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The San Antonio light. (San Antonio, Tex.) 1883-1886, May 26, 1885, Image 1

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Antonio Light.
lor 'Xtn
Hay mch (lint, lioulitic in p. c -Twa
Iny- fill Cases lillltiil 7 p. c. -vwa
BUM I'mitcl Ctnnl : .'.
" oilier ilsln.m rnln nl the r.1.1
toTll.H. Ilouscof1 -KMI
tor tar 'Xia -aa -xta'tia
p and Cigars. Call and Ste.
IW "fat
tartar Dor tar TBS "a -a-toi
Volume V.-Number 123.
Only 10 Cents a Week.
tartar dr tar -a -Ma TS-T&
The San
My SpoclnltloB-Evorythlns In My Lino.
My DUBlnosa Ono of tlio Mont Extenslvo In Toxnn.
My Dcnllnga-Aro with First HnndB.
My Motto Stock nt Ronnonnblo PrlooB.
My TormB Cnnli.
I caution smokers to boware r tlio liullallen, "llarl's llavnnn Cheronls,"
h Inch Imvc tin equal, nn nloii nil my popnlnr brand.
Wholesale Cigar Dealerc Mi1l,nn,V&n.o.T,.xnB.
We shall continue to sell
all goods at such reduced
prices as lately advertised.
ir you nui:i MONKY,
Or If ;i I want ii luligiiiil tor )nur ninncy,
Kiiicikiiii r got it. Hive mi' n rail mi.l In
cimvlmcil lliul 1 eunsutcjnii money. I act p
ii 1 1 11 ! .r rj I hi iik mi liiiiul.
Hotel, Restaurant and Garden,
The Most Centrally
IQjrFlne nlry rooms for the Traveling iul)llc. Accommodations strictly llrst
class. Attention given to wedding nnd ball banquets.
Cement !
moral rum ok thk
Ana Donlor In Loathor and Findings, Wholosalo and Ilotall.
Will sell you a Hoot or Shoo Home uml llnnil .Made. .My stock Is superior to
any In Hie State, 'IVn thousand dollars worth of ready hand made goods In he
closed out at prices lower than hcretoforu known. Tills oiler Is fur the next III)
days. Call early and ho convinced,
Flno Oufltom Work a Spoolnlty. No. 17 Solodud st. op. Courthovmn.
The Cry Is Dull Times.
Summer Stilts for llojs. Men nnd Youths
a i.nrge anil w ell Selected Stock of Gentlemen's Furnishing
Goods nnd Unilcrvvenr. In our
Is kept the Finest Line of Imported
can't tie beat In prices
Located Place for
in tne City.
f. w. McAllister & bro.
S It, 20 AND 203 S. ALAMO ST., CO".. VILUTA,
Wi. nro Wholesale niul Iti'tnll Dealers In Austin
White l.lmc. Hist llnui.ll ir Dm I. HiiHcri.lnlc mill
lnil.rli.l Hngllsh l'nrtliinit feminls, rl.islcr nt
Purls, niul Ismg (lout llitir, unit would usk im tn
cull, or wrltn us, fur prices before luircliusuiu else
where, l'teuso mention this jiiim r.
nt nlinost Any l'rico Von Desire. Also
French. KniilUh nnd Scotch Pattern, He
or quality of workmanship.
dig strike threatened
from iro-; workers.
Hllcy'H LocuatH General Slici'mmi
in San Frnnclsct) An Ohio
Epidemic Oilier New.
Pinmi mi, Ma) 2.1. 'I lie scale confer
lite of I lie Iron uiumifiii turns and the
Amalgamated association, width hns
been In Unity session since Inst 1'rlduy,
adjourned sine die Inst evening without
having reached a settlement. The turn
Hint nfliilrs hnve taken Is a great sur
prise, as It was I ti i l x 1 1 1 that I lie propo
sition of Hie Amalgamated association
to accept a 10 percent, reduction would
meet the npprovul of the manufacturers.
