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The San Antonio light. (San Antonio, Tex.) 1883-1886, April 07, 1885, Image 3

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Following: List of Bargains
In Lands, Kanches, City
Residences, Farms,
Building Lots !
We rcpri'M nt mli'ly every plero iif
property ntlvertlaeil liy its, anil tvct-Ialin,
without fear of enntraillcllon, Hint we
liavc tho lament nnl moat illvrrslnVil
lint or property In tlie. rum I h eat; Hint
our facilities for alunvltii? property are
littler, anil wo ghv " niltertlslnir
ml vantages) to nnr rllfiila tlinn nny other
linn In tlitn oily. Wo lire prepnretl. nt
nil times, to neeotiipiiny luijerii In nny
portion of the Slate, ttlier we oiler
Innili", nntl ailvlsc nil tvlsliliiK Informal Ion
tocnllorwrlto for our Circular 1,1st ol
llnrKnlnnJiitl nut liy
10,000 ncrcn of lnnil on liciul waters, ol
Ounilnlnpo river, ono or tlio driest cattle,
rnnclien In Hie Mtatc; nlmmlnnceorpuro
rnnnlne wntcr, lino range anil kooiI win
ter protection. A bargain If appllcil for
noon. 40,000 acres outside rouge.
fi.OOOnorcs niljolnlng aliove, aine char
nctcroriaml, nbiinilniit tvntir; will sell
nt low figures, clllier separately or wltji
tlio nbovo.
11,500 ncro rnncb In Jlcnnril county, "ij
miles front on botb sblcs or tlio San Halui
river; tine range, nbiinilniit water mill
good winter protection; nlso with Hie.
bind :i,WiO line grnded slieep. The best
bnrgnln In tlio State ran be bni'. ir, tills
property; It must be sold.
"00 ncre rnrm on the Guadalupe rltrr,
12 miles below Keguln, nbout 100 acres
In cultivation, with good Improvements
fiencrally, can be bought for the very
ow prlco of 111) per acre; terms If de
sired. 210 ncre farm 10 miles southeast or the
city, on tho Calaveras creek, all under
good fence; 70 acres In cultivation, good
well, bouso of 3 rooms, stock pens, etn.j
lino grass lnnd nnd very productive: will
bo sold very low and on very liberal
IfiiO acres lino rarmliig lnnd on tho Me
dina river, In good shape, nbundnnt
wnter and good grass; Just tho place lor
a small stock farm
320 ncre farm on Medina river, adjoin
ing the nbovc; 20 acres In cultivation;
small house; will sell ono or both the
above tracts Tor $7.fio per ncre.
320 acres good rarmlng and grazing
lnnd 15 miles southwest ol the city, with
permnnent wnter, v'enty of timber, soil
mostly a snndy loam; will sell for the
low price of J3.60 per ncro.
320 acres of good postoak timbered
land 15 miles east or tho city, near .Salnt
Hcdwlg, very productive nnd In good
farming section; will oiler this trnct Tor
a short time nt $2.50 per ncre.
2GB ncre rnrm 15 miles southeast or
city, on Calaveras creek; 115 ncres In n
high state or cultivation, balance nil un
der fence; abundant water, good stone
bouse, 6 rooms, lino orchard, peaches,
plums, grapes, etc.; Is a perfect farm 1 11
eviry respect; can uu uu 111 umsiuii.
100 acre farm 11 miles east of city, X
ncres In cultivation, good house of 2
rooms, lank, tine blnck snndy loam, easi
ly cultivated and very productive.
Price JU00.
100 acres open land adjoining the nbove
snmo character of soil; will sell with
nbove or separately, l'rleo $0.50 per
200 ncre farm 10 miles cast of city, 03
acres In cultivation. kooiI house, I rooms
nnd gallery, lathe nnd plnstered; 250 line
fruit trees, i good wells of soil water,
permanent stock wnter. 135 ncres In
pasture, tine gross, stock pens, crlhsand
tenements, all complete; this Is an ex
cellent farm. Price J2700.
1100 ncro bay rami 10 miles northwest
or the city, nil under good fence; can
mow 1000 acres; good improvements,
line living springs, and nu iilmnilance. 01
living stock water. A delightful liume
for Invalids, being much higher than the
city. This is ono of the llnest ranches In
the State, fall for terms.
1C0 acre farm nbout 12 south or the
city, 75 acres In cultivation, balance un
der fence; good well, wind mill, line
snndy loam, enslly.ciiltiviitcd nnd very
productive, good bouse, wiigon nnd har
ness. I'rlce. tf-UOO. Terms If desired.
Six beautiful building lots on Tobln
bill, In front of Frank Anderson's resi
dence, very cheap, at $050 each.
One largo line lot on South l.arctlo
ttreet, containing 1 acres or ground,
iiinnlng back to ban l'edro, equivalent
to 0 lots; owner wnnls money, l'rlce
A nlco little cottngo In block 51, Lopez
street, 3 rooms and gallery, good cistern
brick nnd cement, 125 barrels, lot 20x00
vnros, all fenced, for $050.
Two splendid new residences on Dal
las nnd Augusta slreets, about 10 rooms
each, with closets, bath rooms, hot and
cold wnter connections, gas in nil rooms
and lmlls, with every oilier conceivable
convenience. Positively tlio llnest lin
Ished In the elty, nil new nml in perfect
order. One is two-story; tho other is
one-story betli bargains. Terms given
at our olllce.
