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wn iiavb N()n)Mi'ifnToi!s. I
Volume V. Number 161.
Only 10 Cents a Week.
San Antonio
rfiant prlncei of
occupy tIM npnct
Cor. Main Plaza and Solodad St:
illnr llenHSinokliur.-
All kln.lo of cigarette .
SIM HART, .w'"a?.Bn:'.Tobacconist.
And Commerce Strcot Bridec:
Cement I
Main and Military Plazas, San Antonio, Texas,
Convenient to liuslncfls center, with best nccoininotlatlonn. M-ly
And Doalor In Loathor nnd Fiudlugo, Wholosalo and Rotall.
Will sell you n Hoot or Shoo Home nnd I land .Made,
nnv In tli Stnln. Ten thousand dollars worth of lend
closed out nt prices lower than heretofore known. This oiler Is for the next 30
dnys. Call cnrly nnd be convinced.
Flno Ouotom Work a Specialty.
i HAvn ooNCLunmi to cwsr.
Dollar Storo Building;
Thomas Goggan & Bro.,
GaVyoston and
of any liousu In llio Hoilth. -COMI'ISTITION
g Ui or send for Ciituloy-uo of Prices,
mammoth mtf
Alamo plain,
201, 101 AND 20 S. AUMO ST., COR. VUUTA,
HAN AK.U"1!), TKX;.
Wo nro Wholesale and lletnll Dealers In Austin
White Mm", llcst llramls nr Dark Itoscndalo and
Imported Knittleli Portland Omenta, Plaster of
Paris, and lAwr Oont lliilr, and would ask roll lo
call, or wrlto us, for prices hcroro purchnslnir elso
where. Vlenso mention llila paper.
or tiik-
My stock Is superior to
dy hand tnndo goods to be
No. 17 Solodad et. op. Oourthouoo.
out mv kntiiik stock ok
a bnrKnlnti. Tern.ii Jtcatlr Citult,
300 and 311 Main Plaza.
and Retail-.
San .Antonio
I'rpsldeniciovrlnnd toTolton nest
'-LirjhtGuard in New York
Tom's, July 8. During the past six
hours Governor Mnrtln linn rent nnd re
ceived inoro than 100 telegrams. It turns
out Hint tlin senro of yesterday hail very
lltllo foundation. There have been no
murtlers by tho Indlntit, nnil not nn In
dian cnuio In to stay, but dispatches
from Maor Sainm-r nt tort ltcno say
that about 100 young brnves with Chief
Magpie have loft tho Cheyenne reserva
tion and are on the head waters of tho
Clinmarron river, southwest of Kansas.
It Is well known that for a long time
tho Cheyennes have been grumbling at
tho soldiers and not tho soldiers nt the
Cheyennes. Governor Mnrtln hns re
ceived the following from Adjutniit
General Drutn,nt Washington: In re
ply to your telegram relative to the ex
posed nnd defenseless condition on tho
southern border of your Stntc, on which
you bnso nn application for Improved
nrmsfor the Kansas mllltla, tho Secre
tary of Wnr regrets thntunder the law
bo cannot make tho exchange, desired,
lie Iiiatmctn ine to Inform you that bo
basin view of the disturbed condition
of Indian affairs on our borders, given
such directions as will concciitrnle In
Kansas nnd elsewhere south of It such
military forces as may bo required to
give nil needed protection to your
post. "11, C. DnuM."
Major Sumner's dispatch to General
Augur Is as follows: From nil 1 enn
learn, some of the younger Cheyennes,
fearing to be dismounted nnd dis
nrined, left this vicinity some
days since nnd nre now supposed
to he on the head of tho Cimarron hiding
nrms nnd ponies. Thero nro several
parties out, numbering 100 In nil.
Another dispatch says tnnt Chief Mng
ple is in command of these bands. Four
compnnies of cavalry passed through
Topeka tills nfternoon for Kingman from
Leavenworth, nnd will reach Kingman
to-morrow. Four companies have left
Killer for Klown. General Augur savs
these troops will scout the country souib.
and west. Tlicso movements, with tho
assurance from Washington, will restore
confidence among the settlers In the
southwest. Arms have been sent to-day
to Dodge City, Mngmnn, Garden Clly
nnu i.arncii. me nruis nre suarpsriiies
The demand for nrms enme to tho Guv-
ernor from every part of tho southwest.
but they nro not here. 'Mint part of the
Stnte lias several good mllltnry compa
nies nnd thousands of vcternn soldiers,
but they nro destltnteof nrms. Adjutant
uenerai inmpueu is at uougc my. lie
suys parties nre tuero who unve seen
Mngple nnd 40 brnves on the Cimarron.
