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Antonio Lisfit
WB 1IAVK NOlDMl'lrrmillS.
ItAllltY IIAl'jt 11.
AT IIAltltV I1AUM ft CO.'B,
Volume V. Number 162.
Only 10 Cents a Week.
The San
EMBROIDERY r""i'm K.::,a:ri;ii.c?Vr'f I EMBROIDERY
Our Ladles', Gents' and Children's Shoe Department Con
tains the Largest Assortment In the Clly.
lum IJncn HiirlHTTiiwel?
IWIjitive Kino rrrom ninmMnj.....
ylfrV-'Cl' mil A-IlTOtoMlniirHorc. AlnmoMttzn. A. MAUttillt.
Cement I
Main and Military Plazas, San Antonio, Texas,
Convenient to IniBlnoss center, 'with liet accommodations. (5-4-ly
And Doalor In Loathor and Findings, Wholosalo and Rotall.
Will sell you a Hoot or Shoe llomo and Hand Made. My stock Is superior to
any In the Stato. Ten thousand dollars worth of ready hand mndo goods to he
closed out at prices lower than heretofore known. This offer Is for tho next 30
days. Call early and bo convinced.
Flno OuBtom Work a Bpoolnlty. Mo. 17 Solodad at. op. Courthouoo.
i iiavi: coNcf.uiirm to chosn out mv iintihi: stock or
Cull curly ami wcuro ImriMliii. Terms t Ucti'ly Cimh.
Dollar Storo Building,
Wholesale and .Retail.
Thomas Goggan & Bro.,
Galveston 'and
of any houBO In tho Houlh. OOMPI.TITION
nt rnch .
at W :rrriW ' I'-iu IjllKAT bilKUAlHb
Tho undersigned makes a specialty"' puttltut up
Electric Burglar Alarm Bells, Call and Door Bells.
rvr-lli niHrllll Promptly Attended In. Omco 210 Klin street
rw. McAllister & bro.
SOI, 103 AMD 20J J. AUMO ST.. COH. VtLllTA,
Wo are Wholesale and llclnll Heaters In Austin
Wlilto Mine, Hint llninds of Itiirk lloncmlulo and
Imported Kwllsh Portland Cements, Plaster of
Paris, ond honir Omit llalr, and would ask you In
cull, or write us, for prices before purchosInK else
where ricnpe mention this pnnrr.
or Tnic-
000 and 311 Main Plaza.
San .Antonio
SATION. Grnernt Grant- lown Stortrm
Clevrlnnd Strikers-Other
News ond Notes.
Lonihin, July O.-Tlio rll Mull Oa
zctto reproduces articles favorable to lit
cause Irmn the Clirlatlnn ltellglon news
paper, tlio Western Mercury Anil tlio
llclfast Now), together with letters or
protest from .Mr. Jolin llrlnton, liberal
in cm her or rnrllnment of Kidderminster,
nnil other persons of prominence. Tlio
Pull Mall Gazette thin evening publishes
an editorial thanking the city authorities
for attempting to suppress tlio sale of
the pipers, thereby breaking the con
splrnay or silence maintained by the
press concerning the Gazette's rovelo
tlons. "roller seizures ol newspapers
nro niinmon In Vienna." continues the
Gazette, "but moli high-handed out
rages on the freedom of tlio press should
have been linposlble In London. In
stead of waging war against street boys,
let Iho authorities tuke action against
the responsible parties In this business.
If we havo publlshcil anything obsceno,
let them tirosccutc us. We deny that
anything has been publlsheO by us do-
serving tn ni censuro ami we ueciare ine
authorities cownrils, or worse, If they
roll to proceed against us, they having
charged In open court tlio I'nll Mall Ga
zette was 1111 obsceno publication. We
rcluctantlv adonted this mode of pub
licity In order to iirousn men to a Just
sense of tho horrors existing all around
them Xow. the moro publicity the
better. We arcprepared to prove our
statements. n can siiiuinon witnes
ses from the Dean of Canterbury and the
Prlnre of Wales down to Mr. Jeffrie.
