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The San Antonio Light
Will Sell
Ever)' one to call and examine goods
and prices before purchasing.
Harry 33aum tfc Co
Straight good cheaper thin trash Is
told elsewhere
Harry Baum& Oo
IDOL 11D. -MO. 206
5nn tlntonlo. Scjcno, Gbure&ny, atifluot 28, 1884.
Sen Cents a TOccfc
MP. Bremond's Views Dlscussed
rtemorks on tho Narrow
Guago noad, Etc.
Editor gin Antonio I.lebt:
gin With reference to the Interview
yonr reporter Itntt with Jtr. Tnul lire
mond, and the views expressed by that
gentleman, 1 would oOer a few facts
which are contrary to those stated by
Mr. Iiremoml. I hare lived In
Houston for 10 years, and ven
ture to assert 1 nm well posted
on all public, mntlera of that city.
In the first plncc. Mr. Bremond's state
ment that the bulk of the business was
transferred to the coast, I would stato
that Clinton, the terminus, Is the same
place that It was Ave years ago, consist
ing of a lager beer saloon (possibly It
rejoices In two now), one boarding
house and a grocery store, all of which
do a big business for flvo minutes when
the steamers discharge their cargo, the
balance of the business, tho compressing
'of cotton, the forwarding and all the
other commercial Interests arc centered
at Houston. It has considerably dam
aged the trade of Galveston, but has
afforded a cheap outlet to New York
and New Orleans. Cotton that was for
merly sent to Qalveston Is now sent to
Houston and forwarded from that point
to Its ultimate destination. Ilegardlng
the question of the comparative
safety of narrow and broad
Saugo roads, and Mr. llremond's
lustration of the superior safety of
fered by a narrow gauge by stating that
In six years they have not killed a single
passenger Is duo to the faot that the
line of road carries so few passengers,
and It Is next to Impossible to kill any.
It belncr slninlv a frelirlit road and hauls
lumber for the greater portion of
Eastern Texas.
It Is not a fact that the.broad gauge
would cost so much more than
the narrow gauge, because the proposed
line of road runs through a smooth coun
try, where swampy districts are un
known, whereas In Houston It was
found necessary to expend a large
amount of capital In grading and making
road-beds. My motto Is, and one that
every citizen that desires prosperity for
San Antonio should unanimously adopt,
"On to the Gulf."
Yours, In-gauge-lnly,
M. Xl.ND.NEll,
And the Inconsistencies ot the
Democratic; Party
Editor Baa Antonio Light I
It Is amusing as well as Instructive to
observe the arts and devices resorted to
by the Democrats (so-called) to obtain
the votes of foreign-born citizens. They
run Ireland In Texas for Governor, not
withstanding the faot that he was a
now Nothing;, but they howl like a
pack of coyotes about Blaine's having
been a Know Nothing. It will be a
beautiful sight to see the foreign born
citizens In Texas vote against Blaine be
cause he Is charged with being a Know
Nothing In 18.15, and vote for Ireland
who was a Know Xothlng.
Another Demooratlo dodge is to rep
resent Blaine to be in favor of prohibi
tion, and to tell Oerman citizens that
they cannot vote for him. Here in
Texas the Democrats have given the
people prohibition In broken doses in
local option laws, which rest on the
very same foundation with the Maine
law, that a mere majority of the voters
can prescribe what men may eat and
drink in a beat or county. The Sunday
laws in Texas are prohibitory.
It Is a fact known to all well-informed
men. that Coneress has no nower under
the Constitution to enact a prohibitory
law, ana, t nit lor mat reason, it is aoso
lutely of no consequence whether the
President favors or opposes prohibition.