An elci:nnt Btono resilience on Krle
lvcnue, with one-half block of ground or
0 lots, with all modern conveniences,
stable, carriage house, buth rooms, clos
ets, sewerage, etc. Thin U 11 primely
home, nnd owner will take part pa) incut
In country property well situated and
win give a goou oargain auiuuway
Call lor particulars.
Two nice cottages on South Kingsbury
street; will sell very Ion ; but Utile cash
required; balance lu Installments;
One lino building lot 30x00 varas on
Tobln hill. corner .Main avenue nnd
. street, fenced nnd gruded; the
llnest building slto In the clt) ; Improve
ment cost $200. Very cheap for $1250.
Two hundred acres 7 iiiIUb cast Irom
cltv. house of 2 rooms. b3 ncres fenced In
3 lfelds, 00 pencil trees, nlmonds, gropes,
pears, etc, 30 bead of cattle, 11 cows
and balance young stock, cistern nnd
innx, an lor ww.
15 acres in cultivation; can cultivate fit!
or uu; nouse 01 3 rooms, large cistern nnu
nlentv of water. Onlv Slooo.
Four hundred acres about 12 miles cast
well, frame house and shed, newly Im
proved. Terms reasonable.
Half Interest In h country store, cotton
gin, etc., In a very nourishing location
not far from this cltv.
House nnd four lots In block 123 for
saic low or will trade for ponies. Uootl
house nnd lnrge cistern.
If you do not llnd anything to suit you
In the above, cnll for our Descriptive
Circular. Wo are always nt homo, and
the latchstrlng hangs on tho outside.
OK Till:
nv ntroii Conway.
My friend Lulgl In icekoned 0110 of
the llnest violin pmyrnnl the day
Ills !
his talent In utert eiiulltll III Klttiine
If in these puiies I e.ill lulu liy a name
nlher than tliinino hi'liaHimidefainoiiH,
It Is solely 011 iieeiiitnl of 11 proinlso lie
exacted from 1110, In ease I should ever
feel tempted to I1111K0 tho following
Htliuigu exlH'rleiiees.wo slums! together,
public propeity. lam iifrnlil.netcrllio
less, that too many will readily Identify
tho man liliuseir with tlm poiliult 1 mil
obllgts! to draw.
Ltilirl leavlnif Ills niofesslonal great
ness out or tho cpiestloii would have
been a iiotlceablo man In any company.
k antf
ask not only, " ho la lie?" but
has lie dune In the wol Id?" knowing Unit
11 of Ins stamp 1110 seldom sent upon
nils Mi ni' In live an milium) i-tory-iuiY
life. Ill pel sou he was very tall, stand
I11K omthIx feet. Ills llguio was grace
rul. some liaoeallisl It slight; theie was
lireadlli of shoulder enough In tell it
was the lluuio or a strongman. A fnrti
with a pale but clear complexion; dark
deep-set ejes, with a Milt of far-away
I'Xpiesslou III them; black hair, worn
long, iiTtcr tho manner of geniuses of
Ids kind; a high but rugged toiehend; a
well-shaped nose; a ilrooiilnginustaclie;
a baud whoso long and tlellcatu lingers
seeincil constructed expiessly for their
particular mission violin-playing.
Picture all llieso characteristics, anil
if you enjoy tho acipiaintaueo of tho
musical world, or even If Jim have liceu
In tho babltof attending eunceitswlieiii
stars nt the Hist iiiagiiltudo eiiudesceii l
In ahlno, I fear, lu spllo of my promlso
of concealing bis name, you will too
easily rocognit my friend.
Lulgi'H iiianuer In ordinary life was
veiy quiet, gentleniiinly, unit rejinscti.
Ilo was, lu Ids dieainy suit of way,
highly com tonus and polite to strangers.
Although, when alone with moor other
friends ho loM'd, ho bad plenty to say
for lilnisoir and his broken English
was pleasant to listen to 111 general
company bo simke but little. Ilut let
Ills left hand close lound tho neck of a
llddlo. let Ids light band grasp tho bow,
and one knew dlieetly fur whntpuriiso
I.ulgi caiuo into the world. Then tlio
man llvnl and reveled, as Itweie, In a
life or his own making. Tho union Ids
craft drew fcillh weio like blueing nlr
to hlin; ho seemed actually to lcsplio
tint music, and bis I'leamy ejes stwoka
and shono with lite. He diil that ram
thing -mm Indeed, but lacking which
no perfoi iticr can riso to eiului lug fumo
Iluew his whole soul Into his playing.
Ills iminiicr,hisory attitinloas liecom
ineneeil, was a coiujilete html) .
Dlitulng hlliiself up to eseiylncliof
his height, lio placed the vloliii-nest-llnglt.
I may say under hiselilu, and
then taking a long lueath ofwhat ap
neaied In bo aullematoiv nleasure.
swept Ms magiciau'H w.ind over tho
sleeping strings, and waking tlicm with
thoeliarnied touch, wine his wonder
ful spell of music. The moment tho
horsehair eamo in contiu t with tho gut,
tho listener knew that ho was In tho
pioM'iieo of a master.
I.ulgi had eomo In London for tlio
season, after much negotiation and per
suasion, accepted an 1 iigageiuent at a
long M'llcs ol Milne of the best, if cheap
est nnd most popular foneeils held 111
Loudon. It was his Hist visit to Kn
glaud; bo bad ever disliked thocountry,
and believed very little in tho national
love lor good music, or In our power of
nppieciating it when lieanl. Ilo dislik
ed. 1 1 1 .-1 1 . tlio tliiiupeliug Willi which tho
piouioteiHor tho conceits heralded Ids
appeaiaiieo. Although his Olinowusii!