Dispatches nave been received by tne
sal feeling of uneasiness nnd Insecurity,
Oilers of compnnies and regiments havo
been mnde to (he Governor from several
places, but he has no arms for the men.
it. a. iiutciuns, or tne Kingman Lender,
rrani t mat un to time mere nre no
nns within 12,i miles of Klnumiin and
nono in rrnu county.
Wasiiisotox, July 8. The Star says
he l'resldent Is preparing to depart
from Washington for his summer vaca-
'.Ion, His plans have been arranged
nnd it Is expected that ho will he nble to
get nwny within ndny or two. He will
go to New orkStato nnd betako him
self to tho woods for n few weeks to get
away from tho worry nnd bother of the
oillco seekers and politicians. His plans
have been made very quietly, nnd ho
win prouauiy leave as soon ns tne ap
pointed time arrives without mnklni
any previous announcement. The l'rosf
dent wants n period of perfect rest nnd
does not propose to bo followed Into his
retrenr. ine oiuce seekers will wako
un tome fine morning very soon and find
tne tvnito House inserted.
jKxnox, duty b. The run .Man Ga
zette, In one of Its later additions, bids
dcllance to the authorities in their work
of attempting to suppress tho salo of the
past three days' Issue of the paper. It
oialms honor for leading the cause of
exposing tne vices ot tne ricn, and de
clares mat mo uesi men or England sup
port It In Its orusndo. Tho Gazette chal
lenges tho courts of London to nroso
cute It for the work engaged In nntlsays
It mlirht subixcna half of the LeirUliitum
of Kngland to prove tho accuracy of Its
ruvciuuuiiif. inounzetie continues to
day the work of adding to Its revelations.
The pnper Is selling nt n grent premium
mm too circulation is enormous.
Hksj Moimm, July 8. The Greenback
Stnte convention yesterday met with
about BCD delegates In all. Hon. L. II
Miller wns made leinpornry Chairman
and Hon, J. II. Weaver permanent Chair
man. The convention ndopted a idili
resolution by three-fourths majority and
nominated lion. I'.. H. Glllett, of I'ark
t uiiiiiy, ior j.ieuiennni uovornor, anil
r. ir. jioore, oi navis county, lor sit-
pcrintenuentoi ruiuio instruction, Icav
Ing tho candidate fur Governor and Su
prcme Judge to bo nominated by Demo
crats. Tho utunl Greenback resolutions
wcro adopted
WASiiixarox, July 8. Luclan Ilopson
of texas, when tho Into war began, In
vented nnd had patented by tho Federal
Government n projectile which was used
with some sucoess In Charleston harbor
against the United Stntes vessels,
ter the war tho patent, of course, beoame
worthless, Recently Hopkins tiled nn
application for a patent for the same
projectile, and a letter hns been sent tt
film from the Interior denartment. In
forming him that his application has
been granted.
Chicago, July 8, Tho resumption of
street enr trnfllo 1 complete this morn
Ing. Cars nro running on all tho West
Side lines, manned by the late strikers
Tne compnny concedes that arbitrament
of the causes lending to the discharge
of tho 1G men whose reinstatement was
demanded, shall bo left to a committee
of disinterested persons, nnd If there
we.e no pioper reasons tor tneir ins-
ousrge, tuey win lie reinstated.
NKWVomc, July 8. Tho Montgomery
Greys, of Alabama, nnd the Houston
Ight Guard, of Texas, arrived nt tho
nrmory of the Twenty-third Ucglment
of Ilrookiyn, ns guests of Compnny 11,
last evening. A supper was served nt
tho nrmory, nnd afterward tho Southern
ers gave n lino exhibition drill. They
go to Hoston on Wednesday ovonlng.
1.U.XDUX, July 8. J ho Jiov. Mr. spur-
gron publishes a letter In this evening's
all .Mall Gazette, approving of that
Journal's cxposuro of tho secret vices of
the aristocrats of London, The letter la
remarkable In many respects, nnd the
following nre somo of his expressions:
I feel bowed down with shame nnd In
dignation by this loitbiomo business,
but even sewers must bo cleaned. I
rny that good uinv romo from this hor
rible exposure, which Incidentally must
do harm, but whose grent drift must re
sult In lasting benefit. 1 don't think our
churches have failed, for they havo kept
poor remnant ot goott nuve in tue innu.
believe that mnnv nro unaware' of
heso dung hills riekliiguiider their nos
trils. 1 thnnk nil co-operators In your
bravo warfare. Sparo not tho villains.
not even though nil nro stars nnd gar
garters. Wo need a vlgllanco commit
tee, a moral pollen to suppress their In-
inm y. i.eltne ngui in wiinoui sunt,
(lo on with the good work."
