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The San Antonio light. (San Antonio, Tex.) 1883-1886, July 09, 1885, Image 2

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ruMlnhcd dally, oxerpt Sun.Jnj, fttSIO Knit
Coiumereo ilreeU prdlrrrod t) carrier
tfirouirhout tho city at lOcenta a week pMyitMo
to our Hircnt Slnplo cojiic for into br nowi
1h) i nt I cent, flutxicrliitlon, x r roar M U),
In lulranoo,
if I 80 & CJ f 00 llflOOlMtXKI tM 00
Special raten p-Ircn on Iftrper tuo nnJ Iotiit
fiCjftt adrcrtUement 1 0 ir Inrh llrt In
sortlotii W conU per Inclt rnoh luliMucnt In
(tortlon. TrutUt'i' nftlei f 1 0 per Inch ftrf t in
ftprtloni SfloonUeach lnrtton arterwrml.
Htftdlntr matter, editorial pago, centf per
Jne each Insertion. Local columns J crnti
flrnt innertloni HlcciiU tint week, AcvnU after
flriUweck. Hpeclal ratei on M and W) Unci
running for month.
Homo Atlvprtlicinciiti payable on Drtt of
each month. Transient a.lvirtllnif payable tn
advance. Only metal cuti printed.
All contract uuit 1 approved hj tho IIul
nr ManAfftr.
BuWcrlbcrt not rceeliitii? their paprr will
please mako complaint to the nHlee. Sul
acrtlwra arc wnrneU not to pay their iulcrlp
tlon eirrpt upon prfcntntlon of a projurly
receipted bill from thli iHtlco.
lr. O. I). Itocmcr and lltnry Hchimicln-r
urn nuthorleM Bollelton ami Oil lector for
This I.miiT.nnJ their receipt, Diligent, will
lo duty rccognlKeil. Mr. Uociner will have
charge, of tho delivery of the cit) iuitKcrlpUon
department, atul all complaint and notice of
cbnntrtu (tlren to cither of tho nIoc, or left
at tho ofQco, will Itc promptly attended to
No member of tho firm, or uny emplo) co of
tho Liokt otlicc, has authority to contract any
llal.llltle In tho namo of tho firm. And no
Mil will bo rccoirtilzfd or paid unUf tho
camo Imi first approves.! by the titHlcrlirnel.
lluiilnc Mnimjrcr tind Treasurer.
(lirrf)iiu, J ohm mi A; Wintiul
rHt. Louis,
r ijimJo
iraRt. Lou I, Mlxnourl I'ncttlu
U., II. A 8. A. KAILUOAIl,
Throng h Kxpreci lltut, Dnlly.
L-aro for New Orlcann, Houiton and (la're-
ton sin a.m.
Limo tor Now Orleans, Houston aad dattea-
ton 7.K p. m.
Arrive from the Ka.it,
Arrive (torn Xiw Orlana, Houutcnand Oal-
fruin litw Orleans, Mount on and (lal
Tlirouxh Went.
.v w a. m.
L-vvo for Bn Krnclnco, III Taao, and '.ngn
Arrive from Pan Franelnoo, 111 !' ar-d Btitrle
Vuti a. in.
Thursday. July 9. 1885,
In view of the racket lie lina linj the
putt four luontlu, one can pardon Presi
dent Cleveland, till anxiety to go off to
the wooda for it reit. The poor uian
needs It, no doubt.
Tiik Fourth of July at Plonmnton
will bo celebrated to-day. Hut If there
la a much mud In that bailiwick aa
there la here, they had better make an
other postponement.
Tim Aransas road has been very much
In the mud of late, hut work la being
pushed forward as rapidly as the state
of the weather will allow. This Infor
mation Is given for the benellt of those
outsldo anxious Inquirers.
It took nearly two years of constant
agitation to put the Aransas road on the
way, and In view of that fact It would
be as well now to commence something
looking to a road to the north and west.
