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Vol. I -No. 15.
San Antonio, Texas, Thursday, April 19, 1883.
Ten Cents a Week
ninnl ''ii'iiHiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiMiiiniiii!uiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiniiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiitiiiiHiiiii
We Have the
Boots &
Ever Exhibited
I Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas, i
East Commerce Street, adjoining Sunset Railroad,
1. O. Ilox 288, Telephone ail.
Consisting of Framing Timber, Boxing, Fencing, Dressed Flooring, Siding, Headed Colling
nml Finishing Lumber; also a full mipply of Doors, Snsh, Winds, Moulding, Shingles, Dressed
and Hough Plcketa of all Patterns, Flustering Lath, Ilurbcd Wire, Mixed Paints, liiilklois,
Hardware, mid everything found In n llrst-claaa lumber yard, being oonnootcd with onu of tho'
largest mills hi tho Culeaslou legion. Wo are prepared to furnish special bills to order ut short
notice. Call on or address
San Antonio Lumber Co., A. T. I lensley, Manager.
Houston Street, next to Dr. Herd's residence.
All tho dellcucios of tho season.
For Parties.
Imported wines, liquors and cigars always on
band. 3-20-3m
Funerals FurnUlii'd With Kvory ltcqtihilte.
Special attention (riven to forwarding bodies
to all purUof tho United States. PPTTeiephono
connection. Calls intended dnv and night.
To He UITered Only u Short Time by
Cohen Si Koonlghultii.
12 dozen stilt lints at 50 cents each, worth
$2.50 to S3.1W.
25 dozen tine wool lints at 81.00 each, worth
7 dozen Mexican felt lints at $1.50euoh, worth
lOOmoro of thososonulno indhro bluo thinnel
BiiltBjust received by opress, at $8.50, worth
50 durk cnssinioro suits at S8.50, worlh S11.00.
50 (Iki k ciisslmero Bulla ut $11 00, worth 31X50.
50 dark oasalmcro suits at $.'1.50, worth $5.00.
50 dark ensslmcro suits at $l (10 worth $0 00.
50 boys' bluo flannel suits at $2 00, worth $3 50.
100 piilis boys' ciibsliuero kneo pants ut$l00,
worth $1 50.
1.7) pairs English cottonado pants at St 23,
worth 2 00.
55 dozen all silk handkerchiefs at 50 cents,
worth SI 00.
This week wo offer spoclal Inducements to
city trade, and only uk an inspection of tho
abovi1 bnigulns to convlnco you that you can
buy clothing, or anything cite In our line, us
chcan of us us ill any enslcru city.
npi3tf COIIKN & KOENinilEIM.
Forruplo and qunrd ruplo silver plated
warn go to tho Trustee sale, 221 Coniinorco
street. 4-0-lui
A flrst-mlo, gcntlo middle pony with easy
gait. Call at No. 0, Solcdad street, front room
upstairs. 4.17-lt
Just Itecelved at Jocko's.
A largo usoortmont of vtmU', boys' and
youths' ready mado clothing. Cull and sea
them. it-20-tf
Ilnusea for Bule.
Now houso of U looms nnd lot, 45x00, on
Ollvo struct, nenr Sunset railway, lor $1250.
Hook houso and lot on Villltu, between Preen
and Alamo, $2200.
Lot on Bouth Flurcs street, near railroad
crossing, tor 8150, w, E. Hilton,
803 West Houston street.
Finest Slock of
0 i
CO 5
in this City.
Kugulutlni; nnd Prohibiting tho Krectlon
uf Iron clnd llulhlliig Within
tho First Fire Limits.
