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$10,000 KEWAllD
for any one telling satne qual
ity of liquor as cheap aa we do,
by the bottle, gallon, barrel or
Old California Wines !
llio only place In San An
tonio to And fine old California
wines, In any quantity, and at
low figures Is at
San Antonio Light.
Uol. HID. IRo. 93.
Snn ttntonlo, TTcyns, Gbnrstmu, Hpvll 17, 1 884.
acn Cents a Wcch
Column. Special nnnounccmctit for
Bargains !
:!0Q pieces lace buntings u.t 0 cents per
700 pieces llgttred lawns nt C cents per
300 pieces bleached sheeting, yard
wide, 11 yards for SI.
2000 pieces fancy prints at 3 cents per
75 pieces bed ticking ntBcentrpcr
Also In stock elegant lines of
All tlio above will positively be sold
at greatly
jgrOur ladles' neckwear department
ennnot be surpassed In quality, style or
BSfA very large stock of cotton ging
hams, and seersuckers; also, full line of
linen tolle dunord at 10c, 12 l-2o., 15o,
and 20c. per yard.
SSOur boot and shoe department Is
now complete In all Its branches, and
this stock will be sold at extreme low
SSj-Our gents' clothing, furnishing
goods and hat department Is full, and the
styles and quality are unsurpassed.
8rA few pieces of Brussells and In
grain carpeting In stock, and will be
sold at New York cost. Call and see us.
A. KAHN & CO.,
Cor. Main plaza'andVc'st Commerce st.
Appflranes ofthe Country Beyond Covered With
tho Refuse of San Anlonlo--The Mexi
can Beggar Setltemeut.
1'isterday afternoon at the Invitation
of Dr. Vlado n Lwiit reporter accom
panied him In his buggy across tho Ala
zan creek, for the purpose of inspecting
the Prospect 1 1 1 1 1 street railroad and the
condition ofthe country In that direc
tion. The railroad has been graded for
at least half n mile the other side of tho
creek, while the creek Itself lias been
considerably widened nttlio point where
the brldgo Is now up, to allow of any
great overflow when the floods
come on. It Is said tho- brldgo
Is three feet abovo tho highest point tho
water can rise to. After critically ex
amining the street railway which, by the
wny, must soon be llnlshed, tho doctor
told the LiciiiT man he would like to
show him the uncouth and disgusting
appearance of the country beyond tho
hospital which was erected during the
small-pox scare, and which was tho out
come ofthe work done by tho scavengers
of the olty. Tho spot arrived at, the
doctor's words wcro fully illustrated.
In front, behind, at the left, on tho right,
scattered nnd blown over a great area,
emitting a loathsome odor and present
ing a Borry sight were the remains which
had been collected In tho city for years
and deposited with no further consider
ation across the Alazan, Far nnd near
bits of glned, paper, rags and other re
fuse, clung to the short grass, while
what little road there Is was scattered
over with old tin cans. Did thoso in
authority never think that this saino
plaoe might some day become n beauti
ful suburb of San Antonio, habitations
grow up and people go out to live there?
Evidently not, nnd still the same old
preoept Is stuck by through thick and
thin, "A present good for a future evil."
As a climax to tho view soveral Mexican
women wcro to ho seen on their knees,
bending low over the piles of refuso and
soraicuing nt mem wiiii sticks to obtain
anything they could lind palatable, any
thing, anything. Glad to get away
from the spot the drive was oontlnueu,
when suddenly the liorse came to n dend
stop before what seemed to a immature
village. "This," said the doctor, '-is the
.Mexican ucggnr settlement." Unly on
a lovel with tho surrounding mcsqultc,
ono would drive right past this abode
of llltli without having tho slightest
knowledco of its existence, for It Is nnltr
those who know of It could possibly lind
it. Tho houses, If one may call them so,
are built of tin, racs. old clothes
and other cast oil articles of
civilization anu about as hlch
as n middle- sized man. To enter
tnem you must kneel down and crawl on
all fours. A number of young, strong
looking men came out (rather an anom
oly to call them beggars), but as their
homes are on the doctor's property we
were treated with the greatest possible
civility; the women were most of them
cuttinc oi tue noeutes on tho cactus, ami
cooking them, together with lumps of
uuru uiuck urenu, grass anu otucr com
ponents, for tho midday meal. Tho chll-
Iron otnroil wltli nn Iillnl ,1,, 1,
unwashed and scarcely clotl'iei' tilth nmi
misery everywhere, while in tho dis
tance tuo sun was sinning on tho
churches and line residences of San An
tonio. Time to CO said the dnntnr. nml
In half an hour the Light man was in
civilization again.
