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The San Antonio light. (San Antonio, Tex.) 1883-1886, April 19, 1883, Image 3

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The San Anlonio Light.
Intornntlonul nml Greut Nortlioru
7:15 a. m.
1:1A p.m.
p. m.
Kiprcss ,
Western Kxtcnslon
Galveston, Ilnrrlsburr; nml 81111 Antonio,
IIo(iton (Express)
Houston (Mixed)..
Westward (To and
from HI 1'iisn). . .
11:I0 n. in. 0:00 p. in
0:30 p. ni. IhOO a. in
Advertising Directory.
VNIUHT8 PYTHIAS. Klk Lodge No. Xi.
IV mootB every Thursday at 7:30 p. m. Castlo
in Fireman's Hall. VIsltlnir brethren welcome
1 F.RAI.D r.KIFKIN. Attorney and Counselor at
J"Law, Office, No, it French building, S. E. Cor.
ner Aiain piaza. vm niicnu prumpur 10 nu icgai
business entrusted to my care in tne ante nnarco
ersl uourls
OW IS THK TIMU-NIno thousand ncres of
(food land for salo very cheap, nt uonccp-
City Ordinances.
Tu Levy a License Tux for the Fluent Your
Kndlng February 'H, 1884.
lie It ordalnod by tlio City Council of tlio 1
nf Bun Antonio:
Section I, Tlint tliero bo mid Is here by levied
for tho Ilsoal year 18W1, on every poison, linn,
ronipuny or association of pcrions, pursuing
nny occupation tuxuu or uccnscu uy 1110 stale,
suuject 10 bucii nuaiiiiciiuoiis or restriction,
as may bo Imposed by theUtatu Ihw upon every
such occupation, or so para to establishment,
0110 half, or M) per centum, of tlio amount
taxed or levied by the State, upon thu samo
occupation, traoo or proiussion.
Passed mid approved April 17, 183.1.
J. 11, Kiiknch, Mayor.
Attest: U. 1'. Cmuuon, City Clerk.
To Furnish I'ersons Who Leave Their
Team Alone In rulilie Thorough
fares. lie It ordained by tlio City Council of the city
nfHHii Antonio:
Hkction 1.- That It shall lo unlawful for tlio
owner or driver or any vehicles whatovor to
leave his vohlclo and horses alono In any plaza,
street, avenue, lauo or alley, within tho J city
limits, unless tlio snmo bo left In tho charge of
some competent person, or securely ticu.
Suction 2. Any person violating any of the
bucuuiis ni 11m m-tuuniico biiuii, upon convic
tion before tlio Koeoroor, bo lined In any
Bum not oxccedliifr I'M)
Passed and approved April 1", 1883.
J. II. l'ltKNCH, Mayor.
Attest- 13. 1'. Cl.AUIKiN, City Clork.
Kugulatliig the Loading nml Unloading of
Vehicles Within Certain Streets nml
Driving of Vehicles 111 the CUy.
Bo Itonlalncil by tlio City Council of tlio City
of Sail Antonio :
Suction 1. That It shall bo unlawful for any
person or persons loading or unloading any
lloat, dmy, express or transfer wagons, or any
other vehicles, upnn Commerce, Soledad, Mar
ket, Houston and Alamo streets to placo tho
tamarDAswisa of said streets whllo said loudlug
or unloading Is taking place.
Section a.-That It shall be the duty of all
persons driving through any street In tlio city
to keep their teams to tho right-hand sldo of
said street.
Section 3. That any person or persons vio
lating any section of this ordinance shall, upon
conviction before the Heeorder, bo lined In it
sum of not less than SI nor mora than J".
1'iused and approved April 17, Rsg.
J. II. I'liE.vcn, Mayor.
Attest: 13. P. CbAUiiON, City Clerk.
To I'rnhlblt the Krectlon or llnrbud Wire
Fence Within the City Limits.
