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The San Antonio Light.
Vol. I.-No. 20.
San Antonio, Texas, Wednesday, April 25, 1883.
Ten Cents a Week
5 iiniiininiiintiiiittiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiintiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Wt? fl&tf
a h 1
1 CO
a Q
I Alamo Plaza, San Antonio, Texas. I
itiilis iuiiiiintiiiiiiiiiitiiitiiiittfiiiiiiiiiiiiii:itiitiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiittriiiMiifiiiiiitiiiiiiniiiiituiiiniiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiitm5ittiii)
East Commerce Street, adjoining Sunset Railroad,
P. O. llox 233, Tclcphono 291.
Consisting or'Frnmlng Tlmbor, Hoxlng, Fencing, Drcssod Flooring, Siding, Ilcnilcd Celling
ml Finishing Iiilinlicr; also it f nil supply (if Doors, Smli, Minds, Mouldings Shingles, Dressed
nnd Hough Pickett of nil Pattern?, Plastering Lith, Il.trhcd Wire, Mixed Paints, Ilullders
Hardware, and ovorythlng found In u llist-class lumber yard. Wo mo prepsred to lurnisb
Biioclul bills to order nt short notice, being- connected with ouu of tho largest mills In the Calca
sieu region.
Rough Lumber same price as Rough Texas Pine, $25 per M.
San Antonio Lumber Co., A. T. Hens ley, Manager.
Houston 8trcot, noxt to Dr. Ilcrll's residence.
All tho delicacies of tho season.
For rartles.
Imported wines, liquors und cigars always on
band. 3-29-3m
Funerals Furnished With Kvery Kcqulalte.
Special attention givou to forwarding bodies
to all purtsof tho United States. CfiTflophono
oonuectton. Calls nt tended day und night.
U.S. Mail, Expf oss and Sla
Line leaves each plnco dally (execp Sunday)
mid connocts with the trains or tho I. Ss (1. N.
llallroad, arriving at Tlldeii within 21 hours
mf ter start from Sim Antonio. First-class hacks,
good teams and curoful drlvors. Furc, tl 50;
round trip, $8 00; 60 pounds buggugo free.
J. K. TON8ALE k CO., Contractors.
Agonts nt Tlldon Snowden ie Co.
Aironts at Cotulla Frazler llros.
taiids for Sale!
By Hambleton k Digoowily,
General Land Agents.
OrOco 3.1 Acequla street. Lands for stock
Furposes In quantities to suit purchasers. Also
srmlng lands and farms of any size. Improved
property, and
In iho city of San Antonio, on easy terms.
Vnrtluular attention given to abstract of
titles. Correspondence solicited. 4-24-Om
Ottoman Silks
And satins. In all colors and style, Persian
lawns, nun's veilings In till shades just received
at Josku & Sons', Alamo street. 3-20-tf
Grent Hurgiilns In Houses nml Lots.
Itock house nod lino lot with (lower garden
and grapo urbor, near Avenue I), for $2100.
Two nouses on one lot on uvonue , for
Nice cottngo on Sail Pedro uvcnuo, G rooms,
Heck houfcCB near Alamo street, $1200, $1000,
Two nlco now houses near Sunset depot
S1500und $12S0.
Lots forsalo In all parts of thu city.
308 West Houston street.
To llo Offered Only u Short Time by
Cohen .V Koeulghelm.
12 dozen Stilt lints 111 50 ,-I'litn .nn)i unrtli
52.B0 to $3.00.
25 dozen lino wool hats nt 31.00 each, worth
7dozon Mexican folt hats at Sl.Wencli, worth
ioumoroof those genuine indigo bluo tlannel'
suits Just received by express, ut $8.50, worth
uarK cnesiutero suits at S8.50, worth 811.00.
50 dark cnsslmuro suits nt $11 00, worth $13.50.
50 dark citsslmcro suits ut $.'1.50, worth $5.00.
50dnrk cHSsimcro suits ut $100. worth 40 00.
50 boys' bluo llannol suits ut J200, worth SilfJO.
100 pairs boys' cassimere kneo punts at SI 00,
worth II 50.