His hands are tied bv the Constitution
to approve a prohibitory law. It is In the
nature oi a ponce regulation, anu out
line oi ine oruit oi tue general uovern'
Our German citizens are cool-headed
and reflecting men, seldom acting from
the Impulse of sudden passion, but from
reason and conviction. They were all
opposed to slavery upon principle, and
they know the Democratla Dartv was
pro-slavery, and that the' Republicans
brought emancipation to pass. They
also realize that In liberating the negroes
the Itepubllcans emancipated poor
white men from the thraldom of the
slaveocracy. The German voter will
not be caught with Demooratlo chair.
A Correspondent's Suggestion to
the Republicans.
Editor Ban AntouloLlihtl
No political organization can ever
' And It profitable to set common sense at
defiance, and Invite defeat by Its own
unadulterated folly. The Itepubllcans
In Texas are In a woful minority, and
very likely to continue so unless they
add the wisdom of the serpent to the
harnuessness of the dove,
The running of a straight-out Repub
lican ticket for State offices will be
spunky, but very foolish, and will only
serve to consolidate the angry and war
ring ructions Inside the Democratto
party, anu pue up anoverwneiming ma
lorlty against the Jtepenucans,
straight-out Itepubllcan State' ticket
cannot carry Texas for Itself nor for
Illalne. Common sense, then, asks, why
rcnit? What benefit will accrue from
It? None whatever. It wilt begin as a
farce' and end as a fizzle. It will be
ridiculous from the start.
Mv Idea Is. that 'half a loaf Is better
far than no bread at all In the matter of
food and id polltloa.
Urn! trail, .fnnns received tho entire
Itepubllcan vote In 1832, he would have
come very near beating Ireland, but he
lacked 30,000 of getting the full Itepubll
can vote. Should ho run now be would
poll 40,000 Demooratlo votes which ho
did not receive In 1882, and he stands an
excellent chance of being elected Gov
ernor over Ireland.
Then Major ltichanlion can beat
Raker for Superintendent of l'ubtlo
Schools. Buck Walton can defeat Tern
pleton like a flash nardly leavo a grease
spot of him.
My Idea Is to obey the dictates of com
mon sense by taking advantage of the
opportune split In the Demooratlo party.
vtasn o ones can uo mis. i-.si.
Gnthcred by Reporters on Their
Tours Through Town.
Bears are numerous this vcar In
Kendall county.
j To be disposed of thechartcroftbe
Sir. J. IT. Whlmer rnnorta irood rnlns
tn Fort Clark, during the last few days.
A sewer tran Is belnc nut 111 at the
corner of Avenue U and Houston street.
The board of equalization was In
session this morning at tho Mayor's
Thi Sunset nav car arrived last
evening and nald oil the July wages of
Its employees. .
Colonel Belknan Is tirenarlne his ud-
ress to the citizens from the directors
of the Gulf road.
There will be a dance at the San
Fedro springs next Saturday night by
the colored people.
Mr. Simon Velth eantured a line
swarm of bees at his residence, In the
fouriu waru, yesieruay.
The Democratic nancr said that
Fayette Walker was the only colored
Demoorat In this city. What's the mat
ter with Jim Davis?
Mr. Kaltever strenuouslv denies
that he ever said anything about Mr.
Steves' resignation at yesterday's meet
ingof railroad directors.
The sheen business Is rcnorted to
behaving a slight boom, and there have
been a good many Investments In ini-
proveu graues iuib weeK.
While a building was In progress of
reotlon by Mr. Walsh. Te.tenlnv. noma
of the workmen had a narrow escape by
the falling of a derrick, '
The city should Dlacean Iron ralllnc
on the west side of the south approach
to Navarro street bridge. Somebody
may acciuentiy urea meir necK mere.
The nollce arrested a vounir man
named Kelly yesterday evening oft" tbe
sunset train just as ne arrived, lie is
wanted at Palestine, and Is now In tbe
county Jail.
There will be a match trame of base
ball between ploked nines In Mother
Hubbard dresses, at the Sunset base ball
park, Saturday evening at 5 o'clock.
Admission, 23 cents.
