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The San Antonio Light.
A.W. Ouroiti), Tiios.ll. Joiiksoh
rubllshcd dolly, cicoot Sunday, t 110 Tm1
Commerce street. Delivered by carriers
throughout tbo city at 10 ceots week, payable
toouraircnt. Single coplea for sale by news
boys at II couta. Subscription, per year 15.00
In advance.
I IikIi $ IW.i 350.$ 601) JI50U()JM(O
n inches. .. . .... w w lsoro su o
to column I 11 i Si on (0 i no (Kijioo ooao (O
1 column- 20 U0U0 oil 54 ( to m HO (JO U Oil
cents after llrst week, i'cr month 84 cent
I, cgal advertisements $1 tier Inch flrat Inser
tion, 7."i cents Tor carh subju nt Insertion
Ilnmoadvertlcmcn1siarabloon first of each
monlli. Transient adiertlsing payabto In ad
vance. Only metal cuts printed.
All contracts mint bo approved by the Ituil
ne Manager , ,
II. V. Joii.imm l duly authorised tn solicit
for Iho f an Antonio Lkiiit. Subscribers not
receiving their paper will plca.o makcootn
plalnt tn him or at tho olllce. Subscribers arc
warned not to pay their subscription except
ipreftcniallonota properly receipien oui
Thursday. February 14, 1884.
That class of careless fellows who lira
llio prairie grass will havo to look out,
ns the wanton destruction of grass Is now
n felony.
C'KasiNO to advertise tn dull times Is
like tearing out ft dam because the water
Is low. One plan prevents afull reservoir
and the other a full purso.
It is an evidence of tho universal
charity of the country to read what Is
being done so soon for the benefit of tho
flood sullerers In tho East.
No bku. has yet been made that can
ring so loudly ns a good advertisement.
I'cople havo a, habit of believing what
they see mora readily than that what
they hear.
Tin: question and principles of Com
munism havo been pretty thoroughly
discussed through tho columns of the
Liuiit by Its well-Informed correspond
ents, and the light they have thrown
upon this all-absorbing topic should bo
truly appreciated.
Tim comments made regarding the
work of the late special session of the
Legislature by the papers, are not of the
most enthusiastlo and Is Indicative that
the Itourbon press Is preparing to de
mand more work and less party In tho
future from those In power.
TiiK ellbrtsoftho ex-Confederate sol
diers In Virginia to establish n home
for Indigent brother Confederates Is gen
erally being commended to the .publio
nil over tho Union, and Is worthy of all
praise. The Dally Critic, of Washing
ton, we notlcq, authorizes tho Treasurer
of tho organization todrawon It for $100
towards the object.
Tin; Austin Statesman says: "The
people of Texas must arouse themselves
unil shape tho destiny of their State. If
they longer leave their affairs to design
ing politicians, who use government for
the Individual aggrandizement of them
selves and friends, surely the material
condition of Texas must become most
deplorable. Hut can this condition be
come worse than It has grown to be In
the last 12 months '!"
Tin: Waco Examiner is of the opinion
"that tho day of the narrow gungo Gov
ernor has passed away.". This sentiment
Is In accord with one made by tho Light
some months ago, when It said ordinary
Governors possessed qualifications neces
sary to gqyern a Stato composed of all
Democrats, but he was hardly equal to
the occasion of ruling Texas at this day
with her diversified Interests and cosmo
politan people.
Tin: Martin Hall says: "Every patrlotlo
and liberal minded citizen will heartly
npprovo the views expressed and main'
tnined by tho Democraoy of Texas who
havo so emphatically manifested their
faith In the benefits of cduoatlon. The
pledges of the party have been faithfully
carried out and every succeeding year
marks a step forward In perfecting a
good nnd elllclcnt free school system
In a few years Texas will have the best
free school system on the continent.
She lias got the money to do It nnd a
publlo sentiment to baok It. No state In
the Union possesses greater resources In
this respect."
O.nh great advantage possessed by
American machinery over that of Encllsh
Is Its light weight. The llrltlsh Consul
in Mexico, 3Ir. L. Garden, In a recent
report, says: "In a general way, It may
he said that It Is the weight of English
maoulnery whlon places It at such a ills-
advantage when compared with that
from other countries, and especially from
the United States. In Mexico, owing to
the enormous freights, and the great ex-
pense of handling, It often happens that
bulky articles of no great value have to
pay for transport alone, from the factory
to the City of Mexico, from 50 to 100 per
cent, or their original cost, independent
of the duties (if the goods are dutiable)
and other charges and commissions, and
Independent also of tho further cost of
transport to their ultimate destination.
