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Open dny and nlglit
tin or Owm-M. NuuniTior ItAC.
W.lLBlorr..'. t 43,(1,43
Carter Mullaty., 40,41, 42,04,63.80
J. B.' Martin & Co I, t, 3, 1. S,
Dunn, Smith ft Co i JS, 17
nergatrom Heuslls 10, II, 12. 13, 14, IS, 09
Friti 81 tlner. I ( jU, B2, 63, M
Thomas Muldoon... .83,33,m
May Foster W.T3, H
AiO. Smith.. 311,37
C.T. Bmltb
Joseph Fuller.,.... .....24
John MoLaughlln 29
CharlM Johnson ....19, 17, IS, 21
Dan Weber - 7,8,8
Thli oiiootat on holds tteolf responsible for
the action of any driver wbo may be driving
any of tho above enumerated number of hack,
and deem It a favor from ttie riding publlo
when they report any mlicooduct or over
charge, on part of drivers. All backs whoeo
nnmbt rs do not appear In the aboro do not be
long to llsastoclatlon. All com'plalnta must
be made to tbo Hoard of Dlrcctora through the
W. R. STORY, President.
O. W. DUNN, Secretary.
Commission Merchant,
Northorn Produce.
IM. D. O. ET k CHIR.
Surge in to tbe New York Ophtbahnlu Hot-
Bat. Antonio, Texas. OHloo hours from a to 13
a. m. amtfrnmld0tonp.nl. 10-10-lm
General Real Estate Agents,
All business entrusted to us promptly
and satisfactorily, attended to.
In Texas Since 1S40. 1 In Ban Antonio Since 18(8,
Hosack & Nowton,
fW Have large storo roomi for Consign
ments at No. 21 Solo dad St., op. courthouse.
W. H.
Plumbers & Gas-Fitters,
Hath Tubf, Wash Stands, Pumps, Rubber
Hose, Lead, Iron and Tlle-PIpe.
Water and Steam Brass Goods,
Books, Stationery, Periodicals,
Prang's Birthday Cards, Flno Anto-
Kraph Albums. Scrap BooVa, Juvenile
oolts, Etc 8.14.0m
, Mattresses,
- Carpets,
Taper Hanging,
llepalrlng Furniture.
All .work , guaranteed and at lowest flsurca.
Comer Matagorda aad Victoria Bis. lint
Wholesale and Retail Dealers In
Wines, Liquors, Beer, Cigars.
Jand Manufacturers of
Kummel, Anisette, extract of Hoarhonnd, eto.
Krisoc'a hall, corner Houston and North
Flore, street, Ban Antonio. 1-My
Contractors jJand Builders
. The lumber war now Insures to parlies build.
llrown furs of all kinds are In favor,
lluttons are things of fine art nowa
days. All slindes of gray are again In high
Satin Is the favorite material for eve
ning dress.
Corduroy and ribbed material of all
torts are In favor.
lied squirrel bids fair to rival gray for
cloak lining.
It Is fashionable onco luoro to trim
basques around the edge.
Bilk Serge Is the fashionable (tuff for
children's fall dresses.
Close fitting jackets are made either
double or alnglo breasted.
A new fancy Is to wear n handsome
brooch back of tho neck.
The newest and most desirable shade
of brown la the Lombard.
.Embroidery appears on every kind of
fabric, and alt sorts of garments.
School girls' hats are smaller than those
worn by their sisters In society.
Hat and bonnet crowns grow taller,
larger,and more conlcle as tho season ad
vances. The peaked, gable-brlmm poke Is the
coming bonnet, and tho destined rival
of the Fanobon.
A special novelty In lace Is tho Persian
lac, In a mixture of soft India shawl
tints on Spanish lace.
Gold, silver and steel thread aro com
bined admirably with silk and wool In
new embroidery, braids and cords.
Tbe pelisse of plaited woolen goods,
or crimson stockinette with satin ribbon
trimmings, Is the favorite wrap for
children this fall.
Visiting, driving, walking and evening
wraps have each a distinct character
this season, but there IS a Utigo variety
of each kind.
