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The San Antonio Light
TltUIllDAY, MAY 3, 1H83,
Ptock Shipment.
During llio month of April 28lt curs of stock
cry shipped from San Antonio. Forty of
inese contained sncep, nnu i, nnrscs.
Well Dono.
Tho proceeds of tlio I'urlm ball, iM, wns do-
yoted to sending thrco children to tho New
Orleans orpnnn as mm ycicniay.
Recorder's Court.
A. Gilding and Charles Woods were fined $."
each for being very drunk on the public
Birccis. rour cases wurotiismisHeu.
"(), Dear George 1
How changed you nro; that Is such n handsome
suit. Whore ifld you get It?" "Why, Annlo
dear, at Jogko s, or course. 6-3-tr
The City's Health.
The health of the city is liy no mcuns bad,
Malaria of a iinillviintit typo is present In many
cases, measles ro well under control, and tho
coses few. Dlarrhtra Is froiient, hut thero Is
mtieuiiucuiiy in eiiccningii witu tue ordinary
Marriage License.
Juan lUmon to Marguritu Garcia; Ituilolpli
iroebcl to rglnla ork.
William Clark to I.l.zle Jones, Alfred Hulinko
to Amelia Hummel, Oscar l'rlcdcilck to Mlnu
atom, lamest uuciucr to Auitustn voges.
Uncle Sam Itolibed.
From Information received nt Sun Antonio
It appears that United States Paymaster Was-
son has becu robbed of n vullso containing
$21,000 while traveling between Kort Worth
and Sweetwator. Tho rangers nro scuiirlnir the
locaiuy, anu mo irams nru iicing wntencd.
Major Wusson Is rcspoctably connected, and
nan ino nigucm cnarucicr lor integrity. Tlio
uioncy wus intended to pay the troops at Fort
An Unfair Comparison,
The following Is the city hospital oxpenso
for tbo last three months :
February $15:
March m
April 1U1
Tbo friends of Dr. Ilraunnagel claim that
mis is a proot or ins economical principles,
but it must not bo forgotten that tho sickness
it the present tlmo is in no way comparablo
witii iumi ui reunmry ur .iijrcil last.
Wants to lis Free.
Manuela Coy wants Judgo Noonan's permis
sion to assumo her maiden name of Manuela
Itoycs. In her petition she suyathatsho was
married to Juan Coy on the, th nf Alsrnh
JSII7, and four children nro tile result of her
marriage. That In 1877 her husband desertod
her to live with another woman, aud tu the fol
lowing year ho was convicted ol murder In the
soconu ucgrco and sentenced to live years im
prisonment. lleneiith the Cypress.
Yesterday Tusker Salnmons. aged six months,
died In tho Second ward from diarrba-a, and
Thomas Luwson, aired iB, Uled at Santa Horn
hospital from plcuro pnouuionla. Mr. Luweon
was a stranirer. This morning Mrs. S. E. 011
bert, ngodlW, died In tho Second ward from
dlarrtnca. Sho hail been a resident of this city
for IE!) tars. Mrs. Johns, aired IK! years, died
lu the Second ward from exhaustion, lloth
ladles were natives of England.
lie Ascended,
To-tlay being Ascension day, Holy Thurs
day, it was celebrated with solemn honors In
tho Catholic and Kplscopullati churches, which
were largely attended. At St. Joseph's church
the memb'rs of tho St. Joseph society wearing
budges, attended lu u body, and several child
ren received tho communion. Tho church
was brilliantly lighted, and u row or seats were
placed lu the aisle. A lighted taper burned on
tho side of each chair. Tho scene wus of u
very imposing and ettVctlvo character.
At the MiiilonsT
Tlio Ilaptlst Sunday school had an enjoyable
picnic yesterday. About 100 adults and
scholars participated. They woro convoked to
tho first Mission by wagons provided by Mr.
