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The San Antonio Light.
International Bud Uroat Nortlii
Kx press
Wcstorn Extension
7:41 a. in.
12:15 p.m.
9:0) P. rn.
8:m p. in.
a:Xi p. m.
7: 1.1) n. m.
Galveston, llarrlsburE nnd San Antonio.
Tho Contrnlto Calls on tlie Religious Kdltor
for n Correction.
From tbo llrooklyn Fugle.
I think you treated us very unkindly in
saying that wc had a fight in our choir," mur
mured the contralto, taking the chair the reli
gious editor placed for her and straightening
her hat. "You hurt the feelings of everybody,
and I don't see any good of it."
But didn't you have a fight?" protested
the religious editor. "Didn't the tenor say the
soprano didn't know any more about music
than a logarithm does about the doctrine of
infant baptism t" .
I know that," conceded the contralto.
"And he was right. She don't. Hut she is a
f ERALD QKIFFIN, Attorney and Counieiojai . k
VJLaw, OBice, wo. 4 rrencnnuuaiog. ... rid ot Her tlie better."
Ilosack & Newton,
Houston (F.-Tpress)
Westward (To and
from Kl I'uso)
7:15 n. m.
4:45 p. m.
0:00 n. m.
9:00 ii. m.
Advertising Directory.
tT-MinitTn 1VTII1AH. ltllc Ladira No. 33.
K meotsovcry Thursday at 7:30 p. m. Castlo
In Fireman's Hall. Visiting brethren wolcomo,
neTMaln plata.' Will attend promptly to all .legal
busineu entrustea to my ore m m ..v
ral Courts
"And didn't the basso take the soprano's
side and hit the tenor on the nose t" contin-
IV Alamo I.odgono.j,iiieci
hull llrst and third Thursday
Visiting comrades welcome.
A. I1AUON. Commander.
II. Ku)CKENKKMi'Eit, Secretary.
a. W. Hitch. - w. Volmihkoiit.
UN UUt.K. Castle ued the religious editor,
ts In Odd Fellows' I ... . . .. , ,. , ., ,
s of each month. "I know he did," replied the contralto.
And he was all in the wrong. That tenor is
perfectly lovely, and the soprano got mad be
cause he was to sing a duct with me. But I
don't see why you wanted to pitch into him.
wny utun'i you say tne soprano had been
flirting with the barytone for six months, in
spite ol his being a married man? What did
you want to put it all on the tenor for ?"
Ill J:,l.l -nulki-n .-... ii... ii ...
TT A "R"T")"W7" A. "Ri P, totted the religious editor. "Somebody told
r73-l SJ-J-V YT -t--v---w--" me the tenor took you to the church picnic
.r,..,niTr-iTAr Tfpr rmvmin and that all the row grew out oflhe fact that
AaiUCtll-TUUAIi IMPLEMENTS, the soprano told his wife."
Wooden and Willow Woro. Faints, Oils, Vnr- "&o she am, the meddling old maid. It
nHhos, finishes, etc. A specialty made of """V" " "w. ' "- f..fi
Auctioneers, Commission Morchants and flcn-
cral Collectors.
Vff" Have largo storo rooms for Consign-
mcnlsat!!lSoledadatroet,opiiisltucoiirt house.
Wm. D.Cleveland,
5 TtenryN -
Vu KlockonkoraiK-r vAQ f
m-mi is.
I IOC 1'W g
j nysiciaos,
1 S, BUMHAM, M. I C,
Ocuiist and Aurist,
Proprietor Ban Antonio KTK and RAH n-
iZm I flrmarr, formerly surgeon In chargo of Kansas
Q I City Kyo, Karand Throat Infirmary.
All diseases of Kvo and Ear treated In
most approved manner with tho latest apnll-
.iTooKoa oyes straiRntoneu, arlillciai.
Offlco at 272 Commerce Stroot.
n Hlios. Ilruslics, etc. a specialty iimuc m , , - - ---
David Ui.drotl. Sous' Harden and Flower her. and he sn t likely to. We never hat
S. Also autta Percha Heady Mixed 1'a.n.s. b ft'1
Solicits open orders for all kinds pocialty.
of Groceries, including Tobacco,
Cigars and Liquors, and will Jill
litem with that careful selection and
moderation in prices that such orders
should always command.