Do It ordained by tho City Council of tho City
of San Antonio:
Section l.-Thal it shall bo unlawful for any
nomon to erect or build nny building known us
iron clads on tho following streets, within the
llret lire llmitsof this city, vl.: On Corumorce,
from Alamo ditch to Canuirvn street; Market
stieot, from llnlii plaza to Casino streot; Hous
ton street, from Cumnroii street to Alamo
plaza: North Florcs stroct, from Commerce
street to Houston street, both side Included:
Accqula stroet. from Main plaza to Houston
rtreet; Soledad street, lrom Main plaza to
Houston street; South Florcs street, from
Mllltiry iilaza to Nuovu street: north, cast,
south and west sides on Main plaza. Military
plnzo, Aluino plaza, and Aluiun street, trom
Commorce street to Alamo pluzu. One-story
buildings known as Iron cluds mav bo allowed
to be built or erected In the rear of lots on the
ubovo mimed streets a' d plazas, provided tho
mutorlal to bo used nnd tho manuor of con
struction bo stated in the petition, and tho
i remises first Inspected by the Fire coimnlt
'V."' "I"1 pwilsdoii grantod by tho Cltv Coun
cil. And any person eroding or building con
trary to the provision of this ordinance shall,
If found guilty beforo tho Hocordor, bo sub'
iKSH0 a "nuo'.ot loss than S10 uor moio thuu
8UX) for overy day so offending.
. .. . J- " Fuencii, Mayor.
Attest: H. 1. Claudon, City Clerk.
Itonm for Kent.
A woll furnished, cool front room ut 1003
nvonuoC. 4-17-tit.
Merchant Tailoring.
Cohen & Ivoenlghelm keep tho finest lino of
Imported and domestic goods. They have tho
host cutter and workmen In this chy, and their
prices uro tho lowest. A lit guaranteed or no
snlo, and all they ask for is u trial. Hcmombcr
tho place, not) and 311 Main I'laza. aii2-tf .
A Curd.
Howtosnvo money (and drugs) by taking
Tuiko-Husslan baths or Sleam fiith for your
colds, rheumatism, dumb ague and all skin dla
ciihOB, can bo found at A. Zii.ian's,
Coi ner Commerce and Alamo streets.
AUo, Hot und Cold Wutor llnths ut 25 cents
cb.. 4.0tr
If You uro SurTorliig
From torpidity of tho liver or constipation of
tho bowels, try a bottle of Hcpulizlne, Dr.
1 ohln'a great liver hhhIioIuo. Every bottlo
a guaranteed to you, and your money refunded
if von uro not satisfied.
For ealu at Cluvln's drug storo, and by C.'
Scbusso. . 3-21-0m
Tho proof of tho pudding is not In chewing
tho string nut in having au opportunity to test
tho article- direct. C. Schusso, A. Drolsij nnd L.
Orynskl, druggists hao free trial bottles of
Dr. llosanko'Hl'oughaud Lung Syrup, Tor each
and ovnry ono who is ulllluted with Coughs,
Colds. Asthmu, Consumption or nny Lung
Church Festival.
A festival will be given to-morrow evening,
the 19lh Instant, at ICrisoh hall, by the mem
bers or tho Mount Zlon llnptlst nhurch for the
benefit of tho building fund. Doors open ut
U o clock p. in. ICvory body Invited to attend.
Admission i conts.
A committee on finance has been appointed
consisting of tlvo ladies und ilvo gentlemen,
for tho tulo or tickets. Tho Indy selling tho
Inrgett number o tlokots will i-ecelvo tisn
prpjentii lino orgun, uqd tho euntloiiinn u llau
Sl.i watch. 4-18-21.
An Open Letter,
San Antonio, January 1, 188:1.
Drs. J. J, & W. It, Tobln:
Qknti.kmen: Your Hepntizine has beeu
used In inv family tor over n veur, und I
outiuuhesltoMnglymyitts tho best remedy I
havu ever used for uuyllvur trouble or constl
nation of tho bowels. I would not lw without
It... Hojucctfully, A. W. HoiJHTON.
1'orsalo nt O, Sohasso'a and Clavlr.'s drug
An OMlelal List of Kulgllts Templar Whs
Are Now In the City.
From Palestine-T. If. McFarland, K. C.jO.
M. Dllley, U.t O. J. Gooch, C. (1.; D. 1'. Allen,
".; J. 11. lllchardson, S. W.; W. A. Henslcy, J.
