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The San Antonio Light.
A. W; OirroiiB, Tnos.H. Joiiksos,
W. I Winter.
Gifford, Johnson & Winter,
DiUTiBio by cnrrlort throughout tho cltj
at W Cent! l'cr Week, payalilo to our
anont. Hindu copies for sale, by newsboys at
i F.r Y.nr, s)fi In Advanc.
1 " lwwk.-.SliO
1 3 ...SOU
1 Inch! months. .11 00
1 ' 3 " ..law
1 " " ..IWIIO
1 Inch I month. ew
year ..Mill
Anyjilveniiumberof Inches 1 tlmo vt
ilnchoaatlmestheprlooof 1 wllhajpoi
A tnohita A UinfM I Inch. 1!5 nvr cent off.
t Inches, 3 moa. . ;:ui. Inehoa mos. 12000
, a Inchest your..., aw U)
U column, 1 tlmo. Uu) lcolumn 1 tlmo S0O0
1 week. SUM ' 1 week, Him
1 mo... woo " 1 mo. rom
1 mo.. Kill) " 3 mo. 1(0(0
it ino. .,HCJ0 " otno.SWHl
1 yoar.-TOliO " lr'r 4(4 00
square, 8 tinea, $1 for first lnortlon;75
for each subsequent Insertion.
Special notleos ncit to readmit matter SI M
pdr square each Insertion. Kliiht lino or less,
una sonar.
Kemllnif matter, loeal column, 20 ecnls per
lino first Insertion and 6 cents after first week.
I'er month 3H cents a lino,
Adrertlsen curtalllmr tho term for which
they hays contracted, will pay rcirular rates lor
that time during which their advertisement
remains in the paper,
LitUAIjADVBimSRMItNTH. 1.00pcr inch
for lirst Insertion, "5 cents for each subsequent
THUSTKK'S 8AI.R3, 1X0 per Inch for
first Insertion, and s!5 cents per Inch for each
subsequent Insertion. Trustees saloa ordered
for weekly charired saino as Legal advertise
ment. UIIome advertising payable on first of each
month. Transient advortlslntr payablo In ad
vance. Ooly metal cuts printed, for which an
xtra cbarire pf M per cent. Is tnado.
CTn. P JOHNSON Is duly authorized to
solicit and collect fur Tu i San Antonio I.iu ht.
Bubsorlbors not reeelvlna their paper will
nleaso make complaint to him or at the otllce.
Subscribers are warned not to pay their
subscription except upon presentation of a
oroperly receipted bill from this ofllco.
lliulness Alauager,
Entered at poatolHoo at San AnLnlo, Texas,
as seoond-cla&g matter.
Tub article on the sewerage question, to
be found elsewhere, Is worthy of perusal, and
presents the subject in a very practical mia
ner, and In detail.
Tin House Committee at Washington has
reported favorably upon the bills for public
buildings at San Antonio and Waco, and it
Is hoped that the proper effort will be made to
secure their Immediate passage.
"If Tin stockmen of Texas," says the
Wills Folnt Chronicle, "be put upon the same
footing with ;the farmer, probably some of
them would not grow rich so rapidly. II
they be compelled to buy or lease the land
upon vihich their herds feed, their divdends
would not be so enormously lsrge."
The first candidate in the field who thinks
he can be the successor of Hon. T. I'.
Ochiltree is Senator Crain, of Lavscca.
Judging from the events of the past month in
the Legislature aid the restless condition of
the people, the Senator will have to get up
very early In the morning if he gets away
with Tom s. baggage.
Trta Waco Examiner truly says, "The en.
glneer's report bore rather bard upon the
Missouri Pacific system, and we are sorrow
to see that some ol the papers are pushing
the matter to the road, apparantly forgetting
all at once the immense advantage conferred
npon this State,thc Immense increase in values
caused by its completion, and how ardently
they clamored for it before it was finished
Ingratitude is by no means a rare fault these
The largest school in the world Is said to
be the Jews' free school, In Spitalfields, Loa-
don. It has a daily attendance ol over 28co
pupils. The Institution is also a training col
lege, and nearly every teacher in the school
has been trained within its walls. Besides the
ordinary branches, the Jewish child has not
only to learn Scripture history and the ele
ments of religion and morality, but has also to
be tought to read Hebrew fluently, and trans
late seme portions, at least, of his prayer book
and ol the Hebrew Scriptures.