We will put our chief Informant and his
assistants In the witness box."
Lonhox. July 0. Tho chief director of
tho Pall Mull Gazette s Inquiry, through
which the revelation was obtained,
writes concerning the wholo matter as
follows: "Investigation began May 2S,
and tho work was unremitting to date.
The commission had valuable assistance
from the Salvation army, from the l.on
don commlltco fur tho suppression of
tralUe In Knglith girls, and from the
vast experience of Mist Josephine Hut-
ler. Tho commission was composed of
members oi tue uozetio siau onu ncteu
Indei'endently of tho police. The homo
ouice ueprieaicii on omciai grounus al
lowing journalists to inieriew punce.
i no commission appiicu to tue .ircii'
blshon of Canterbury, the lllshnn of l.on
Int. and Cardinal Mannlnir for advice,
and theso great authorities on morals
wiuie deprecating ine nsk invoiveu in
ine commission's ins, au wuriuiy Hup
nortcd Its oblect. Iteady belli was ao.
corded the commission from Catholla
and Congregational clergymen, also
irom ine tuners' .loint iTuieciion coui-
mlttce, the Whlto l.lbbon army, society
for tho l'rcventlon of Cruelty to Cull.
uren, u.oniion city anssion i.eiorma
torv rcluire. the Union Itescue soolctv.
1'imucii j.aiues aseociniiun, unu ine
Moral lteforin union. The commission
visited all the homes and refuges wlicro
harbor Is given unfortunates. The In
mates reaullr gave all Information In
their lioBscHslon. Most of the rctela
tlons, howovcr, wero obtained through
Interviews. Kvcrybgdy high and low
likely to have Information, from Lord
Dalhousle to Mrs. Jeffries, was subjec
ted to an Intervlow hy some member of
tlio commission. .Mrs. ueurics sueu 1
clow of IlL'ht upon the whole subject 11 n
der Investigation. The entire cost ofthe
investigation amounteu 10 ?iuuu.
Mou.nt MtQiiKCioit, July 0. Itcv,
Fntlier Dldlco, or Ilaltlraore, called on
General Urant last evening. In res
ponse to the priest's statement that they
were all praying for him, he wrote
"Ves I know, and 1 reel very grateful to
tho Christian people of the land for
their prayers in my behalf. There Is no
sect or religion as shown In the Old and
New Testaments, to which this does not
annly. Catholics. Protestants and Jews.
and all the good people of tho nation of
an pontics, as wen as religions, anu au
nationalities seem to Join In praying for
iiijt iuiirueuieui. 1 uiu u ureal suuercr,
but the facts 1 have related are coimicn.
satlon for much of It. All 1 can do is to
pray that the prayers of all these good
people be answered so far as to have us
an meet in uuotuer oetier worm,
can't speak even In a whisper.
JulyS, 1SS3. U.S. Uiuvr,
Qukbkc, July V. The adjourned meet'
lug of sympathizers with I.ouis lllel, was
held last night. Hie meeting wus au
dressed hy II. I., l'ellelor, Secretary o
the commute, and by other French Can'
adlan ccntlemcn. Owen Miirnhr. ex
Mayor of Oucbco. also addressed the
meeting, lie compared the cause or tho
half-breeds to that ofthe Irish who, If a
proper appeal were made, would, he
said, readily give the half-breeds their
Davknpoiit, Iowa, July 9. The Denv
ocrat this evening publishes letters from
the Mayors ot ') leading cities and
towns In lown. on the workings of the
prohibitory law which has been In force
for one year from July 4. Tha showing
of the cities. The total number of places
wnero liquor is soiu is uiu, an increase
110 during the year.
Sr. I'aul, July U. Specials says
tcrrlllo wind and rain storm visited the
western and southern sections or the
Stato last evening. In somo places the
storm took tho Shape or a ryclono and
destroved evervlhlnir In Its path.
