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The San Antonio Light
Will Sell
Straight gooda cheaper than treat la
aoij elaew here.
Harry BanmA Oo
Every one to call and examine goodt
and prion before purchasing'
HarryBaum & Oo
Snn Hntonlo. XLcm, GburoDavN Huouot 7, ,84.
Ten CcntfiT a TKHech
UOl. ID. "WO. 188.
Grcnt Success of the Beethoven
and Mendelssohn Singing soci
eties, the Quartette Club.
Turner hall last evening was taxed to
Its utmost limit to aocommodato the
vast audience that assembled to hear the
tlrst concert of tho Mendelssohn Singing
association and the Beethoven Maenner
chor, a great number of people being
compelled to stand during tho whole
The appearance of the grand orches
tra and their conductor, 1'rof. Carl Beck,
was the signal for a round of applause,
which was again heard at the conclu
sion of the overture, the well k nown "Fra
Dlavolo" being the one selected, lhls
waa briskly rendered and showed
the good work 1'rof. Carl Beck
has been doing since his ad
vent In our city. Jensen's "Adonlt
felcr," consisting of chorus, soil
and orchestra was rendered by the Men
delssohn Singing association. In the soli
the fresh voice of Mies Schleunlng told
with good efleot. This appears rather a
difficult composition, butby the energies
of the Indefatigable, conduotor It was
satisfactorily rendered. Tho Now Or
leans Quartette cluV, who next made
their appearance, were greeted In a most
flattering manner. The club consists of
10 male voices, four tenors and six baBsl.
Its leader Is I'rofessorL. Ilanno Dieter,
who possesses a basa voice of line quali
ty. The unaccompanied selection they
rendered was exquisite, the degree of
light and shade they havo obtained can
only bo the result of constant practice.
The audience were ravished, and a
whirlwind of applause went round the
house. The unanimous desire of the
audience for an encore was responded to
by the slngtng of "Helm I.lebchen Zu
Haus." The well-established Beethoven
Maennerchor next favored the audience
with Tchlrch's "ANIght On the Ocean,"
being accompanied by the orchestra.
The rendition of this cantata occupied
some little time and In every way the
Maennerchor may be congratulated on
the successful mannei In which they
sang It. The solo for tho Captain and
the Mate were undertaken by Captain
Karber and Protestor Halbedl and In
their bands no point was lost. The
overture at the commencement of the
second part was again taken from Au
ber's works, for the sprightly airs from
"l.e Cheval de Bronze" were eoon ringing
through the hall. Professor Carl Beck
hs Infused his orchestra with that mag
netism which was mentioned an being
so particularly a strong point on the
Sentleman's appearance at the late
luslo Festival. At the conclusion of
the overture the New Orleans Quartette
Club rendered their second selection,
which waa marked with all that finish
observable In their first. Again the calls
of encore were loud nml strong and tho
plaudits compelled them to reappear. In
the selection given for the encore they
excelled themselves, their lovely volcea
blending Into a beautiful harmony, un
til the sound died away murmurlngly In
the veriest whisper. The applause at
the conclusion was deafening, and It waa
thoroughly well deserved. The Men
delssohn association then gave "The
Happy One" (Mendellsohn) very uierlt
Itorlously. The next Item was the singing of
Beethoven's "Die Illmmel Huehmen des
Kwlngen Khre" hy tho New Orleans
Quartette club and Beethoven Micnnor
chor. This, too, was satisfactorily per
formed. At the end of tbla a presenta
tion of a magnificent silver drinking cup
-was made to tho Quartette Club by the
Singing association, Captain Karber,
with n few appropriate remarka per
forming the ceremony of presentation.
This enjoyable and Intellectual even
ing's entertainment concluded with
Kuntze's Wine Galop by the Beethoven
In conclusion, San Antonio may felic
itate herself at having such a musician
In her midst aa Carl Beck, and under hla
baton neither the Beethoven Mtcnner
chort the Mendelssohn Singing society,
nor the Orchestral soclety,wlll ilnd their
well earned laurels of last night fade.
