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Published daily, cxccnt Sunday, at 210 Hast
Commerce itmt. Delivered by carrier
throughout the city at 10 ronti a week, pa ablo
toourarenL Single copies forsAle by news
boys at 5 cent. Subscription, per jer;$S co
in advance,
T Inch .
0 Inched.
1 col
column.. I WOO 40 U) 73U40(M2MHPU mU
Heading matter, local column, 30 cents per
lino first Insertion, 10 cents flrat week, and 5
centa after flrat week. Ter month A centa
per lino.
Homo advertisements payable on first of each
month. Transient advertising payablo In art
van co. Only metal cuta printed.
All contracts must be approved by tlwitiutU
ncas Manager.
n. P. Joiinhow li duly authorized to solicit
for Iho Sam Antonio Light. Subscribers not
receiving their paper will pleaao makeeom
ptalnttoblmorat thooiDce. Subscribers arc
warned not to pay their subscription cicept
upon presentation of a properly receipted bill
from this office.
Tuesday. June 24. 1884.
Tliu New York gun toys It la nil non
sense about the talk that Massachusetts
will go Democratlo Ibis fall.
Ilr.dfBE the Xew York Sun lias come
out boldly for Bayard, knowing onea aay
It settles hltn, and lie lias gono to meet
The Indications are that t lie Tree
traders of the Democratlo party will bo
Tery severely Ignored at tbe Chicago
Tii urn: Is every Indication now that
tbe crops this season throughout Texas
will be bountiful, and already the effect
is apparent In business circles.
In tiic event the national Democratic
convention adopt a revenue reform plat
form, the Kashvlllo American says Ten
nessee will vote for lllalne and Logan.
A CUU.OAU (i0 bushels) of Tcxna wheat
shipped from Waco by Jlr. J, II. Crlder
wasold it public sale on 'change In St.
Louis on Friday to E. O. Stanard & Co.,
for$l 21 per bushel.
Landau, and bis -10 deserters nnd trait
ors will be at Chicago In good time for
tbe Democratlo circus on July 8, and
the horizontal reduction fellows will
meet with another set back.
Tub star-eyed Goddess of Iteform Isn't
occupying a very prominent position In
tbe scramble now going on In tbe Demo
cratlo ranks for first position nt Chicago.
It Is to be hoped that AVatterson hasn't
lost his grip.
Tiijc grand Jury of New York seems to
be getting In Its work upon Messrs.
Ward, Fish and Eno,and It marks a new
era In tbe favor of Justice that men who
steal millions are to be treated like the
commonest of tblevea.
Congressman Ochiltree, In one of his
apeecbea, uttered this vigorous sentence:
"Nine-tenths of my constituents for the
past 12 years bavebeen entertained with
a tropical fertility of promise, and a
Sahara atcrlllty of performance, by tbo
Government engineers."
JIu. E. F. Ykaoer, editor of the
Vfaxahachle Enterprisers a candidate for
Legislative honors. Tbe Enterprise Is
n successful nnd representative paper,
nnd Mr. Yeagcr will prove n practical
law maker, and the Light trusts he will
be elected by a handsome majority.
" It may also be put down as a cer
talnlty," observes tbe Brenham Banner,
"that tbe abuse of Blaine and bis record
will hardly bring success to the Demo
crats. We must have n man with an
Irreproachable record and a platform of
principles that will win with tbe
Ax-ember of tbe Confederate cabinet
Is quoted as objecting strongly to
Bayard's nomination, and said: "The
ltepubllcans can swallow JIahone, and
probably might vote for hlra, but Sla
hone wore the garb of a soldier, as did
tbe rest of us, and he followed his flag.
Eaynrd was In the enemy's country, and
that Is tbe difference. It will not do."
There la some significance In Jlr.
Butler'a column of so-called letter of
acceptance of the Greenback nomination
In which the only worda showing bis
acceptance are, "upon this contestation
I am with you." Whole families would
accept nominations In that manner, and
it la quite possible Benjamin bad bis oQ
ofl'eye upon the Democratlo convention.
