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The San Antonio light. (San Antonio, Tex.) 1883-1886, May 22, 1884, Image 3

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i lie San Anlnnio i.ijrlit.
lnl'riUnil and llti.t Sett tin
1U proas...
Wctern Kxteti.Jon
1 MATCH 1 Aama
7..m. mi, f. m.
ti.l5,m. ;I5 P. in
JtLV IMP-- l-jl!- ',",
' H-iu.lr.n fHtlTca I
rf.)U.(.,n IMIxrdf I
i.4 p. in. I M in.
I t-M I m ! MA n. m.
fHlOIITB rTTIIIAR. Kl lide No. .,
JV miniiTerrTliuni(U7llai p. in OMIle
fti Flroman'a lull. VMIInv brethren w -tuorno
nDontcicv H&vcvttoci-c.
I'l'llU f I'IK'O Will tlC
occupied by Dr. Alex
iUuMaaters, l'bysl-,
clan nml Surgeon,
Monterey, Mexico.
Miners, Prospectors, Farmers, Mechanics.
I would call spcclnl attention to all wh
ti-n-t coming to Hex loo for tlio i-uipoaj
working ininc. rant's or rrrniro in inj
Hint tlx
nullilTS i ai renames, pi
tj-lippilC-". HIKI -ASHCUM
Nawl-iap.r Sold and Troubl. f.llawt Burnt Mo-lll-s
Children Drowned by lh filling
of A BrlJg.
Sr. Ai.iiiNH, May St. It la believed
Hint the human remains In th'e soap Imx
nt the depot nt Chattanooga aro those of
llenunii Kroute, inurilereil there liy
Oscar Jlejer.
Nt.w Omikam, Mny SI. The Security
warehouse, triand tsl.lulla direct, hiirneil
laat night with Its content, Including
.".7:1 hogsheads of sugar, II hi barrels of
molasses nnd some cotton reed oil, The
loss It SlSO.nuti; fully Insured.
Cixcinx.ti, Muy 21. A Tortsmoiith,
Ohio, special says: The suspension
ror Mir, Bj HiltMi A Young, 10 Well Hauiton I
10 nice collages near the I. A U. X. It. ;
H. depot; sires nnd price to sull; Just
i the tliln for railroad men.
I IS new cottages, from 2 to .1 rooms
rach, for sale nnd rent, near the Hunsct
ue not. . i
J nice collages, t and S rooms enrh, i
corner of Walnut and Dawson strrcls;
$1.KW and $140(1, cry clieap and easy I
'Tr"oottw,...ory residence. Mc.mil.e I ATTORNEY AHD COUNSELOR AT LAW
street, high ground and well finished; I
Rubber Stamps,
Mctftl -hecka, door Male. Iioiiw liiitnhcra, etc.
i Ael'inlu
I'rrct, adjolnlna-
Henry E, Vernor,
Just the home for Invalids, l'rlcc, J.".iVi.
0-rnnrn two-lory cotlogo, corner Olive
nnd llurlcson streets, elegant place;
Two nice residences on Avenue I'j one
for $XiOO and one for JUKI.
Itesldenccs nnd choice building lota In
all part of the city, ('nil for our guide
nnd circular.
Nelice 14 properly Owners,
l"itvriui.tiTiiirCiriii i
Kin Allium... May a, iwi. i
Tll StAlKlirTlCXAa,
an Wot lli.iil
Minn r. nit Hint
I, 311 P-ili-iM
Nim. Saudi. I
eial COIIItS.
Uutitil) ot ll-xar.
lliaortt-ftiriro.rt)- I
tonb. hate falUd Iiiii
it lev Kite
VlnnH.f!. tUlniMr
lliu cur el Hjii An
cunnlruct tiulr aMcwxIka
n. Harrnilml ly rWlloti
, ,, 1 r. . . , ,i .i , lof'An o tllnanvo It-irulatlar (ielrilclliin
bridge ncrosa the Bcloto river fell Hill I of ninewnlki," nl liieclt) liiniciitrueiel
iiiornlngwhlleaoiiiocatllcwcrocroaalng. I r'l Li':r:.,.,,;iV."i-flTi VV.J'A ?tii jiA
Mrs. FiiWller, with four children, n SS'Vffi'ftSJlV 'lueni'' amom.?.' Vir ci!"
on the bridge nt.the time. Three of the I irni m,
children were drowned. Tleufim-, In tny .ii,acllr.T.ij ratertnr t
. ... . i. m il illy. In uoortltnre with Hitcllt'ii V or aftl.l
i iTTioi i!ii,.'iay si. iiiegcnenu amite ' ordlnauiw. I d.i livrclir tiolll) uie i.u-wiiuh.
lliHUn iin'uvri;
ollhln Id 'hilt
InnmlMI Inn
I 1iiii.Ii ninill nl nil
lleiriiiuiirtn n for Mill nir nml It'HittlM.
l'.iwilir, Atlm rimito or lljn-ii.lt . Tllpi'l
r'oree IllaXIna; l'r. Sdf tr tiire, Kliclro
Mnunello lUllerler-, tlli'im Rock llrlll nnil
rupplk. lNailinm Funr. Lo.uilr.it nril Con
mtlloa W'lren, Oiloiimi Mlmnn'Mirl, l llllnft
nnd Napliln llamnrra. 1'ieVf. MU..iH, e o.