A little work now will provo a good In
vestment. Ir there ever was a time for the exer
cise of good Judgment and activity upon
tho part of the sanitary odlccrs, It Is Just
now. The city Is reeking with vege
table matter, occasioned by the late
rains, and It will need tho most vigilant
attention to prevent much slcknees.
Xiik Houston Light Ouard had a line
reception at New York Tuesday, alter
which they gav an exhibition drill.
They went to lioston yesterday. Such
trips will serve to break down the al
leged prejudice said to exist on both
sides of Mason's and Dixon's line.
The State Ilepubllcan convention of
Pennsylvania, In session now atllarrls
burg,sounds their Issue of the next cam
pain, when It says, "Protection to Amer
ican Industry, not only through ade
quate tarlft laws, hut such as will stop
the Importation of pauper coi.tract
When tho Corpus Christ! Caller tiles
all III objections to the success of the
Ban Antonio and Aransas X'ass road, It
can then be seen that It Is a case of ex
tremely sour grapes, and wasted oppor
tunities on the part of that community.
Hut then the road will be built and Cor
pus will profit by It.
Tiiii editor up In Throckmorton takes
A very llutral view of the situation when
lie says "certain parties should learn the
lesson that cursing, swearing and rais
ing h 1 on lb streets must be stopped!
' It is ruinous tvthe business interests of
the town, and keeps ladles from coming
here to do their shopping, itengenders
hard feelings against the saloon men, al
though they are not to blame, and If
men can't tako a few drinks without
getting Into a disturbance, they don't
J3 wanttosollllquofjio them. We don't
rj want any local ' option' agitation or
Tiik Waco Day says: "The prohi
bitionists of Texas want to know If they
are to be read out of the Democratic
porty. They are already excommuni
cated by the National platform, which
opposed sumptuary legislation. A truo
Democrat, according tn the party s own
dellnltlon, 'eats what he likes, drinks
what be likes ami don't give n for
nobody.' "
Tiik four months nf Demncratlo ad
ministration has not been allogether
satisfactory to ;the rank and die of tho
Democracy by reason of the delay In
bouncing tho licpubllcans, and tho re
cent regulation whereby the President
shuts himself up from all but Cabinet of
ficers will not be received nllli vocifer
ous chders upon tho pnrt of the hungry
and thirsty.
Tiik Kerrvllle Kye says: "The Son
Antonio soldier boys are happy and so
are the Sun Anlnnlans. They won the
second prize at I.amposns, They are
the youngest company In the Stale, Just
organized a year ago, and not one of the
company are over a) years of age.
Hurrah for tho San Antonio Ilelknaps!
The Houston I.lglit Otiords will hove to
look In their laurels."
As niK discussion progresses It Is
notlccoblo how excellent Indiana Hone
has become, and how porous, soft and
undeslrahlo Texas stone Is for building
purposes. Since tho question has been
raised it will bo dlcued for nil there Is
In It, and If tho Capitol becomes nn Issue
In the next campaign soma members or
the lmt Legislature will want to go
behind tho returns.
DkKr water can be obtained on the
Texas gulf coast, and slncnthe (Inh es
ion sohomo has gono glimmering (hero
Is some possibility Hint ll will be accom
plished. Hut to obtain deep noter at
Aransas Pass there limit be some pre
paratory work upon tho part of the peo
ple of San Antonio. The matter will
have to bo looked after and at an early
day. Deep water will not he obtained
simply for the nsklng. It w 111 need hard
work, and plenty of It.
Tiik fact that tlie .Mormon Insist that
the old flog should remain at half-mast
In order to show that their liberties
have been abridged, will prove a some
what vexatious question for tho admin
istration to settle. The mere fact of the
Hag Incident Is not much In Itself, but
It serves to show that as a pcoplo they
havo no regard for the country or Its
laws, so long as they cannot conllr.ue In
their Immoral practices. The Mormon
and tho Indian question is about the
same, and both need to he handled
llrmly and vigorously.