W.; William Elliott, S. 11.; It. O. Hayes, S. II.;
W. M. Lacy, W.; J. W. Ozinent, J, II. Cheat
hum. V.J. Fry, C. O.; Ed. Hand, .John Younj,
Connell. W. 11. Pnge, j. I," Co'ynr, 1". I.. Mill-
unuue, i. .i. iiiinior, u. i. I'uiuips.
From Cleburne-0, II. Maxoy and F. M
From Austin William Thornton, 1'. (1,0.;
.onu j, .iiiMiisnn, joo u. nniitu, ly Tom
.Murnih, P.; John MoDonald, U.: L. I). Johnson,
A. Garden, S. W. French, C. H. Morse, M, Paw
Iv. J. W. Polndexter, J. II. Washington, S. W.
Malone, J. W. Stalnoker, P. K. O ; J. A. Way
land, W. A. Tobln, A. J. Peeler, A. Williams,
A. L. Toagurden, Paul F. Thornton.
From Waeo-J. E. Elgin, D. O. C; J. F.
Ilrlnkeihofl.P. (l.C; F. It. lllrd. P. O. C, S. A.
Oons, P.Q.C; W. 11. Scarborough, E. C: W. W
humour, W. U Tucker, C. L. (Jutes and Frank
Fro Dnllas James H. Crnvons, John Uook
hnrt, John O. McCoy, J. F. McMurray, und. I.
W. Orr.
From (lollnd-U. P. Wilkinson.
From Ilraokntt William Patrick.
iTom Houston Ilonjamln A. Ilotts, W. It.
llotts, Holmrt llrewstor, T. II. Lubbock, J. P.
Harrison, W. II. Coyle, A. L. Steele, J. C, Kldd,
W.T. llurdenbrook, L.l.Noycs, It. M. Elgin,
A. 8. Hlchardson.
From Oonzales Jain s F. Jllllcr, W. 8. Fly,
Mr htovens.
From Corslcann-Clmrles S. Mooro.
W. A. Mann, II. Sterne, Urenbaui; If. T. Slu
nott,Memihls; II. H.llensuu, Durenport; T.H.
Jv,0:',?,Uo."ail.! E- J- Marshal; Thomas
Hnliil, St. Uiuls: J, S. McLondnn, It. K. Chat
law, H. L. MeOorKle, Ilrynn; W. S. Fly, Oon
ziiles: J. W. Orr, llryan; It. P. P. Wllkinon, (J.
V ;. Merrlwfther. Oollsd; W. HuiIhiu, dallies
vllle: C. Hale, United Slates Army; W. J,
Jones, Memphis: It. T. Jones, W. Eastland,
. I). Cmvcy, Oonzales; .1. A. Peel. Now Or
leans; T. 8. Troman, Sherman; It. E. HutUnl,
Aiibtln; S. J. Mnrden, Newark, N. J.j W. H.
Ilonson, Daventiort, Iowa; St- nhcn (lould, Gal
veston: O. Sullivan, Maddii, Mo.; It, S.Neblett,
J. McFarland, Ilrenhiiui: O.Hoyworth, Ualves
ton: S. W. Mnlono, Austin.
Mr. .1. lllshop, Terro Huute, Iud.,W. K. Hyun.
Purls Texas; S.J. Martin, Now York; Charles
1-emman, Lnulsvllln, Ky.; Major J. C. Stufrord,
Houston; Thomas Heln, Austin; C. L. (latoa.
W. II. Watklus and J. O. WHlov.
Waio;W. II. I'otts A. L. Steele, Houston; M.
Mann. It. 8. Ntblett, J. MoFurlaud ond
J. W. McUuIro, llrcnlmni.
-Elk Lodgo No. aj, Knights of Pythlns, meet
to-night at the Custlo on Market street.
Cnpfnln Fnlrchlld died on Tuesday at Mr.
llllam Murphy's raneho on tho environs of
thu city.