Tin New York Democrats were de
termined not to take any chances, and
completely dodged the tariff question
In their platform, while the Louisiana
Democrats straddle the question by
saying they favor "a tariff for revenue
limited to tbe necessities of the govern
ment economically administered, and so
adjusted In application as to prevent
unequal burdens, encourage production
and Industries at home, and afford Just
compensation to labor, but not to create
and foster monopollea." Thla plank
ibould be called tbe great American
wuat is it."
Even the moat sanguine of Democrats
are waiting and hesitating about tbe
chances of Mr. Bayard aa the Demo
cratlo nominee, and admit that hla
Dover speech putt hltn In the defensive.
Cleveland being simply an accident In
politics, la almost unknown, while
Flower has only his barrel to recom
mend Mm. The boat of other candidates,
the most obscure of whom could have
easily distanced Mr. Blnlno last week,
are now undergoing some treatment
for Infirmity on local or other Issues,
leaving the Presidency, which, accord
ing to the statements of the Democratlo
papers of a fow days ago, was then In
their hands, aa far off ns It will be In
The New York Tribune saye: "It
docs not seem timely to discuss tbe
qualifications of Mr. Cleveland very ex
tensively nt present. That be wna a
citizen of no consideration or Influence
a short time ago, that ho mndo a reason
ably good record as JInyor of Buffalo,
wna by nocldent elected Governor with
n phenomenal majority nnd has done
some good things In that olllce, nil the
world knows. If tbe Democratic party
thlnka these, sufficient reasons for nom
inating lil in to the Presidency of the
United Stales we shall have ample time
to discuss the Issues thus presented,
.lust now It Is appropriate to mark that
ho takes a prominent position, not be
cause people know nnd approve bis opin
ion, but because people do not know
anything about his opinions on questions
of National policy or whether be hns
In ax article on the recent "spat" be
tween Senator Ingalls, of Kansas, and
Senator Brown, of Georgia, the Wash
ington Crltlo says: "Without passing on
the merits of the attack, the Crltlo feels
Impelled to say that such gross and un
parliamentary language ns that used by
tbe two distinguished Senators on tbe
floor of the Senate yesterday does not
comport with the staid and dignified
body that the United States Senate Is
supposed to be. It would be well for Iho
honor nnd respect that the American
people have lor tho most dignified body
of deliberative men In the world If the
whole matter were expunged from tbe
liecord, (o that future generations would
be deprived of nn official account of It
and to show to those who come after us
that If n Senator did so fur forget him
self as to deal In such language, hla
brother Senators did not allow It to go
down to posterity."
In iikii.y to tho statement that the
Panama canal will be opened In 1883, a
Parisian correspondent says: "To say
that the canal will be opened In 1SS3 Is a
piece of pure imagination, to use tho
mildest word possible In one vocabulary.
To-day, after tbreo and n half year's
work, only one-thlrtleth of the work
baa been done, and that according to
their own showing. They claim to have
taken out 4,000,000 cubic metres of earth
along tho axis of the canal, and admit
that 130,000,000 must be removed. In
the three nnd n half years they have ex
pended on tbo canal alone, according to
their books here, 63,000,000 soles-sny
? 10,000,000 United Statea gold. To re
turn to tbo work completed, about one
twcntleth of the dredging baa been done,
and aonie of it has been done two or
three times over. Of the earth works,
say one-fortieth lins been finished, but of
thla much will have to be done over, aa
the ralna wash It right back again.
Iioughly, one-thlrtleth baa been done,
or -1.000,000 cubic metres all told. One
of tbe greatest obstacles to the rapid
completion of tbe canal Is the red tape
of French officialism. The canal Is offi
cered to death, for thero nre nearly 800
ofllcers of various grades."