McCiuro. Among tho party were the Itev. W
H. Dodson, Deacons Everett and W. Holland.
Mr Mrs. and Miss Lilly Hrockway, and Mrs
w. C. 1'aulkncr. Alter encamping for somo
time at the jlrst MUalon they proceeded to the
second Mission, and there oxamlnod the struc
ture. The provisions were liberal, and tho
whole party thoroughly enjoyed themsclvos.
Dentil of Mrs. till here.
Mrs. Sarah 13. Gilbert, relict of the lato E. F.
Gilbert and mother of E. F. Gilbert, freight
clerk at tho International dopot, died this
morning at 530 o'clock at her residence on
iShi1' .Fl0";9 8!rcot.' Mr8, Gilbert was an Eng.
Ush lady, who has been here for mauy years
und who wuh Justly cstoemed by a largo circle
of friends. She has been In falling "heal tor
sotno time past and has recently laid in extre
IwinK1"?1' 8W'ltb? 18 "messed fur Mr. Kd
Ban Antonio Can Hear Impaction.
Tlio following excursionists arrived last
night from Sedalla, Mo., and tiro staying at tho
Maverick : Mr. and Mrs. J. W, Connor and
three children, Mr. and Mrs. 8. L. Highiomnn
and two boys, Mrs. Temple. Mrs n it hi.
herd, Mrs. It. lilt t vr, Mrs. I , fl ulld Mi
Kate Fuulhubcr, Miss Annlo t" ,, K m S
1 "r ?nI.51l!8 SU"y "o' " " Isburg!
fritz. It. II. Hostotter, It. M?York Editor lC"
ocrut, Charles Water. It Ultter. ,lor "om-
Kent Kstute Transfers.
Amanda J. DIgnowIty to Albert Huppcrtz
city lot, on the west sldo or the Alazun creek'
In consideration of '
E. II. and Mary M. Terrell to I). Kreh, lot 4
loo -o' UVOnU U' '" conslucntlon of
W. (1. I'sck to Domingo Oarcia de Oulntana.
Ill ucrcs, on the north bank of Elin creek In
cousldenitlon of $sn. "ecu, in
Sarah H. Smith to D. C. Hagy. cltv lot nn
Sun Marcos street, west of Hiin I'cdro crtok' to
ward 2, In consideration of $. n
The l. II A. In SfSHlim.
Tho Iloxar Benevolent association met lust
evonlngin Htruve'a hall, Vice President It.
Josoph presiding, when tho application or two
candidates for membership woro read und ro
fprredto a committee. Iteport being made
that there was mi amount due on the aueoiini
of the ox-Trcasurer, which he had faX 1 J
pay after repeated application, leirul iir-ocml.
Ings were ordered tobotukeu against him ir
tho anion nt duo was not paid at once. Mr II
Itydoi-Taylor waa appointed Treasurer nro
tern in tbo unavoidable ub9tnoe of Treusurer
Ferd K. Muonoli. Tbo meeting then adjourned.
The Itemnlns or Ur. J. S. Knonles Are
Interred With Due Mmonlo Honors
The foIlnwInirtnlAirrnm frnm V-nilflllnRhntm
that the remains of Dr. J. S. Knowles, who
died here on February ?3, and whojo remains
wlirnnTlilllna.t mil al,lm,n,l In V.in.tnllu n Ton.
days ago, arrived safely at their destination
anu nave uuen inierrea wun iuo rospcciuuo 10
le position or tho deceased :
finn Antnnlfi. Tiy.. nrrlvpil horn Anrll "l fnr
burial. Tho tuncrul took placo from tho
lh r. iuo large auiiienco rouin was mien lo
ovcrllowlng, and the ftrcots and sidewalks ad-
Inlnlnir with lined with iwmi'n linnliln In irnlri
entrance, manifesting tbstr respect for tho de
ceased. The exercises were conducted by
Itov. II. W. Todd, pastorot tho church, who
ipoko In n brlor though fitting manner or tho
lepartcd Hov Mr. Van Freese, or tbeMoth
dlst church, then In a short prayer referred In
rcry feeling terms to tho going out of tho life
if ono whoso career of usefulness hud Just be-
kuii aim ui uuuui us u lujsicry. noiuu
Masons and United Work on wcro present In
ducted tho impressive ceremony, lleautirul
llorul offerings were laid upon tho casket. The
body was placed In u hoarse, bonded by Web
or'a military band und the two lodges in n
body, and conveyed to South Hill cemetery."