A novelty In buttons that Is very pe
culiar forms at the same time n button
and n hook and eye and does away with
tbo use of buttonholes.
Little girls' hats and bonnets arc not
so large as those of last winter. Tho
pointed fish-wife poke and the turban
are the favorite shapes.
Originality, Inequality, and variety,
no two things In dresses, wraps, bon
nets or stud's alike, are the dogmas of
dress this fall and winter.
A rough braid, tufted like Astrakhan
cloth, and about two Inches In width,
Is used for trimming the new rough-surfaced
suitings this autumn.
Husbands Scarce In England.
"What's the reason so many English
women camo over here to Join tho Mor
mons f" said aCastlo Garden official In
response to an Inquiry. "Because they
don't havo half a chance to get husbands
In England; that's the reason. Why,
one of 'em was telling me that, out of
142 women folks In her native village
between the ages of 20 and 33, there
were husbands for only GO of 'em. Four
teen of the other GO had owned husbands
once, but they had died. The remain
ing" 30 never had any, and had no hopes
of getting any. She seems to have made
n study of the question, for she told me
that there were not less than 4,000,000
women between 20 and 40 years In all
England and Wales, and of them nearly
2,000,000 were unmarried. So when tho
English women learned about Utah, and
the glorious opportunities It nfTorded
them In a marital way, they became
Impressed with the place at once; and
that's why they keep coming over with
the Mormon missionaries," New York
Shekels for Sitting Bull.
Sitting Bull, tho Sioux chief, has made
$30,000 slnco he camo to New York
State a few months ago. He has had
lots of fun, too, while making this neat
sum. He and the other Indians who
accompany him have had a glorious
time according to the Indian estimate
of a good time. They have been roar
ing drunk nearly every night, and have
destroyed a great deal or furniture and
other property of the hotel at which
they stop.
Call on Hosack ft Nswlon, 21 Soledsd SI , Oppo
site Courthouse, forSpoclat Baraslns,
A splendid bargain in a well-furnished
boarding house of eight rooms. No. 301
East'Commcroe street. Furniture and
bedding all good. Splendid Piano and
small store and appurtenances Included
If wanted. Call on Hosaok & Newton,
opposite the court house.
That, valuable and beautiful lot on cor
ner of Goliad and Matagorda streets,
ward No. 4, opposite ltlchter's store,
can be bought cheap now.
Splendid Bulsness Stand, and business
with Stock and Lease for Sale. Call on
Hosack & Newton.
Fine property on South Alamo street,
Improved S Iloonis and line large Lot
with garden and fine vineyard. Call
and see the price.
Seven 10 aero tracts, near Prospect
Hill, at $230 each.
One 10 acre tract, well fenced and Im
proved, Just out of city, on Corpus
Chrlstl road, clean.
One fine lot on Poplar street, west of
oan j. euro avenue, can ue Douguc cneap
now; fronts south.
f ive uunureu nnu e entv acres or land
In South eastern part of county on wa
ters oi uauveres anu -uuapeueres creeks.
Fernando Ruiz headrlchr A rter nrm.
une 101 in ward no. i: oargain at $i.
A 240 acre farm. 10 miles eastofcitv.
on the Calavaras creek, 100 acres en
closed. 70 acres In cultivation; come
quiok If you want to buy.
Two lots In ward No. 3, on'IUvcr
avenue, ironting ou leet cacn tnereon,
?-iuu iur uutu.
Several imnroved residences
Crockett, Alamo and Nolan streets, and
other bargains In unimproved property.
One valuable lot fronting on Soledad
and Acenula streets, and In tlin annnnil
block north of Houston straet. Itn-
nroveu on Aceqtua street, anu a bargain
An Unfortuntta Man Stricken With Paralysis
Cured by Dr. Weathers.
To Whom It May Coxceh.v :
San Antonio, September 3, 1S84.
We tbe Undersigned citizens of San
Antonio subscribe to tbe fact that we
know a man by tho name of Burnett,
from Junction City. Kimball county,
perfectly helpless, having been confined!
to Ills bed for months and could not
movo about except when lifted from his
bed by family and friends, and then with
much silflerlnir. We know tlila nutlanr
to have been treated by Dr. Weathers of
mis ouy. iiiiucrwuoiecaro ne remained,
until he left well and walking.
