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The San Antonio Light.
Vol. I.-No. 2.
San Antonio, Texas, Wednesday, April 4, 1883.
Ten Cents a Week
citv couxcil proceedings.
To Our Readers.
n iiuiiiinittiiitiiitiitiiiiiitiMftitftifiiiifiiiintiiiiMiiiiiiiintiiiiiitiinriiiiHiitiiiiiiiiiiiiitntitiiiitiiiiittiitiiiiMt nut 1
I Call and Sco the
I New Stock of fCj I
If i
I All tho Novelties. I
5 S
i '' I H
I Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas, f
Brilliant and Radiant Oils !
Aro llio only safo 110 flro tost brand. Thobovo brands wo guarantee Wo olfor lUo
STKI.I.AU IIKAND of 110 test yellow oil," to closo stock, at very low prices.
We also have the Common Low-Test CHESTER BHAND,
Which Wo Request Rids On f7nXw 'iZoii:
Waters Pierce Oil Com'y, - - San Antonio, Texas.
Boots and Shoes
Tho millions can bo supplied by calling
on, or sending to headquarters.
249 Commerce Street.
Boots, Shoes and Slippers
Solid nnd substantial at SULLIVAN'S, noted
as tho lending house llovoted to this trado
Houston Street, noxt to Dr. Horn's residence.
All tho delicacies of tho season.
For Parties.
Imported wines, liquors und clears always ou
hand. 3-21KIm
Funerals Furnished With Kvery Itequlslte.
Spoolnl nttontlon (riven to forwnrdlng bodies
to ull parts of tho United States. tarTelephotio
connection. Calls attended luy nnd night.
An Open Letter.
Ban Antonio, January 1, 188,1.
Drs. J. J. & W. H. Tobin :
QUNTt.EUKN: Your Hoputlzlno bus been
used lu my family tor ovor a vcur, nnd I
canunhcsltutlnirlysayltts tho best romcdy I
liavo over usod tor nny liver troublo or const!-
Iiutlon of tho bowols. I would not bo without
t. Ilesnectfully, A. W. Houhton,
For salo ut C. SchasMi'g nnd Clavlr.'s drufr
storo. 3-SWui
Importuiit for lluslness Men.
Mr. Caleb Mitule, nircnt nnd attorney for tho
collection of nccounts, ehnriies onlv 10 percent.
tiponK00'' Paper, other rutog equally reusona
blo. NocburKd uuloss oolloctlons uro mailo.
A trial Is respectfully solicited. Good refer
ences (rlvon if required. Olllco at Dr. O. F.
VounK's, southeast corner of Main plaza, a-lm
Approaching Kvent.
Mr. Oppcnhelmor, a prominent merchant or
Enirlo Pass, makes an cxvectod iitmonrilnci) in
i no f ny mis morning, no means business, lie
win oe murrieu to miss ttacnei uans noxt sun
Embroidered Dresses.
I lmvo lust received, for tho fashionable
Blirlmr season. I'D ladles' embroidered dresses.
assorted colors, which will bo closed out as
rapidly us possible, at S3 each. Cull early nnd
secure a enoiee. 1.. WOI.FSON.
A lturu Uhunco.
Ladles who desire to lit themselves out In
fashionable sorlmr sttlru shuuhl not full to In.
spccimoFo nno spring divs'cs, cnioroldercd in
hay.aiir. corner nf Mnln ntir.ii nml Afi.ntilti
street. One hundred and Ilftv dresses tn lin
closed out at $5 each lower thiui ever sold be-
loru tor tno sumo quullty. uiu-.it
Witntnf Fnlth.
If C. Sohusso, I.. Orynnkl, or A. Drelss, drug
gists, do not succeed It Is not for tho wnnt of
taith. Thoy lmvo such faith lu Dr. llosunko's
cough nnil i am g syrup us n remedy for Coughs,
Colds. Consumption and Lunir AUcctliins. that
lhey will glvo a trial bottlo freo to each and
every ono who Is lu need of a medielno of this
Houses for Sale,
Now hou?o of II rooms and lot, 45 by 00 on
Olive street, near Sunset railway for $12.V.
