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The San Antonio Light.
International and Great Norths
12:15 p.m.
ExtcnilonJ JKWri, m.
llarrliburg and San Antonio.
4: p. ro.
Houston (Express)
Houston (Mlxod)..
Westward (To and
frum Kl Paso).-..
Advertising Directory.
uiuauon ice, i Buoscripiiod.Hiccntamonlli
y. Applications for membership to bo ad.
Jrosscd to tho Secretary.
II. IItiieh-Taylor, President.
(ltlULD OlilrrlN, Secretary.
SHOUTS PYTHIAS. Elk LoJko No. a'.,
meetsovcry Thursday at;. p. m. Caatlo
'Ircman'a J fall. Visiting brethren welcome.
JY Alamo Lodgo No. meets In Udd Fellows'
null tint antl third Thursdays of each month.
Visiting comrades welcome.
11. II. IIACON, Commander.
II. Kixickenkkiu'Ek, Secretary,
allows mcmbets to weekly In sickness, 150
at death. Initiation too 13 W, monthly sub
scription So cent. Meets itrst and third Wcd
nesday In each month, at Somtuors Jt I'cter
son's hall. It. K. MONO, President.
PAUL IlOVIllt. Ueneral Secretary.
(I. W. Hutu. W. Volldheciit.
Wooden and Willow Waro, I'alnta, Oils, Var-
nlshot, Ilrushcs, etc. A socially mvlo of
Davlil Landreth & 8ons' Oanlcn and Flower
Soed. Also Outta l'ercha Ucudy Mixed Paints.
X1U Crockett lllock, Alamo Plata,
Hosack & Newton,
Auctioneers, Commission Morclmuts and Ot-n-enrt
Iltivo la mo storo room Tor Coueljrn
inenUatSl SoloJaJstrt'et, oppoelto court houFC.
At No. 211 1'rcsa street, nonr Main and Mai ket
HOAUDEItS. Kvcr thing now, clean and
comfortable Terms moderate IMIMm
Directory of the Churches
Sen-Ices are held at tho following named
churches In tins city every Sunday.
Protestant Episcopal St. Mark's Cathedral,
east side of Travis wiuaru, lllgbt itev. It. V. II.
Elliott, Illshnp of thedlocesoof Western Texas;
Very Hov. Walter 11. ltlchardson, Dean. Morn
ing services at 1 1 o'clock ; evening servleo at II
o'clock; Friday scrvlco at 6p.m.; Sunday school
at :m a. in.
St. John's Chapel, dlvluo tcrvlco at 6 o'clock
p. m. and Sunday Bchool at 4 p. in. St. Luke's
Chapel Suuday school at 0 a. m.
Methodist Episcopal Church South Solodad
street, Kev. w. J. Young, pastor. Service at U
a. m. and a p. m, Sunday school at II a. m.
Tenth Street Church, near Sunset depot, Sun
day school at 0 a. m.
Trinity Methodist Kplscopal Church, cor. 1'
meeting Wednesday at 7:00 p. m
German M. K. Church Ebcn Ezor Ocnimn M
E. church, Vltllta stroot, ltov. (1. Dosdall, pas
tor. Services on Sunday at 10.00 n. in, and p.
tn. Wednesday evening services u 7 o'clock.
Sunday school at U a. m.
First rrcsbytorlan Church, corner Houston
and North Florcs streets. Iter. J.W. Nell, pus
tor. Sunday services at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m. Sun
day school at u a. m.
ltov. J. F. Wlttloh will preach In German in
thu First l'rcsbyteriau Church every Sunday
evening at 4 o'clock. Itcsldcuce No. lot. North
l'lorcs street.
Madison square Presbyterian Church. Itev.
W. H. Uuchanan, pastor. Services every Sab
bath at tho chapel at 11 o'clock iu in. and jil) p.
in. Sabbath school at 4 p. in.