Gathered Irom our Exchanges
Over tho Stntc.
I,ocal option is being agitated In Krnlh
oou nly.
child was bitten hr a tnnd dog In
Vnn Illnkle was killed hr llehlntne In
Mitchell county.
r. Lane, of Morgan. Is accused of
burning his liouso to splto his wife.
A band of cntt eatiil horse thieves aro
reported as In full operntlon In Taylor
The Kl l'ato llaso Hall club went to
Alhuiiuerquo nnd wns badly scooped by
no -ew .Mexicans.
The trunk railroad from Kcmn to
Kaufman. CO miles, wits sold on execu
tion In Dallas for $l!)U,:i:!3.
George Urnyson. n boss horscthlef of
Henderson county, recenllywns taken
In out of tho wet.
targets, but lilt Chappet's mother In
A man named Guthrie wns burled by
the caving in of a new. well nt Lullng.
He wns dead when bis rescuers reached
Reports received by the committee of
Invitation Indicate that the Stnte Fire
men's convention nt I.nmpnsns will ber n
grand success.
A negro woman named Dafney vt I
Hams died nt Linden from Injuries re
ceived from n stamping by Hayso Wash
ington, a lyncuing is lameu oi.
II. McKlnzle nml Miss Mitchell eloncd
nt Talestlno in order to realize their
nrdent detlra to form n llfu partnership
In opposition to the hard-hearted par
ents efMltt Mitchell.
e-nnpmlU nn the. trrnillifi nf nnvertv
attempt Is to be made to abolish t lie city
government uitogeiuer,
Thomas Melton sued tho city of 1-ort
Worth for JloO damages for a dog killed
by a polleema i. Judgment fur defend
ant, ns the city was adjudged not re
sponsible for unlawful nets of n police
man. Hance Shadden shot and killed John
Little nnd tried to kill Char es McQuIre
tusk county. McGulre nnd Lilt lo
wore to nnnenr against him In n murder
case, but he professed friendship for
tnem. l'lirsueu are not alter mm, nnu
there Is a fair prospect of a lynching bee
If he Is caught.
It. D. llrldgcs. Justice of tho l'enco.
nnd I. T. J. Mnrtln, section foreman,
fought a duel with shotguns at ltlvcr
slde. Walker county, lloth tlrod at tho
given word, nnd neither were hurt. Tho
seconus lonucu wnu uiaiiK cnririugcs,
but the principals wero Ignorant nnu
displayed a courage worthy of n better
On July 4 nt n colored barbecue In
Ktckapoo, Anderson county, a school
commissioner nnd teacher had nn alter
cation, when the teacher shot the com
missioner In the leg nnd nt the same
time killing his wife, who was trying to
save ber husband's life. The teacher
was acoused of forging vouchers. He
made good his escape
Abilene Letter.
editor San Antonio I.IkIH;
Ami kxs, Texas, July 7, Abileno was
very quiet on the llli, as the merchants
closed their stores and most of the peo
ple were In the country enjoying the
Foul th.
Stock market Is very dull, no ship
ments. Thero Is a good demand for
reapers and mowers nnd the hnrdwnro
stores nre doing a splcm.ld business In
selling wire. Trade of nil kinds havo
very much Improved over this time last
year. The wholo country nround the
town Is being settled by small farms,
nnd still Iher keen coming. Abilene has
never never lind the boom that all young
towns have had, but hns gradually kept
Increasing, nnd to-day hns about ImOO
people. There lint on v been one fail
ure this yenr, nnd that a small one, be
ing the grocery linn of C, II. Goldsmith,
nnu lie win resume uusiness agnin.
G, 11. Davidson Is still under bond
His trlnl will eoino up to-morrow, and
there but little doubt that he will be
taken back to Kentucky to stand his
Two men wcro found ilrlvlng off a
herd of horses belonging to a Mexican
named ltoben by one of his men, who
claims he shot and killed ono of tho
borse thieves, but ns yet the report hns
not been confirmed ns tho body could
not be found.
Bishop Garrett confirmed IB people at
the Kplscopal church Inst nlulit.
Tho Hoard of County Commissioners
met last evening to equalize the taxes.
They Increased the assessments lust
double. Land holders protested against
It but without any sucocss.
We understand the Texas nnd 1'nclfla
railroad will build a road from here to
San Angelo and reap the harvest from
that country. The Texas and l'aolllo Is
not ueau yet it some people uo think so
Respectfully yours,
Fiuxr II. Ha lev.