Signed. Mrs. A. E. Walking. Mr. A.
J. Martin. Mrs. A. J. Martin, Hugh
Johnson, Mrs. J. A. Hughes, Mr. J. L.
uearn, Alias josie i. iiearn, j. L. Cham'
berlaln. 0-10-tf
Bucklen's Arnica Salve.
'I'lie llcur. RdlvH In tlin ivnrM f r.,,1.
Bruises, Bores. Ulcers, Salt ltheumj
'l,Il!,l,iln rVirnaarwr nil RvU TV.,.I
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It Is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction, or money refunded. Price
20 cents' per box. For tale by ltlco
By Hilton & Young:, Real Estato
and Loan Brokers, 208 Wost
Houston Streot
Every piece of property offered below
Is a special bargain, .and our facilities
for showing property are unexcelled.
Having the largest and moat diversified
list of property for sale In the State, wc
are determined to keep our specialties
beforo the publlo, and for a moro com
plete list please call or write for our
largest list of real estato for sale by any
one firm In tho State.
Ten-room two-storv house, with one
aero of ground, on Dlgnowlty hill;
closets, bath-room, outhouses for ser
vants and hostler, good stables, carrlago
house, eto.; all new and in first-class or
der, will sell very low and on easy
terms. Owner wants to go on stock
Nine-room two-storv house, stone
foundation, with basement, .elegantly
finished throughout; cistern, city water,
stable, carriage house, etc.; the highest
point on Dlgnowlty hill, with two full
sized lots.
Five or six cottages, all r.cw and In
good order, containing from four to six
rooms eaen, on uignowiiy uiii, onuiivo,
Sherman and Dowson streets, nt from
$1200 to $1C00 cash.
Three nice four-room cottaces on
Austin street, convenient for railroad
men; must be sold; bargains said to be
Four nice cottaires. one-half block
from street car line and North Flores
street. Will sell on the Installment
plan. No way easier to secure a home.
City water and all necessary conveni
ences. Ten cottaires of from four to six rooms.
all In good order; city water and other
conveniences. Some on Installment plan;
others small, part down, balanco long
time. Near I. A 0. N. depot.
Onc-storv cottace. clesrantlr finished.
corner Burleson and Hackbcry streets;
six rooms, galleries, city water, etc.
Will sell very cheap.
Three SDlendldlv finished houses on
Nolan street, C to 8 rooms each: city
water, anu every omcr convenience.
Will sell for one-sixth down and bal
ance In 0 or 8 years, If desired.
Ten-room, two-storv house on San
Pedro avenuo, well finished, gas and
water In all rooms, bath rooms, etc.
Owner wishing to go nway, will sell
very low.
Ten-room, two-storv house corner of
Jackson street: all modern conveniences.
Very low.
Ten cottaires. larco and small, all well
finished, on San Pedro avenue, at vari
ous prices, from which good bargains
oan be had.
One nice brick cottace of 5 rooms near
corner Maverick and Laurel streets, near
street car line; all new Just finished.
Small amount of cash required, balanco
Hotel for sale About CO rooms, all
splendidly furnished, with 3 years' lease,
and all necessary fixtures: centrally lo
cated; well established business and well
known by name and reputation. Arare
bargain can bo had by a hotel man; only
half cash required.
A countrv bakerv and crocerv store.
situated In n thriving country village;
entire siock oi nxiures anu goou win;
well established and popular, doing a
good business; small amount of capital
A wood-vard with steam boiler and
saws, all new, good location: large lot
and faotory; all necessary machinery for
sawing blocks or running a large wood
business. For particulars Inquire at
10 Railroad Eatlnir Houses for sale on
one of the most popular lines In the
state; an nrsc class anu enjoying a nno
trade. Will sell one or more: good prop
erty will be taken In exchange If de-
sireu. wau ior particulars.