Tin: score up In Kansas regarding the
threatened raid of the Cheyenne Indians
turns out to be tho very largest kind of
a panic without any foundation, so far
as Indians being In Pratt und Kingman
counties aro concerned. The feeling,
honeter, on the Kansas border Is one of
uneasiness, by reason of tho fact that
there aro between COO and 700 Cheyenne
warriors on the reservation who are
quite willing to go on a raid If they
should get the proper leadership, but
thanks to the promptness of tho Govern
ment and the energetic work of Gov
ernor Martin, troops and arms havo
been tent to the sccno of the troubles,
and tho discontented redskins can no
doubt be kept In subjection.
" Tins statement," says the St. Louis
Globe-Democrat, "of Spanish doctors
that the gerins of cholera may bo con
veyed Indcllnlte distances by fruit, such
as oranges and raisins, handled by In
fected persons, will throw a cloud over
theso Spanish exports for u year or to
at the very least. Nobody In this coun
try wonts to be poisoned by Spanish
oranges when our own crop or this fruit
Is so abundant, and when the matter Is
known and understood the purchasers of
Spanish fruit will be few. The state'
ment that danger lurks In the rrult seems
not at all unreasonable, since ir cholera
may bo oonveyed In rags, In clothing
that has been once worn and Is then
packed away for years, and In letters
trom Infected districts, there la no reason
why oranges, washed with Inreclcd
water and then wrapped In paper, pos
sibly, by the, hands of cholera patients
should not he equally dangerous."
" An iU.UNCi: between Germany and
f.ngianu seems not at present unlikely,'
says the Now Orleans Times-Democrat,
"and the new Kngllsh Conservative
ministry aro believed to Taor such an
alliance. It has long been tho purpoeo
ot wsniarK to compel Great llrltaln t
enter the great confederation formed by
Prussia; and when diplomacy failed to
produce fruit fast enough, menace was
freely resorted to. Tho Gladstone gov
eminent did not relish the Idea or the
alliance; Kngland might, It nppcars,
uecomc unpleasantly tangled up In
schemes or no immediate Interest to her,
and perhaps or serious danger. Hut
when at one moment the Egyptian lui
brogllo had rlaced England In an nttl-
tude or antagonism to all Kurope, tho
perils of her political Isolation became
evident. Then again, Germany, In the
pursuit or a new colonial purpoie, open
ly defied Kngland, gobbled up consider
able territory which she should not have
dreamed of permitting any other power
to meddle with, and encouraged French
Jealousy to show Its teeth After
this Itussla bearded tho Hon In his
Eastern den, and threatened Great
llrltaln with a war of almost Illimitable
expense and tremendous risk. These
things and the disasters In tho Soudan,
and the unpleasant attitude of the open
Insolcnco of France compelled England
to consider seriously whether she was
strong enough to light the wholo world
at once. In her dilemma she felt quite
encouraged by unexpected promises of
good-will from Germany; and It is be
lieved Ulsmarck promised to settle the
liusslan trouble for her. His conditions
may be surmised England must join
the alliance. It Is rumored there Is
already a boppy understanding; and
France has pulled In her horns, while
llussla nn longer talks of war, A de
fensive and offensive ulllance between
Uerinany and England would certainly
bo the most formidable association ever
made. Germany alone, capable at pres
ent of lighting Europe, would have tho
llnanclal aid of tho neallhlest nation In
tho world, and tho support of an ab.o
lutely Invlnolblo navy. It may bo asked,
would not such an alliance be dissolved
by a change In the Prussian Govern
mentthe death of tho Emperor or his
Premier. The contrary Is likely, how
ever, ror the death of William would
bring tn the throne a prlnrcss or English
blood, whose Influence would certainly
he exerted In the Interest of her father
'ond." .
" How'h Your Liver?
In tho comlo opera of "The Mikado"
his Imperial hlghnos says:
"To make, to somu extent,
Eachovll Liver
A running river
or harmless merriment."