His Meeting With, and Remarks to, the Baptist
Church Members last Night,
Dr. Carroll, who arrived In town yes
terday evening, was present at tho Bap
tlst church meeting, but as it was too
late and the reverend gentleman being
very fatigued, after his late journey, he
did not preach, but made a few remarks
to tho following point : That he could
scarcely realize his present situation:
that just 23 years ago this month when
a wild, weaty and worn young man he
llrst saw San Antonio, and which sight
seemed to throw n magic spell over liis
mum aim uouy; mat nis nrst impression
had been deepened by nn incident of his
early ministry, which was as follows :
lie dreamt that he was rldlnir ulnnir n
hlehwav which craduallv became more
and more familiar. When he arrived at
an old stono powder house, and looking
up,-he discovered that he was again In
San Antonio. Hero he was overwhelmed
with the strongest d snos t on to ills
mount and pour out his' soul to God for
the snirltual welfare of this cltv. Dr.
Carroll then spoke a few eloquent and
Imnresslve wonts nnnn tlin fifttli nlinntnr
of Isaiah, which the leader of the prayer
meeting had read a few moments alter
the doctor's entry into tho church. It
was, lie said, tho llrst scripturo ho had
ever heard read his mother had read
and repeated It to him so often In his
earliest childhood that every passage of
it had been burned into his meinnrv.
After a few moro remarkB the meeting
uru'.e up.
Slim Attendance of the Dissatisfied Nothing
The call of tho dissatisfied colored lie
publicans for a convention brought out
but a meagre crowd last night. The
meeting was not called to order until
o'clock, with II. O. Smith In the ohalr,
W. Jf. Dlokoy was chosen permanent
chairman and AY. Gaines secretary,
DloVey stated that the meeting was
called for the purpose of expressing the
dissatisfaction ofthe colored Itepublloah
citizens of Snn Antonio at tho manner
In which last Saturday's convention was
conducted, the colored folks realizing
that they had been left and now pro
posed to tako some action. Calls were
then made for Mr. Itldge Paschal, but
Dave Williams said that as Paschal was
member of the convent on nnd would
likely endorsolts action ho would rather
near some one cise nrst n. smiiu
took the floor and delivered a tirade
trainst cllnucs andrlntrsand denounced
certain men, who, ho said, seemed to
think they carried the licpubllcan vote
or Jtexar county in tueir pocKet. uavo
Williams. Shed Porter and Itldee Pas
chal also spoko and Anally somebody
asked tho pertinent question, "What are
we hero for?" One wanted to organize
on general principles, another wunted
to organlzo and be Independent and go
with cither llenublicans or Democrats
as they deemed advisable. Somebody
else made a motion to adjourn, subject
to the call of the chair, and the grand
uascoenueu as sticn tilings usually no
In nothing.
The Creat American Woman Lawyer as Pen
Pictured by a Correspondent.
Cdltor Ban Antonio Light t
W Asmxoto.v, D. C, April 0, 1831. It
as onco said by a wag that Washing
ton City contnlned three of tho greatest
liars In tho United States Tom Ochil
tree being one, and ills frntidulency,
Itutheriord II. Hayes, being tho other
two; and a lady friend of ours writing to
Texas, said Washington City boasted
three of the greatest lawyers In tho
United States the milled and bemullled
Attorney General, firewater, bulng one,
and Ilelva A. I.ockwood being tho other
two. It Is said that tho llrst necessary
element In a great lawyer's make up, Is
brass; tho second, Is "brass;" nnd the
third, Is "brass." If this be true then
wo are satlslled that Ilelva is tho other
two. Let me show you Ilelva. It Is 11
clock a. in., scene 1-cdcral court
room, Washington, 1). C. Tho accused
Is bctore tho bar. Tho court room is
lilted with witnesses and spectators.
