levy of executions
iro.j 1"ailed Sta’es cur!- on citliens of Georgia
prior to the first of December, is >1.
(iiABi.r.'TuN, South Carolina. Nov. 30.
The banks of this city have suspended specie
Washington, Nov. 22.
Tee C:.Licet is’groatly agilat''d by' the determi
na'ivB of the President to take a position urttag
'ui - • to the right if secession in his message.
>1'-rotaries Cobb and Thomp-mn are opposed to
the President taking this position. Postmaster
General Holt is wavering. The President’s
.doctrine is that no State has the right to secede,
but tiiat in the event of secession, coercion is in
Washington, Nov. 23.
11 lc.-trn from reliable sources that the Treasury
1" :,!iiucnt will be forced to suspend specie
■ . ii: in tin course of the next- ten days. Ar
II irati will be made to pay off the Gov
Trea nry notes. There is the
ic i- s t a’a rin niiiung the clerks inconsequence
<•;' ih s straightend condition of the public
Treasury, . ,
There is no longer any possible d ubt eonp^rn
‘nlt r c Pre-deni s views of secession. liTcon
vtjrsing to-day, with a gentleman of this city,
he t<,.,k strong ground against the Southern
Movement. He declared that he did not believe
Jpfw the great West would ever permit the mouth
°f the Mississippi river to be held by a foreign
power. “South Carolina,” said he,'“ wishes to
cuter into a conflict with me, and upon the shed
d ngof the first drop of blood, to drag the other
■ States into the movement of dissolution.” '
Corrected Weekly bi Stewart & Br.o's.
Kentucky Bugging, 17 @ 18
Indian Bagging, Hi 0 17
Bale Rope, 9 (<<; It)
Beeswax, Y4 lb., 20 0 25
Bricks, Yd M.. $5 50 0 7 00
Brooms, <jjl dozen. 2 50 0 0 00
Buckets, painted, Yd dozen, 2 50 („ 0 00
Butter, Y4 lb., 20 0 25
Bar Iron, 5 0 (J
Bar Soitji, Yd lb-, 7 to 8
Castings, 5 0 C>
Copperas, Yd lb., 5 0 10
C‘ :ee. Rio, 17 Or, 00
Che date. lo 0, 124
Candles, tallow ~rl lb., 15 (,< 17
Star, 2d 0 20
Cotton, 7 Ci '.)
Cotton Yarns, 940, 124 I
Cordage, Manilla, 1240 20* 1
Chickens, Y;! dozen, 2 50 (., ;; 00 '
Corn. 90 (« 1 00 I
Corn Meal, Yd bushel, 90 0 ] It) |
Drugs and DyeStufl's
.Mum. Y4 lit., 8 0, 15 !
Brimstone, 0 (,, 10 j
Camphor, 75 („, 80 !
Madder, 20 (.7 25 j
Indigo, 1 25 0 2 00 ;
Logwood, 0 ]t) |
Soda. B. Cv 8 („. 124,
Salat-ulus, tij(„, 124
Bggs. f’ dozen, 25 (,, do
Flour, Y> bbl.. 7 (H) („ 7 50 !
Flour, 100 lbs., in sacks, 3 75 (n 4 00 i
Feat hers, Y' lb., 55 („ tin
Beef Hides, Yd lb., 8 Or, 9 1
Apples, bush,, dried, 1 25 (5 I -50 j
Reaches, *0? bush., dried, 1 25 <" 1 50 .
liuisins. Y4 box, 3 5() (,, 4 00 !
(iuupowder, Hazard, Yd eag, 7 25 (« 7 50 ;
Lime, Y4 bid., " 1 75 O' 2 00 j
Lead, bar, Y4 lb., 8 O' 10 !
Singer, Y4 lit., 11 (,/ 15 j
Herman .Steel, IS („ 20
A. B. Steel, I'.t 00
j 1 'a-0 steel, 25 < • MO
Hollow Mare, Y4 gal., 12.’0 1(1 1
Canvassed Hams, Yd lb, 171(5 IS
Rlaiu Hams, Y4 ib., no
Shoulders* Y' i’1-. I5t on
Middlings, {d Hi., * 17 0. 18 ,
Bulk Rot k, Y4 lb., 110, 00
Ri 1!;. (V. !i, i,~! ’ 7
Beef, Y* i'1-. 5 (•. 0 !
Faints an 1 t tils.
Liuseetl oil. 'O gal., 1 00 (■ 1 25
Sperm Oil. gal., 2 25 (. 0 O0
F ■ ' ' 1. Y ' I 24 1 50
White Lead, Yd cag, 2 50 (« M O')
Spar,i'h Brown, Y4 lb., 10 O' Otl |
Venetian Red, V lb., 14 (<■ 20
Re<l Lead, ',! lb., 1-4 (-, 20
At.,!!., in.! . -1
<v'l, fid. 4d. oil. 7 1
Molasses, j-i gal., 4"i fit fid
Fa gar. .Brown, pi lb., 11 fit 12!
Loaf, (' Hi. Id fi, lib;
' .!. 'jMh, 1 j • i •. Id
Fepper, ~t> lb., 1' ~(.t Id
Bice Ifi,, a I
Fait —
Liverpool fine, per sack. 1 ‘.*'1 fit <* 00
Liverpool course, per sack, 1 fid <• (i 01)
Ft-m a, I’earl, * 8 fit Id
/pice, Id fit) 20 !
Tobacco, common. 10 fit, Id
Tobacco, Honey i «r, bo 00
T< t-aceo. l ine Virginia, do ( 7d
Ten, "f? lb., 8 ) fit, 1 dt)
Tallow, "ft lb.. 8 , !» '
Wbi.-ky, “j-igiL, 2d fit 1 2d
'i'i. ■ in-ddo c ibitr.n reprc enfs the cash value by
tb.e ] aekaire. ’i nvitsiiic column leprescnis time
t rie -., in small lot
_ _ _ _ _
SIP Mi’ll Is AND NN oil 2 BIVEB I’UkETS.
H.\’ei. Dr.i.r., ('apt. It. Bees
II. (’apt. .1 tin. Woodbum
FRoxrn-.it City, ('aj<t. Houston.
Any. in At., Opt. Elias Thoma-sun.
Gf.m, Gap). .1. .J. Fills ...
t u. I’iki . Cap). Pete 1 Iriain ..
Gakbikr, c r.-t. Fa.m. Tayli r.
1 "t ... (’ajit. II. Fatoa.
il.ii'.l t AI-.ILCOX Tt I AlKSONt'OUT.
v’\"t. II \r •:—(’apt. (’. W Cole-—arrive- at Fes
\-e i.n Friday.-*. from Nape • ,ji. and t oe-|. - I. -re
i'.n- In •• >b -,vaward mails •<! '!••.> lav -. from .Jack
Kaxa vp ' V.u.i rv—Cap. W. B. Price—arrtvt g
at in ire from Nat.el- ei oi Tue-daps, and ton.-h
j iii-rtt main - Tlntrs.i \ ■ l.r her down ward mails,
;; ...n J;. .’ip..; t.
The river at ibis j ■ .jut < iititme nl. nit -t id .-i
a>-;r. wit!) very fair boatiig. It is. however, full
a foot higher than last n inter. The Gap tains
tire diliereiit b its rejoe.-nt the Missi -ijipi as
b in*.' in excel!, nt cmdit ui.