Restored to Health-The Laying;
on of Hands.
Mra. Mary K. Douglass, age thirty-live,
living at 174 Camden, street, Newark, Is
a widow who np to last Wednesday was
a bedridden orlpple for more than eight
years. She bad curvature of the spine,
and her body was bent nearly double.
Her spine was so sensitive that she
oould not bear the touch of a hand,
She also suffered constantly from a rag
ing headache, and she could take little
ustenanoe, Mra. Douglass Is now ai
parently well and hearty, she walks
erect with straight spine, her headache
has entirely disappeared, and she eats
with good appetite. Mra. Douglass
attributes her remarkable recovery to
the "faith oure," and her statements are
corroborated by friends and physi
cians. She had been told by the latter
that her oase was hopeless, and that
she would never walk erect again.
When out of her bed the was compelled
to drag her bent and paralyzed legs
along The floor by crawling on her
Mrs. Douglass says: "I had been con
fined to my bed since Christmas day
eight years ago. My left hip had been
drawn out of place and my leg was
shortened. My anklea were so twisted
that my feet were turned out of place.
1 could stlok a pin In my flesh there
without feeling It.' During the past two
veara and a half I had ulceration of the
stomach and abscesses till the coating of
my, tioraacn waa nearly oesiroyeu. I
also lost my voice, and oould, enunciate
with difficulty." '
On last Wednesday evening Mrs.
Douglass arose front her bed and
'walked, to the' amazajuent .of all
her friends. She had been talked !
to about Iho faith oure, but hart no
belief In It. On that day the llev. Dr.
Sanford and Mra. Baldwin, who prac
tice the faith cure, accompanied by C .
0. Lathrop, visited the home and talked
to her aa she lay In bed. A passage Irom
the Bible waa read to her. and alter
aome religious conversation. Dr. Sanford
knelt beside the bed and laid ono hand
on her forehead. Mrs. Baldwin knelt on
the opposite tide of the bed, and took
her other hand and placed one of her
hands on me nauenrs spine, mow me
nanus on iuo mucin a "V;
visltora prayed earnestly. "The pain
seemed to leave me," said Mrs. Uoug-
lass, yesterday. Dr. Sanford then re-
Iireu irom lue room, mini iw
was asked to get up. After some
hesitation she made the effort, and
atood upon her feet. Dr. Sanford was
called In and additional prayers were
said that her limb might be straight
ened. "I felt my foot slip Into place
and planted It on the floor. Then 1 be
gan to have faith, and walked about the
room. "
Mrs. Douglass was visited yesterday
by a number of friends who expressed
their astonishment at her cure. Sho
walked about the room and appeared to
have as much physical strength as the
ordinary woman. One Friday she took
an airing In the carriage of Dr. Ella
Lin, nn.l nulled iinn ii friends. Dr.
Banfurd and Mrs. Baldwin aro credited
with a number of remarkablo cures
through the operation of Faith, New
York Tribune.
The Sunsets Win a Decided Victo
ry Over tho calvestons.
The game of base ball yesterday after
noon was the best that has been played
In this city, and tho Sunsets won by n
score of seven to four for the Oalvestons.
The main features of the game was
McKale's batting and McCorinlok work
at second base. Both clubs played for
all they were worth, and the fact the
Sunsets won was greatly to their oredlt.
Flanders, the pitcher for the Sunsets Is
an excellent man, and his good work
gave the San Antonio nine a decided
advantage. After tbo filth Inning his
arm commenced to swell greatly, but he
was rubbed down with whiskey, and
pitched the entire game out, notwith
standing he vfli In great pain.
