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Lr- TTfic San Antonio . Iisrht. z:
one for cash. tl c rotpimt
Harry Baum & Co. . ' I Harry gaum & Co.
San Antonio, Texas, Thursday, Octobor 30. 1 884.
Tn Qnt a Week
Vol. IY. No. 2G1.
ii rnV TDTTTT "n
Lower than the Lowest!
At the Best and Largest Stocked Lumber
Yards of
M. Steves & Sons.
The Pioneer Lumber Dealers or Western Texas.
Do not forget to call.
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. lng, Alameda Street,
' II
aJ p5, I I 2
S R 2 1 1
a I s i g Mi
M 2 s ft J II I a
fc y s a if 1 is 8 g
'B & il
Fall and Winter Goods.
s t,;
'iM ' 1 nAVR Ttm 8Ei,0; MiDR
Ever brought to tills city, all of which
wot. An ciegant uiu won ueauuiui selection 01 oil. us ACiU HAT1NH.
The lined selection of Ladles' wear.embraclng everything needed
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ylted to makei a oommtIsm before purehaslng. My entire Fall and Winter Stock
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f.NWI purehasers, and 1 now Incite toe public' to a orltlcal examination of same.
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for Muni Ynnihi m1 llnv. n In.
iuu jiuubl iu me commonest.
ha well mr ntfn. '!'!, ..,.,i..li 1.
The Tariff Question and Its Im
portance to the People-Hla
Views and His Desires.
The Hon. Columbus Upson addressed
a large audience last evenlog at tho
court house. lie nude some preliminary
remarks In which he apologized for not
peaking on Saturday last, but It was
due to tho attentions of an old enemy
that had been his antagonist for SO odd
years the asthma and In opening his
pecch said :
Fellow Cllltenl.
I appear before yon to-night at tho re
quest of a number of friends, private and
political, Republican and Democratic, to
present my views on the all-absorbing
question of tho tarlir. I do not appear
here for tho purpose of delivering a cam
paign specoh, but to discuss this great
and Important question tho tarlO. In
doing so, whllo I shall endeavor to show
the evil of free trade and Its handmaid,
a tariff for revenue only, as well as the
errors and wrongs of the protective tariff,
shall endeavor to satisfy every Impartial
and unprejudiced mind within hearing
that my vlevs are fully in accord
with tho doctrine of the Democratlo
party as maintained In the past, and as
re-conflrmed In the late Democratlo con
vention held at Chicago. It Is not my
purpose here, nor Is tt my aim to create
dissension or division In the Democratlo
party, but on the contrary, to reconcile
differences of opinion, with a view of
uniting and harmonizing, and so far as
within my humble power lies, make
successful that grand old party. This
fellow citizens, Is a dry subject, and I
say In advance unless you have great
physical endurance that your patience
will be exhausted before I get through,
and you havo my sympathies In advance,
for the field which I have pointed out to
cover to-night Is a broad and vast one,
Involving the Interests and the concern
of 63,000,000 of people. I propose to
touch upon the different theories In re
gard to this question, upon the Morrison
bill, the wool question, and upon our
merchant marine ; upon many objections
that havo been made to the tariff, and
to present tho different theories In re
gard to It. I said that this was a
very dry question. I know of but
two other dryer, and thoso are
drought In Western Texas and
lndenendent and straight out
voter on the eve of election who has to
be wet every few minutes In order to
keep him from being blown from one
side of the fenco to the other. Some
times It seems to me very strange and
Incomprehensible that the great body
of American people, Democratlo or Re
publican, can differ upon this great
question, so far as the general principle
goes. As to Its solution, I can conceive
of no reason why there should be any
maienai or reui auierence ueiween
patriotic American citizens on this
great question, except a few who having
particular Industries would desire them
particularly favored or a 'few who
would desire to reap rich rewards
from the Importations of foreign manu
facturers or productions of this country,
but so far as the great mass of the peo
ple are concerned, I have been unable to
see, whether Republicans or Democrats,
mere snoum De any material aiuerence
upon this Important question. This Is
not a new question; the discussion upon
the tariff commenoed 70 hours after tbe
organization of the Federal government,
nfter tbe adoption of the Federal Con
stitution. It has been, discussed from
that time to this with a few Intervals by
the greatest and brightest minds of the
country. Look over tbe discussions of
this question by the early statesmen of
mis eouniry, ana men iook over tne Dis
cussions to-day, and you will not And
a single new Idea. Jefferson, Madison,
Monroe ana an or tnose Jiving in those
uays seemea 10 compreuena ana unuer
stand this questlod as fully and ns per
fectlv as anv one llvlntr to-dar.