The coniiiKidimis an 1 relink’.* M-. mphgs and
V.'iiito river packet Admiral, lit! v.bines on deck,
i’iioi.ias- m in the okic, came in on Monday
night, on her way up. aid pa- . 1 down on Tues
day. H:.t. Si • 1) . i a > .. on ■ trip b..th way . as
site always will have with such agre able officers
a -he has. To her cletk. Thoma •-..n, we are in
i' i.: ■ • 1 f..r the . an. 1 lav re
The foe l. S. n.-iil ja.-ket Hanawl; i Valb-y.
I', .. - i Nap..Icon to .lack- i.r."i t. Price master, and
Under Cole-- in the oniri . passed up on Tuesday
no r-. ’t: g, and down on Thursday. The Kanawha
Yullcy is v. liab!’. fa-r..ni i in charge of the mo. ;
■i; re-able officers our river can boast of. We are
in 1 b:« 1 to her clerk, Butler Coles,lor late M -ui
t !ii- jiayu rs.
Ti ■ I'niicd Ftnte-- packet Fain. If •.!•*. G.ipt.
C. . ('ole in con maul, an 1 Briscoe in the office,
.- : in on Friday i .'.ruing la-t, on In-:- way i:j>,
; . .dil'r-II ,i B-i:d',y J.dl.living. < Viilih
f.,.-t. i >-!i -ble. light draught, and ofli-•■•r.-d
by the it . n t on the riv< r
• \ 7 .. i .. i . i• i : . 1 • i < - iii-vn 11 f’ *i , . . ! I .
Vi'e commend her to the public. To her a ••
clerk, i id ."king Hri.-c.c, we are indebted
fur late papers.
The regulai Met phisand White river packet
\V. IJuarrier. it. M. Rogers in command, and
n;,;- ban Isotue, polite and a ►eotnmodating fri >nd
J. If. Knick rb i-k-.-rin the other. came in the last
of last w.-ck loaded to her guards With freight
and pas tigers, and dawn on Thursday night.
This is her first trip of the season. I’a sengers
t:,i;:ng this boat would (Jo well to call on our old
friend. Major J. 1’. Vowoll, at the bar, and solace
themselves with one his superb cigars, or a cock
tail which he alone knows so well how to make.
The l/.etta, (‘apt. Sam Taylortr.aster, from New
Orleans, passed up on Friday Ust. and arrived
down on Tueedav morning. We understand it is
the intention of her Owners to run herns a freight
boat between Duvall's Fluff and some point on
(he Mississippi.
The tine Memphis and White River packet
M:. itiie Gem. ('apt. J. J. l’iH.-diury in command,
and McDonald clerk, arrived at this place Monday
morning, upward bound, with her usual trip of
pa -eng'-rs and freight. The Gem is command \1
by excellent oilicer.s, her table well supplied, and
she is in every respect a tip-lop boat. Sue passed
down Wednesday night.
Wc 1 arn from The Memphis Eaquirer of Sat
urday last, that the steamboat Kate French was
destroyed by fire at Napoleon, on Wednesday
night of last week. She was on her way from
Cincinnati up the Arkansas, and at the time of
the lire was lying just below the landing, at which
place she took fire and was speedily consumed.
The passengers, officers and crew were saved.
The boat and cargo are an entire loss. It is sup
posed to have been the work of an incendiary.
The boat was owned by Messrs, l’aul & Murdock,
steamboat agents in Cincinnati, and was worth
about s 4,1)00. it was thought she was fully
We learn from The Kittle Rock flazctte of the
1st Inst., that the Arkansas at that point had
risen since Thursday morning.shout sevrn inches,
and, at the time of writing (Friday morning.)
still swelling, w ith 80 inches in the channel. 01 1
river men were looking for a rise of at least two
feet from the heavy Tains which fell in the earlier >
part oi the week.
?- ■'"nwmiii.inji'n ljuuiMi! atiw j-di—r-s»
•Jam oh 1^. Hunt,
C I. P. II II ,
8 II E EI F F,
W I L LI A M A. 1’ L U X K E T T.
T B E A H 1* B I ' l?,
C O I! O N K I!,
E . A . 11 O XV E It L .
r> E N .J AMI X F A W 0 E T .
1‘ni.ri,—B. F. (‘.miter, E. L. Beard, B.V. Smith,
James iilo\or.
( a. o.h///;—(i. M. Connor, Vt". K. Bobbins, James
Knight, W in. 1 'onnell, F. (.’o/art. W.C. U Jiinson.
Pig >• /•’■ >tf—Aser Pipkin, Y. D. Bobinson.
B it '■ i. r—II. I*. Vaughan, T. [i. tv nt, L. C,
Ken lwit, D. F. Black.
f ’• —S. C. Faiue. B. Douglass.
B ■ * s—W. A. W. Mann, W. J. MeCombs.
I!‘nii<''H—Tt M. Gray, .1. Tucker.
It i H -T. F. Kie *, W. Li. Brantly.
C'ear —Guinn t arr, Juiiu - T. Morris.
I- • Crete—T. M. Belcher, Thomas Harville.
Prairie—Q. T. Webster; Center—1. D. Steele;
Cnrulin' —H. II. Freelui;:; thtmittou—K. J. rvis;
l : ■■ A. Harper: Wh r Itierr- 0’ T.
Oldham; a (i njd.<—W. A. Barker; lie , ic—
John Hales,
Coiist-iir -ol‘ Clear !,ak<* and La Grew Town
j1' faiie-t to lill rheir li.dris.
’■c1 • T?rT? * — r\- ■ '.rerrapi,r-r .•*- -tirrr-yjTff,WP*r*-r"-».■ -w»
Friday, 1’-ember 7.
The Des Are Cot ion marked during the past
week wa-ijui'e dull, the buyer evincing no dis
position io buy exeept at the lewis t notch, and
the seller hold.tig hack. Messrs. Ftew.ut ,X
Flo’s, report having vtacived '-'ll l.al,-. oi'which
lacy nougat i a; . .. •. 1, •:?is<>:i i. Drawn re
port having bought but 4 bales, at 8|c. W. B.
Crocker Cn. have b. tight none, nut receive-1 On
storage Jl. They echo the general cry, and ■ ly
prospect is “ deuced bad.”
Arkansas Leirislative Proccrdiiigs.
Tin l sti.w. Nov. I'-'. 1 • >.
Air. On!' -. fr-un the Conn ittee - t Ju-ii■ hiry.
reported a lull In aan i the i.:v. .tg ! curyi.tg
concealed wen one, r pealing t!ie part of the bit
i.n.-r - 1 -i.; ' : ' I. .it.", 1..ch nus ri ad sc-mu-I
and third Uute. and ■ 1.
Also ft bill giving a .* i try f r.ot Je<- than tl >• <
nor . : -re •: . i !|Ve ntni'Ii ■■■; -■ 'hit i I’! ' *• • i
< i.nntt < ur; Judges in coniines of C<.t»w«y. VeU
an l l.af-'■ ,:e. tu.d eh.Uige t iitat of if. I in _ the
Court ter. 15 ■ m - d
Mr. Car ".a, fY.-’.j the Cm u.rt ■■•on Internal
11ll ('l-OVeli! l! s. 1 'Je ’( • i a lo.l flit i t i e 1 tl It a Ct '
aid t't the construct e-u td the dltiereut railroads
in tliis State,
Mr. I.ei'iovnc offered on amendment, which,
wish ■ i. ■ orig nul, was . tered to be printed, and
r He; i . • ' t'a!.: .It: ' '1 the V* lode "I* the .Hi
Mon !:•,- of lti: einher.