Mr. Paul Bremondi before he entered
the railroad meeting, had a long talk
with one of our bankers who is opposed
to the Quit road. This Is probably one
reason why be threw ice water on the
'Three or four street car drivers at
the San Peero snrlnirs terminus could
be a little less boisterous and leave otf
blackguardism while ladles and gentle
men are waiting for the oars to go back
to town.
T. T. Gammaire. United States Com
missioner to tbe Near Orleans exposi
tion, and John I Elliott. Chief Commis
sioner, have promised to be In tbe city
iuii weeK, anu tneir arrival is expecteu
this afternoon or to-morrow.
Benefit Performance ot Golden
Hair and the Three Bears.
The I uimense advantages to be secured
to Texas by a creditable exhibit at the
New Orleans exposition has been dwelt
on nt length In the columns of the Liout,
and therefore It Is a duty on the part of
the citizens of Texas to foster and en'
courage anything that Is done to further
the Interests of this, tbe Empire State.
at the exposition. Among the most
prominent organization that Is working
naru anu iaiiuiuuy to secure an auequate
representation Is the Ladles' Ksuosltlou
society of Bexar eounty. In the collec
tion ana preparation or exnimts a great
expense Is incurred, and to nlace them
In the financial condition to meet such
expenses the benefit performance of the
Juvenile opera of "Golden Ualr and The
lng, will be given under tbe direction of
Mrs. Jtatzenberger. The well deserved
popularity of this onera at the lint nro.
ductlon should recommend It to all, and
this, when added to the worthy cause It
represents, ought to Induce every one to
"J uBnei aim no.
Dying Man Discovered tn the
On Tuesday a teamster found a man
named Christopher Edwards lying In
the chaparral utterly prostrated. Tbe
teamster put him in his wagon, which,
naving no cover, caused him to be ex
posed to the sun, severely blistering his
face and bringing on congestion of the
brain. Dr. Graves met them rnmlnrr in
toward town, and having heard the cir
cumstances, ne oruereu tne man to tue
Soor bouse, where, after suffering a great
eal, be .died last night at 10 o'clock.
Tbe man appeared to be a German, and
frotn statements inado by the man It
seems he Is only a lately-arrived lmml-
tra nt, and his clothes, etc, are at the
unset home, which he bad left, at
tempting to prooure work, but failed to
do so.
Hit With 'a Glass.
Yesterday afternoon on North Florcs
street, corner of Salinas street, a light
occurred between Joe Beyer, a bar
keeper, and a negro man, in which the
negro was cut seriously on tbe side of
the head with a beer glass thrown by
Beyer. Beyer was inside the saloon,
and saw two oolored men on the side
walk, talking; one of them would occa
sionally look In at tbe window, aod
Beyer, who was Intoxicated, told him
not to do it. Words became hot, and
Beyer ran out and struok the man with
the glass. A charge was preferred by
the negro, and Beyer was arrested, but
tbe ease waa not tried by the Recorder
tbll morning. It was continued.
His Position Whllo Secretary of
state Defined.
IMllorFnn Anli nlo Mint.
The attack of Mr. Peter Shields on
James 0. Illalne Is alike uncalled for and
unjust. Mr. Blaine entered npon the
duties of Secretary of State, March J,
1SS1, and President Garfield was shot In
July, If I recollect aright, and from the
time ne was snot up to nis ucatu, tuere
was practically speaking, an Interreg
num of the Government, on account of
the head of It belngdlsabled. Mr.Peter
Shields ought to know that a Secretary
of State Is not independent of the Presi
dent; thai he cannot carry out such a
foreign policy as suits him, but Is bound
to carry out the foreign policy marked
out by tho President. President Gar
field was responsible for the foreign
policy of the Government from March 4,
1881 to July, and not his Secretary of
State, James G. Blaine ; and no ono was
responsible during tho time President
Garfield was languishing from the
effects of the bullet of the assassin.