Houso oft rooms und lot 50 by 175 on I.owls
street, near Mm rouro avenue, siooti.
House and three lots nenr Mayor French's In
eluding horse und wuL'on. Slum.
Hock houso and lot ou Tllletu, between
l'lesstiuud Alamo. forS2200.
Ixit on Moiilh Flores street, near nil I mud
crossing lurji.iy. ;w. i;. nil.TON,
08 West Houston street,
C. II. Mueller's""
Stock of artists' and painters' mutorlnls, em
bracing material lor oil und water color paint
ing, teuu pencil drawing, crayon ami pasted
tmintliiir. IHircohlhl and ehinu decoration
ehromo photography, wux llowcrs. ilceorotlvo
nrt, coach painting, artists' lino brushes, mathc
mutlcul instruments, oil and water oolor paint
ings, engravings aim enromos surpasses any
thlmr vet seen in Toxns. nnd students mill In v.
ers of nrt In Its various types should eco this
oicguiit siock. no uiisniso inoinrgcsmnu ucst
MMceicii siock or piciuro irunies unu inouiii
Iuks, all skes, over brought to Sun Antonio,
which ho Is olfurlmr at oxtrcmolv low llirurcs.
Ho has tho solo uvoncy for tho well known and
inosiuuruuiu -i8iiosios paints reauy tor usi
Tbeso nalnts lu color and durubllltv aro iiilml
ted by those who uro authority In such matters
to be the behest (trado m ,10 mm-kpt, ji9
siock o joiis, paints onu wniipiiporiscomoicto.
and his annul v of window irlass of uverv aim
und description is very larire. lly cuIIIuk ut
i.'U5 Cnmmcrca street, tlio public can bo pleased
In tiny of tho linos mentioned us well as In the
low prices, wiucn aro n ruio or mo nouso,
To lie Offered Only a Short Time by
, Culieii & Koeulghelm,
12 dozen stilt huts ut CO cents each, worth
82.U0 to $3.00.
dozou Ono wool hats at $1.00 each, worth
7 dozen Mexican folt hats nt $l.G0euch, worth
100 more of those irenulno Indlito bluo llnnnel
sullsjuiij rocolved by express, at $8.50, woith
M dark 4Kslii)oro sulls nt J8.W, worth SI 1. 00,
m ilnrk cassimpro suits ut $11 00, worth $10.50.
Mdurk cussliuero suits at iii.M), worth $5.00,
Wdnrk cnsslmcro suits at $1110 worth (1)00.
50 boys' bluu'tluuiiol suits ut S20U, worth $!50,
100 pull's boys' oasslmcro kneo punts at $1 (X),
worm i ou.
150 pairs Knirllsh cottonado pants nt $123,
worth WOO.
55 dozi'n all silk handkorchlofs nt 50 cents,
win tli SI CO.
This week wo oiler special iuducemonts to
city trade, nnd only nk an Inspection of tho
ubovo barmilus to convlnco vou that von can
buy 'clothing, or anything olso in, our lino, as
cneap or us us in uny easiero cuy.
apr3tr Cohkn k Koeniqueim.
Tlio (laming Ordinance Tackled nnd Six
Aldermen Anordci1 nil Oppor
tunity lor Speaking.
Mayor French In Granted Leave of Absenc
and Mr. Story I Kluctcd
.Mayor l'ro Tom.
Tlie City Council mot In regular session at
tlio Council clinmticr yostorduy afternoon, with
Mayor J. II. French In tlio chair and present:
Mdornien Arnaud, Ilolton, Dcgcner, Dwycr,
Oallnghcr, I,ockwood, Nlggll, Puuly, Itlehtor,
Schrelnor and Story; whereupon 1 ho following
proceedings wero held :
The minutes of thv previous meeting were
read and approved, aftcrwhlch tlio following
were read and referred to tlio ditfervnt com
mittees :
petition from tho citizens asking that an
olcctrlo light bo placed upon Alamo plaza, they
paylnir part of tho costs, lloferrcd to Commit
tee on (Jus und Wutcr.