M-. Car a introduced a bill incorporating
t t • • ti el I'- : u i s. [I erred to Couiiiillee
oil Cot.i I ie— nil C nr. y lain
Mr. H, ! o r. from ,h,. tton A’.-riouk, r .
n |- -fid a. !■ !.l tor the pi nmol it n of the agrieuk
: ■, :•. id ni ■ . ■ ■ . ■ ■ i . . - - oi i h ■ State. . .
-aye !•••< Ha:.lended. 1 -a in. : tite coit-i leratiott
of ivl i I-', :. . n-Ijuurwd to go i/tlork. e. -i*
S; Mate to -l at g' >"cl.and rep i r -i to ti e
hi.- the 11 Use Of i!" i ■ - ' :" ! - e" I ill- ji.il -
po.-e ol'il ting a S' rt. freasur- r: wheccu; -u
Oliver Ihi-hiHi r>-ee . --1 a i •ij-e-iry of :,M ie
vot ■ riven, a 1 ( . ■ ■ . - . . anti e
• . . -.1 i. After which the s -mue nd
Filin'.v. N-v, :i bir J 1.
Mr. lh.!t l:t • 11;' -.-el : •- d a 1 ”! i. i e uing 11: - ■
t hr.. rt ■ .- ta ri h - - - 'C to bank, laod-. U--!i I
to Jit if-: i - y ('• ntt.il' : -.
Mr. i . . i-i • bill relation to ju
ror-: •-ud wf (■■• , in , tv-t and criiuinttl ca-e-.
Ret■■rr I .u .1 it-!h try C i..miti
Mr. 1 *.; - is - intro-lo-' I -i bill in reference to
' . ices’ dt kefs* Referred to Judiciary Conmiit
Mr. Ib-e -i-lent introdu ed a bill to reduce tl
tax:.' h-n t ' -Oil* I welt: h of ’ll'- per lo-iHiHit. k '
ferred to .the Commit a Ways and .Means.
Mr. It iv'n s introduced a biii living tin- right
of ap;., a! from the decision of the swamp tan I
nr - !•» the Vn-litor < the -.a ••. lli.le -.e-!
.1 u-hei iry (’- tntaitte".
*S \ rntn it. No’, infer gb.
Mr. •!-’ pr teat ! -t petition from ciii
•/e' id Vi li e utity v. !i r- ' ■!«':. o to a private
ti- . .,«• I-- apt lying i he fund - lug from i—trays
to ■ ,11
Mr. M ‘ ..!<■< ii. ft ' til ' I 1 -: tn i 111’ > O': un
ties an-: C uuty l.iii* . r : . fted a bill in -.rporat
I: flu • .vn 1 I’urarUfia, svhi< i * .: - : i
'!(dray introduced a i- !1 t- - am >tul the iucor
i-.i itiiig act nt’ t ii-.- Cun. hi;.t t t,terenc • I - oi.ile
Coll re. •• mis] ended a: i eferred to (
mittee on k hi- ui-.n.
T "hi.;- ! - • a • bill No. i t iraiing the
Nortlii es ra B t-d i I k j In . -1. -■ i !i extend
from Cas-vilie, Mo., fo Va i lit.i-eti. Ark. Iteier: 1.
Mi.sii \v, .N i i iniier g’-i.
Mr. 0 it' * i lie '”1 -t re >’-■ >ion re-pi-i ing- a c -ta
ni’tl • - ! three t o lie it pj-o. n tel to net with a - ini i
!• .• I’., m f f I f. .ill ' !i«* * tit 'if* I Iff III.ft •.»
into tin- ]n '.cos paid for public prii tin r.
Mr. I‘ . • ■ I.. : m- 1 a bill for the relief of
tin- !i<•<•]'•' • Arkansas. *.-*•»!••<, J rnvides that it 1 -
:-itali ivu 1" at • i by 1 itv. t xi" pt fir the pay
ment ol i . s. i'1 erred.
Mr. Cray i:.‘ vi11;*• > I a bill to require t!:•.* State
Tr. '■ !'.•>•;• t ' refund taxes ;u certain ease.-. Re
Mr. Carl: introduced a bill to amend the rend
law. Referred.
Tvesjiay. November 2S.
Mr. O.it< s. from the Judiciary Committee. im
ported favorably on a bill grunting appeal from
the mv 'tup land . gent to C.0 Auditor, which was
Mr. Terry introduced a bill to incorporate tlie
Little Rock Mutual Insurance Company. Re
Mr. Mc*’ol!oeli introduce la bill for th.* pro
jection of landlords and tenants. Referred to
<lotiitnit tec on .1 udiciary.
Sir, Pennington introduced a bill to defend the
interests of the Flat# in the swamp land gram.
Mr. i’re-idetit Fb'telicr introdueoil a bill for the
relief of tlie Covcrnor <f this Slate, by j.rovid
in<i* for a Swamp Land Commissioner. Referred
to < 'oiiiiiiit'oo on S . amp and < tvertlowed Lands.
Took up Hull-e bill, which provides for increas
ing the bead of the Treasurer and Auditor of this
State. Referred.
Took up House amendi tent to theConstitution,
proposing to elect Secretary of Stale. Treasurer
Auditor and Attorney-tumoral, by the qualified
voters of the State, which was voted on seperately
and voted down.
AVehnesd.vv. November 2S.
Air. Oates, from the Judiciary Committee, re
jiorted favorably on a bill increasing the bond of
the Auditor to Sjiiu.otto, and the Treasurer to
StUHt.uOd : which was passed.
Also a bill to grant a l'errv privilege to Ja«. S.
Barton, in Crittenden county. Read third time
and passed.
i’lirnsDAY, Nov. 22.1S‘A
House met. The bill to extend the boundaries
of the city of Little Rock, was reported back
from the Senate as passed. It is thereupon a
law. The Senate also reported having agreed to
House resolution relative to a mail route from St.
Charh s to Brownsville; also from Batesville to
Fayetteville ; aNo for it change of service on the
route from Arkadelphm to Fort Smith, and tothe
resolution asking an act of Congress to confirm
all sales of land under the graduation laws.
House proposed amendment to the Constitu
tion to give Justices of the Peace concurrent juris
diction with Judges of the Circuit Court in all
contracts reduced to writing and signed by the
parties in any aura under r'fitO, was a t >pted.
TC’'v»jL.',mni ,A... ■owva.>w-*»—i - a tm
Tlie Senate met the House in convention and
proceeded to the election of a Treasurer of the
State, which resulted in the election of (River
llasham. over S. C. Faulkner, by a vote ol' fifty
two to thirty-nine.
A petition praying the Legislature to incorpo
rate the Hillsboro Male and Female Academy in
Viiion county, was presented and referred to
Committee on education
House adjourned.
Fki pat. November 23.
House met. Senate informed the House that
they had assented to 11 mscbill No. ■;<>. ,
repeals the imprisonment penal y for tarrying
concealed weapons. Jr is now a law.
House hill to incorporate (lie Northwestern Bor
der Railroad Company, was passed.