ISO .pairs Knglish cottonudo pants ut 8125,
worth J2 00.
'"'dozen all silk handkerchiefs at 60 cents,
worth $1 00.
This weok wo offer spoclnl Inducements to
city trade, and nnlv nk un Inmieetinn nr ),.
above bargains to couvlneo you that you can
un uiuiniiiK, r uuyiuiug eise in our line, as
iiiv.M'ui ua us in any cusicin cir,
Cohen fc Kokkioiikim.
To Suit Kvery Lady's Taste.
Wo hnvo heard a groat deul of conunont
lately, In a very fuvorublo wuy, not only on thu
extent, but ulso on tho character oi" tho stock
which Wolfson carries in thu various depart
ments of his house. None or tho remarks,
however, have been more Huttering thun thou
ucstowcii on ins millinery uepurtuieut. llo es
tablished this brunch to meet u pressing wunl
in San Antonio, and It has grown to such pro
portions that liu has found It necessurv to on-
gngo the services of one or tho tlnest milliners
to tuko especial churgo of that depurtment.niul
tho salesiudles and trimmers in It. This new
feature- enables the ladies to have their hats
trimmed according to their own taste, and to
match any suit, by one who has had practical
experience and can guuruiitco siitlsfnolloii.
Ladies cun puichnso hats und bonncts,trlmuied
or uiitrlmmed, and those who desire cun have
trimming uono otisiiortest notleo tor bulls.wed
dings, tuneruls. nlenlcs. travel, etc. Mr.
Wonson's stock of Ilowers, feathers, ribbons,
ornaments, etc.. isvorv extensive, und ladles
cun select their lints and trimmings without
leaving the house. This is a feature which
will be extensively appreciated by tho fulr
e A. -i-f-U
Mexican Curlosltlos
At Gilbert's, No. 4 Houston street. 4-2I-1m
Furnished Itoom for Kent.
For one or two gentlemen, a nicely furnished
room. Inquire at San Pedro drug storo, ad
joining ur. aicngor s resiueueo. 4-i-ut
Ladies nnd gentlemen to canvass for books
and alliums. Agents limiting tnrce iiouurs n
day. Apply nt 200 West Coiutnereo St., room 2,
upsiuirs. -i--ii.
Kun & Kuhn's
Steim Sausngo factory recommends ltsolf to
all epioureans who wish to test lino ccrvelnt,
rollat. bologna und Wionna sausages. Head
cheese and blood pudding always on hand.
Salesroom 411) Houston street, next door to
MuvencK lanu omco.
He Good Kiioueh to Note It.
Mr. Park Doe, manufacturing Jeweler and
engraver, has taken part of tho storo nt 211
Coinincrco street, wheto ho will carry oil tho
business of a munufucturlng und remitting
jeweler. Dllllcult work mid lino engraving a
specially, m i-iiuo worn iroiii an parts or mo
Htnto solieited nnd satisfaction guaranteed.
I'urK doc, .'u commerce Bireet, Ban Antonio.
, 3-28-tf
A Curd.
How to save money (and drugs) by taking
Turko-ltus3lun baths or Steam IMth for your
colds, rheumatism, dumb uguunndull skin dis
eases, can uo iniinn nc a. .ii.ian b,
Corner Commerco und Alamo slroets.
Also, Hut and Cold Water llaths at 25 cents
tacu. 4-l-lt
Wagner llrothers,
Tho popular turners nnd cnbinct mnkers of 220
uasi Houston streot, uavo eompicieu tiicir new
shon. Thov nro now ready to execute an v and
all work in their lino, nnd invito tholr cus
tomers and tho public generally tnglve them a
trial. They will tuaku every effort with their
Increased facilities to please, everybody In
worn anil prices.
A I'hllosophlcnl DUsertHtlnn on Hell mill
the Devil anil Where are
'Descended Into Hell, On the Tnlrd Dny
He Hose Again nnd Asaeuiteil
Into Heaven I"
Translated from tho Freie Prosio of April 23.