Skction 1. That It shall bo unlawful for any
person or persons to orect, or canso to bo
ereotod, on any street, alloy or publlo thor
oiiKhraro wllhlu tlio corporate limits or tlio
city or San Antonio, any fenco or fences of
what Is known as barbed wire.
Suction a. Any person violating' any of tlio
provisions of this ordlnanco shall, upoik con
viction before thu Iteeorder, be lined In any
Bum not exceeding VM.
SKOriONlt. Kaeh and ovcry day such fenco
Is being erected, and each and every day it
stands erected alter completion, it shall con
stitute a separate offence.
Siction 1. ICacli and overy fenco heretofore
erected out of bai bed wire Is hereby declared
to bo a nuisance. It shall be tho duty of tho
Mayor to cauo the sanioto bo removed as 90011
after tho piims.iku of this ordinance as practica
ble, first, giving tho owners thereof 10 days 110
tlco to remove tho saino.
I'aKsod and approved April 17, 18ftJ.
IS lot J. 11. Kiiknch, Mayor.
Attest : 13 1'. CI.AUDON, City Clerk.
Under tho title of tho "Hepubllo or
Mexico in law a work was published In Now
York, written In English, by Don I.orciuo Gas
tro. This work consists of 0110 book containing
270 pngos, and a map of tho Kepubllc, besides
mentioning tho capital of States, estates,
ranches, milling districts, oto., tho num
ber of Inhabitants In tho principal cities and
towns, tho ancient history of the country with
Interesting episodes, and Incldonts that present
11 groat deal of Intorost to tho reader. f Prom
tho Monitor Hepubllcano lllblography, City
of Mexico. 4-6-tf
The Central Hotel,
of San Antonio, being In tho very ccntorof tho
city, between tlio two depots, with stroot oars
In iront runninirto and from all publlo places,
besides being the most convenient to business
mid tho oldest hotel, undnr the present mnn
iigciuont Is tlio cheupest llrst-elass hotel In tho
city, ntJlto SM per day. English, I'Vnch,
Spaulsh, Uorinanand Holland spoken. It Is the
ollleo of stares and hacks to Handera, Plcusan
ton, l'loresvllle, Helena, St. Hodwlg, Lavornl.,
Sutherland Springs, Stockdale, Loon Springs,
lloerne, Cniiifor, Conter Point, Kerrvll 0,
Fredericksburg and other points north uud
Pllos nro frequently preceded by a sense of
weight In tho back, loins nml lowcir part of tho
abdomen, causing tho patient to suppose he I
has eoino affection or tho kidneys or neighbor
Ins organs. At times, symptoms of Indigestion
uro present, as llntulenoy, unoaslnoss of tho I
stomach, etc. A moisture llko perspiration, 1
producing a yorv illeagrocablo itching, partic
ularly at night af tor gottlng warm In bed, Is a
very common attendant. Blind Bleeding and
Itching Piles yield nt onco to tho application of
Dr. Bosanko's Pllo ltomedr, which acts directly
upon tho parts affected, absorbing the Tumors
allaying tho intonso Itching, and efTootlng a
permanent ouro where- till othor remedies have
hllod. Price M cents. SoWoyO, Bohaw, A,
Tlie Cincinnati Dramatic festival begins on
(, 1rlt, nfll.1. "
Miss Mary Anderson optns at the London
Lyceum theatre September 1.
Miss Lily Langlry pUys her farewell en
gagement in America at the Chestnut street
opera house in May.
Kate Claxton was lying ill at Muncie, Ind.,
last week, suffering from a severe and threat
ening attack of erysipelas.
Salvini and Miss Clara Morris will appear
together in The Outlaw and Othello In New
York, beginning on the 23d.
The regular season of the Union Square
theatre, which ended on April 7, was the 12th
of that exceedingly popular and prosperous
Colonel J. II. Haverlcy is in New York
city busily engaged in completing arrange
ments lor the tours of his two Silver King
companies next summer.