A bill to increase tlie bond of the Treasurer of
Stare, and Auditor of i’ublic Accounts to .pddii,
000. was passed.
Several other bills were made the order of the
day for some further time, which will, wh n of a
general nature, be noticed on their final disposi
House adjourned.
Saturday, November 24.
House met. A bill was introduced, twice read,
and referred to a select committee to appoint by
tlie County Court, assessors of ta 'a- in each town
ship in several counties in this State.
A bill to amend the n< ; istuldishiug a separate
Court of ( hancery at the seat ol gov . ament,
was introduced, read and in ferred. i nis bill pro
vides fer three terms ol said court in twelve
months, instead of i wo Rs the law now is,
[ I lie wlto'c of l hi- day w is consumed in Coin
mil tee ot the \\ hole in iion so bi! 1 N11. c►. * o amend
the criminal laws of this state, im rinsing tin*
penalties of negro stealing or tampering with
them in any respect, etc. The committee ruse
without coming to any c-indu.-ion, and r. "orted
the bill buck fu tlie House.]
House ad, urned.
Monday. November 20.
House met. The special order of tlie dav,
Horn c 1'ill .No. •)!, to prohibit the "import at inn into
this State, as merchandise, of slaves who may
have coimailted any fcU-iiy or other infamous
crime,” was taken up—consider! d at length and
pa -cd by a vote of -i.t yeas i > niys. [fhis
bill has s ice been rcjeeti in tin Sen te.l
House proposed amendment to the ' on-titutinn
t1 ■ eh1 t he .lunges (o t;r: ,r em ■ Court I■ \ t io.
qualified voters of th * State, vvs - rej led. the
vote berng y ea«, to 27 nays. T« o-tlrii is of the
men bers are it t % voting afti i a iv< iy . to
ad 1 ■' u | r 'pi -ed amendment to tlie Con dr m i-.:i.
the pro] 4 amendment to the Constitution
1" elect by ih" ijua'dlirl voters of the State, lhe
Secretary of Suu*. Amj.ilor of Inddiv Ai-.-oi.nt .
and a Treasurer for the State, v. - -i d—the
three first nain -1 oirice- bv a vote ot Veas to
Hays—and Tin- last named, liy a v o, ds ye.i
to 1 ■ i nay -. 'i hose proposed am uclmi to th
■ si knit ion have since be at rejected in the
j Senate.
A petition fsecond of the ■ ■ d this ■ si<u
was ollered. jirayin;: r.i< I. v. i- in.n> m r< "•>•,
the swa;i*p land office from Catcsville to .Jacks m
House adjourned.
TurnsuAY. Xoveii'h. r77.
House mel. S< • pelitirtna and mem (rial*
were j rt -a .! 1 and in .erred, ainot . to- a > no
pr.nyiny t l o !.- ••i-latnm- km :m ; : i ,
clear out Si. 1 van - liver. iVom llie moutli ...
i.ltl" live ■ l o Ill I down. !’, !>n d to C ci.i.: a ice
on Swamp and On rtli.we 1 Ian 1 .,
\ lull to 'rive iiuadia';'. - ii 7 a "ii l.idMin'.s on
sums ..Vi r.- in. - : .: oread and refe re i.
The Governor n<-t iI the II • • 1 ■- -
v:il of tiic lull to i Men.l iho limits ol the cli .• ..f
r .rt Smith : also 11. ■ hill the v 1 i
fi.-ti of t ci" s ’ y ■ 1 ( rai;-h,-;.d ; .: id al‘.i a j .1 p
* e oluiiott :n re .ifi"U t.« a ia„:l route fr.. a I'.a ■ -
vHe, v ia Can- 1 . 1 . j .. vil e, l.i f,.in 1..., - -
A hill to corfijirl r om y i.ffecrs to 1 — It a ’• _»
!" duties. Was relifixed i ■ i • lit • at the
I .in llciary.
The hill to amend tl law rot ■ d. ■ v ■ :'
1 concealed weapon.*. and tlie hid to i \ten 1 the
h.'iitid [fit's of the fii of 1.11:1 il" k. were rc
]iol to*I in i"il ia*,': 1 v mii"die-i.
A lull to repeal th law
Mill llnpl'.e !,.i l.i ii.ll . anioliv tie' ; li vv ;
1 dof*4 rnfft ■ I'u r i.c,■ ■' on. ,
\ l.i 1! ev'em!ine te ; - , . i' ij
"f l> -l:a rad I’ll i 1: j. ~ ■ in*, to tae ,'oUiii . f
. 1 ' i'm'*'. v,a- ■ ■ i- ■ ■■ i.
A hill lo don..‘e 11. ■ • -wimp lands to tlie -mv ■
ml < onnii.-s in wiped 111 ■. * j lie, ...i* rea 1 and
I'cferta d.
fli V ' : ' 1 ' . '.
il . . - ' led OlJ'U -d.
\> I. levt - :■ \v, Move: ider .
Ii 1 i : 11 - ■' ' ' I i 1 i I. I , : a ' I !l .1 1
1 ■ . c.'iior to -ii . ,' . in • 7 ai' i ' -
I r ad*. v> a* report''1 iced. : : l mi! -title d 1 y an
I ii<ec, ].!'"Yida:a' for the tl’ -trl: u! i >n of the tive
■. ' 1 ■ ' .. IV
an 1 I'd
'I'h i tn«f of t! : ; d i v v■•.• •• "] ■ ,..| in .• . .
ffe&tb bill' tM I I 1 ' Hi 11."' d'd I .' , 1,1 htdfkj a
to. 'i.e il Coll ■;. •' al I,. I!o ■... I li * hill vva
f: lly r -j el l.y a v, :e of 71 . > 17.
House ijiiurtU' 1.
7 \~F7A R V AXJ> FIX AS : /..
Never within our r«'i- llf«di >n. sirs Tl •
.’/euiphis liuik tin oi- hist week, ho* sm h :i
, dev !-awtif'l an I c U.-C! 1 e. oi !, i. ii'uis a- v -
•* • . «
lay, '] ho <li-It. iirfetithg u • V. m all
"■ ■' i l: 1 ( . 1 e: ': ■ ■ , . 1
II io 1 111 III ■ • V. . t. ! i I lit- Ink ji j ' in i | a! 1
| cla-scs <d tin* t.-oti:iiiniiity—'lie tii.-in mid
ruin winch litre den fu < n i’l' us till in tlie
. witle-xirea ! iti.:<:lstro>>iii v/hieh h:n drawn Into
ii iim wry existence of tin- <I'ovornm.'iit—
these r no [durations rad tin* ill l: • elolld*
wh.ch darkened the heavens, ami the odd
j rain an i -lonv which f. !i at interval fliniiiyh
out the day. will make \»- to. day a' iwm »
raid" in liia husinofs annul'. id' Moinnhi*.
'i here \va* ahsolutoly i;>>tIt *>i w «I; *:i«* i:i air, de
] ..rtim nt of trade. t >i;r iv. [.■ -tnoij wvre til!