At the commencement of the game
the odds was In favor of the Oalvestons,
but after the boys of the Sunsets made
four runs In the 'third Inning a good
many betters hedged, and got some of
their money back after the game was
At one time there was some dissatis
faction expressed at the decision of the
umpire," but It was uncalled for, and
taking the three games through, there
could not have been fairer decisions
made than were rendered by Mr.Elwood.
The folldwlng Is the score of the
game ;
Sunsets. n. n. k. r. y. i
Carrlgan.l. f....... 2 2 2 0
McKnle.s.s 4 114
Davis, lb 0 0 in 0
Yahn,3b 0 0 2 U
Palmer, c... 1 0 C 4
Green. Y. f 10 11
VanVleck, 2 b 1 1 0 tl
Flanders, p 1 2 0 f
Stevenson, c. f. 1 1 1 0
Total 11
SlcCormlck, 2 h..., 0
Cruso, o. s. s 2
Pujol, s. s. o 0
Lloyd, 3 b 0
Itebenao, o. f. b,,.. 0
Curry.p.c. f 2
Shea, lb 0
Gunderman, r. f. ... 1
ltcld.l. f. 1
27 22 13
10 0 0
Total C 4 27 17 12
Innlnes 12 3 4 5 0 7 8
Sunset 00400000 37
Oalvestons 01002100 01
Earned runs Sunsets 1.
First base on balls Oalvestons 1, Sun
sets 4.
First baso on errors Galveston 7, Sun
sets 3.
Two base hits Carrlgan 1.
Passed balls Pujol 1, Palmer 1.
Double plays Pujol and Shea, Kebe
nao. Llovrt and McCormlck.
Time of cranie. 2 houraand 10 minutes,
In the seventh Inning Itebenao and
Pujol ran Into oneanother, knocking the
wind out of Itebenao, but be held the
Fights. Drunks and Vagrants-The
WaterThleves of the Fest Place.
Bill Skellman, Insulting language to
Narcissi Douglas, $3.
Itacliel Anderson pleaded not guilty to
vagranoyand the case was fully contest
ed; the result was a $5 penalty.
Benevrto Angelo and Juan Carnaolon,
accused of taking water for Irrigation
purposes out of the Simon Fest ditch,
when not entitled to do so; charges were
proved and $10 penalty-was imposed.
E. W. Ileece, vagrant, pleaded guilty
and was fined $10.
Phelps had to pay $3 for depositing
rubbish In a place not specified by the
Anton Fournler, careless driving; dis
missed. Win. Menger, allowing a cow to run
at large; dismissed.
Mookett, taking water for Irrigation
purposes from the main San Pedro ditch;
Pat Itonal, Mike Hlnes and S. Lam,
drunks; $5 line In eaoh offense.
E. Itlsche and George Nick, quarrel
ing and fighting; flrst defendant lined $S,
second dismissed.
Charles Flnehel, fighting a black
woman, $5.
Lizzie Kevlr, vagrancy; dismissed.
Lewis Nickel, Insulting language, $.1
fine, A seoond charge for careless driv
ing against above named was dismissed.
Frank Ferguson, fighting; continued.
What Is Being Said and Done in
Diamond Circles.
The Galveston management express
their entire satisfaction with their trip
to San Antonio, and state that they
have had kind treatment uniformly,
from their opponent! and the citizens of
San Antonio generally. They acknowl-
edge that the Sunsets heat them fairly
and squarely, and that they hare noth
ing to kick about. On the contrary they
were treated better, and had fairer de
cisions than ever before. We have this
from Manager Kaston, of tho Calves
tons, who taya that ho will see that due
and proper credit Is given our club by
the press of the State. Mr. Kaston also
requests tho I.wiit reporter. In behalf of
the Oalveaton club, to express their
thankato the proprietors of the White
thanks to the proprietors or tne i line
Klrpliant saloon for their kind and
thoughtful entertainment thla forenoon.
In Dili Inatanrn wn mar mention that
McKale, the excellent short stop of the
Sunsets, has been called lo Galveston by
a telegram stating that his sister is
very III, and It Is not known whether ho
will return or not. If he docs not It
will weaken tho home club, as he has
developed excellent qualities for tbo po
sition he ocoupled.