"TiiESalvatlon Anny,"saya the Olobo
Dcmocrat, "has done so much to render
Its very namo a reproach among decent
people that It Is not surprising to find It
Involved In still further notoriety of an
unenviable kind. For n longtime tbe
leader of these fanatics was believed to
be profiting by tbe Ignorance and gulli
bility of his followers, and from time to
tliuo the publication of facta In reference
to the fortune be waa currently supposed
to be heaping up shed further light on
his peculiar methods and the objecta lie
had In view. Now bo Is said to be nego
tiating for tbo purchase of an estate In
AVnles for the purpose of retiring from
the business of revivalist and resting on
hla laurels. As all moneys of the English
association have been Invested In his
name and nil property of the band la In
law bis, there Is nothing remarkable
about his determination. The fanatics
who have been swindled will naturally
feel somewhat sore over the defection of
their leader, but as they belong to a class
of people who are always waiting for
somebody to come and swindle them,
they have the somewhat dubious conso
lation of knowing that be might as well
have their money as anybody."
Electro-llomoropatlilo Medicines
Are an Immense benefit to the sick peo
ple. Tho wonderful skill of many phy-
siana to recognize a disease shall be un
touched, but In millions of cases they
don't know bow to cure, use poisoning,
destroyablo remedies (f) and declare n
great many diseases ns Incurable. Our
remedies don't know such a, sickness If
taken before the body Is In a dlelng con
dition. Every sick person should make
a trial because it never falls to cure the
severest diseases of women, cancers,
vuiiauuipiiun, levers, crampa, epilepsy,
Insanity (not Orel, riles, diseases ofakln.
scrofula syphilis, calrles of the bones.
etc., etc. Treatmentof children exceed
ingly easy. Kemember that these med
icines are adopted by the authorities ot
iuu canta jtosa jiospuai. 'mere IS no
patent swindle about It, but tbe greatest
discovery In the medical line slnoe crea-
tlonof the world. San Antonio refer
ences anu testimonials given. Call on
me. Prof. Meyer, Ave. D, 32
Elect, hom. General depot for Texas
anu uuu Diaies. -17-1 yr.
or 1,100 Acres, for Silo al a Bargain.
FlnAtf-fiitf r,r l.n.1 i inn in
Harris county, six miles from Houston,
on Buffalo Bayou, railroad running by
eiuuc, neijiyui water, grass nnu tim
ber. Some lmnrovementfl. anil narl
under cultivation. Four hundred tons
of bay cut from aame last season. Will be
sold cheap and on easy terms. Address,
Heal Estate Agent, San Antonio,
Two Cottages For Sale.
Two handsome new cottno-o Iuiiiaai
four rooms, gallery, city water, out
bouses, all modern Improvements, only
two blocks from street cor. Will sell to
good parties on easy terms. Not much
casn required. Address T, 11, Johnson
aiiuiit oiuce. O-O-tf
Two Farms for Silo In Gaudalup. County,
One thousand two hundred and seven-ty-thrco
acres of land In Oaudalupe
Co., square shape, fronting on the Gaud
alupe river; Xri acrea In cultivation, mill
creek runs through the property, 000
acres well timbered, birch, oak, pecan,
eottonwood, sycamore, and black wal
nut. Variety of soil, rich river bottom
land, and all fenced except a hundred
and thirty acrea on an Island two wires
tnent houses. Tho homo house baa four
rooms nnd abed room nnd kitchen with
gallcrlea. There arc convenient stock
liens on tho place. Three hundred acrea
In cultivation, divided Into three fields.
The property la situated nine miles from
the rail road and county seat and on a
main stage road. It lies on tho north
side of the (laudalupo river and on both
sides of Milt creek. The title nro per
fect, having been In possession for thirty
four yeors.
Thero nro about 000 acres of the rich
est alluvial land between the two and
Ibrca hundred acres In timbered land.
There Is some rough land with sand
stone In great quantities, excellent for
building purposes.
In tbe second farm there nro 700 acres
adjoining the nbovo tract. 300 acrea of
river bottom on the south eldo of the
river, WW aores In cultivation. This
rami la not extensively unproved, out is
fenced and being cultivated by negroes
In tho employ of the owner. Address,
.1. 11. IHMIILKV,
Ileal Estate Agent, San Antonio, Tex.
Bj Hilton A Young, 201 Wotl Houllon Slreol.