The wife of tho accused Is seated by tho
side of tho spiritual adviser, Doc
tor Sunderland. All Is Bllcnce, except
the murmur of subdued conversation.
Tho only persons standing nro Ilelva
a. j.ooKwoou, Attornoy ni l.nw, ami
tho District Attorney, with whom sho Is
conversing. She Is about lve feet, six
Inches tall, has a heavy suit of gray
hair, rolled back from a broad forehead
In Pompadour style. She Is plainly
dressed In a dark suit of woolen goods,
has rather a good face, with a good sized
noso and mouth. Wo Bald she was in
conversation with the District Attor
ney by that wo mean she was doing
I lie talking, anu no tuo listening ior an
occasional nod of the head indicated
that ho was simply paying attention.
Sho didn't give him a clinnco to say a
Oh. vest Oh. ves: tho Judco of the
Criminal Court of tho District of Colum
bia," etc., etc., cried the Deputy Mar
shal, and all was Bllcnt. Judge Carter
entered me room, ascenueu tne steps
and seated himself upon the wool sack.
You know, Mr. Editor, in these old
court rooms the Clerk's desk Is in front
ofthe Judge's stand nnd surmounted by
a raiunir. anu wnen tue uuuite is com
fortably seated he directs tho Clerk to
call tho roll ofthe attorneys present for
motions, anu tne attorney Keeps ms seat
until his name Is called. He then rises
and respectfully nddresses tho court from
his place, and ho Is not expected to ad
dress tho court until his name Is called.
But this slow way of doing business
didn't seem to suit Mrs. Eockwood,
for tho Judge bad hardly seated
himself before she rushed around behind
the clerk's desk, propped her elbow on
tue juuge s stanu, anu commenced, vig
orously, talking In his face. The Judgo
tiled In vain to wave her oil', but she
held her place manfully. Wo eouldn't
hear what she was saying, but Anally the
Judge addressed the Prosecuting Attor
ney and asked: "What's In this case
anynowt" me Attornoy torn mm it
was the case of a poor colored woman
charged with some' trivial ofl'ensc ; that
sho was In jail, about to b confined, and
was unable to give bond. The Judge
said : " Oh, oh! then let her be released
on her own recoirnlzanco." So Mrs.
I.ockwood gained hcrpolnt. This being
accompusueu, suo uivcu uown into a
deep, long pocket and dragged out a
bundlo of papers and commenced again
talking vehemently to the Judge, but
this time it didn't work ho ordered the
clerk to call the roll, and Mrs. Look
wood was only suppressed by the strong
er voice of the Attorney moving for a
continuance oi tne criminal case men
before the court. Uespectfullv,
. , Jmwykii.
Church Celebration,
To-morrow from 12 m. to 11:30 p. ir
the ladles of tho Kplscpal church will
dispense an elegant lunch to all comers
In the building formerly occupied by the
ivaterworKs company. uumuo, ice
cream nnd all kinds of delioacies. As
this Is for the church, it is the dutv of
all to attend, If possible, and give their
Set fo'r Trial.
The caso of Slover vs. II. Hunt, n suit
for rent was continued by consent of
both parties yesterday In Justice Adam
oourt. The following cases are set for
trial to-morrow : Uojruzovcskl vs. A. G
Fry. a suit on sworn account for paint-
on sworn account for merchandise sold
tuo defendant, valued at about 31IS0,
, The Muslo Festival.
The programme for the muslo festival
next week will be printed to morrow,
and It can bo said In all truth that It lm
braces a vide range of Ane musical
selections and the best from the greatest
muslo composers. This festival is much
more of an event than Is credited to it
and will be attended by a large number
oi persons irom neigtiDonng, towns, ana
Dan jiniomo peopm suouiu give 11
most liberal Bupport.