First Ilaptlst Church, southeast corner of Jef
ferson auu Travis streets, ltov. W. H. Dodsou
11,11, pastor, Hcsldcnco No. Id Jcllcrson streeU
Preaching every Sabbath at 11 a. m, and 7 p. in.
Sabbath school BiilO a. in., 12. C. Everett, super
tcudeut. Christian Church, corner Houston and SI. Ma
ry's streets ; Klder 1). Fciiulngtun, Pastor. Ser
vices ovory Sunday nt II n, m. uud B. p, m,
Lutheran St. John's Church, corner of Nuova
and l'ccau streets. Itev, A. Wleder, pastor.
Services at 10 a, tn.
Human Catholic, Cathedral of San Fernando,
bctweeu Main and Military plazas. Very ltov.J,
CNarcz, lllshop. Itev. L. Ilenolln, priest. Low
mass at 7 a. m. High muss at 10 u. in. Vespers
4 i. in.
St. Mary's Church, oornor St. Mary's and Col
logo siroots. Very ltov. T. J, Johnson, vaster.
lxv muss 7 a, in. High mass 10a, in.' Vespers
I p. m.
High muss 10a.m. Vespers 3 JU p. in,
St. Michel's (Polish) Church, west sldo Victo
ria street, between Second and Third streets.
Very ltov. Stanislaus Wolclechewoskl. High
mass 10 u. m. Vespers 4 p. iu.
Ursullno Convent Church, Augusta St. Itev.
E.M. HulTord, roctor. Low mass tiao a.m. Sun
day school 0 a. in. Vespors 4 p. ni.
Free Mission Ilaptlst, .Lavarra street. Fourth
Ward. ltov. J. W. Williams, pastor, services
every Sunday at 3 and 8 p. m. I'rayer meeting
every Tuesday aud preaching at 8 p.m. on
New Light Froo Mission Ilaptlst, Lavaccn
street. Fourth ward, Itev, J, Holmes, pastor.
Services every Sunday at 3 and 8 p. m. I'rayer
meeting every Friday, preaching at 8,p. in, on
Wednesday aud Saturday.
St. Paul Methodist, cast Alameda street. Hov
J. It. Carnes, pastor. Services every Sunday,
and Wednesday and Friday nights.
African Methodist Church, opposite Santa
ltosa Hospital, Seeond Ward, Itev, J, C, Eniory
Macedonia Baptist Church, Pecan street. Iter
iu U, Jordan, pastor. Services every Sunday
at 3 and 8 o'clock p. tn. Subbuth school at 0 a,
in. Servloes Thursday night and prayer meet
ing Tuesday night.
Tho proof of the pudding la not In chewing
tho string Dut In having au opportunity lo test
the article direct, C. Scbasso, A. llrolsa and L.
Oryiiskt, druggists havo froo trial bottles of
Dr. llosanko's Cough and Lung Syrup, for each
and every one who is mulcted with Coughs,
Colds, Asthma, Consumption or any Lung
Interesting News That Flashed Over the
Wires from All Quarters
of the Globe.
The Yellow l ever at Manilla
a llnrKlar-Otlitr Crlin
SniuiY, N. C, October 20. Mr. and Mil.
William Logan, both over 70 yean old, w ere
altaclted atllielrhome, 12 miles (rem Shelby,
by a necro burglar, lait night. Mn. Logan
was killed and her husband choked nearly to
death. The negro escaped with $to.
Jacksonville, Fla., October ao. The
Times-Union Acala special layn Koit Gib
ion instantly killed Alexander Clough, last
night, at Klddick'a union, cn Ihe Florida
Southern railroad. The patties clerk in rival
stores and quarreled about Ihe goods. (Jib
ton Red.
New York, October 20. The American
Kapld Telegtaph company, involving ihe con
solidated inlerctti of their lines in New Votk,
New Jrrs.y, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachu
setts, 1'enmylvania and city or llaltimore, ex
ecuted a mortgage upon their properly and
franchises to the Boston Safe Deposit and
Truit company for $3,000,000.