An Opern lluiuo for San Antonio.
It. In llfntnd tliul. n wpll klinwn ntriitfin,i lino
decided to make Sun Antonio his home, nud
will Invest lll,(XW In tbo erection and fitting
an opera nonso suitable lor ftui Antonio. It
is iu uv uippeu umi mis news is irue, uecuuso
San Antonio needs un oporn house and rhnnld
vol mimy iin.uuuu. iiuivuvit, lliu llivcsillieill
win pay in inoro ways iiiati ono.
Troublesoitie Iniiulrors.
Where's tho Collector of Itevcnue. Is tho
iiucstlon asked. All revenuo should be paid
by tho 1st day of May, and ns tho Collector lust
rear iiuu an oiiico ui me uuiidiug above Hilly
k Joo's saloon, many havo ntteuded there in
rain to pay tho revenuo tux. Tho Inquiry "Is
become so frequent and iroublcsoTic that It is
for the liitoriniitlon or citizens It may bo said
' VUIIVKIUI "I lltlUlliU HUB HO OlllCe
hero this year, and payments must bo mitdo by
remittance to Austin direct.
lliilldliig l'ermlts.
J. I,. Hary, lumber dwelling. 12xll. south
side ol Zu valla street, costing $50.
C. Spiinglcr, lumber dwelling, 32)x28, north
do or Scenth street, costing $280.
Joso Klores, Iron-clnd store, northeast cor-
?100. ' """"""
Joseilta lllnes, lron-clud dwelling, cornor
Salinas and Uiredo streets. 28x11, coning $500.
.. .. ""'"emu dwelling, suits,
south sldo of Goliad street, costing 2UU.
siuo ot v no street, costing 5.75.
nenry noiieuianii, iiimoer dwelling, 14x21,
ttstsldoof North Concho street, costing $100.
... . i oi i, " mm luuik Kiiuery, isxxe, west
sldo or south Flores street, costing $110.
. w . ' '"'""eruiveuing, laxsa, south sldo
Marriage License Incident.
In course ot business, thk nmnii,. m.
Tbadeus Smith. County Clerk. IssiuhI , ,nur'
nuge license, to a man wuo applied for one,
n duo and ancient form. F.vcrvthW . ,(,.,,
properly and ordorly. "What Is tn nnvt"
asked tbo man. "Ono dollar and n half." wns
tho olilciul s reply. It appeared a largo sum to
..... u, .no iiiuuuurunv iiiierjeeiions, mid
for a mlnutuor so took lilmititl.n,.,rit..i
away. He rallied, however, paid tho ree roso
lately, and started Tor tho dnor hesltatlnirlv.
A thotiKht suddenly struck him, und be
walked straight up to tho Clerk, and In a neatly
worded llttlo sK'ech said timt ho hoped
the next 1 imiu in n,i,ill,..l r... i1 V...
cheaper. Mr. Smith uppreeluod tho buslnenn
oreitiought or the mmi, und grueolully bado
him gooil morning.
