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The San Antonio Light.
Grand Display
Fall and Winter Clothing,
For men, youths, boys anil children.
Gents' Furnishing Goods.
Hals, caps, trunks, lallscs etc.. Wo Invito a
critical Inspection of our dock and price,
guaranteeing full valuo In every Instates. Uur
merchant tailoring dcrwrtmcnt, under tho
management ot 1'rofossor ltohlaud, undoubt
edly la ono of the beat In lbs Hunt'. Tho most
select stylet In domestic and foreign pleco
goods alwais on hand. A )ierfoct nt guaron
teed or no sale.
an and 311, MAIN 1'I.AZA,
Watches Set nncl llrgulatcd
llr transit observations freo of charge by
Stern, the Jowcler, "19 Commerce St. IM "Win
The Days Hate Come.
Tho Tom and Jerry days have come,
Tho gladdest or tho year.
When man must taho to rum,
Instead of lager beer."
AH drinks In season and prices within reason
at OAl.f.AniiEit'a. opposlto International and
Urcat Northern depot. 0.27-im
UIT for a Trip.
E. C. Tatum, the city drummer lor Hugo
& Schmellzcr, left via the Sunset for a short
pleasure trip to Houston and Galveston.
ltCtorted Forgery.
A well known business man, formerly of
this city, is repotted to have forged a check
in Galveston for $2000 and skipped. A
couple of dclectives have teen in the cit'
for a couple of days looking for him.
Where Are Those Seats?
The Eighth Cavalry band concert In Travis
park yesterday was welt attended and was the
source of considerable pleasure to the cily,
but the same old growl was made as to the In
sufficiency of seats for visitors. These seats
have long been promised. Why this delay?
Mid NoTkiiow It Was Landed.
As the Sheriff ol Georgetown was coming
to the cily last night he pulled his pistol lo
show it to a lady who was in the car. He
thought It was empty, but one cartridge re
mained In the pistol and by some means the
pistol exploded. The shot entered the Sher
iffs abdomen and he is not expected to live.
A Strnligo Charge.
Yesterday David Hanner was arrested on
the charge of having stolen $20 worth of
knives and forks from Ludwlg Mahncke dur
ing the recent banquet to the Legion ol
Honor, and was placed under a $100 bond to
answer the charge. Mr. Hanner says he is
Innocent and threatens to sue Mr. Mahncke
for damages.
They Contribute.
John Foster was discovered with a pistol
about his person, and was promptly relieved
of It, by a police officer, Walters standing
by, of course, would have hts share ol honor,
or otherwise, as the case may be, and Inter
fered, and no sooner did he do so than he
found himself arrested. The former was
fined $15, the latter $10.
Stolen Sewing Machines.
Edwardo Hernandez, the Mexican to whom
Vale, interpreter to the Singer Sewing Ma
chine company, sold some sea-leg machines'
Is In town. He says that Vale sold him one
at $50, to be paid off at $5 a month. A
short time afterwards he sold him three more
at S10 each. The machine! were then taken
away and Vale was arrested, the machines
having been stolen.
ltecorder'a Court.
John Foster, carrying a pistol, $25; G.
Drury, forfeiture of bond, set aside, and on
plea of guilty 6ned $5; Santiago Tores, dis
orderly, dismissed; Manuel Valdei, drunk, $5;
Walters, disorderly, $10; Henry Wharten
berg, Insulting language, continued! Florez,
drunk and down, $5; Mchan, drunk and
down, $5; Hutchinson, drunk and down, $5;
Chamberlain, drunk and down, $5; J. Downy,
drunk and down, $J,
A Murderer Captured.
This morning news having reached the
police that a quadroon In this city was wanted
for Murder in Cameron county.Officer Harris,
who knew the man, proceeded to his uiual
haunt at the corner of Floret and Nueva
streets. After waiting a short time he saw
his man and arrested him. He gave his name
as Anlone Mllstead. Harris handed Antone
OVer tO Sheriff ItcelO. of Cameron rnnnl.
who came down here to take him. He is
ciiargcu wiin Killing two men.
The Turner Halt Saloon Fight.