No. s
Keeps on hand
'Innki nnd .Tnwplr
Spectacles: also, Ilnizlllan I'obbles Set In Hold
and Silver Frames. Repairing of Flno Watches
i Solcdad Strcot, Opposite Court House,
Clocks and Jewelry, n well-soloctod stock o
Alex. Sartor
10 Crockett Illock, Alamo l'lain,
He desires also to be remembered by
rvtrv Cotton Shibher in the State
ing her nose into everybody's business, bay, ,., . ,, , reddv for mar
I wish vou would come out and state lhat the W'U" l,U "iW Cr0P tS rtt"v Jor mar
choir is perfectly harmonious, and the paper ket. No one ill or out of the State
was mistaken in its report about the ulthculty. I .,, ;,. ,
"Of coursel will, if there is anv truth in it." S've hetUr rcsulls "ltn can-
resnnni eel ine religious editor.
vorybody from a 'Z yearold child to an extra difficulty all over ?"
ffMft KooniBno-, "It will be as soon as the tenor gets his
Kemovnl of the Sunset Ticket Olllce.
Tho Sunset railway tlckot olllco has been wants to get the soprano out so lie can get j no longer an experiment. It is
removed to tno buuui? muui ui y ;ul I another one In who used to sing in the same, . ,
Clotlilnc to Fit
In via f Gnnds at HOUSTON.
I hands on the organist, tie has been civinc ' . ..... r .. , rmrTcrnnA
his mouth a holidayed saying that the tenor and shipping Cotton to HOUSTON
Office : Sam Maverick building, corner
Losoyo and Houston streets.
office nouns.
JosxrH Johks, M. D. ) ( Jno. G. Uoweh, M. 11.
to to it a m. 3 to 5 pm o to 10 a. m, i to a-7-9 p m
Keildcnce ) ( Oaentlen residence
700 Aceouia St. Sonth rirei St.
Special attention riven to diseases of women
J I and Children and to discaus of th'. LuLgs,
iiuun urn ncaiu anionic cases utAieu at
a distance and medicines sent promptly by
flv A teacher who hna hnil 1A vonm' atiiai-IiiiM
In Mllwaiikee.Wls.llninchrstaiiirhti KNGI1SH.
ivr.r.i niu. Mormsiiucrai. rrivnto instructions
In abovo brunches. Also French at pupils' or
my residence
HOiiEHT o. nAimp.NWKiiiicii
330 Vllllta west of South Alamo street, two
iiiiiukb miuin ill pnnMIUICO. ll-T-illl
r anil jeweler U. S.
A Card.
How to savo monoy (and drumi) by tukliiR I 0ok out for her husband,
church up in the country. As soon as I heard i " sailing, and a success.
ol that 1 told his wile she had better keep a
bhe told him 1
Tiirko-Uus-lan baths or Vi,SS I alout It nd he said there wasn't a word of I
(tinier uoinniijrwj uuu " . I u .;." , """ "
rtlSO, HOI UUU jVIx n.u. ... .g.f I l"i"'"": U "II"! Ul'JWS UIH. 1 UOU I
of him."
If You lire SulTerlnic
From torpidity of tho llvor or constipation i of "So he's going to thump the organist, is
tho bowels, try a uomo ui ih-i""i he! inquired the reiiuious editor.
Tobln's Kroat liver inwiiraiiu. "",""."; "If he can catch him before he pets over
Schosso. j--i-eui settled, and that the congregation are anxious
Cuuso of Fiilluro. to have a new soprano. Will you do that for
w.ni nf nnnniinnra nccounts for hair or tuo l me I
misliit'ss failures of to-duj'. C. Sclmsse, A. "Certainly," smiled the religious editor.
Is K ni.neyou.undyou . e " c c "m. ,0" " S '
It Vou Tiro not satisfied. , , his mad, he will. I wish you would say
For sale uC Clavla's druif storo, and by C. all the differences in the choir have 1
o. ... 3-31-(im I....I...1 .1... .1 !
Houston, Texas. E- Hertzberg
may tl SAN antonio. iexaf.. nml connects with tho trains nf th.. I. x- n
ltallrond, urrivlUB at Tlldcn within 31 houra
Uno leaves each placo dally (oxcept Sunday)
1 City ' Lots Kor Salt
, riiiiiuli nnd Liimr HyrilP. for they KIVO leaving uicciioir i
away a bottle fece to ull who nrosulIoriiiK with "No such luck as that," sighed the con-
coiiKiis, uoiiis. ivoLuiuu, wuiisump""" - i uauo. "sne s as mucn a tixture as tne con
alfectlons of tho Throatuud Lunits. tribution box. She and thebald-headed basso
(larileu. Tenth Street. I are as thick as the notes in a lone run. but I
This beautiful nnd shady pleasure resort Is have put a spoke in her wheel by telling hU . Soittll Grand AtljoilliUg IlcadllliartorS.