n ruinous crilice. ('• :.> ti eoald p-d !..« .sid.l
\ l"!- c.i-li at ;iiiythina' l i e lit i jirieos tjaot: d
hist week, and hilt htl’o vt.is tli.no in j luce
hay nd the dapiand fur :i"<ual dallv e a-ump
in. ■ e » - to>t io i . h:. ' r ;
.-.1st- n i i m • ii i ■; oi «■:. r < »r tt-~t
;;inl richest merchants, and then at. two In two
and a half per cent, nor men'll. Sec .a 1
class paper, reliable and s dvcnt, was without,
i buyers at any price on any terms.
If this state of things continue for ten
days, our best badness men ma t either sub
mit tj ruinous sac-nth es or iuevitubly goto
It is not p'dole, in our judgment that the
Smith Carolina hanks should hold out more
than eight or tea days. By their own show
ing. made oil the first of November, tine h
but ten cents on the dollar in specie with
which to rede'-m tludr issues. Tlie millions
circulation now being returned upon them will
i soon exhaust the vaults*of Smith Carolina
hanks. They will not only be driven to sus
p.-iiftion, but perhaps to absolute bankruptcy.
(ieorgia bunks will somi follov in the wake
of those of South Carolina, Her bunks have
been more prudently managed than those of
the adjacent Stale, and of emir.- are better
able to withstand the pro-sure n w afiecting
them. Still the (ieorg.a ban!, must go down
with those of Virginia and the Carol nuts.
We cannot conceive the present financial
condition of (he country half so favorable as
in 1S17, or in i ^ >J. an ! ii is a thousand-fold
worse than in 1S *»7. since the cau-es now ope
rating may be permanent in. their character,
and arise from political and not ephemeral
commercial facts and circumstances.
W e are not alarmists, but would advise our
readers that such precautionary measures
should now be adopted as are adapted to the
exigencies of the times.
--a- a——. -
John Mitchell, the Irish patriot, who is
said to have permanently fixed his residence
in Baris, writes from that city to his friends
in this country: ,
We found a miserably cold and wot sum
mer and autumn here, which made all my
household sick, as we were just coining out
of the balmy climate of America. Either the
seasons here are all altered for the worse
these twelve year, past, or else I am spoiled
for an European climate. I only wish l had
that Alabama plantation, and I would live on
i it all the year round.
lagan—uni w i wmciiir,i——r~r—-ms-r—~
Senator Trumbull made an address at
Springfield. Illinois, a few days since, an
extract from which we find in the Cincinnati
Commercial, which says the speech was in
spired by 31 r. Lincoln, and expresses his
views in full. If this be so—and we see no
reason to doubt it—the speech is an import
ant one, as being the first authoritative indi
cation of the policy of the new administra
tion respecting slavery and recession.
Mr. Lincoln, although the candidate of the
Republican party , as Chief Magistrate, "ill
neither belong to that inr any other partv.
When inaugurated, he will he the President
of the country, and the whole countrv; and
l doubt not will be as ready to defend and
protect the In ate in which he has not received
a solitary vote, against f ai r" i; — n*
upon its con.-:itutioi^l rights, as the one in
which he has received the larges! major 'v.
While they, by whose vut be has been des
ignated as ( bief Magistr.i o of this Repul be.
v.ill expect him to maintain and cany for
ward the principles on \vhi< h he was elected,
they know that in doing m. no encroachment*
will be made on the reserved rights of any of
the States. They know that the Fedora!
Coveminent is one of the defi-gatt'd power
that it can do nothing except the authorilv
for the act can he found in the instrument
which created it and that all powers, not con
i', rial are rc-iT'.ed title Mates or the people
of the State*. When their political oppo
nents have charged the Kcpuulicans wit It
Abolitionism or attributed to them a desire
to interfere with slavery in the States, or
I 1 t ought t
do , i. the reply has invariably been, that the
p' opn who made the b i icral (.iuvcl’Uim.nt
did not think proper t.» conhr t,u it ,-n<h
autli >riiy, and it has therefore no more right
t » meddie with slavery in a Stale titan it In
to n.rd lie with serfil un in R u-- ... nor are
ill" pe iple ol noii-siavel o: ung State* in m. v
way i esj iQsible for fdaveiy in the •
which to! -rate it, hecau-e on dial ijUc-t.nn
they arc to cadi oi lier a- . dependent gore. u
I have laboi ! in and fin* the lt<
publican organization, w>:h umiv c.uiiidem-e
ihat wh never i; should h in p wr. each
of the States would he left in as
coinpde!'' control ol their ow i aifinr.- rc.-pto*.
inly. and at as perle t Id rty l.i clio.-e and
....... ..:.
i ..' i.. i 1 :
i-ri\ amt preservum' peace and < edvr, with;si
their respective ! mi's, a- they have i .or
been under any admim.-'rathm. Those who
l la ve voted i ', 1. .. - . ee t e d,
and 'ill I A ll- ■:■! til'-, : !. ' ; !,• M • • lid I. >t have
voti i lor Ii ii La l tl> i \] ' (.-ti'd iitlien.'■;i.
I lt'L ird it as e arenn-iy f.riitiuiti; for the
peace of the whole t lUiilvy, that this j • •.n:
i ■ a 1 liepiuldi in: i :. ■ Li ■;
pel i tclltly Ilii.-IVpro-eHied, !. lloW to la
Lrniiyht to a praei.eal t• -t and placed ’wmid
the ji4i.'S'l,.h)y oi a imu’.o. It sh mid he a
in ter nf rfvjoiemo to all tnw 11■ ;i lit an-,
ti• it till v ii. •. wiii have an o--,o. . nidi v of
• _ i 1 4.
latit'ii tratuiy to ;,r ; •.:•••. ; ad',er,-:ira .
and tiie world, tiiat t !.•••. . re n . f ■ inn:, s
111 _r with die ii * am stce ins-titut mis t., *y .
'.i • ■ i o ■ - . i.iid arc not t■ a ;, ••• ,e■ - ■ if mmm
Cjualiry or amaLama. vn, vdth wiiieli politi
cal leiuajro.u'Ues have so often charged them.
V. In 0 this i- sho'A n. a 1" et hill wdl a-- llc-id
is! ■ ] in 1 avor i 1 11 ■ ■ > u 1> n e. i..: - m. i i.
t ’ll in III In' nd v. ell V. d! i e .o' - id- 1. if
i ’;.lu ■ ' )' Northern tin a vd;i r- ji.-eieii an 1
lh fr .tern. 1 ii iiiiu i d ...a in die old. a
i i ■ V I,■ n !:.i a i, .a a i pat;o! the eo.tn
; ry wo nt !.:11 to.. 111• • ■ t ! .. ! - .or a r . ■ m -a
eaii-e. a.:.iin-.t a c-mmoii . .0 :1, v.iii i .■
-1..I. . /. l.n i ■; 11-• ' - t , ■■■. ..I vn, .a u:
:ly there have In en a few in ;!. s..
ir . i’ir s.ime year-', umk r and this, and are
.. :n h l ha '■ , the 1 ’ 11 i <n. j
' " v:e thoy niiwt nme!
! nio r main.:sin an ay, ivlien.-.on animiy4 die
.'!'<i': nn people t!>..t tie liotil • - a:el tin :•
.ml lives are : • he end..in 1 J hv the n
■>i the iedei'ai dove;u.wkl With .such
li'/v ill' iirviT 1 t. 1 1 i 1 \ ; h’■; " ■ • i liev
to m th.iiie the j isle mend I u 1 • 'i’ej*rr: eii*ii; a’
tie.' objects and purpo . - • 1 die. Hepuhhcnn
pity. with the hope oi' pne-ipiislii. e the
S !•:' hern Stales inti a no.-iiioii from when
1 key eaiuiot. with utt e..-li,i:r r. afterwards
ie. Ml ii Lii'oi III s .; d; (has', lid after d ■
lie/, admin:--'ration i< inu.piiiiv.ted and to wd.
it will furnish noc.iu.c id.- tie ir • •miii! du*>.