In the discussion of this nuestlou I
purpose to review the four theories
wnicu, in my juagment, cover tne differ
ences of opinion among.the American
trade, feeoond A tariff for revenue
only. or. In other words, n tariff limited
leopie upon mis question, j- irst Free
to the lowest rate or duty that will pro
duce the greatest amount of revenue.
Third A tariff for nroteotion. Fourth A
larui lor revenue wnn incidental protec
tion to American labor and American In
dustries, or, In other words, a tariff for
revenuo limited to tbe requirements
of the government wisely and eco
nomically nuinimsiereu. so adjust
ed as to urevcnt unenual burdens, -.mini
Just compensation to American Indus
tries to maintain a lair ana prosperous
Comnelltlon with those of fnrfttrn min.
tics but not to create or foster monopo-
Thellret to which I will call vmir t.
tentlon will be the theorrof trr tradn
I am unqualifiedly opposed to tbe doc
trine ot tree trade for many reasons,
among them I will notice the following:
Under nrovlslon of the constitution
United States, representatives and direct
taxation must be apportioned among
the several States according to their
numbers. Free trade means direct taxa
tion; we must have money for the
support, or the government. Tho
greater' portion of tbe money
now coming Into tho Treasury of the
United States for the support of tbe
Government, Is raised by duties upon
Imnortl- hrnr. If w ailnnt iv..
to raise the greater portion of the reve
nue necessary absolutely necessary for
the support of the Government we must
resort to dlreot taxation. What win na
the result of direct taxation f As
mi iiiuaiiuiiuu, me peupio 01 'texas, un
der that, would be ohlk-wl tn nnv. in ni.
dltlon to their State taxes, their nnnntv
and municipal taxes, from $8,000,000 to
iu,vuu,uvu annuaiiy, j oe taxes or Texas
are now. I believe, about si.9UMx. tin.
dr the condition of free trade, tbe peo
Pl of Texas would be compelled to pay
18,080,090 to $10000,000 annually, making
from $n,0t,tl00 to 12,000,()00 that
this people, would - have to pay
"''J I' iunpju me support 01 tne
State and general Government, in ad
dition to that. It would fall unequally
upon the people of this country, lor In
sttmce, take Massachusetts, but a little
over 200,000 more of people than Texas,
yet Its wealth exoeeds It more than Ave
times, and under free trade and direct
taxation, Massachusetts would pay to
wards the annnort ot tne srcneral Gov
ernment but from nlno to ten and a half
millions, and Texas eight to ten millions
Aiaesaciinsetis snoum pay irotn lonj 10
fifty millions, according to her wealth;
and the only correot system of taxation
Is that every dollar of property should
share Its proportion of the burdens of
government. Take little. Rhode Island,
not one-llftli of the population of
Texas, vet with accessible nronertr ex
ceeding that of Texas, yet Rhode Island
would not pay one-tilth of the taxes
that Texas would pay under her freo
trade and direct taxation; benoe the bur
dens of taxation would bo unequal ; tbey
would be unfair. Our system of raising
revenuo for the support of the Govern
ment, In tny bumble Judgment, and in
the Judgment of the father of the con-
iiiuiion, anu in tne great siairsmen
hat have lived from that dav to this, la
the wisest, most practicable, that could
be devised or adopted; It Is the easiest;
to be nut under direct taxation onlr
such ns have property In sight, that the
assessor or tax gatuercr couiu nnu
to bear the burden of taxation, the
bond holder, tbe monlcd man with cash
i uanK, nngut lerret it wuere
could not be found bv tho
Assessor or the Collector, thousands and
hundreds of thousands of men who spend
their means as they receive them from
day to day, month to month, year to
year the spendthrifts, gamblers, fast
clerks, men that livo as they go, but
now, unacr our system, pay minions 01
dollars towards the support ot the gov
ernment who would not pay $1 In taxa
tion when the assessor came round.