These were the worth that reminded us of
the Chrittian confession of faith, while in at
tendance at the Lodge of Sorrow of the
Knights Templar, and heard them repeat the
old orthodox creed with sacred devotion. It
is derived, like the whole foundation of Chris
tianity, from the chutch counsel of Nicaea, in
the year 3)5 A. D., and which was controlled
by the Roman Emperor, Constantine, a devil
in human shape, the wholesale mur
derer, who was the first of all Emperors
converted to Christianity. This creed, in its
present form, was the cause at that time of
many bitter debates and was adopted under
the influence of the Emperor by but a small
majority. Hell, to which Christ was sup
posed to have descended, and where he is
said to have remained three days, was a purely
heathen inventioj , originating from the re
ligious systems of the Persians, Greeks and
Romans. Y5at Hid jurist do in this Hell I
Where was It suppose ' to exist? In the scienti
fically dark age of that time, when the earth was
supposed to be a flat disk surrounded by the
ocean, the old heathens believed in a lower
world, to which was added as a superstructure
this beautiful upper world. The ruler of this
lower world was not the devil whom the
Christians have installed there, but the God
Pluto, who. in company with the beautiful
Venus, spent his time as pleasantly as pos
sible. The fact that in the present enlightened ace.
and in this enlightened country, people will
stick to the ideas of the dark ages of the past,
and let Christ, the first great religious re
former, descend down into hell is a sad and
deplorable sign of the mental condition of the
present orthodox Christian world.
Hell and devil are nearly identical. The
old Hebrew Satan was not the devil of
the Christians. He was either the
adversary or persecutor. He was a kind of
prosecutor who only differed from the mod
T ...1.- r. .1 - .u i .1
crn policeman, wuu uuus hie iuiii, auu mm
becomes Satan, but has nothing in common
with the Christian devil. Our devil is not
the Satan of the Hebrews, nor the Asmodeus
of the East Indians, nor one of the mytho
logical demons, nor an entnronea oou who
has seen better days, who yet unites many oi
the characteristic qualities of one, but we
seek or look in vain for the unadulterated
spirit of wickedness, the chief attribute of
Satan and the modern devil. The Christians
are the natural descendants of the Hebrews
in their principal characteristics of faith; what
ever evil spirits they may have acknowledged
they never recognized the existence of a spirit
of mischief incapable of good, and who only
existed for the purpose of creating evil, until
they heard of Arhiman, the chief of evil
spirits of the Persian system, in all religious
and mythological systems. He alone pos
sessed the ingredients of what constitutes the
exclusive character of the modern devil.
In the New Testament is not only an ab
stract, but beyond a doubt a personal being.
lie tempiea enlist 111 111c wuueruess, anu
mankind to evil; he was the direct agent who
made Judas turn traitor ; he created all kinds
nl evil and nnnoses nil pood constantly on
guard for victims. While he himself is a.
violator ot tne laws 01 00a, ana me lamer 01
all crime, according to the orthodox
Christian faith of the present Christian age,
he is the enemy of the human race, an apos
tate from heaven, and the first importer of
all moral and physical diseases and malev
olence that has ever existed in this world
since he appeared In the form of a snake and
deceived Eve. He Is attributed with extra
ordinary powers in his modes of temptation,
always crowned with grand results, and is
clothed with powers that - border on
omniscience, omnipresence and omnip
otence. He can read the in
nermost thoughts of man and knows all the
particulars of each one's life; he is every
where to tempt alt mankind at the same time
to all kinds of evil thoughts and deeds, as an
ally of the carnal nature ol man in condition
to constantly lead millions to destruction. He
is the Uotl ol this world, who holds the wlmle
hierarchical system of evil spirits in his power.
He is the kincr of death and hell.
This is Satan, the orthodox devil of the
Christians, tn whom Christ is said to have ile
scendedl For what impose ? What is hell?