The Corpus Christ! Critic pays the Light
the following compliment : " The newspaper
of phenomenal growth, and the one which
stands par excellence, without a superior, and
with but very, very few equals In any respect
whatever throughout not only this great State
to-day, bat throughout the country at lsrge, li
the San Antonio Light. Think of its co
ing into existence so recently as iSSo in th
Alamo City, surrounded by and having to
battle against the formidable influences of
wealthy mossback hierarchy, and yet, punny
ana in rsgs, with but brains and honesty,
backed by fearless Integrity, wrapped up In its
swaddling cloth of four inches by six, it has
uccessfully reached its present magnificent
maturity and stands a great vindicator of right
and justice, law and order, commanding and
wielding an influence potent in the promotion
of the best Interests of our State."
The Baltimore Manufacturers' Record has
compiled some interesting facts from the cen
sus report of 1880 In regard to population.
"Texas has led all the States in gaining popu
lation from other Statcs,takrag 44 per cent; and
Fl.rfda and West Virginia rank next, taking
each 33 per cent. West Virginia, however,
gleaned her folks mostly from Virginia, from
which State she was sliced. Mississippi has
drawn largely, drawing 23 per cent; North
Carolina it lowest, attracting only z per
cent up t 168a Kentucky, Tennessee and
Maryland ranked along much alike, getting
from 10 to 14 per cent Tennessee contributed
33,859 to Alabama, and got back 22,200 Ala-
basaUns. Georgia drew 19,481 from Tennes
tee, and Kentucky 54,386, Tennessee gave
Mississippi 31,820 and received back 19,632,
North Carolina drew from Tennessee 41,918,
and South Carolina has received from Ten
nessee 11,698. Texas has taken more from us
than any ether State-83,158. Tennessee
conscripted mostly from Virginls, Kentucky,
Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Shegave
p her clllsens to Arkansas, Kentucky, Illi
nois, Missouri, Mississippi and Texas."
The London Telegraph, In an article on
the late Hcrr Laskcr, saysi "Herr Laiker
never married, and In Germany it was always
believed, indeed it was openly stated, that
this circumstance was due to his excessive
modesty of disposition. Yet the man who
was said to tremble before the beings lie
loved on more than one occasion summoned
courage to beard l'rince Bismarck In his
fiercest moment All the world knows that
the l'rince is a hard and unspaltlng hitter; and
his enemies declare that he does not hesitate
sometimes to strike below the belt. He held
Herr Laskcr in special aversion, and he did
not conceal, on every occasion, his arrogant
Junker impatience of finding his policy ar
raigned by this retiring and exact lawyer. It
is not improbable that the irrepressible rude
ness with which, unfortunately, l'rince Bis
msrek can treat an antagonist, had something
to do with the temporary retirement of Herr
Lssker from the political scene."
Ukcently a lot of stock was captured by
the custom authorities on the Hlo Grande
Laredo, which a band of smugglers were
ttemptlng to cross over into Texas. Klevcn
In all of the gang have been arrested, and
some of the propeily was released by Colonel
Nelson I'lato, Collector, upon proper repre
sentation of the owners of prool of ownership.
This action has been the cause of creating a
tone of excellent good international feeling,
because the Mexican owners had almost be
lieved it was useless to make a claim for their
stolen horses and mules, when seized as
smuggled, and through this action of the
United States Government officials, a general
good feeling along the border has been de
veloped. The Light understands that this
policy will be continued, and further that the
officials intend in every instance of theft and
smuggling, to visit swift punishment upon the
smugglers of stock, and will release promptly
the properly to owners for exportation home,
upon proof by reputable and responsible
claimants. This is the right policy, and it is
hoped that a reciprocity of interest in this re
gard will manifest itsell in Mexico. Hie op
portunity exists for an outcome of much good
with respect to this matter, and since it was
started so well on the American side, let
Mexico, through her officials, evidence her
disposition in the same direction towards our
people. Then the officers can jointly protect
the revenue and commerce on the Kio Grande.
Such an international policy will hasten a
solution of all the border dilieultics in the
custom service, and redound to the comity
of nations.
In the Honorable District Court for tlio
County of llexur and Htnto of Torna, No.
Ifl53, Louts A, liertenux V. Catlinrlno
Till! STATU OP TKXAS to tho Sheriff or any
uonsiauiu 01 uezar county trruoiinif.
