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The San Antonio Light.
A. W. Oirromi, Tnos. B. Jonssos,
W. I. WlKTItll.
Gifford, Johnson & Winter,
posusnru DAii.r (ucrPTBCsriAf) at
ironu Blnirlo copies fur aal'o lir nowsboys at
I Cents.
Hubicrlptlon IV r Year, an In Aileanrr..
Inch I time.... ton 1 Inch 2 months.. 11 M
lwcck...3W 1 3 ..106(1
1 " a ...uu i " o " - Mm
I Inch I month. aw I "1 year ;$UU
Anyjtlvcn numhcrof Inchest llmo per Imhf 1 IU
a InchM 3 time tho price of 1 Willi a) per ten t off.
4 Inches 0 times 1 Inch, 25 per cent oil.
Inches, 3 mot. , who. Blnchetlino. 120 00
8 Inchest J car .3X1 U)
W column, ltlmo.. 12(1) Icolunm ltlino aiOO
I week, aim IwoekSiuu
" 1 mo. . 40UI " I ino..niiu
3mi.. VOOI " 3 nio.HO ("J
t mo. Iiki () " nio.SIU Ul
" I rmr.juuuu " Iv'rtllU)
OuuRnuarc, 8 lines, ft for first Insertion; ,5
for each subsctiuuntlnsortlon.
Special notices next to rrn.llnir matter II M
per wiiiare, each Insertion. Ilbhl lines or lees,
one square.
Ueadlnir matter, locnl colntnn, SO cents per
lino tint Insertion and 0 cents altor first week
t'er mouth 3a cents a llnu.
Advertisers curtailing tho term for which
they havo contracted, will pay reirutar rates for
that time, during which their ad virtue men t
remains In tho paper.
for lint Insertion, ,5 cents for each subeoq ent
TllUSTEB'S SALES, JI.00 per Inch for
flnt Insertion, and 28 cents per Inch for each
subsoquont Insertion. Trustees sales ordered
for weekly charged samo as Ix-iral advertise
ments. CJ"llomoadvertlslnparalilo on first of each
month. Transient advertising payahloln ad
unco. Only metal cuts printed, for which an
rir& cbanro of W per cent. Is made.
CJ-II. P. JOHNSON Is duly authorized1 to
solicit and ooiloct for ThiSan Antonio Lioiit.
Hubscrlbers not rocclvlnir their paper will
please maks complaint to him or at tho ofllco.
Subscribers aro warned not to pay their
subscription oxcept upon presentation of a
d -operly receipted bill from this office.
lluslness Manager.
THimSDAV, ()CT()lli:it 11, 1883,
In England are looo women in medical
Dorsiy's new appearance is under the
auspices of Dana In the New Yotk Sun.
Tilt country is subsiding into the convic
tion that there is too much Immigration.
Montgomery Blair Is said to have left
$75,oco. He could not be said to have talcenj
it with him.
Tile national banks are mantcuvering to
bury their fangs in the flesh of Congress at
the coming session.
General Butler was charged with having
a gteat deal his own way In the Massachusetts
Greenback convention.
No Hudson river excursion steamer has
exploded her boilers since the Hiverdale. It
occurred back in August last.
A uallad singer has sung himself into a
Limerick jail. He sang the praises of O'Don
ncll, who neglected not to kill Carer.
A Kansas paper says the drought is caused
by want of rain. Hut the question is whether
this class ot facts belong to metaphysics.
Boston Is decorating and enlarging her
hotels and means to be in readiness for Kuro
pean guests in large numbers this winter.
So much Kelly and so many motors have
been mixed in the work ol propelling street
cirs that we find it difficult to locate the gen
tleman. Does he fasten to the cable In the
shad-bellied city?
The engineers of the tug Kolinion, of
Albany, New York, who was not quite killed
by the eiplasion of the tug, will have an op
portunity to die under a to years sentence for
causing the accident.
It is nearly a month since four French
Commissioners arrived at New York from
Havre on their way to -Boston with a view to
making proper arrangements for France at
the Boston exposition. We are not advised
of their progress.
Governor Butler, of Massachusetts, is
charged with military malpractice toward the
Vermont veterans at New Orleans in 1862.