OKttln oieii to the public, situated as it Is on wife that he held her hand all day when we
the street cur track nud of cosy access. It has wfre practising the Easter music. She won't
f..V.i'J?, n'onJf'liiiHi'in und ilrst-cluss concert bother me and the tenor any more until she I This Is very dpslralilo property. Forpartlcu-
every Saturday and Sunday oveulnits. gets out of that scrape. I wish you would lars Inquire of tho T.und Department of the
UMii y. bommkiis. i-nipnciur. criticise that basso's voice. lie can't sing Qalveston, HarrisbiirK nud Sun Antonio Hail-
any more man a lousier, ana wnen he pu's me r(mii company.
II. B. Andrews,
Mool Bllt at tne , pr ou't the ,ead ,ooks ha'rd at me and says I
There Is not u liner . Phico In , tl o coi ntry for ... . . better if I am ..ni tn tiv i
S ir"nKSUpark.tTho beautiful mootillht ulghts that choir I I'd like to see him try to put me
Hddedto tho fresh iMTfumes of spring und out! mv husband would wrintr his neck for
Buiiimor llowcrs, and tho sweot luusip as I-.0"" 1 him."
dered by tho Snrlim baud mako It the reallza
linn nr uu etiriiuy nruuioa. w-.w..
"Sd you're married, too. are vou ?" mur
mured the religious editor.
"UI course 1 am," replied the contralto.
"Vou needn't say anvthinc about that in vour
oiu paper, because I never allude to my hus'
I nflerstiirtfromSaiiAtitonlo. Flrst-classhiicks,
iruou teams ami careiui urivors. rare, ( Wl;
iuuiiu inp, o j; uu pounus ouKfrauo ireo.
J. E. TONSALL & CO., Contractors.
AkcuU at Tlldcn Snowden & Co.
A. J. FRY,
Assistant Lund Commissioner.
An Open Letter,
San Antonio, January 1, 1883,
nr. j. .i. .t W. II. Tobln :
Okntli'-uen: Your Heputlzlno has beon 1 band unless he's round. Now I want vou. to
used In my fumlly tor over a venr, and I write a nice article about us, ami say that of
oun unhesitatingly say It Is tho best remedy I a tne church choirs in Brooklyn there's not
liavooer usou iiiruiiy
sod In my fumlly tor over a venr, and I write a nice article about us, ami say th
tin unhesitatingly say it Is tho best remedy I an t(,e church choirs in Brooklyn there'
l Hespeetfully. A. W. Houston, its duties as ours. Will you ? that's a good
U......I.. ..i It. Rf.i,uu!n' mill Cluvlc's drllir man."
Forsalu ut C. 8chos60's and Clavlc's dniK man.
storo. , . J--l-era A.n(j the religious editor hadn't the heart
ShiuU of l.l fu. to refuse her.
Time nor tide waits for no man. but tho sands '
of life coiitlmio to tlow on and on, year after It cost $50,000,000 to crown Alexander III.
iTJSK Emperor of Russia, and not a cent of that
Coldorsomo i.uiig Auecuuii wuoi m. 'T amount will come Irom the Koyal cc ers,
anko's Cough nnd Lung Sy rup arrests It and '
For a Little Money,
Valentine Lorra s
and Dealer In
CJJ-CH and examloa my stock and prleu bsfort
aymg sisawnera.
XU g90a IH 'old nadur written (naranta
No. II Commerce Street,
Concrete nud (icncral Builders,
urcpropared to erect concreto bullillngsand
fenco walls with their now patent machinery.
Concreto fenco walls are tho cheapest midmost
durable, thero being no painting required, and
do not decay. Outsldo plain and ornamoiitul
cementing, by which old buildings arc mado
now, a speciulty. lijumutes furnished f ir the
uliove, also for tho construction of ctinent
sldowalks, ic. Address Yeo & Wltcholl, V. O.
iiox tivt, nan Antonio. R-ii-t
Mason & Builder
Estimates for dams, bridges, bnllem. otoirrr,.
tanks, furaaocs, ovens, grates and buildings of
rniTlT. RfsSa TA TT.fi I?
Because the people will derive any benefit
or Messing from it? Because the yoke of
oppression will be made easier 7 liecause Will inuko it for you. Ho Is now o ire ring all
the Uitost Styles In Knglish, French
Oerman Ooodsat
riles aro freaucntly precoded by a sento at jt holds out a hope of liberty in the remotest
weight In tho buck, W ?wtr i11t?i1ti,12 degreet Not at all But in order that a
e!"'.f Z,,fX?ffi the descendant of bastardy, incest.