The latter wele not satlslhd ullh this,
however, and demanded oilier conces
sions which the Iron workers refused to
grant, and the conference broke up. A
general strike on the 1st of June now
seems Inevitable, llulli sides appear to
be determined to hold out, and a hitler
struggle Is anticipated. 'Hie Aiiiitlga
in. Hi il association will huve their scale
printed Inimedlately anil sent to all the
uialiuracturers in the west, riienlllcers
of the association claim that a number
of mill on tiers will accept thrlr scale and
continue their mills in operation. This
Is denied by the Iron uinsiers, w ho assert
that they were never so strongly untied
as at present, recretnry .Martin, of the
iMiiHiKaiuatcu association, in speaking
if the conference lo-dar. said perfect
harmony prevailed, but the manufac
turers wanted too much. In the Interest
of peace, the iron workets' committee
made concession after concession, until
llniilly they were compelled to wlihilran
and allow matters to take their own
Han Kiiancixo, .May a.",,-Senator .Mm
Sherman, visllinK tills city, was ten
dered n piilillu reception lids afternoon
by members of the Chamber of Com-
rce, tlio Hoard of Trade and .Manufac
turer's associations. In reply u the ad
driss or welcome, -Mr. .Sherman touched
on the sliver quest Ion, and said: "Ho
want a certain adjustment between sil
ver and k'old; that both these metals be
coined free: that the) may he deposited
hi me i niicu maies i rcasury in e-
uune ior money certiinaies ami noiii
le so ml I listed that lliv mar travel nil
ovortbu world to each other In every
land. To accomplish these silver must
In) iiirilnised, coined and paid out at
market rules, or rescrvulou denoslt at
market rales and paper issued for It.
This wlllKlve n hi'iuettnllu iiiunev not
only In San Francisco but in New Vi.rk.
London nnd nil oilier parts or the world."
Sherman leaves Wednesday for OreKou
nnd Washington Territory, returnlni;
via Hie northern I'ucllio.
Sv.N FliANXtsco, .May Dr. X. L.
Huck, a hlKhly respected cltl7en of Oak
land, vvns shot dead at his door last
nlKlit, hy Henry F, I'rlndle, commander
of the Joe Hooker post of the (irand
Army of the Hepuhllc. The murderer
was arrested. At the police stntlon the
prisoner snltl he shot Huck became his
wife said he had taken linnroiier lilier-
tles with her while she was under his
professlonnl charge. Dr. Wythe, a
Irleiid of the murdered pli)slu)an, says
he attended Mrs, I'rlndle fur a time, be
lieves her Insane, and Hud she labors
under the halluclnntluu that Dr. Hunk
has been guilty towards her or unpro
fessional conduct. .Mrs, l'rlndle's feuialo
friends assert, on the contrary, Hint
Hue. was Kiilltyof everything charged
siralnst him. Dr. Iluck was a native of
Vermont, and was u widower with a
grown up family.
Ai.io.n, May 23. Last nlglit this city
vvns struck by a tornado whloh hurst
from the southwest, sweeping across
tho river with terrlllc fury. Severnl
largo buildings on tho river front were
damaged, sonio of them severely.
Among them were the National mills,
the roller mills of Ilnwley it Ware, the
house of Drewry, Weed A Co., Drum
montl Handall's tobacco faclorv, the
glass works and olhsr. Three fioiglit
cars on the Chicago A Alton sitting were
blown oll, blocking the main Ir.ick.
.Minor losses throughout tho city aggre
gate a large amount. It Is feared the
damage on the low lands across the
river Is greater than In the city. During
the Blorm there was a constc'iudlon
nearly amounting to psnlc.
Wasiiimiion, May 2.1. Professor Hell
ly says the 17-year locusts, whose visit
he has predicted, are harmless tn the
growth of crops, nnd do no Injury ex
cept to twigs of forest and fruit trees.
Wherever young orchard have been
planted on hind which hus been cleared
during the last 17 years the trees are
Untile to sutler somewhat, but it is prob
able that kerosene spray upon the trees
will protect them, The ordinary locust,
which Is so tlestiuctlve to growing
crops, has jaws which cut, while the 17
Jear species, more properly culled the
cicada, has only a beak through which
he sucks his nourishment.
Toiiii.mo, JIny 2.1. A meeting tf
brakesmen employed on the central
division of tho Trunk railway was held
hero yeiterdny aftcrnoou to consider
the proposed continuation of the 2.1 per
cent, reduction for an Indellnlle period.
Aiieriairiy tiisciissingiuu proposed con
tinuation: a resolution was passed that
they would not accent a further exten
sion, and It was ordered that a copy of
me rctoiuiioii ue lorwarueu le neau
quarters. If an acceptable proposition
PiiilaiikiI'Iiia, May 23. It has Just lie-
come known that on Sunday, May II,
during the temporary absence of a ser
vant, who left tho backdoor open, the
residence or the Jllsses Carpentsr, 110!)