Crops sutlercd most. Whole Holds were
destroyeu. so lar no casualties nro re'
San Fiiancisco, July 9. Harriet
Moore, a middle-aged widow, has com
menced a breach or promise suit for
$.-),uuu against oioccs nopKins, ageu iu
years. The defendant Is a brothcrof the
late Mark Hopkins, railway magnate,
iroru wnom no innerncu u,uuu,uuu.
03XAi.oo.4A, Iowa, July 9. The great'
est rain storm for many years ragedhcre
yesterday. Over live Inches or water
fell. Many bridges were washed out
anu tue voiiomsoveruoweu. r.ngianil
pew business block wos compleJV
Wiuiimttov, July 0. Mrs. Ilaynnl, the
ire or the Secretary or State. Is pro
nounced in n very critical condition to
day, and her recovery Is almost hope
less. C1K.M.UM1, July 9. During the pro
cession to-day, n committee or the
trlkers visited the Mayor's office, where
the .Ma) or warned them against doing
nv law lets act. and told them (Jalllnir
guns would pour death among them If
1107 unucrtooK a riot, it appears iney
icted upon Ids advice, which was that
they cease marching through tha streets.
Wa-uii.noiox, July 0. General Nelson
Miles, commanding the Department
f the Columbia, has been ordered to re
lieve General C. C. Augur, commanding
tho Department of tho Missouri, who
retires rrom active service to-morrow.
General Miles will go Immediately In tho
neiil to assume cominaiiii 01 tue loroa in
Indian Territory, who are watching the
Indians. The President will probably
ipolnt a successor to General Argur to
I the vacancy created by his retire
ment to-morrow. It Is tlioimht Colonel
John A. Gibbon will be appointed.
Maiuiih, July 9. Kmpcror William,
Kmpcror Francis Joseph and other rulers
hate sent King Alfot.so flattering iocs-
ages regarding his visit to Arangucr.
he sutferlng In 1 lie cholera districts Is
ncreased bv the stoiuinire of exports of
live stock, milt. Powers ami vegetables
nuer ine sanuary rules. 1110 oiergy
rrnnco for the distribution of food.
Deaths oceurdally ofdevoted physicians,
.Sisters of Charltv and nubllo officials.
1110 near, is lnicnse. inn scaro is suo-
idlng. I lieio are Increased arrivals or
artnv surtreons. nurses snd medicine
Senor Homero. Minister of the Interior.
wishes to resign, owing to the opposi
tion to his sanitary liolloy. If his resig
nation Is accented lie will probably bo
succeeded by Count l.oreno, and tha
lanu quarantines win no inucn reiiuceu.
T here arc still 11 few deaths In .Madrid
lliii'iMKLs, July 9, Tho police of this
city recently received Information that
an cxtcnslvo anarchist plot was being
hatched In this city, having for Its ob'
Ject the removal of a number or members
of llio Government for their activity In
endeavoring to suppress anarchist or-
L'ar.iziinons n ueiL-iniii. it is sain mat
the king Is numbered among tliopo to ho
removed. Detectives were at once set
to work on the case, ond yesterday 15
persons wero nrrcsteit in connection
with the alleged plot, amnni! whom
wero two Itusslaiis and two Frenchmen.
Tho rest are llclglans. Another rumor
says their plot was directed against n
loreign sovereign, anu 11 is siaieu tue
U7ar 01 Jtussia was tue intenueu victim.
The olllclali refuse Information regard
Ingtlie evidence on which the arrests
were inauo.
Fourth Word Youths Outwit n
Hard-Hearted Guardian.