Alitti lllrcirllliTcoUitnil HuppM'. Iron Htxl
Slrrl, Antllr. Vlc. IHlow llilllr, F.irir. ,
Moclilnery.eie. Pa nit. oil., ViunHli . II u li
en, etc., at tbu
Corner of Theatre h
Vlndii ilo HanllaKO N. I un falroth.
Invalids Seeking Health
Will rind Ttc
Hot Springs at Topo
Hiiitctlor to any In llio counlry. Special In
luccmeiitn oirerol fur tlieiitablliluneiit of a
irood hotel. Corrcapondeneo lollcltcd. Ad-
Proprietor, Monterey, Mexico.
Hound lor Mexico should bear In
mind that the
('llio Won Drug Store)
Of Monterey. Mexico, can lea a Tull mid
frculi euppljrof
American and Foreign Paleet MctlUlner, In
atlilinenlr, Ihcmleala, etc I'liJ alelanB" pre.
acrlplloni are comHiunilol aecunllnit to Ilia
practice oi mo rcpin.vut'
I'alnll. Varnltbea. jlnialKip, Elu.
U.ilcau Curloilllea it Specially.
r.iclianiio en Knirland, United flateaand all
Colnta In Mexico, and Aincrk-ati curtcucy
nuffbt and aold at current market ratve.
no.rori ivnutxco :
Vest End Hotel and Greenville Gardens,
Tbu only flrat-cUs Amorlcan botd In tbo
city The most U-a ullf ul retort In. i he iuburt a
of MoDterej'. lonely ttrotea and coollnir
aireatne. special apirtiaintf for fatnlllei.
Table unexcelled. Chariroa raodciato Spco'al
terroa to luoilllt liy tlio wi ek or mc nth A de
llllhtfui, pleiitunt I.oiih..
TMOMAtt (IIIOOMK, 1'roprlotor.
City Property For Salo
t. Three and one half a' rea mi Nacoadocbia
itrcet, ruimlnir to ban Pedro i-rcck, with liu
prnvemnnt. Kino trult orchard on irrnund.
i S. Lota 3 and 4, block IV, tiia l'edru u euue.
3. IiotB, block 7, rJan t'idro umjiiiio.
A. Two Uta on Uarduu alreet, rucntng
tbroug-h to Prean atreet
II. Lot on Bouth Preea street runulog to Oar
don street, with Improvements.
6. Lots No. IS and 13. block (3, corner Uvo
Oak and Dawaun fttrcota, with lmprooments.
7. Two lota with tmprovempnta, on olxtb
atreet, tietween Avenuea II and K.
8. Five lota, oorner Auatln and Orayaon
Btrccts, IxmedUitcly caat turn of street
9. Fltty-two acres, with Imprnvcmrnta, Ira
modlately below Mission Cuncrpciou, 31X1 yards
river ironi.
Han ViKlro aprlnaa.
illrully locatod.
'Pedro creek, at crosslokr of Interuatlonat and
cant al !u A
Jolin lltir.
Itohtner, I,. M t
In o'clock,
the Mild I'.
dolliira uud
Htmiuit rallroada.
12. Ilousoandlot cornor North Concboaud
Illdaltro atreela, on Franklfutquare.
13. Entire block No. 33, and 8 lots in block
II. K.i
i abovv Uppor
, near Louo
half lota lu Post homo-
Three lota on Klmlra street, corner Trcn'
Litk.r ditch.
IS. FltUwu lota on CI
Star brewery, running back to river.
17. Throe and t no half lot In lt
tari. corner Commcroc, Uusk and North
1. u& Iota in lot No. 72. near l'roapeet hill
Ireot railway, at prleea tactlng from JIUIto
1 iS3 a lot, on easy terms, lying west of Interna-
111' Viva ucrearuuuluK Irotu Otuudea street
u ueiKir iJioor uuen.
su. Throe l
ton uTenue.
21. rloven lots en Jackson atreot
23. rlllty-nvo and onobalf acres under fence.