You ftro hereby commnnded that by mak
ing publication of this citation In sumn
newspaper puuuaoeu in ibo county ui
Itcxaroucoiu oacli week for four iuccoaslvo
summon Calbariuo Jlerteuux, whowj realtonco
is unxnown, 10 uo ami appear ueioro mo dis
trict court, to be hold on within and for tho
county of Bexar at tho court house- thereof, lu
tho city of Ban Antonio, on tho lint Monday
In March next, then and there to answer tho
petition or j.ouis a. iiorieaux, mca in nam
court on thu Jd dar of November. A. 1).. 1HKL
against said Catharine Jlertoaux, Huld suit Is
nurauorea i.vt auu auefrea in nuosiauco as
follows to-wlt:
That petitioner Is an actual bona lido Inhabi
tant of the IStalo of Texas, and that ho has re
sided In llexar county for inoro than six
months next proudinfr tho tiling of this suit.
matin January, jwi, no was lawruuy mar
ried to Catharlno llertoax, nco Gibbons, in
That oti or about November 1. 1882. defendant
rommonced tho habit of drinking spirituous
llrjuorstooxcesaandBhe has slnco become a
habitual drunkard, nejflectlntr her household
duties, and being guilty of execaous, cruel
treatment and outrages towards petitioner of
such a nature as to render their living together
That J here Is no issuo of said marrlaa-o and
no community property.
wnereiore petitioner prays ior juugmem
for such other general and special relief as he
may In law and equity bo entitled to receive.
1 ferein fall not, but have you then and tliero
before said court this writ with your return
thereon, showing how you havo executed tho
Witness, Thoo.llaldua, Clerk of tho District
court of Jloxar county.
Ulveu under my hand and tho seal of said
ai my omeo, in Ban Antonio,
Clerk D. U. U. C.
Ily M. Ytuhiii. Deputy.
n. m , and publication ordewi tho satno day
in tho Ban Antonio Kvonlug Light.
2-1-4 w 8
NaudN of Life.
Tlmo nor tide waits for no man. but tho sands
of life continue to now on and on, year after
Hotel property In Iloernc, Texas, situated on
tho Public 8'iunru and tho bunk of Clbolo
Creek. Thu houso has a) rooms, IXJ0 feet of
promcnado nailery, two-alory, bas SH acrce of
irround, with an orchard of select fruit trees;
also a tlno Harden. Has two wells and a cistern
with force pumps and Irriiatlnir machinery,
Plenty of eta Ho room, and Is tho stage stand
for all thu different statreliues. lias a lariro
patronage, and can bo bought at n bargain,
for Information and particulars apply to
10-Mf T. II. JOHNSON, this allien.
HacksNo.21,26, 27, 52,73
BUWea-Corner of Avenue B and Houston
street. Connected It telepbone. A orders
promptly attended to, day or night. T.lepbon
connection No. 806.
Ily Hilton A Young-, 808 Weil Houston
smlanrowcll located lot, near Sunset depot
Hinnll frnrtjinr bind from M acres and 111)
wards, wllhlnn sluirt distance of city, for aali
very low.
null tarn
Kmnllfnrm will, comfortable building and 0
head of cattle for $IUO.
Desirable business opportunities for persons
seeking an opening.
Piles are frequently precodod by a senso pf
weight In tho back, loins and lower part of tho
abdnraon, causing tho patient to suppoeo ho
has tlmo affection nr tho kfdnoys or neighbor
ing orirans. Attltnc,symptomsof Indigestion
aro present, as flatulency, uneaslnesa of-tbo
stomach, eto. A inolsturo llko tiers pi rati on,
producing ft very dtsogrooal 0 Itching, partic
ularly at nlpht after irettlnir warm In tied. Is ft
very common nttondant. llllnd Jllccdlng and
Itching l'llcs yield nt onco to thoTippllcntlon of
Dr. llowinko'a l'lto Itemed 1", which acts directly
upon tho parta affected, absorbing tho Tumors
allaying tho Intenso Itehlnir, and effecting ft
permanent euro wlioroall other rcmodlia have
ruled. lTlcoeoconla. Bold by C. Schaaso, A.
n,H..nl ',. Orvnskl
A f,'i: "I Vov Tim
Standard Canning Coin'y,
Oi' CoriHiH Clirlstl, Tex.