The scene being completed for the first act
of the Squire, to be produced by Augustin
Daly's company at the Walnut street theatre,
represents the courtyard of a baronial estate.
The scenery and properties of Hoolh's
theatre have been purchased by Messrs. Hyde
& Dehman for their new theatre, to be built
on the site of the old Aquarium, New York.
Mr. Hartley Campbell will leave for Europe
on the 24th instant and will visit Germany,
With the view of maklnrr nrranm.rn.nl.
for the production of his plays.
Signor Salvini sails for Europe, aboard the
Labrador, on May 2, and has no intention of
ever relurninr In Amprira. It. tilr.
$60,000 as a practical and sweet remem
brancer of his American trip.
The new "Cttahif Mnl.r nr A i n...i.
the Bohemian composer lately performed by
made a genuine impression. It is said to be
iuii 01 originality and ot special beauty and
It is said that Verdi is busily at work on his
new opera "Iago," the libretto of which is
founded on Shakespeare's " Othello " by
Arrigo Hoito, the poet and composer. The
The new work is to be produced next winter
at La Scala, Milan. '
Madame Modjeska will play the part of
Imoirenc next vear. N.t unr cow. .1..
will leave the English stage. She cannot
stand iilavinf everv nirlit m,,.uni. in k....
some time to do something else than playing.
one u"" soon 10 v.aiuornia. aexl year her
husband will be her manager.
The manacers of th Midlcmn Snit,r il,..
tre make known that the play of The Pro
fessor will be laid aside after the present
season Is rnilcd. Mr. W. IT Rtt.11. It. ....
thor, will endeavor to act Iluxton Scott in
uuag mrs. Yvintnrop, wnicn play Is to be
taken on a provincial tour.
Mme. Nilssnn. who will lv. M.. v.l.
for Europe on the 18th instant, announces a
iuiut .uiit.Eii i oiciuwuy nan to-morrow
eveninc. the lCth. with the assistant, nf m
orchestra conducted Uv aft Tti.n.tnr.
Thomas, Miss Glenn, Signor Del Puente, Mr.
iijorpsicn, anu tne Mendelssohn (Quintet
club, of Boston.
While witnessing a performance of The
Lights o' London at Newcastle-on-Tyne re-
eenllv. a vnunrr wnmsn wn latr.n with ...-I,
a fit of laughing as to dislocate her jaw. An
exchange says that this would not have oc
curred while looking on any of the Lights o'
ijiiuuu companies on tins siae 01 tne water.
It is said that during a performance of
One Woman's Life" by the Herlin Welby
R. N. Hudson arose and dennunerd m nrinr
on the stage as an evil man. The inference is
mat sue Dccrme insane through the bad acting
She is now i the lunatic asylum.
Mr. Frank C. llanos, the nonnlsr nrin. !,
distinguished himself recently in "The Corsi-
can Brothers," has been obliged to give up
work temporarily, and is now resting at
health Mr. Bancs could not uo to Toronto 1
lbkcwouu, i. , j. uii account 01 nit poor
neaim nir, uangs couia not go to i oront
with Mr. Stetson's comoanv. He will, hnw
. :,i. m. c. ,r- . m
ever, reioln this comnanv. whirl. Is ctlll r..r.
forming in "The Corsican Brothers," in two
Three or four new ihe&trr trrnnlmnl,i.,1
In N.ur Vmlr. lt.ci.l.e lh l)n!.;'
iious-, Ed Stokes wants a theatre, Josh Hart
! n.irdlialinrr for n S. n.l IT. .1. I
man. the l.rnnltlvn m.n.r, ,1 A..
purchased one. There is another movement
.... iu uitni. aivi,. uuuipdiijr, Willi a
capital of a quarter of a million dollars, to
build a theatre in upper Broadway.