The Recorder and a iiry were busy this
morning tryieg the participants In the fracas at
George lingers' saloon, on Friday last.
Thomas Dunbar, Theordore Atlr, George
lingers, M, 11. Delspin and the two Wager
brothers, were each charged with fighting and
tried separately. Dunbar, Arti and ;Delspin
were dismissed, but George Hilgers and the
Wagner brotheri were each lined $5. The
case excited considerable interest and the
court was crowded with auditors.
The lteporter'a I'rlie.
The committee to award the reporter's prize,
the Hon. J. Waelder, Hon. J. R. Mason
and Hon. T. J. Devine, met Ihis morning In
Judge Waelder'a office, and all three gentle
men were present They decided that as the
reports were voluminous, each member of the
committee should take home a act of papers,
read them carefully, and meet to-morrow to
make the award. The two prize silver cups
have been placed in the hands of the chair
man for presentation to the successful competitors.
Steps Tnken to Make the Meeting More
Useful nnil Interesting
The Texas Medical association met last
night in the County court room, Dr. Chew
On the reports of committees being called
Dr. F. Her IT presented a draught certificate of
death for adoption by the Cily Council. He
thought that the one formerly designed was
too cumbersome for present circumstances.
If a man died from dtlerlum tremens, or was
shot, it was Immaterial what water or milk
he took. It could only be useful In zymotic
diseases. Dr. King understood that the cer
tificates had been devised by the committee,
and approved of by the association. These
should be sent to the Council and referred to
the Board of Health. Dr. Hadra wanted the
Hoard of Health tj take charge of the mailer
and report It to the Cily Council. Dr. King
opposed this, as It would, In his opinion, de
clare the association a nonentity. Dr. Ilamllz
wanted the matter to be dropped, but Dr.
Tyner could not agree to this, for the simple
reason that If the certificate had any merit It
should be dealt with. Dr. Hadra'a sugges
tion was adopted and the Secretary was in
structed to advise the Hoard of Health as to
the action of the association.
Dr. Christian announced lhat lie was pre
paring an important report upon the charac
ter of the city waters and asked that physi
cians who had typhoid fever patients would
furnish samples of the water habitually drank
by the patients. He stated that as far as he
had at present examined, Ihe waters of the San
Antonio liver and San Tcdro creek was far
superioi lo Ihe average well water.
Dr. Hadra thought Ihe meetings were get
ting too prosy and wanted Ihe association to
return to Its old form of reading essays at
each meeting. Dr. Christian concurred, and
moved that a subject be selected for discus
sion, and some one elected to lead it. Dr.
Tyner moved as an amendment that a com
mittee ol live be appointed to select the sub-
ect tor uiscussion ana essayist lor eacn meet
nc, and the amendment was adopted. The
Chairmrn appointed Dr. Tyner, Dr. Hadra,
Dr. Uarnltz, Dr. F. HeilT and Dr. Tyler as
that committee, and after a brief recess those
gentlemen repotted the followicg exercises for
the next meeting : Subject for discusilon :
Recurrent fevers j essayist, Dr. F. HerfT. The
meeting then adjourned.
enu Gleaned Its tho Hotel Corridors nnil
From Various Other Sources.
Captain W. Seekatz Is in the cily.
Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Davidson have gone
lo New York.
Mr. Latnpkin and another friend left for a
a week's shooting.
I'rofessor William Maloncy, of Del Kb, Is
slaying at Ihe Central.
Mr. I. S. Martin, in connection with the
llrackelt News, Is In the city.
Mr. G. W. h. Clark, a prominent attorney
of rieasanton, is on a visit here.
Colonel William Billings, Postmaster at
Victoria, is a guest at the Central.
R. W. Thompson, hotel proprietor of Vic
toria, Is sojourning at the Central.
Mr. J. S. Lcckwood, the hanker, has re
turned home from his pleasure trip.
Colonel Brewster, of Laredo, paid the
Light office a pleasant visit yesterday.
W. T. Converse, of South Tueblo, Col., ac
companied by his wife, his rooms at the Cen
A. D. Slockcwilland wile, Castroviile: E-
11.; Vance, city; W. T. Campbell, T. F.