Yellow Fever at Vera CruiThe Sharon Divorce
Case Destruction oft Nevada Town
by Fire. -Other News.
XtitrtASKa City, April 10. The Itcpub-
llcan convention of tho First Congres
sional district elected T. J,, ltccd and
Church Howe delegates to Chicago,
ltcsolutlons to Instruct tho dclcgntes for
Itlalne were voted down. Iloth tho
delegates will support Arthur as llrst
Montrk.u, April 10. Tho low lying
parts oi the city are under water. At
otnt St. Charles tho pcoplo are using
rafts. Along Ilonavcnture street water
waist deen. The river Is packed with
lee and should the present weather con
tinue it will Inevitable bring down tho
laKe ice anu cause most serious uamagc.
St. Louh, April 10. I.ate advices
from Vera Cruz say that yellow fever
prevails there, and that 13 deaths oc
cured In one dny of last week. Among
the deaths was an American named
C. K. Powers, formerly connected with
the Mexican Central railroad. The
American consul, who had fever, haste-
Nr.w York, April 10. A cocking main
between llrooklyn and Jersey City birds
took place last night nt n Coney Island
sporting resort. Tho stakes wcro $.100
side and $50 nn each battle. Brooklyn
won tho main with Ave battles out of
ino fouulit. Tlirco hundred of tho
sporting fraternity wcro present and
lienvy betting prevailed.
TitucKKE, April 10. No particulars of
the burning of tho town of Wndsworth
In Novada yesterday. Tho lire started
under tho platform of tho railroad do
pot. A hlch wind was blowing, nnd in
two hours the whole town, excepting n
few private dwellings, was destroyed.
Losses, $85,000; Insurance $15,000. It
nau a population oi uuu.
CtuniESTOx, April 10. The State
Democratic convention met here this
morning for the purpose of sending del
egates to the Presidential convention at
Chicago. The convention was called to
oruer at iu a. m. ty i. 11. Leonard
Chairman of the State Exeoutlvo com
mittee. The convention adopted the
following resolution : Kesolved. That
Samuel J. Tllden is our llrst cholco for
lUi.icioii, April 10. It was announced
that the State Democratic Executive
committee would meet to-day. The
Stato convention Is called at llalclgh on
June 2; A resolution was adopted ap
proving tho plank In tho platform advo
cating the abolition of the Internal rev
enue system as onerous anu oppressive,
and commanding the faithful and earn
est Democratio representatives of North
uarouna to secure sucn a result.
San Franxisco, Cal., April 10. In tho
Sharon divorce suit to-day, Mrs. Fannlo
M. Sampson testified that Miss Hill told
her In March, 18S3, that she had been en
gaged to Sharon, but It was then all
broken off and she was coiner to sue htm
for breach of promise. Miss Hill asked
witness to uein ncr in tne case, ir sue
won. would eivo herSlOO.OOO. On cross-
examination the witness acknowledged
she had received. money from Sharon to
cover tne expenses in minting up wit
CoL'jMnu, S. C, April 10. The lte-
publtcan State convention selected tho
following delegates from the State at
large unlnstructed : L. M. Brnyton, In
ternal Itevenno Collector; W. N. Taft
postmaster at Charleston; Congressman
Kobert Small and Samuel Lee. Tho fol
lowing delegates were selected by the
district conventions, unlnstructed : First
district J. M. Freeman and E. M
Weber: Second district Harry Sim
mons and E. S. Smith; Third district-
is. F. Dlodgett nnd II. W. lioone; Fourtti
unit n strict K. t:. mouov nnu K. 11.
Debbie; Sixth district D. f. Corbln nnd
is. 11. ueas. scvcntii district i. .i
Johnson and Georire II. Thompson. 'I hi
convention, after passing resolutions of
conuoience wnu uenerai uruni anu en
dorsing the administration of President
Arthur as wise, economical and Just and
witnout reproacu or stain, aujourneu.