-Th.8,i,i, li. ,.r
UL wuiiiiBi wnu Known
dry goods inou, huvo arraugeil to open a
Harrison Stewart, of Somerset, sold und
delivered ono cur load of unbroken marcs yes
terday. Ho received $.'X) each all round.
.Miss Helen Susan I)ennl,of dloucesterlilrc,
............ ..... UD INOMIEU IU3 UVUIllllg 10 nr.
Ocorge Dobsoti, a farmer of Atascosa couuty.
-rau.iy KUinoy s city agent for the sale of
hard coal, reports that he sold and dellvored
IK wngon loads of coal tho first three days of
this week.
The Tumors glvo a hop In their ball on Sat
urday night. Tho lloxur Ilcnovolont nssoom
t on liavo a moonlight plcnlo ut tho springs on
the sumo night.
clerk In the Western Union Telegraph onico,
und has tho honor of being tho llrst lady em
ployed In the olllco.
..a. ...... 1,... ,D, Iran rainin lueill'eiiOV-
ernor Iiavla, has beon apuolntrd PnstmUtress of
....nn,.. im t,.uu inii.uiuuei uuuress win oo
Assistant Postmaster.
At tho meeting of the Hexar llcnavolent
association, Mr. It. 13. Unnd presiding, Mr. Os
car Pntzlg was eleo'od Serjeant ut Arms, vico
Mr. Max .lmmcrmanu, resTgucd.
A ltonutlfill Allegory.
A traveler, who spent tome time in Tur
key, relates a beautiful parable which was
told him by a dervish, and which seemed even
more beautiful than Sterne's celebrated figure
of the accusing spirit and recording angel:
"Every man," said the dervish, "has two
angels, one on his right and one on his left.
When he does anything good, the angel on
the right shoulder writes it down and seals it,
because what has been well done is done for
ever. When he does evil, the angel on the
left shoulder writes it down, and he waits till
midnight. If before that time the man bows
his head and exclaims, 'Gracious Allah I I
have sinned forgive me I' the angel rubs out
the record: but if not. nt mldnmht he seals It.
and thebeluvcd angel on the right shoulder
A New Idea Tor Wedding Presents.
From tho Jnpun Weekly Mall.
When the marriage of Miss Inouye and Mr.
Katsunoiucke Inouyr was celebrated at the
official residence of His Excellency Inouye,
Mintiter of foreign Affairs, the ceremony
was conducted in Japanese f.uhion and attend
ed only by the near relatives and intimate
friends of the family. The wedding presents
were displayed in an up-stairs, room and, of
course; attracted much attention. With few
exceptions the Japanese gifts, though costly
and attractive, were intended to express
a sentiment rather than to serve any useful
purpose. Most prominent was a mountain
formed of rolls of floss ?ilk, white
and crimson. Each roll was bouled
wtm strands ol pa-ti-colored twine, the
ends not brought round in a bow, as is usu
ally the case, but tied in hard knots, tmhlrm.
atic of the indissolubility of the marriage tie.
...til iiucuuca to typiiy gentle
yet enduring constancy, the strength of its
skeins offering a noted contrast to its softness
and flexibility. Round the base of this moun
tain were disposed a number of ornaments of
fresh rice straw, plaited into the forms of lhe
storks and tortoises, emblematic of longevity,
or the pine, bamboo and plum, of perpetual
bloom, while into the loops of the plaiu were
thrust pieces of dried boniu, a favoilte ac
companiment of wedding presents, in name
(kaUuwo-bash) being a homonym for the
three Chinese characters signifying vtctotioui,
manly nnd breve,
in Grand Commamlery Hold a Public
Ituceptlon und Have Kxeellent l'.u
tertMltiiiient There.
Details of the Interesting l'rix'eeillngs
Wlmt They Did anil What They In
tend Doing To-lny.