Lenoir, Refugio, Texas; T. S. Kennedy, New
Orleans; G. W. ' Black, Georgetown; A. L.
Mills, city; W. 11. Mullins, Kerr county; Miss
Mary Ashles, Miss M. E. Whiltmo, Calvert;
Colonel Sublett, T. G. Dorn, J. M. Russell,
Houston; J. McF'urnan', Manuel Contre, W.
Black. Corpus Christ!; P. W. Tom, Campbel
town, are guests at the St. Leonard hotel.
Cily Work.
Street Commissioner Russl lias his men at
work below the Abat crossing, blasting the
logs which are being taken out of the river,
and hauling the wood away for the public free
school. All the cross walks In the First and
Second wards are finished, and those in the
Third and Fourth will now be commenced.
Gravel is being placed on the cast side of San
Pedro avenue, and men are at work repairing
the gutter on West Commerce street. Plow
ing and scraping Is going on in Brooklyn
He OterdretT.
A tall gentleman, very tall gentleman, of
our charming cily has pliced hlmietf on the
list of those so very forgetful people, who
never remember when they draw their last
cent out of the bink. "Where Ignorance Is
bliss, 'tis folly to be wise." So it is till
somebody tells you that a check of yours has
been returned, as this tall gentleman was told.
Two of his checks for $10 each have been
returned to the partiea to whom he gave them
by the Lank, and he is In a thivery stats at
Ilulldlni; Ferinlts.
II. Segreit, lumber wood house, 3S, cast
side Leona street, $60.
E. M. Bainls, lumber dwelling, 28x16,
north side Crosby street, $250.
T. Young, lumber dwelling, 12x14, east
side Meiquite street, $100.
Andres Esparza, lumber dwelling, 15x10,
west side Concho street, $250.
Mrs. Nat Lewis, lumber addition, 14x14,
north side Fourth street.
Chls Koch, lumber dwelling, 40x26, south
siue xvorin street, $soo.
George Foster, lumber addition, 12x12,
east side South Flores street, $20.
That Outrage. '
The item in the Light of Tuesday respect
ing the outrage upon a 14 year old girl was
cautious inasmuch in Ihe interest cf justice It
was necessary to keep the matter quiet. Now
there Is no need for further secrecy and It
may be told lhat Dan Campbell Is the culprit
and Mamie Hawkins, residing near Abat
bridge, Is the victim. An affidavit has been
made against Campbell for rspe, and the
police are after him, but Campbell walked
openly In the city on Jlonday and Tuesday,
yet no attempt was made to arrest him. If
the facts related In the case are true, the out
rage Is a dastardly one, and merits severe
lleport of Deaths for the 1'nst Week In
the City or San Antonio,
F.Terrell Oliver, one year, dropsy, Second
ward; Joseph Baptiste, three weeks, Inanition,
Second ward; Mill Willed, 40 years, con
sumption, Second ward; Nellie Tucker, 1!
months, hydrocephalus, First ward; Bridget
Dillon, 85 years, remittent fever, Third ward;
Porfirlo Xlmenez,M months,tuberculosls, First
ward; Margarita Guerra, 21 years, consump
tion, First ward; Benito Gonzales, 69 years,
hydrocephalus, First ward; Charles Lavener,
31 years, relapsing fever, Second ward; Ida
Washington, nine months, natural causes,
Second ward..
The i:iectitlte Committee .Meet and Ad.
Joiirn lo Await the l'resldent'a Call.
The Volksfest committee met last night In
Scholz'a hall, Dr. Lindner presiding, when
Mr. Hoefllng read a communication fiom the
Lutherfest committee asking for the loan of
flags, etc., but the committee could not ac
cede to the request. At the same lime they
offered to sell them to the Luthcrtest at a
reasonable price.
The Finance, Decoration and Building
committees were authorized to sell all material
decorations, etc., for the Volksles', providing
good sale could be effected.