A nobler task than making evil livers,
rivers of harmless merriment no person,
King or layman, could take upon him
self? The river among tho ancients was
considered the source or all a man's evil
Impulses, and the chances are ten to one
to-day thot irono's lher Is In an ugly
condition or discontent, soma one's head
will be masheil beroro nlgnt :
"llnw's vriur llverV" Is tnulvaletlt lu
the Inquiry: "Are you a bearoran angel
Nine-tenths of tho "pure-cussedness,"
the actions ror divorce, the curtain lec-
ures. Ilic rsmlly rows, noi tospcnuoi
uurders, crimes and othrr calamities aro
irompted by tho Irritating eflect or tho
nactlvlty of the liver upon tho brain,
ftilhcrglll. the iircat specialist, says this
andhektions. Ho alxo knows that to
prevent such catastrophles Homing
equals Warner's sare euro renowned
throughout the world, as a maker of
A running river
or harmless merriment."
'I'lili u In rertirv lliat I have used
W(iN'liKI!Ktl. EIGHT and round It to
bean Immediate relief for Hlaek-Leg In
entile. Iiv irlvlni! t ll c in from 15 to 3)
drops Internally and applying once or
twice externally in pans aiicoiru.
ilnllen ini. Williamson Co.. Texas.
For sale by F. Kalteycr it Son.
(Inn nf Hie Uncut establishments that
an Antonio, If not Texas, con boast of
Is thu Art Gallery ore. II. Mueller, at
in.", ('iiiiiineree street. Here call bo had
artlt's and tlrttiiKlituien's materials, of
both domestic and Imported kinds. En-
S ravings, ehromos and paintings arc on
and, In nn endless variety. I'loturo
frames, moulding anil materials Tor
fresco andslgn painting In large varieties
China decorations and material for wax
flowers In a largo assortment. .Mr.
Mueller receives direct from fuclorlel
large shipment or paints, oils and other
material In thut line, us well as window
glass, and line domestic anil Imported
UivMratlve wall paper are Hpvc.laft!ri In
ins csiiLiiiii.iiiiieni. i-'-iwv
Home Enlorpnsd.
.Mr. .I. P. Condon, on NncoEdocncs
street, between Houston and Crockett,
announces tn thu publlo that ho la pre
pared to mako to order, by hand, nil
utile or carriages, buggies, and In fact
everything on wheels, nt lowcBt possible
prices. All his work Is hand made and
In style and price wilt compare more
titan lavurauiy wuu noriiicru iiiaciiuie
work. Old vehicles taken In part pay
ment for new ones. Only first class
workmen employed and satlsractlon
guaranteed, l ine carriage painting and
trimming a specially. u-io-ii
a Walking Skeleton.
Mr. E. Springer, of Mechanlcsburg,
Pa., writes : " I wns nllllctcd with lung
rover mid abscess or lungs, and reduced
to n walking skeleton. Clot a free, trial
uottle ot nr. King s -ow Discovery mr
Consumnllon. which did me so much
good that I bought a dollar bottle. After
using tnreo nottics, iounii niyscii onco
more n man, completely restored to
health, with n heart v annctltu. and a
gain In flesh or -IS pounds. Call at ltlee
nros. iv (..o.'s urug sioro aim get a iree
trial bottle or this certain cure ror all
Lung Diseases. Large bottles SI.
Thousands Say So.
Mr. T.W.Atklna.Glrord.Kos,, writes:
"I never hesitate to recommend your
Kleclrlo Jlllters to my customers; they
give entire satlsractlon and aro rapid
sellers." Electrlo Hitters are the pnrets
and best medicine known, and will pos
itively cure Kidney and Liver com
plaints. Puriry the blood and regulate
the bowels. No family can atlord to be
without them. They will save hundreds
or dollars In doctors' bills every year.
Sold at Mc a boltle by Klco llros. X Co.
-it . mi i irsw Ir&n with pura viwUM
..it ii. - m1 Ml -tn.loa l s-l-aar, It Kn
imsi s.n.1 1'ftrlllc the Mom', Kilinnlnlrs)
A)-prf Jtr, MtreiiBlhriisi ll MtmrlrN And
;.'- in UU. thnMmrhlj Invlatiriiirtsj.