Yesterday afternoon tho Grand Commandcry
hold n short session, und then the members
wulkodand drove about tho city in acoordanco
with tholr arrangements. In tho owning tho
different commandcrlts iisbctublod at the San
Ptdro springs whero tho Grand Commander
held a reception. About CM Knights and
friends were present. Seventeen memorial
benusuuts, on which were Inscribed the namo
and numbers of thu various communderics,
wore then preaintnd to San Antonio Com
mandcry No. 7. nnd received by their eminent
Commander, Colonel J.O.C Leo. Sixteen of tho
presentations weie mude by tho emluout
comiRiindors of the various cominnuderlcs,
who each muilo complimentary spocehes
respecting tho IoiIto nnd tho city. At the
conclusion Acting Oru"d Commander J. G.
Elglu uddrcwed thu Eminent Commundcr of
tho San Antonio Comuund and offered hlin the
bcausnnt Inscribed
and wild : "Tho night Eminent Grand Com-
(V mm i i M5 I 1 A,1""o
ulty thlii token .of our appreciation, and usu
'j mii vmociii wuu wnicti we
regard your Conitmiuderv. The highest fa -or
tonlo from iimong nil the beautiful cities or
'lexiwfortlio rc-unloii. San Autonlo fin city
dear to us and as ono that has served long in
tho ordor. 1 return thanks to you for your
uniform kindness and hearty welcome, of
"". mam urn reeiinenii smeo coni
ng to your city, und I teel to thank you aa tho
hospitality extended to us, and wo feel called
upon to inuko some return for the uniform
courtly, sou huvo been Invited hero this
beautiful eenlug to this pleusunt plueo for
enjoj mout only, und we hope you will have n
J1?'iUr.V''VilmiV"ii1"litll?tc;",a:lty ' -'tl'iNig
outertaln you as tho' ludps of San Antonio
K nigh t Lee, I now place this WUU 0U, B'r
of this most p'viisntit and etijoynl.lu occasion."
tho following well clinscn terl.n:
spirit In which they mo given, nnd hold tli'eni
fviiiit, i I.r itS i.i 'i " A i " Antonio
............v.,, ., .. .,, Minn oo piaceu.
uskinir tbein to hold thorn nnd preserve them
i ., rVt.m.iiV. r 11. i . i i 1 UJti'ion or
oxlst between the Comuiiiiulerles of the Stnto of
nlwnysinthohlghostcsti'ein. lean only say
th't o sliull be ublo to again extend tho ho'ji-
Texna. It touches mo deeply und I have no
i t r . 1 " 'eviinga tor tuts trust,
which hai been conferred upon us and ror
tho many oxprosslons of esteem of which
wo hao beon tbprecliilontsandiui tho Eminent
( i rami (.iiiiiiniindcr of tho ooinmundcrv which
l liavo tlie Honor tu tcpnseiit, I would say that
this occasion Is ono that glvea us the deepest
,i,i,,iU mo euirrui'U you
. , Dvi.umi uj tuu i;itii;uns Ol 25UU
Antonio, und I can only fay we have entcr-
"'"rtd and open arms, und wo earnestly trust
ritlENDSIItP WII.I, NKVKIl rat inn.
The commundery hua donobut little In its-
-i"'" " """. uui. uurieuiings or ro-
uii-.,mni u; mo uzpnnsc or
......... iuu ucuu u, ,nu iiounuiess
ocean. V hen you come hero again, which 1
.,.,,. uu, vuu win unruys unit us
ri'nilr tn iln nvivtl,lnti n nn. ........... .
Tno Knights and their friends then ndjouruod
... .. ... ,u.., Mu uuw.iUf uuvniuu ino or
der of the ovcnlng, except during tho brief
....... .... .uniiuciai eujpur wuicn
was provldod for the mombors and thoir
The Knights mot In conclnvo this morning, but
tbclr procced'ngs were, of courts, private: At
4 'JO o clock this afternoon, thcro will bo u
graud dress parade upon tho Alamo phizn,
tho Kulgbtu assembling at headquarters In
marching to tho place of rendozous.
cosfLAVE nir Mnniinw
will bo held III the Caslnd.ln memory or tho
nto Grand Commmidor and IboKnlglitsToinplur
who have died since tho hist conclave, Tho
musical service by the special choir comprls-
Fnvre und Miss E. Schlcnnlng, soi rutins.