For several months past a pleasant
and Intelligent youegman.iroui Austin
named Edward Howard, has been
boarding at tha house or Mr. Frank
Umscheld. where he met a ne co of Mr,
Uinschcld. Miss l.ula Arnold. Kdward
Is yet young, hardly of age, and Miss
l.ula Is yet o'er young, but the mis
chievous god or love hit them hard with
one of his shafts. Thoy loved and would
not listen tocounsol to wait. The world
held for them no pleasures except what
were shared between them. On Wed
nesday tho young people quietly went
to Mr. Hackett's, having procured a
llccnsa and were marilcd In the presence
of a friend, and Immediately left for
Austin, wnero tue groom s miner, wno
Is a Hamlet minister, resides. From
Austin Kdward writes a letter to his
young wlfo's guardian, notifying him of
events, nnu uopuig mat ins cuuseiiv win
be clven so that they may return to San
Antonio, whero a lucrative situation
'awaits him. Tho youthful couple have
tue best wisncs ot tneir many menus.
Recorder's Court.
George Applewhite, violating sanitary
ordinance, fined $5.
Henry Hill, violating sanitary orill
nance, dismissed.
Henry Nance, being disorderly. He
raised a terrible racket at a, negro wo
man's house on Laredo street, breaking
up the furniture and throwing It out In
to the street. The case was dismissed.
I'aul Asher, using Insulting language
to I,. A. Freycr. Dismissed.
Mr. Freycr was charged with disturb
ing the peace of i'aul Asher. Aaron
Freycr was Involved In the quarrel and
was charged with being disorderly.
Kaon was lined $5.
Emmet Paschal, violating sanitary or
dlnance. Continued.
W. Frederick, violating sanitary ordi
nance. Fined $3.
John Marshall, being a vagrant. Ho
was round asleep In 'I ravls park. The
caso was continued.
J. II. Kampmann, violating sanitary
ordinance. Continued.
Mrs. Paschal, violating sanltnry ordi
nance. Continued,
A Burglary.
This morning about 2 o'clock a burglar
was discovered on the premises or Mr.
Hunsacher, No. 1 Fannin street. His
presence was made known hy the con
tinual harking ol n dog. Hearing the
dog Sam Ilunsacker went out, armed
with a shot-gun, but could not see any
Intruder. A short tlmo had elapsed and
tho dog commenced barking again, Sara
once more went out and made a closer
search this time. He was successful, for
a man Jumped out from under somo
grape, vines and ran out or the gate, pur
sued by Sam. He ran about 30 yards
and then disappeared, Sam firing both
barrels or his shot-gun at the retreating
figure but without eftect. This Is the
fifth time that an attempt to burglarize
has been made on this residence.
Tho Festive Burglar
The citizens of San Antonio can here
after sleep the sleep of the righteous,
every house can now bo supplied with a
patent electric burglar alarm attached
to doors and windows. This valuable
Invention la now supplied at short no
tice by Mr, A. Maurer, who tor a long
time has given the subject his undivided
study In the large factory of Mr. Hcls
ler In St. Louis. The Important attach
ment Is the death knell to burglarlng
The most popular olearettca are the
Opera Puffs at popular price. tf
A Description of the Now Opera
San Antonio has cause lo congratulate
Itself. At last tho city will have the
benefits or a commodious and elegant
opera house. This desideratum will be
secured through the enterprise or the
1 iirncr society, who have decided to re
construct the Interior of Turner hall and
to lit It up In an elegant and convenient
manner In order that It should hold a
large audicnro who will be able to see a
dratua or opera adequately represented.