It ilismnct IiucEtfi thu Oeth, okdm tiMtdavche, or
t-rulu. cunMiUlotl--ti' Am Jk.m Jo.
Mrs FitZAnmt It tin, 74 FrwU Ata., Milwm.
"I h umnI I'.rwn'h Iron Itlttan, tnd It m hnnn
mnt4ilhs.it Bdootor t n.. hlm( cuiM nir(ltm
trwknwsjlslMtlmvMlr) II in Al oiirwt maol IJ
tr tlonmUtnt, ni now mr wimp J km U rlw tu4
lnt llti laffln w rti inl tow j ehfiiiten '
Ommlm hai thn trail tnrk &A rrtiMwl rod lirMssj
oi.riur Tnltr rim ntlMT. Madotmlr br
HKOU N ClU JWirU, t'O.,11 ll.TIMnKK, H D,
Iat)lKll, Uivd Ilimx ofaUnd!trrtlM, con.
Ulnlng llirt nt ItIk.u IW Pvtr, liif'TrnMisn lut
twain. He irtrrfrt jiwajr I. a'l nlra In imxlHiw, or
mtvunl funjr tultuvao t,a iwcolyt i4 Itu stimuli
Frightful Case of a Colored Man,
prosUinuH lu Atlanta. Tlic-y ugc! llio nM
remedies of Mereurv un.1 l'otnah. ulilch
brouiiht on rlieuinHlUin unit Impaired
vesllvo oruuiiH, t;very Joint liwnowtu swot,
leu and full of piltii. When 1 mm uiveu up to
.lie my pli)BlctAns thought It wouM be it fe-iKt
time hi test tlio llrtuc-M of Hwlrts Hpecllle.
clan siilil I could not 111 e two weeks umler the
orilluury treatment, lie commeiiMHt to irlve
mo Hie medlulnu strictly according to direc
tions, wniiii i conunuiNi ror scleral months.
1 took nmhlnif else, uiul commenced to lm.
prove rom tlie very llrsl. boon the rheuma
tism lolt me, my appetilelKteHiae all right and
thu ulcers, which lliu doctor suld wen. thu
moM f rlirhtrtll he luld ever seen, lcirau til heal
and ly the tint or Uetobtr, 11, 1 was a well
I ttH-ii.1 11.
win I iv fori, uiul hi luh muu. H 8.
ravtMl inv fmm nn uirty trrnw.
H 8. 8. hUR
Lciu McClt'ii.lon liiia Ul-jiiihI
tho fheitK-Cuilcy 0)uitiiiy for
In itliOrrllilutxuKlltloit. I rwgunl liltt
W. . CllOSIlV, Mmmiffr
Chess-Curl cy Co., Atlanta DlvUloit,
AtliintH.Oa., April 1H, JW.
For sale ty all drutrtflsti
TrtmtUeon lllootl and Skin Dlsciices mailt d
Tub Hwift Ppscmc Co., Drawer 3, Atlanta,
The in out popular olgaretteo are the
Opera jruffi at popular price. tf
Xte.tUs nrktwrJ trrnth. r t. ttttttt fro
Unrmtllra ptmlUr to their n, fcoutl try
pjrt'ei WIsMaj to Boy, "est or Sell
Should Consult tils Column.
a rixF. raiiM roit sm.h,
Pino tract of land ofllOO acres In Har
ris county, 0 miles from Houston, nn
lluflaln Huron, railroad running by tho
same; plenty of wnter, gruss ami timber:
some Improvements, and part under cul
tivation; 100 tons of hay cut from same
last season. Will he sold rlic'ap and on
easy terms at a bargain. Address T. II.
Johnson, this office, or J, W. Ilradley,
Ileal Estate Agent, Han Anlonlo.
A well Improved farm, situated two
hundred yards from station at Mooro
llollow.on the International railroad, In
n good, healthy country, containing
I KKI acres or land all under fence; M In
cultivation, a good frame hniiso or six
rooms, dining room ond kitchen, all sur
rounded by gallery; stable, barns, bath
house ; garden, all In good order; water
from a tank and well ; to be sold for
cash, tr desired some cattlo and horses
will bo sold on the place at their mar
ket value; possession given nt short
notice. Title perfect and warranted.