I'ctltlou from tlio citizens asking that San
Pedro nvontio bo lighted with ens from Acciiula
Direct to tho springs. Itefcrrcd to Commlttco
on Gas and Wutcr,
Petition from Thomas Cnvanaugh, claiming
ulnncoof JlT5duo on mncudamlzlnir Avcuuo
C, was rotorred to tho Publla Improvement
eommlttce, with power to pay tho same If work
was dono SAtlsfuctorlly.
Potittoii from Peter Kcrblo, foriinprovlnir
tho ditch nt Sun Pedro park, was rcforrcd to
Commlttco on Public Improvements, with lu
structlous to udvcrtiso for bids.
Citv Clerk Claudou rend tho followlmr univer
irom siuyor i rencii. wiueu wasaranicu linuiii
"Ibuvotho honor to npply for lib days leave
ot ausenco ro lUKoeuect iromunuaiicr tno I.'itn
lust, in nmklnir tins upn cutlou I iiiuv mnln-
biivu contlued mrsclf without Intermlnsiou to
tho duties of my olllce, nud I feel assured that
under tho circumstances you will accord mo
the desired respite nskcil for."
Assessor Pnisch nsked for leavo of absence to
attend utrlnl in Tojieka, ICunsas, for which ho
mm nccn suiipienacu. i-ruyor irmiitcu
Tlin ronnrts of Ditch Commissioners nnst nml
west was referred to the Ditch committee, A
rennrt trout the Market Master sUtluir tho
alloy around tno murKci unu sovcrui piuees in
side wore In need of repair, was rel'ercd to tho
.Market committee. A report irom tlio city
Knirlneor relative to sldowalks constructcil on
avenuo C and D was read, und on motion of
Councilman lockwoou, wus received and ndo
Tho Publlo improvement commlttco asked
further tuna to report upou estimates or en.
glneerfor woi k dono at Abut brldiro. Granted
iUiioruiuu jxickwoou reponoo mat. an appro
nrlutinn of S350 more was necessary to com,
nleto tho unmoach to Abat brldiro on tho north
siuo. mho uouucii uuuuimousiy ueeiueu ro ox
nenu mat nmouuL.
Tho City Collector usked that ho bonllowod
a safo for his olllce. but It wns not irrunted.
Tho committee on reiuion ot citizens ror
wldenlmr of brldires orer San Pedro creek.
also widening tho creek, nsked for further
Tlio Commlttt o on 8trects nnd Drtdires re.
ported on tho petition or Mrs. Hoyer, that an
appropriation of SSOO for removnl of a wall
A No unit the leueu near .lrH. llennlL's rnsl
leneo be removed. Alderman Uallairhcr moved
that tho Mavor bo authorized to havo tho work
dono. Adoptou.
Aiucrman Aitfitn movcu iniuxno etrcor uom
mifaloner bo Instructed to ronnlr eertalu
streets tn the Third ward; tho committee ro-
commcnucu me aiioiiion. vvuopieo.
1 no Assessment commitieo reporteu mat tlio
petition of .lee visa Valdez for rcmlsslou of
taxes bo allowed. Carried by a unanimous
The Commlttco en l'lro 1,1 in Its sujrirested
that the petition to erect a lot ot lroii-eluds bo
Kiiiuicu. ucpuri uugnieo.
The Commlttco on (Ins an1 Water rcoorted
that tho petition ot citizens asking lor kos
lames on Avenue U could not bo irrunted, ow.
inif to tno wuni or trus mains.
Aldertnnn Dwyor. Chairman of tho Com
mltteo on Petitions und Ordinances, submitted
a minority report upon tho ordinance to doflno
nml punish irumbllnir,
Aldennnn Ilolton moved that tho present or
dinance uo ameuueo uy siiusutuiinir mo pen
alty Imposed by tho Btnto to tho potmltv
Imposed by tho ordinance, but ho withdrew
thnt motion.