Avenue C properly, very desirable nnd
.1 cottages, four rooms each; Install
ment plan.
ai muiuing iota on r.asi commerce ru.
BO building lots In Fourth ward.
100 building lota on Prospect Hill.
ICO acre farm near Somerset, the Gar
den of tho West, 40 acres In cultivation,
10 head cattle. 23 head bogi, poultry etc..
Crescent boarding bouse, near Sunset
depot, SO rooms well furnished. 40 reg
ular nonniers; cveryiuing in nrsi-cinos
ruer. in sen or rent.
Three snlendld fnrms on the Calaveras
creek and nre one on tbo San Antonio
river, nil about 15 miles from tbe city:
fine lands and good crops; bargains In
them all.
Several very choice properties In tbo
country to exchange for city property;
also a very choice residence property
centrally located In the city to exchange
for country lands. Particulars given nt
our olllce.
A few more choice lots on Dlnnowity
hill, about the last to bo had.
call for our Ileal t.state uuiue and
6,500 Acros Fenced tnd Slocked With Hones,
Caltt. end Goats,
fenced. In Uvalde county, 23 miles from
the town of Uvalde. The land Is situated
nt the mouth of the Snblnal and Frio
rivers, fronting seven miles on the
Sablnal. Una plenty of good grnas,
water and timber. One-third valley.
light mulatto soil and 40 acres In culti
vation. Blxuunurcu acres is enclosed
for a horse pasture. There Is a good
eight-room frame house, three tenement
nouses, statues anu cnus, two wcusiviin
good water. On the ranch nre 400 "cad
cattle, one-half to two-thirds Durham,
100 head horses and mule colts and 200
Angora mixed goats. Title warranted
perfect. To be purchased at a bargain.
Address for the next CO days for full
particulars "J. It. T.," thla olllce, or J.
W. Bradley, Ileal Estate Agent, San
Cord Pressor Sale.
One Itucclea card press, In first-class
order, for sale: $00 cash. Address. T. B.
Johnson, Light olllce. 6-0-tf
The best smoking tobacco Is "Little
tho Cltr Council nt the mcctinir hold
IDtli day of May, lent, scaled proposals will bo
received at thla olllco until Jul 3, ltwt, 12 m.,
from date, for paving Commerce street from
Main plaza to brldg,ovcr Ban Antoulo river,
with mesqulto, or other wooden block a, on
at tho tlmoof llllnir proposals, not 1cm than
or tio fall to commence work within
thirty days from datu of awarding- contract
should their proposals bo accepted.
mo succcssiui oiaaor sunn no required in
ntcr Into a pood and lulllclent bond, with
Lirctlca. for tlitt fulthful nerformancn nf thn
work; tho bond to bo equal to two-thirds of
tho amount of contract.
Hpi el Heat Ions may bo seen at tho nfflmof
City Hogiuoer. Contractors can also bid fur
nishing their plana and apoclflcatlons. Tbo city
reserves right to reject any and all bids.
Ily II. 1. Cuunnx, Mayor.
City clerk. OUtit
San Antonio, Juno 12, ml. f
Hied to emtio forward nn nr hatnm thn
Kith day of June next and pay tho license duo
thereon (50 cents for each dog), in accordance
with tho ordinance as amended June ft, inn.
Dogs without a llccnso tnjr, of tbe year 18MI,
after the above date wltl bo dealt with aa
Notice to Contractors!
Pan Antonio, June II. 13 SI. f
a led pro pos U for tho construction of a
wer from Intersection of Houaton and Solo
id itrtits to Kan Antonio rirerwill t.o n.
eelved at this olllco until 13 o'clock, noon,
THURSDAY, JULY 10, 1881.
Plana and sn clflentlnna can bn n at nfllm
of City Kniilnoer. Each bidder Is required to
tho City Clerk with his proposal, to bo held ss a
forfeit In caso party to whom iho contract is
awarded does not bcirtn work within thirty
days from the lettlmr of tho work.