23. Hcventy-flve lota on east side of AuBtln
atrootabovorlunact round bouse.
runnluir back totit'er.
okoa. oomDrlalnjr
national, Bunact andduvernment depota, Hon
which we otter at l.beral priceB, and on
terma; also, ail their Irrlmtblo ianda k
Wo will examine titles,- write conveyances
attend to.tbe reotlnar of bnuaea. ntATotlate
Offlcu. - J.ll.FUENCII
273 Commerce atrcot.
of the Iron worker on June 1 Is now re
garded na Improbnlilc. It Is understood,
lor utisincss rensons, mat acvcrni linns in
tl a irn tli aonlva uli.n ntvaenlnl hv t
t lie Amalgamated association, and this
will prevent other manufactories from
holding who are disposed to light for a
KAru.n Pah.-, May 21. The weekly
.MnvcricK waaaoitt jcaieroay, niiring me i sHHrt,iti
temporary nusciico of Judge icrry, to
Mr. .tones, of Uvalde. The doughty
Judge returned here thla morntng nnd
declared tin- srllc null and void, and
holds, the fort. An attachment has been
levied on Hie stock to satisfy n claim of
Mr. Wilson.
Waco, May 21. This section of coun
try Is almost afloat as rain has fallen for
21 hours, almost constantly. The llrazos
rlter here has risen 18 feet since 10 a. Bit.,
nnd Is rising nt the rate of one foot per
hour. There Is much drift coming down
which passes under the suspension ,,la
tiritige rcauiiy cuotigii, mil me piers oi
tlio two railroad bridges are badly
l'trrsiibiui, May 21. The Pennsylvania
bunk, of this city, closed Its doors nt
1:30 p. in., and posted the following on
the doors: "Owing ton continual run
for several days, we have decided It
best for depositors and all concerned to
suspend for the present." There Is great
excitement and a crowd surrounds the
bank. Ollicers have been plnceil nt the
Daixas, May 21. It has been raining
very hard nearly all day nnd many cel
lars of our business houses are over
flowed. During a heavy wind last
night the residence of Charles Clapji was
moved live feet, and the house of Al
Aiken was completely turned over. All
bridges over the small streauis are
washed nwny or out of repair. Trains
nro delayed on all roads on nceount of
washouts, and much damage will ensue
to crops.
JiAMimsam, May 21. Tho heaviest ruin
storm known for years has been raging
all day, with some hall nnd much light
ning. The streets have been Impassa
ble ; the squnro has been nearly Inun
dated durlnir tho dar: several fences
and bridges hac been washed nwny;
two bridges of the street railway cannot
be passed, and one expected to go down.
If the rain continues much damage may
be done. A countryman was severely
bitten liy a dog to-day ; the nnlmnltore
his throat, making n gash of six Inches.
Wa-.iiixiitox, May 21, Itandull thinks
that Congress will be ready to adjourn
on July IS. A bill will bo reported fav
orably granting n pension of ?.V) per
month to Mrs. Del.ong. The Swnln
court of Inquiry met this morning, and
heard nrguments of counsel and went
Into secret session to consider the case.
Captain Kads,nccompanled by n number
of people from Texas, was before, the
Senate Committee on Commerce this
morning, and made nn argument In sup.
port pf Maxey's bill to provide for the
improvement of the clinnnel between
Galveston ' harbor and tho Gulf of
WAMitixmox, May 21. George Levis,
a broker doing business at C30 F street,
has been missing from his place of busi
ness since Monday morning, and tip to
this time nothing has been heard of his
whereabouts. He has been doing a
large nnd successful business, especially
lu petroleum, and had perhaps a larger
clientage than any broker In the city,
embracing many business men and a
large number of Government clerks. It
Is said there aro over GOO persons In
volved as customers, and It Is estimated
that he has In his hands from $100,000 to
S2U0.WJ0 belonirlnrr to them. Ills friends
express contldcnco in him nnd say ho la
only oil' on a spree and will return when
ne gets souer.
I Aruiix, May 21. The case against ex- j
Comptroller W. M. Brown, resulted in a
Judgment against him to-day In favor of
the State for f0 and Interest. He
gave notice of appeal. The case of Dr.
C. B. Stoddard, before the United States
Commissioner on a charge by W. V.
Leader of sending obscene matter
through tlio mall, Is being tried. Mayor
Savior has his commission as Collector
at J-.l I'aso. itev. T. II. I.ee, Hector oi
St. Davis Kplsoopal church here, left for
San Antonio to-night. Terrific rain here
and In this vicinity. A storm came up
from the north again to-ntght. The
Austin representatives of the various
State papers, as well as papers out of the
state, met to-uay anil maue preliminary
arrangements to organize n Press club.
The club will meet and perfect organi
zation Sunday afternoon.
Foiit woimi, May 21. The heavy
rnlns of tho last fey days hnvo filled tho
streams and to-day tho Trinity over,
flowed, the water covering the farms,
gardens and bottoms for a mile on either
Bide of the river. A number of email
cabins were carried down the river.