Dunt in, October 20. The Freeman's Jour
nal ilcmandi that the Government prosecute
the leaders of Ihe Orange meeting at Koilea,
the attendants of which were armed. It alio
sayi Ihe ipeechci at the meeting indicated the
intention to intimidate the atlendants of the
National League meeting held at Ihe same
IIURUNOTON, la., October 20. Ily a boiler
explosion at Mount Pleasant, this metning.at
Uosj llros. planing mill, a man named Heck
with was Instantly killed, another man badly
Injured and thought to be dying, and four or
five others more or less bruised. The mill
was blown to atoms, with hardly enough left
to burn. Dwellings in the vicinity shook
with the explosion and glass was broken in
many windows. It was a new steel bailer.
The cause of Ihe explosion Is unknown.
Dublin, October 20. l'arnell has accepted
an invitation from the promoters ofthePar
nell testimonial fund lo attend the banquet
given in his honor on December 10. A num
ber of Irish National League meetings an
nounced to be held in County Cork to-morrow
have been prohibited by the authorities.
Eail Spencer, Lord Lieutenant, and Lady
Spencer left Dublin for Kngland, whete he
proposes to remain a considerable time. They
will go first to Ilawardcn cattle, the residence
of Mr. Gladstone, lo pay a visit to Ihe Prime
Chicago, October 20. The Inler Ocein
tpecial tayi that the Sherifi" of Logan county,
this afternoon, applied to Ihe Governor for
leave to call on Ihe military to assist him in
maintaining peace, and to protect the life of
the tupposed murderer of Zora Burnt. The
Governor directed the Sheriff to use civil pro
cesses and not make a call for the military,
except at a latt resort. The correspondent of
the Inter-Ocean, telegraphing from Lincoln,
to-night, tayt the place 11 nuiet, and that now
Carpenter is under arrest, there it a revulsion
of leeling in hit behalf, but tayt that if cer
tain clews now being followed by detective!
ihould tend lo fatten the guilt more certainly
on Carpenter, then ihe presence of the military
might prove very etsentlal la preventing
San Francisco, October 20. Christian
Monico, a Switt passenger, who arrived yet
terdayln the the tteamer Grenada, from Pan
ama, died this morning. The body will be
buried with the same precaution taken with
regard to previous cases of yellow fever brought
from Mazatlan. All the other passengers
have been transfeared on Ihe steamer China,
now used as a sort of quarantine hospital.
The mails, cargo, and everything elie aboard
the tteamer, have been fumigated belore be
ing brought ashore. V. W. Felton, a resi
dent of Maiallan, now Haying in this cily,
announces the receipt of letters from his
brother saying that, although the fever is now
abating at Maratlan, lully 1500 had died from
It In that place alone. He also confirmed the
news already telegraphed of the destruction of
Altata by a hurricane.
Fleas and Theatres.
From I'eek's Sun.
A recent discovery in connection with
theatres of the cities Is most laughable, and
will result in much fun to audience! in the fu
ture, unlets tome action is taken at once on
the part of managers. It seems that many of
the best theatres of the cities have become in
fested with fleas to such an extent that Ihe
little petti annoy actors and actresses ter
ribly. It it believed the fieat have been
brought to the theatres on the pet dogt of
actresies, and by the dogs used in playt, and
ney have multiplied and replenished the
places ol amusement until they are a formid
able army. It is laid that when a theatre has
not had a performance for teveral days the
fleas become hungry, and when the next com
pany arrives upon the stage the fleas take pos
session of the members too quick.