Kvery first-class dealer sells Opera
l'utl elgerettes. Avoid Injurious Imlta
lous. tf
Its Grent Ucnuty nnd llcnlthy Lo-
cntlon-Somo of tho Ilulld-lngs-Urlrjhnm
om our Heirulnr Correspondent.
Salt I.akk City, July 2, 1S8.1. Halt
Lake City I How ninny times those
words have brought to me visions of
desnlntlon, the dwelling places ot half
starved, half tnndo up, people, who
wcro either banished or having got thero
could not get nwny. How falso wero
my former Impressions, nnd having seen
It now I gladly speak In pratso of It ns
one of the most benutlful, attractive nnd
healthy cities In the wide wide West.
Of Its location on a bencli of stately
mountains, whero it overlooks the
splendor of a great valley full of the
finest gardens, through which the over
flowing mountain streams tnaandcr to a
lake, whoso quiet bosom looks like n sea
of sliver from the commanding heights
of tho city; oftho many golden fields nml
wnvlng meadows of green Hint He be
yond Its gates, or of Its semi-tropical
climate mixed with tho cool bracing air
of Its mountain altitude, whose every
brcczo brings on Its wings health nnd
strength to body nnd mind, casting nwny
disease by the deep draughts ofozono In
the sir, with Its skies that could bono
brighter, whether wo speak of Its noon
day splendor on tho starlit bril
liancy of night, Salt Lake City
i entitieit to its omicarii name
Tho zlon of America."
The city hns nbout 33.C30 bconle. most
of whom nro Mormons, who In n great
mcasuro control its government nccoru
Ing to their Ideas, it will no doubt be
some tlmo beforo the Gentiles ns they
are called, will nduilntiter the govern-
This city hns been tho sent oftho Mor
mon church, or "church of Intter day
Saints of Jesus Christ" since 1817, when
their l'rophct, Seer nnd Kevalntnr (as
their chief Is called). Hrlngham Young
led his tribe from Illinois across the
plains nnd over the mountains to their
ii' w homo When he entered this great
vauey no toiu mem too ioru nau com
manded them to halt and build a taber
nacle. They did so and laid the founda
tions of what Is to-day and beautiful
and prosperous city which they claim Is
their zlon or the "City of the Saints."
The town wns laid out In blocks of 10
acres each, and each citizen 'vaa given
an acre nnd a nuartcr for a home. Re
side as much as they could till of tho
vauey innus. i ue streets nro t.sj icct in
width, and nil laid out at right angles,
the sidewalks being uniform nnd 20 feet
In width. These nro lined with shnde
trees, sometimes In dobblc rows nnd
being well watered, grow luxuri
antly which gives the city
a forest-like appearance. City creek Is
a huge ditch walled with stone on both
sides nnd stono-covcrcil bottom, which
Is brought from the mountains, nnd
serves ns the main ditch to wnter the
gnrdens, lawns nnd streets of the city.
From this every street has n tnp nnd the
whole olty has an abundant supply of
wnter that Is always fresh nnu pure.
The main ditch Is In reality a small.
roaring river, so swiftly It Hows over Its
rocky bed. The lawns aro rich and
closely shnven, are bcnntlfully Inld out In
wnuts, nnu iook nxe n sea oi uowers. ir
no city hnve I ever seen, such a profu
sion of (lowers as we nnd here, pnnsles
being the favorite, and In all colors, and
as sweet ns the sunshlno that wnrtns
them. '1 lie residences nre of the most
nnrt built of brick and real pretty nnd
Imposing In their appearance. Some of
mo oiuer nouses are ot a ratuor squall
character; but every ono has Its bcautl
tut lawn nnu uowers. &omo or tne
finest dwellings nro those owned by
weutiuy Mormons, uiiiongiiieiil tue van-
nons, wir.eiy Known ns leaning jionnons
The Gnrdbhotiso, or "Amelia's 1'alace,'
Is perhaps the finest of all. and :
palatial edlllco It Is. It Is now
occupied by l'resldent Taylor, but
was mint uy nriguam loung for
Its completion, reiused to occupy'lt.and
we are toiu, -nicKeu a now sewini
machine down stairs In the bargain J
llio neeuive, tneuwcuingormo l'rophct
Brlgham, Is n very ordinary-looking
structure, somewust worn wnu nge
This, with several other buildings of a
church character, among them tho
Tithing house, nre surrounded by a stone
wall 20 feet In height. A short dlstnnco
He was a man of great wealth when ho
d'ed, and whether he obtained It from
fair dealings witn tils people or other
wise Is a matter of some conecturc,
Hut all concede him as a man of wonder
ful executive ability and foresight. He
attempted to make a kingdom of his
own. Inasmuch as be would never nllmv
his people to pattern after tho fashions
01 tne ucntues in nny way, discour
aging American or Gentile literature,
nml went so fnr ns to get un a new al
phabet of 40 letters, a new langunge nnd
entire system of education to be used
only by his church and kept sacred by
them. This was a little more than ha
could manage with his numerous other
nutlet as propnet, seer and revelntor,
Alter a yenr or mora tne now lnngungi
became unpopular nnd went Into disuse
He had 23 wives nnd more than GO chil
dren at tils death. Death closed tho Hfo
of him whose word was law amonc tho
Mormons and the boldest advocate they
cer unu. 11 er r.