We might also mention that ICcId the
left fielder for the Oalvestons, has sign
ed with the Sunset, anil will in miure
play with them. If McKale does not
come back It will be a loss, but the loss
win be recovered by tne acquisition oi
Held, and another player the Sunsets are
En passant, we win siaie, tuai me
Galveston boys, who are base ball play
ers, say that the San Antonio club, as at
present composed, need not be afraid to
go anywhere, or tackle any club.
Arrested New republican Paper
Debating: Soclety-naln.
niltor Pan Anlonto Llfrbt.
Kacilk Pisi, August S, 1881. A colored
man named Alexander Hayes was ar
rested and placed In Jail yesterday by
Deputy United States Marsaal Prouty,
on complaint of Charles Stappenbacb,
charged with obstructing the malls.
Three hundred and Any dollars was
promptly subscribed and paid In yester
day towards starting a Ilepubllcan
campaign paper here. Arrangements
have been made looking to the purchase
of the late Maverick outfit, and as this
county has a large Republican majority,
the new paper will be' well patronized.
The Presbyterian church was filled
last evening by an Intelligent audience,
who listened attentively to tho pro
ceedings of our new Debating society.
The cultivated voice of Miss Mollie Gil
lespie, heard In a lew well chosen songs,
was a very attractive feature of the
evening. The subject chosen for debato
was: "mat tne .ona j.iure ami me
projected bridge will be beneficial to
Eagle Pass." Messrs. Hancock and
Blesse snoke In the affirmative, and
Mrs. Jerome and Olllesple In the nega
tive. On the oonoluslonof the debate
tho audience almost unanimously de-
elded In favor of the negative view of
the case. The meeting was well at-
tenueu, an oi our preuy gins anu ineir
numerous admirers being there.
At the present moment, ftp. m., It has
commenced raining. Our sheep men
look jubilant, we nave Had no rain in
10 months. "Maoism
Collected From Hotel Corridors
and Efsewhere,
Mr. N. Itoscnan. of Now York, is reg-
isiereu at tne jienger.
Tony Winston has returned from Bra
zoria alter a monin s visit,
Mr. M. Click and wife, of Bandera,
are at ine central to-uay.
Simon Veith has returned from
week's trip to Galveston.
Sim Hart, the cigar man. Is expected
home from Detroit to-night.
Judge Junius Hlllyer, of Edwards
county, Is at the Central to-day.
W. L. Chew, claim agent of the Inter
national railroad, Is again In the city,
J. C. S. Miller, a commercial traveler
from Chicago, Is at the St. Leonard.
M. It. Bucksbaum, a commercial trav
eler from Baltimore, Is at the Southern.
Will Y. Dugan, one of tho most mod
est boys on the road, Is nt the St, Leon
ard. George W. Welt and wife, of Sweet
Home, Texas, cattleman, are staying at
the Menger.
II. F. Meyer, a merchant of Wares
vllle. Is In the city on business and stops
at the Southern.
Mr. Henry J. Ware, of Del Itlo, and
II. C. Grlner, a cattleman of the samo
place, are guests at the Meoger.
Mrs. P. S. Connery, a well known
stock dealer of this city, Is Just home
from a trip to Pennsylvania, his old
D. D. Mlllspaugb, an enterprising
citizen of Denver, Colorado, Is visiting
us, and has his headquarters at the St.
former of Pearsall, and the latter oi Mo
Intosh, both Interested In four-footed
beasts, are at the Southern.
Miss Mary Morris, who has been visit
ing the family or Mr. Worthlngton for
the past year, returns to-day to her pa
rents in Van Buren, Arkansas.
Mr. Oioar Sohmltt, agent of Faulke's
brewery, Milwaukee, member of the
Beethoven Maennerchor, has Joined the
New Orleans Quartette club.