Alderman Puuly thought thnt thoCounoll
should act with irrcat caution In this matter.
und not hurry through such an Important
Alderman Story, whllo temporarily in tho
ciiuir, spo-o ut somo icngtu on tins question,
saying that ho thought gambling In this city
could bo stonDCd without unvordlnonees what'
over, us tho Chief Marshal uud Chief Kxcciitar
of tho city could closo up tho gambling halls,
uioy ueiug eouirury 10 me ouue iuws.
Aldcrmnii Lockwood moved that the report
bo rcforrcd back to tho cotmnlttcu In conjunc
tion with tho City Attorney, which motion was
Tho Flnnnco eomuilttoo reported that tho bid
or the livening Light, and X. 11. Johnson, mini'
Hirer of tho'sumo. for citv Drlntlnu'. on the nir.
gicgate, wns tho lowest, nnd the committee
moved thnt the city muko a contiuct lor tho
cntuingycur. Tlio motion was carried. AUlor,
man Story oblected. und asked for a reconsid
eration of tho voto, hut was rulod out of ordor
and tho motlon.was carried.
Tho Mayor remindod tho Council that tho
coutraet for furnishing tho city with gas ex
pired on tho 1st ot tho present month, and that
It was urgent for tho commlttco to mako
new arrangements ior ugniing tno city.
Alderman tf obrolncr sold bo understood tho
contract of the ?as eomnanv culled for each
gm lamp to havo H-cnndlo power, but ho was
pretty sure tho "dim lllekerings" of most ot
tho gas lights was hardly 4-oandlo power.
Aldormuii DegoncrBiud tliutwhilo howasln
Moiitorey roeantly ho remarked tho great dif
ference uctween tho llirhtlmr of that city hv
coal oil, and San Antonio by gaj, greutly In
favor of Monterey both for light and nt less
oxpenso. Io was of tho opinion that If tho
giw oompnny did not IU tlior contract b f ur
idshlnir mora und botlorllirht. und oreetlnir lh
otlior lamps on .Main and Military plazas, that
eieoiria ugur coiuu u seourou tn less oxpenso
uud iitlord bettrtllght.
As Mnyor Kroiioh hud boon granted lonvo of
absoneo forUO days, a mayor pro tern had to bo
elected, and Alderman Dwyor and Story wero
Ontn ballot takon, Alderman Story was
eloctod Mayor pro tern by a majority ot one
Tho announcement mndo In thoso columns
esterilay regarding tho cliango In tho niiino
nnd tho inaimgomout of this ostubllshmcnt 1ms
caused considerable comment on tho streets.
hut It was simply a change that was liable to
bo mailo ut nny time, und ono that was par
tially caused by tho domands inado upon Mr.
OltTord s tlmo, in his enterprises In Mexico.
Tho San Antonio I.wiit Is ono of tho Institu
tions of tho city, and ns n ncwspiipor It will
always bo fresh and Interesting und Indepen
dent, and freo from nny desire to pay off old
tinio grudges or old scores. A now Cottrcll
power preys has been ordered, und just us soon
as it arrives tho paper will bo enlarged to
seven columns, and printed from an entire now
dress. All paid up subscriptions to tho lato
Ivi-.nino Limit paper will bo lllled with the
Sav Antonio I.nuir until the tlmo paid for,
nud our city agent, Mr. 11. V. Johnson, is au
thorized to glvo now receipts to that effect.
Hoping that wo may bo accorded whatever
merit and putroungo wo shall doservo In an
earnest nnd consistent purposo to servo tho
public, wo promise that our courso shall bo al
ways honest and progressive, with a dostro to
nt ull times represent tho business Interests
and tho prosperity of tho city.
1AUEDO has a vagrant law in forco.
MlI.I.Klt llHI.I.AUl). Slllmrllltmwlnnl nf riniil.l'a
Southwestern telegraph system, Is dead.
Til K Senate Is mnktnir wholesale mdnctlnna
In the salaries ot employees or tho Legislature.
SlH. 1)1 mm bud a blnndhS4 aklrmUli urltl, lin..
tile Indians, In New .Mexico, a day or so plneo.