6-room new cottace. with Iarce lot.
halls, galleries front and rear, celled
mrougnout, uoudic cioseis anu uouoie
fire places; will sell cheap; $500 down,
balance In Installments every 0 months.
North Flores street, lath and plastered,
goou cistern, etauio anu carriage nou.ee,
all new and complete, a gem of a house;
will be sold very cheap.
4212-acre ranch In Maverick countv.
all under good wire fence, with 3000
acres leased; permanent and everlasting
water, good wells and good ranch house,
etc, suitable for any kind of stock.
Price $2 25 per acre. '
ICO acres of land' near Somerset. 20
miles south of olty, 30 acres In cultiva
tion; good wells, farm house, etc.; live
oak, pose oaic, eic; goou range.
1300 acres on east bank of .Medina
river, 300 varas from Oscar postolllce,
Ivlnir north of International railroad:
abundant living water; also fine agrlcul-
on ine river, wun a une A-ecan loresi in
4CS-acre farm 20 miles east of San An
tonio: 125 acres In excellent cultivation:
3 good houses, of 2 and 3 rooms eaoh, d
miles Irotn .Marlon stations; goou scnoou,
etc." Call for particulars.
living water, and plenty of It. About
iuu acres oi tiuaoie lanu, .uaiance graz
ing land: nlontv of timber, rood two-
story lumber house of 6 rooms; also one
one-siory uouse oi 2 rooms; everyimng
new: fine stock farm; 2 miles from
wuuuen scnooi anu postomce.
120 acre farm on west prone of Ifelotes
creek, 35 acres under fence: good lum
ber house, well of water, etc., on Ban
dera road, near Willow Springs, for $900,
A splendid business for sale at La
vernla, consisting of a store well stocked
with about $0,000 worth of goods, doing
a good trade. With storehouse, also
two-story steam cotton gin and grist
mill: room for SO bales of seed cottou.
40 horse power engine, can run two
more stands; also two-story dwelling
with neoessarv outhouses, eto.. black
smith shop and about .three nores of
grounu, overruling in perieci running
order. Will Invoice stock and sell bal
ance of property nt a bargain. Call at
our olllce for particulars. Positively tbe
best business chance in West Texas.
SO aore farm, 12 miles from city on
river, abundant water, 25 arres In culti
vation; good stone house, three rooms,
also two good horses and new wagon
and farming tools, also 700 bushels of
corn, 4,000 bundles of fodder, two stackr
of bay; everything In first-class order
and cheap at the price, $3,000.
040 acres of land 8 miles above ICerr
ville, on tbe Guadalupe river; commands
a good outlet, with line grass, water and
good natural protection. Price $3 per
212 acres, Somerset Valley; 62 acres
all fenced, and fine farming land; fair
bouse, orchard, peaches, plums, eto.;
well timbered, and good for any kind or
stock. Prloe for the whole only $1500.
SO-acrefann 7 miles east of tbe city,
on the llosllla creek; 40 acres fenced, 20
acres in cultivation; all bottom land and
very rich; same land sold at Austin for
$8 per acre; Improved; good house,
stock, water, etc. Price, $10 per acre,
"Little Joker". Is the best smoking to
bacco. i " '
People's County Ticket,
Corner of Houston and Soledad Streets,
(up stairs).
faSrFrlcnds of the movement cordially
Invited to call, especially those from the
Or every description.
Lime, Rosedale i-Portlantl Cement.
Plaster Paris, Hair, Fire Brick, Flues,
Sewer Pipe, Bricks, Iron Shingles, Iron
Siding, Sands, Eto. Also everything In
tho Plumbing line.
Plumbers and Practical Machinists,
follow. off verr essential points i 1. Btorni
The 10 (roods can bo found at
210 Main Plaza, San Antonio,
Wholssirent for Southwest Texts.
orriCE or cmcr guxitTEUMAHTeii.
tinn Antonio, lex., October 21, 1881.