After Arthur camo Into tbe Presi
dency on September 10th, 1SSI,
he became responsible for the foreign
oucy oi tne government, jur. leier
Shields ousht to have known these facts
and ought to have given them tbe weight
to which they are rightfully entitled.
These facts vindicate Mr. Blaine from
the blame, which Mr. Peter Shields
labors so hard to attach to htm. The
President settles and determines the
foreign policy which tbe United states
will pursue, and the Secretary of State
Is bound to carry out this polloy. Pres
ident Arthur Is tbe son of an Irishman,
and presumably more friendly to Ireland
than to England. Mr. Blaine was In the
office of Secretary of State less than nine
months, and during part of that period,
from July 2 to September 19 two months
anu 1 uays tue government was de
prived of Its head by the physical dis
ability of President Garfield to discharge
his duties. The Secretary of State of
Texas Is not accountable for tho
policy of Governor Ireland. No
more Is the Secretary of State
accountable for the foreign policy
of the United States. In the recogni
tion of this fact lies the completo vin
dication of Mr. Blaine from tbe criti
cisms of Mr. Peter Shields.
The truth is Mr. Blalno and President
Arthur were not In accord while he re
mained In the Cabinet of tbo latter, and
soon after he retired President Arthur
changed the foreign policy which Presi
dent Garfield had mapped out, and coun
termanded the Instructions which he
had approved In November, 1881, to the
ministers, of the United States to tbe
South American governments, A Sec
retary of State Is handicapped by the
President, who alone has the constitu
tional right to fix and mark out the for
eign polloy ot the United States, and,
as Mr. Blaine was Secretary of State
only about six months (deducting the
time intervening between July 2 and
September 10) It Is extremely unjust to
attempt to hold him accountable for
matters over which bo had no control.
It Is extremely doubtful If any
adopted citizen of Irish Dlrth was
unlawfully imprisoned by the British
Government during the time Mr. Blaine
was Secretary of State. If adopted cit
izens of the United States return to their
native country, they mutt deport them
selves In a peaceable and lawful manner.
Should they engage In plots against tbe
Government they forfeit all right to
claim protection from tbe United States.
This Is the pivotal question where a na
tive or adopted oltlzen of tbe United
States claims tbe protection of the Gov
ernment airalnst a forelcn Government.
But Mr. Peter Shields asserts that Mr.
Blaine was a Know-Nothing 30 years
ago, and for that reason adopted citi
zens cannot vote for him. Let us see
whether Mr. Shields acts up to his
preachment. Governor Ireland was a
Know-Nothing, but Mr. Shields Is
doubtless colntr to vote for him and
wants all adopted citizens to vote for
him also. Why make suchn dlfierence?
If having been a Know-Nothing disen
titles Mr. Blaltte to the votes of adopted
citizens by tbe same token It should
have tbe same effect on Governor Ire
land. I leave Mr. Shields to reconcile
this blowing hot and cold about Know-
.-Noinings. j, ji,
Oklahoma Payne's Statement of
His Arrest.
Four Smith, August 27. An Asso
ciated Press reporter to-day visited Cap
tain S. L, Payne and his Oklahoma
boomers, where they are held prisoners,
at the camp of Lieutenant Jackson and
detachment of the Ninth cavalry, In the
Cherokee Nation, opposite Fort Smith.
Payne said : "I first went to Oklahoma
five years ago, when Informed by able
lawyers these lands were open to white
settlement, and located a colony. Since
then I have been removed seven orelght
times by the military. 1 spent last win
ter at Washington, learned that the
Cherokee outlet was open to settlement,
and the title not In the Cherokces, but
In the United States; organized a colony
of COO and settled at Rock Falls, four
miles south of Hunnlwell. Kansas. Gen'
I told blm that not being soldiers, we
were willing to go Into court to have the
question settled, and asked blm to lay
the matter before the Secretary of War.