1 eady great tin oiighout tho Continent, ho
dieadeil thoelTecl or pl.tvlnglii mi un
sympathetic audience. His fears wet 0,
however, groundless.
Whether the people liked nnd under
stood bis music and stylo of playing or
not, they at least appeared to du siv.and
the newspapers, 0110 and nil, unable, to
do things by halves, went into raptures
owrliim. I'liev compared him with
Pagaiiinl, Olc Hull, and other by-gono
masters, and their comparisons weio
very nattering. Altogether, Luigi was
a great success.
I met him on two occasions nt tlio
bouses of somo ti lends or mine, who
1110 lu tho habit or spending much time,
troiible.nnil somo money nuiiiaisiraugu
spoit, llon-huntlng. His concerts wero
held, I think, on two evenings in every
week; so ho had tlmont hlsdisposnl.nuil
was somewhat sought after. tVo wero
Introduced, and t look a liking to 1110
quiet, gentlemanly celebrity, who, dlf
feient from many others whoso names
nio in tho mouths of men, gave himself
tin nirs, nor vaunted, by words or man
ner, tho "at Istocracy 01 talent."
I could inako shift to converse with
him fairly enough in his own soft lan
guage; so that upon my meeting hlin
tho second tlnio, ho expressed his pleas
ure at again encountering 1110. A few
dajs nftcnvanl wo met bychanco In tho
Bireci, anil 1 was nine in 0x11 icaiu 111111
from somo llttlo dllllculty, into which
his Imperfect knowledge of Kngllsh
ways bad betrayed him. Then r nc-
quatntanco ripened, until it uecaino
lrleuiismp, a
on him nmoi
I saw n croat deal of Lulnl during? his
stay in Loudon. Wo made pleasant llt
tlo excursions together to. suoh objects
of Inteicst as wo wished to visit. Wo
spent ninny evenings together, nights I
should rattier say, tor me small iinurs
had sounded when wo parted, leaving
tho loom dim with tho smoko from my
clears and his cigarettes. Like manv
of bis countrymen, bo smoked simply
whenever ho could get n chance; and
when illono with 1110, I liellevo tho only
cessation to his eonsuniptionof tobacco
was wnen no iook nis neioveu iiuuiu in
his hand and plajcd for his own pleas
mo and my delight.
Ho was 11 charming companion In
deed what mail who had seen such
varied lilo as ho had, could bo other
w lso when drawn out liv tho confidence
that friendship gives? 1 soon found
that under tho external calmness of tho
man lay a nature full of poetry, and not
inn irom exciiemenr.. 1 was aisomucii
nmuseirto llnd a vivid vein or supersti
tion and belief in tho supernatural run
rilm? thrnuch bis character: and I be
lieve it was only my merrlnientoii mak
ing 1110 discovery luai uiiiuereu 111111
rrom expatiating upon some guosiiyex-nei-iences
ho had himself i;ono throuuh.
Instead of dntkly hinting at what hu
cnulil reveal. It was ill vain I anolo-
gl7ed for my ill-t lined mirth, and with
a grave faco tried to tempt him, lie
only said: "You, llko the rest of your
cold-blooded, money-maliliig race, nro
skeptical, my friend. I will tell you
nothing. You would not believe: vou
would laugh nt mo and rldlculo la
dentil, to me."
Another thing about which bo was
very tenacious was showing Ids skill
when Invited out. I lu Invariably de
clined to do so. seeming qulto puzzled
by tho pollto hints thrown out by some
of his entertainers,
"Why can they not como nnd hca" mo
In nubile?" ho asked mo. "Or can It bo
that they only ask inu to their houses
for my talents, not for my society?"
I told him I was afraid their motives
wero rather mixed; bo ho said quietly:
"Then I Blmll not go out again. AVheii
1 uo not piay inpuuiicio earn my living,
I ul.iv for tnvsnlf nlono."
n lie Ctntmurd.
Cleveland Is the choice of the Ameri
an people so are Opera 1'uQ'Clgart ttcs
IIV WII.KII: nl.t.lN.
In three d.iys more, .Icauiic was safe
III liOiidiui; luting li-.itel. d under my
a hoiuc for tier, in Hie boo .0 7.r a bole I
who h.ul U-en my mnUii-i'-, oldest anil
deal est tl lend. '
W.-ttei pn disl. nfow diva arier-
w.ud. b, the ditle-,s,iu news whhli
ll'.ielied lue of (lie stale of nu I'lolher's
hc.lllll. I wi III nt ouee In li.s hnilso In
the cimiiiIi). tlm medical uttetiil.ini
b. 11I lost all lmn nt MMiur hlin; they ,
told me plainly Unit his lele.iso I10111 a
life of milTi-riiix was near at hand.
While I was still In utti-ml.ilK e ut liU
bedside. I lie. 11. 1 I'lnlii Mm -ei-lcl.iry. Ilo
liH'liiseil a lei ti l . iliio, li d In mil lu a
stl'.UW lialnlui -.titur. I opened tho en- ,
veloiH'. ami loiikiil for I lie Bu'iiatilie. 1
I lend hail beelieiill.ips'il into seml-
ing me all aiii'iitiuiius li-lter.