Si: A ITED 1'ItoroSAIA lo triplicate, subject
to uiual conditions, wilt be received at tbls
November, 181, at wWh tlme and plaoo they
will booocncKl In nreieneo nf hid d Arc fni-Tur.
ntshloff and delivery ot forty Mules at this
Preferences will ba riven to articles of do
mestic produotlon and manufacture, condi
tions of prlco and quality be! off equal, and
sucb preference Riven to artloles of American
production ana manuracture produced on tbe
Paclno ooaiL to the extent of the consumption
required by tbo publlo service there.
lilank proposals, and clreu Is rsjrlvlnjr full In
structions aa to manner of b'ddlnfr. and terma
ot contract, will bo furnished on application to
thin olllce.
sthe right to reject
all proposals.
dressed to the undersigned
Major ami Vhu(fiiartermater.
Notice to Tax - Payers.
Discount for Early Payment.
8an Antonio, October 10,
Tbo undersigned hereby glvea notice that
tbe City Ad valorem and Poll Taxes for tho
municipal roar J 88 1, ending February 8, 1883,
wtlt be due on tbo 15th of this month, and pay
able on or before tho expiration of tho date
Id order to facilitate tbe collection of aald
tax 1 am authorized, by a resolution of the City
Council, passed October fl, to allow a rebate of
10 per cent, on the tax levied for general pur
poses If psld on or beforo tbo 31st day of Oo
F, C. HAUKISKN, City Collector.
JOHN LOUSTAUNAU & Co., Proprietors,
7f. nirr novitnox wumiEr
and Ilrnnaiea a specialty.
Bianchini's Restaurant
Tha Finest Kitchen In the City.
Support for privato parties furnished -on
short notice.' Board by Iho day or week, come
and try me. " IC ili ANCUINI.
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Kouldings, Etc.
A Full and Complete Stock of Every
thing belonging to the Lumber Trade,
with prices as Cheap as the Cheapest
and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Ot-riCK ANU TAItlll
Corner Dawson and Chestnut Streets,
near Sunset It. It. Telephono fl.
Many Persons In Evory Commu
nity aro Sufrorlng from Somo
of tho Symptoms that aro
Given In tho Fol
lowing Caso :
My patient had boon under tbo treatment of
several physlclaua and taken much slroog
medicine without tho Hast bencct. The dls-
, slight at first, was permitted to run un
checked, until Its violence threatened the life
of the patient. At this stiffs I found blm pale.
weak, thin In ticth and depressed In mind.
little or no appetite, stomach sensitive, easily
dlsturtKHl by food, fmllgeitlon, headache and
constipation, crippled by rlieumatlum, pains in
pains in the bunoa, worw at night and from
changes of weather, soroneia and aching pains
posture; pitns between tho shoulder blades,
extending to tho back of the hoed and over Itt
gravel, dlseaso of the bladder with Its usual
Ealnful symptoms; the skin presented an un
eallhy appearance, unoven and rough, with
many parts ot the body. The So
nne no airong ana regular,
of the mind and
sensitive lungs, wit h pains and soreness ot the
chest, shortness of breath, neglect ot rellof In
.sues iiiniiir vn luiacno unng on ooniumpuon
In manr lnitanoce. I tin state was ono ot nerv
ous prostration and extreme debility. Ilelng
asnured by mo of bis probable recovery. In
spired blm with hope snd iraro htm courage.
His expectation was not disappointed by the
A few days after tho commencement
reitmetit I noticed phantrn In hla
favor, which continued until be waa entirely
restored to health. One is not cured by mere
rassscs of drugs, but by proper quantities of
them, that aro suited to the cause and symp
toms of the disease, acting on the blood and
destroying poisonous germs In It. It Is tbe
my ui every ono io wmcn ana guera noioiy
a health ajralnit overv annroach ofdlactute.
whether from natural causes or from mal
treatment, or from both combined. An ex-
Hence of thirty years In the pntctloe In Bt,
diseases from whatever cause nroduoed.
Builders Contractors
Olllce with S. Dctitsch & Co., corner of
Slain Plata and Mam Street.