The right Is H-served to reject any and all
N'.1 J M. FItENCH,
Main I'laia, Khi French Handing.
rnulbod of renovating: old cloth in sr made
look new. Alan rpnalrfmr will tin rlnnn at t
shortest notioo. Terms reasonable. Ulvohlm
Henry E, Vernor,
806 Wont Houaton timet, S01 BolMlad atrcct, on
corner, npatalr rooma Noa. 3 and I. 1'iaollmi
In all the Bute and Federal courta. a-ll-lj
Tho United Biatct Military Hand will play
every Sunday afternoon. Choice muilo dally
from 8J0 to tfc.10 p. m. Vartlcn, lajro orimall,
supplied with
Refreshments, Wines, Music and Floor
Important to Printers!
Second-Hand Presses for Sale.
Ono IIoo Drum Cjllniler, a Rood prces
for small dally or wceUy.
Ono Country Campbell. No. I, :i2xM), a
Rood press for fienernl nowajinper nnil
Job work.
One l'ottcr I)rum,n col. size, suitable for
country paper. Very cheap.
Tbcso presses nro In San Antonio, nnd
will lie sold cbenp, to save being shipped
to factory In New York. Also, N nsli
lngton Hand 1'runscs (second-band), any
size. Address,
Chas. O. Johnson,
Mgbl ofllce. San Antonio, Tkxah.
WoW TllIlEOil?
Ofrlr No. 3 Kttal llmmlnii Street.
Orders lelt at stables of Dunn, Smith & Co.,
or licriratrom Si Mcustl will receive prompt
attention. Dental work and lamenens a spo-
Office at Nelte's Drug' Store,
phone connect tons.
SucwasorloF.W. McAllister
lc Ore dealer lu
Groceries, Country Proince, Etc.
Austin white llrao, cement, etc Goods de
livered freo to all parts of the city. Lowest
prices iruaranteed. 3)1 cor. Month Alnmoand
Vlllltri street. Telenhono No. lit. MlMtm
Real Estate & Commission Broker
308 West Con
FOH SALE IUnches, lar.ro and small. In
Tcias and Mexico. Improved and unimproved
farms and city property. Loans negotiated.
Stocks bought and sold. Taxes paid. 8-lMy
403 Vast Houston Street,
Ban Antonio. Diseases nf children throat
andluntrs. Olllco hours 10 to li! a. m. and Sto
4, and 8 to 0 p. m. Hcsh'euoo No. 16 Jefferson
street. Telephone 97. 3-19-ly
J M. niUVWKBOtt,
Traders National Bank,
80 Com mere StrMt.
Transacts a general banking business.
Wind, Horso Tow
er, steam anil hand
Pumps of nil kinds.
Water pipes and
fittings of nil kinds
and sizes, "whole
sale nnd retail. Hy
draulic rams and
wind mills ot all
sizes for numnlnir
or grinding to ho
found or ordered at
212 St. Mary's St.,
Ban Antonio.
Wholesale and retail
Tea Dealer, Coffee Roaster
iportatlon of French and English table
deJIcactcs a specialty. Coffee parched and
ground every day. Teas of all grades and
20 Years!
THE reports from the uso of Swift's Specific
ia. 8.B) In tbe treatment of Canoor con
tinue to bo wonderful. Thero seems to be no
doubt that It Is a positive i peel tic for Bkla
I sutTerod from a Cancer
Potash and Mercury Mix-
body. Mr a-eneral henlth was hrnbpn ilnwn.
and my lire was despaired of. H. H. H. cured roe
sound and well. This new leaeo of life it iravo
to me cannot bo measured by any monetary
value. I owe my life and tbe support or my
family to Swif fa HIeoflo,
V, It. Kuli I SON, Davlsboro, Oa.
"Mr. n rooks, near Albany, waa hopelessly
afflicted with Cancer. It bad eaten Hi rough
Into bis mouth and throat. Thn limn
of bis death was only a question of a very
short time He prayed for death, bis sufferlnjr
was so great. H..K. H. has had a wonderful
elTeot on him. Ills Improvement is so great
that we all feel sure of bis being perfectly
cured In tlmu.