Ilesldes niliheaslng me III Prcm-h (a
laiiguago never iimsI hi mv I'Xpelieni o
Utr.it lout, the wnler disiiuli
I lie Identtlv of llielielMilislnelilliiliedbv
the iisoof ti.issleal tiaiues. In spite of
these plecailtlolis, I fell 1111 dlhicult) III
arrivliig'at a cihicIusIiiii. M i-oiii--sMindeiit's
special kunwletlge of t'oillt
seeiets, niidher malleious way of cuin
muulcatiug them, hclincil the lt.iion
ess. 1 translate the letter: lestoring to tho
persons who llguio lu It the names un
der which they nio alieaily know 11. Tin)
writer iR'gan lu tliesesallilcallyramlllar
"When you left tho Prince's domin
ions, my dear nlr, joii nodoubt believed
voiirself to boa lieu agent, tjuite 11
mistake! You weio a mere puppet; and
tho strings that moved joil weiepulh il
by the Doctor.
"Let 1110 tell ou how.
"Onncerlaln night, which )ouwell
ri'incnilier, the liineess was unex'ct
edlv siiiniuoneil to tho preseneoof her
father. His plijslclan-s skill had suc
ceeded In relieving the Illustrious Prince,
prostrate under nen ous miseries. Ilo
was able to attend ton Btato ntT.ilr of
Importance, levealed to hlin by tlio
Doctor who then for tho llrsl tlinn ac
knowledged that ho had presented him
self at Court in a diplomatic, as well as
In a medical capacity.
"This statu nlfalr related to a proposal
for tho baud of tho Princess, ieceled
from tho (iraud Duke through the uu
thorl7eil medium or tho Doctor. Her
Highness, being eonsulleil, lefused to
consider tho piopnsul. Tho Prince ask
ed her tor her reason. She answeied,
'I have no w Ish to lie man led.' Natur
ally irritated by such a ridiculous ex
cuse, her father declared positively that
tho marrlngo should take place.
"Tho Impression produced 011 tho
Orniul Duke's favorite and cmlssniy
was of a different kind.
"Certain suspicious of tho Princess
and voiirself, which joiihad success
fully contrived to dissipate, revived in
the Doctor's mind when ho lieanl tho
lady's reason for refusing to marry tils
royal master. It was now ton late to
regret that ho had suffered himself to
bo misled by cleverly managed appear
ances. Ho could not recall the favor
able reiant which ho had addressed to
the Duke or withdraw tho proposal of
marriage which ho had been command
ed tu make.
In this emergency, tlio ono safe
irsoonen to b in was to cot lid of
011 and. at the same limo. so to handle
circumstances as to excite against win
the pride and anger of tho Princess, lu
the pursuit of tills latter object bo was
assisted liy one 01 1110 lames 111 waning
sincerely Interested lu thoweiraiu tit
her- gracious mistress, and therefmo
ardently desirous of seeing her High
ness married to tho Duke.
"A wretched old French consi lrator
was made the convenient pivot on whlcli
tlio intrlgiio turned.
"An nrderforlboairestof thlsforele:ii
republican having been first obtained,
tlio Princo was prevailed on to extend
his distrust of tho Frenchman to tho
I- lenchinan a niece. 1 on know this nl-
ady; but you don t know why It was
done. Having believed from tho llrst
that you wero lenllylu lovo with tho
young lauy, 1110 I'ocior recKoneu con
lidentlv on votll det'otllu? voiirself to tho
protection of a friendless girl, cruelly
exiled nt nu hour's notice.
"Thn ono c banco ngainst us was tliat
tender coiislileratlons, associated with
her Highness, might Induce you to hesi
tate. Tho lady in walling easily moved
this obstacle out of tho way. fiho ali
stalned from delivering nletternddiess
ed to you, Intrusted to her by tho Pi lu
cess. When tho gi eat lady asked why
sho had not received your ieply,sliow,ts
Informed (qulto duly) that )ou and tho
charming opera singer had taken your
depailuio together. You may Imagine
n nut 111-1 iiiKiiiM-sn iiiuiiKut in yuu, ami
paid of you, when 1 mention In conclu
sion that she consented, tho samu day,
to marry tho Duke.
'So. Jlr. Ernest, theso clever no .nln
tricked you Into serving their Intel eats,
blindfold. In relating now It was done,
t nope t may uavo assisicti youiii loim
Imr a con eel estimate of tlio statu of
your own Intelligence). You havemado
a serious mistake luadontliig vour mi-s
ent profession, (ilvu up diplomacy
anil get it larmcr to employ you in Keel
ing Ills sheep."
Do I sometimes think ri-L'ietf ullv of
thn Princcss'i1
Permit ino to inentliiiinclicunistanco,
nnu to leave mv answer to no in c nen.
Jeanno Is Lady Mcdhitrst.