The regiment was part of his command at
New Orleans. General Butler's military
usuages were sul generis.
The 69th anniversary of the battle of Ston
ington was celebrated pretty generally In Con
necticut on the loth instant. The singular
feature was the omission of the sham fight.
This is ascribed to the great mortality lately
attending that description of war.
When distilleis of whisky under prosecu
tion tender large offers of compromise, then
let the government press the prosecution with
the fury of a vesuvian eruption and the veloc
ity of a cyclone. Such is the oredicament In
United States vs. Goodrich Bush. Mangle
lJush and gobble all his taxes.
Among the Presidential timber furnished to
the Democratic National convention by the
author of "A Political Revelation," Is Mr.
Ilolman, of Indiana. Mr. Holman Is sup.
ported by his own journal, which originated
the wierd scheme. The editor Is asked if
this Is the man who has bid for the public
confidence by advertising. Such is fame.
The statesman who has won his reputation by
crying in the House of Representatives in all'
weathers and at all hours "I object," is thus
confounded with a patent medicine man. Mr,
Ilolman designs to draw votes, but Is not to
be Identified with one who draws pain from
the physical system.
It is chcerior to see Republican papers an
nounce that Senator Mahone It not to urge
his assessment on the Norfolk navy yard em
ployees. This is better than orders from
Washington. Let the respectable Republican
papers warn the Readjuster leader that the
country will not stand it If he persists in vio
lating the civil teiviec law. Nothing can be
imagined so scandalous. We do not care to
know that the President is in it. If he be so
much the worse for him. But President or
satrap it is as well for all concerned to under
stand that the country has some stake on this
question of civil service, and that it Is not
going to be run down by master or man. We
warn these offenders out of our own mouths.
There can be no more effectual and appro
priate disposition of the surplus millions now
rapidly accumulating in the national treasury
than to apply them to the cancellation of
greenbacks. Whatever portion of the surplus
circulation can be thus put out of the nay Is a
perfectly legitimate and most advantagcousj
adjustment ot the repletion, it is estimated
that there ate now about 300,000,000 of In
terest bearing bonds which are subject to call,
and all that are subject to call, during the
next eight years. The redemption ol these
bonds should be spread over the whole lime,
assigned to each year Its due portion. And
ith the rest of the treasury surplus the Secre
tary should cancel paper money. By this
course Congress will be relieved of its ten
dency to extravagance, and the treasury of lis
useless excess.
Ir is a large sited fued now progressing in
Louisiana. The two wings of the Demo
cratic party arc In the field under hostile lead
ers, one boutbon, the other liberal, and the
battle will be waged with unremitting futy
till the victor is declared. General Ogden Is
the hero par excellence of the 14th Sep'embcr
when the Federal and State forces met in bat
tle array some years ago. The other faction
is led by McKnery, the brother of the Mc
Kntry of land grabbing notoriety, himsell
Lieutenant Governor under Wilts with some
political advantages, and nothing else In his
favor. Adding up the prospects on both
sides it Is likely Ogden has the better chance.
In the meantime it may be only because the
Republicans have not an able leader, com
petent to make it a triangular fight that lltey
are counted out by the others and expected to
let the field go by default.
It is scarcely credible that the wages of pie
ty have been cut down In the penon of Rev.
Henry Ward Beechcr to the pitiful sum of
$!2,oco per annum and that the lecturing tour
Is a device to fill up the cranks. How can
Mr. Beecher be expected to keep up the dig
nity and humility ol Plymouth church on such
pay ! Mr. Beecher's career Is one of extraor
dinary success. Having triumphed overall
his enemies and established securely his per
fect Innocence of any departure from the
Brooklyn code of religious morals, how under
the friendly auspices of the Immaculate Sher
man, the great Gookins, and the others can It
be he is thus shorn on his pay, and shackled
in his use of the privileges of the Irceum ?
That Is If there Is, also, embargo on the
lecture funds. Mr. Beechcr was not gulped
by the Tiltons. He survived the dramatic
situation of the mutual friend. Had he fallen
In the adverse path diminished wages might
have been looked for. But seen under his
present advantages how can the thought of
any reduction be borne ?