He refused, and next mornlag six com
panies ot tue jiintn cavalry arriveu, ac
companied by Indian Airent Taft. and
Clark, a Cherokee Indian, and arrested
J. 11. Cooper, editor of tbe Oklahoma
Chief, and others; most of tbe men were
absent at the time. The cattlemen
and cowboys were against us, and
threatened to assassinate us. The cow.
boys tore down our flag, Intending to
use It for saddle blankets, but Captain
Moore recovered It and a little ctrl came
to us with the flag wrapped around her.
Pistol In hand we were taken to General
Hatch's camp and Rock Falls was
burned. We were allowed to get our
clothing and furniture, but Mr. Cooper
lost valuable papers and clothing.
While at General Hatch's caran. 1 screed
to go to Fort Smith, or any place, for
trial If released, and offered to put up
$1000 security for keeping my word; but
Hatch said his orders were to take us to
Fort Smith,' and be Intended to do so.
Deputy Marshal Williams served the
writs upon us and wanted to take ns to
iv icniia, jiansas, ior trial, nut Lieuten
an( Gardner, who was In command, re-
fused to turn tn over, or recognize the
civil authority. About CO soldiers
narded us as far as the Clmaron river,
he officers seemed to fesr the cowbnrs
would attempt to assassinate us. Half
he soldiers then returned, and Ilia rest
went with us. We want to get our
matter before the courts of the country,
for we believe we have a right to locate
on these lands, and Intend to keep try
ing until tlwt matter Is properly ad-
The Concert by Colored Folk Last
Yesterday evening at Krlicli's hall a
concert was held for the benefit of the
Second Baptist church, the congregation
of which Is colored. There was a fair
attendance last evening, the audience
being an enthuslastlo one. Tbe pro
gramme was extremely long, and the
good night quartette, which was the
finale, wss not sung until a very late
hour. During the Intervals light refresh
ments were banded around and the hours
passed In a very pleasant manner. The
ooncert was for the benefit of a worthy
ouject, anu it snouiu nave oeen better
Nicolas Lopez, II months, natural
Jntnes II. Jones, Jr.. 0 months, of sun
Building Permits.
Antonio Durand, to erect a dwelling
on the north side of San Luis, $i")0.
C. A. Rlchter, to erect a stable at the
cornerof Dakota and Blum streets, $175.
Tho Sunset Baso Ball club left for Dal
las this morning, and a large crowd of
their friends were on hand at the Sunset
depot to see them off, and wish them all
success In Iholr league trip through tbe
An Extension.
Colonel T. W. Pclrce, of the Sunset
railway, has Issued an order extending
tljo time for the 10 per cent. In the
wages of employees who nre now re
ceiving over $1110 salary per month.
The cut will not go Into effect until
January 1, 188.", thus giving employees
four months more of time.
Top ot the Poll.
Mr. Madarasz Is authority for the fol
lowing: That gentleman lately1 met an
acquaintance of till from the North, and
In course of conversation Mr. Madarasz
asked him what was the political con
dition In tbe North. The gentleman In
reply said that as they were traveling
some enthusiastic spirits determined to
canvass tue car tuoy were traveling in,
not allowing any one hut voters of Mew
oil was as follows: Butler 1, St. John
, Cleveland 30, Blaine 78.
Distinguished Mexicans.
General Julio 31. Cervantes, second
officer In command of the army of the
Mexican republlo; General Francisco
Ollvarrez, formerly Governor of the
State of Queretero, Mexico, and also a
prominent army officer, Captain Manuel
de io Rosa, and Mr. Ygnaolo Morelos, a
merchant of Monterey, arrived at the
Menger this morning. They are ontbelr
way to tho City of Mexico, by way of
x.i jaeo. i uey regara tnis as tne soon
est way from Mnnternv tn tlm .MnTlnnn
capital, and besides, they can stop in
stole a Canary.