Mr. gambler or the fast gentleman, the
assessor would say, what property have
tor taxation r iuivosq property 1
that individual lulnlit have $1000 or
$S000 annuity of Income, and that very
class of Individuals pay moro to the sup
port of tbe general government under
our wise system than live farmers in the
country. I venture to say that DO
gamblers within the limits ot Ban
Antonio to-day each, or any of
' more to tbe sunnort of the
general government under our system
man any live larmerain tue county 01
llexar. They wear line clothes, smoke
line cigars, drink champagne and fine
wines. 1 can point to gamblers
In the White Elephant to-night
that in ono suit of olothes pay
more towards the support ot the Gov
ernment under our system than any
farmer In the limits of Bexar county.
Applause. j 1 aKe our larmers me
aborlne class that do not wear Imported
goods they wear American manufac
tures. It Is upon Imported goods that
the revenue Is derived, and goes Into
tbo Treasury of the general Government
towarus its support, lience, 1 am op
posed to the doctrine of free trade and
of what would be the Inevitable result.
audition to wliat I havo said
of tho S2O0.O0O.00O now uald bv
the tariff system upon Imports, you levy
upon the property holder, tbe land hold
er, me stooK noiuer, upon tne man wno
has property In sight. What would be
the result If vou lew a tax of ten mill
ions on rexas to-uay in auuition jo mar
which our people are groaning and suf
fering unuer r mtuin n, m or
21 months every farm, every stock of
cattle, horses and sheep, and every poor
man's home within the State of Texas
would be under the hammer: thev could
not pay It; It would be utterly Impos
sible; they would be homeless. Tho
poor people of this State would sutler un
der the adoption of free trade and direct
taxation, it wouiu create a revolution.
The neople would rise up. It would fasten
upon the country nn army of office hold
ers, costing the Government not less
than $50,000,000 annually to eat up
and draw the substance of our people.
It does seem to me that a wise Provi
dence directed tho Judgments of the
fathers of our government when lie led
them to adopt this system of procuring
revenue for the support of the govern-
runner, iree iraue
either In the reduc
tion of the wago labor of this country to
tbe pauper standard of Europe or to the
destruction of many of the most Amer
ican industries. Why, it Is a fact which
cannot be successfully denied, although
1 nave uearu speakers upon me same
subject In the legislative balls of Con
gress declare that labor In this country
was no higher or better paid than in
Europe. Ask any laboring man that
came from any European country, be It
from England, trance, Germany,
Italy, or Russia, and there Is
not one ot them that will not
tell you that the wage labor of this
country Is 100 to 160 per cent, more than
It Is In Europe. Such being the case If
you do away with the tariff upon 1m-
norteu troouB vou must eitner uo one
way or the other, reduce the labor of
our manufacturers must stop, the mill
must be silent, the thunder or the force
hammer be heard no more, the lire of
tne iron lurnaces mai ngnis up mo
heavens In tbe eastward, northern and
middle States must co out because that
same system by which the wage labor of
mis country can do Kept up to its pres
ent standard must suffer or our Indus
tries must go down. It Is said to appear
In official reports that 8,000,000 persons
of the Industrial people of Great Britain,
France, Germany, Austria, Italy,
Holland and Scandinavia, are
returned as nauners. exceerllni- the
the number of one-fourth or tbe entire
Industrial population of this country,
and It Is ofllclally reported that It costs
160.000.000 annusllv to keen these nau-
pers from dying from starvation. Wiiatl
for free trade and cheap goods, reduco
me wen leu. wen ciau. wen rtaia nnu
well boused Amerloan laborer to the
condition of tbe half fed, poorly clad,
iny nam r.uronean laoorerr-uou ior-
bld. I Applause. God forbid that, for
tbe sake of saving money, economy, for
tue sane oicneap roerciianuisetue laoor
class of this country should be thrown
out of employment and get half fed,
uauiy oiau, insteau 01 Having comiorta
ble clothing, homes, nubile schools and
the thousand and one comforts which
they now enjoy, I want no cheap Gov
ernment, no cheap merchandise bought
by tho blood of unrequited toll to suffer
ueprivation, ignorance, wretcneuncss,
want and vice. Such would be a mock
ery, It would be a, deluge of arlme upon
thetAmeriean workman. T nm nntlel.
pating In the minds of those who do not
concur with me. It Is said that pauper
labor Is already being Imported Into this
country; that It is tbe oause our laborers
are not well paid; that tbey are ruined
are unfairly dealt with bv their emnlov.
era. if Hut be true let us adopt laws to
eniorce tue employers to deal lairly witn
7b fo'tojttinnedjH our next fssue.