To-day all the bridges are In danger anil
three of the best macadamized roads nre
washed awny. Tho driving park of
forty acres Is covered with water from
three to four feet deep, reaching to the
grand stand. The water is only eight
inches from the pump house of tho water
works, and the engine may have to Btoji
at any moment. The farm of J. II.
Ayres, one of the tlnest farms In the
country, la submerged nnd thecron ru
ined. The water has not been as high
since ISM, and has damaged crops to the
i from date of Una n Ilea
Ih-aliT' In
l;iiie(iroreriosanil Cigars
din- lli.-ni a (Mil. I'll will nenr nirrct It.
Iticrslliiii frith ami new. KpineuilM-r the
I lace. No. a Wen ll.iu.K.n HIimI.
,.l.ICO (
u'il.1 1 10 of etlJ e
lib tit ext.! properly
itidy llio ct of or
time, 1 i
I.it smthcunt mriK
k 1 ! urli Inal lot 1 1, on nurtl Mdo Cmckclt
Floter. IM. M. illMl . enat h iHnt lot J
loi 111 lil.ick 7. Vljtorla licet. KIWI.
Hal aalier, HltUlli 3tm.,1boeuutnw(kt cor
ni of East lluuston and NacufrdothfA a'tfete,
AH'.l 31
Phaetons, Buggies,
CirrljacAf-ml flpfirtlnir Wnrt n. ibv Ut ni
rhf npt pi vr tir-mitt-M In lliln t lly This work
Ha maiiot.i nrJr. urlilclt wc irtWHittt'C. Cill
11(1 MW
Biilta' Ilariwc, Iron, Site,
Nalla, llor-i. Mm
PAIN'W and 03X9,
n, liroriri, lot (. block 12. i i.rtli
aWt. tut su.
J ik-.ili.Oi
rner Ctvckeit
eatt oiiu hilf of
fn 81.
I.'k'I m,
Martball, Jlc and Carol, I
b a do Vlrxurbl
lot tmlitliiif 13 1
, bou' ded wett ,
& and 7. block 21. liorlb
atdo WrstCoinmfceatieit, f.l 21
Nocker, Mary Mrr., caat one lulf nf lot II
and we-t one-half ot lot lt, block a, aouth eldo
iula etrict, buuuded I
lot I, block :
' HOBo'cdadKlrrft.San Al toelo. Tcxai.
; I T. J. Weice s CoafectioDery, 1
j 3-i0 11011111011 street.
!!M7F IUllr'1, en
V. Lorra.
! '
I rllT n-nrtli nii-l- ITInil nn
siiHGMaiii rain
llorw Sliortimtfi-iiill
klatU or Job Work
trotnptly tMrodoO to
br i:aht. & l.Airx,
rornrrnf t ion 1mm itnl
Ciocltrtt trtctt. Mr.
Eur) cUlni to Ikj tho
OM.r AnatoroUt of tlio
Hoof In flan Antonio.
A Brief Description oj the Diseases oj the Eye, Ear andjhroat, With
a Jew References of Remarkable Cures, By Dr.
N. S. Burnham.
Van Antonio lunar felt ihunced of a skillful apeclalut In l rea l Inn dlaeaaraot lha Sye, Ear and
Threat. The Inhabltantaof all thla Imrocnw Stale, when re-iulrln( the serried of such skill
wcrecomitelledtoinakelona'JoiiraeystodlaUntcltlraata-reatexpense, such a Kansas City,
St. Louis and Chlowo. and still further Bajt. In order to obtain relief for diseases afflletlnf
theeo onrana and ttarta.
Manyof tbocltlaonaof tbU Mat' ho went toiKanaaa City Ifor the tienelt of an oculists
skill, made the aoiualntanco of the Oculist, Aurlat and Larynrlat.
HDr. 1ST. S. BTjAjTraJtia-rn.,
mUn ImJ tbnnrur ttw KunnMC-tri Mo.,Kyit l!f and TtarotU IaQrnurr Tbey, on anJ all
unlUtlluuritlnir hlio to mmts Ui tl.U i-olnt In Teiu. Vtnlr fallloff htmlth, catu4 br tb
ctMcltraRto,-THnnHlplRchanirp, RD-itn8n Antonio VBUcedBitpooltUlat who WU known bj
on.) of herowncilUetn, wvl mnnr In th8tmp, to piuom the rcqultlto klU In ftll of It
drllrntoind nthi t )Tti,tiillrTimnUnnltrHoctiatbtnili grtttttl iuccetU bu
crownoal lit ftTort bo ! wwi Uivnilurins: rntltuOoof faundmU whom bo b-M trctel
f mm Btll MtrU nf Ii iHUt A t ( w of lU ta are given below u refercnor.
Citation by 1'ublIcHtluir,
No. 18.1-1 C. M. Aiken Vr. V. CmtEwreit!