Eor particulars address or call on "I.
C." Prlco ifl2,lJ(J.
VAI.fAlll.K LASIX roll SALK.
(HO acres on the Leoim river, about
2S0 aeros Irrigable; mesintlto timber
plentiful ; situated 8 miles below Uvaldo
on thowcstsldo. All tholmprovcments,
with sugnr mill, J.VjOO. Address "I..
C," caro this ollh.u.
IKKiaon-s on the Itlo Erlo, partly Irri
gated from tho Frio river. Situated in
Uvaldo county, 12 miles from railroad.
About :ii)0 acres under good fence. Ad
dress "l C," this olllce.Prsce $0,000
For snlo nt a bargain. A ranch on the
dry Salado, 11 miles from San Antonio
In Hexar county, 40 acres under fence
and cultivation, out of 2S0 acres. Oood
tanks, rami house and cow pens. All In
good order. Tlllo porrcct. Oood ploeo
for stock raising. Price $1.1W0. Ad
dress "L. C." this olllec. 5-lfi-tf
Koutteen miles from Son Antonio on the
Calaveras crook, containing 100 acres or
land, fiO acres under cultivation, one
houso with two rooms, stable, a good
well and water in tho Calaveras croek.
Prlco 11,200.
A very desirable property, as a sum
mer resldcnco or dairy, 20 minutes drive
from Main plam, consisting ot 00 acres
or land under fence, n good dwelling
house with six rooms and gnllerys.
kitchen and store room, a goon cistern
and wnter tanks. SO head or milk cattle,
horso and farming Implements, ror
particulars addres "L. ('.," care I.imiT
Prlco $7,MX).
.! nerei nf land fenced between tho
Run Antonio river and tho Han Joso
ditch, three miles from San Antonio.
Oood location for a dairy. Prlco 12,700
80 head Ininroved milk cos and
heifers; price SIS all around.
Dnrenlns In Clothlni;.
Mr. A. II. Cohen, one of tho lamest.
dealers In ready-made clothing In the
city, has nn Important announcement In
the Ltour telling our readers that ho
will cell out ins entire siock nt nnu
1.1,,' ..ml. This Is a rare chance lor
everyone to provide themselves with a
new sun in a rcasonuuie uguic. u-i-n
Buchlen's Arnica saivo.
The best salve In the world ror Cuts,
llrulses. Sores, Ulcers. Salt Jthcum,
Fever Sores, Tetter. Chapped Ilauds,
Chilblains, Corns and all bklu Eruptions,
and positively cures Piles, or no pay re
quired. It Is guaranteed to give perfect
satisfaction or money refunded. Prlco
25 cents per box. For sale by UIco llros.
ation over discovered has been so suc
cessful as MOltLKV'S T-X-S TONIC
COI1DIAL, the Oreat Sjstcm Innova
tor, In tho euro of all diseases to which
the women or this climate aro subject,
such as Weakness, Debility, Melan
choly, Whites, Falling or tho Womb, and
overy form of nervous prostration. Only
try one bottle and you will bo entirely
sal lulled or the truth or our assertion.
For sale by F. Kalteyer A Son.
Wood Cnv, Ilostrop Countv, Toxns,
Messrs. Morley llros., Austin. Texas.
Oents-I tried MOltLEV'S III.ACK
HEItltV KM. SAM on two ot my chil
dren that had the flux very had, and It
acted like a charm, curing them both
sound and well. 1 thank you ror having
such a valuable medicine on tho market.
To all who aro suflcrlng from the nbovo
complaint 1 can cheerfully recommend
Mom.M 'ri llucKiiKitur Il.ujmi.
For sale by F. Kalteycr & Son.