A Hi Li. to Increase tho penalty for gam
bling has been favorably reported by u Senate
11UCIIANAN lias Introduced a Senntn bill nr.
cmpii.ig couege uuu uiuvorsity students from
A Co.NFKIlKNCE eoininltteo Is tn set Hi, Hlirnr.
ences neiwoen mo nouso auu tlio Scnatoas to
Tub Treasurer of Webb enuntv hi. stavwi
with which to pay Interest on the court houso
Louisa Kvauth. dauahter or iit.Sfr,,tn,
r.vurts, was wedd-d to Dr. Charles Scuddcr lu
now lorn ycsicruuy.
The bill allowlmr coast cities tn lau, i,nn,i.
for harlnr Improvements lor was passed by
tho House. It has dlrcot rcferenco to Galves
Gx-Pkesiiiknt Diaz, accompanied by Ocn,
onus hrlsbee. It mero uud Puchcco, visited
ueuenii iiancocK ui uovornor s island yestor
in) .
Conteii, n nromlnont lawyer of l'nrt Wnrfi.
dangerously stabbed Mike lllekey, an' Aldor-
iiiuii. in iiiu ineuuuir oi uio j'on w ortn conn
ell Monday night.
The Tax Collector of Houston, P. C. Walker,
who bus been asked In reslirn liemnen nt ....
alleged shortage of $3800 In his accounts, Miys
ho will nr lthor resign nor deliver bis books to
luu -mi) or,
The committee of tho two HniKm nnnn ihn
school tax amendment have reported In favor
oi n pou uix oi aim a nmto scnool tux sul
llclent tn run tho schools six month a i,,,t t
to exceed -0 cents, to bo levied by u two-thirds
voio oi ine property tax payors.
The failure of the lmnklnu- bnnan nf r u
Coy &Co., of Toledo, has created excitement
In tlnanclal circles. It Is ascribed to tho declin
ation of their Now York rn,am,i,,ini ...
iHiiH i iiHii iiKii 'i , uccuusp oi tnclr con
nection with tho Toledo and Indianapolis
MitS. Jennie McObe Bhnt nt hor divorced
husband In Houston vostonbiv linioiia., i.n i,...i
sold a piano she claimed. Then sho reloaded
uui imuii, iis iq ll llllicnoi, wont to tllO
houso of the woman to whom tho plnno had
been sold nnd had tho instrument placed on a
iviiKUii nun icu lu hit iiuilie
The Houso amendment rejecting tho leoso
nf tho penitentiaries wns concurred In by tho
Senate, yesterday, and an ntnendmont to tho
appropriation bill wus offered by Peucock nnd
favorably considered by tho Sennto by which a
yearly uiiiriMimiiiiu oi f.vxj,uuu IS COIltOmpln-
ted to provide for tho maintenance of convicts.
The annual report or tho Wyoming Stock,
irrowcrs' association shows that herds nt limmi
lnircntt)onrcsolllmrj per cent, higher than
lust yenr; thnt $I.OUU,000 were Invested by Hrit
Ish capitalists Just yeur In Wyoming, Texas
and tho Panhandle, and that driven imm ti,
Wost havo coascd and from Texas greatly
Some ot tho statesmen at Austin ilnn't nn
the Stato to purchase tho Alamn nml nt
monuments to tho heroes of tho strugglo for
Toxns Indcpcndcneo. Ono of them Is Senutor
iiavis. no mis uoooeii up serenely several
times with a. proposition to striko out nil
rorercneo to tho Alamo In tho Appropriation
bill. Ho bobbed up with moro than usual
serenity yesieruuy uiieruuon nnu But down
moro suddenly, "tost" Is written In tho record
regarding u,
In St. Louib yesterday Albert Wing, tho
youngest brother or an ox-Minister to Kcua-
aor, uoiiuenueiy biioi uiiii Kiueu joo Ulcnn, a
dry uoods clerk, nt tho house of Mrs. 'P i.