Mlis Mario Laeob'o. Miss Johanna ltischv,
Mrs. Hnus Deguer, alios.
Messrs Knrbcr, Harnlseh, Kltofort and Fer
dinand Ilertf, tenors.
Messrs. Tom Jnmeii, If. Ilarbook, O. H. Muel
ler, Henry Laager and Alex Kuhn, bassos
Under direction of Mr. Katzenberger will bo
ln;itsolf n musical treat, Tho public nro In
vited to uttund.
Kngluiiil's Dobt.
From the Chicago Inter Ocean.
Free trade England owes a national debt of
.1,770 OOO.ooo. Per camta her debt L
$u 78. 'Untofthc United S'ates is $5 19.
r ice uaucrs wuuiu reverse me ngures be
fore a generation passes if they had full
The Spanish Govercment is exerting itself
vigorously to crush out anarchism, but it does
nit seem to succeed much better than its dear
Russian cousin. The widespread ravages of
the Socialistic fever were discovered accident
ally through the revelations of a poor fellow
who turned informer because he did not want
tn murder his employer, ns the ringleaders of
the organization had ordered him to. Within
lhe nexl two weeks about 800 socialists, in
cluding many ol the most prominent, were
lodged in jail in various towns and villages of
Spain, Among them were no fewer th'n 70
rgentof the fum ius "International' society.
'I his sudden descent of the authorities cleared
the air to some extent, but the eond t nn nf
things is still very bad, particularly in Anda
Imia. Tip! propaganda has spread among
the. peatfttvU, i well as In the Urge towns,
Heaviest Importation of Cuttle.
IIIIOW8VH.I.K, April lfl.-Colorndo parties to
day Imported some 20,0X1 head nf cattlo valued
fit about J22.J.0H). Tim Is tho heaviest entry
over mado ut this port.
Tho Prohibition tluestlou.
CiiiCACio. April 18.-Throughout Illinois yes
terday 48 cities and towns voted upon tho
liquor question in balloting for municipal ofll
ecrs. Seventeen declared for Prohibition or
?Ti!'ffr,S ::U I1?,0? r '".?m.d of tho
2J,M,r'ilx.V-'rori0r Mgh license Four towns
lgchlptx.r1f,!,K.uer,!'t,o,, m,d VOtoJ u
The Death of Kdtvnrd Saker.
News renchod San Antonio yrstordny that
Mr. Kdwar.1 Saker, a distinguished English
comedian, died on Maroh 30 from gout. Mr.
audro Theatre In Liverpool, and was woll
- ; " uim-ii oiuieu, no wus lilgb y
ojteemed ns u gentleman, actor and manager.
Suspicious Character Killed.
I1W.TON, April 18.-A susolclous looking
character niincarcd In 11 vlnlnliv .,1,..,,, ir. ..,n..
south of thlsplacoB few days ugo. It was
inu uu iiiai uosuiyeu in agin house, and yes
terday n party of citizens wont to urrost him.
1. .1. ,V .v,"'.""u "en eoniuiaiu eil to
halt paid 110 intention to it. They fired ou hi 11
ti'Vi !! ?'.' .Tll?r"11 Jury was called
Stnto Shooting Tournament.
Houston. April 18. Tho foliowi,,,. 1. n, ...
suit of to-day's shoot, bnlnir ihi,i ,1..
tho tournament :
Shoot No. ., flvo pigeons, 31 yinxls rlso, both
barrels-First nilzo, P. II. Wutson. ono bun li g
buggy; f'-eond, J. M. Jcmison, Si)A; third. J.1J.
MejMl. of Wueo, SIS: fourth, J. P. Leavorton
of Denlson, silver cup.
Shoot No. 0, for State medal, 20 glass balls,
tram of four rrom each club-First prlz
medal, won by T. W. Doluuld,!,., J. U. Yoo. m
i.-J'?,ri,,J' I'V'iveiton, Denlson club; seeoiid
8.W. ( by the Houston team. I). W. ( Dn 11
fli'lr i if S","' , A. i:rlet,Bo und J.J.WcIm
J. I). Simpson, J. C. Potmeeky utidC.' H. Uob-
nnrlnf e'!m'rI,.!.fV'1Vlko'V L c,Iay Plffenns.
fourrhioyVAVt)'n!:m, ' W U""""
Italdlng Apnches.