Great exr.itpmpnt nrM.ail, M r .
v - ""'"li iu n auppuscu
discovery of a gold vein. Farmers have
i'ivf n un their hucinpce .ml hn
their premltes Kreitzcr & Co., ol l'hihdel-
phia, have equipped a mine with a Co-lnrse
power engine and a furnace for smelting ore,
and are making daily shipments of quartz to
. iiuaucijinia. wer .poooo nave;aiready been
sncnt in evner!infntlnf. I, -l
claimed that a rich vein of silver has been
Whpn M. Tlilpro i ,1,- ... !. -r n.
plnTVAft Prpsidpnl nf Itip ir,n.l. l?-..ui:. t
went to spend some days in Marseilles, 'his
. ."cic uc inci anoiuscnooi com
naninn. n nnn.'hiiml.l. m ..,!
f , ', t-".";- nnu nau never
taken the slightest interest in political con
cerns. They greeted each other wilh efTu
sion. "And what are vou doim!" asUpit
Thiers. "Raisine cattle." Then tHev fnltp
loner while nf their vnull, n ..:..
pleasant to both. Finally, "And what do
vou do in Paris I" asked the old Iriend. M.
Thiers, somewhit wounded in his amour
propre, and not wishing, under the circum
stances to avow his high rank, contented
himself with replying: "I am Minister.'
vynai 1 you have become a Protestant 1 ex
claimed, in stunefactinn. iWrn..!.. i,:.
A good girl for general housework. Good puv
lieriiiatient place: small, private family. AO
; rcss Saner .V Hmlfl. S..1...1...1 .....1
streets. r.ji.-.
Spread the Nmvi.
A l.iill.lh,.. .....I w.11,.1 .
gresslng In Sun Antonio, Jlessnu Wagner
..u., in.- uiiwrprising uirners and cabinet
makers on Houston street, have delermlned to
room fitting nt such low prices as liavohltherto
been unknown In the city Atrial Is recom
mended, as thoy ii'o good, practical workmen
and ure sure to give satisfaction.
IJe Good Knoiicli to Note It.
engraver, has taken part of tho stororat2ll
Commcrco street, where ho will carry on tho
Jeweler. Dlfllcult work and n."o iVravlngS
State 4ollclted mid satisfaction V, l'!,, 'f1
.n. uw,ii vuiiiniercu sireer, Ban Antonio.
Lntest Arrivals ut ,lnikn'
Among the latest articles Jut rccolved bv
. Joska A: Knnt. Alinnn sir.., ...... I...... '.'
bcrtutirul patterns of Chinese silk nt 40 cenu!
I , . fl ll8,orllT'ont of torchon and other
lmnd-workpd fringed edging; silk greuadlnos!
imuwii.i piiii mrge iiguix's; iiatidfcoino mo.
balrsuimnorsu tsfor $10: wlilto lawns and
Sw ss dress gowls with embroidery to match,
Our patron;, and tluV public0 ,d
Rjif UJCamm, tllei!o Ifooda ami gctpriw s.
Ono Lot 500 Rwcs.
" ' !0 "
" " 1200 "
" " WO Ewes and Ijunbs.
' :Vi00 Kwosund Wethers.
" " r.iOOPhctp with lease or llanchc.
" 7000 Sheep with lenso or Ituiicho.
.. .,,,.,,,, ui iuwku ,11101 tin cuiisign.
mcnt. making Liberal Advancements on same
-ll-tf Han 'Antonio, Toxas.
ItooltlB und llnnril
Can be had nt 19 I'ocan Btreot, near Episcopal
vi.u.vu. u-i-im
Ask Your Grocer
Fur Ilin piiiiviiiii.iI Minanni Hi,, !'.....
1.1, .11 Himiililiueti. l-l-im
On Hiimtnv. Anrll "n ..,,.,1.1 ,,,, I,, .,...i
gold pencil, for which will bo paid u liberal 10-
" " teiurueu lu lllisoilice. IKKE
llnllr.i,,,! ,l..l,. ,,. Uo.. t
uiivu,, .w, .,111111 iiuza.
fpeclnl to Men.