Mr. L. A. Franks has lust returned
from New Mexico, where he has been to
sell stock, In which he was very suc
cessful. He is registered at the Central.
Mr. It. F. Ilerron. from Tennessee, a
brother of our well-known fellow-clt lzen,
W. W Ilerron. Is here to visit the latter.
The I.wiit would be pleased If be enjoys
ins visit, jie is stopping at me sown
era hotel.
There will bo a mast meeting at 6:30
o'clock on Saturday evening In Scholz's
hall, of Republicans of San Antonio and
vicinity, for the purpose of organizing a
Blaine and Logan club, and to ratify
their nomination. Bexar county and
San Antonio have heretofore given the
Republican party a most flattering vote,
anu it snouiu oe tne amy oi an true ne
publicans to attend the meeting and en
roll their names In the club.
Heard at Saratoga "What la that
girl's name f She looks very awkward
and nietlo at this garden party." 1
don't know exactly, but I should say
ene waa a Mist Fit.'1 Boston Budget.
The Cotton Crop Promotion of the
Grecly Party The Antl-Mon-opollsts
Other News.
Sr. Lou. August fl. Experiments are
being made In the -Missouri Paclflothops
here with a view to lighting passenger
coacbee with electricity, andlt Is thought
uiey win prove successiui.
Cnr or Mexico, August (1. The
American canard that Diaz has been
shot has not vet been published here.
He being Informed of the report, ex
pressed Indignation and surprise.
CuiCAOo. Aucust C Samuel llrav-
luond, Chairman, and U'llllam K. Sulli
van, Secretary of the local Committee of
Atrangements for the Ilepubllcan Na
tional convention, report that the total
amount collected for that purpose was
523,701, of which $13,221 waa expended,
leaving a dividend of 17 per cent, to the
Nr.w YoitK, August 0. At a meeting
of the Directors of the Wabash railway
to-day the plan proposed by the sub
committee and published some time ago,
was unanimously approved. Jay Gould
resigned the Presidency and was suc
ceeded by J. A. Joy, of Detroit. It Is
the Intention of Joy to proceed to
Europe to confer with bond and stock
holders and secure their acceptance of
the new plan.
Louisville, August 0. A Mount Ster
ling special saya: It Is reported that a
pitched battle occurred on Wednesday
In Elliott county, and four men were
killed and 10 wounded. It lacks con
firmation. The same special states that
at KlddvlIIe, Ky., William Ooosely and
one Itamsoy, In a fight over some wild
cat whiskey, cut ami shot each other
Boitox, August 0. The National Ex
ecutive committee of the American po
litical alliance, In secret session yester
day, ordered all councils In tbo United
States to make nominations for Presi
dent and Vice President of the United
States. These nominations will be for
warded to the State Councils, where
they will be audited and submitted to
the National Council, which holds u
convention with open doors on Septem
ber S, and will then announce the can
didates. N'kw OniXANH, August 0. The board
of health passed a resolution requesting
the Governor to modify the amended
quarantine proclamation of June 11, do
daring a detention of forty days against
me ports itierein meniioneu, reuucini
the Quarantine of vessels from sue
ports, to a period of ten days, after Sep-
teniuer i, except in cases oi vessels irom
ports known to have the yellow fever,
leaving the question of a more extended
ceicnuon, in sucu cases, to tne uiscre
Hon of tho board of health.
Chicago, August C The following
will be sent out to-morrow to each mem
ber of the National Anti-Monopoly com
mittee i " Under instruction! from the
convention of May 4, It becomes the
(lutv of the National committee to select
a candidate for Vice-President of the
United States. For this nurnoae. and
for the transaction of other Important
business, the members of said committee
are herebv notified to meet at the head
quarters In the Brlggt house, at Chicago,
nt 11 a. ni., on Saturday, August 10, 1881.
i ou are earnestly urged to oe present."