Vine street, was entered In broad day
light nnd robbed or bonds, mortgages,
Insurance nnd other valuable papers rep
resenting $10,000, most of them nego
tiable paper, with $U',KJ In bank notes
and silver nnd $cAI In gold. In his haste
the robber overlooked n small box of
Jewels worth several thousand dollars.
There Is no clue to the thief.
N'mv Vinik, .May I.I. Colonel Fred
Grant said this morning Hint "last night
was the moat comfortable that father
hnd passed In two weeks. He had eight
hours of uood restful sleen. and Is this
iimnilng free from pain."
Ciiimii, lilt iss, May 2.1. Small-pox
Is raging In Shenandoah, Page county,
la. Special police are out guarding tlm
houses Infected. Nineteen houses hnvo
teen quarantined. The Ma)or and Pres
ident of Hie Hoard of Health both have
the disense.
1 1 Ll km, May 2.1. The Independent
says that Hie oftlelal records show that
mils David Hell look out final natural-
Iratioii pipers In Helena, Mont., March
iniich-dlsnulril claim of Amerluan citi
Kvsr Tiih i, Mich., May 2.1. Kuten-
slve forest tires are raging to the north
and west. Those south of Hie Delroil,
Hay CI I v and l.lneiia railroad nre de-
slrojlng large quantities of standing
pine, miming to ine top oi some or the
highest trees. The lire Is burning every
thing on the ground It tmsses over. In
cluding down limber nnd timber on
W.HUIMUOM, May 2.1,-The President
has designated either Frank It. O'Nell
or .lames Tracy, or St. Louis, or both,
to take custody or Maxwell, the sup
posed murderer or Preller, upon their
arrival In New Zealand, In llm extra
dition papers which arrived In Wash
ington lo-uny. inese gentlemen were
mimed hy the Governor or Missouri for
the purpose,
fine Mio, May 2.1. The coming excur
sion or Mexican edlters to tho principal
American cities, nrrnnged by .Mr. I.. II.
Tallmtt, or the Hallway Age, will In
clude IK) or tho most prominent news
paper men or .Mexico. It will leavo the
City or Mexico June H. and occupy six
weeks In Hie trip. The Press club or
this city yesterday fnrnnillv assumed
contiol or Hie arrangements fur enter
taining l lie tiariy vvnile here, having
been assured by lending mnuuraetiirers,
merchants and members of the Honrd of
Trade that these Interests would hearti
ly oln In the nlfalr.
Nnmcs ot Olllcurs nntl Order ol
Mn rch.
Ilelow are given the grand olllcers and
order or procession for Decoration Day
In this city:
Marshal A. Helknap.
Chief of Start'-Captaln J. II. Hlekey,
P.S. A.
Aliles-Captalii (). M. Smith, I'. S. A.;
M. T. Wiser, or Ord Post, G. A. It.; Chler
Duerlcr, or Firo department; .I.e. Craw
ford, or Johnston Post, Courederates;
Major C. C. Cresson, of Hie Veterans.
The order of marching will he as fol
low s:
Marshal and stall
United Stales hand.
Pulled Slates Infantry;
United States cavalry.
United Stales artillery.
Austin Greys.
San Antonio It I lies.
Helknap Itlllcs.
Orators In carriage Captain (). l!o)d,
Klghth cavalry ami Colonel II. II. An
drews. Ord Post, G. A. It.
Flowers In wagons.
Johnston Post, Confederate Veterans.
Fire department.
The United Slates troops will form on
Military phiznon Commerce street, and
the others on Mnln plara.
The procession will start at 10 o'clock
sharp to the cemetery via Commerce
street, where the decoration ol the
graves will take place.
Needs Looking Alter.
Much complaint Is heard from cltlrcns
living in the outskirts of the city limits,
of their stock being driven oil' by large
herds of cattle nnd horses that nre pois
ing through, A good many dairymen
and others have lost some of their stock
In this way These people should bo
protected, and It would lie well for the
council to authorlrc some ono to look
Into this matter.
Shocked hy Electricity.
During the shower yestsrdsy after
noon Professor Kechel's little child was
playing on the front gallery or lis
rathir's residence In the Fourth ward on
Matagorda street, when a heavy bolt or
thunder fell, and the child started to
run Into the house, but Tell, grew very
black In the face and was unconscious
for some mlr.ules. Dr. A. Ilerll' was
palled and pronounced the child as siiT
rering Trout n severe shock of electricity.