It stands to reason, therefore, that the
iignier a macnine can tie built, without
prejudice to its'strengfn and durability,
the better It Is suited to this market; and
the position that Americin machines
occupy hero to-day l due, In very great
measure, to tho recognition of this fact
by American manufacturers."
Tim llcllcvlllo Times, in commenting
on an article In the I.iniir regarding tho
attack inado by tho friends of Governor
Ireland upon Mr. l'cter Smith, of Fort
Worth, says: "Xobody mode any attack
upon Mr. Smith so savago but that ho
will survive It. A fow papers mildly
hinted that they preferred others, but
long before Tray, lllnncho anil Sweet
heartwho try to hound down every
good man who comes before tho publio
could get their voices pitched In con
cert, Mr.Smlth.ln n dignified and manly
letter, announced that ho was not nlleld.
Some few small wits of tho press, who
never linil heard of Mr. Smith nnd nre
not sura who Is Governor now, tried to
get off some witticisms nt hlscxpcnso;
nnd that Is all that the I.mnr litis on
which to base Its sweeping charges
against the friends of Governor Ireland."
The Times went oil' prematurely, and
for that reason missed tho target, and Is
not well posted on tho matter upon
which It speaks so oracularly and dog
matically. The Houston 1'ost accused
Mr. l'cter Smith of being n party to tho
alleged plot between Flournoy, the Gal
veston Xows and others to defeat Gov
ernor Ireland, nnd charged him with
being tho tool of Huntington and the
railroads and their chosen candldato
for Governor. They oven smuggled this
baseless charge Into tho Fort Worth
Gazette. Tho Houston Post Is tho
henchman of Governor Ireland. These
facts fully warranted the remarks of tho
LmiiT to which tho Times takes ex
ception. It has now been many years since men
havo either been riomlnnted or elected
to any olllco without passing through n
long course of solicitation, canvassing,
hand-shaking, pipe-laying, Intriguing
and Juggling, nnd this single fact attests
but too clearly the degeneracy of the
times. Why should not-tho people In
sist upon electing tho ablest, most ex
perienced, and purest men, nnd con
temptuously pass by professional olllco
seekers who make politics n trade? This
Is the reform which Is most needed,
North and South, nnd candor compels
us to say that without thlsreform cor
ruption Is bound to destroy tho fabric of
liberty. The peoplo themselves must
Introduce this much-needed reform, of
electing men who do not seek public
olllco by rulo nnd system, but they can
not do so until they conio to regard par
ties ns subordinate to tho public welfare
and only worthy of support whero thoy
pursue a lino of policy which gives
reasonable promise of promoting the
public welfare. The people, nnd not tho
caucus, must, ruia in mo cuoosing or
publio olllcers. There Is another vicious
practice, that has conio into vogue,
which is the Ignoring of the personal In.
tegrlty and habits cf the men who are
elected. The putting of n dtunknrd in
olllce does not reform him, hut It de
grades tho olllco as well as Injures tho
publio service. If a nmn is tricky, In
sincere, unreliable nnd untruthful in his
private relations, ho will carry tho same
traits with him Into olllce. The people
very rarely give any consideration to
this most Important matter, and the re
sult is many publio men command no re
spect and exert no lnlluence. The per
sonal integrity nnd sobriety of all can
didates should be settled berore the peo-
iiu iuiu iur mem. iricKster m lirivtiiit
Ifo will proven trickster lii publio life.
In the Honorable District Court for tlm
County of llexar and State or Teim, No.