>'• eo. -n i.- an impi-.i.': -aliditv, or rade r an
ini;--- d'iiity. lie- t • : -1 i 1111 ion provides 110
w.-y 'y which a ,-date m withdraw from tl -
I iiii'ii—no M'.y. idr the di.--olutioii oi'
(lovi rniiient. Ii e rs' - dm ticuoral <■ -.11
■ iei,t.—interfere.- hut hide with the inlivli
:-..! l • . id oil:>:rn> 1 '.■ '-1 idr prole; tioii • , i
. . 1 1
■ eh.. ;!y ft !r in i 1h,- leiit.s s.el i.s hie -itu
sod 11 i in im exiled ■ -. 1 i' every idol- i d
oliieef in >'nii‘h ('• roiii.a wore' t> rr-i-u and
di".r ofuees remain we ant. and its convention
o. •dare the S.'itc oo.t 1 I the l nimi. it Mon! 1
all amount ;> litre t seejit to ineonvi nienoe
'di-- eiti.t us i f 1 hat S t'e.'i S. 1-1:.n'.:: a- do
Stale did not. intern! .s with ilie e*d!eeti<.m uf
n 1 eiiuo on th ■ sea h i . i-. die p*>. o!e in i.di-r
p'lrii'ins of die rnioii v.• .til l not 'no in the
,'oi-t inooiivoaieiii" .1. W'lu.l the d-oMtii
C.irohii.i army to do when 1 ■d'* whom is ,t
1 Is. u .1.1 v it. ;r ; .. ..
tin! i iitlfil States i.i’.b , - cvg-';- .1 iii coliect
in . the ®n aac, I et m he i g ,■ sor,
ili:-- I be r. , ; i ■!. and making w.;r
j without: ' in: a, for South Carolina makes no
j complaint against the present revenue laws.
Is she prepared . r th 'i fo • ouie the
[can fbr her
! ••minute men" is. that they will enable the
people the more res k!v to -n; pre.-< any unris
ing- in their midst, \s hi.-h Ilu-ir mi.-represen
tai ‘ills I.f the pur] ..ns ill' tile ilcpllbli -aus
may have been cncoui.t .a d. She complain'
that the fugitive lave ia v ;s not executed in
some of the State:.. This, if true, the whole
countiy knows to be a bam, : i far a.- Smith
Carohii:. is concern. I. She is so situated
that no slave can c-eape from her limits into
free States. However much cause the border
slave States may have to complain of the
] escape ol their negroes into the free States, it
i is clear South Catohuu can have no such cotu
j plaint, lu her resolve she profe-ses to lie
I preparing to defend he.•.self against encroach
i menta on her rights. Let lmr adhete to tit;
j policy and not attempt to dictate to other
. no <
will occur, for no encroachments will be
The speaker expressed the opinion that the
disunion feeling was greatly exaggerated, and
that not all the supporters of Breckinridge
! are disunionists. lie asserted emphatically
I that should the disunionists succeed in over
coming the I nion men of the South, and
: plunge the country into civil war, an over
whelming cry that the l.'niou must and shall
| lie preserved, would rise in all parts of the
j land, and war would then come home to the
- —» g> -*»—
The New York Journal of Commerce, nneol
, the most zealous Breckinridge organs, says:
"The llepublican Administration now in pros
pect will no doubt recede from the high
ground hitherto occupied by such men as
Seward and Summer, as indefensible and un
tenable. There arc many indications lhat4hi
is the present intention; but the backward
movement will be attendi 1 with considerable
bluster and bragging, just to show that oo
; body is frightened. The South should heed
1 the fact.’’
• ___
MT»3gr '■ T 'Tysa.. —<—jjr --
The effects of aback Republican success at
the N orth arc being evinced in ali the large
manufacturing towns end cities, hut it is not
] ssiblc to get at the tact- in connection, be
, cause local interest, and in many cases party
feeling, lead to a suppression of all detail .
1 he New York Herald, however, is not
' squeamish in these matters, and in it - issue of
the 27th give- up four columns to a detail 1
statement of the manufacturing firms which
have been e<mi{ lied to cut down their three,
togot!: r with tin* number of hands di-clvtrg
1 ed by each. We have onlv room fbrtbordi
ton.-;l#-ommfnts of Tim Herald, on the Mib
• ,icet. winch give below the cfleets of the
. i * resident cd Rice lion on the trade in New
Vv e bog to r. f. r our r* t iers J.-> (he dot bled
statement, which we j.ubli.-h tn-dav, o!' tie*
tailing of! w vari-'tix bramdie- of matiulhetuiv
and trade in this city since the elect ■ •
Lincoln. So i:nr h has been aid upon thi-.
subject, and o many ha v s been, or b
ailected to be, skeptical «p, nit it. that we •.'Is
pacbcl a report’ .'to visit tin di'b rent facto
ries and linns and . btain the buds. The re
sult idihis inVf stigrati-will b i'lnd in a •
other column. It will 1 » seen that since the
• tit h oi November there has been an alarm in •
j tailing oil in tue sale and manufacture of a
; tides dependent to any great extent upt n
.‘"outhern trade, and that not is - tiiaii liftei i
Itiou.-and operative-, have already been «ns
; charged, and at:* out oi’ emplovmcnt at. thi
< v tin jn t when winter is setting in
with aii its severity.
! Not only have ->rdc: ; (..-a-cii to come from
the Noah, but many order, on the bo -ks ot
: oar manataelurea-. varying ,n amount i. m
0 a- ; 2 » ' ■ '. havo been i ntly c< un
t -rmaiide i. a in- b; m... of trade which
have red most t s tb carriage and har
, ae s busitte v. elulli.inr, bools and shoe .
hats and caj . grocer!e - and wines a.id bran
0 - ■ in all these the tsthl* have de iued to
such till etlt ■ to F< U Li t $ il ■- ..a ,
i d:-eiiargo the v.a-rkmeu in various pivpor
i;on-. ,-onie hea.-tihr.-vvi : . , ai t!ir. e-fourili>
01 tiie.r hand- a.ii-1 smae di mi-.-iag the whole,
.way (-•iinui- a: aj. >a such a s a’e t 1 af.i.rs i -
v. lioily unnve.' -ary ; the iucts -leak strouvi-r
it m p ■ - , I;. - • • .1 .; t *
■ ■ f u which lie ! an i wasn I
merchants. lnanuhu.-tuii i o and operatives of
liiniKii-, ago. win :i it i.light have i.'-en averted
hy ro.-i.n-_: l!a-.r v.>;, another Way. Uut it i
t "i !.«(* In reined’, it wholly now, thou. !i the
eolcii;am i things tnav L • eniel: • r.e i i y an
am.e.th’e adju tiueut of tin tlitiiculties be
tween tin' .North a.el toe S it• i—dr hc.'t wa
t • bn ii . tlm? ah u; b.die; r hdr ai. I c-r.di :
orei of ids intcier-d « . !dy by
I..oe.dii, ai:d by adopting a r •neiiiatoiy toiu
towards the ex;M -mu- I S mth.