All tlioso HllUett'tl wllh nny illipaBii of tho
Uji b, Klin, N(wo or Throat, iiiii tlml tht ryroitt.
ctit uiul iiinckt'Ht rtllcr anJ euro nl thu
Cor. of Houston and St. Mary's Sts.,
Which la tho most thoroutrhty titled tin, nud
iwinlnited with cvtrythintfiHttri8iiryf lnuluilinir
Ihouklllnnd ciiHTlt'iicoIan liuiidn-ilsi of tuifti t
can tcBtlfy who lmo ln'tJit treutwl there) of
any iiutltulUm rnr tho treatment or this y
dully in tho Bouth or West.
Tho followltiff tire only a few of tho many
person who havo boon benefited ami cured, tiy
Kor Cftlrtrrli J. F. Holilntton. catarrh I:
throat, Sun Antonio; T. II. Johnnon, catarrh in
tttroat, luaimifor tiuu Antonio UKhti t, ivunn,
cittiinh of tho kuitd. llf-nver. Vol.i MIbb Murv
Kraser, ottturrti of tho throat und our, Nova
Bcotlui Frank Newton, catarrh of tho throat
and oyt'i, Hun Antonio: MUs K. Loundihury,
Th KarA A. TniiL-hpr. flan Antnnln: W.
Dktert, lloerno; Joint's Davis, Ban Antonlot
UtKirRo, don of W. O. Jiauhoity, tSherlll Frio
ftiunty, I'l'tirmiii, ivx.i t. y. m-rry, r.t"i . run
Anlonlo ) J. II, Murphy, San Antonlot 11, T.
Allen, l'euriullt J. M. Jones. Major T. T. Teol,
Tho Eyes-D. II. llieedlntr, blepharltlBellift.
risi jiajor r l. icoi, pier) tfiuni : it. v- uaa
ituto, yranuUr lids and keratitis! Frank New
ton, itrlcturo lachrymal ducti 1 1.. 11. Iatinhert,
ton llalainuda. ucuto eoufunctlvitls! J. W
Casey, dautrhter, Iritis i Itutliel llrunUn.choroi-
all of San Anton id i It. J. Vincent, Cutullu)
l'au, cataract i (leoriro Loeabcrir, uatiKhter.
Caatrovlllo, utrunlsaius: HucoHorell, Ilelinoitt,
Maria, (iter) irlum und loukomat II U, llnrrlB,
Kancho, chrvnlo conjunctivitis and keratitis i
A. U. Decker, Htoekdale, tranmotlo ulcer And
bypGlott; Wa J. Terri berry, BaltiUo, Moxloo,
traumatic ftlauooua. a-18-tI
eye! mm
Weak B. ekl.
Old chair-hacks aro now rcjiivcnalcd
with pretty bits of fancy colored satin
and silk In curious shapes. Folks who
have weak hacks and aro otherwise de
bilitated, find strength and com Tort In
llrnwn's Iron Hitters, which makes them
good as new. This ramoii Iron medi
cine has wotked wonders for tho weak
and weary. Mrs. E. it. Smith, Whitehall,
.Mich., soys: "I used It with great bene
llt tor stomach and liver complaint and
general weakness."
S4vmts of ihs Stomaeh.
Tho new Governor General or Canada,
brought with him XI servants. That
seems a good many. Hut every stom
ach has more servants than that. Lungs,
liver, heart, arteries, veins, esophagus,
kidneys and ail the rest of tho party
must bo kept In prime, order if first
class service It expected. Brown's Iron
Hitters Is tho great regulator ror all
thoc. 1 1 'inlets them when In rebellion,
and keeps them to their work when they
are lory.
There Is nothing that adds so much to
personal beauty a a set or pearly whlto
teeth and pure, sweet breath, lly using
OIIIDON'O tho Tod), mid Gums nro
kept In perfect order and a fragrant
breath assured. Only CO cents rl box.
Liquid and Powder. At all fancy stores.
For aalo by F. Kalteyer A Son.