1SSS, Louis A. llerteaux Vs. Cutliarllie
TIIBHTATUOrTUXAS tn Iho Sheriff or liny
lug publication or this citation in somo
newspaper published In tbo county of
llexar onco In chcIi week for four mcocfisivo
weeks previous to the return day hereof, you
nowu, to bo und appear buloro th Ille
ourt, to bo holden within and for the
too city of bun Antonio, on Iho llrst .Monday
In March next, then und thero to answer tho
petition of LouU A. Ilorteaui, llled In said
court on tho Had day of November, A, I)., Xtma,
airalntt said Catharine llerloaux, fald suit h
nuuiuuruu anu aikgta in subitanco as
follows to-wltt
That petitioner li an actual bona lido Inhabi
tant ot the. Btalo of Toius, and that ho ha re
sided In llexar county for moro than six
months next preocding the Ming of tbU suit.
commenced tho habit of drinking spirituous
iKjuuiB u vawim hiiu n ua sinco oeooino a
habitual drunkard, ncKlectlug bur houtcbold
duties, and being guilty of oxcesHtw, cruel
treatment and outrage towards petitioner of
such a nature as to rouder their living together
inaimero is no iswo or fiald tnarrugoand
no community property.
Whereforo petitioner prays ror Judgment
forever dissolving tho bonds of matrimony
cxlstlmr between petltioneratiddetenaant and
for such oth funeral and special reller as ho
may in law and equity bo entitled to receive.
Herein fall not, out have you then and thero
before said court this writ with your return
thoreon, ebowlng how you havo executed tbo
Wit DC-
jThoo. IlaMus, Clerk of tho District
court or itexar
Given under my band and the annl nf
counaimyomco.in Ban Antonio,
tmi 31st day ol January, A. I , lS6i.
.. Clerk D. C. II. C.
. Hy il. Ytukri. Deputy.
Issued Januarv .u. luM.
Came to hand Janusry aist, 188t, at 5 o'clock
p. ui, and publication orderul tbo samo day
in tbo ttao Antonio Evening Ugtit.
2-1-4 w
HwlfH gpeelllc'
is entirely a vegetable preparation, and shoud
not bo confounded with tbo various Imitations.
nonscret huinbuom. "Hupcnm Aitnmnt '
all of wblch either contain mercury ant
have lOne llnca tlMn dlsuardul na n
In tho treatment of blood diseases, and none
of them contain a filngle article which enters
into tho composition or Uwli t tfpeclUo. There
is only pneawltt'sBpecltto (3.B. H.J.and thero
uo suro to get
Drawer 3, AtlauU, tia.
Notice to tho Public.
I m prepared to do. In fint-clasa manner, all
'"r vriwu wurK,irimmiufr,paintlni
wood work, i also mako a specialty of h
Shoetnif. UinniKt. Pmnw
l-T-3m Soledad street, cor. Houston.
City Property For Salo !
1. Three nnl one half ncrci on Nftcomlochca
utrcct. running tnBdii l'clrn crook, with tm
pro vein en if", nnoiruit ore nam onirrouna.
2. IitnllHful 4, Mnck ft. 8n l'dm avenue
3. ltfl. block?. San rcdrotucmio.
4. Two ru tn Oanlen nt recti running
thnnitfh to rrcn tnt.
ft. IO l on (south I'reM Mreet running to Gar
den street, with linprmcmenu,
A. Ixim Kn. 12 and IX hloek IK corner 1,1 to
Onk find iMwuon Mrecte, with improvement.
7, Two lota with Improvenmnla, on Sixth
Btrtrt, between Atcmua 1 and V..
U. mvo lorn, eorncr Austin una urnrpon
utrevta. Immediately cast turn of street
V. Klfty-twoacre,
mod lately m lo
river irotu . ,
10. iita wiin nnpiorctnoniann uar&iaiTrci,
near Man 1'rdrn rtax. JIoumj twontoryf
beautifully Incatod.
11. Twcntytourncred, lot 310, west of Sao
Tednirreek, at cromlDfC or International and
Hunnet nllronrt.
13. llouioand lot corn or North Concho ana
HUWuu Rtrettf, on Franklin rjuare.
I. 1. Cntlre Mock No 1, and 8 lots lu block
Nn nn Tar Avrnuo.
14. Pour Iota lu block No. Sfi, nbovu Upper
ir. Tt n lots In block No, 5, nbovc Upiof
Lah -r ditch.
II, Plttrcn Inta on (iMnd nvrntie. ncarLnno
Star brewery, riinnlinr buck lorltcr.
17. Thrcoand no hair lot In Pout home
stead, curncr Commerce, Husk and North
1. li"ltaln lot No. 72, near Propert hill
Rtrrct railway, at prices tmiutute from $100 ti
S 2.1 a lot, on ran y term, ty Injr west of I ntenm
tmnal depot, and east of AUxan creek.