Montgomery, Ala., April 10. About
o'clook this morning the report of the
Credentials committee was adopted and
the Strobach ticket from Montgomery
was selected. Thomas Walker, colored
was selected as permanent chairman
and the convention adjourned to 10
o'clook. Up to this hour the time has
been consumed in speaking. Much dis
satisfaction Is felt at the remit of tho
Credentials committee vote.- The dele
gates Just elected from the Stato a, large
are George Turner, C. C. Sheets, G.
llaxdell and J. O. Duke. Tho Mont
gomery district elected Paul Strobach
anu ueorgo wasmngton. i no conven
tion adjourned at 0 o ulook; J. W. Jones
(colored! and Arthur llineham are elec
tors at large. Just before adjournment
a Banner was nung out on tne stanu in
scribed. "Our Choice. Chester A. Arthur:
Second Choioe, John A. Logan." The
banner will be taken to Chicago. The
platform afilrms the Platform of 1SS0
;t.nnn- ; l..llnn (.111
favors the protective tariff, denounces
the convict system of Alabama, and
says tne extraorainaruy prosperous con
dition of the business of the country
mainly due to Arthur's successful ad
ministration. Arthur on tho llrst ballot
ill pet in out of 20 votes at Chicaro.
The nomination of tho Stato ticket Is
left to the Stato commttteo with full
powers. George Turner was re-ciecteu
cnairman oi tue state committee.
The List of Civil Cases Disposed of This
Several cases wcro set for hearing on
the civil docket of tho District court this
morning, of which disposition was mado
follows: J. I), llogers, et al, vs. Sam
Maverick, continued by consent; Paris
. Hall vs. Mary A. Hall, arbitration
It, dismissed for wnnt of prosecution;
Joseph Foster ct at, vs. Ursula Castro et
al. trespass to trv title. Mrs. Ida E. Fos
ter, wife of Joseph Fostcr.dcceascd, was
maue one oi inn parties piaintiu in ncr
husband's place, and Judgment was
Given for nlalntms for the
premises soul and allowing iu
ior improvements on mo property;
ucorgo u. i.esirr vs. ino international
nnu urcnt Aortlicrn railway company,
dismissed at plaint lira cost; Felix Hay-
ood vs. International nnd Great North
ern railway, dismissed on account of
luiiure to comply Willi tne rule lor costs;
junction suit nnd trespass to try title to
anu. judgment given ior tielcnuant.
It Is not known vet when the riMnaln-
Ing Indictments against county olllclnis
in uo tricu.
Orphans' Cenefit.
Tho third annual orphans' benefit by
Sanders & Eberhardt and their company
comes off nt Turner hall this afternoon
and to-ntght. Tho programme embraces
all the best features of a mlnstral exhi
bition, nnd nil who participate are ex
cellent In their roles. Somo most excel
lent singing and muslo will be enjoyed.
Tho entire Eighth cavalry band com
poses tho orchestra. Tho performance
in no ricniy worm attcnuing.
Now Church,
Work was commenced this morning
on tho foundation for tho Christian
church building on Camden street. Tho
building Is to bo n frame structure sub
stantlnllv built, and luditlnc from the
plans mm spvciiicauons, win no one oi
tne neatest anu most comionnuio cuurcii
bu Id ncs In tho c tv. Tho work will bo
pusiieu rnpiuiy lorwaru anu tne uuuu
ing completed at tho earliest possible
Cleaning Out a Policeman.
n interesting light occurred Just
across tho San Pedro this morning when
'oltcemnn Westmoreland undertook to
arrest Eliza Hell and Sarah Leo as being
vagrants. These Bable lined damsels
dented the allegation nnd proceeded to
;o lor mat policeman most vigorously,
lis hnt nnd clothes showed plalniv tho
signs of tho fray, but ho Anally managed
to get them up before tho ltccorder who
Erocccdcd to vindicate tho outraged law
y fining them $5 or Ave days each. Tho
policeman win nccii a new uai.
His Little Scheme to See the Show,
"Ma, did tho wicked children say 'Go
up, old baldheaded,' to good Elijah?"
"cs, dear."
"And did the bears como nnd cat
"It Is so tolil us. tnv son."
"And would they come and eat mo If
said 'Go up, old baldhcad,' to pat"
"Would they you?'