Ladles approve of your smoking
Presbyterian Row In South Caro
llna-Otriccr Killed by Riotous
Negroes-Cleveland, Etc.
Xkw Yoiik, October 20. Tho Inde
pendent Democrats, this evening, with
drew their county tloket and endorsed
tho nominees of tho Tammany conven
tion. WAnmsaTo.v. Octobcr29 Tbe Surgeon
General of tho Marine hospital reports
that yellow fever has broken out on tho
west coast of Mexico In Its most malig
nant form. The city of Collma,I160fect
above the level of tbe sea, has not es
caped. The fever also rages at Manza
nlllo. Usui October 29. James L. Kellcy,
aged 70 years, n lending planter and ono
of tbe most prominent pioneers of North
Texas, died to-day from the effects of a
paralytlo stroke, at bis homo near Mid
lothian. He came to Ellis county over
40 years ago, and has always bco univer
sally respected.
Tono.sio, October 20. A special from
Wlnnepeg says: The Dominion gov
ernment contemplate Increasing tho
strength of the northwest mounted po
llco from 600 to 00 men. The owners of
rancheshara been urging this stcp.on the
ground that they need further protec
tion against Indians, but tho real object
seems to bo to tlnd an Increased market
for horses raised upon the ranches.
WiNNV.rxo,SIan.,October23. Informa
tion has been received at Fort Arthur
which says the police force sent to Mich
Iplcoten is inadequate to quell the dis
turbance. A gang of about 30 desperate
roughs have their headquarters two
miles from tbe village and keep up a
reign of terror. Tbey threaten the life
of any one who gives Information against
them. A larger police force or military
detachment Is needed to restore order.
Adust, N". Y., October 20, Governor
Cleveland, accompanied by his private
Secretary, Colonel Lamont, leaves to
morrow morning for Xew Haven, Conn.,
returning to Albany on the same night
On Saturday morning ho leaves here for
New York for the purpose of reviewing
a parade of business clubs. Returning
to Albany on Saturday night Governor
Cleveland will go to Buffalo to vote, and
will return to the oapltal on Tuesday
nignt, receiving mo returns irom mo
election at the Executive chamber.
I'arkeiwville, B. C, October 29. On
Sunday last there was n whlto church
dedication. It Is reported that colored
men disturbed tbe service by firing pi
tola. The bad feeling has continued
since and to-dav culminated in the kill
ing of James illackwell, an officer at
tempting 10 mane arrests, oy a vouey
tired bv neeroes barrloaded In a house.
Great excitement exists and further
violence Is expected. Governor Thomp
son nas Dcen auviscu ot me situation,
1'arkersvllle Is In Edgefield connty, 30
nines irom jiugusia.
Ii emus Neoiiah, Mex., October 20.
The election for Governor passed off
quietly last Sunday In tho State of Coa-
bulla, Mexico. Tbe candidates were
Cayetano Falcon, U. Carnes and Colonel
Corvero. Fopular feeling was forCarnes
but It Is thought that Falcon will be
aeleoted. The political and chief law
olllcer of Fiedras Negrns, being a strong
anti-Falcon man, was arrested by mm
tary force, an act which created great
excitement, and it was thought would
brlngon a revolution, but matters hare
since quieteu uown. juany Americans
who havo been In the countrr for 20 or
30 years are nasslnir throuich to the
United States, and predict a general rev
olution insiue 01 M uays.
Cmaruutox, October 29. The Presby
terian synod of South Carolina, at Green
ville, has been In debate several days In
the discussion of the Darwinian theory
of evolution. Tbe Issue aroso from the
fact that Dr. Woo J row, one of the pro
fessors of Columbia Theological semi
nary, with tho avowed purpose of forti
fying young ministers In scientific
knowledge, bad set forth tho theory of
evolution tn a lecture, expressing bis
own belief In It in a modified form, and
declaring it not inconsistent wim scrip
tural teacnings. lue aiscussion ot us,
Woodrow's position was warm and spir
ited, most of the leadlnz divines of the
synod participating. A settlement of
tne question was roacneu iaai evening
by adopting tbe following resolution:
Resolved, that In tbeludgment of this
synod the teachings of evolution In the
uieoiodcai seminary at uoiumoia. ex
cept In a purely expository manner with
no intention of inculcating Its truth. Is
hereby disapproved. The vote, by which
the resolution was carried was, yeas 60,
Where Did tbe Diamonds Come From
A gentleman told a jeweler to manu
facture twelve studs exactly like his real
diamond one. onlv to use imitation' dia
monds, and In place of 13 k gold to use
hlirhlv Dollshed brass for settings. The
stuns oeing inmueu, uur iiituu ueiio.