WASiux'rjTo.v, August 0. It Is under
stood that Secretary Lincoln has decid
ed upon the promotion of the Greely
party. Steward Ilrlderbeck and Private
Carroll will be made Sergeants and
Scrgeats Rrainard, Frederick and Long
Second Lieutenants. Lieutenant Gree
ly, It is understood, has refused to ac
cept promotion to a Captaincy, except
throuuh the ordinary course. This ac
tion on his part Is highly appreciated by
those officers whose promotion would
have been deferred for two or three
years had he accepted the office. He
win oe oruereu to wasnington about
tueurst or November and win be oecu-
pled a year or so with his records.
Boston-, August 0. The following let-
Is self explanatory; "To Hon. Charles
Dana, of the New York Sun, New
York." Boston, August 0. Dear Sin
Aa a means of reaching more querist
than I can do In any other way, I write
you this note for such use as you may
choose to make of It? Answer I do In
tend to stand by the nomination of tin
Greenback ami laboring men and anil
uiononotlara. nml brine nvervbailv will
vote for me, who think It the best thing
to do. I will give the reasons for my
aotlon to tbopubllo as soon aal can have
use of Mr. Cleveland's letter of accent
ance, to that where I disagree with him
I may do him no Injustice. Very truly
your irienu anu servant,
Sr. Louis, August 0. The managers
of tho exposition, which Is to open hero
on September 30, have arranged quite an
elaborate programme for that event,
There Is to be a great parade, artillery
salutes, speech making, eto. Among
those to be Invited to share In the cere
monies are President Arthur, all the
Presidential and VIce-Pretldcntlal can
didates, the Governors of the contiguous
States, United States Senators, Uenerals
Buennan anu eneriaan, anu oiner dis
tinguished centlemen. The new build
ing In which the exposition Is to be held
Is rapidly approaching completion, and
win oe one oi ine unest in tue country,
The exposition Itself promises to be
more man noiewonny, anu win em
brace elaborate disulava from all narts
of (he country. All classes of citizens
are taking great Interest In the enter
prise, and every effort will be made to
make it a success.
WismxriTOX, August 0. Early thl
morning fire was discovered by the po
lice at the oapltolln a large closet ad
Joining the Clerk't offloe, on the House
side. It had apparently been burning
for some time, for when the watchmen,
warned by. the smell of burning paint,
entered the .Clerk's ofllco and opened
tho closet door, It took them half an
hour to get It under control. It was
finally extinguished without much dam
age. Only the fact that the closet had
lire-proof walla prevented a disastrous
conflagration. '1 be watchmen say that
If the llro had occurred In some of tho
upper floors, the law library for In
stance, they probably would not have
been able to discover It until It was be.
yond control. The origin of the lire Is
unknown. The closet was locked and
contained nothing but papers and
members' accountsfor stationery. which
have been accumulating for twenty
ears. '1 he watchmen were obliged to
reak the window to get Into I lie Clerk's
Mkjiitih, August 0. The July cotton
crop report ror the 3Iempbls district,
embracing West Tennessee, North Mis
sissippi, orth Arkansas and Jiorth Ala
abaina, to be Issued to-morrow by Hill,
Fontalno it Co., will sayt Taking
the district aa a wholo there It
an improvement to be noted In the grow
ing cotton crop. This It particularly
noticeable In Arkansas and Tennessee.