"Irnlmhlv not."
"Then, vou sav it to him andl wilt
give you live cents to sco tuo uears.--
Lesson From the Sanctum.
From the 1'lillaJo phla Call.
Dairyman Hero Is n reply to some
strictures of yours on milkman, and I
wish you would print It.
Editor (after glancing It over) Why,
thla l iienrlv two columns In length.
Dairyman Well, you have plenty of
rnnm. I f?uess.
JSUltor nut it uocsn't say anyiuiiig in
particular. All you have here could be
condensed Into a quarter of a column.
limrvman i lien vou won t use it.
Editor Ccrtalnlv not. Before rushing
Into print you should lcnrn not to water
your inougnts.
Some of the Superstitions In Vogue Among
irhtcwr" IntriTl'".
"I'vo seen men who wouldn't sit down
to a game when nil the chairs but ono
were full, and then I've seen Borne who
wouldn't tako tho llrst seat. Some old
ornnks wouldn't bet a cent on anything
unless they had a stono with a hole In It
In their pookets. Then L'vo Been men
who wanted a oat In tho room, nnd some
who wouldn't play with a dog near at
hand, and they Armly believed It would
bo bad luck for them to do It. I've Been
men Bit down In n gamo nnd buy a stack
rl,1a ,1 ll, ..lh,lm.l..t (l,n.
cusueu again tney wouiu nuuuciny see
a man with a linger on his left hnnd
miesini? ami lime would seme mat mi mo
for them. Ono ntcht 1 remember
there was a big game of .poker
In progress in a certain pjaoo.
and several thousand dollars had
changed hands. One man was about
S8.000 ahead and was betting pretty
linnvr. 'I'hii cnnio had benn in tiroerress
all nlL'ht. and. ns tho forenoon advanced.
the pinvers became hungry. The porter
was called nnd sent over to tho restau
rant to order breakfast. Well, when It
was ready one of tho waiters brought It
up to the rooms, and tho moment he en
tered, the winner, nn old man, threw
uown nis carus. jluo waiter was crosa
eved. and the old. man was superstitious.
This time It seemed as if there was some
power in it. His luok changed, and ho
lost everything he had before he got
out of the game. Ir,my opinion, how
over, It was simply a soure. He saw
tho cross-eyed. man. gave up for lost,
piayea recKiessiy ana uiu lose, oi course.
The City Grocer, 206 Commerce St.,
Will give you all a chance to drink
Wine at tho following low prices,
for cash only : '
California Glarct, 85c. Gallon.
California Calawba, 75c, Gallon.
California Hock. 85c. Gallon.
California Riesling, SI 00 Gallon.
California Tokcy, S2 00 Gallon.
California Malaga, $250 Gallon
lltadquaritrs Crab Apple Cidr by
Gallon or One-Half Barrel.
This wlno must all be sold In thirty
days. Call and be convinced nt the City
Grocery Store, 200 Commerce street.
E. Abrahams.
The Vaudeville Theatre,
W. II. SIMMS, General Manager.
Our Moct ProKrnmrao for the evening- of
April mil, 180,1901 ami 20th.
In nn Intcreetlnir raelanffo of comlo refrains
ami lxautlful ballads ami ciioruees. Inter
hhtcI with lauirhaltn inupndna, ata. utterly
Jlaimillnj? nn-Vumut acute seneu of torrow acil
ntuilnz nil bholdcr 10 look upon Ibe roe-
tinted euo in hip, no matter now misamurumu
therm)- tic. In thla leatureof our entertain.