W. II, GILBERT, Albiny, Ga.
Our Treotlso on Illood and Bkla Diseases
HWIl-r HPECIFJO CO., Drawer 3,- Atlanta,
N. V. nfflna. 1A0 W. !
Offloo, Chestnut Bt,
Southern Hotel,
(Formerly Jlord)
HICKMAN & CAMPBELL, Proprietors,
Under now management. Has been
entirely renewed and rrfurnlilicd. Kx
cellent ruislne. 4-2C-3m
Beats Prospect Hill!
Nearer Town and f htnprr !
on Alazan Creek,
Near Krlsch'a properly, For Hale at a
hargaln for cash. Address,
Han Antonio Mght Olllce.
Attorneys at Law,
Itoom 0 Devlnn llnllillnc,
No.21 Solcdad Street, flan Antonio, Tolas.
No. 338 East Houston Street,
rurnlihes first-class rcgulnr meals dally, and
meals to order al all hours. Also I co-creatn,
cake, etc 4 20-6m
245 Market St., San Antonio.
House Renting Agoncy-Lani Agents.
If you wantto borrow tnonoy go to them.
If you want to buy or sell land irotothem.
If you wantto loan money on srood security
nromDtlr collected, call iiimih fht
if you want correct and reliable Information
about lots in San Antonio or lands In itoxar
county call on thorn.
Horso Shooing- and all
kinds of Job Work
promptly attended to
corner of Donham and
Crockett streets. Mr.
Earl claims to bo tho
only Anatomist of tbo
Hoof In Ban Antonio,
Pnnorals PnrnUhl With Krery Jteqnlslte.
Special attontlon (riven to forwarding bodies
to all parts of tbe United States. FFTelophone
nonnftctlnn. Calls atttnde.1 day nd nUlit.
Architect and Superintendent,
Wholesale and Itotall Dealers In
Wines, Liquors, Beer, Cigars.
and Manufacturers of
K'ummol, Anisette, extract or Hoarbouiid, etc.
Krlacb's liall, corner Houaton and North
Florca streets, Sia Autonlo. l-5-lr
a Pines ISM. I In Bun Antonio Hlnce 181s,
Hosack & Newton,
ST Hare largo store rooms for Consign
ments at No. V Comal IHoclc.cn Houston stroe ,
Boeme Hotel
JAS. T. CLARKE, Proprietor.
the evenings and nights delightfully cool and
TIIIH HOTI.L has been thoroughly re no? a
ted. Is built of stone two stories in height) lu
rooms are large and spacious (IS feet square,
11 fet In height) carpeted, well furnished, and
well ventilated, opening on promonade 11
oonlos of 800 feet, affording shade eto. Mails
nnd flrst class Stages dally; Stage coach calls
fur and delivers passengers and baggage.
Livery atablo. Post Telegraph, and Telephone
offices within two and Ave minutes walk of
hotel. Kvcry attention raid to guests, and tho
ft-10-1 m
Arrlvra NKW Oltt.KANH..
I'M I I.A Ii:i.I"l II A
NKW 1(1 UK
Ontf On. Cli.iig-.or Cra to At, tula, Chlcco, Loulatll!., Cincinnati
ll.Hlmor. nr Wftahlnffton.
Great California Route
ugh New M.alco n.l Aril
MIS ANdKlmCal.
' 8AN.JOHK.Cl..iiiiaAtl I'KANCWCO.
The 1'opnUr Blcplnc Or Lin. Il.twe.n NKW Oltt.KANH ANI BAN FItANCIfeCO.
ttTT)i. nunArctncnl of this tlrcat Transcontinental route, koplnir tin oto
watclirill rfo nn tho demands of tlnt-claM travel, has decdlcd to h.vo a treat
thoroiiuhly ventilated oar In waiting at Dcmlnir, and, durlntr tho lunch luterrat, to tranirur per,
aonal bHs-Rflft-e to Mid car, tho laa.'nirers to occupy their asm. relative poaltton In the now
car thua virtually m.kluirnn change but rnr tlio botter. For Information regarding tales,
tlrao, etc., call on or addtcaa tho rutents of The f I. II. & B. A, IVY. SYHTI'.M.