Suppose Mary Anderson, while trying lo haul
Romeo up the balconv to the can see if he
has been chewing cloves, feels a flea crawling
uuwn ncr uaia. one can ciasp ner nana behind
her back, and while saying, "Whtrefore art
Ihou, Komeo," the can everlastingly dig her
nails into the openinir of her corsets, and kill
the flea, and the audience would be none the
wiser, while II she backed up againtt the rail,
ing and scratched her back on a scene, it
would be noticed and commented on, lo her
discredit as an artist, and besides, the might
push down the tcenery. Again, If a Ilea
ihould appear to be exploring Ihe vicinity of
her liver, while it would not be sdmliilhle far
her to create a getture that would fit the case,
the could, by the poetic license that it
granted all great geniuses, lesn againtt the
miiiuE uu uie point wnere uie ilea wat, and
while Riving taffy lo Komeo, the could make
the flea think he had got in the
wrong pew. And, yet in that tcene, If a few
fleas ihould get among her itockingi, at li
almost certain to be the case, Maty would
not have any excuse, by act or gesture in the
play, to pay any attention to the Ilea, and the
would have to go on with the play and
die game. If the is the marble
ttatue that the it represented to be,
with no feeling, of course a flea could
make no more impression on her than a
masher, but all the girls on the stage are not
thut fortunate, and they will be Injured in their
profettion by the fleas. In opera it is differ
ent. The costumes are such that the hunting
of fleas Is mere pastime. Especially is this
the case In the opera of ' La Soranambula,"
where the tleep-walker is attired with a
candle and a garment that hat alwayt been
highly recommended at the proper cottume
for the punult of fleas. It is supposed that
actors are Impervious to the Influence of fleas,
but tuch is not the case. Booth, Barrett, Jef
ferson and McCullough are nervous ti women,
and we may expect any evening to tee Booth,
as Hamlet, drop his tword and roll down his
black tights while the Ghost is telling him
the old ttory and catch a flea and
crush it between hit two thumb mils, pull up
his stocking, and tell the Ghoit that he will
go home and make it ted hot for his mother
and the uncle who poured melted sealing wax
In Ihe Ghost's ear. This would be going
f om the sublime to Ihe ridiculous, and the
Sun mentions these posibllltlei that managers
may see what Is liable to happen unless ihey
cause Insect powder to be freely used on the
ttage. and cause all dogs brought by actresses
to bring a certificate from a D. D. that they
are free from fleas. It takes a msntger with
nerve to stand up before an actress who has
gall enough to carry a dog, or one who has
minled a husband for Ihe purpose of carrying
her dog, and complain that the doe or the
husband Is full of (less and mult be auarantln-
ed. but it has got to be done. Let the Heat
and tne dogs go.
Ohio Politics.
From tbo New York Mall and Kxpress.
It U becauieOhlohai been, lor generations,
a State where political parlies have had to de
pend on open appeali to the people and on a
through canvais, that she has never fallen un
der the dominion ol any one "Host," but has
produced such a large number of able leaders
aid successful ttateimen In olfice.
The Winston Girls,
F10111 tho Winston Pilot,
A few evenings since a main street couple
afttr Ihe usual moonlight promenade, teattd
themselves upon a sofa, when Ihe lady In the
case was overheard by a timid bachelor to
remark : "Young man, if you mean buiineM,
come tight lo the point, and quit fooling
about it; if net, lesve."
Impoilaiil SalcoF Town Lots
(in (lelnher 11) the IliiUintiui, llarrlaburg
uud Sail Antonio Hallway Co., will sell
Lots in Del Rio,
Texas. To parties desirous ir purchasing lino
town lots an unusually good npMirtiinlty la
hero presented. Tho town or Del lllo Is beau
tifully located on rising ground, near per
petual springs, 170 miles west of San Antonio,
1111 tho (lalveston, Harrlsburg and Sun An
tonio railroad, and Is one of the llncst health
resorts In tho west. Tho air Is puro and water
unsurpassed. It is also a railway divisional
station, with round house and luuculno shojis,
employing a largo number of men, making It
aery deslrnblo business point. On dayof
salu SI'IXIAL INDUCKMKNTS will I offered
to Intending purchasers. Terms: ono-thlrd
cash, tho balanco In ono and two years. For
further Information npply at olllco of Chief
Iingliicer 0. II, amis. A. H'y, San Antonio.