Mr. Bartlet. of San Francisco, is writlnr. n
play. According to Mr. Barnes, of the Call,
it is thrilllnrr anil lu-wihli-rincr A n.
per man lulls in love with a female compos
itor. She scorns him. and the curtain falls nn
the second act as she brains him will, n bro..
column rule. I believe the author intends to
clnje the ,'rrr with th. cnini.l. nt !.; r...l.
who swallows a cup of molten type metal, and
in me arms 01 me prooi-reacier, tor
whom she entertained an unrequited affec
tion." Cause or Failure.
V4'nnr nf nnnd.ln.wwi ,.,i I... I. . .1...
Hrelss mid L. Orynskl, druggists, mo not liable
J. " , r twuuuuilUU 111 iJT. ilOStlll-
nwuy a bnttlo feeo to all wJiourosulTerlng with
uffectious of tho Throat'mid Iiitiigs.
Artistic Improvement.
Mr O II Arnnlln l.n.l .... i nr...
shoiv windows to his store oiiCommdrcostreot.
. t t it 7"":,", ,,vory 11110 water-
artists' miiterlals. His stock of artlsU' and
painters" materials Is complete, and em
braces material for oil und wutcr color paint
ing, lead pencil drawing, crayon and pastcll
painting, porcelain and chiuu decoration
fhromn photographs-, wax flowers, decorative
art, coach painting. Artists' Iluo briiBhos,mathe
inatlca; Instruments, oil and water color paint
ings. Lngmvlngs and ehrouios surpasses any
thing yot seen In Texas. Students and iov-
ologant stock. Holms tho largest and best
selected stock of picture frames and mould
ings, all sizes, over brought to Ban Antonio,
which ho offers ut extremely low figures.
Ho has tho solo agency for tho well known and
most dni-jblo "Asbestos" paints ready for use.
Tuo color and durability of those paints
aro admitted by thoso who aro au
jhorlty In such matters to be tho
highest grudo In tho miukot. His stock
or oils, paints and wall paper Is ooraploto,
twd his supply of window glass of every slzo
and description Is very large. By calling at
SX Commerce stroct, the publlo can bo pleased
In any of the linos raontioued as woll as. In tho
Iqvy prlooj, wpch wo a rulo g( (ho hauw,
I J, II. rllKNCIt
(Successors to Qoo. W. Caldwell).
273 Commerce Street,
Tlio firm of Martin & Sobryvcr, of San An
tonio, Texas, ono of tho largest lumber dealers
In tho State, have recently opened a yard In
Eaglo Pass, the present terminus of tho Mexi
can Pacltlo railroad extension, mid linvo now
on tho grounds, mid nro dally receiving tho
umuraucni oi -mocr in west, joxiis
direct from tho mills In fmlslana, East Texas
and Chicago, consisting of rough nml dressed
boxing, flooring, celling, fencing, Inths, pal
Hugs, shingles, doors, sash, blinds, mouldings,
mixed paints, etc., etc. In fact ovcrythlng In
tho bonder's line, to which the nttontlou of
uuiiaersanuincpuniia B respectfully Invited
uii iuu gruuna win uo loiinu tno manager,
o- to- am Ke jjj, MOFF1TT.
And General Commission Dealer.
San Antonio, Texas.
Helotes Ranclie.
MAMIlltINO HOWAKD, (trotter) seo.No. 17,
is u blooded bay, IB hands high, weighs 1300
puuiios. norvice, -.
KNIGHT OK BT. LOUIS (thoroughbred)
sired by Olendower. dam by Ensllon.seo Irrnro'i
American titud Hook, volume 8, pagoiiK. Ho
Is a dark chestnutsorrel. Bcrvlcc, sa.
DICK (Kentucky Jack), IS hauds.hlgh, weighs
WO pound;. Will cover maros or jennets.