ineni wo iiurnuucoour u:riinircurpauoimii.,
MlM .limto Klramonj. Mlsj Klitj Smith, Mtu
Cleo Victoria. Jll.s Llzzlo.MniU.-rs. MlsiLlllla
Iwrene1, Mtsa diay nmuii. fiiaiinnio UKv
Mla kitty (julnu, Mlte'laura Masters, Mite
l'rarl Sherwood. Jlln Amelia Johneon, and
llonra John Coburn
Tambo Jerry Kea'lnr
(MnvrrMtlonauet - .uiianni t-rjm
Introductory Ovcituro, now, .Urcheatrm
lleautiful Ilallad Miaa Jennlo Howard
Koiinda Irom Africa Jerry KratlDi
IlallaU. eolect MIm Kitty Qulnn
Hnnir ami Chorus Mies May bmlth
l'.hnnv Warhllnira John Coburn
bcntluentalltles -Mis Joelo Hlmmoni
uranu nniuc, me novel roucouiau.-
I'art 2 commences with our diversified olio ot
uovoitics. ,
Ixd by ttin eprlithtly llttlo sptclallatc, Miss
uiiii: count.
Followed by thn nvrr.plenstnir serlo-eomlo
vocalist. MlM JKNNI13 IIOWA11D.
Supplemented bv everybody's comedian, Mr.
Ill Am. ll. run., in BuiuuuiuiK iui u ;n
eavnry o, I.tinburfror cbocsp and kraut that
is aour.
Next In rntntlnn enmm the dashing cantatrlce,
Miss KITTinQUl.NN.
Then wolntroduco Mr. JEItllV KEATING In
his unniuaieu acrooatio tonus auu uauues.
First appcaranco of tbo Uarlnir aerial artists,
Thmn rpflnM Anil nnlshftd ArtlaUhavfl earned
for thcmsclvce thn world-wide reputation nt
betnt tho most dtrlnir as well as the most
n race-fill malo and fcinalo gymnasts now bf-fi re
thu public Introducing tbt.tr original thrilling
and startling feats on tho d mblo trap. (o.
A fow moments with the charming lyric
artiste, MissjuaiiiBiainuno.
'athetlo patbol
tho patbctlo f
Tho universal favorites, tho SMITH SISTERS,
in their charming melange or vocamauocj.
Tho exceedingly laughable act.
Gee Whizz!
i l'rjo In tho tltto rolo, assisted by our
imnth stock and thn sanlo old dummy.
MIssJP.NNIU IIUWAItU wlllairalnobllo-f.
nomethl-ig slra'lar by Miss KITTY QU1NN.
First n pearanco In thn Stato of the aonowl-
edfffMl peoranr aitaurimauc ftruicsiuv
and knock about Irish teams,
Th only duo of artists In this or any other
0-mntry, imnmucing iut-ir iijo oi uusineaa,
i- si-ni ng in ir vent, my uriKi.-m uunuiiiun,
irdrailr is Ott on a Tear." concluding with
Hi, Ir udlcroua and at the sumo Urn scientific
issault at A ins.
Thn rap lvatlng llttlt song bird, Mies MAY
MU CLKO VICTOItIA In her delightful
nm hi r & II from Miss J08IE SIM MONS.
() rNn Plus Ultra i-nterlalnment will terml.
) rNn Plus Ultra i-nterlalnment will terml.
Date with tbo llrst lntroluinn In this
State oi the great andftnly
Prof. E. G. Jolltison,
Tli world's trroatcst Mesmerist, assisted by
Misa jiitlftBii,", mo only muy mesmerist.
Thta gentleman i-rcscnts an entortalom-nt of
tho moBt wonderful charanto.-, appearing at
t-jch performance In ecfenttfl-j experiments, la
psychology, but moro commonly Known to tho
miDUO at largo unuer tuw name ut Hesiuenam.
This gentleman Is tho most por.ect artist In his
Ime extant, presenting- mora wonderful exper
iments, creating moro bstnuisiment, causing
moro laughter ths.n any comedians ot the day
a. r. rsnciDA. n. u. rrunu.
Watchmakers Jewolors,
N. B. Cor. Commerce) nnd Alamo Sts
Successors to Fcrolda Tiros., established 1MB.
formerly on Market moot. All kinds of. re
pairing dono In a first-class manner. 19-lS-Ssa
Dealer In
OilltornU Redwood, cash, doors, Minds) tut
tnouiaiogs, wr, uswisn sun vaeasaut sat,,
Ban Antonio. Telephone M. 1 1 Sssi
, Every smoker should try "IJttta
Joker." v !

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