and there will not bo the necessity or
having the apologctla scenery and stage
arrangements that San Antonio has so
long been accustomed to. From the
plans aircaur inniio nun mourning
uhlch operations will shortly be com
menced, radical and decided Improve
ments will be made, and when com
pleted. It Is estimated there will be am
ple seating rapacity for an audience or
lis). A gallery will bo built horseshoe
shape around the hall, entrance to w lilch
will ihi gained iy two spacious stair
cases running from the vestibule which
will bo considerably enlarged. A portico
will no limn extending over tue side
walk, tho top of which will he open to
the occupants of the dress clrole, and al
so ti. Hired when necessary as a stand
for tho musicians. Tho ground floor
will undergo complete change; It will
bo built on a gradual slope; the front
portion of the auditorium, or parquet,
nearest lha statro will be clccantlr up
holstered and seated to accommodate
about 301) persons, tlio druss clrclo
having a capacity for 3(H), whll
ble without any discomfort. Thu ar
ranircments lor seating will ho admir
able, the irallerv havlnc commodious
chairs. Passing from the auditorium to
the stage, great changes are contem
plated ncrc, tue ursi anu most necessary
change being that It will be much en
larged and tha depth, which at present
Is deplorably shallow, will ho extended
so that. In n classla play, one super with
a sword will not lm compelled to repre
sent a crowd and Vlrglnlus can revel in
his mad rrenzy without Having nis atten
tion divided between his acting and the
fear of plunging headlong through tho
scenery. The publloorSan Antonio are
witnoui tiouut a piay going nnu niiiusc
incnt seeking one, and San Antonio Is
rnnlileri-il hv the theatrical nrofesslon
to lie the best ' show" town In Texas,
but It has been hitherto kept out of a
host of goods things owing to the fact
that it nan no tnespian teinpie lor legi
timate drama that could be used by any
one satisfactorily except "barnstor
mers." ncsiues ine cniarcenieni 01 tno
stage, another Jsadly needed want will
ho full 1 en by t no erection 01 six conve
nient dressing rooms. Indeed from a
careful Inspection or the plans, It can he
safely augured that when all the
alterations are completed San
Antonio will re olee In having the cosl
est theatre in the State. There will be
no moro reports of Turner hall having n
reingcraiing innucnce on actors anu au
dlenccs for It will now be kept at a com
fortablo temperature by a system of fur
naces. 1 no lessee ior tuo coining season
tonlo that ccutleman need's no Introduo
lion, and he need scarcely be mentioned
to tho theatrical profession, all of whom
who have had business transactions with
him durlni? the lone period hu has held
the trcasurershlp of Tumor hall, gladly
testifying to Ids eourteousness and
promptitude of dealing. In conclusion
a word of commendation Is deservedly
due the Turner association Tor the step
they have In tho matter, and San An
lonlo has cause for irratltudo to them
which will be felt to a far greater extent
at the end of tins coming theatrical sea'
Gathered trom Exchanges and
Other Sources
Thero are 99 weolen ond cotton facto
rles In Mexico.
Cigars are painted In Mexico to glv
lucra proper coior.
Locusts uro causing great loss I
ijmapas, uevouring everyiiung green
A zoological museum Is to bo cstab
llshcd In Chllpanclngo, the capital of
Juaa Ilotcllo was killed In Sablnas
Hidalgo by four or live roughs because
uowouiu not treat mem 10 wino.
Counterfeit dollars aro circulating
freely In all parts of tho Itepuhllo. They
uavo tue uurango mini marK 011 tueiu.
The llcvllta de Monterey says that
thero are over 300 empty houses In that
city, with a recent decrease of about
lU.UUU inhabitants
The papers or Vera Cruz and the city
of Mexico complain of tho large number
of empty nouses, anu tno general uc
pression 01 -justness
A 32-page agricultural Journal, to he
caucu "J.a jtevista .igricoio," is to
published In the City or Mexico. It
to bo modern, and has a wide field or
Frequent complaints ore raado or tho
arbitrary acts of tha provisional military
government or Cooliulln. Citizens aro
said to be thrown Into prison, and exiled
witiiout triat or lorm 01 law.