1 Pivi acres runnlnir from Camden street
to upper uinnrinirn.
'M, 'Hi rrt lots
i P.luilrn. street, corner Trcn-
ton nvenuo
i Jackson street.
vein cut's kit
2X Soioruytlvo lots on ent stdo of Austin
street, atiovo Hunset round Imits".
24. Twenty flvo lots on llurlcson, Lamar,
Hoys and Iturnctt street.
&. Twenty-ono acres on South Florep street,
runnlnir back torher.
20. Ail protrty iKiionmiitrto Messrs. Auama
Pedro sprlntrs and other parts of tbo city,
which wo otter at HN-ral nrlees, and on easy
terms; alwi, all their Irrlgublo lands la and
about tho city.
Wo will examine titles, write conveyances
attend to tho renting of bouses, ncgotlnto
loans on reasonable, term. Notary publio at
Cltatlou by Publication,
Till. STATC OF TKXAS, To tho SherlfT or
liny Constable or llexar County, Greeting:
Whereas, oath baa been made before mo by
Jotm llosthardt, tbat A- Honlonl Is a trausfcut
person whoso resldeiro Is unknown, no that
tho ordinary proccns cannot Ims served upon
him, you aro tbcreforo oointiinuded that by
unking publication of Hits citation In soma
nowsprtper published In tbo Couutyof Hexar
for foursuceewltu weeks previous to tlm re
turn day hereof, ou sutninou tbo said A.
Ilordoulto bo and appear bernro ino at my
olllco lu tbo City of Haa Antonio, Ilcxar Conn
tv. Texas, on tho second Mondurln March. It
befog tbo 10th day of March, A. D.lt&t, at 10
o'clock u. m then and there to answer the
complaint of John Ilnafshardt In an action of
debt Tor t$2fl) Tweny-Hve Dollars, on a sworn
account, and duo to said Jobn llisnhardt ror
rent ror the months or December, lWi.1, and
January, A. D. 181.
Herein tall not, but duo service and return
nmko ol Ibis writ ns tho law directs.
(Jlven under my hand thlsftlst day nf Janu
ary, ltw4, Anton Apam,
JuKtlcoof tho Peace Precinct No. 1, IV? jar
Camo to hand February 1, 1884, nt 10 o'clock
a. in. and executed February 1, lfW4. hr caus
ing this citation to bo published in tho Han
Antonui Lkiiit, a newspaper miblUhed In tho
City of San Antonio, llexar County, Stat of
Texas for four succcssho weeks from date
hereof. FiiF.n lum:n,
Constahlo Hexar County.
Alamo Saloon, Alatno I'laxa
Choicest liquors, wines and cordials. First
class restaurant attached, conducted on tho Ku
ropean plun; French cooking; private supper
rooms; all kinds of dlsbes, nytcrs, tlsh. game,
salad etc., served to order. Open day and
night. Mt-27d
and Hues a speciality. Ever
wn i ranted to draw free, and
Pnqulre or address, Ucorgo Dullnlg's Ilulld-
Sands of Life.
Timo nor tide waits for no man, but tho sands
of life-continue, to tlow on And on, year after
year, never stopping, never hesitating in Its
work of waste, unless occasioned by a Cough,
Cold or somo Lung A Hoc t Ion whero Dr. lloa
anko's Cough and Lung Syrup arrests it and
makes the span of life its allotted thrco score
and ten. (Jo to C. Schasse, A. Drolss, orL.
to glvo away.
Piles are freouentlv Drecoded br a sense of
welirht In tho back, loins and lower part of tho
abdomen, causing tho patient to supposo ho
hassomealfoctlonof tbo kidneys ornelghbor-
' organs,
i present.
ulnrly at night after getting warm in bed, is a
very common attendant. lUlnd Weeding aud
ucmng t'ues yieiu hi once in ido appucanonpi
Dr. Iloaauko's Pll Hemedr, which acts directly
Affcnt For Tho
Standard Canning Com'y,
Of Corpus Clirlstl, Tex.
I am now dally reoelvlns; fresh oysters and
fish In lariro quantities, and am prepared to
furnish our people fish or oysters in any quan
tity at a moderate ralo. Also, have a Osh
stand nt blif market, on Market street, which
will bo open from & a. m. to 0 a.m. every day
Telephone No. SX).
kind of akin humor, and after bclnir treated
Uvo months by my family physician, was Klven
up to die. Tho druirirlst recommended Swlft'a
bpecitlc, and the etloct was as uratlfylnir as It
was miraculous. My child soon not well, all
traces of tho disease l none, and ho Is as fatas
Plf. . , J. J. KlHKLAND.