Servico, $15.
uNuii-iiuiu uiuiuuiiiun.u CUIUC, lieu IIUII8,
V tventy-olglith London Duke, U'xington
KV. Sorv ecs. in. " '
Spring soason, February 1. Terms cash. Bcr-
Tih r n a i aw, "uu ii not
oiiwu.i ..Usui uuuiku. BlUVK UCllVCIX'U BliM-
uu i-iiuii, win do uiKcn and
1 281jr Helotes, Tor.
T. J. Devii. W. S. Surra.
QOtSea : Roomi and 8 Divine
Bolldlag, Soladad itreetHCJ
Will attend to all bailnett In the lUte and Fedi ral
a Houston street, opposlto Maverick
hotel, has re-opened his
Ice-Cream Parlor
uiiuno uuu guyu conicotiotiary. iino
n-u-iyrcam a specialty. Tciepnono No. 27B.
Little Havana,
(QOULU k CO.'S.)
Royal Havana Lottery.
' April 25, 1883.
Number for Number-Prize for Prize
With 400 additional prizes.
Only 40,000 Tickets.
1,524 Frizes,
ICapltulPrIzo $ 15,000
i Prizes, $100 each.'..'. 1,'uou
J " 100 " ...
woo " 10 " ;
0 Approximations to 1st prize, $100
ench ......
0 Approximations to 2nd prize, $50
1131 Prlzesas abovo, being tlio full num
, .Ifr.'P tho Itoyal Havana, and
400 Additional Prizes or $5 eaeli to tlio
400 tickets having as ending num
bers tho two terminal units of tho
numbor drawing the Capital Prize
of $15,000
1534 Prizes amounting In U.S. Gold to., $ 4ti,200
TloUets, 83.00 . . Halves, SI.OO.
Tho Itoyal Havana official list rinM.ina
mllml h Ih. . V.T
managed, it Is tho fairest, squarcst and best
See that tho nnmo GOULD ic CO.
Is on tho
ntnuu nonootuors aro genuine
Vnr lnfnrm.llnn nr.,1 .ll..
apply to " "1"vl uuuruM or
1312 Ilroadway, Now York City.
98 East Randolph Htrerr. rhlrago 111..
0r,, W. W. WALLING,
?WeaCommco nt., sn Antonio,
No. 11 Commerce Street,
Silver and Plated Ware,
t minus mm juTTuirr rvimiruu. imriren rvnm
sormblo. Wo tnko plcnstiro in ahowinK our
fiiMiuo. uuu puruiiH(H?rii am iiiviicu 10 oiu. an
faction wnrrnntwl. lS-4-lr
Alex. Sartor
Watclimakor anil jeweler
No; 18 Commircs Street,
may tf San Antonio. Tkas.
E. Hertzberg
KJpCall land enmloe my stuck and prices heforr
AU goods wl'j b ifldnoder written tnuaitet
Jos. Schmidt,
Q41 Oommerco Strdet. 34
An Experienced Watchmaker
OFFERS his services to the Public He has had
thirty years excellence as henl wnrVm.n .rK.
greatest watch factory la Genera, SwitierUnd En
,..,u wii.us m parucuiar cenerauy ruined la th'
Mercliant Tailor
Has Just received tho ilnest stock of Kngllsh,
French, Gorman and American plecu goods, of
all stylos and colors, ovor brought to San An
tonio, nnd will make suits In u-,ir nt ii.
Lowost Prices. Only Flrst-olass Tailors om-
pioyoa, nnd tho nnest trimmings used. New
Fashion Plates received overy month.
A Perfect Pit Guaranteed.
e.Jf?11 "R JW "fora ordcrlinr your flpring
Breeding & Plillips,
0er Nic Tengg "CBlO. San Antonio.
(Luto of Cambridge, Mass.)
Over Clayln's dnig store. Satisfaction guar
anteod. Open evenings.
Pio. 230 Water St.
Oners her services in all Its branches. Patienti
received at residence. Female diseases treat
ed specially.