Mr, C, L. Wa;ner, Treasurer, presented
his report as follows :
Muslo .. .. J Kit OO
Secretariate im 10
liulldlnir Una)
J'atntlpsr Kl DO
Procession lift! BTi
TttWeax Ml 00
Torcbimut .so m
Iifroratlon K3 00
Fireworks US 00
Total S7.580 OS
Immi J3.0I8 0
Stand rented 4.11 M
Ticket salt s S.78.1 fiO
Total j:,?8 03
The Building, Children's Prizes, Illuminat
ing committees and Secretary StalTel presented
their reports, which were referred to the
Finance committee. The Music, Fireworks,
Reception, Torchlight committees and the
Marshal were Instructed to report to the
Finance committee on or before Monday
The President announced that the Judges
In the reporter's prizes, Hon. Jacob Waelder,
chairman, County Judge Mason and the Hon,
T. T. Devine had not reported their decision.
The committee were granted further time and,
instructed to make the award to the rresiuent
id announce their decision in the city press.
The Executive committee then adjourned to
await the call of Ihe President.
Wlutt the lleportera Learn 011 Their Tour
Through the City.
DeWilt county Is unprepared to pay the
j ury fees in the DeWitt murder case.
Crilzer Brothers have their show window
ornamented with a miniature Brooklyn bridge.
On account of the Lutherfest celebration
at New Braunfcls, the Medina excursion will
not come of next Sunday.
The wife ol Captain Oglcsby, nee Miss
Helen Bradley, was delivered of a still born
dild on Monday. Mrs. Ocleibr is doicr
I'clillnger Settled.
Mr. William Uehlinger, of the firm of
Sommers & Uehlinger, proprietors of the
PostofBce Exchange, was married last eveaing
to Miss Annie Drcycr, of Corpus Chrlstl. The
ceremony was performed at the Menger hotel
by Justice Adam in the presence of a large
number of friends, among whom were Miss
Ella Dreyer, bridesmaid, sister of the bride,
John S. Given, R. R. Savage, John W. Fogg,
John B. Her and Ed. Williams, of Corpus
Christi; Jacob Sommers, groomsman; Eugene
Stadel, Herman Schuetze, A. Staehely, Fred
Kcrbe', John Bosshardt, Tony Mestner, Ernst
Wesenberg; Mr. and Mrs. Carl, Conrad Mail,
knecht, Mlchaelis L. Slroble, members of Ihe
Tyrolean troupe.
Afterwards the health of the happy pair was
liberally drank. Mr. Uehlinger is almost a
stranger, but he has won golden opinions
while he has been here, and the bride is
spoken of in flattering terms. The friends
wish them a joyous passage over the matri
monial sea, and the Light heartily joins In
their good wishes.
Opening of the Opem Season.
Miss St. Qulnten, the charming prima
donna, who will appear next Friday at Turner
hall as "Serpolette" in "Bells of Corneville,"
is a lady of unexcelled culture, excellent voice
and charming address. She is a little beauty,
whose every movement is a triumph of con
summate acting. This lady is no stranger in
San Antonio, as she created a strong Impres
sion here last season when she was the prima
donna oflhe Hess opera troupe. She is sup
ported by a select corps of metropolitan artists
and by a remarkably well selected chorus and
a large orchestra.
Miss Hattie Star, the second leading prima
donna, has only been upon the stage for a
few years, but has already gained a front potl
lion in the ranks of opera singers.
Mr. Wolff, comedian; Mr, Stanley, tenor;
Mr. Kyle, baritone, and Mr. Jones ami Clay
toe are artists of ability.
With such names as these a grand scries of
performances can certainly be expected. The
season opens Friday eYenlng witli "Bells of
orneviue. Saturday evening matinee
"Bohemian Girl," and Saturday evening
"Iolanthe," with new scenery and new cos
tumes. A Secret Made Known.
"Kxpcriencols tho only Buldo treated with
rpsitot hr mortals."