I am now dully rocclvlna; fresh oysters and
Hcli In lariro quantities,, mid am picparcd to
furnish our pooplo t)6h or oysters In nny quan
tity nt a modurato rate. Also, havu a fish
stand at big market, on Market street, which
wllllooien fromT, a. in. to 0 11. m. ciery duy
Telephone No. 10.
Tax payors arc hereby notlllcd that the tlmo
for tho payment of city taies for tho your 1883
plres on tho ?Jlh day of February, 1891, after
which dato I am required ta enforeo payment
11 accordance with the State law and city ordl-
e. Wit K. C. If AUKiKKN.t'lty Collector,
rin? Improved White Utm mmo valuable
Improvements thro any other sewing
machine. It is slinplo and icrfeet
In all Its parts. KcK sotting
nocdle.Holf threading shuttle.
Reds Liiilt, anil Sews Fast!
And is almost nolslois; winds every bobbin a
smooth as a spool of silk. Warm Med for llvo
years. Call and ox amino before buying else
where, No. 40i Avenue 1!, opposite public
school house. I1-3m1
The experience In tho treatment of Cancer
wiiuswirt SBnec mo is. tsa.i woum soein to
warrant us In saying that it will cure thin
uro invited to correspond with us.
I Iwllovo Swift's Sppclflohai saved my Hfo.
I had virtually lost use of tho upper Dart of
my body, and my arms from tho poisonous
cliecu oi a largo cancer on my neck, from
which J hadsuirored for:) years. ti.B.S.has
relieved me of alUorenew. and tho poison Is
being forced out.of my system. 1 will soon bo
well. W, It. ltoiiissoN, Davisboro, (J a.
Two months ago my attention was called to
her shoulder at least live inches In elrcum
fere nee. angry, painful, and giving tho patient
no rest day or nitiht for 6lx months. 1 obtained
u supplv of Swift's ttpccltlo for hor, tiho has
taken b bottles, and tuo ulcer H entirely
hoaled up, only a very Btnall scar remaining
romalnlng and her health Is better tliau for 6
years past; seems tn ho perfectly cured.
Hev. Jkhsb II.Camimieli, Columbus, Ua.
I have Been remarkable results from usoof
Swift's SiM-clOo on n cancer. A young man
near horo him been atlllctod tlvo jears with tho
most angry looking eating cancer I ever aaw,
and was nearly dead. Tho tlrflt bottle madoa
wonderful change, and after tlvo bottles wcro
taken, he ta nearly or (pill) woll. It is truly
wonderful. M. Ciiu.mi.kv, .M. I).
Oglethorief (la.
Treat I so on blood and skin diseases mailed
free. The bwjir Sriccitiu Co.,
Drawer a. Atlanta, (In.
N.Y. office 1M W.Sklst., Ut.0th&?th Avs.
Staehely & Tips
Builflers Hardware, Iron, Steel,
Nails, lion. Shoes, Wood Work,
Aud Tools of livery Deserlptlo
John nocro hand and sulky plows, oultt
yaturs, oto. Tennenieo wuifons and general
farm machlnorr, 1-is-Oin
Lrnliii Maine
for Salo by
Formerly with Land Department Interna
tional and (treat Northern railway.
Land Dealer a General Agent,
202 Commerce SM'or. Navarro.
Upstairs over Ulum & Kocnlgsbcrger's, Ban
Antonio Texas. Western agent for tho New
York and Texas Iand company, limited.
owner of tho international ami tireat
Northern mm Houston ami wrrat nortnern
rail ft ad land grants and other lands. IW-im
From Joseph L tic's I.aiW.
Will furnish nny (piantlty to tho public At
reasonable ratts. Tartlos doslrlng to make
special contracts will pleoso call on A Druul,
1 Military plazti, telephone 23t. Depot at
Stove Imnbor yard. r2Wlm
245 Market St., San Antonio.
No Iti Main IMnza,
San Antnnls), Texas, wlifuvtuuVdralcrnrvI nmn-
iifsrturer, has the largest stock of
Saddles, Saddlery Hardware,
ilanws?,ljcatli(TtSlioc Findings
lu the city, and gives tho best value for the
money to be had In Texas. Call aud see for
yourself. O-STi-tf
House Rentinc Afjency, Lanfl Acts.
1 Boledad street. I f you wan t to borrow monoy
go to them; If you want to buy or boll laud go
to them; if you want to loan money on good
security call on them; If you want Information
about laniisor lauu lines caiiou mem; iryoti
want houses rented, and tho rents promptly
collected, call upon them: If you want correct
Knueriils turn lhed With Every H.qulslt..