The original meamug of the word "Hell,"
the old "Hsdcs." means invisible. Men
died, the soul left the body and became in
visible, but terms like these, often repeated
with a positive meanine, were soon mauesfor-
noreal. These ideas are like the demons of
Kabbis: thev soucht after bodies which could
be inhabited and did not remain long without
some tangible form; the term invisible was
fitted to a conception which in time became
real and positive. The Arcadian hades, pos
sibly the oldest in the world, is a place where,
no feeling exists, the fundamental chaos,
where there is no blessing, the grave where
naught can be seen, the dwelling place of cm
fusion, and was ruled by "Nin-ge." The
hades of the old Hebrews was called
"Scheol," and originated from Iff same
source as the Arcadian or Chaldean, and means
a hollow place, which represents the same
idea as the English and old high German
"hole," the original form for hell.
With the first belief of mankind on a luture
life came the idea of hades, the invisible and
eternal dwelling pUce ot the dsad, both good
and bad. The invisible gods warred among
themselves, the conquerors monopolized the
realm of bliss and cast the conquered in
chains. Some of the disembodied souls who
had gained renown by ureal deed or piety
were raised to semi-gods. Gradually, as
mankind came to the knowledge that they
were the equals of the gods, they also claimed
a part of the privileges of this eternal life and
a part of heaven or hell, hence hades needed
judges and henchmen and also different re
gions 01 happiness or misery. The judges in
creased their power and the henchmen their
terror, until fear was an attribute of the former
nnd hate of the latter, until by a gradual
luslon into the personality 01 the devil, the
adversary and prosecutor of mankind,
was the result Hate led to revenge
and the concentrated Judge and hench
man was put in chains with the balance
of sinners, and condemned to everlasting
it nas been supposed that the horns with
which the devil's had is ornamented were
coequal with the halo of a god, and origin
ated with the same, and that after his apostacy
irom neaven it naa yet surrounded mm in a
mild manner, and that the nimbus in the face
of Moses upon his descent from Slnal be
longed to the same species of glory, and, ow
ing to some similarity, were called horns.
This definition ol the horns is far fetched,
even 11 we were not able to make prool
older than Moses and the Pentateuch, that
betnes closely related to the devil were repre
sented with horns, hoofs and tails. These
s,ame beings, with but slight modifications,
were represented and kept alive in mytholocy
as Pans, Sartyres and Fauns, and when an
arch enemy of mankind was needed in his
own Image this was considered as the most
lilting, and hence was adopted.
Ihus the devil and hell became the crea
tions of mankind. No one liai ever seen either
of them or knows where they are. In the un
bounded world there is no room for them; they
only exist in the human skull. No one ever
descended to hell or ascended to heaven.
These fables originated in the dark
and bigoted ages ot the past, where the last
columns of the Greek world broke down, and
out of this mouldy, rotten mass of a broken
down world, in the course ol thousands of
years, a more worthy human morality has
built itself uo, and whoever yet to-day believes
on hell and the devil lies buried under this
mouldy past.
Itecorder's Court.
Judgo Callaghun, uftor n couple of days'
absence, sat on his accustomed coat. Business
wus rushed thrnuirb In a burrv this mnrnliur.
tlio'J udg, City Attorney, clerk of tho court
nnd ofllccrs rivalling encn other In dexterity
and speed. Four cases wcro dlaiiilssod. I).
iiucuuuan, ior uemg disorderly, whs lined o.
W. S. Ornvann. for bellnr found drunk on tin.
stroots, was fined $5. Juan X.urnianl, drunk
huh disorderly, .. r. uoiiinsnn, uruuk and
disorderly. $2.'i. II. nifford, quarreling and
$3. Patrick Kellv. druuk on street, $5. Totni
amount 01 lines, '..
l'ustolllce Exehnnge, April 25, 1HHU, Com
ment-lug at 7i.'IO p. in
1. Ornnd march. Oueou of Knghuid ..PIcfko
2. Wnltz, Klsa A. Wagner
3. Polka. LTittonlo C. Illggo
4. Selection. Murltniin Wallace
7. Uglnntlne, polku rodowa .ickott
8. World's Peaco Jubileo. scrio comic
operatic potputtrl K. Meyer
j. viuiiz, i-niinneii vt ciscnuorn
10. Andante, Homeless To-night
C. A. Whlto
11. Nimplie, echottlsch .J. Itinglebeii
12. March, Uxhlleratlon J. ltluglubeu
A. KltAMKll.
Chief Trumpeter Flghth Cavalry Hand, leader.