We do not favor the transformation of
Tenilorial into State governments faster than
actual conditions justify. The Union is grow
ing fast enough, and the addition of an un
wieldy Senate to an unwieldy House will not
favor legislation. At the last session Dakota,
with 135,000 Inhabitants, was clamorous for
admission to the dignity and consequence of a
State of this Union. But It did not appear
that the more grave and sober citizens of the
Territory wanted a State government wilh its
army of dependants to be pensioned on Its
treasury. Then another obnoxious feature
was the burlesque of a pair of Federal Sena
tors with a following represented in the lower
House by n single member. We therefore
entertained the hope in the last session that
the question would be deferred. And It has
been with much advantage to Dakota. She
will appear at the doors of the coming Con
gress with her credentials prepared by aTerrl-
torial convention, a title that will admit of no
dispute, nor be disputed, and welcomed with
open arms to the glorious sisterhood, of which
she is to become one of the wealthiest and
proudest members, and In her political, social
and industrial influence the common pride and
boast of all.
By Balloon.
What has become of the air problems
which were to have been solved not long ago
by balloon voyaging and have not been ? The
principle that everything Is possible of which
the mind can conceive a formula, is not, we
trust, to be conjured into fallacy through the
mere absence of experiment. None, deserv
ing mention, has been made in the project of
ballooning. Our latest memory of- its pro
gress is ol a discovery of ;xrial strata, under
the perishable point of altitude, throughout
which the air moves In a particular direction j
thus a change of direction would but require
a change of altitude. It was by virtue of such
alleged discovery that we were enchanted
into expectation. Nothing could have been
of more blooming promise than this theory
when last heard of. What has our esteemed
contemporary, the New York Graphic, done
with its xnal philosopher and its balloon t
Put It Thar.
When the stranger remarked that he was
irom Arkansas, one of the passengers sudden
ly turned and asked;
"You are, eh! May be you are from Crilten
den county!"
"I am that."
"Perhaps from James's landing!"
"Thal'a It miu-iIv II
''Then, maybe, you know my brother,
c, , ?.? I,enry Jon"' ,rom rnn YD ,hi'
"Strancer. mil It ttiarPt .-..!. I.. I ,1.. A..
kansas. traveler, as he extended his hand and
smiled all over, "tin.,,,!,,,,.,..,, rn ji.i.u
help hang your brother for cattle-stealing jist
"" """"a L""eei news,
Ily J. Vf. ltraclley, Ijsnit Agent.
Tlirec-itory 12-room hard rock house, Willi
all modern convenience, corner AvcnuoOand
1 rnvls street, .Must bo sold.
Eleven-room liouso on Avenue c stablo and
enrrhuro room. Anxlouatosell.
ltock hrusnof 7 rooms, fronllnir oast. No. TOD
Avenuo C, offered for a few days nt a bariraln.
Nlco cottage, well built, fronting east on
Milam square, No. loo), offered for lets than
present colt.
ltock houao nu Alamo street. Ten rootua,
stable and enrrldfro room. lot 00 by &V feet.
Hard ruck houae, with 10 room, elrirant
home, one block from Alamo plaia and
Two atory commodious house or 1(1 rooms.
hcven room cottnjro on San Pedro nvenne,
Tmoro, M furmp. dnlrr fnrnifl. ranch irotKT
Itos with Uvo dloctc, Urtfo bodies of IhihI In
Texiw and Mexico.
HlxnlcocottmrMln Wnn 4, prlco $1,300 In
$.Vi) paring n to uu per font, roi.u.1.
Tcn acroH if land fronting eolith mi utrift
ear line, tho lino IwRlnnliiKntotllecrB nimrU'rn
running' vtw Hcrom mnio uiirn. appit w
l'lrliif Clilnrit
MIm JiHi-nlilno Kcirol. of 28 Noitb KtretM. han
now criTteil hfrlinprocil funrnvii and In pn-
jmlntcd tlifim. Hit prht-siirc modrnitt) nml
fcitliriu-tinn UffiianmUfd. ti-SHm
From lornldltrof tho liver or ionUiitloii of
tho howi'l, try n butt Id or Ilrpitllztm,t Or.