Ilufofo lVtvr Hhlcloia, Justbv or tlio Voavq
TtlOtftRtO ot 1
tjblo of Ik'J
Whoii'M-toHit. biu i Uls da
ihtunty ( cctlnti:
ile bftforo
WboicHioiiiti biu i Uls day b en made be fori
o h I1.M. Alkcii, nltil'itiir. Ih t tho ioMcik
V. Chriiwpvrn, detrndnl, it unknown t
rndsty btroor; (uininint tl
rn tu tin una )uar hefon
llio city of Kan Antoul
lie.!.Jrd Utiy if J
Id V. M AlktMi for tun mini of orty the
duo utH.n a
y oilloo for if rods
lit nuke due ru-
urn m tbo liw ill recti.
(Jinn lindoriliV briud lb 11 1.1 h itlf
County. 'Vt l
fume tu lund Mny I'., Iftft nil pxi
l ISM. br ntiiMinr ihhrliMtKmto bi
In tho Has Antonio i.hiiit, a now
ll-hud In ttio ilty of run Antonio, lo
oi Mltn wpik. frnrti Hnlo lii-rrof.
lommfrro St., Var KrldRp.
(Us rocclrcd tho lrtrot t-tork of Enn-lUb,
French nnd Ot-rinan irood ovor brnuBlit totbli
cltf. All tyU and color!. Only tlntt-clM
feet fit a-uaranUol
tift rKtllilo prlcoa, and a per
Uooiiih 1! mill It, Nil. 1 ' KOlnlnil St
gun Antonio. Teiaa. Examination of lliln
and land litigation a arccUltr. t 30 ly
Bankers, Dealers in Excliaugo
i. CAitrnicM.
A few trruaika In re ltd tu tbUdlstcaiomay notto out of pbuo brre. aa It la to oomnon.
Nokrly all have the trouMo at aotno time In th aouUCfonn and oaJl tt a cold. 8omUmM thr y
aro aware they hmdty cct out ono cold until I boy bareanotber. Tbeoold, or more propcrij
aiioaklntr, the catarrb, then become atib-acuto. Uy negloot tbia ruoa Into a cbronle form
potnottmoa u la located: Id the none; aoinetlmMtbe throat, or both. Sooner or Uter.lt affecta
the earn, runtln f irquent rlrvlnir or roar In a In tbe car, or other notara. Pomcllmoa Tlolent
IntlamaUari. munlinr oxoruditlnr pln, and tbo acuteneaa of hoartnai la leeaened In a
Kreater orlt-M diirrf. Very often, t4KUrxteiida up tbrouirh a llttlo duct from the noaa to
ono or tho olbvraiid evon botbeyra, oauainc aoToral different form of dlaoaava of the eye
N'ejirly all aro familiar with catarrh In Iho fond of bronchi t la.
Ortlarrh In all Ita ror ma and nearly all Ita atarr-e can be cured. Hut people Deflect It, and ao
do I'bjaidana, Tbey neither pirpare tbcDiaclrea with the Inatrumenta or knowledge aufflcient
or uoccfcMr' to troat thla troubleomodU-e, aaarule,and tbua people themaelrea do not
apprrhcitd tUodaiiirer they anila when they oonaulta phyalclan and ho tella tham, OI IU
notbluff but a Mild," aod yet that ao-oaUod ootd In a rut number of caaea la the flrtt atart of
d,ofnfa, blIudoiM.loitaoraiiioll baofrolo cf liryngttl. Bronchi t la and Conaumptloo.
A ny or aevcral of Xhvm may follow and be cnuaed by a neaioclod cold. Bolow are a few namee
which I ha.opwiuiulgiitouao, wbibiive boon treated by me with benefit for Catarrh In acme
of lu forma iIiiim t hn o boca located hero t
J, 1'. lt4il)lrA.n,CUrrh In Utroal, 8ttu Antonio; T, H. Johnaoo, Catarrh In throat. Manager
Ban Antonio Liuiit; Kuhn, Catarrh of the head. Deotcr, Colorado: Mlaa Mar Frtuer
CaUrrbof (he throU and eatu. Nova Bcotla; Frank Newton. Catarrh of the throat and eyai(
Ban Antoulot Him K.LuundburyCUrrhof tbu throat and bead. Ban Antonio.
Scuroa inorv inUht be added to thl lUt that 1 have cured alnoe located In thla city, but I will
"only mention one more aaaremarkablelniUnoa of bow much good can be done that claw of
lticurable,Mialletl,Cotiuinptlrr. O. v rye, of Loon Springe, had Catarrh for come yeara
In tbo h-d and thnmt, finally the litnga tecam ntfected and be had aoreral hcomorrharee and
had a very bad cough, Umo much emaclatod and a oonllrmed Inralld, and waa pronounoed
by hla phyalclan In the ImI and Incurable augo of oonaumpUoo. He came to me for treatment
laat winter, nearly a year mo. Ile oommence-d to gain Boah and weat to work In the eprlng
and I aaw no more of htm until a few daya ago, wbu he came In bragging how well he waa
and weltfh"d thirty poun'a more than he ever dl-l.