T. r.NICIIor.!, Ticket Ag.nt, II. Flli:i:it, Ticket Agent,
Houaton. Blenger Hotel, Sun Antonio.
T. W. 1'KIHCK, Jit., o. ", Ageut, Houaton, Tei.a.
International and Gt. Northern R'y
Tiino 0.x-cl lu XSiToot Tuuo lO, 1004 s
jyljoave San Antonio, bound north, atO.tfft.in., 12120 p. m. Arrive 40 p.m. and dp. in.
Lcavo for Laredo 8 43 p.m., arrive from Laredo 6:15 a. tn. Mixed train leaving fArcdo3 a. in. ar
rives Ban Antonio S. to p. tu. reaving Ban Antonio 0 a. tn. arrives LarodoDp. m. lYaln lonvlng
San Antonio M1 a. ro, has tho famous
Pullman Hotel Car
Through tnfit. LoiitsvlfljWaro and Denlson without change. Train leaving San Antonio al
13.20 n. m. has Pullman I'aJaco slceiilnir car to St. Louis via Toxarkann. Two extirHas tmln
dally between
J. J.CIIl'.W, Ticket Agent, StS Com merco atrcct. Pan Antonio, reiai.
it. l'. mranKn. n. w, mci!iii,i.uuoii, a. o. v. a. w. it. niiwman.
I1. A. Houaton, Texas. Oahcaton, Tciaa. Tratlla Manager, Qalveaton, Tex.
25 Per Cent
"V- Tj o
Has on hand one of tlio Finest StocVs ot
German, English, Scotch, French, Goods,
For Suits, nnd will during the Summer make same up In first-class
manner at a ItKDUCTION OF 23 1'JHl CENT. Satisfaction
guaranteed. No lit, no pay. Call and see Mm.
Commerce Street. Near Jlrldfjo
Spring Stock Arriving
I have Jut received thn Urgos nnd most varlod stock of men's, youths and bora
clothing over brnuirht to Western Texas, dent's furniiefng gtKKls tor rati
and winter, comprising everything foi gen
tltincna com pie to outQi.
Hals, Boots, sties, Clotliii, 1
rvinatklnirtlioatlontlon of tlio fumllura liurera to hla atoclt thla winter, Mr. Wolfaoo Iw
lleres thatho Isaclrcrtlalnir Inr their 100U m well as hla own. Tho aaaortment la lurirer than
.for berorc, Incluillnz thn nowcat and beat made. Tlierearo many now and beuutltul denlirna
In parlor and chamber fureiture, nf tlrst-cloM wortmaii.blu. In meat variety and .11 that la
new. Afullatockof matrosaoa and boddlno'. The
Paints, Oils?Wrall Paper
Window Glass t Mirror Plates, Artists' Materials
Brushes, and Everything to bo found In a Flrst-Class Paint Store. Picture Framlng'und Fine
Sign Work a Specialty. Coiumeroe Street, San Antonio, Texas.
otto gerlach,
Merchant Tailor,
WltliS. DeuUcU it Co.. corner of Commerce and Main plaza. Fine 'stookiOt
German English and French goods. Best work guaranteed. " 3-5-0ui
Manufacturer of Mosquito Block Pavement.
Office and Factory 80S, 809 S. Laredo Street, San Autonlo.
The ibost niatcrlal now offered to tho publlo for streota and aldowalk javm, Prloea-Flrat
a"So- per toot. Becond-claaa ato. Iterorcnooa l If. drone, Proaldont Gcrman-Engllah achool
& IjKTroasarerBM Antonio Ubor aaaoclallon, rnu Ulppert, OeorgoiUBturaborV,,
it u Dtuinperg. t.sa-iv
. .10.31
. . J:ilT
Reduction !
n 32.
San Autonlo, Tcxns.
and an endliwi stock
JEjT - jIjjEjPI,

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