A powder magazlno exploded In Zaca
tecas, killing the five persons that were
insiue, anu wounucd quite a manner
persons In the vicinity. No cause
known for tho accident, as all who
would be able to explain wero killed
Juan Ilarza, an old Government era
Plove. It Is said, was assassinated br
Government escort near Znpoltan do
Key. Stato of Jalisco. Ills crave 1
ordered dun before the deed was com.
milled, showing plainly that It was
uone unuer oruers,
It Is said that ex-Prcsldent Gonzales,
who has been elected Governor of Qua,
najuato, Is so odious that ho could not
rent 0 house Inside or the city, and was
obliged to take one some distance In tho
country at a iiieu rent, very few neopl
will accept his Invitations to reunions,
A cave has been discovered near M!a-
hutlan, the extension or which has not
yet been fully explored, although it
said to be greater than any now known
to exist. Many human skeletons are
round, some or which are richly dressed
In the Indian costuma worn before the
Spanish conquest.
Loud and long complaints are uttered
by the Mexican press In regard to the
Irregularty or the malls In that country.
From what thoy say It would appear
luaireioriu wouiu do useless, aomini
but a comDlete wlnlnir out or the oli
system and the adoption or a new one
01 mouern pattern win give reuei.
Kvery llrst-olasB dealer sella Opera
x uu cigerettes.Avoiu injurious imtta1
1?H 11 AT I
jW'Mo a 11b iciiot 91ttul: (Jo fc
g jou cjiLit'
$ Offer a few Specialties that Must Be Sold at
the following Prices :
Mario Ihizard Anisette (bottle)
Absinthe Kdourd l'crnond (bottle)
Vermouth Noilly Pratt (bottle)
Curaroa In stone Jugs
llenedlctlne (quarts).
Benedictine (pints)
Chnrtreuso (pints)
Claret (quart bolllo)
Sherry (quart bottle)
II. Isndy (quart liottle)
Angelica (quart liottle)
Catawba (quart bottle)
Imported Seltzer Water (quarts) per
Thn. nlintin nnnria nrn
be had by calling on
Emanuel Abrahams, U
206 Commerce Street. n
I. Wmi.FfiWf
The Largest Dry
ing House in
His dry goods department Is oomplcto
Minuncr goods, among which aro Evening Grenadines, English Cashmeres,
French Cashmeres, Mclango Suitings, Check Goods, Serges, llrocodes, and
n magnlflclert stock of
Kid Gloves, Hosiery and Laces.
His Stock or Kid gloves Is very largo. Also all kinds or Silk and Lisle Thread
Gloves, Ladles' and Children's lino Silk, Lisle Thread, llalbrlggan and Cotton
Hose In endless variety. Also a very lrrge stock of oil Kindt of Laces.
This department Is under a llrst-class French milliner, who will please the
or nil. All tho latest styles and makes or Ilonncts ond Hats, Ostrich riumei,
Tips, Itibbons and Trimmings will ho found there.
Clothing, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc.
Tha summer stock or clothing Is very largo and embraces, In tho Latest pat
terns, Prince Albert, Cutaway, Pongee Silk, Seersucker, Linen and Alapaca Sulta
for Men nnd Hoys. A very large and complete stock of Ladles', Misses', Men's
and Hoys Shoos and Hoots. A full line ofstetson felt Hats, Straw Hots and Cops
Hit Furniture Department Is complcto with household goods, and he will suit
everybody In this lino. Among other Goods, we llnd Plush Parlor Suits, Mohair
Parlor Suits, Walnut ond Ash llcdrooui Suits, Wardrobes, Chairs, Ilody Ilrassels
and Ingrain Carpets, ltugs, Matting, Curtains, Window Shades and, Kto.
Country Orders Filled Promptly and Satisfaction Guaranteed.
$2rSend for Samples.
Main Plaza and Aeequia St,
A. u.siuriii.
Shafer & Braden,
Practical Plumbers
31 Went Commerce Street,
Havo for aleKoriMincrVater Klcvntor ftml
Vuwt at coi t. Other goods at lowest market
e) icfii'te-x
nil FirQt.finco inhirh nnn
Goods and Cloth
"West Texas.
with a magnificent stock of Spring and
Attnmmra nt T our-
Will practloo In all tho Btato and Federal
CourU. Collections Hnuullliulnu Intrusted
us wM bo promptly atteudod to. M-t

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