In these two States the weather has
been most seasonable and the plant, al
though somewhat smaller and later than
usual, is ueanny anu growing rapidly
wet weather has prevailed and the crop
In those two sections Is still from three
to four weeks late. Disastrous rains aro
reported from Northern and Eastern
Mlsslaalnnl which overflowed the bot
tom lands and did serlout damage to
uoin couon anu corn, Alley alio caused
the abandonment of some lands In both
of these States, which owing to contin
ued wet weainer it was ltnnossioie to
cultivate. The critical point bat now
been reached and It It tafe to predict
that with a favorable season from now
on the yield of cotton In this district will
exceed that of last season. An early
frost would, however, curtail the yield
The Tramp an Illinois Farmer Has
undertaken on a Wager
Persons standing about the Union de
pot last evening were somewhat startled
by an apparition, which hurried Into the
main waiting room, and, after seating
himself comfortably In a retired place,
began to study Intently a Union Pacific
folder. He was dressed In a unique cos
tume, consisting of a shirt, kneo
breeches and walking shoes, while on
hit head he wore a cap, upon the brim of
which wat printed: "New a ork to Sn
Francisco, fifty miles a day." Inquiry
proved hla name to be Adrian Hilt, a
farmer of Flora, Illinois, and be said he
was Journeying on foot from New York
to San Francisco, upon a wager of
$2,000. He said he had started from the
foot of Brooklyn bildge on the morning
of June 10, with four companions, whose
business It was to see that he made the
requisite SO miles a day, contained In
ine provisions oi tne.wager. lie cover
ed on the first day 73 tulles, on the Sec
ond 03. on the third CO, and on the fourth
4a runes, so ne tayt, at lue ex
piration of which time the second
to tue wairer. Decominir alarmed
e waa steallne rides durlnir the
night time, Induced him to travel only
during the day, at tho same time re
ducing the renultlte numberof miles ner
day to 33. He reached St. Loult last
Thursday, having completed the first
i,u.i nines oi nis journey in less tuan so
days, with an average dailr rate of 411
miles. At St. Louis he received $200,
the amount of n wasrer to the effect that
he would break down before reaching
lue jussisaippi river.
He left St. Louis on time, and arrived
In this olty last evening about dusk,
having made the 2S3 miles Intervening
ueiween tucjwo points in seven uays.
sneaking oi ins tourney to a Times re
Eorter last evening, IIIU declared It a
cavler undertxkinir than be had bar-
?;alned for. "Tbero is no resting. If I
all to make the 33 miles for a single
day away goes ray &i000. I alto find It
pretty difficult to get something to
eat sometimes, lou see tne pro
visions of the contract don't al
low me to carry any money, and I
would be afraid to do so anyhow for fear
of tramps. So I carry a bundle of pam-
rtuieis. iitiuiisneu ov me. anu aen mem
for enough to purchase a meal or two or
a nignt's lodging, sometimes 1 arrive
in a town wnnout a red, nut i generally
manage to raise sometuingou my noems.
A tramp stopped me a few miles out of
Dr. ijouis anu roooeu me oi i couiu
have resisted, but feared he might 'do
me up' and prevent the continuance of
leavea to-day for Denver over the
Union Paclflo railroad track, and. If be
succeeds In reaching that point without
acoldent, be says be will have won a
tniru uet oi $ouutnat ne oouiu not wane
to the Rooky mountains.
From a casual perusal of the volume
ue designated as ins "poems," tne con
viction Is easily reached that the travel
er belonga to a type of humanity whom
Senator Tabor, of Colorado, would class
as cranks. LKansas Ully Times.
The First Anniversary.
The White Elephant has assumed
gala appearance, flags decorating Its
front and the standard upon the Held of
which Is represented faithfully a pachy
derm which alrt Its huge proportions to
me ureeze. ah too morning cuampagne
puncu was being lauied out uy "hick'
with a bountiful hand from a cluantl
punchbowl. The representatives of the
prest were mere very mucn mere,
" I shall light It out on tlils;iylu' If it
takes all summer," remarked the politi
cal stump speaker as ne sent 10 neau
quarters tor more --uoctoreu tacit
Burlington Free Press.
"Will the comlne man be happier t
asks a writer. It deoends to a great ex
tent upon whether his wife has got tired
and gone to sleep or Is still up waiting
for him.