Aro prepared to contract for everr class of
work In tho building line. All work entrusted
to them will bo promptly and sattafactorilr
carried out. OIWEILS 10 II ItKPAIilS will ro-
Ivo Immodlato attention. 10.7-nra
No. 231, Commerce Street,
Silver and Plated Ware
Watches and Jewelry repaired. Charges
reasonable. iVe take pleasure In show
ing our goods, and purchasers are Invited
to call. Satisfaction warranted. 12-t-ly
Watchmaker and Jeweler
No. IS Commerce Street,
403 Kast Houston gtn.t.
San Antonio. Disease of eblldreathroat
andlunas. umoe hours io to u a, m. ana in
, and 8 to p. m. Kealdesce No. M Jefferson
trot, Telephono ST. - -
Brief Description of the Diseases of the Eye, E ar and Throat, With
a feas References of Remarkable Cures, By Or ,
N, S. Burnham,
San Antonio lonr fait tho need of a skillful
Throat. The Inhabitants of all tbls Imtnenao Stats ithea requUlnr the services of nek sartU
weracomptllodtomakelont JournerstodUtant clUatratcstns, sueh as Kansas Citsy
BL Louis and Chtcuo, and still further East, In order to obtain relief for dlaraaea aflHetlac
these organs and parts.
Manr of tho citizens ot.'lbta Stalatwho went to
skill, mado tho acquaintance of the Oculist, Aurlst and Larjnrlst, . V
-Dr. 3ST. S. BoorrLliELrn.,
Who bad charts mt thn Km
Ity. Mo., tire,
this point m
United In Uric inn blm to eu
cold climate, compelled aehantre,
oi ner own vuuctis, and
they hardly get over one cold until
Boineumos it is located in tbe nnset sometimes
roaring In
inaamauon. causing exrructatlng pain, and tbo acuteneas of bearing la lessened In a
greater or if degree. Very often, too. It extends up through a little duet from the DOS to
one or the otherandevenbolbeyea,oauslngaeveral different furm or diseases; of the eye.'
Nearly;all aro fsmlllar with catarrh in tbe form of bronchitis.
Catarrh In all Its forms and nearly all Its stages can be cured. Hut people neglect It, and to
do nbrsiclana. Tber neither nreuare thcmeelvca with the Instruments or know led tra undent
orncceaaary to treat this troublesome disease, as a rule, and thus people themselves do not
apprehend iho danger they am In when they consult a physician and be tells them, OI H
nothing but a cold.' and yet that so-called cold In a 7ast number ot cases Is the first start of
deafness, bllndnoM, Iocs of smell loasofvrio, of XAryngtUs, Bronchitis and Consumption.
ny or several or tneao may ioiiow ana oe caused nya negieciea ooio. ueiow are a lew names
hlch I have nermlMionta use. who bavo been treated bv me with benefit for Catarrh In aome
of Its forms since I have been located here i
J, P. llob.nson, Catarrh In throat, ttan Antonio; T. n. Johnson, Catarrh In throat. Manager
San Antonio Limm P, Kuhn Catarrh of the head, Denver, Colorado r Mlsa Mary Pmaor
Catarrh of tho throat and ears. Nova Scotia; Prank Newton, Catarrh of the throat and eyes
Ban An ton to i Mias K. Loundibury, Catarrh of the throat and hesuU Ban Antonio.
Hrores more might be added to thtr list that I have cured since located In this city, but I will
only mention onomoreaiaremarkablelnstanoe of how much good can be done that claaa of
lncurablo,srcalled,Coniu!pptlvvs. U, W.Tye, of Leon Bprtngs, had Catarrh far some years
In Iho bead and throat, Unally the lungs became affected and he had several hmmorrbage and
bad a very bad cough, became much emaciated and a conn r tried Invalid, and was pronounced
by his pb)slcUn In the last and Incurable stage of consumption. He camo to me for treatment
and I saw no more oi mm unuiaiow nays ago,
and weighed thirty pounca more man no ever
A few words now In regard to tbe ear may not be uninteresting to some, especially those
h. -ra. iffnt-.ri fsfim v,Hm! ami tiuniftroiia forma of dlaoaao. Very few modIi need utatinir
to consult an Aurlst when they have a discharge
a ma. 100.