Mlndcn, Husk County, Toias.
1 havo suffered for many years from ulcers
pn my loirs, ptten very lariro and painful, dur
ing which tlmo I used almost every thine to
cltuct a euro, hut in vain. I took Swlft'a gpo
cltlo 1) advlco of a friend, and la a short time
was cured sound and well.
Edwin J. Milieu, lloaumont, Terns.
I have been afflicted with Scrofula for IS
years, aud have had sores on mo as lariro as a
man's hand for that length ot time. Last sum
mer I was so bad off that I could not wear
clothlnir. I had spent hundreds of dollars In
tho effort to bo cured, but all to no purpose,
and had lojured myself with Mercury and
Potash. Your Swift's Speclflo cured me
promptly and permanently, and I bono ovory
like sufferer will take It. H.UIlKill,
Lnkonl, Ark.
Our Treatise on Wood and Skin Diseases
mailed free to applicants.
Drawer 3, Atlanta, Ua.
New York office, 1.111 V. 21 Btroot. between
Uth and Seventh Avenues.
for Salo by
Formerly with Land Department Interna
tional and Orcat Northern railway.
202 Commerce St. for. Aavarro,
Upstairs over Ilium & KoenlgIwrger'a, fan
Antonio Texas. Western agent for tho New
York nnd Texas Laiid company, limited,
owner of tho International and Orcat
Northern and Houston and J rest Northern
rallrosd land vrantsand other lands. 11-7-flm
From Joseph 1.) lie's Land.
Will furnish any quanllty to tho publio at
rrasonablo rat'-s. Irtlos desiring tn mako
special contmcts will please call on A. llrunl,
X'A Military plaza, telephone' 231. Depot at
Stoves lumber yard. l-2fl-.1tn
245 Alarket St.,;San Antonio.
Honse Rentine Agency, Land Asts.
33 Soledad street. I f you want toborrow inonoy
go to them; if you want to buy or sell land go
to them; it you want to loan money on good
security call on them; If you want Information
about lands or laud titles call nu them; if you
want houses rented, and tbo renta promptly
collected, call upon them: If you want correct
fTunerals Furnished With Every Iteqnlsll..
Special attention (riven to forwarding bodies
to all parts of tho United States. (Telephone
connection rall. alt""!! dar pit rduM
Flotel property In I lew mo, Teias, situated on
tho Public SQuaro and tho bank of Clbolo
Creek. The houso has 'M rooms, 000 feet of
promenado gallery, two-etory, has 2H acres of
ground, with an orchard of select fruit trees;
also allnegardon. Has two wells and a cistern
with force, pumps and irrigating machinery.
Plentr of stabln room, and is tho stago stand
io.21,26,27, 52 73
Stables Corner of Avenue E and Houston
street. Connected by telephone, A ordors
promptly attended to, day or night. Tftlephon
mnneotfnn Nn. Itnrt.
American House
Uoerno, Tex., AW. Barr, Prop.
home comforts ns can bo found anywhere.
Well ventilated rooms, best or beds and moro
veranaan promenado than any other houso in
tbo State, ruro well and cistern water. Aa a
nca i in resort uoerno nas no equal in Texas,
eapeciauy ior pulmonary complaints.
dully malls a
Tl'e Dell In the World,
Searj F.itiiils1 Sreedt'Loading Sia.Eon.
Acont for Lefeyer Ilammrrleu Ouni. No. 210
..jujim, sireut, Ban Antoulo, Toias. wend
Wholesale and Itotail Dcalcis la
Wines, Lipors, Beer, Cigars,
and Manufacturer of
Kumtnel, Anisette, extract of Hoarhound. tta.
KrUch's ball, corner Houston and North
noros streets, Ban Antonio. 1-5-iy
k. rr
Gr. H. & S. Pl'lT. SYSTEM-
Train leaving (J.l K p TUT
Houston at o.iu r, xvx.
. .Third
The Great California Route
Through New Mexico anil Arlt
I.OS ANOr.I.09,Cal.
KKEMNn, Cal.