Will Oiler up Tticlr Prnyers.
Tho Inhabitants of Ward No. 1. who
have been floundering through the mud
and wnler on F.I Paso, St. Louis, Concho
and San Saba streets, have resolved to
man Gallagher into ellect to grade and
uraiu inoso streets, rue property own
ers In this section or tlio city are glad to
to know that one or their aldermen is
trying to do something for the ward he
Is elected to represent.
Fnsfilon Theatre.
The Fashion theatre still continues to
draw good houses. Last evening Miss
Vlrgle Vnrney luudo a successful renp
poarnnce. The Forrcsts now In the sec
ond week of their engagement, were en
cored In their sketches. Larry Dooley
created plenty of laughter, whether by
himself or his partner Cohurn. Aggie
Wells, Cleo nnd the remninderof tne
company still remain favorites. This
establishment Is now lighted hy the
electric light, and the careful ventilation
render It a pleasant resort of an evening,
Cremation Meotlne
The meeting called for last night nt
KriscU's hall was postponed on account
or the unfavorable weather nnd small at
tendance In consequence. About .10 per
sons interested In the subject or crema
tion were piesent out or IK), who will at
tend when the weather Is favorable.
Tho date or tho meeting will be an
nounced Ik the newspapers.
Items Gntherctl From the Stnte
Work wilt soon commence on the
water works fur San Angelti.
Considerable huck wheat has been
sowed In Hill county this year.
Progressive euchre parties have struck
Sau Angelo. Poor San Angelol;
Tom Talbot, a fanner living near Abi
lene, fell dead at his plow.
They gave Sheridan a salute or
guns when he passed through Kl Paso.
The Sunday law Is lielng enforced In
Abilene, and the Iteporlersavs that they
all like II.
Twenty-live bushels of wheat to the
acre Is what they claim In Hill counly
llm lleuston Herald sa)s that black
Icml-molidfa deliberately tiii.h whltM
ladles oil the sidewalks In that city.
In order that the streets of Galveston
may uuce In a while have a huslness-llka
appearance, excursions are to be run
The decnvlnc body of a man was
round lying exposed near the New Mex
ican line, above Kl Pnso, and the au
thorities do not seem disposed to take
proper notice or the matter.
The Hcportcr says that the wool ma r
ket has (airly opened In Abilene, and
that wlille It does not sell Tor so much a
pound as In Sau Antonio, It nets as much
per sheep, as It Is heavier with dirt.
Jim Italney was convicted nnd sen
tenced for lile for killing J. 1). I.. JsjIiii
son in Grnvson county last February.
Johnson was a Constable and wss trying
10 serve an atiacnmeni wnen lie was
A recent tornado near Abilene a lew
ila)s ago did little damage, as lis track
was very short, It soon ascending tilled
with dust and broken branches that it
had twisted from the trees or a grove
through which It pssssd, They were all
glad to see It "go up."
A man known as Clark Hill, recently
suicided In Abilene, and on settling his
business, It was discovered thsl Ids
right nntiie was C. W. Hills, and Ihat be
was an embezzling tux collector of Ham
ilton county, Ohio. He alsolert a wife
In that state, while In Abilene he passed
as a bachelor. It Is supposed that re
morse and recent financial losses Im
pelled him to take his lire.
An Interesting Case Involving Ex
City Engineer Qlrnud.
Captain William Davis, building a
rncn on l is lot, on Olive street, without
having the proper lines given him hy
theClly F.nglncer. The rence Is loca
ted II feet Into tho street. Captain
Davis claims this line was given by City
Engineer Glraud, and If he moved his
fence back it would cut off part of his
front gallery, nnd grently damage his
property, which he did not propose to
submit to without just compensation
from the city. The court ruled that If
It was the result of a mistake by the
former City Engineer, nntl If that mis
take hnd been corrected by a commis
sion, they should have provided lor such
damages its In the present case. The
court was not convinced as to Hie proper
lines and dismissed the case for the
Louis Fuvella, drunk,
J. II. I.lntal. lighting, lined 1 1.
Antonio Mldon, lighting, dismissed.
F.ncnrnaclon Vlegan, lighting, $.1.
John Downer, drunk on the street,
lined .1.