Rev. Dr. Lewlntbal missed his fine ca
nary and cage yesterday, and thinking
It was stolen, reported the fact to Officer
Abbey, who arrested a little boy named
Willie Apple, near the Sunset depot
iterday afternoon, after learning that
bad sold a canary and caee to a store
keeper on Austin street for SI. Ho bad
only 2U cents on his person, but bad evl
dentlv snent the rest. The bird nrovvd
to be the missing pet. and was restored,
and now the Doctor Is happy. Owing
to me nu t youtuiuiness, notuing can
Recorder's Court.
The mourner's bench was very slim
this morning, the Evangelists of the city
having failed to Induce all but three or
four sinners to attend the great revival
at me uai cave.
Mamie Murrel. of the St. Louis house.
" on unnu, cuurgeu wnu vagrancy,
Guilty, and S3 penalty.
j. i. jiianin, a single solitary urunic,
wm imeu 90.
Lottie Welsh and Fannie Raymond
two disreputable female coons, who
wereraolngupand down in front of the
postolllce. Mencer hotel, and tin and
down Commerce street, Insulting every
man that came along, were lined S3
eacn ior Deing uisorueriy.
Joe Beyer, beating and striking, con'
Military Mandates.
Second Lieutenant S. D. Freeman,
Tenth cavalry, Is appointed Judge Ad
vocate of the general court martial insti
tuted by paragraph III, special orders
No. Ml, ourrent series, from these head
quarters, vice Second Lieutenant Lclgh
ton Finley, Tenth cavalry, hereby re
lieved. ,
Tbo commanding officer Fort Moln
tosh, Texas, will forward Recruit John
Wllhclm, tailor, Company A, Sixteenth
Infantry, to Fori Concho, Texas, the
station of the company. The recruit re
ferred to was sent to Fort Mcintosh un
der paragraph II, orders No. 183, cur
rent series, principal depot general ro
crultlng service. Tbe Quartermaster's
department will furnish the necessary
transportation via Abilene, Texas, by
rail and stage.
First Lieutenant C. R. Ward, Tenth
cavalry. Is hereby detached Irom his
troop and will report to the command
ing oflloer Camp Rice, Texas, for duty.
Tbe travel la necessary for tbo public
First' Lieutenant J. B. Jouett, Tenth
cavalry, is hereby detached from his
troop, and will report to tbe command
ing officer Fort Davis, Texas, for duty.
The travel is necessary for the public
About the French and Chinese
Another Cashier Gone Wrong
Other Notes.
Poiitsmoi'tii, August 27. Lieutenant
Oreely left to-day for Montreal, to at
tend tbe meeting of the British associa
Nr.tv Okliuns, August 27. A Jean-
nerette special savs: A neirro was
banged to-day by the citizens for grossly
assaulting a married lady.
PiinaiiEmiu, August 27. No state
ment has yet been made by tbe col
lapsed banking firm of Ladner Brothers.
Several creditors to-day secured war
rants for the arrest of William and II. J.
Ladner, and both were taken Into cus
tody. They wero held under ball for a
hearing on Friday.
Pmsni'ua, August 27. The miners
working In James O'Nell's mines In tho
third pool Joined the strikers to-day,
Some are willing to continue work at 3
cents, but have been notified that It will
be reduced i a cent next week, and they
will come out In a hod'. Tbe Pittsburg
Coal Kxcliance met this mornlmr and de
cided not to resume operations in mines
until traue improves.
Louisville, August 27. The Exposi
tion drill begsn to-day before 0000 peo
ple. The Porter rifles, of Nashville,
drilled first, tbe Montgomery Grays seo
ond, and the Quapaws, of Little Rock,
third. The first two companies' evolu
tions were very line and made almost
without an error. The Porters had one
or two Individual errors, as did the
urays, wnose captain is sain to liavo
made an error In giving command. Tbe
Ouannws wero not un to their custom
ary form. The Treadway rifles, of In
dianapolis, will compete In the light In
fantry drill on Tbiirxday. Tbe Judges
are selected from the United Stntcs army.
York furnished tbe music.