Itcd tne vsiuaDie stua ior saie xeepini
and Dlaced one of the Imitations In b
shirt and the balance in his pocket. It
being late, be leisurely proceeded to his
room. The irentieman s room ueinc on
tbe ground noor, tue room was supplied
with Inside shutters (that had already
creaked many times slnoe bis valuable
purchase). Pretending to be very tired,
thAiriintiiulledofl'bls clothes and turned
the light so low that the room was
almost In darkness. Then, without
closing tbe shutters, he proceeded to
hang the shirt on the wlndow.'leavlng
the glistening stud on tho bosom,
noon which the faint ravs of easllebt
dazzled and flashed as the summer winds
wafted tbe material from' side to side.
Then ho lav down where be could see
the movements ot the shirt., lie did not
wait long before Its actions became very
lively, in fict It finally jumped .clear
mrougn me winuow oui was gone oniy
a few moments when It came flying
backaffaln 00 to' the floor. Onr friend
at once ploked It up and placed another
five-karat; glass diamond stud upon the
, somewhat soiled bosom. He found the
button hole considerably elongated, no
uouut ciumu oy mo uumeu manner in
which the former stud bad been removed.
About midnight our friend fell asleep,
having placed twelve studs In that shirt
roni, tue last 01 me number not being
bard to get In but wcro difficult to keep
In, as the button bole had extended from
the collar to the end of tbe bosom, with
prospect 01 going on 10 Ban 1 rancuoo
r New York to mirchaie fall and win
ter goods. The following morning the
rentletnsn nrocerded totlie leweler. anil
having adjusted the real gem on an Im
maculate snin, starteu out to await de
velopments. As ho entered the hotel ho
was surprised tonotice that mo proprie
tor, the bell boy and the porter were
each wearing live-karat studs, and as
tho cook nassed the window thera dlit-
enedon his dirty blue shirt a diamond
01 me same size, uur menu minxing
the thlnir rather bold.annlled to llm rllv
detective for assistance and had given
mm noout uau tue necessary intorma
tlon when, ns the detective threw open
his coat (ye thunders, could his eyes de
ceive him), there sparkled a 6-karat dia
mond. Thinking there mutt besoms
mistake, the gentleman at once pro
ceeded to tho Mayor's office. He was
told the Mayor had gono to open tbo
Police court: Being by this time much
excited, ho rushed In to the court breath
less and excited. Tho slirht Instantlr
left his eyes and he groped around for a
cuair as 110 uau occn nearly unneu oy
the combined Hash from tho remainder
of tho 6-karat atnds. Tho court Itself
had ono on tbe bosom-of Justice and
many of the honorable attorneys were
posing so that tho Jewels might show to
tho best advantage. Our friend now
concluded to drop the matter as his only
scm una UUIUIBICII in getting iuai iiut-ton-holo
repaired. Whenovcr the gent
stops at San Antonio bo goes to seo Em
erson, next to the court house, and they
have a hearty laugh over the 13 diamond
studs. Tho cent is now stonnlne for a
few days In this cltv. and bis left the
line diamond at Emerson's, where It Is
iur aaio at a uargnin. rnce, $4UU.
The Approaching; Marriage ot Mr.
Charles C Johnson and Miss
Annlp E. Newton.
Tho Lioiit has received nn elegantly-
printed wedding card announcing the
pproachlng nuptials of Mr. Charles C.
Johnson and Miss Annie E. Newton.
both of this city, which will occur next
Thursday morning, November 0, at 7
'clock, at tbe First Presbyterian church,
on .onu lores street.
It elves the T.imir ernl nli.niiim In
thus announcing these nunllali. air. f !.
C. Johnson Is the efficient Superintend
ent of tbe mechanical department of the
San Astoxio LtaiiT Printing and Pub
lishing establishment, and has been, de-
ci cui, 0110 01 1110 most popular young
men of San Antonio. His Intended
bride. Miss Newton. Is a daughter of Mr.