JAMl'.S CONVKHSK, Chief Knglncer.
' lli Solcdiid Street,
ItooinS, Ban Antonio, Texas. Will practlcoln
all tho courts of Texas. 10-19-tf
Orrit'E or Ciller Quahtkiiuahtcu.
San Antonio, Tex., Oct. 10, IsxJ. )
WILL nc SOLI), at public auction, at tbo
San Antonio Depot, on Saturday, tho 10th
day of November, next, commencing at 10
o'clock a. in., 07 Mules. These Mules are not
condemned, but aro sold on account of being
surplus. For road and farming purpose" they
are well broken, suiierlor animals. Terms,
cash, In Government funds.
Captain and Asst. Omr. U. S. A.,
IO-1'J-Ot Acting Chief yuartcrmastcr.
Hotel property In Iloerne, Texas, situatod on
tho I'ublio Square and tho batik of Clbolo
Creek, Thu houso has SO rooms, GOO feet of
promenade gsllory, two-story, has iM acres of
ground, with an orchard of (elect fruit trees;
also a lino garden. Has two wellsand a cistern
with forcn pumps and Irrigating inachliiory.
I'lenty of stable room, and is tho stago stand
for all tho ditforcnt stago Hues. Has a lurgo
patronage, and can be bought at a bargain,
l'or Information and particulars apply to
10-latf T. II. JOHNSON, this oUcc.
Mice lo Tax Payors
Discount for Karly Payment,
The undersigned hereby gives notice that tho
city ad valorem and poll tuxes for tho municipal
year 18KI, ending February 20, 1881, will bo duo
on tho l.'dli of this month, ami payable on or
before thu expiration of tho dato mentioned.
Inordcrto facllltato tho collection of said
tax I am authorized, by a resolution of tho
Cily Council, iMsseil October 3, tn allow a re
bate of 10 per cent, on tho tax levied for gen
eral purposes if paid on or before tho 31st day
ot October, lBH.1.
F.C, HAur.nEN, City Collector.
San Antonio, Ootobor 8, 18M3. 10-8-lOt
272 Commerce Street.
All dlsoaaes of Bye and Kar treated In
Inserted to movo naturally, etc., etc.
Tcrsons desiring Information about Mexico
had better purcbaso "Tbo Itopubllo of Mexico
tn 1882," with revised and convoted map, by
Lorenzo Custro. Depot at Nlo Tengg's, Com
mcrco strc ct, San Antonio. Prlco per copy,
with map, ti W. 7-25-tf
Commission Merchant !
Successor to Oothout 4 Nash, wost side Mili
tary plaza, San Antonio. Solo agent for
Cooper s Sheep Dipping Powder. Consign
ments and corrospondenco solicited. 'J-25-ly
V. Lorra,
Commerce St., .Year llrldfip.
Has received Ihe largest slock of F.ngllih'
French and Oerinan goods ever brought to this
cUv. All styles and color. Only lirst-elaM
tailors em do)ed. Sulla mado up In tho latent
style, at tho loweit poailhlo prices, and a Pel
fiel lit guaranteed.
IvDWAItl) J, (iALFi.WillKH
Mason & Builder
hatlmales for dams, bridges, bollera, cisterns,
tanks, lurnacca, mens, grate and buildlumnl
all kinds. Will guaranlco Mtinfuctlon. Job-
l.llir .IrlrlV lt(.i,rfM , ll-!Mv
I raders' National Bank
801 Commarcn 8tret,
Transacts a general banking business.
PLATIM, made by tho National Sheet MeUI
ttoonng Compan y. Seo sample at ml r olllen.
Wholesalo and lti tall Dealer tn
mv. WINKS, LiqilORS,
Cigars and Tobacco. Particular attention
given to receiving and soiling Wool for my
customers. Btora on corner or Main plaza and
Market stroot.
I have known and watched tho uo of Swiff?