Tile Ears.
Dealers in Hay, Grain anH M,
North aide Alamo l'laut, Hma Antontu.
245 Market St., San Antonio.
O.rretlcd Wwklj , liy
11 A M t'.ouriiiK
llMIln tt R.illnu
vellr HMluir....
tUna-lia Lmir'aU. K
I p. r publl-lied Mil.
Ural' r in U'alclics,
I'laiiiomls, Jctvi-lry,
.Sllveruarc, Clocks,
tVCall and examine my .lock and prtccalie
furebuylnirelaowhere. Allirooda will beaold
uml-.T wrltlcn iruatatitee. II. HlltTzntHa.
No. 231, Commerco Street,
A few wordanuw Innrard to thecal may not be unlntereatlog to eoaae, eapecUUy thoae
who are auffcrvra from varied and mimcroue forma of dlaeaae. Very few people need urging
tuonault an Aurlat wbvu tbvy baveadlachargoof matter from It, oapedally If aooompanled
by a foul anu-ll, yet aomo will, and Ibat too, atrange aa It may aound In thla day of enllght
ment, by advice of phritclaoa, but aurely II la never done by one who underatanda diaeaaea of
thla organ.
It la a lamentablo fact that aoiue of tbe older pbyalclana (without any ipecial knowledge on
thla point) haro a prejudice agutmt tbo atoppage ot purulent dlachargea from tho ear, but thla
la bavd upon tho crroncoua teaching of old French wrltera, Du Verney and Itard D. D. BU
John ltonaa, M.1I-, LL. Vm PmfcMnrof DUwaaeeof Re and Ear In tbe Unlvertlty of New
York Cltyi Burgeon of ManhatUn Rye and Ear IloapIUUConaulting Burgeon of Drooklyn By
and Ear lloapltal, eto and who la oonaldered the very beat authority on the ebbjoct, aaya In hla
laat work 1 There la no pathological oipcrlenco on record which can auataln the aaeertlon
thatltladangorouatoatopadlacbargofromtbocar Let anyone aoqualnted with anatomy,
conaMer thla fact that there la. perhaps, no part ot tbo human body which baa more Important
atiatoto-cal rotations The cavity of the tyinpaaaum la covered over by a thla bony plate,
which la In dlroct twin. nunloat Ion with tbo cerebral meningeal the floor la cloae to tbe great
J Utflar, Ita Internal wall la tlto labyrinth wall, oovt-rod only by rery thin membrane, and open
Inglntothobraiii-heaof the acouatlo nurve. whlloonthe outaldo we have a thin membra do
about aa thick aapapur. Itlaeaay tsootluitaoimtlnuouadoatructlonof tbcoo parte by aup
pu rat Ion, untcaa cured. In thla part would eooncror later, (which It alwaya dooa), lead to aorloua
troubtealn tbo braln,andfiinetlmea In tho lungaor heart. I find a large percentage of the
cttAce having a "running car" have also a cough, and when tbe ear la cured tbe cough la aJeo
cured. 1 -ait tad of being worse.
Thon Jicro laauutber claaaof eaace that aumctlmea cooault tbe doctor, they 00m plain of
ciDgltigorroarliigorothernoIacalnthooar. Ile tella them ther hare oold and a doee ef
qulnlno porbapele given, thla may be relieved for a time, but aooner or later returna. but the
autre ror had hla fcara allayud by recovering partially from the flrat attack, and ao dooa not feel
anyamluty thla time and trlca tho ol-J remedy again. It falla and ao doea everything: elae they
try, and tbelr frhutda don't ayuipathUo aa thoro la no external ovldonoo ol the tnfferlnf oauaed
br thla condition, but thl,ntleHat, cauhw thorn to hunt up an Aurlat, who examlnoa the ear
I and le finda tbo car, perhapa, ao far gone that It la Impoaalbls to rcatore Ita f ull heaxlnar pjwera
I andbomuat have groataklll ludoecl to atop theoourae of the dlaeaae and keen tbe bearog
from being bwt entirely, ao far do theae caaea run before the pe opto oonault 00m potent akilL
If Ieople would gb tu the Aurlat every time anything waa the matter with their ears, and
' bol wall to oonault pbyalulaua and other, tbey would Buffer far leaa and preaerve their bearing
much hotter, uj ueary all thu diMMdi of title organ aro curable esp eclaily in tbe flrat atagoa.