V. McO. Newton, an old and respected
citizen 01 Dan Antonio. Hue is a ueautl
ful and accomplished little lady, and has
hosts of loving friends In ibis city,
ameng whom she has spent ber child
hood and girlhood, who, while sorry to
part with her as a maiden, .will be re
joiced to welcome her as n brldn tn the
The LimiT comrratulatea llm Tnnnir
puujue nnu jiroiiers us uiessings on mis
upproacuing ieucitous union.
Morrlogootn Popular San Antonio
Lady This Morning.
The ceremony of marrlago between
Mr. W. II. Bush, of Brooklyn, X. Y., to
Miss Horn M. Hewitt was performed
this morning at 0 o'clock by Rt. Rev,
Bishop Nersz, at tho residence of the
bride's mother, No. 369 Acequla street.
Tho bridal party, Immediately after tbo
ceremony, nroceeded to the rallwar de
pot, where Mr. and Mrs. Bush took their
ueparture ior a long wcuoing tour nerore
locating permanently in iirooxiyn. Air.
iiusu waa lormcnv ensineer 01 construc
tion for the International railway, and
spent some months In this city, lie Is a
worthy young man, and has won a
worthy bride In Miss Hewitt, who Is
known and loved by n large circle of
jrienus in rjan Antonio.
Another Wedding.
Tholltllogod of lovo Is making sad
bavoo among the hearts of our young
people In San Antonio this fall, and
more than one fair young lady, known
and admired by a largo olrcle of friends
and worshipped by n host of admirers,
has fallen a victim to the mischievous
darts of Hymen, as well as many a gal
lant young beau,who will be missed here
after bv the church fairs or Ice cream
eries, where he was wont to pay tribute
to tne smiles 01 many isir ones, ine
LimiT. for the nast tow dars. has been
kept busy telling Its readers of tbe many
weddings that have occurred and to oc
cur in mis city, anu again us columns
are called on to record others. On next
Saturdav. at the residence of the brlde'i
momer, on Doieu.au street, aiibs uouanna
l enng, a y oung lauy wuu una iuuk ucvu
n shining star in me ucrman social cir
cle of this city, win be united In matri
mony to air. red ivenng, ner cousin,
vou 11 if trentteman from Plttsbunr. Pi
Both parties are well known In San An
tonio, and are to be congratulated on
the mutual good taste displayed in their
selections 01 111a partners.
The quiet and happy wedding on
Kingsbury street, referred to last oven-
lng, was oonducted by that well known
and efficient divine, Rev. Dean Richard-
sou, and was witnessed by a few friends
of the bride and groom. Tbe pleasures
01 tne evening were many, anu joy anu
uappinesa tenuereii tue coupio in con
gratulations, woo seemeu nappy enougi
to snend their honevnionn at home wit
the famlly.made happy on said occasion
"with Robert Fltx Simmons and his
Maggie by his side."
Borne Questions.
An ugly piece of stove pipe is to
seen sticking through a window pane
the north side of the High sehool build
lng. W hat Is the matter with ike ow?
Are they all Hopped tip, or are t
enough of theinf Wasn't the c
tor paid a large sum of money by
city, especially tor tne ceasiraoi
Hues in the High school bulldlDgf
Qrand Rally on tfea Bnnka of th
Medina River at the Oarza
Fpotltl Corretpondenee of tte UtM.
The day was lovely and tbe reeds
pleasant, neither mad not 4t, to aaaey
tho many Inmates of the, numerous
hacks and buggies that lined the, Mad
their wsy to the .bar been la the
ihady grovo of peean trees that eover
th-) bend of the Medina river at eersa,
About 1:30 tho Immense table that
was spread for tbo occasion, was
stormed and taken, whether by Invita
tion or by spontaneous gravitation on
tho part of tbe Turner ball tloket, your
reporter Is not able to decide. One
thing Is certain; they on this occasion
proved themselves apt scholars at tbe
bolting" process, and to wash down
tho repast there was an endless amount
warm coffee and Lone Star beer on
tap, which was lavishly dealt out to all
creeds and colors.