Spoclal attention given to forwardliiR bixllos
to all parts of tho United Btates. tsyTeloplione
Oonneetlnn. Calls attndel day nn nlylil
American House,
lIoerne,Tcx A.W. Ilnrr, l'rop.
Tcrsons wlshlnir to siwndtho fall and winter
In tho country will llml at this houso as many
homo cointorla as can bo found anywhere.
Well ventilated rooms, best of bods and more
verandiui promcnado man any oiueruounu
h,. Mtittn. l,im w,.ll nurl elutern water. Al
health rosort ilooruu has no equal In Toxaa,
specially tor pulmonary eoiupiiuiiiB.
Tha Bail In Iho Worm,
fipj Rickis' Sreeeli'Loading Single .Cuo.
Wholesale and Uetall ncalors In
Wiuos,Liprs, Beer. Cigars,
and Manufacturers of
Kuinmol, AnlU'tto, oitract of lloarliound, cto,
Krlscb'a hall, corner Houston and North
Floros etreeta, Ban Antoulo. 16-ly
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Poors, Susli, Ulinds, Shingles, Etc.
ardsntl, &(). N. Unllroad leHit, and at I
.11. A 8.A. UallroadTrack,onAlamoduHt.(
Fall and Winter Goods
In tho latest Rtylcs. MontbrautlfulDltnsd (lOOIi.Scrrr
tioforo opened In tho city. '
lu all tho IdU'St BlmdfS and styles. Tlio flnest
other noveltlei In cmbroldorod fabrics, Including French organdies, etc. as well
ns tho latest styles of satoensnud worsted goods and ati cndlettd stock
of laces, scarfs handkerchiefs, sloven, ladles cloak, wra),
and nil articles of ladles fiim.Rhliur goods for fall
and winter lu tlio latest destuns.
J hive Jut received tho largest and moat varied stock of men's, youths and boys'
clothing ever brought to Western Texas. Cent's furnishing jroods for fall
and winter, comprising everything for gen
tlemen's complete outfit.
tHTIn asking tho attention of tho furniture
Doves that ho Is advertising for their good as well ns his own. Tho assortment Is largor than
over before, Including tho newest and best made. There ore many now and beautiful d oaf if us
In parlor and chamber furniture, of flrat-ctass workmanship, In great variety and all that Is
now. A full stock of tnatresfloa and bod din it. Tho
Offers most that Is new, and additions are being mado dally. Customers are Invited tn make
comparison before purchasing eleowhere. I. WOLFBON, northwest corner Main pi a 741.
ST5 Commorco streot. Agents for tho
Most diiruhlo. (M's-iiinmlml nml hnt flrrt timnf
tho Hoard of Underwriters and Chlols of Flro departments of all large cltlea us tlio beat and
most popular flro proof roofs lu uso. In Bt JauIsIM icrcent. ofull tho buildings aro covnred
with It. J 11 Uhloago6out of every buildings lu lira limits aro covered with It. KHJ-lf
Dealer in Paints, Oils,
Mirror Plates, Artists' Materials, lite.
Plcturo framing and Flno Sinn Work a Piioolnltv. lllMlin
Sil.'l nml '-M V.ant
Practical Book Binder and Ruler
Opn. Court IIouho, Holeilnil St., Snn Antonio.
Olllco ftiul Factory 800, 308
Tho liost material now offorcd to tho pnbllu
II. I), utumboiir.
No. G Couimorci Stroot, uonr IJrlduo, Sau Autosilo.
Dyelnir aud scourintr a specialty. Koepn noil leutod stock of Jeans and cnsalrauro sprlrui
hottom pnntaon hand, (luarantooaeutlrosatlar tlon In style, lit aud prices. Itopulrlnir dona
In good Btvln. Ulvohlraacall. 7-Cni
OiVlX A1N 1 U1MU, 1 liAllO
nuortmcnt of tadloa cmbroldorod roho and
and UltlilS
buyers n his Block this winter, Mr. Wolfsui bo
rnnf In nvUtpnn.i. Thtu rnoflnir lit PtulorHDtl bv
Wall Paper, Window Glass,
Ilou.ston St. Sun Antonio.
H.. Laredo Street, San Antonio.
forstreota and aldowalk mvinir. I'rlcos First.

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