Prcttyiunn, on Pino street, botween Twelfth
nnd Thirteenth. Ho bud discovered ninn t
eonvorsutlon with n woman of tho town named
Jossle Davis with whom be bad come from
Owonsboro, Kentucky. This woman, it is said,
Is it Mrs. Maryltlngo, tho daughter of Judge
Kaves, of Carrollton, Kentucky, and tho legal
wlfo of it citizen of Owenshorn, who, with two
cnuurcn,Biie uescricu ior tno socioty of Wing,
The house at which tho truirodvneeurrml wm
not loner airn tho sccno of tho kllllnir nf Mm
Prettyman's husband, un ex-secrot servlco
omce.r cy ii man to wiiose.eompanionslilp with
ins uiiiigiitur, u gin ut m, no nail oujccteu
Sliinlclpttl IJlectlons,
City oloctlous wero held In Dallas, Mlnoola
Tyler and Palestine yesterday. That lu Pales
tine is described In tbo dispatches as of un ex
citing character; tbo others ns having "passed
ou very quiciiy. At lianas tno contest wna
for u vacant aldcriiuuicy, and Mossrs. Ervoy
uuu ii j lie. uiwiuiuiuoii uiiji iiuv. n . u, vein
wcrueniimunivB. jirviiy iTiiniiruw, ana UOn
oral Cabell was elected.
In Pulcstlno W. V. Lacoy was elooted Mayor
by a majority or 4a over 8. N. Pickers, In a total
oi iuu votes. Aitiormeu elected wore A. W,
VILVIIK, .It MlllllVH IlllllU,
8. 1) Wood, Aldermen, Itobort llorullold, John
Hurst, Samuel Cook, W, J. aoodman. Tho
iiresont Mayor, Captain Dodd, olnlms that his
present mayor, latptain iioaa, claims that
term uf olllco doos not oxnlro fnr n vnnr vnt
D. 8. Lnngford was eloctod Mayor, H. H.Shlp
pord City Attorney, 1). C. William City Secre
tary nnd Q. A. Cngo, H. T. Hurt, a. T. Snfford
Now spring clothing and huts just In,
Some Notes of Current Styles nml Fash
ions that Ciinnot Fall to bo
of Interest.
Opportunities Presented lu San Antonio
for tho Good nml Kcononilcnl Dress
ing of the Fair.
Tlio Importance of dress to tho fair sex Is au
admitted fact, nud In tbeso days It Is equally
Important that a lady bo dressed not only well,
but as cheaply as clrou instances will admit.
To meet these demands Is tho aim of Messrs.
S. Mayer Sons, and thoso who visit their
handsomo storo at tho corner of Commerce
and Navarro streets, will tlud all that thoy ro
qulro at prices that will suit their purses.
miring mo wee- .Messrs. s. .Mayor x sons in
tend offering tho following artlclos nt such
Prices ns cannot rail to command a ready uiln.
und thoso who need them uro advised
ns when they are sold they cannot bo dupll-
euieu ut uny mini? unu mo low iiguro at wuietl
they aro now ollored.
for ladles nnd children, of irond nonlll v. will lm
olfcrcd at from 10 to 50 cents per pair. Thcso
aro worth from 25 to 75 cents per pair and uro
worth consideration.
Ono quality, all pure linen, at from 5 to50 cents
which ennupt bo purchased regularly for
iV beautiful assortment of ties, llselma rnl-
larettes. In ull styles and shapes, or tho newest
patterns at from 3c to SU anloco. For variety.
stylo and quality thoy cuunot bo surpassed.
In hand hairs, satchels, leather nnd shnn hairs.
a various assortment Is ottered at 50 cents on
tho $1 oil tho usual prices, and an excellont op-
iiiii mimy is iiiirauiuu mr ouiuiuiDg articles oi
this character.
A new lino ot uarasols will then lin nnenrui.
Tbeso are Trcsh and now, nnd In all tho admired
styies, uuu win no soiu ut prices varying from
25 cents to $22. A lino brocade silk parasol will
uo oiiorcu nt $:i, whilst nu extra largo twill silk
parasol will bo attainable for $3 50.
Tho ladles undorwear department Is well
Blocked with troods suitnblo for nil nnnuins nf
nny position. They draw particular uttcntlon
to cncmises wiucn uro marked 40 cents, 50
cents. 75 cents and $l,whlch cannot bo equalled
ut tho price.
nro offered nt 50 cents and upwards, and gowns
at ull Imugiuublo prices. In corsets exporienco
has taught thorn
what the ladies want,
and they havo tho brands thnt nro sought for
nnd approved by gonoral wour In tho Northern
cities. There Is tho
tho noted "Automntlquo," tho Dlagraplilc, tho
iiaiuuuu, uuu iiiu ceieunueu vturucr corsets.