CAI.AClHK.M. Arizona. Ai.ril n.i .
lug party wus ebusod within three rollosof this
plaiolustovonlng by, Apaohos. Tho town Is
surrounded by camp flrca, und signalling has
been going on ull duy In tho neighboring moun-
imim. wiuzeus nro mounted awaiting uti at
tack. A spoclal train from enmn lii,ni,iu.. 1.
coming with troops. Captain Illuok, tho
rijuger, bus nrrlved und saya ho trueed thu In
dlans who killed Judgo MeComannd wlfolnto
Two scouts got Insight or thoir camp 'ml i
deep cunyoii, counted 03 wurrioni, und ul.o ob-
luilinala. Cuptuln lllaok feurod to mako an BtJ-
'nni?!1 ''"'"..l-l""-' editorially both
hundred and lifty Sun Curios Apaches ha
palgn will bo fmmediatoly comm?neo,l. Hoil,
..11 iT ., .'y--ii uiiiLuiis uuuuva lliui UU-
ulhllutlou cau only make penco possible.
A Mountain ot Natural Soap.
William Taylor, of Kock Creek. V.. ic .
lucky man. He has discovered a mountain
of natural soap large enough to keep the
UhOlt hum-in nr. 1..., ,.. .). .
only is this excellent product smooth, firm
Eu.uiicui, uui u possesses some pecular
nualltv which mnltoi if il.- ...ll:. rr. .
dirt nd grease ever put upon the market, and
..... v........ V.UIUIUC1111 expects mat it will out
cleanse the famous atticle warranted bv losh
Billines "to take the snnt. ,.(T . 'a ' :
three days. r ,u
Mexican Statistics.
The population of Mexico is to nr rw
and there are 145 cities, 372 towns, 4486 vll
lages, s missions, 5680 haciendas, and t.i rr
ranches, besides 2233 collections or groups 1 f
8 cow.c?as:
V?'Cnri1 Vu'i1" CUie,, $a'563.036,8oo; cattle
u. .....u. uciuunm m inuivmuais, iiizb,-
000,000; property belonging to the nation,
5240,000,000; total real estate, not including
1 --.r iaK, rivers, etc.,
$212,174,524. Total agricultural products,
,774S'.S6; industrial propucts, $14,000
000. Hhe Pneerod Six Days ltuniilng.
From tho Ithaea Journal.
Mrs. Harrison Thayer, who lives on Jersey
Hill, in the town of Danby, beian sneezing
last Tuesday. After eieht hours' rnmlmi
sneezing the family became alarmed and
i. oiuiiu, wno coma not account for
the strange attack and could only case the
lady by ndministetlrg chloroform. But this
j ' Y "'"t'""') tor no sooner
does Mrs. 1 haycr become conscious than she
begins sneezing again. On Monday she was
still at it. Doctors Beeis and Smith both sav
thev never knew such i..r
lady is becoming week.
The Young Stevedore.
From tho San Franolsco Post,
"Well, you younv scanenrace." imnl.j
Fulkins rich old uncle, on meeting his
nephew the other day, "what are you about
now b afing as usual, I suppose I"
"Well, no, uncle," said that amiable young
reprobate, I've gone iuto the stevedore bus
iness." "Have, eh ! Wrll. I'm -ii:i,...i
that you are engaged in any honest occupa.-
,r '! '""""ic vnai are your du-
' Unloading scho'inevs, sir."
"Indeed! Glad to h.-m- ir ..,
glad to hear it. Ahem ! Here's n 20 for you "
"llut, great Seoul" said Fulkins to his
fnerds, when the old itinn had walked off",
"if he ever finds out that they arc schooners
of beer he'll cut me in. two with ihiUin,"

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