surely It U
it i .. im,nit.ttn tArt that aiimA of the older
this poluu bavo a prejudice against the stoppage ol purulent discharges from the ear, but this
Is baaed upon the erroneous teachings of old French writers, Pu Verney and Itard. JJ. lU Ou
Ere and Kar
and Kar Hospital, etc., and wbo is oonildered tbe
last work i "There Is no pathological experience
that It Is dangerous to stop a discharge from tbe e
anatomical rotations. The cavity of tne tympanaum Is covered over bra thin bony plate
i ,,a iho imnrhMnf t hn arauxtla nerve, while
aboutaatblck as paper. It Is easy to see that a
puraiion.uniCM cureu, in ion pun wuuw iwut ur wwr, in hiui , msi uuw ivomu mnuui
troubles In the brain, and somotlmos in tbe lungs or boarU 1 rind a large percentage of the
oases having a Mrunnlng ear" have also a cough, and when tbe ear Is cured the cough Is also
cured, instead of being worse. M a ., , ,
ringing or roaring or other noisoa In the ear.
quinine peroapi 11
sufferer had bis fears allared by recovering partially from the first attack, and so docs not feel
trr.and their friends don't sympathize aa there
br this condition, but this, at least, causes them
and he
tnri tin finds tbo ear. perhaps, so iar gone main
and he must bavo great sain uiawju io stop ine c
from being lost entirely, so far do those cases
inutni. srnnlrl rctithfl At.rlat evnry tlmo
not wait to consult physicians and others, tboy would suffer far leas and preserve their hearing:
much better, as noary all tho diseases of this organ aro curable, esp cclally in tbe first stage.
Bpace will only allow a few names for reference wbo bavo been cured of ear diseases here by
me. Bcores wore might be added i
W. C. Uaugherty, Bhcrlll Prlo County, Pvarsall, Texas; W, w. llerry, BaqM tiau Antonio, Texas;
J il Murphy Ban Antonio: K.T. Allen, PeanaU, Texas; J. II. J on, ban Antonio,' Major T, T
Teel, Ban Antonio; J.C Dlermeyer, Ban Antonio.
verr numerous
ulzed b tbe oculist, all requiring; different
to roooffulxo from three t
remedies to the and tbo dillorcnt affections of tho ore, that tho aupcrlorttr and tho succca or
"nmS' all?hoduios!cs of tbo ero are curable, oven In the severe forms Itclearlr understood
ami ntoDcnr treated and attends! to lu tno earlier stasres beforo It baa bad tlmo to deatror or
Inlurn rwrmaneutlT tbe vision. Ilutthosa case, that ahow blemishes and dofectaotvlalonand
hhrJiliiMi so Irtiue"tlr. aro wuwi In which there baa been dolar la seeklne an Oculist, and
valuable, time waa wasted br trying some domostlo rcmodlos, or what ta nearly as bad, trylfif
thI do n' mmn'Sytny remarks above to condemn or crltlolso the a-oneral practitioner for
rJllof toallwboaraurrorlnirlaanvandevorvwavioa!blo.andnodoubtalldo tb. best the
pan Hut tner will all boueetlv confess that tber bare not tbe moans. In tbo shape ot selected
remodlea. Instruments, nor the tlmo to aoqulro tho skill and practice to do Justice to these
CSV,. , ,.. . I. i. ft-. ... . n. .r.ll, !..., ,,,, ...A
inerienccd doctors, moo who have dovoted monoy, tlmo and study to these particular pans
nt tha human body. In ordor to aoqulro tbo vroatest amount of aklll In treating lu affections
.nil diseases: and iwoplu who are aufferlnir with any dlseaso In tbnsa orxana will, aa far aa
tKMilblo. recover the beat and fullest use of thoso orsrans, wbo seek tbe specialist the earliest;
andthe ohrslclan will deal boncaUy with bis patrons wboidvcs them suoh advloe.
I see In this oountry many oases of B trablsmus, ("crooked eyos" thoy are generally termed
which Is a defect In appearanca, uncertain vision and weakena lu Nearly every one of Huso
Jrer Mart to school without having this remedied. .