"Soled again I" exclaimed the young
man aa he went flying down the front
stens for the third time Inside of a week.
propelled by the vigorous foot of his
cuarmer'a papa. i uurnngiou x reel ress,
Mrs. Blinks I don't seo why you can't
be polite In public, even If we are raar-
rieu. air. minus nny, wnat nave a
done now? Mrs. Blinks When Idronned
rny parasol you never made a move, and
I nad to nlok It un mvaelf." Mr. llllnka
Well, you see, my dear, I could not
stoop over without snapping off a loose
auspender button, and I knew I could
never get you to aew it on again. a uu-
adelphla Call.
Ed. Steves & Sons,
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in
Shingles, Blinds.
And Everything Generally found In a
peclalty of Odd-Size Lumber, Doors and
&G. N. R. R. Depot and Sunset Crossing, Alameda Street.
100 Gents' Seersucker Suits at
60 dents' Seersucker Suits at
ISO Blue Linen and Fanoy Suits at
. ..Genuine Dudo Seersucker Bu Its
-10 Brown Cashmere Suits, frock coat, at , 4.00
40 Navy Blue Suits at , lUW
).. ..Middlesex Suits at 10.00
..Fanoy Caslmcre Suits, five stylet,
200 Al All-wool Cheviot, Scotch, Tweed, Mohair and Casslmere Suits
at from
1000 Pair Casslmere, Tweed, Linen and Jcana Pants at a Sacrifice.
1500 Percale. Ceviot and White Shirts, each, at M
200 Gents' Ventilator Hats at. f 10
200 Gents' Ventilator Hats at
400. . . . .Cents' Ventilator Cork Hats at 60
aii my uenis- anu noya' ntraw uata at uj cents on tue dollar.
Hoys' Kneo Pants, per pair, at
Dozen Boys' Shirt Waists, each, at , ,
Dozen Hoys' Straw Data, each, at ,
Dozen Hoys' Straw Hats, better, very Cheap.
i Plecct all-wool Bunting, all colors, at 10c. per yard
I Plecea Nuns' Veiling, all colors and shades, at ll)e. per yard
I Nuns' Veiling, all wool, double width, 40 Inches wide 25o. per yard
former price wjc.
'i0 Pfces Linen Lawn regardless of cost.
Come and see how we Slaughter them I
I will not carrv over and am deter
mined to dispose of them.
i arnj be convinced
Drugs and
We take pleasure In announcing that our
io ueui mm you snuareiy. ana solicit a iair snare oi your patronage.
We ask only a SMALL PKOF1T. We will treat
you well, and we will give you the
You can buy as cheap here as any place In town. Our Prescription Depart
ment will be under the supervision of Mr. II. I Whlttemore. who la a flrst-claaa
Pharmacist (late of liegeman Co., New York) and has -a thorougu knowledtr
of the compounding of drugs. We Intend to make a specialty of compounding
prescriptions, and any business entrusted to hla care will be properly prepare
and polite attention shown. We also manufacture a
Full Line of Flavoring Extracts,
Such as Lemon, Vanilla, and others, superior to any on the market, made from
the pure fruits. Orders solicited and the trade supplied at the lowett
figures. Wo will also keop on band all the different ra
And everything pertaining to a well-appointed drug store. Don't go elsewhere
before Inspecting our line of goods. Call and examine for yourselves. A teUt
phone Is In the store, where you can ring up any physician at any time of the day
or night. Thanking the publlo for past favors, we ask for a continuance of rate
same In the future. We remain your obedient servants,
' YtSLWITS?.'!1"' RAM iMTHTJin TfX
loiuao I LOCK
Newels, Ballusters,
First-Class Lumber Yard. We make
at 4.00
at COO
f.00 to 10X10
cents up, a big bargain.
GOO pairs Ladles Shoet at25c,60c.,75o.
and $1.00, all In good atyle and fine qual
ity. Must be sold.
Come and seo my Infanta'. Misses and
Children's Shoes and Slippers and you
surely will tavo CO per cent all around.
aim will bo to please. JVe will endeavor

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