Rpoclllo for over lirty years, and havo never
known or heard of a falluro to euro Illood
Poison when properly taken. In all ray llfo I
havo novcr known a romedy that would so
fully accomplish what It Is recommended to do.
II. L. DENNAltD, Perry, Ua.
Wo havo sold Swift's Bpeciao (S. H. 8.) with
moat astonishing results. Ono gentleman who
mod half a dozen bottles says that It has dono
him moro good than treatment which cost him
SI.OU0. Another who has usod It for a Scrofulous
airection reports a iiermanent euro from lis use.
Chicago, Illinois.
1,000 itUiVAitni
Will bo paid to any Chemist who will find, on
analysis of lot) bottles of 8. S. 8., ono particle
ot Mercury, lodldo Potassium, or any mineral
substance. TUB SWIFT 8P15CIF1C CO.
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Oa.
:Tio.l2 Yturri St.
Sanntonio Texas
San Anloulu, Texas.
OIBen 1 Dwyer building, soutlioMt corno
Can l,o found nearly npposlto tho courthouse
will buy or sell stock, will asseu and pay
taxes on land for noii-retldenta, will attend to
the redemption of lands sold to tho State or In
Individuals will irlvn snoelul iillcnll,,,, I., .11
applications for changea of roads In Ilexar
county, nun win trace and rurnlsh Information
about lost and forfeited lands In Western
lcxas. Where no servleo Is tendered no ehargo
will bo made. Corrvspoudcnoi solicited. Would
rofor to lawyers, land ageuta and old citizens
of San Antonio. tM-ly
Cfllco, Corner Houston & Acoqqla Street.
Sun Antonio, Toxiis.
T. S. Haiiiiisoh. Tom Hahuikon
24: Solcdad Stroot,
Anlnntn Tv.nk'.flirn ir. n,.ri.., ln
Texas. Practice In all State and Federal
r". i-xs-iy
1. A competent and complete faculty, using
tho latest and best methods, s. a hn.in.r,n
and central location. 3. A Texas school, ex
clusively fomalo. 4. Commodious and com
fortable buildings. 6. Tho boarding circlo a
community household. 0. The best advan-
w" imiww prices. 7. All tuo dopart-
noxt session ope
aloguo address
U, O. Kodksavall, A. M. Prcs't,
Him Talk
No. Si Solcdad Street, Opposlto Court House,
San Antonio, Texas,
Keci on hand a lino stock f Watchef,
Clocks and Jewelry, a well-eleclod stock of
Spectacles: also, llrazlllall Pebbles Set In Oold
and Silver Frames, itopalrlng of Fluo Watches
a specialty. 8-7-Cra
E. Hertzberg
ssd Dim, la
UfCall . od ilia it Hock sod priesi tutors
QylSK litwbtr.
All f -ndi vld bs iiU aadsr wrltUa gosn n:it
No. 11 Commerce Street,
Silver and Plated Ware,
ufacuon warranted.
Alex. Sartor,
Walclimakor and jeweler
No. 18 Comuekci Strict,
may tf San Antonio, Tixas.
Diamonds, Wutclics,
2-18 Commcrco Street,
San Antonio, Special attention given to
repairing. (MS-ly
And General Commission Dealer.
Han Autonlo, Texas.
F. Ilhodo Si V, II. Hcucke,
Manufacturers of all kinds of DAUURLS,
keos, Era,
l'rompt attention to orders. Address Dox SO
Houston, Texas.
5 aSgS'
Time Card, In Effect July 22.
lavo San Antonio bound North at 7:15 a.
m U:l5p. m, and a p.m. Arr1vo-8:t0n. tn.,
3.13 p, tn. and S p. m. Ixve for lredo 9 p.m.,
arrivo from Iiircdo 7:15 a. m.
Train leaving San Antonio 7:11 a. m, has
tho famous
through to Pt. Louis without chaniro. Train
IcftTlnir Pftn Antonio at 12:15 p. m. baa Vullman
l'alaoo Slcoplojf car to Texarkana, wbcro
Is madowlth fast express trains for St. Ix)uta.