Pp.ice will only allow a few nauica for reference who bare been cured ot ear dlaoaaee here by
mo, fk'oroa more might x added 1
I A. A Droec her, Ban Antonio; W. IK-1 tart, Uoorue; Jatnea Da via. Ban Antonio; George, eon of
IYV.C. Iughcry Sheriff Frio CV-unty, rcaraall.Texaa; W. W. Ilerry, Keq., Ban Antonio, Texaa;
J. 11. Murphy Ban Antonio; E.T. Alien, rearaall, Texaa; J. II. J one. San Antonio; Major T. T
Toul.aSan Antonio; J.C. Dlermuycr, Ban Antonio.
MhIu 1'laaa. Han Antanlo. Tela.
sa. All uroncrtv belonirlnir tn If run Ari.m.
extent of hundreds of thousands of dol
lars. The trains on the Texas and I'n-
cllio both east and west have been aban
doned here. No train has arrived on tbo
Unlf. Colorado and Santa l'e. and the
train sent out on this road Is laid over
at Konperl; no trains since morning on
the Missouri l'aolllo either way. The
bridges aro out between this cltv and
Jlatrd. Cattle and horses have been
drowned and wire fences torn down
Office at Landry's Drug Store
tlimoritzi Tell phone 2"0 Ollliuli
1 a a 111 tn Op in. Niehu at rraideiico,
it-r Nor h Fiona mi l Maiou. Tel, phone 3711.
No. 338 East Houston Street,
r t lilies tlrbt-clatu rgular rural dally, and
mcala to order at all houra. Alio lcc-Tcain,
cake, cto. i 20 Cm
5.is..f in smmm n
our. 5 &2&2j a
?AM ANTOMII.TCX Ap 1130, 1(J. ,
I'ttrtles aro hereby notimd that tho City
AatKBenieut Hooka for Iho rendition of tuxubte
property, personal uml real ctttnlc, for tho ll-ual
yoar, coiuuicnclnd March 1, 151, aronowppen,
and will remain open tn Include Juno Ul, '(,
All inrsona conctrncd In tho above aro re
apcclfiilly rtquoited tocotito forward and ren
der ihclr property auhjtct lo taxation to the
uuderalgned, aa required by law. 1
G. FRASCH, City Assessor.
a n i:
John I. Hullmann ba opened a abop at
Kckcnroth'a buldlnir. No. XlS Market atiect,
and la prepaied to do all claana of wortc.
Cbargca modern to. batlafactlou guaranteed.
Silver and Plated Ware,
Watches and Jewelry repaired. Charges
reasonable. We take plcasuro In show
ing our goods, nnd purchasers are Invited
to cull. HatUfuotlon warranted. 12-4-ly
Co. Prourietors.
JAS. T. CLARKE, Proprietor.
baa ttf-cn thorouably renovated, and tr
I tout favorloK It with tbt-lr patronage
i will And everything aa conducive to their com
' fort na can be found lu Wet-tern Texaa. Larrc
a' drtmrlous rooms, with aoutherlr expoaure,
well furnUthcd. caruetil and well ventilated.
owning nn vorandaa lt0 fout long each. The
HO KltW K HOTEL la directly oppoalte tbo atagf
offlt and within two mlnuloa walk ofthe iot
a:d leleflTuuh ofilof. Hail and flrat-claa-t afavo
dully. suH-a will call for and deliver pam-ch-
Alex Sartor
in-ri and lAtuririuo at thla hotel. Kverv
tir.n imIi! in irn, mt and thn Iratrnllnir nutitlo.
Vhit Lbiaa T aVcommodatlona for commercial . K7e,l"uraoHlho.w'".,"m
traveler.. 10-ai-Iv "iKl5!' CIl,
Old granulated Uda cured aurei
Thy dlaeoaoa ol tho cyuaru cry uuuicroue nearly 3U0 In number, clearly defined, and reoog
nliod by tbo oculUt, all roqulrlng different treatment In order to cure them and reatoro food
vlalon. Yet uotblngahowa tbo folly ofgolng to the goneral phyalclan for treatment of thla
organ, than tbe fa,t that he baa only aumelently atudled thla complicated organ aufflclently
to rccurnlzo from three to a dozen. It la In thla, and the careful application of properly aelectod
nTOHdlca to the and tho different affcctloua of tho eye, that tbe aupurlorlty and tbo euooeaa of
tho Ocullatcoohlat.
Nearly al) the dlwa of tho eye aro curable, even In tbo aovere forma If cfearly understood
and properly treated and attended to In tuo car I lor atagoa before It baa had time to deatroy or
Injure permanently tho talon, nut thoae oaaca that ahow blemlabea and defecta of vlalon and
blind noaa ao frequently! aro caaea la which there baa been delay In aoeklna; an Ooullat, and
valuable time waawaatod by trying aome domeatlo remcdloa, or what la nearly aa bad, try lag;
the ordinary phyalcUn.