Tub In's nxvAt mir nittlirliic. livery buttlo
In piiarantecd toynn, and our money refunded
A Curd.
rtonmo money (and druirs) by tuklnp
Tiirkn.UuMi.iti bath or HI mm llnth for 5 mil
coldi, rheum attain, dumb ague, find alt akin UU
ctuefl. can bo found at A. Ziman'h,
Corner Uommerco and a larao stroett.
Also, Hot and Cold Water Hut be at 23 cents
Moonlight nt the SprliiE"
Tlmrn U not a flnor nlnnn In tho countrv for
RlcuKuro and enjoiincnt than tho Han redro
prints park. Tho beautiful moonllffht ulffhta
added to tho frcfrh perfumes or eprlnjr and
summer flowers, and tho sweet musia as ren
dered by tho Hnrlmr band mako It thf real I Di
llon oi tiu oanniy parauue. o-ii'-n.
Sands of Life
Tlmo nor tide waits for no mm. but tho sands
of life contlnuo to Uow on aim on, year arter
roar, never stopping, never hesitating In Its
work or. was to, unless occasioned by n Coiifth,
Cold orcomo Lunir Affection whero Dr. llos
anko's Couft-h and lain? Syrup arrests It and
makes tho Kimn of llfolta allotted threo score
and ten. (Jo to C. Kchasse, A. Drelss, or I.
Urynskl, drugirlsts, and ask them for n freo
trial bottlo of tui mod lei ne. They have them
to Kivo a war
Imporlanl Sale of Town Lois
On Octobers the Galveston, Harrifiburtr
and San Antonio Hallway Co., will sell
Lots in Del Rio,
Texas. To partlos desirous of purchasing lloo
town lots an unusually good opportunity is
hero presented. Tho town of Del Klo ts beau
tlfully located on rlslns ground, near per
pctual springs, lTOtnllca west of San Antonio,
on tho tfatveston, Harrlsburg and Bun An
tonlo railroad, and ts one of tho finest health
resorts In tho west. Tho air Is pure and water
unsurpassed. It Is also a railway divisional
station, with round house and innchlno chops,
employing a large number of men, making It
a very deslrablo business point. On day of
sale Slr.CI AIi IXDUCl.Mr.XTS will bo ottered
to Intending purchasers. Terms 1 one-third
cash, tho bahtneo In ono and two years. For
further information apply at olltco of Chief
KngineerO.II.andS.A. K'y, trnn Antonio.
JAMlId COXVr.ItSi:, Chief l.oginecr.
Guide !
November 1st, 1883.
street! and plscci In the city. It
VOll 1881,
And will Is a valuable reference hook.
5,000 COPIES
WILL 1I1S l'ltlNTl'.l),
ONE l'AUK, 8J0.00
ONE-HAM? l-AUK, 13.00
B.I.JNK UAltl), B.00
Prtjerrtd Space can be given to those
who Apply Early.
Office of rubilcatlon,
Anrtlnn evorr nlirht frnm 8 to 11 o'clock:
&U.UU worth of dry (roods, clollilnc, tmols
and slioca, Rents' rtirnlshlnir good, etc, Muit
b aold at onco to tho hlirhost bidder, nttha
auction storo of . ...
I'AUl, .AS I II. II IlltU.
Onico Kooms 7 ami X, Hovlce tlulldlnir.
Poluilnd street. Will attend In nil tnmlncM
thoSUtonnit Krderal Courts.
Prize Medal nt KitrupcMii World's IWpcsltlon.
S!)(! South I.uroilo St., San Antonio.
(worn ix'lln iitlHllT). ANdOHA IIOATlt
ANiio'rni'.u w:i.tsci,i:ani:iano maih;
As (10(111 AH Nl'.w. fiuckskln mid lllnvea
WDpticd.clCHlicd untl colored. Morocco l.tiilnjrK,
Ctlirttklnfl, Kid find nil kinds of work perluin
Infftotlto trndo will ho done nt tho (-hennost
rtitinnnd with (llmxitcli. ltemeinlcr the nlnec.
a fontli Lnreilo mreot. in-l-ly
'rival e Lodging liouso,"
No. Iti, corner Aicnuo I! and 8ccnlh Hieet.