Doctor Rankin,
Office : Sam Maverick buildinc corner
Losoyo and Houston streets.
laffftv av?x wWi'L i!iBl! ,frm,' nrcHItON
iSi '.l,A?It WISEAHKa OK WOMIf, Luns
nnd throat diseases. Skin Dlsuaso. VilSS
cured, by n new method, under aguarantn?
waiiout knlfo Hgosuro or cautcrr. Uarant0
Tclephono No. 00.
dire Chills and Fever,
llv,i0.?.U,n1i..9SU,,i1 ' U8ln" SAMOSTZ'S
, iui most pleasant and eniim-
clous reinody for CouglH,' CohlI n mel ius
Consumption ami all diseases of tho throa aiH
lungs. Manufactured bv o. hah sn" mw
, v. Hrugglst, Austin, Toxaa.
t tornale by all druggists In Texas.
I s.
, 1. D. C.
Ociuist and Aurist,
Proprietor San Antonio EVK und EAU In
nriiiury, formerly surgeon In chargo of Knnsis
City Eye, Iitrand Throat Inllrmarv. Ilunsa8
AIJ d,80ll8C8 ,of Eyo nnd Ear trcntod in tho
most approved manner with tho latest annli-
?nn.Lr.-,Yokod uy08 8'lghtoned, aruffl.
Insortod to move naturally, etc., otel "I""Llal
OITlcoat 272 Commorce Btroot.
Officf. : Sam Maverick buiidinc, corner
""juju nuuHuo streets.
ro.R.II (nun M n 1 T..- r. ...
- . 1 I J t, UOVfN, M. I).
lotouam. 3105 pm into 10 a. n,ito,pm
Residence- J O.enslen residence P
ixmui riores St.
P5fi 1altcntln Een to diseases of women
and Children nrtH in ,1 1 ....... r .i . .
Throat andt Heart. Chronic cases treated'at
a Uistance and medicines sent promptly by
A Commou-scusc Remedy,
No More Rheumatism, Gout
or Neuralgia.
Immediate Relief Warranted.
Permanent Cure Guaranteed.
Flvo years established and novcr known ta
fall In ii singlo msc. acuto or chronic, ltercrto
Tho only dlsiolver of tho poisonous urlo nold
SouCtyth.ntsm tll blooJfbetloau
RAl.lnVl.lllA l.lnn... .
remedy, because it strikes dlrt'ctlv AbolZTo
pf "bouina sin, Gout and Neuralgia, whllo so
only'treat ioJally the '"i''' Panaceas
ih.t T.Si . n ., ' eminent scientist
with oils oliittnents, lliiimenta ndooth
lotions will not oradleato theso dlsoases whlen
wVuriorAcld.0f th ',ol60ulDf ' tho blood
nLJ9iLICA works with marvelous otfoel
on this acid and so removes tho disorder. It Is
now exclusively ueod by nil tho colhrated liliy!
eiclans of America nnd Europo. Hlghost Sloa-
cures In throo days.
M atu10 l8.2 fltft1.". "'re forllHKU-
stantly"t0D PlUn8 ar 8Ub(1"od' almost iii"
refunded? tr'aU Kollot ua""itood or money
Thousands of testamonials sent on applica
nt a Box. SlxlloxriM fnrstr:
Sent froo by mall on receipt of money.
.ivon. xuuKiiKUUUISTFOUJT.
Ilill iln nnt lin Hl...l...i . .. .
or substitutes. ruVomcth , 'g rcomiSn ltd A
'just as goodl" Insist on tho genuimi with
wM?hu00f WA8"'"' on each bo,,
pur signature, nnd Indlspenslbib rcqnlsfto w
Insuro success In the trentmont. Yak" nS
t n, WAHHUUHNB4 CO., Proprietors,
iwfff V' 00r' lloaie 8t NE'V Y01IK.
J. e. imnuDiNo -
Great Texas Ferar hmh

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