James Dorsey, W. M, Flowers, light
lug, each $3.
It. II. llaens, refining to pay his hack
fare, $2.
August Fnbre, drunk, f.1, Albert
Itiiblu, drunk, K.
Louis Ulesmau, Insulting language to
Gus. Schrum, lined ?.1.
S. Scheliall, hrlutr drunk and disor
derly, cursing oa the street, lined JB.
Itafnel Martinez, not Olllctr Martinez.,
however, was charged with driving over
asldtwulk. He was lined Jl.
Phil Partner nu found on the street
in a drunken stupor, and when Olllcer
Fllzhenry wakened him he began beat
ing the olllcer. He was lined $3.
T. Levy, fighting, dlsmlssotl,
Levy was explaining the Darwinian
theory, and told the other man every
body descended from monkeys, and said
their ancestors were monkeys, and a
light ensued.
Wallace Snyder, fighting with an
other negro boy In n store. He threw a
candy jar, a beer glass and a bottle of
pepper sauce nt him because he hit him
and cursed him. lie was dismissed.
Mrs. Illnes, for acting la an Indecent
and ollenslve manner In view of persons
passing, on the 22nd of this month. The
testimony In this case seemed very In
teresting nnd "Tunny" to the spectators,
hut It was particularly naughty. Mr.
Chevalier, attorney for the defense, In
his speech to the iurv. severely scored
Mr. Henry Krempknu and Justice Max
Neiiendurll. witnesses against her. The
case waa tried by Jury, who round her
guilty and assessed the punishment nt a
20 line.
Mrs. Jllna Sclimltt, who lives on
Avenue U nnd is a very hard neighbor to
Set along with, was charged with being
Isorderly last Saturday night by molest
ing Dr. and Mrs. J, II, disss by running
against them as they were walking along
the sidewalk, was lined $10 by a Jury.
Chrysler then came on deck, charged
with being disorderly, lie culled for and
got bis Jury, nntl the case Is now pro
ceeding. To-day's was the longest session of
ltecorder's court had In many months.
Down on the Doctor.
Dr. llalkam has broutht down upon
his jolly head the disapprobation of Ills
friends, or a group of them, whom he
started out with a few days ago In a
back. While they left the hack for a
few minutes he slipped awny and
walked back to his hotel, leaving them
to come back later. They all any lie had
nn engngemcnt with his Indy love Is the
reason he gave them tho shake.
The most popular olgarettes nt the
popular price nre opera runs.
Awmz tlnsBCsea!
Is proceeding very sue- I)
ccssfully, and the people (j
tire freely availing them- I
selves of this cxtraordina-
ry opportunity to supply $
tlicmselues with Glothinu i
i i
II and Cool Underwear at the
enormous reduction in
I prices at
' No. 44 Commerce Street. '
ny y
2, 4 and 6 W. Houston St., at Bridge.
I'tm will fiml U to your mlrtmtngf, hfiire ptiiriaiittj tUwhert, tu fall and examine
our iMige Aiualment of XKW AXl SKCOSl) 1IAM IIOI'.SHUOUI I()01S, ,ueh
at tn Air Sil. (..-isiiii .S'.N. lVmuj-Wiu, Kitchen ami Ojiee Furniture, Crockery,
lllasitcaie, ,im;i, flatetl Ware, Tin ll'.iir, Vuttrrg, Etc., Cooking ami Heating Stoeet,
CUim. IPik., .U...1 ami .IfiJT. Matlmvt on hand ami made to onler; Uiirou CWs and
lUd Springl of all drieri'tionii Vittuiei, MinotM, I'ianoM, I'rutnbulatori; a large auoit
mrnt of I'lne Clock, tluia, Wo', Show Cave, Fire and llurglar 1'rvof Safe), Wir
A'im.iii FLctutes ami other mUccllttncotti ejTrctt tott uuinervm to mention; alto Ifornen,
Knggici, Carriage), W'agonl, llw, Siohllrn ami lltankitii that v-ill be ,old at
prictt within the leach uf eicnho,ty.
Our House and
iiis I. i uml :t, in Muck r.. oil. Hi uioii or
iirlyluill elly lot No. 3. illslrltl No. l,rHiUM3
nl :i, very t ln up.
A ilwe lllnir house Willi two lots I
east of (liiverlimelit Is J II. Iiuuse II
lery, shwle trees, etc. Price Strsl.
Two tiousts, framed.