An Enterprising, Bellabls House.
nice Urns. ,t Co. can always be relied
uuoii. not onlv to carry In slock the. beet
of everything, but to secure thn agency
for such articles ns hnvo w ell-known
merit nnd are nonular with the people.
thereby sustaining the reputation of
licing always enterprising nnu t ier rn
llablo. Hating secured tho agency for
tho celebrated Dr. King's New Discov
ery for uoiiBtiniption, win sen n on n
iinslllvn L'liarantee. It will surelv cure
anyand every ntleetinii of Throat. Lungs
nnd Uliest, nnu io snow our commence,
we Invito you to cnu nnu gel it inn
nottio i-ree,
An Answer Wanted,
Can any one bring us n case of Kidney
or Liver Complaint Hint F.lcctrlu Hitters
win not snccuuv curer te s nv n ev
enn not, as thousnnds ol onses nlrendy
lerniuni nny curcii nnu tvuo nro uniiv
ccoiiiinending Klcctrlo Hitters, will
irove. llrlght's Disease, llhibcles,
IVcnk llnck or nny unlnnrr coiiinlnlnt
nulr.klr cured. '1 hev nur fy the blood
reguiaie ine noweis aim net oireeuy on
the diseased parts, j-.very iioiue guar
nnteed. For sale nt CO cents a bottle by
nice tiros. ,v t-o.
ralhlonable Dressmaking
Mrs. Holmes, fashionable inlllucr and
dress maker. Cutting. Ilttlng nnd mnk-
Ing up nccordlng to the latest styles
Known io ino nri. no. lu noiiiuenst
street. :i-ltlni
Why don't you use Omnoxio loclcnnse.
bcnutlfr nnd preserve your teeth and
gums In it sound and ornuinenliil slate to
old nge? Only 50 cents a box. Liquid
nnu puwtier. At ait uruggisis.
Otto Gerlaeh,
With S. Deutsch & Co., has Just received
his stook of piece goods lor spring nnd
summer, nnd Is now prepared to take
oruers. i-rices, lit anu workinnnsuii
guaraniccu, a-ii-nu
Parties Wishing to Guy, Rent or Sell
Should Consult this Column.
Fine trnct or land or lino acres lu Har
ris county, 0 miles rrom Houston, on
lliillnlo lla)oii, rnllroiul running by the
snnie; plenty ot wnler, grass nnd limber:
some tmprntcmcnts. nml part under cul
tlvallon; lil tons of liny cut from mine
Inst sennon. Will be sold ibenp nml on
rnsv terms nt n hnrgnln. Adilros T. II.
.Inhume, this olllce. or ,1. W. Ilrndley,
lienl l-'.slnle Agclil. Sun Anlonlo.
Iloi-Hios 11:011 111 v inn Bill-..
A.Vroom cottage bonne nnd lol on Me
Kinney slreel; line brb k elulern, fruit
nml shade Irees mid llowirs. A ehenp
niece or properly lit $P.i. Address i .
II, .lohlinni. Hits olllce.
SIM V-l l K lllol'SWIl .11 1.1.-,
Solid lmih 0M11111I. ell grnxeil, 10 miles "
rrmilliiu on lln- lllollrtimlc; I J.iI.Iiii i, 1 '
aioigoais, 1011 iii-tiii or Horses, i rn e 01
rniii-h and lite slink and also till cqulp
inelils lln lii.lle, qui, k sale, Jlo.lxl,
Aildress.l. W. Ilradle) or T II. .loliiimui,
San Anlonlo, Tetiia.
si I t'MUli utliutls.
A well lumroteil rnrm. sltunted tun
liiimlri'd jnrds from station at Moore
Hollow, 011 the Internnllolinl railroad, In
a good, lienl I liy country, containing
ills) acres or bind nil under leiice; ( In
ciilllvnllon, a good friiuie house of six
rooms, dining room nml kitchen, nil sur
rounded liv L'allerv: slnble, bnrns, lislh
house ; gnrden, nil In good order; wnter
from 11 Innk nml well; to be sold Tor
ensn. uiiesireil some came nnu nurses
will be sold on Ihe place nt their uinr-
nliie: nossisslon i;lten nt short
notice. 'I lilt- perfett and wnrrnnted.
for pariieiiiars nuuress or cnu on
care T. II. lohnsou. Lu
VAI.l'.tlllK I.AMIS loll Hill.
RIO ncres on Ihe Leoiia rlter. iibnut
res Irrlitablei mesriill e tililher
lillful; sllualed s miles In-low Uvalde
Ihe went side. All tholniiiriiteiiieuls.
Willi sugnr mill, JMiiii, Addrtss "L.
.." care Mils olllce.
IKKi acres on tho lllo Frio, pnrtly Irrl-
gntcd from the Frlo river, sltunted in
Uvalde county, 12 miles Irom raliroaii.
aiioiii aim ncres iiniier goou ii-nee. .vu-
dress "L. f.," this olllce.
Cure for Piles.
Piles lire frequcnlly preceded by a
of weliilil In thn buck, lotus unit
lower part of tho nbilomen, ctiuslng Die
piitlcnt Io suppose he litis somo ntlt-ctiuu
lilt) Klillieys or neiguiioring organs,
limes, svinnlum of lndluesllon nro
present, as ilalulency. uncnaliiess of the
stomal h, etc. A moisture, like perspira
tion, producing it vcrydlsngreenlile Itch
ing, after gelling warm, Is a very com
mon iitiemiiini. iiiinii, iiieeuing nun
llchliiL- Piles vleld nl once to the n. pli
cation of Dr. Ilosanko's Pile Iteinedy.
which acts directly 11(1011 the parts ar-
tho InteiiBc Itching nnd cllect'lng n pcr
inanriit cure. Price, ROrentn. Address,
I no Dr. Ilosaiiku .tieillQine i.e., riqua,
Sold 11V u. nciiasse ,v ui., .lames
lavin, I'aglnml A Co.
Wi-niMiloN, D. C, March li, Ihs'.".
is. Moili-y lliiis., Alislla.Ti-siis.