iipfit sin aiiii v: , ' "V... "V
for tho least monov ; most, cxdillslto gents un
derwearaud rurulshlng goods, and ut prices
vimiinuui) iu. II-J-II
niii, v""u.,'""eio, cruits, iniiier
,l" i"'eiiuiis, ihciiiu ca'uirs, leu sells, nil
trlplouud quadruple plate, nt 221 Coiiimcrco
atteei. m rusico s saio. 4-UO-tr
Wantcii A good cook und u iiurso. Inquire
111. ou .ccuia RiitHit. 4.;JU-i
New goods nt l'ancoast & Son's for spring
pins nnd studs-Just roeclveil, and lor salo at
i iii T.1 vtimiiivnuoiiuei. .iiicMon sines
... iviiu ... llliu ,.., in. i-iiu-ii
........ pU ,v w., wii uiiiiiuiti otiiioiiig, nro
...... m r..iiiuAiiu . uiiiguiiis 111 laiiu, sueep
Ulld city lironortv. Cull nn thpm
HlifOlal to Lndlcs.
Thli.lln..n, ........I ... , .. . .. .
J. Joske .t Sons havo Just received a largo nnd
Biyt; ui Kin giovcs in an similes.
...... ..U.V...VO. IWJ-II
To Ilullrond Conductors.
ittulltv or tough check board suitable ror Con-
ii'AITinvrT nrrmr-
R.RTXJtrr fare: 5n7HfliHPiA7A
iiauroau Tickets nought and Suld.
Solomon In all 1IU ninn"
Xever was nblo to get such a liandsomosult
lor $10 US IS SO 111 III' .1. Jintn ( U.... !.....
Tho finest lino of piece goods for tbo spring
...... ruuimvi ... lu iuiiiiu in tuu niuiuai
Mexican Ciirloaltlim
At Gilbert's, No. 4 Houston street. 4-21-lm
If You Wi.nt
Plrl..ln.a Inl, iirliilln,. ....II ....
u III co, 210 Commerce street.
.... ..... ., , ,,, umn ,;inu k'U UI II IIUII in-
I; ' , v i" " i,'iin-t:iMuliiluu UUSHIl'tslll inisciiy.
V .. u,a""". ""lu iiu 111 11. j, niiiEiiT,
a-.i-.il si noicuad street, San Antonio.
For Itm.nro olK-or l,...l ,7. .t
andtr ii o mid oiiiirilrtinln ullvpr ,.i..,.i
wuregotoTrustees8alol Commcrco street.
4-8.1 m.
Do Nut bo Deceived 1
flut remember when you want to buy finest
uallty or go ds at reasonable figures. J.
osko Jfc Sonsuro reudy to (III the bill.
I'ieco goods by tho suit or ynrd for spring.
For I dies.
A vnr.- ..1. I,l .,.,.1 ... 1..., ,
ladles and children aro now 011 hand ut Messrs.
Mayer A; Sons store 011 Commerce street and
Will IIP llffprPfl nt fr,.t 11 ,,1 rji ......
Theso are worth from S3 to 73 cents tier
Ladles should take tho chance ot securing good
and cheup hoso.
Younc M11 11 !
Shako that old suit und call on J. JoskoA;
Sons. Alamo street, nud have tliciu lit vou out
In ono of thoso handsome $1(1 suits. You can
match. r,-:i.tr
Don't Use llotch Prlntlnir
sumo money at tho Lioiir ollice, 210 Commerce
A Curd.
rurko-ltusslan butln or Steam llith for your
colds, rheumatism, dumb nguo and all Bkln dis
eases, can bo found nt A. .u.iAN'tf,
;-onior uonimerco ami Alamo streets.
Alan, llrtr uml flil w.... ...
ach. j.ii.ir
TI,P nmnt ..f 1.11.... i
,i . 'i . . . . 1 ."U"'K ,n cuowing
ho string nut In having nn opportunity to test
hourtlclo dlifct. C. Schasse, A. Drolss and L.
Orynskl. druggists havo free trial bottles or
llr. Ilnjannlrn.'a Pmnrh c.,..l 1 ...... Q. r .