WhoUtaU arut retail
Tea Dealer Coffee Roaster
Imputation of French and EngllUh tabU
tUliaicit a ajHcially, Ckffte jtarcJitU und
ground everyday. Tea of alt gradt and
Hlono fur tnill.liiiiiirjvojtB fnriilfhcil in nny
rjuantlty nmt nil cliiiu-nftlnn'. Uiimamrntal
Stonk CUTTicn ftttciKltnl to, If ilcMhcil. My
prlct't uro Invr an J iittcnlioti pnnopl. Trj' imp.
A tW r cm:
at) a
F. fiROOS & CO.,
And Dealers In Exchange.
J. S. Al.KXAMlEIl,
Ancu. A. At.rxANhK
Aselstant Caebler.
Aulhorlied Capital . ...1750,000
raid In.. .. 100,000
Jamks P. Karl, Cashier.
Traders National Bank,
X04 CJoniintre Ktr.et,
Trans'icts a general ianUlng business,
Two Brothers Saloon,
Corner Commerce and Alamo Streets,
Keep tho c Finest lmiMtrtHl Wlnon, (7ham
nnunen nnd Miiuors. bpoelnltles In tho 11 nest
uitiiiiiB ui tMiniuMitu tttiu iiiil'Oiuii t;,tli
Oouie nnd ice Klrst-elans ientlomcn's i
tort, Unolunth dally ut 10 o'clock a. in,
Improved and Unimproved City Lots and
Country Land for Sale and Itent
International and Great Northern R. R. Division.
New Schedule in Effect May 17, 1S85.
For St. 1-m.ls, via Missouri Paclltc route
From St. Louis, via Missouri Paclllc
From St. I-otils, via Iron Mountain
From Laredo
Two Express Trains Dally Between San Antonio, Austin and St. Louis.
Clou conncdiotit at 1MIU Kvck fur tht Swiheatl, ami in the Vnivn l)trot. St. Imln,
milk Kxjirut 1vint in alt lHnciiimt. For tickttt or any Jurihtr infurmatitm ajyily to
J. J. UIIRir. 7Vrl Jutat. Si (mmct St., Jim Antonio
II. r. IIUUIIKS, yacmjrr Avtnl, ItmMim, Turn,
ll. IV. Mi-mil.l.otHlll, eiirrnt l-atsitr Aat, (lalmtm. Tela
Wheeler $ Wilson's No. 8
rTlie tallest
To Buy.
IUnus thoy are tho MtrhtOMt, Fa it cut,
Fancy, and tho Most l'orrect Work,
It. H. JACKSON, Special
S .
No. 20 (Kast
Suits Made
!ir.HT dOOM P.VI'.ll IIIKlUtlllT TO
2t wJLfr-AaL!
Over Lockwood & Kampmann's former Bank, Cor. Ytnrrl and Commerce Streets.
Plans, Specifications and all Information dnalred liy tliose contemplating to
liulld furnished. We acknowledge no superior In the profession. Call and see us.
J. S3. Belohradsky & Go.'s
$1,000 REWARD $1,000
Will be paid to any one who will find adulteration of anything
whatsoever in our Beer. We furnish Pure Goods and Defy
Outside Competition. Bottled beer delivered to any part of
the city or country.
Dealers in Hay, Grain, Feed, Coal, Salt, Charcoal, Cedar Posts,
- 230 Houston Streot, San Antoulo, Texas,
Practical BookBinder and Ruler
Opp. Court IIoiiho, feoiodfui St.. San Antonio.
All kinds of Ulndlng and ltullng dono with neatness, durability and dispatch.
Competition In prices (Idled.
J. II. KAMFMAKN, President.
rewing Co.,
.. 4:30 p. in.
. . ISOO n. tn.
..11:11 a. in.
...11:00 a. tn.
..-.10:M i. in.
... .1:30 i. til.
mid Kaslnst Itunntnjf, do a yreAter ranoro of
Aft, 13 Commcrco St., San Antonio.
Sale and Livery Stables,
Sidk) Main Pu7a, Ss Antonio.
Tilt! FINIi Sl'IttNO
by V. Lorra.
OTTO KOEHLER, Secretary and Hanger

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