(Jknti.kmi.x I ha re been siillertng some
time with a setere nltaek of llronchltis,
lib rr tat 111: t oiiuh.anu can I nil nolli-
Ing hero that will cure me, but I know
vnnr'l'uii-llir Cot nl. S in I- will ilo sn.
for I have used It nt my old home in
iirownwoou, riense semi 1110 ns mnny
bottles ns ton can lor the enclosed $1..MI,
by express, Doirl iltiay, ami oiiiign
For sale by F. Kalle) er ,t Son.
Bueklen's Arnica Saive,
The best salvo In the world fur (.'ills.
Hrulses, Sores. Ulcers, suit lllieuui,
ever sores. I filer, una men nanus.
hilblnlns. Corns and all Skin F.ruptloiia.
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It Is guaranteed Io glte perfect
satisiaciiou or money reiuuueii. rrice
2." cents per box. r or sale by Klce llros.
& Co.
A brnn new plnno, neier used, cost
fiU). can he liouirlit nt a hnrgnln. ny
catling on or aiitireksing 1 . 11. .loiiiisou,
KIIIT oiueo. 11-12-11
a itiii-r
as se, 11 jt-sleriliiy rrasilnir Hie
lluiial or 1
liat.l In ii.IihI ol.l k'-iiII
,mis"( oiiuIi." A imlli-oliuuifiillcil
'eiloral llillni nnniilly iirrcsl
til art-lit It-iuiif 1, Mr. I'iitisiuiiilli
llllll. 'I llll
vr carries tin- inilli-eiiuui lu tils pnt-L
sato liy all tlrlurirlsIN, W Imtesale liy A
Proposals for Army Transportation.
"1 tu usual enaillllnaa. "Ill lie leeelti il at this
tiii-ii. ISS.1. nt I1I1I1' time iin-l liliiei' tliey will
14, nH-liei III the in'H-lleeor liliMi-rs. rnrlllliiH-
ifil it lilies. Ill lleliarllilelll nl Texas, till rjaiar
tlseal t ear tsiiiiiaent'harJ illy I, issil, uiiileiahiiir
June an, issil:
1- ikiimii 71oi--'iMN"ii. liimee
iiii.l Kiiitl'iintliii 'I'eins.
1 Il.i,s.ii7lrni..ilnll..i. IUlisliMllr-
ilisvllle or .Miura, ami I nrt lint is, letas,
litosli, lireilo, i'l-ita, or Sun llii-Kii
N11. tllinr 'Jiiiiintrtlnlliui
lli-tHis-ii l-'orls
lliowiiiinil Itllnririilil. Texas.
No. r Mritmrltllt nnnftfutifH'
Hi l
Orleans. Ui.. nr (laltt
iiinisi liilstl.or llniiroH Hiuilliiiro, Texas.
Illmik tmiiHisalK. Inrlil ol tout intl. illiil t-ln-
lurmvliltiir lull lnroriiiiilloii hm In inntim-r
'lliiilintt-riuiienl it-sertes Hie lijtlit In ii-Jecl
lneloH.s eoal.ilaliur iiomisiiIm slumlil Ik-
mile Nn. ,''auil ail.lressi-,1 In tlx- IMi ti
viiihI. .1. (I (.'. 1,1:1:,
.V liir ilii.l ('In. O11.11 111 iiiiuI.
Proposals for Beef and Mutton
Hun Aiitnnln, 'lextm, JVI-nmry ti, frit.
W.W.V.U I'IIOI'OMAI.4. In Iriitllciilf. ullli
i-opyif Hi Ik iflvi'iilru mi-ill altiKhiHl, will
tlH Al'lltlir'ltllll'ltl1('M Of SUt.HltttCIH( (if ltll
follow nttf miim'U 111 iiaM)t iiuinu i
l uxai, .mill VI u i-iicu, niKin,
Wednesday, April 10, 1885,
Mnlflltcry at Furls IIIUIW'N. t'LAIIK, COM
1 Million as limy Iki ii-iiuIic .I liy tlm Hull
sisletiee Denaitiiient at tlit-su (sists Irmu July
I. isstt, tu .
Issiiry (It-iieriil of Siilislslenett may
iroinau1ft will hIko v m-vlvi1! tar tlm ik'llv
t ryi.f t'lHUt'i: IM 'THortx erorimilti.il ii nuiy
Kucli lil'ltk'p iniitt fu t n ff1i nfruiininU'oln Out
mm 1 if KH tn Mitt tttttt Unit. If IllH Mil
lun-i.ti-il. liiiwilUnti'rlnluiiiHtiittiut.uiKl irf
IkhuI ultii vmmI nml KiillU-Ii ia nun IK h, wltlilu
nlnty iIujh It inn tint (lulu irnii'Mlntf tin' MiU.
I no rt nt ih i oner c-i mi "ny "r tin n
lllitnk i.nMjil iui I InftMunitlon an In
niiuiiii r tr liltl-linf, M.n. lilli. iih Ut Ui olwi r
liv la.ilitfi-H.iiiullfriiiiK.r rout nut lllnl Mtvin
hUUiu I'urnUlicliiPoili.l'lilU'l.tlun tn tlilutMliw
IlincloiM-H tuntiilnhijr imiiiwuli nhoulit lo
uuirl.tsl, 'l'rt)iMmub fur l.vf ami Mutton tit
," um mitlrt Mtl tn tlio iniik-rfliriUHl, nr
In tho A. I'. K., ut ikihI for wliltli tlio ntjtul In
IntcntUHl. fUMtlKI.T. t'UHUINU,
'Hy-U 3 L'Ulitatn O, H. CtUor C. S.
ll'AoW' awl ,Ylml
Tea Dealer, Coffee Roaster
,U - t! Wt'F. RCE SJftlEl.