I'roereis of the New City Directory,
Messrs. Morrison A- Fourmy, having about
completed thu canvass for ttio resident portion
ot the elty for mimes, will begin taking names
in the business houses to-day. Their new di
rectory promises fur to oxcell any of their for
mer ones of this city in man v rcsneets. Thev
now have In the hands of tho engraver their
ww map ot au Antonio, revised to uate, con
taining the new luimei of nil streets us ordered
by the Council, tho numbers or tho lots und
blocks, tho subdivisions revised from thu of
ficial records kept by tho City Kngluccr, thu
Unas of street railways Indicated In colored
linos, also the wntcr mains und courses The
four wards of tho clly will bo repreecnled In
four different color'. Thociitsof lioxiircotinty
court house and lull, ulso the Crockett block.
etc., will adorn tho front. A complete und re
vised 11st or stnto and county olucluls or Texas,
for 1SS3-4. giving all organized ami unnruun-
lzed counties and county scat: nil nntnllleen.
telegraph, express and money order offices for
1 no entiro btaio, uesiues tuu mil county und
city governments, societies, corporations, in
stitutions, nnd much vnluublo information per
tulnlnir to tlin eltv: a enmnlntn hiiKiiiitaH mi Inu
und tho names of all persons gruntod a build
ing permit slnco tholr lust publication two
years previous, and tuo quality or material
used In building, compiled alnhnbetlciillv by
words, nnd a full and uet urate business direct
ory of tho city, will embrace a portion or tho
cuutvui oi mis viiiuaoiu puuucatiou.
A Change.
So overcome with grief was a Fall river
man at his wile's funeral the other day that it
took two men to restrain him from jumping
into the grave with her. On returning to the
nouse tier win was read, and when he lound
she had lefthim none of her individual nro
perty he dried his tears and wept no more,
une month alter this event lie led a Ir-slily
made widow to the allar. having first, how
ever, learned that her husband had given h?r
an nis possessions beiore tie died,
A man recently fell down on Warren street
He was a large individual and took up lots of
smewaiK, ana a oysianuer thought it the
proper time to be funny. " How did vou
come to fall ? " he inquired ; "on a bit of
lemon" ves. sir. on a bit ol emon." re-
Jilied the corpulent one. " Hut I see no
emon," replied the funny man. " Well, who
said you could 1 savace v roared the cornu
lent individual, as he cot un and dusted him
self off with his handkerchiel " Can anyone
see tne lemon in nan a dozen cocktails, say?
-Puck. '
San Antonio AVhere Are Vou T
FORT WORTH. Antil 1A. An architect
from St. Louis Is here, and the Onera House
company have closed a contract with him to
erect the building at a cost of $30,000. The
building will be 70 by no feet.
Whipped In Death.
NoRKOitK, Va., April 34. Lucy Haulsey,
necress, has been arrested for whinnint? hrr
sister's orphan child, seven years old', to
.l.-tl. T-i: 1.1, J rt f ... '
loin. 1 iic tiiuu was uoggeti wnn a cow
hide and burned on the stnvp. TV,-
husband has also been arrested as accessory.
110 uoimi xui Lovo nml Act wisely,"
K.NOXVH.LK, April 24 W. ILStaley, son
if Judge Staley, commilted suicide at the
esidence of a younc lady who refused tn
marry him. This was the third attempt to
take his own life far thp am r-.i... if......
28 years old and a lawver.
The DhIIrs Nnengerfeat.
Dallas, April 24. The Saencerfest com
mittee met this evening and adopted the fea
ture of decorated wagons by all business In
dustries in the procession on Thursday, the
.Biifiunt, incnuiKg anu otner
Supreme Lodge Knights ur Honor.
"GALVESTON, April 24 Elaborate arrange
ments are in progress lor the reception and
entertainment of the Knights of Honor, who
are to meet in this cily week alter next. The
scaaiuu m me ojprcmc louge win convene on
Tuesday. Mnv Rih nn.l u,ill nniln. i
sion nine days. About 200 delepates are ex-
piitcu iu uc in aiicntiancc.