lug organs. At times, symptoms of Indigestion lust, rapine and murder may wield a scepter n tm ftwrrm nTOHfiTTTOrm 5
aro proseut, as lltttulonoy, uucasiness of tho and wear "a crown whose crimson velvet is U rhlX UiN 1 . JJlQUUUlNl S
yo4StB& '?e Wood of slauEhtered men. women and . 9
ularly at "light after gotting warm In bod, Is a children, and whose jewels are the tears of On forinor prices. Only llrst-cluss tailors cm- 3
very common attendant, llllnd lllecdlug and unhappy wretches writhing under the torture ployed and lluo trimmings used. Suits mado 5
Itching Files yiold at onco to tho application of of tne kn0Ut or perishing amidst the horrors up I11 any known stylo at short notlco. and a q
uiVon tho parts affected, absorbing tho Tumors Siberia. Can the civilized world wonder nominal cost don't fall to Intorvlow Mr. Lorra
Wi (A
Stables Cornor of Avonuo 12 and Houston
strcot. Connected by tolophone. All orders
promptly attended to, day or night. Telephone
connection No. :KM.
J. S. Tiiounton,
J. M. llltOWNSON,
anon tho parts airccica,aDSoroingiuo j.uuiorB . , ' ' . . " . .
allaying tbo lntenso Itching, and effecting a that there are Nihilists in Russia ? Critic.
Doriminont cure whore all othor remedies have .
r.iiln. 1'rlcoKO cents.
Drolssanil L. Orvn'shl.
BOlfl by U. BOnassO, A. n,Vn. In "Fnrs nvira. aavi everv
girl should keep her' lover on probation for
A WOULU-IlK 8UIOII1K. seven years belore she marries him,
on Commcrco street, Hour bridge
you in quality anil price.
makes Burdette exclaim : "Heaven bless
Htriinue Dlsrovory of it Man Uungliii; by your simple soul, John : you don't know what
Ills Heels Near lloustou street. 1 you areiaiamg aooui. iiccp a lover on pro
a ..,.. fri,,,i nml I were walking imst tho old bation for seven years? Why, that's four
whowashunKlnKheuddownwunlfroiuouo of ke ,neir husbands: and a cirl why pro
"W'1!?';: '?nra InuSs' hate two lovers per annum fn this land
and ourunited efforts before we rould extri- thinks the market has broke away down
i nto him. upon lining nun up 1 ' i ) to 02,
hands covered with blood, and as I laid him
down upon tho bridge, I saw a deep trass ox- The keeper of a New Vork prison charges
were horrltled at tho ghastly spectacle, ui
friend hastened iiwuy for a physician. I
meaiitlmt I notlcod an occasional trombllng summer resort hotel. Such an outrageous
of tho woui(i-i)0 siiiciue, nnii ) chare is enough to induce a poor man to lead
iihysiclan arrived, and ut'oiico upplled restore- an upright life and not palronUe his old jail
lives, und in a lew moments 1110 poor iciiuw inornsiown iieraiu,
i-ecoveieo oonsuiuuHiH- uiibii. huwh unwo
him und asked him why ho had acted so des-
Silver and Plated Ware,
Watches and lowolrv ronalred. Clinrrna rnn-
I sonnblo. Wo take pleasure In showing our
Traders' National Bank
804 Cominorco Street,
Transacts a general banking business.
Parties wishing Ilrlck in largo or small lots
will do well to defer their orders until they sco
Jilt. a. THOMPSON, who hniow In San Anto
nio with
Ilrlck, and will be pleased to glvo Information
Walclmto and Jeweler,
Deafer In
San Antonio, Texas.
Ileo : Dwyor building, southeast oorrio
a plaza.
Wholesale and Retail Dealer In
Illlll and asked li m why ho hail acted SO des- , .,.n nf llio Nnrllirrn matrs imnnrlnnt
Twrutely. und ho reached up and tuklng my In seven ot the Wortliern t'aj important , mlantlty quality and prices.
ISmic'ii out of my pocket, wroto on tho baok of elections will be held this fall. They are ,
a card these worus : j kiiiu iriuuu iiuvi:u iviassacnusciis, new torx, new jersey, ienn
iiiotohiiya waieu iruiu r.uiuiouii, 1 wuk sylvania, Uhio, Iowa, and Minnessota. All
I Kp? 1 hiVu not got Jnuugh mouoy' of these ho'd their elections it. November
my for tho last tepulra 5 jou know tho resl," cept Ohio, which vots In October,
itcpalrlng and Cleaning dono carefully. All
Ooods Warranted as Represented, 8pecl.il at
tentlon vlven tn all nnlnra hv moll a iii
g-ii-vii buiuua, uiouiiu vuiuy, lems, I ml olted. u.7.1-
Cigars and Tobacco. Particular nttontlon
given to receiving and soiling Wool for my
oustomora. Storo on corner of Mala plaza and
1 "

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