After dinner, and at some dleUnco
from tho table, under the shade of a
largo pecan tree, tbe fife and dram
struck up the tune of "Tbe
Oltl I Left Behind Me." Br
the time tbe musto ceased a Urge
crowd of people, ladles; and gentlemen.
lormeu a circle, anu tne nan. vv. 1
Thompson was called upon te address,
which be did In an elegant manner, aad
finished up In a brief address to tbe
ladles, after thanking tbe audience for
their attention he sat down,
Then the Turner hall clloue oalled
unon Mr. Fir to renlv to Mr. Thonirnon
but It was overruled by the donors of .
the feait, Captain Story stating that the
candidates for office would speak flrst
air. 1. it. iianxs was men called, lie
mounted the melon wagon as he oalled
, anu saiu ne would settle the dispute,
lo said he was a oandldate. but befon?-.
ed to neither tbe Turner hail party, nor
to the People's ticket, but an Indepen-
ucnt canuiuato ior me legislature, uy a
majority of the worklngmea of San An
tonio. After a few brief remarks to the
Interest of tbe farmers, and working
men, he sat down amid the cheers of
the multitude.
Mr. J. II. Copeland was then called,
3 said be would not sneak, the Mir
law had passed, (meaning Mr. Fly) to
settle tne noise jot. xoni narritou was
called to the stump, and made the mas
ter speech of the day, In favor of the
Peonle's county ticket. When Tom was
elogulzlng Judge Noonsn, old man
Noel hurrahed for tbe Judge, and said
tbe only way tbo Turner Hall ticket
could get up a party was through the
iiuepenuent ticicet anu laeir money.
ileavy cheers for the candidates on the
'copfe's county ticket. Tom Harrison
got down from tbe stump amidst the
enmusiastio cneering 01 tne maiwuue.
After quiet could be restored, W, L.
Thompson rose to defend himself on
some remarks that bad passed.
Mr. J. O, Crawford was then oalled by
the Turner Hall Early. He said he did
not Intend to throw mud at any man, of
either party. Their publlo acts were In
the hands of the people.
As the beer began to have effect, the
people began to hitch up their teams,
and left by ones and twos.
jur. cardenas now rose on tne wagon,
but the owner would not allow the
Turner hall clique to speak on his wag-
menced to speak on the ground la Span
ish, to n small crowd of Mexicans. In a
told him to mount. Ue was In a fearful
rage and was spitting out something In
Mexican, but as few understood what he
was talltlncr about, the crowd Besraa to .
disperse with tbe exception of a fw ot
tbe Mexicans. Before leavlag, another
Mexican, John Marcada, got up. la the
same amouiance anu negaa torowiag 00
In the Mexican tongue. And Jast when
leaving, I heard a h Uriah for Fly, and
he got up and fired away at Mr. W. L.
Thompson's shadow, as that gentleman
had left some time before for Baa An
In conversation with many of tbe peo
ple who live there, two-thirds are far
tbe People's ticket, and If the eoleed .
people In San Antonio were as saasmiSM
as me coioreu people in tnai season,
tbey would vote the straight People's
ticket. i.n'w,,
Garza Crossing, October as. .
Gathered by Reporter on Their1
Tours Through Town.
A lie car irai'K on aisbiu ,uei , mi
Commerce street, le being repairecj.
The Travis park concert attracted a
very large attendance yesmxSay
William Nunnellv: a Dabster, died
yesterday In this olty- from hemorrhage
of the stomach.
-Sheriff MeCall prove -to riaUiy
enforce the law requiring ssUeasM M
-Major J. T. Braokenr!de.of AaatMS.'
will speak In the. District court resMat
this alternoon at 4 o'clock.
A larcre number of oandtdatse left
for St. Hedwlg this moralag, OTrtre a
big meeting will take place. .
All the young people of the city will
have an eujoyable.tlme Thursday night
at XTOieesor rvniteeeaa a am mmsvu.
Call for tickets at Dullnlghall. iMV-K
Mn John Robb. while" out hunting
yesterday, was slightly westtHlsjd in the
wrist by three smalt bird akas, part of
the, premature discharge of his weapou
. Birdie -Adams, a erprlaa who has
been an Inmate of Eraestine Osmri
bagnio, has been arrested far theft of a
number of' articles, clothing, see., from
number of' articles, clothtag, 1
another eyprlan, Allot Kelly.
Mr. J. Zlmmer oaJMO
and .asked this NporWM
XetraVBtsaMB& aad.!
tlon with the isuatl
ThpettlnwtBf tao"cy
qiMwooravma asaaner
responsible for tag

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