Cotton Imposition Coiiiinls.lou.
AUSTIN, April 24 The Governor to-day
ppointed the following centlerncn to act as a
commission to represent Texas at the South
ern Agricultural and Cotton Exposition, to be
held at Louisville next August: Captain W.
F. Hush, of Collin county; Ur. H. H. For
line, of Cooke; I. L. Smith, of Limestone;
Colonel W. M Vandell, of Guadalupe; Hon.
j i). Vroopcr, 01 lyier; lion. f. ft, stock
dale, of Cuero: I. S. Flemminir. nf Ran.
land, and Colonel II. II. Andrews, of
Killed Him to Scuro Others.
Houston, April 24. At Gum Island, nine
miles from here, a negro boy 15 years old,
named Harmon Adams, was nlavinr? on the
prairie with another of the same age, named
iscison. Alter playing "horsey" Tor a while,
Ailnmi InnW hie l-irlil frnm ll. ...Ml. f 1.1.
h rse, playfully tied the end around Nelson's
mini mm men juuipcu on ins norsc anu put
ting him to full spead dragged Nelson over
the nrnirie until Ur uis A,K.. ,1
drlgged the body to the woods where he
hoisted it un in a tree, nflrr finl Hiuit.n :.
of the clothes. Adams was arrested to-day by
Sheriff Fant and brought to town. He is a
hard looking character, although so young,
and when asked'why he killed his playfel
low in such a horrible manner, he replied that
Nelson belonged ton gang of boys who had
threatened to whip him. and that he killed
iiciMju u mm tne tuners wouia uc scarea on.
He said ihxt he Vinil thmmVil rf it,. .
geLhim some days before. Adams said he
stripped Nelson of his clothes and hung him
up in a tree so that the buzzards could easily
eat him and thus destroy all traces of the
A Good Way to Secure Runt
From tho Indianapolis Sentinel.
A prominent and successful merchant says
llmt uihrn lie Is tiro.l m.l .uonl. . .... 1.-
don't go off on a tour and spend money, but
he just takes his advertisement out of the
Irish CuiiKplrHtnrs.
In almost every Ii ish plot that has been dis
covered a goodly percentage of informers have
revealed themselves. It is impossible, ap
parently, for such orcanizations to be formed
of men who will be faiihful to their pledges,
and the impossibility js, doubtless, one of the
principles ot the eternal fitness of things in
tthich vice is so constituted as to defeat it
self. Thus it is that Mr. Gallacher is about
to reveal all the particulars ol the last dyna
mite plot.
GainhettH's Successor.
The successor of Gambetta in the first cir
cumscription of Pelleville, M. Sigismond La
crotx, is about 40 years old, though he looks
younger, and in person is a type of the Polish
race, lie wears spectacles and has a fals
board. He is said by Figaro to belong to the
most advanced section of his party, and to
have always voted for the most revolutionary
uiH.uiva muu iiioah .WIIIIUU111SI IC Claims.
"llcneath a cold ambition." it adds, "he
the capacity for moving and leading the masser ,
but he exercises the caution of not putting.
A Witness l'uys Cost.
A novel termination to a law suit over a
trivial matter at Brownsville, Texa, is ull.
I he case was continued from term to term for
three vears. The frinnil rfl...ih .,l.,..n- j
defendant tried tn rfTrr-t ,..,.....:.. 1
"settlement. All terms was finally agreed
uuu ccjji uyiiicui 01 costs 01 court, t he
facts were communicated tn the Judge, who
said. "Oh I think I can assist you in this mat
ter. The Juc'geknnwtigthecreit avtision
ol the principal w"tiess, Senor Jose San
Ramoi, to be compelled to attend court, tni
Senor Ramon beinj wealthy, sent no'e to
wiuicss, viaung un 1 tne case could be amica
bly seliled, provitl.-d anyone would pay Ihe
sts, $250. The Judce soon received a po
lite note from Senor Kamon, flanking him
for the friendly interest manifested in tiie af
fi'r, together with a check for $zvi for pay
ment o( costi,

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