Irltfrtfirn a ntirtnHtt,
a .. all f,, U, ami
Many sulb-r neiilely from disease of
the nervous s stem tvllhoul knowing Ihe
ause oflt, lis from I'ncrnelie, Hi-ndiiche,
urnlgln. Tired Aching In the Hack,
Palpitation, Sleeplessness. Couch, Spl-
Tcnilcrness with I'alns, Tingling,
'rattling nnd N'tiuibnessof the ltod and
LIiiiIh, Weakness, Nervous Proslriillon,
Dvsneusln. These svuintoins should
prompt pnlleiits to llnd roller or pnrnly
may louow, iieuei cnu on nnu. lei-
lie Hi.
Tuns, Hut 1111 1 o, M. D.,
KI'J Fast Houston street, upstairs.
Real Estate and Loan
1 rl .Wrnlfi.r AitKtns Wlekct" l.esnn
it 11I l-o-l- rl) In ill imrls ot tl" i e
1 I mo nl Ion -sl 1 1,. 1111.1- m Soniliwi-,1
Bell & Bro's
No.'Sl, Coinnierct' Street,
Site and Plated Ware,
Wntehesand Jewelry repaired. Charges
rensonnble. Wn take pleasure In show
ing our goods, nml pun h users are lot lied
to call. Satisfaction warranted. 12-l-Iy
(i, A. .IllllNSION.
II. M. C'AKItlll.l.,
Drs. Johnston & Carroll,
1 Laiik their imlioas 11
nl the jiiilille art t
Hull, 1
t ut tlntl tluii-H, llit-y t lit itt mirk at lln-lr
2la Writ Coinmerea atreel. Up Stairs, at
ine itiiiuwitiir rules.
Full Krtor 14 Teoll, (IkisI nmterl'll) II1DI
(lulu I'llUni: (small nl.r
tlnl.l Hllli.ii (Miislliiin)
Aniitlaaui nr Mtver
i:ii. A. m:kfi:i.
M. HiniU i'.eK.
Landscapes, Decorative and Art Work
VlNi: HItiNH A hi T.CIAl.TV.
Ileiise imltiiltur, Klattnir anil all work p
tallllllir lu Hie Iilislut-SH ll-oillitly tltten.leil
nml Kiulerattltm kuiu aiuetsl.
Bum1 anii omen:
I ? , 53 I IS
T iT L CT3 Cn)
i s 5 ess C Cv
1 1 g I rr"
i 1 -3 ' 2
l I Eg
gs WW i
gs.- tic a s
a- ?; 1 1 I 55 I r.
" i 3 ; 1 era 1 o
g. ln 1
nil - o
-i r s c 1 H
nl 1 g 00
N. Alniuo St., Opp. .TohIjo ISrtA.,
International and Great Northern R. R. Division.
Schedule in Effect December 23, 1884.
For St. I.o ills, tin .Missouri Pnelllc
For SI. Louis, tin SI. Louis, Iron Moiinlnln nnd Soutliern
I'or Lnnd
KromSI. Louis (Missouri Psellle)
I'roin Si. Louis (Iron Mountain)
From Irfiredo
Tvio Express Trains Dally Bit ween
CIim r.-in. 11 I.UIU ll.tk Jar tkr
mlh hUjottt 7ni.
1 nit l)irtrtuntA.
' lithlt
.1. .1. ItllKtV,
11. r. in iiiiKs. ,
wtitr Jitrnt. t.i-ist.,M, 7Vins.
II. tV, Mrrttl.l.llttllll, lrnrrilllMM,ljrr.tvt,lJivf.,i
Corner Avenue D and Sixth Street, San Antonto,
An turn r,. wrt it In drlitrr nnit enter Into ennlrstla
I.. 1 ll,o MM'I'lr tit tlm It st
Hard Coals, Cord and Stove Wood, Charcoal, Kindling, Cedar Posts.
-rr.i.Ki-iiiiNi: mi. ano.
TitnviNii hiiiKirr.
1 11-I1I10111 . Orili-rK roiiill) tllli'il.
Itfestaurant 308 W. Commerce St.
ti Arittnlo, TBt.
rowitr. Berliner & Co. Proirictors.
Uu H.iicli
I my stink In all
i-U' uimI H'lit't rtiK-k
hmIhuI lnrtlTlllflln-Htl
nl unitill i-tlltjH my 1111
And dealers In Exchange.
i i:xah
Hulhoriinl Caralal l!;-SS
C ,, ' 100,000
II. tV. Ilr.it-keli.
Ililkiiaii, II. f.
.1, S 'rilOIIMUN,
j. v. outsit,
K.Aiti-, Canlilcr.
,Iamm 1.
Hit fimini, r,e Slrrel,
nsaetii it general liniilii(r InialncM,
IV, Ul.llll.ll.
Oto. llKHTr.it.