I..ls.-.n:il feel, mi Cameron street) will sell nt
a liarKHili.
yo vurus, on Hitu Murcos street; will sell clifiip.
A Itiie resilience, corner A v. I II mulglltli
street, triune tiiillitluir. nietnl ri.if, ft rooms,
Intll, Inilli liiiusn Willi llstures. kin lien, Siotl
lerles. Iillllt III inisleril style, lot MHI'SI fl i t!
inn Ihi tsiiurlil at low flirurcs mul part on lime,
cijiinl only to it nominal rent.
A Iiuuse ami Intout-omhostri'i'l.liOK.Vi
varus. Is ortereil at it Intriritlii.
A 4 rontii tiiuise, lllit-ly lllilslul.olll houses,
with two Inls em Ii 1st, l.l t urns, i-i.. I..hI on.
.ii r ifcH.I n lire; I II -I ileslrulile n s-
lileuin. liK'Utliius In llieelly, eoriii-r Niiluli iiikI
lliteklMTr) streets; it iireitl lilrioilli on very
uili. situ.
aid in ur llio rouinl house or 1. ti. n. it. it.
ih m,i nn W est Commerce st reel, elielnenl wllh
new rclicct hits slnole treesoiifrniitunil stiles.
An liiiiniveit ranch, IIS acres, "ft acres In
cullltHllons h ilwcllllur house :i room ami Kill
leryt also a tenttnt Iioiisi., a rooms, a well or
iiiccllt'lit witter. ciicIinicU Willi it Kl fence,
II miles east of f.iii Aiiloulo.
A anely improved fitrm, ll
tu choice anil so
ur which are now
f the luiMt ileslrtiblo
farms in West Texas, i
J.l IS Hirer
account of III health of tlio i
will tie sold ut u tiuriiulu.
Three lilimlivd Ulnl twenty I
sl fe
uml water ami tlmlicr; will sell at u ImrKuln.
Twenly-ucro farm, irmsl ilwelllnir house, a1
miles south of Hun Aiiloulo. l'rico IUi).
A farm, wt ueres; u ilitelllnir house, a moms,
all iilei ly nnlshcil, liui'l Irrlirolile, a miles mm
A restaurant out nt. with all lis riirnlture
ami 3 rooms liiillt nf luiiilK r, e""k riiiiKe, coun
ter, show easi-s, tallies, chairs, elc; also iiittuo.
Will sell ut u bitriritlll,
jafPnrllcular attention given to Outside Sales. ConalgnmonU aollclted.
Largest Auction House In West Texas. Fine Display Kooras. Snlen every
Tuesday, Thursday nnd Saturday.
Auctioneers, Itcal Estate nnd Commission Merchants, 2, i, and 0 W. Houston Bt.
u u
W a
Estate Agency.
A luriro housn. II rooms, nicely furnlslinl
llirniis-tiiiut, on ltst I luuston street,
A 1 mom Imuso mi West Commerce strict,
Millt.il.lt. fur a restaurmit or lioaiilliiK house.
House, Nn, lis Cameron street, 3 rooms and
kltcliea, I'rleo lit 'r mouth.
A 7 room house. No. Cos North Flores street I
cars pass tlie iliur; liyilruntaiul well water, at
per month,
A tine, spacious 11 room Imuso, two flno cool
veramlss, liaseinent with kitchen ami wash
house; lino central location; rent very low to
it ilcslratilc tenant.
Illlike), leullier toll, cost ITS). W ill sell at it
liurtotln. Also it single set hsrnctis anil slinft.
cut luiiriry at a hariralii.
(In the best real estate securities.
nuns to suit borrowers on approved st-
tv. a
NltS, ami wilt promptly till all orders for any
nrtlcluot liierenitiiuisu you msj i
,1. savliur
i .ii tho cost of travel ami at tho same time
Ktvtnir you the mlvantaae of buying- at the
low iit lunrkcl prices, our arrangements with
the whole sillo houses lielnsr such Ihat they will
pay our eomtnlsstons, not tho bu)cr, thus alr
Inirvou the sumo advantages as lfou were
hero In iwrwm. If you wish lo ourehasn
Dress Omuls, Clothing, Hals, Millinery, or
Crockery, tllnsswuro, Ilisit'. Shoes, or llar.1
wure, please wrlto us ror pHees. rates of
freight, eto. Wo will cheerfully give any In
formutloii ileshiHl.

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