I do not mean by my remark a aboru to condemn or orltlclao the general praetltloner for
treating Catarrh or dlitcaM of tho Kve or Ear that occur In hla practice. It la hla duty to tire
relief to all whoaro Buffering In auv and every war poaalblo, and no doubt all do the beat they
can. lluttncy wlllullhoncatlvconl'taathatthevbavonotthemeana.ln tbe ahapeot aeleoted
remedloa, Inatrumenta, nor tho lime to acquire Uie aklll and practice to do Juattoe to theae
What I do want everybody to uoderatand la that tbcre are a claaa of epoolally Instructed and
experionwd doctors, men who bavo do voted money, time and study to theae paxtloular parti
of the human body. In order to acquire the great oat amount of aklll In treating; Ita affectloni
and diseases; and people who are Buffering1 with any disease In three onrana wilt, aa far aa
porslblo. tecov er the beat and fulteat uae of these org ana, who aeek the apeclallat the earlleat;
and tho phyalclan will deal boneatlyVItu hla patrons who gtrea them aucb advice.
I aco In thla country many cases of Strablamua, ("crooked eyes" tbey aro generally termed),
whf-h 1 AnToet In aniM-arani-B. unourtaln Tlalon and weakens 1L. Nearlr evairr one of tbaae
;an bo completely cureo, ana some or tnem without any opc ration, cnuaren snouia
uttirt LuBMrhntil without bavins thla remedied.
Kytslldathatturaoutahowingtbelnsldo.orthoMthatturalnandlrTttatethe eye-bait, can
do nttoa ana worn wunout any pain ana to toog
cases c
Watchmaker and Jeweler,
No. 18 Commerce Street,
973 Commerce Htreet,
Ik" Over Ii. Kouvant?a Jewelrr Store
The Professor
la onu of the m-ateet, ptcaaanteat, quietest and
moat elegant Buloona In Texaa, and koepa tbo
ery beat of Liquors, Wlnea, cto. All gent le
mon atblrat will do well to vtalt and take tbelr
friends to seo
Tlio Ix'ofooi.
No. f 17 Commerco street.
Attorney and CouiisBllor-at-Law.
flnlwi No. f) Weat Commerce atreet, up
atalra. Practices In all tbu courts.
perfectly natural. I have a largo stock of them alwaya on band.
A few names aro givun below 'fir reference that havo been cured by me here. Many i
might be given if iwoesaary, but theae havo been aelocted because oaoh one represents a
dltfereut and yet most common form of diuaao of the eye t
una, pan Antonio, niepnariiia uiusns; Mijor i. i ieei, oan Antonio, riorygtum;
Hau Antonio, (iranular Lids and Kuratltta: Frank Newton, dan Antonio.
mricture luaonrvmai uucta; l. ii. iiraiKjri, lusaugDien, oan An onio, uiennorrnceaio uooju
iro. ICaa-le Pass. Cataract: ueonre
vitlti, Btrablsama; Mace Borell, lleluiont, Eutrooium andTrlbblHala; UobertUrler, Jaoa Maria,
II.C.lidsute, tf
tlviitsu Antnn Italamud. Katii Antonio. Acute OooJunctJ villa: Ji W. Oaaov. (Ilauvhter). Han
Antonio, Irttla; Itacbel Uroallo, ttan Antonio, ChoroldlUa troaa; W, A. Carnahau. ban Antonio
Iridocyclitis; It. J. Vlnant,Cotulla, Uioeron Cornea; W. 11. Jlrowa, Loos v 111, Uranular Uda
lHeryglum and Leukoma: II, C. llurrta, liancho. Cbrunlo OonJunotlvlUa and Keratitis: A. 0.
Decker, Btockdale, Tranmatlo Ulcer and Itypoplon; W. J, Teirlberry, ttaltulo, Mexleo,
xraumaiie uhuwuib.
id garohlm aucb good vlalon that a phy
aald when be aaw It a faw dava ma tbk
Thla patient waa aent to me by the courtesy of
Included In tbe reference given lathe name of W. J, Hogge, from EagiePaaa. He bad been
aiclan, who had praoUced lu New Vork Cttv for years, said when be saw It a few days ago tha
N. S. Burnham, M. D.
Oculist, Aurist and Laryngist
Corner nf Houston and St. Marvs' streets
Hawks Ka. 50, 51, 52 53,51
BtaMcs Comer of Avenue R and Houston
atrt-et. Oonnectod by telephone. All orders
promptly attended tn, day or night. Telephone
connection No. IW.
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Doors, gash, Blinds, (Shingles, Etc.
Yardaatl.&fl. N. lUllroad Do:
u.ii.s o. a. itauroad TracK, on

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