CKO 11772 "I ! UK.i:Vmi A
• oi' ay ■
state of . feat g as - u hi --- fn-o jreias i.i
the } i-t t. u \ r. M be >1 L'lir: vka’oi -. For
a Ion.; pi-diod *.-•> .- il and oiim.i.e atul the
mr of that f ten naiot iuxtk ...
11:t11 h r for a - • • .e- of janaac chivalry an i
i titered inuept'iidonee v.:. - ;; ccdebratcd
than lor any tleng which laake it -p.-cia'd
attractive to e. ng rants.
Il . the he tii ■ ars 1 elli-.-t.-d a nio •
Irliir. k:.!de ehr ige oi K- I -tiination. both
within and v. ;»!n*ii: t!i. State. I the .-in m
of >-.>j>ti!ariou .-a I i a- westward from eld. i
< •iniiioMte: h h ft a • iry • parti mi of i‘
drift o,i the i ii ! .nd.- ■ ■’ A •.f ’ .
': « i ’ (. r the last « « t w in
round netnibcr. lid.ijljtl. ’flu? whole j-.jiula
' *!l v dl ii ‘ i .i! ’>• !ii\v .ii'ij.l.IMi. an 1 the
will ill :;iI |" ,1.ability be entitled ill tie
bin; ighth C gre to fi if ; . ■■ nt
*i '••• im re«...• i.i ■.yj5 . ; d
1- f‘» is not far i’Voin !_A"irij. 'i'hi-, is.
hr;., u ■, • a;o ijded in tip- hi-: ry of any <•:!• ;
>t lb : ■ • ia‘ • .. • o '• 'lil J\o
d ■ S in 1 n“< i ml far from ! fM.'Utj V"
’ ' . and le t h-s than 1 ft.M.ti' U of yo;. illa
The direction ef cur-.r rat inn i< gen-ralh
eorj 1 • .1 ' IV al • p 1 ....
. hi i|o ' .. K-.11 id'
by t!o’ erow I- of I'oieigin-vL d ■' ark in r at .New
1 . . .. aided ! o, . ., k \, . Ii er'.'l !,] .-I . '. , U , o'.;
led .11 lie' it1 -Il o Mai - of their f." :': faille
and beauty, precipitated the thou.-ands wlm
i !'':ud i tlit* "vti!t :ii • ^ iii' > iliat
O. t o West. i! >' the d acuity fold ill
■ .„ hi-■■- 1 . 1 ( . d
; tie and inv.-;il:tr demand p-r grain product-'
f-r expor.e.'.i-.'i. have emitrib.::ri to desn-oy
the attracta*;! < f the-e truly be.i'iti.ul regions.
.'U’d 1> ci.e * 1'i.iailiCii ;e to At ..tit ns and
. Ten: a
: he awal ening of a irii of ’ a Sc "m
pr.-veiit mt in:.ni!e-te i in i ti e.estne'S to ei m
;• etc g"..-title rail;- ..id cutcri . i - h :> added
to the favor of the to :!■ -s miyrat r> Id. m tin:
•1 !• S.,•! - 'll!'. > l:.t, iy .-xhllute i 1 -r the wil
■ domess we t of Tcnn
We in i. ..e in the cvddeti ’ ef 'prosrer'iv
Mh'.w'n hy ommi. i-dihor. m ... t tlia
lie will n - : 1
i ca’ ihi'inib •• 5 tt; on the pa. . No Si i to
M'liv 1 it II lil WT . : 1 ft:!!'-;
i t> the g»v.it s out!, 'i'll .• !;!].]•.•> .-lie can add ail
t -1- grains a • rrofitable objects of Gahure.
'i h - State is smi unlly rich iu mineral we tl
: and in the pr du . «it ; 1. 11... lJi- ■11:1 >■ -r
sari a-ses r!::.* i.f any other region fbr ship
budding. !i j r<Hluces an abun Luce of e al.
and tli ■ fir \t\ i i. believed to have profitable
1 gold Holds.
The growth of the soufliwestera slave
Slates will eve 1 • g destroy i1 at argument,
so eoi'iideuily ure al by tile advocat -s of tree
labor, that '•lever;, retards the inertvise of pop
ulation and pro.!action, and daainl.dic the
i value and sale ol real e. tato.
[New Orleans Picayune.
Fata i. Railroad At cipi T.—hefreigth
train for Lebanon over the Louisville and
; Nashville railroad, which left this city at
quarter past two o’clock Saturday afternoon,
eame in collision with the leg train from Le
| banon Saturday night at Nelson Furnace.
1 1 he train from this city was on the main
track at the Furnauce mi the arrival of the
j hog train,' which came dov, a so suddenly that
a collision could not be averted, .sec ag which,
dr. Refer Nichols, 11• en_;e. ■ on the IT i Jit
, train, jumped from his 1 .comoiive, and, fal
ling upon the track, was run over by the lu
i eouiotivo from Lebanon and crushed to death.
; Little ditniugo was done to the trains. 31 r.
Nichols was a skillful, trustworthy engine^-,
and had been employed on the Louisville and
Frankibrt railroad. Mr. Nidiols leaves a
wife^md three children in the southern sub
urbs of the i ity. [Louiseille Journal.
Harper's Ferry ought certainly to be sen
sitive on the subject of slavery, but it gave its
, vote J7H for Bougies, 275 for Bell, and 17
for Breckinridge. From this it appear- that
the Henioevaey of Harper's Ferry do not
regard secession as a remedy against John
Brown raids.
-« <■
Late .Statistics show that live million • r
80us are supported in llnglaml, by cotti i
that thirty million spindles are employed in
the production of the yarn ; and that the cap
ital absorbed exceed f7bO.OUO.UvP. Four
fifths-of the the cotton consumed iu Kngland
i —£00,000,000 pounds—is American.
The steamship Ariel, nine days from As
pimvall. arrived at New York on Sunday.
She brings over a million in treasure, and the
San Francisco mail-'if the 1st inst. Her
California advices, however, have been antici
pated by t lie overland express:
The news from th" republic ef Pi ru is im
portant. Mr. Clay. Fnited Slates Minister,
by di ion ’ his ament, has i uspend
ed iliplouiatic relations between iiio Fnited
Slate and I'em. in cou-eipience. of the refn
s d of the latter to agree to tin- proposals made
1 y the former for the adjustment f»f the
chains of (heir citizens. growing out of the
t .'.nvi els. the Lizzie Thompson and Geor
giri a. Th seizure was made on the ground
th e. He v, illegally h-iding guano. Mr.
Clay and family were to embark on board
the Fluted Stales steamer-of-war "Wyoming
f*r I’ammta, whii h latter place he was ex
j i". 1 t > reach i.i I’no to take the steamer
1-. aving A. pinwidl for New \ or!c on the 2 ;th
inst. A letter says:
•* Whr, ti e d mcmd w. - first m ’ la against
Peru by the railed Stall-, through their
minister, to indemnify our cPizen-i for losses,
Pic-idem C,;--till;:, who is. in ihet, the gov
ernment i f Pern, ,-i4a :! to have the ratter re
ferred to the Cabinet of Washington, and
iiziv-'d to abide by its decision. The matter
, ■ - aeeoi-dii.giy n !' rred to Washinet ui. end
Pri 'id.-nt Btt Annan do'-ided that the claims
wi just ai ; dir • a -! Mr. (t<. rent .v t he
del ".iid {hr their settlement, and if it was not
• unpin d with within a specife time. Mr.