Furnished rooms to let by day, week or month
at Ilboral prleer. 10-3-3M
Mad. Bailinis Daughter,
Vocal Instrumental Music,
No. 2f) l0"nya strict, Fun Antonio, 0-9) 1m
Xo. 0 Kitst Houston St.
Ilcndnuartcr far Cincinnati WlennrWiinml.
cien, or Vienna sauxaRcs. Ilio only place
Ibo celebrated horro raddlsh I irlvcn free for
lunch dally from u a. in. till 1 p.m. l'olllo
wnltcreaud tho best irlass of St. Louis beer In
tho city. Ultra of tbo Wiener Wt!cntchcn.tO-Ctr
American Rouse,
Ilocrnc, Tex,, A. W. Unrr, Prop.
Pomona wllhlnir to toend Ihn fall nml winter
In tho country will llud at this homo as many
homo comforts as can bo lound anywhere.
cu ventilated rooms, best of bens and moro
rcrnnaau promenade than nny other housa in
especially for pulmonary complaints. Our
facilities nro (rood hrst-class stairo coached,
dally malls and teleirrapli, 8-1.1-tf
J, II. ritENCii.
NOTAltYS I'll II I.I c.
273 Commerce Street,
At llosslmrilt's Saloon, Opposite
Oroos' Hiiiiic.
Finest meals, bust coolilnpr, superior id ten
tendance. Also depot for wholesale l'lfili, Oysters, Onino
and Dressed Voultry,
P. B0RD01II,
lO-t-lm Proprietor.
;s 1.21, M, 27, 52 73
Btablca Comer ot Avenuo H and Houston
strcot. Connected by telephone A., orders
promptly attended to, day or nlxht, Tclopbono
connection No. 300.
Fnnorala Furnl.lieJ With Every Ileqnlslto,
Special nttontlou given to forwarding bodies
to all parts of tho United States. tOToleptoue
connection. Calls on led day and nlKUt.
Call nnd
See the
1 VT.t .
Main Plaza, San Antonio, Tex.
Whero ho hns a Inrxo stock n( ImportoJ elirirsand p'pi-i and amokcrV artieloi. Orcr) differ
ent kinds of Ti-cent cly:trt). A Inrgo stock of Jewelry to bo Hold below cost, ns ho has no room
to keep It. 0-11
Sole Airuts Tor tlio I'clcbratctl Vrrlll Kcady-Mlxril l'.tliil.
Paper Hangings in Every Variety.
272 Commerce Street, San Antonio, Texas.
Ammunition, Fishing Tucklo nnd Sporting Articles, which they offer at Astonishing I.iw
Prlccsn J defy cotnH.'tltIon. S70 Commerce Street S-in Anton lu, Texas
Uepulrlug a specialty and all work guaranteed.
Leave Your Order With Joe Beckman,
Fashionable Boot and Shoe Maker
221 Commerce Street, San Antonio.
Ordeis from tho country piotnptly flllod. Satisfaction guorantood In ovory particular. 0-2l.ini
Walter Soott,
Contractor and Manufacturer.
The licit Material now offered to the public for Streets and Sidewalk raving.
FRICES-ut Class i3 eti per foot, d Clan 94 cti. 3d Clan 10 cts.
ItcrEiir-NCKS F. flrnos, l'rcslilent Gcnnan-r.nirllsli School; V. V, Lanire, Treasurer Ban
Antonio I-nuor Association; Fritz lllppert, Uooreo It. Btumbcrtr, II, 1). Stumberg.
Practical Book Binder and Ruler,
Opposite Court House, Soledad St., San Antonio.
rj"All kinds of UinJInj anil Ruling Jone with neatness, durability anddispatch. Competillon In piicei
delled. 7-a8-s m
Merchant Tailor,
Keeps a well selected slock of Jeans and Casjimer. Spring Bottom Pants on hand. Guarantees enlir.
Isfacilon In style, fit and prices. Repairing done In ood style. Give him a call. ". "aim
icu,KlW(liA.H Hi-HrtrM'r
ff;fisrfr siwrfrrji
-i- -in.

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