Tho question la often asked r Why la It, when
you hear many busluewi men complain
ing of dull times, look bluoand wear u long
fuco and never seem ftitlsiled, when, on I ho
othor hand. If ynu will Just step into tho
mammoth storo of I,. Wolfson, on Alain plaza,
ho will meet you with a ploosant "good morn
ing." and you are at onco mado to feel aa If you
had mot a man who would deal fairly and glvo
you full valuo for your money. Wolfson nuver
grumbles about dull times, mid, mora than all,
ho Is a persistent advertiser, and bellovea It leu
ting his customers and tho general public know
what he has for sale, and does not boliovo In
letting goods remain on his shelves, and Is
ahraya willing to dlvldo proms with his
patrons. Furthermore. Mr. Wnlrsnn nlwnvi
advertises what he has for saloand Is never
juiium. mi imr aeanng, low pncoa and
perslstont advertising la tho key to this secret,
and by the cxpcrleuco of his customers It Is
made known. U-27lf
Ladies' Cloak Department
now open. A lanro linn of fall and wlntur
wraps. Newmarket, walking Jacket, eloakf,
dot man, Ulster and Jersey. 'Jenwy.V "Jf "
for Indies', misses nod children, at all
tho popular prices.
Excellent bargAlns. Wo clnlm to hnvo ttio
InrtTCst flMortment or black mid mournlntf
dreiw Roods over Lrouuht to this city. In nil tho
new shades and kinds of ottoman, cheviot,
Ann urn, foule. etc
Carpels, Carpets, Carpels.
Wo hnvo now on exhibition a largo lino of
tapestry, velvet and body llruwels eariwts.
Also full lino of woolen 4-1 carpets, matting,
oil cloths, cto.
Hosiery, Hosiery, Hosiery
Wn hnvo now a full nwortinent of ..idles flno
silk how) In nil the newest shades. Uslothrcad
Imco. in till colors, for misses nud children.
Of ihceo Roods wo always curried tho lwt as
sortment, and fchall coatlmu to add new
Dressmaking Department
Sin" Haas & Oppenheimer.
(rent Itargnlns Tor October Only,
A flrst-cln's rentnurnnt, dolnjr n splendid
buslnesA, with nil furniture, fixture, etc., new,
with two years lease on the stand.
Finest resldonco on Avcntio O, sflven rooms,
uniu room, eic, nncK, yueen Anno eiyn
clejrant houao and cMcnMvo grounds now
offered for tho first tlrao In ten years.
Ten new houses on San Pedro avenue, nnd
neur tho Hlffh school. Driest street In the cit),
ono for Sttinj, JOT.MJ, J-TKO, $4007, 5-'xu, ami
iSovcu eleiriiiit coOnjron In tho Fourth ward,
all new, with all modern conveniences, 5Ku)
Choice, lots nnd coMiirei of all sizes and nunl
lltcnnt and near both of the railroad depots.
Six btitiitlfnl residence on Dlirnowlty Mil.
Hilton Voimi,
03 West Houston street.
A flno horso eartlsp-ennd liarncKs; aUo ono
top buggy. Address WJIIIrtuiP, thlsolllco.
Store nntl Cellar for Kent,
Under ray law office, cornor Market and Yturri
streets. James Duhyek SrEVKNttox.
Kovlc Louse, 11 vo rooms and kitchen, half
on tho pic mi Acs,
All persons havlnjf bills lurntnut tho Volks
fest association are required to submit tho
It them to tho samo committed before next
Monday, as It Is detlrod toliavo all tho busi
ness of tho Volkstest association settled up as
early us possible, ily order of
President Volksfost Association.
Itock House for Kent,
With four rooms, and kitchen, Rood water and
yard, ut Houth hurcdo street, comer ot
Kueva. 10-liMlt
I have opened a first clam Baloon on corner
ot NacoRdocbes and Uowlo street, whero 1
keep cool beer, lemonade, soda wntor and tho
hen of liquors. Free lunch every day from
U to 12 o'clock. A private Rarden, well fur
nished and clcRantly lighted for tho accommo
dation ot ladles and families. 1 Invito all to
Rive me u call. tlQ-3-am) M. Lippe.
Tor Sale at a Itargntn,
A flno ranch, 700 acres, nowly fen cod, mcs
qul to grans, unfailing water from creek and
spriDRS, 10 miles from city. AUo ono half or
whole intercut In boarding house, 40 boarders,
also family rocka way. Wanted houses, rooms,
lots, also employment for gardncrs, coopers,
mill hands, clerks, artisans, laborers, servants,
etc., by tboToxas Gcnerul Agency, 'M Main
plaza. m 10 lOtf
The St. Leonard Hotel.