Second Word School.
The committee n selecting a site for
the additional school building In the
Second ward, have two eligible sites to
choose from. One of the lots on North
Florcs street near Macon street, belong
ing to the Vance estate, about one-half
an acre for which $2000 Is nsked. The
other site Is on Marshall street, and con
tains about one acre for which $2000 Is
asked. As there Is believed to be a
cloud resting on the title to tho Vance
property on Flores street. Mayor Calla
ghan leans toward the side or the Mar
shall street property of Mr. Wllgui. In
asmuch, also, that the latter, although
twice tho size of the former, can be pur
chased for tho same price
The only olgarottes wh'cli do not
stick to the Hps are Opera l'usfl'. t
BGW)i ic 0 it b tciiosA SlUial: (Jo at
Offer a few Specialties that Must Do Sold at
the following Prices:
kit Mnrlo Htizard Anlsetto (bottlo)
Absinthe Kdonnl lVrnninI (Iwilllel
iiiiiuiuii ,iumr i nn iiioitici
Curacoa In stone Jugs
Henedlctlno (quarts).
Rcnedlctlno (plntu)
U Chartreuse (pints)
Clnrct (quart bottle)
HU Sherry (quart bottle)
H It. Ilrandy (quart bottle)
I Angelica (quart bottle)
iiuporicii oeuzer ivatcr (quarts) per
U The above goods are
.. be had by calling on
y Emanuel Abrahams,
iiuo commerce street.
The Largest Dry
ing House in
His dry goods department Is oomploto
hummer goods, among which aro F.vcnlng Grenadines, Kngllsli Cashmeres,
French Cashmeres, Mclango Suitings, Check Goods, Serges, Hrocades, nnd
a magnlllclert stock of
Kid Gloves, Hosiery and Laces.
His Stock of Kid gloves Is very large. Also all kinds of Silk and Lisle Thread
Gloves, Ladles' and Children's flno Silk,
nose in endless variety. Also n very lrrgo stock of all Kinds of Luces.
This department Is under a llrst-clnts French milliner, who will please tho
of all. All the latest styles and makes of llonqets and Hats, Ostrich 1'luuies,
Tips, Ribbons and Trimmings will bo found there.
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc.
Tho summer stock of clothing Is very large and embraces, In the Latest pat
terns, 1'rlnce Albert, Cutaway, 1'ongee Silk, Seersucker, Linen and Alapaca Suits
for Men and Hoys, A very large and complete stock of Ladles', Misses', lien's
nnd lloyt Shoos and Hoots. A full line of Stetson felt Hats, Straw Hats and Caps,
His Furniture Department Is complete with household goods, and he will suit
everybody In this lino. Auiong other Goods, we llnd Flush l'arlor Suits, Mohair
I'arlor Suits, Walnut and Aslt Bedroom Bulls, Wardrobes, Chairs, Body Hrassels
and Ingrain Carpets, Hugs, Matting, Curtains, Window Shades and, Kto.
Country Orders Filled Promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Ucg?Send for Samples.
Main Plaza and Acequia St,
Shafer & Braden,
Practical Plumhers
IUvo for irtloKorelmor Wnter FClovatora and
rump atoet. Other ipiodi at lovrcit market
$ 70
1 m
,. 76
l.-to '
, 00 1
dozen 2.00
all First-Glass, which can
Goods and Cloth
West Texas.
with a magnificent stock of Spring and
Llslo Thread, Ilalbrlggan and Cotton
T. . ItAllnlSON. TOM 1U11UISON, JR-
Attorneys at Law,
Will jiractlco In all tho BUta uiul Federal
Courts. (AilleolUmsunJolllnnmow Intrusted
to us Trill tie promptly attouded to. Mt-tf
J: -

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