R.Attd. that turn out showing tbo Inside, or thoso that turn in and Irritate the eye-ball, can
. SSfSSii mrt. jtrtlftoill erea can bo ntted and worn without anr twin and to look
twrfectly natural. 1 have a Urge stock ot tbom always on hand.
Old granulated lids cured surely. ....... .. ) ..
A few names aro glvon neiow ior roiorrnco
tight bo glvon If ncoosaary. but thoso havo
li 11 ilroodlng. Han Antonio, IllepbarlUs ClUarls: Major T. T. Tool. San Antonio, Pterygium!
II li lladatuUi, Ban Antonio, Urauular Lids and Keratitis; Frank Nowton, Ban Antonio,
IV. iht.m.l Ducts: U II. Lambert. (Daughter!. Ban Anionlo. lllennorrhmalo Oonluno.
UplLls' Anton llalamuda. Ban Antonio, Aouto
Antonio, Iritis: Itaohel lircalln. Ban Antonio,
IrldnOycllUs; It. J
and Komto-lrltls;
irhln OvcllUs: l. J, Vincent, Outulla, (Jlocr on Cornea: W. II. Drown, iisvllle. Granular Lid
and Korato-lrltu; W.J. Hoggo. Kaglo Pass, CaUractt a.eorge LoosaburglDaughtar), Castro
Pterrglum and Leukoma: II, o. llurrls. llancno, unronto uonjunotlvltls an Keratitis A, U.
nSSS. Stnckdalo, Traninatlo Ulcer and llyuoplon; W. J. TorrlUrry7BlUllo7Meiloo,
Traumauo uiuuwuj.
operaUon, and to wbose valuablo aid a part of
For further Information aaurcia
N. S. Burnham, M, E): -
Oculist, Aurist and Laryngist.
Corner nf Houston and St. Marv's
San Antonio, Tox.
bstj tit, .THirsra nr xesei
Thos. Goggan & Bros.,
Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Sheet Music; Jtt
Than All the Dealers in Texas Combined.
lt you want to buy a reliable PIANO or ORGAN low, for eSs, -at f
uiuntuiy iuai.nuiueut.B, vr anytutu
0 THOS. GOGGA.'Mhfy - -tftr.
luketjaosi 23d Sts.Gtlmtw. ' 250 tsmjalgi'JslB
specialist In treaUn disease, of the: Bra. Bar aw)
Kansas Cltr.for te benefit of an oeulltts
Knraud Throat tlnflrmary. , They, one aad all
Texas. Finally falllnr health, caused by tfe
ana so Ban Antonio gained a specialist who was Known oy
iy In the State, to possess tbo requisite skill la all of It
be hat treated
they havo another. Tbo cold, or more properly
nested this runs into a cbronu
the throat, or Dotn. sooner I
tbo ears, or other noises. BomeUmea violent
wncn nec
i In braa-glna- how well h. was
of matter from It, espeualty If aooompanted
aiiaoKv na it mar auuna in ima nay oi eaugn
never done by one who un tiers tan da diseases
nhvilclans (without any soeclal knnwladtr on
Hospital: Consulting Burgeon of Urooklrn Mya
very best authority on the ebbjocf, sars in his
on record which can sustain tho assertion
onthe outside we have a thin membrana
continuous destruction of theao parte by sup
He tells them tber have cold and a dose ef
r later returns, but the
u no external evidence ot the suffering caused
to bunt up an Aurlst, who examinee the ear
is imioaDii
to restoro Its full heaiina ojwera
of the dlaeaae and kivn tho fanarf-nsf
before tho People consult com Detent skllL.
anrthloir waa the matter with their eara. and
nearly 200 In numbor. clcarlr defiuod. and reco
trcatmont In order to euro them and restor. food
anDlIcaUon of nrnnorlr select
inai nave uoon curou uy mo noru. Many mora
boon selected because each ono reprooenua
Conjunutivltla; J. W. Casey, (Daughter), Ban
Choroiditis Beroaai W. A. Carnahan, Ban Antonio
the success la du
Galveston, Tox.
iua ntmu A.iue, u. wt. ymp 7 at sw

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