,i,,,i ..r """e" v.,u f"i' air eucn
A " . """ "iiiicieii whii Loiigns,
Consumption or any Lung
warn Jot, tl. Tr ,.'.n ..r'."H.?".V. "1
street. 4.,.lln
Frebll Country titlj.p
HouVtoVstrt. l "ua "SZlS0-
A lino sildilln linpo,.. with fin,l.llAnn.i t..i.ti.
most now. Horso boa been worked to liiirn'pa"
inqulruuttbls olllen. 4-11-tr
win .1,., i i i "u""iu uml silver
Trustees sales, No. 221 Commcrcoatreet.
Now spring clothing and hats Just In.
I'ancoabt & Son.
Curd receivers, cake baskets castors, ico
p tcher, butters tea sets, trlplo and iiuadruplo
pinto at 221 Commoreo struct. Trustees salo.
Two gentlemen mny obtain good board lu
private, lamlly nt reasonable lutes by calling nt
Wool Journal nlllce. G-i-St
If you want icllablo Information about
it .I?0 ""i1" N1? TuI"f bookseller, Commcrco
Vl .JiVi. it' I ''ei'iionu oi mcxico
iieiMiouuoi mux co n
nV, ""'''"owstmnpofour sister ltepubllc,
nil for 83 60 per copy. 4 6-tl
New Groceries,
Ut.t.j!ttriiSHaKU & HAiutis, Wl iiousjon 8t
odsK? China Otlomnn, Light Sammcr Silks.
NUN'S VUILING from 2."e. upwnrtls, with nil colors nnd qualities of Spanish fated to
match, Tho best and largest assortment of
Gents', Boys' and
tSr-A lino assortment of IlLACK SILK GItI3NAI)INnS nt C0c. 8ATIN13S In nil colors.
'KUSIAN LAWNS In nil tho latest putnrns. Linen Lawns, I'crcnls nnd Glnghmus In
ndloss variety.
East Commerce Street, adjoining Sunset Railroad,
1. O. Ilox 2Wt, Telephonoirjl.
9rS?.l,u!!!S..i.l'!l7mln,fiT,ml,ori notlnir. Fencing, Drested Flooring, siding. Headed Colling
a d lb ;h I'lckeurf all' 'lt.e
iniiiinitii', nun uvuryi g iiilllld ill II nrSl-C
leii region. T 8'")rt n"tlee, ,'"'l"f L'o,",e0t0'1 wlth mu or ' '"Wiit mills lu tho Caleii
Rough Lumber same price as Rough Texas Pine, $25 per M.
Sau Antonio Lumber Co.,
Commerce Street,
New Goods Every "Week !
Prices' Lower Than Ever ! !
Bargains all ovor tho house. Sooiny is buliuving.
Wholesale Grocers,
C37Thlf lleer Is mndo from tho liest Imrriiilleiiiii. mill ,,rr..ni.i r ,
substance,. wlm.Boover.
I want to toll nhout tho IIOS.S llAlin AINS to bo had at
3Ei-:-:r c&? oo?s.
r?Klegnnt Dress niiigliiim at 7J, 10 nnd 12Hi conts.
WlJingtry Dress Ijiwnsnt .1 ccnla per yard.
t"I,onsdalo Illeaeliod Dntneetlo, ynrd wldo, Do.
At SIMON MOHHIS' to show tho public tho
CHILDUKN'S C'LOTHINO. Also thy most elegant und complete lines of
Gents' Furnishing Goods
That ovor was shown In this
Comoand convlnco yourself. 8TUICTLY ONI3
No. 44 Commerce Street, -
Youths' Clothing.
1!" Imnfi
IISS lllllllier vnr, . Wn on, .......j,....! ,.. ,....i..i.
A. T. llcuslcy; Manager.
San Antonio, Texas.
" " ""y """t""'
Yards' for $1 (lb
latest stylos of HUNTS'. vniiTiis' amp,
cltv. Imtlt In otvin ..,,.1
I'KICIi ONLY. No tronhli. inhn
- - San Antonio, Texas.

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