Two Brothers Saloon,
Corner Commerco and Alamo Streets,
lllll.l.NKl III.OUK.
tl,,, l.'liiral-lmiwuttHl Wlnea. rluilll
.. fSZiZ " f've.r.r.v
llaimir rillinilil lain Uu H. li.im stnre,
nil 11I1I si I. illnl liasei
it-il ami Million, hliet-litltlt-a 111 tlio lllleat
or liiuiieaiio ami imiHirieu t.iiri
Come ti
"T.rT TT noro monov I lian at nmtliina -
Vv IXN tiy taklnsran aacney for tlio
Nnnofall. Term fit-o. iialu-tt uook t;ti
t'ortlaiid, Maine.
n:.K) a. in.
7: IS p. m.
8:.'K) a. in.
...llhr, p. in.
. . . 7:1.1 p. in.
... M p. m.
San Antonio, Austin and St. Louis.
KMlhinnl. ntul in He I'wioti ticvi. St. tjouii,
ny Jurtirr injunnntum npfly to
TlfUfl .Ivrnl.StlOmn,
St.,Snn .(11..11I.1
1 Tern
Chas. DtaJj, M. 1. 0. tU CWr,
IheOilliirnnr Ihu N,-w Vnrk III hlhalmlo llna
ill. 1111 III KYI., I.AIl. THKOAT ana
ISK an fiiliislvu siK-i-Ully. Itctritctlon
ite'l nntl eorrett irlasst a preacrltKNl
lll-rlOK 401 li. 1IIIUHTO.N STIIKKT.
Ollli-.-llMir.-S lu II tn.! 3 In S. ,, ,n. N'n
mm In, nr. nn Siin.l.v ll.l.l,,... :r u.n
I'edni Ati-niio. Telt eliutio tri, lS-r!.6in
Tin: iil.tiii
mn MAiucirr ntiii:i;t.
Mils ,Mi:i.IA 111 I'M, l-niprliln-ss.
('II Y t'tll.l tXTtlll'a OfKICK, 1
SN Amiimii, .Mnrcli ID,
All inrllc entitled to wnter fur Irri
gation uirioKcii are liercliy noilllcil to
come ftirtvaril nml iay tliclr water tax
K. O. llAt KHKX,
:i..KV10t city Collector.
Hentl n eenU for pnatuiro
an i rett.lt o free a costly box
nt riKKta which will help jou
1 hid I lilti e.r In ihlawnrM. All. ut i-llhir
Sill tttti Imm flmt Imtir. Thn hrmri rr
to fort 11 in- tiiw-nsi lilure Ihu wnrkcls: nlsNilutr-
ailitreaisTiil'K X Co , Aukubu,
A. H. Shafcr & Cc
31 Writ Cm
Telephone 370
Practical Plumbers.
work inn- twnle. Send 10 (nu
prntHtr. nnd wo wl tnnll ) ou freo
nijiti, HiuHiiiu parnpio imx or
llmu onlv.
m nomo fttiti
nil tho tlmo.
tul. '.Otvtiti to V. c-HDilr fMrmil every c-vinlntr,
i wHiitwnrk may tit tli. builncu.
.1 wrltlnir i
L'l'Milin IminrikoMiylkMlmely
nil who ptartntonce. Iion'tdclar.
nhon Jc O).. 1'iirtUnd. Maine.
in tubulins, K
-hu. Ni-rtoua
if alcilii.l
InliHCt-o, Wittefuinma. Menial
ItenltisT fit the llraln, reaultlnar
il b-ullnar In ml(-rv. iknr anil
In liuuuilty i
om Aire, ibtrrcnnoaa, ixwi
In t Ithur aex. 1 at ounlarv Utsuw-a and
tho tinttn, solr-aliusourovur-lni tllircoct. Mitch
li)l euiilalna ono laonlh'a trealmt-nt. SI uu at
on, oral Itoxt-a for $3 00, aeot by mall pro
irtlit on n-ct-lpt of prloo.
any caiw. Wltb each order rotoived
il tho purchuaer i
tot II
iteals, ltMsatiffl i,u,l Tntilt-Marka pecartHl,
nl all other patent cmist-a la tho Patent Otlleo
ul iH-fnre I lie loiiila pi-omptly iiud turtfillly
ti-mli-,1 to.
I!hui ritelptof inoilcl or aketckor Inten
iiii. I make eart-liil exainliiallon, nail ailtlao
ilo patentalillily Free of Ulmrse
1ICI.S MOIIKKATi:. nml I make NO
J. It. I.ITTKI.l,, Washington, 1). C.
NeiirU. S. l'aleiitonloo.
Newly Married Hustands
FliouM reiiH iiilur tlmt tho wlfo la tho weaker
vcsfU'l, iin'l jmivMu licr imiinptly- with a 1k,U1o
of Ci Io Fi inaly Tonic If lio w lhea to preserve
her )outh mui U-iiuty, H InvurtuLly turoa
wfiikiicss, iicroua itroatrutlon. lrreuiilarltlea,
nl ull Icmtilo coiiipliiliita.
For ault liv ull Ilmtrirlsta. Wholonnlo tir A.
ThU m.T or Rpftrnrra
In prrrenta Rlrrn away.
frcoA rack mm of irooda of
vnluo that will atari you In work that
will at unco bting you lit money faster tlinn
nnytblttif cluoln Amirleft. Allnboutthu J-iiU,-UOId
prinonta wlthiiich box. Airenta wanted
ttonwliens ot el i her aox.of all uvea, for l
thctito. or "pnro tlmo only, to work format
v Co. TortUnd, Maine.
(ui tniilnn kHvIiik lull infoi nwliun, kdt1rMClwcr

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