London, August 27. A dispatch of to
day from Shanghai to Renter's agency,
says: The French loss In tho bombard
ment of Foo Chow was seven killed and
II wounded. The Chinese lots Is esti
mated at 1000 killed and 3000 wounded.
Tbo Chinese man of war, Yongson, was
exploded by n torpedo nfler It fired a
broadside at the French torpedo boat.
The boiler of the latter was exploded by
nanu grenaues inrown iroin tue long
son, after which the boat was sunk by
tne oua to prevent its being captured
by the Chinese. The French expected
to occupy the heights commanding the
Pacoda ancborsire. It Is reported there
aro 78,000 Chinese troops In the vi-
ciiimj ui run ituvr, jiccoruing to re
ports received at Toulon, 80,000 Chinese
troons Invaded Tonnuln and had an en
gagement with tho French. In this bat-
lie it is asseneu tue hrencti were
annihilated while several thousand
Chinese were killed.
WiLKKsuiRiiE, August 27. The com
munity was startled this afternoon by
tbe announcement of the defalcation of
Samuel Roberts, late paymaster of
Charles Parry it Co., coal operators, to
an amount between $50,000 and $73,000.
Roberts has been tbe confidential clerk
of Charles Parry for twenty years and
was widely known throughout the State.
He has transferred bis property, which
Innliwlso tnL- lnll, A.h V.l nn,.
pany to Parry, and the latter authorize
the Associated Press to stato that I
settlement lias been effected. Roberts
sunk money In household extravagances
with a reliElous oblect. He was Suner.
Intendent of the Memorial Sunday
school. He recently resigned all his
oiuces ior tue purpose oi going io f.U'
rone. He Is prostrated owlnar to tbe ex
posure. It Is rumored that tbe money
obtained by Roberta waa through carry
ing fictitious names on tbe pay-roll of
luhu x arry cc i;o., ior tne past live
years. Tho lrrecularltleswlllln no way
effect tbe Leigh A Wllkesbarre company,
In the employ of which Roberts has re
cently been
DracojUK, August 27. The Herald
will publish to-morrow the following
letter from Governor Hendricks, re
ceived by a citizen of this city, In an
swer to an Inquiry concerning rumors
affecting a cbange In the national Dem
ocratlo ticket consequent upon reports
published against Governor Cleveland:
"I.DtixirouK, August 21, 1S8-1. I have
your letter of tho 19th Instant. 1 can
not consiuer wita lavor your sugges
tlons of a change In the national ticket'
Tbe action of the convention cannot be
reconsidered. It must stand, and
think it oucht to stand. I do not airree
with yon In regard to tbe probable
result. I tbtnk the probabilities are
favorabla to the success of our ticket.
Tbe Cleveland scandal wilt not have
weleht with the People, and ouirbt not
to have wetcht. It Is unworthy the
national oontett. Three times Governor
Cleveland has stood the test of popular
calumnies, once for tbe office of Mayor
of his own city, and each time received
tbe endorsement of bis neighbors by a
vote largely above bis party's strength.
Whatever may have been the scandal
existing before that, It Is not Just either
to nun or ins neopie now to revive it.
Tbe public welfare requires that he be
iudeed by bis public record, by his cana
blllty and fitness for tho discharge of
responsible and Important public duties,
and not by old and exploded private
sianuers. very respeciiuuy yours,
"T. A. lIENimtCKt.'
He Was Truthful.
They were In the moonlight, and the
solemn witchery of the hour had touched
htm, but hadn't quite reached her.
"My dear Miss Annie, he gurgled, "do
you know that I love you better than
anyiningeise in tue wonur"
"You have told me so, Mr. godhead,'
she answered In a toae of doubt.
"And uo you believe met"
"Well, I suppose I'll have to. They
say you know, that children and fools
tell tbo truth, and you are no child, Mr.
A cloud passed over the moon, and
tho young man escaped in the darkness.
Ladle approve of your smoking
"Little Joker,."
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Shingles, Blinds.
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