Train leaving San Antonio at 0 p. m. has coach
and Pullman aleeping ear through to Houston
and (lalvnxton without change, arriving at
Houston at 7 a. m. and Oalveston at UJ'i a. lo.
Twooxpress trains dally between
San Antonio and St. Louis,
andthreo expreM trains dally Itetween San
Antonio and Austin. Tho only lino running
l'ullman l'alaco Steering cars between San
Antonio and Ualrcston without change.
Clrwo connections at Uttlo Hock for tho
Southeast, and ln the Union depot, St. liuls,
with all express trains.
For tickets, rates, tlmo cards or any Infor
mal Ion apply to
J. 8. I-ANWIV, Ticket Clerk,
12 Commerce strict, San Antonio, Tox.
II. 1'. HUUllia, I'aivenger Agent,
Houston, Tex.
ii. vr. Mccui.i)uaii, a. u. v. a.,
Marshall. Tax.
H.aTOWNSr.NI.0. l'.A.,
St. Louis, Mo.
II. M, IIOXIK, Third Vlco-I'resldcnt,
St, Louis. Mo.
Little Havana,
(GOULD k co.'e.)
nncmnn nr
Royal Havana Lottery.
October 26, 1883.
Number for XumberI'rlzo for 1'rlzo
With t20 additional prizes.
Only 42,000 Tickets. 1838 Prizes.
1 Capital l'rlie. .
t u.om
1 " "
aFrltes, sm cack
w an "...
ll) " M "
IKM " 10 "
VJ Approximations to nrst prize, i-T)
each ..
I'J Approximations to second prize, 20
each ,.
Ills l'rtzesas above, being tho full num
ber In tho Itoyal Havana, and
130 Additional Frizes of ts each to tbo
4'JU tickets having as ending num
bers tho two terminal units of tho
number drawing tho Capital l'rlzo
Of 112,UU0 10l)
ltcu l'rlici. amounting In L" 8. gold to. $ 41,080
Tickets, H3.00 - - Halves, ai.OO.
The Itoyal Havana official list decides every
piizo. Subject to no manipulation, not con
trolled by tho partloa in interest, honestly
managed. It Is tho fairest, squarcst and best
thing that could be conceived.
See that tho namo OOUI.D Se CO., Is on tbo
ticket. Nono others aro genuine.
For Information and particulars address or
apply to
1213 Ilroadway, Now York City.
08 East llandolnh street, Chicago III.,
" . IV. IVALUflU,
(Successors to Phil Dot.)
Ilurial eases and caskcta of every descrip
tion. Olllcolllum street, opikwIio Monger
hotel. Telephouo 180-day or night. tHM-tr
C Spring Cart Co.,
Tho only thing on two wheels that rldca a
easy as a carriage, (loods mado of tho best
material and warranted. Weight
from Ml to l.VJ pounds.
Ask your merchant to get prices for you.
C'SDrinff Cart Co.
Wholesalo Manufacturers of
Helotes Ranche.
nM,A,lIN. "PyAHD,(trotter) see No.
p. J. Treaoy's caUlogue, Lexington. Kr. Ho
la a blooded bay, 16 bauds high, weighs lax)
pounds. Servleo, J25. '
.KJ?iaHir 9P 101118 (thoroughbredl,
slrod by Qlondowcr, dam by Eptllon, soe llruce'i
Ami. lean Stud Hook, volume , page &M. He
IsRdarkchestnutsorrel. Service, 19.
U pound;, will oovor maroa or jenneta.
Servleo, 915,
Short-horn, thoroughbred cattle, Itod Dulls.
? twonty-olghln London Duke, Lexington,
hy. Services, io. '
spring season, Fobruary 1. Terms cash. Ber
vioea paid when mores taken away, and If not
with foal, have the privilege to return tho noxt
scttsori freo of ehargo. Stook delivered at Al
fred Heaves', Main Plaxa, will bo taken and
brought back without cost-

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