Wo advise our friends when they go to Ban
Antonio to stop at tho now "St. Leonard
Hotel." on tho south side of Main plaza, whero
they will 11 nd liandsomely furnished rooms, an
excellent table, and every homo comfort, all
for the reasonable sum of 1 2 and 92 60 per day,
according to tho rooms occupied. No w hero
make a note of this.
IVurnlnc to the Public.
I hereby glvo notlco to the public- that I will
not bo rcsponslblo for any debts or bills which
my wjic, juuriHnii Dcnaeier.may inaKC, sue nav-
Shoeniakers Wanted,
Two flrst-clas) shoemakers can get good
watzes aud Btcady work by applying to J, 11.
Manilla rt. Crescent City Hoot und 8hoo Manu
factory, Solodad street, J0-1K; t
Tour Uulldliig Lot for Sale.
Lota n, 4,07, 84, block 7, original subdivision
block IXi, ntnjro, district 4, ou Alazan creek.
Flno location, luqulro of
H08ACK& Newton.
H. S. Austin
Has removed his barber shop to 2T7 Commerco
Try IV neons t
If you want a suit tntido. Ho has n full lino of
piece Rouua anu a nrst-ciass cutter in charge
At N. AVlntlicr's
New art galloryH Houston street, Iho flccst
of photographs at reducvd lutes CuidA, $4;
and cabinets 58 pur dozen. ISiUUfiu'tton guar
anteed or money rctuuded. iiM-u
The Largest Stock
Of clothing In tho StiUofor fall and winter,
Just in ut 1 'an coast & Bon's. V-l tf
lont lluy
Until you havo seen tho flnesUokor clothing
of l'ancoiibt be Hon,' U-U-tf
A Ton.
If you wcUh less than n ton, goto Shoots,
Corruvon & Cub ties' for a nlco suit. They can
lit ou, no matter what your shapo Is.
Gents and Hoys
Heady mado clothing, tho larRCfit assortment
ever before brought to this city, can bo found
at J, Josrjo & Sons', FlUtfuarautccd. Dt-tt
Order Your Groceries
From George & Sullenbcrger. 407 Houston
street, und get; new, frsh goods promptly de
livered, J-tf'J-
Dry Goods, Clothing, Loots Shoes,
Hats Gents' Furnishing Goods.
Trunks ami tallies. As our Brand additional tiulMlnff Is now completed wo trill receive tho
lariri'St stock of dry goods, etc, ever brought to this cit)'. Wo havo just now received a full
line of flnoBtctson hats, all now styles to suit everybody. Our assortment of ladles' and Rents'
lino hand and machlno sewed abocs Is the largest and cornplctostln town. A lame variety ot
boys' nnd cl lldrcn'a clothing, also slnglo boys' and children's pants, arrived lately.
i loour stores from
lime Hnpl corner of Alamo and Coinit
with n full stock nf
Ury .Goods, till, Boots, Sloes
Hals And Gents'
They am toa busy to write out a regular advertisement. They Invite everybody to call at
their new slnro and RCt sonio decided bargains they offer to all;
Wagner's Bazar.
Dealer in Paints, Oils, Wall Paper, Window Glass,
Mirror Plales, Artists' Materials, lite.
J'leturo framing and l'lno Sign Work 11 Specialty. 10-S-0ni
JXJLIXJS meohau,
1 iii Fine Waldos, Diamonds and Jowolry,
i!10 Commerce Street, San Antonio,
Anil Nlicht IVittcli, lleadqunrtera Kan An
tonio. Texas.
ODlco rooms No. 11 und 12, Dovlno bulldlmr,
No 21 and SO Solcdad street. I urn now prepared
lo take chargo of and handle all legitimate
ilctcctlyobuslncuslnalllts brunches, and re
spectfully tender services In all cases requiring
careful nnd skillful Investigation. Also watch
men furnished for bunks, stores, railroads,
cotton compresses, private houses, etc. All
busfhess and prlvato matter will receive prompt
attention and bo trcatod strictly confidential.
Collections mado In all parts of tho Btato and
Untied States. Olllcotelephono alt. rrsidoiicn
tclephoiicillS. Captain William Jackbon.