MlillClU), Cal
SAN JOfli;, Cal.and
sauhami:nto, cai.
The manairemcnlof this Orcat Transcontinental routo, which has, until recently, operated
The Longest Continuous Bleeping Car Service In th. World, ItetniAn NI!W OHLKANS
Iveenlmr nn ever watchful ere nn tho detnandsnf
thornuirhly vcntllau-d car In wallinjr nt llcminir. ami, durlnir tho lunch Interval, to transfer per
sonal bairs-airc to said car, tho passengers to occupy their sumo rolatlvo imsltlon In tho now
car thus virtually making no chuniro but for tho bettor. I-1 ir Information regarding rates,
time, etc., can on or auurcss tuo agents oi
T. l'.NICIIOLS, Ticket Agent,
T. W. ri'.IUCK, JR., O.
International & Great Northern Ry.
Tillies Corel ill 3DToot X3oo. IO, lOOO :
ICS" Leave San Antonio, bound north, nt7;t.'n.m., litis p. m. Arrlvo 4A p. m. and a p. m.
Ikovo for Laredo 11 p. m., arrive from Larodo 7:1.1 a. m. Mixed train leaving Lared.iSa. m. ar
rives San Antonio 5:M p. m. leaving San Antonio 8a. m. arrives l.ircdoO p. m. Train leaving
Sun Antonio 7:45 a. ui. baa the famous
J.J. CM HIV. Ticket Clerk. IM'iiu., uruo street. Hn Antonln. reiai.
t , a. Houston, lexat. Maivuaii, -luxas. 3t.ixiui8.no.
II. 51 IIOXIK, Third Vlci-1'rcsldcnt, M. Ijul, Mo.
Fall and Winter Goods
In tho latest stylos. Most beautiful DlinS 0001)3 over
before opened In tho city.
In ul I tho latest shades and styles. Tho flnovt
ollur novelties In embroidered fabrics. Including Trench organdies, etc., as well
ns tho latest styles of satoeusand wo re tod (roods and nn endless stock
nf laces, scarfs handkerchiefs, cloves, ladles cloaks, wraps,
and fHl articles or ladles furnhhlnir floods tnr fall
and winter In tho latest dcslirns.
i have Just received the largest and most varied stock of men's, youths' and' boys'
clothing ever brought to Wcatorn Texas, dent's tarnishing goods for rail
and winter, cimprlsing everything for gen- 1
tlemen's complete outfit.
Overcoats, Hats, Boots,
Crin asking tho attention of the fumlturo buyers to his stock this winter, Mr. Wolfsoi be
Doves that ho Is advertising for their good as well as his own. Tho assortment Is larger than
evor before, Including the newest and best mado. Thoroare many now and beautiful designs
In parlor and chamber furniture, of flrat-clasa workmanship, In great variety and all that Is
now. A full stock of matresses and boddlng. The
Offers most that Is new, and additions aro being mado dally. Customers aro invited to mak.
comparison boforo purchasing eUowhero. L. WOLFSON, northwest corner Mafn plaia.
S33 nnd t!35 IJast Houston St. Sim Antonio.
Practical Book Binder and Ruler
Opp. Court Houso, Solctlnd St., San Antonio.
tVAU kinds of binding and ruling douo with neatness, durablhlty and dispatch. Competitl n
'in prices deded, 728-m
B"3TR.nSTES cfe KSnn,
2UOommorce street. Agents for the
Most durable, economical and host Are proof roof In eilitenon. This rUoflng is endorsed by
the Hoard ot Underwriters and ChioU or Flro departments of all lariro cities as tbo best anil
roost popular lira proof roofs In use. In St, Louis 30 por oent. ot all the buildings sr. onvered
.with It. ' In ChloagoSout of every buildings In Are limits are covered with It. 1-DO-tf
Th. Tfttli:
IttJU "
12:( Nmm.
JT p.m.
first-class travel, hns decided to have a fresh.
ins u.ii, x a. a, u i . r3ii i;.
1'. 11. 1'ltKICIt. Ticket Agent,
Alcnger Hotel, Knu Antonio,
r, Agont, Houston, Teiab
Hotel car i
A.0. 1'. A. II. C. 'lOW.NSiiNU, O. P. A.
aisortment of lidlos' oinbroldenl roboi an
Shoes, Clotting, Etc.

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