Indies should sco thcso and examine their nt.
spcctlvo advantages.
linens and white OOOI18.
V ifood lino of linona and tnwcllntru ran li
secured. They tuko prldo In their assortment
which Is unequalled In prlco and quality. All
linen towols or superior quality aro sold as low
us $15 per dozen. They can lit up a household
kitchen or bar-room with tbeso articles at such
u prlco as cannot tall to be satisfactory to thu
Table cloths ot all nualltles nnd imttemo In
cluding the celebrated sllvci-bordcred Turkoy
Curtulnlnirs of all kinds and nualltles nrn nnnr
on exhibition, Including lace, Nottingham,
embroidered und tucd laco curtains, and nro
marked ut low llgurcs. Everything obtain
ablo In a good linen houso will bo found
Thcso aro
which Messrs. S. Slayer 1c Sons olTor to thu cus-
tinu to their largo ami elegant stock ot
which nro or a deslrablo character, and their
toilet and dress sucqucs of all qualities unsur-
Hissou in meir unu at prices mat win suit all.
n tho dress iroods denartment will hn fnnn,i
silk, satins, trimmings, whlto goods; also lacing,
ribbons. Illusions and ruchlngs In prices ana
styles suitnblo for all.
Ono Important feature of this establishment
should bo borno in mind. Tbo houso Is dally
ii"i "w huuub iii uii noes us tney nppcnr
In tho market. This wook thoy expect tbo In
voice of dow dress goods of a very uno charac
ter, nnd their buyer reports thnt ho Is for
wardlmr eleirnnt nrirnndlpRln thi IntmiAiimmni.
patterns. Thoy uro
of tho new Prcnoh Pattern hats, which will be
shipped to them immediately on their arrival
irom rans.
In conversation with aLiaiiT roportor tlila
morning Jlr. JIayor Informed him that tholr
business had oxcocded the firm's mnst. uitiiriiinn
expeeUitlons. Tholr customors aro pleased be
causo they havo only ono price for all, and
treat ull customers with civility. Wo Intend
to do nil wo can to supply tho publlo wants In
our especial lino, and to do what wo can to
merit puuuo upproomion.
The Sittings Investigation.
An invcstliratton was beirun yesterday w iha
Legislative oom mltteo appointed lurefereuco
to tho charges or bribery prerorrod by Texas
Sirt'ngs. Tlio first witness examinod was A.
C. Monson.
Tin v, in Vnnnr nf ,.,r..V .1 r,
having received monoy or other consideration
(or ills xote on tho ponltontlary lease ? " ho was
I'Vn " l,n rnnln,l n,,., 1 1 1 , ,. , ,
Y ' . , "v" wuhuiiuihh nu sum inuii
at tho beginning of tbo session about nine
" "I'l'ooeu to ino loaso.
It. M. Johnston testified that lobbying was
donb to secure tho rntltlcatlon or tho loaso, but
with it. About 15 days ago ho Interviewed
luuiuuvia miu iuuuu m lavoring mo lease, ;t3
against and 17 non-committal, Twontytllvo
wore absent.
Announcement Extraordinary,
Our customers nnd all dealers In shoet muslo
und muslo books are rcspectrully Informed
that wo havo been nppolntod solo agents In
Texas for all publications of S. llrannrds' Sons
(Clovolund nnd Chicago), and aretpreparod to
furnish tho trado nud professionals with goods
nt Lastern prices. Our stoot Is soon to bo In
creased bi- tho addition of 40nQ,plooes of sheet
muslo and a full lino of muslo books not now In
this market. Prices on application. Our pianos,
organs and general morchandlso first-class.
Tuntng and repairing by a lli-st-class workman.
Orders solicited.
Alamo Music 'IIouse,
S CommorcQ street, Ban Antonio.

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