10-1 It proprietor and Manager.
Men's l'urnlshlnir Goods.
As good a stock of gent's furnishing goods
ltailroad tickets bought, sold and exchanged.
Iteduccd rates to nil points, ut Harnett's ticket
olllce, In 81m Hart's Ogurstore, lain pla.a.
September SI.
Tho fl ret duy of autumn. Speaking of uutiiinn
wu aro moved to inquire. Autumn man go
111 dressed, when he cun get new, lushlonablu
und 8cuaonAblo goods ut such low prices aa are
ruling ut ShccU, Corrovon JSC Custlcs, No. 217
Alamo plaza. ti-UJ-tf
llurr Has ltonioved,
And now has tho best photographlo rooms in
tho city, on tho corner, opposlto 1.. Wiilfnon,
All l:legnnt Lin.
Ot gents furnishing goods can bo seen nt J,
Josko le BoiibJ; t-21 If
Huts, Cups, Hoots und Shoes,
A largo and well acloctod stock at J, Joeko &
Sous'. D-Sl-tf
Uur Neckwear
Is oachotco In stjlo and material as can bo
tound In any market. .
n-lD.tf Fakcoak & 80.1.
Not So.
If you say you nover can Und a pair of pants
or a suit In the storo to Ut you, Just try Sheets,
Corrovon and Castles'.
J.ute Styles of Huts
For ealo at Faneoost & Bon's. 0-1-tf
Notice to the l'ubllc.
Tho Cook place, bolow Mission Concepclon,
Lnsoya street, near Commcrto street bridge,
Furnishing Goods.
Tuke Note. '
llownbauin 3c Itaucr aro selling underwear
at iistc-nlshlng low llgurcs, such us
Fancy cashmeres,
Fancy balbrlggan.
Fancy Oxtords,
Imperial wool,
Cotton tlunneK
Itcd tlannels,
Whlto merlin).
Look at our neckwear for latest stylos.
Koskniiauii le 1iaui:k,J3 Commerce street.
News, Hooks, Stationery nnd Varieties.
Full supply of odlco stationery, printers
supplies, &c, U, W. IIaluwin Co.
D-itr 257 Commerco street.
Dumuge Uy Frost.
In order to escapo tbo blighting effects of tho
lint frosts, provide yourself with medium and
heavy-weight underwear and substantial latl
clothing, now selling at very low prices, ut
Sheets, Corrovon & Castles', No. 217 Atuino
Shirts mado to order at Itosenbiuim Sc
A good thing to advcrtlso In: Tho I.I (II it
Annual anu (juiub. Socuro space early. 4-tf
KuniiEit shoes, courtfr hats and all kinds or
rubber goods; nlso tho celebrated Fish brum!
oil slicker, ut Sheets, Corrovon Sc Custlcs'.
Tho International and Great Northern rail
road will sell excursion tickets to tho St. Louis
fair fiom September 23. USl-lt
We Take Pleasure to Inform the Tjtdles
That wo havo engaged two export drcs
makers, and wo aro prepared to take orders for
tho most fashionable dresses at rcosonablo
rates and guaruntco good work and perfect lit.'
All work done ut our establishment at short
notlco. Wu havo spared iiooxponsolu fitting
up rooms for tho convenlenoo of our ludy
patrons. A. Ill.uil Sc KOKNiasnKiimi,
Corner Cummerco und Navarro Sts.
Bah Antonio, Scptoinber 17, ltksi. U-17.tr
llhodlus & Tempsky
Employ two first-class piano workmen lo 10
palr pianos. Cull ou them. u
Ten Dollurs For Month
Will buy ono of tho rcllablo Kmerson pianos
from Thos. (Joggun Sc llros,, No. SM Commerco
street. V as.it
Geuulne Cuiuel lfatr
Clouts underwear cuu bo had at J, Josko 4r
Sons', for $3. U-21.f t
Skirts und Underwear.
A vory complete stock for salo by Faneoast
& Bon. u su-tr
Texas Kniplojiiient llureau
And Agency, for rooms, offices, houses, cto, 20
(cast side) Main plaza.

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