C »y was further directed to demand his puss
T end ail diplomatic intercourse with
Peru, and proceed to flie 1 'nited States.
Ca-hh.t lias puh’I hod a circular t > all
the i! o'.unatie ag'uits accredited to Fen’,, in
V hi h 1m rive his ver.-ii.n of the ‘ions in
di pv: ■ with the I ni' i Pt he.-, but carefully
■ . i any allusion to his first agree
ment to abide by the de.-i-i mi <•!' the cabinet
of W . He ii .v • Aims that t ’hilt
ami 1 : a • su- ■••in thn da* mien <d‘ her own
courts in the e nd', mm.:ion of* .he lizzie
’! h p <0.1 C*■■■!•_: <na, and that
ti • i ah' 1 P-aO Cm ■; a i interc I- I ] any,
e,:uma. teei'in iho emitI'ov.w.-y. l;ii should so
la- ' am friendly thir 1 j over as arbitrator, to
wl.-i .-■• •'■■■■ ■ i .a .-he (Pam) will b
. '/. '.i • a Co., who received
the new Fnited Htutes, and British c in tract
i r vi; '. have advance-1 the government
one : no i of <! ala-,-. and are. to n.iv :n soon
tw<> million.1? more.
II i;. d. ('..('.on Smith. United States Min
ister ‘ ' Ib-livia. left Lima fur his post ou the
• »rh instant.
f'ruin Bolivia wo learn that the brief tran
wld' ii •' r rntifie be lat.-ly enjoyed
: • • n l by *att inj ted r« volution,
■ it i i a mure riotis ■ 1;.tiger to the actual
. a .*. ti.i • .wen d in . t-d .1
by IV.ru. |
1 i. -Ii i" t Jo;i 1 -a add. d to the revolu
t ■ :an 1 in N ■ w ti;: rada. and all hopes of
1 > :.ue m or . 1 l .tv 1 1 on om;neh«‘d for the
r,- .0. i’he *:*1 rd nui.u.-r t.i skirmishes
idonists, of < ttrse,
ini to !•. r b 'on ! ,1. 'Hiere is a re
po-.-r. :?;*!■ »r. 1 by a t ’.irtlue.. m< journal, that
dm car inf »n kir . man w-sd (the Win
tba, had b< en Si bed by
tl.e : ■ 111i■ ritb s fur the support of the troops,
and <.>.»»(hi in -vo V.n ard coiili-eated; and
•. ti Mr. l-V-?i*r, an Vn: rierin citizen,
• o’. : r '. Unit- d States < Vri-ul ..; ('arthagena,
had b m ariV'Tfd ami imprisoned f.r travel
ing without -i ].;isspurt.
flic a", in? t to tied a j nteticabh* route fur
a r frond the ls'hmiis. between ('hin
g'd 'id ti ?i.;lf uf i ’.ji'i bit- born a fatal
failure. So write a well informed cor res
pond err.
T • r vtn or a V ktmiav.—Uu ier our obitu
ary In-ri will be noted tbe death uf l»r. Ober
• h*rl of * air i id citizens. who had been
oted with the greatest historical events
>>f this century. He was on of the few sur
viving "j.tiers uf the Ure: f Napoleon, and
•••: l.i i -la in i "d v. i V.; ;, and Kus
i;». He war in the terrible pas.-age of tlio
Hr' ■ of I j *.ii. : ; d wa- Fyiu'i, An-terlitz,
!.. i' -iw and Sio-agos-'.i. What associations
and i »ns cluster bout such a career!
1 ’ " are living- —and in h • 1. v e may say,
b*ve ever 1 iv: I—who nave j issed through
such m".non' cm c. -u.t and scon grand a
ii'.-.) i i i-r' . <1 a: u ih" sia;« uf lit", and
t-tk. u . ri ,t- :.a actor in i'. :;< Ur. Oberdorf.
l i e death of such a man, who knew inti
mat. !y the ]. rs.,n of Xapuleun the First, and
v as in all hi* great battles, breaks an import
ant link in that chain which binds u* to the
j ] a-t. It was h:s fortune to survive his great
tV f:-in if ;ty years, ami to spend the latter
? vt uf Ids lift .;s (juietly and peaceably as
:1; ■ first iive mil's had been stormy and event
i F.1. It was sixty-live years from the time
\ that lie s::w his b-uther pierced by a eannen
Fall at Fo.F, un i wa* in that awful passage,
1 ' ! • • • • ibed to the King of Terror',
win. h w:. ■ the oitiv foe that could conoucr
l i . v. ■' , ;.'.:*:...".:.'ir
Napoleoi'. e g-Vd the F'renelt eagles over the
•' ■ : . {V o. l.-iiipuirer.
\ IV.numni T::: t;.—Mr. II. Falisbury,
uf Uelvuio county, tills State, called upon us
rda; for il j f exhibitii < Me
• • . •: w » . TV » ' . » i’v 1 ; ,v liiin
the Pike’s Peak n-gi >n. which certainly
savor - of the man 11 1 i j ha *
v. ith him - y©r ! ; • 'a ns pc ifii d wot ’.
fungus, or c uiiiion "t <:id sf <d” as it is popu
i 1 riy known, ct . The g . '.ter curiosity of all
i .er. which helms i rought with him, is a
section of a tree found about thin v miles
| we • of Pike’s Peak, up. a the height of laud
, dividing the head waters ct the PI itte and
Arkansas rivers. This tree was found .stand
ing in its natural j osition, as if growing, and
was turned to solid stone! Jt measures
twi ''.e f. • in diameter. Of this tree Mr. S.
has brute lit v. ith him two pieces, one of them
weighing thne thousand p'-tinds. and *he
| cither one half a- much. 31 r. S. proposes to
exhibit them to our citizens this week, before
takio . them east. It is < ertairsly a curiosity,
and one particularly worthy the attention of
' rue n of m ienee. Th >se !• eling aa interest in
| the manor c. n find Mr. Salisbury for the pres
ent at the Hatch linn-e, where lie will be
; happ, to give them a!! the information in his
p.ever ie•peeling lid- singular freak of nature.
Chicago Times and Herald.
learned from one of the pupils of McNair’s
Academy, (says The New Orleans Crescent
ubtho lilitli ult..) who came down from Sum
mit yesr.erday. that about one o’clock in the
morning me of th teachers who happened to
he up, discovered the Academy to be on fire.
He immediately gave the alarm, but so rap
i lly did tin- flai.u s spread, that the inmates
were only able to su'e their lives with what
clothing they stood in. The loss is a heavy
one on Mr. McNair, as lie was unable to save
a book or piece of furniture, and the.students
lose all their clothing. A wry strong suspi
cion exists in the minds of the people of .Sum
ndi, that the fire was the work of an incen
diary. i
AVitat Othkrs Say of I)is$of.rH03r.—*
Lord Drougham says : A dissolution of the
Union would he one of the greatest calamities
that could happen to ^juovica, and to the
w rl.l; to America, ascending, if it did not
I .win. in c.ivil war; to the world, as shaking
the no ait of all popular government."

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